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Showering with GF and getting caught by another member

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You and Namjoon had been in the middle of an intense make out session when you hear a cough from outside the shower. Namjoon jumps back yelling out about how nothing was happening and asked you how you got into the shower with him. Seokjin chuckles at Namjoon’s antics as he leaves, closing the door behind him.

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Seokjin had been trailing light kisses down your neck, hand brushing up and you side, when you heard the door open. “Ah! Hyung, shit sorry I’m not here!” Yoongi says scrambling to get out of the bathroom and trying to unsee his Hyung caressing his lover in the shower. “Don’t worry about him Beautiful, he’s gone” Seokjin says resuming his kisses.

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Hearing the bathroom door open Yoongi would throw the intruder a questioning glance, moving to cover your body. “Taehyung what are you doing?!” “Uh shit, um I just wanted my toner..” Taehyung stumbles out, shock from what he had witnessed when he entered still in his veins. “Out.” Yoongi says. “Where were we again baby?” He murmurs turning his attention back to you when Taehyung leaves.

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Showering with Hoseok was nothing new and ‘exploring’ as he liked to call it in the shower was nothing new either, but today there was nothing of the kind. The other members knew that you and Hoseok had been dating for the last few months, but none of them had seen the two of you together, so it was no surprise when Jungkook fled the bathroom completely flustered, knocking over some bottles sitting on the vanity as he tried to find the exit. “I can’t believe he just saw me in my birthday suit! He knows thats reserved for you” You laugh hitting Hoseok’s chest after his exclamation.

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Getting caught on your knees in the shower with Jimin thrusting into your mouth wasn’t exactly on the top of your to-do list, but when did things ever truly go your way? Jimin’s hand doesn’t leave your locks as he glares at Hoseok “Out of here Hyung, I’m a little preoccupied at the moment”. You look up at Jimin when the door closes “We’re not done here yet Sugar” he says guiding your head back towards him.

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“Ah! Hi Jimin!” Taehyung says unable to stop the laugh from escaping as he cuddles into you. It’s not that you guys had been doing anything before Jimin walked in, but being seen by his band mate had you both slightly flustered and embarrassed. “You two look cozy, so I’m just gonna, y’know.. leave.. bye” Jimin finishes leaving the bathroom. Taehyung can’t control the giggles he lets out after his departure “Well, that was… unexpected”.

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“Look baby, we have a guest” Glancing over Jungkook’s shoulder you realise he was right as you meet Namjoon’s gaze. Blushing having been caught you turn your body into him. He bends to whisper in your ear with a smirk “How about we give him a show?”.

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The Cliched Best Friend Story

IMAGINE: Blaise is best friend to (Y/N) and Draco. He’s also the best friend who sees everything between the two. He’s made it his sole mission to make sure that (Y/N) and Draco end up together. 

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warnings:  none. fluff? 

words: 1586 

‘Maybe it was just how they acted around each other. Like their souls knew each other from years ago. They clicked. They were best friends. They belonged to each other.’ 

Blaise walked into the common room and was met with a familiar sight, “Well don’t you two look awfully cozy.” (Y/N) and Draco looked up from the couch and directed their gazes to Blaise and then to their intertwined legs. (Y/N) went back to reading her textbook while Draco gave Blaise a withering glare.

Blaise smiled at his best friends and sat down opposite of the couch they were sitting on, “Did you hear that Potter back talked to Snape again?” He received a semi-interested noise from (Y/N), however she never removed her focus from the book. Draco, once again ignored his friend, more interested in playing with (Y/N)’s hair and reading his newspaper.

Blaise leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. He watched in enjoyment as Draco leaned back more on the couch, now slouching however his legs and arms still managing to touch (Y/N)’s. She leaned back into the new position, this now allowed her to see his newspaper as well. This was one of Blaise’s pastimes, observing people especially (Y//N) and Draco. No matter what they said or denied, he truly believed that his two best friends were together. No one can stand Draco for that long, even if they were best friends since they were born. Everyone agreed that they’re somehow together, everyone in Hogwarts has the unofficial bet: ‘When Will (Y/N) and Draco finally admit that they love each other?’. Even Trelawney said that (Y/N) and Draco were highly compatible because their zodiac signs complimented each other which earned eyerolls from the two.

She brought out the best in Draco -the caring and protective side that no one hardly sees, but whenever she’s around or whenever (Y/N) is threatened, Draco will not back down until he hexes them to death, or get his father to liquify the said person’s accounts. He brought out the best in her too. She wasn’t the nicest Slytherin, but she was the most charming one in their house, making even the most hostile Gryffindor wouldn’t be able to deny her a favour if she asked.

Blaise was brought out of his musing when (Y/N) exclaimed in her seat, causing a very much startled Draco to look at her and drop the newspaper. “Is everything okay?”

(Y/N) nodded eagerly, she jumped up from the couch and ran to grab a quill and a piece of parchment, she mumbled to herself for a couple of minutes while scribbling hurriedly. “(Y/N)?” Draco said to her when she finally stopped writing.

She looked at him with a bright smile, one that he couldn’t help but copy, “Sorry. It’s just for the research that my father wants me to do. I found the article that can help it.”

Draco nodded, “I still don’t get why you’re doing this. Your father owns the law firm.”

(Y/N) arched her right brow and looked at Draco, “How many times do I have to tell you that I want to get accepted through my own volition, not because of my surname?”

“Is that supposed to be a dig at me,” Draco smirked and (Y/N) nodded. “That hurts,” he placed a hand on his heart and frowned.

“Shut it Malfoy,” she sat down next to him and looked at the newspaper. “Four across is wrong,” she spoke. Frowning, she looked at the words and the clues, “Got it.”

“It’s not wrong,” Draco bit back, then looked at the paper and frowned. He discreetly waved his wand and (Y/N) caught the action which caused her to laugh. “Don’t tell me what it is.”

They sat there for a good minute, all the while Blaise looking on, a small smile on his face. He watched as (Y/N) scooted closer to Draco, “I have a secret to tell you.”

Draco looked away from the paper, “What is it?”

(Y/N) looked at Blaise and winked, leaned in and whispered something in Draco’s ear. “(Y/N)! I told you not to tell me!”

She fell back into the couch laughing with her eyes closed. (Y/N) opened them again and saw that Draco was pouting, she wrapped her arms around her best friend. “I’m sorry.” She pulled him tighter, then once their faces were a hairsbreadth apart, a grin broke out of her face, “Not!” (Y/N) pushed Draco back into the couch and took off running.


Blaise watched as his two best friends tried ran around the common room, eventually exiting out of it and continuing their childish activity outside. Right then, sitting on the green leather couch, Blaise promised to himself that he would do anything to make sure that those two ended up together.

Conversations rang across the Great Hall, scrapes of knives against toast were also heard. Blaise walked into the hall, a plan in his mind. Last night, he asked Theo what he thought of the plan, all he received was an eye roll, then two minutes later a snore. He took it as an approval. Walking towards his table with confidence he watched as (Y/N) and Draco had their conversation as they sat around their group of friends. Even from the door he could see that their conversation only revolve around them.

“Draco,” he greeted as he sat down, then turned to (Y/N) and did the same. “I need a favour.”

Draco removed his focus from (Y/N) and looked at Blaise, “What is it?”

“There’s this girl that mother’s trying to set me up with and she’s travelled all the way from Italy to have a date with me.”

“I thought you were dating Ginny?” (Y/N) asked, gesturing her head towards the Gryffindor girl.

“I am. Mother won’t believe me that I’m dating a Weasley. So what do you say mate?” Blaise knew that jealousy was the cure to unspoken love. Just a drop will ensure that those two will proclaim their feelings to each other. Unless they were too stubborn too. Blaise hadn’t thought of that, he forgot how prideful the pair of snakes were.

Draco looked at (Y/N) who merely shrugged, “I can’t.”


“I don’t think my girlfriend will appreciate me going on a date with another woman.”

GIRLFRIEND? “Girlfriend?’ Blaise squeaked out. Draco had a girlfriend? A girlfriend. A girl who willingly wants to spend time with Malfoy?

Draco looked at his friend as if Blaise was the dumbest being alive, “Yeah,” he slowly nodded then gestured to (Y/N). “My girlfriend.”

Blaise turned to (Y/N) who had a slight blush and a smile on her face. “Whe..How…Whaaa?”

“Blaise, for the love of god you come from one of the most prestigious families in the world and you can’t even formulate a basic sentence?” (Y/N) remarked and she was rewarded with a low chuckle from Draco.

“But you said that you guys weren’t dating.”

“We said that two years ago,” (Y/N) looked at Blaise. “Are you well? Do you need to go see Madam Pomfrey?”

“When did this happen?”

“A year and a half ago,” Draco answered.


(Y/N) scrunched up her nose, not wanting to tell the story. It wasn’t embarrassing or anything but she knew if she told Blaise, then Blaise would tell Ginny, then Ginny would tell Ron then so on. Just as she was about to open her mouth, the bell rang. She gathered up her belongings, “Sorry must run off. Potions. Snape.” Draco soon followed and nodded his head towards his befuddled friend.

Blaise sat there for a good five minutes trying to figure just how he managed to miss the fact that his two best friends were dating for almost two years. Granted that they were both the most private people that Blaise ever knew and that (Y/N) hardly ever let anyone know anything about her. It took him 13 years to finally know her middle name and that was only because he broke into her father’s office and looked through documents.

“Mr. Zabini, I do hope that you plan on going to your classes and not catching flies all day with your mouth,” Dumbledore’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. He nodded and gave his thanks to the headmaster. As he walked to Potions, he still wondered how he missed the fact that his best friends were dating under his nose. Then a memory came to him.

It was around a year ago, he had detention with Flitwick on a Thursday and as he made his way after dinner he grumbled to himself. After his detention he made his way back to the dorm when he heard noises from one of the other classrooms. Quietly and sneakily as he could, Blaise walked up to the room and opened it slowly. He saw a familiar head, Dracos’ head specifically, and someone else’s. He couldn’t figure who it was.

If he stayed there for maybe another minute he would have figured out but he was rudely interrupted by Filch’s cat. The last thing he saw was brown hair and the last thing he heard was a breathy ‘Malfoy.’

Realisation came to him, “Bloody fuck. It was (Y/N) and Draco.” He blurted out not noticing that he was in Potions and opened the door. Eyes were on him, including (Y/N)’s and Draco’s.

“Mr. Zabini, detention with me this evening.” Snape bit out sharply. “Get to your seat.”

Long Distance (Chapter Nine)

This Chapter has some pretty heavy insecure!Bucky feels. I’ve been trying to portray healthy relationships/real life emotions and Bucky being insecure about his arm is very real life I would think. So yes– be prepared for some Bucky feels. Also Steve being wonderful and protective and Tony being sweet about it. Also some Stucky sexy times! Holla!

Art for this chapter by my favorite @latelierderiot    Check her page out, and let her know how much you love her, because I LOVE HER and this story was her prompt so it’s basically all her fault!


Enjoy :)

{Group Message}

From Bucky– Tony tony tony. Send me a picture.

From Tony– {picture message}

From Bucky– I can’t believe I have to specify this, but I meant a picture of you, not of the pens on your desk

From Tony– {picture message}

From Bucky– or the pencils.

From Steve– well played, Tony.

From Steve– we miss you. wish you were here. Wish we could have done more of this sort of thing when we met up.


From Tony– well don’t you two look cozy. And here I am all alone in bed.


From Bucky– that’s not even fair! What am I supposed to with that??

From Tony– take a better pic and send it so I’ll have something to do before I get out of bed

From Steve– why is it that I try to start sweet conversations and you two turn it into something dirty

From Tony– Steve, am I to understand that you don’t want to send me something sexy, and then think about what I’m doing while looking at it? Is that what you’re saying?

From Steve– now let’s not be too hasty

From Bucky– well played, Tony.

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Imagine Dean trying to warm you up when the two of you get trapped

“Damn it!” Dean’s voice echoed off the walls, his hands turning into fists that beat at the door after his fifth attempt to open it failed.

“Told you it wouldn’t work.” You sighed in between chattering teeth, your breath visible in front of you.

“Told you it wouldn’t work.” Dean mocked you in a high pitch voice, his eyes rolling as he kicked the door in anger. “At least I’m trying to get us out of here.”

“I’m so cold I can barely feel my fingers let alone try to pick an enchanted lock that definitely won’t open.” Your arms wrapped even tighter around your body as you tried to keep what ever body heat you might have left as the room dropped to an even lower temperature.

“Should have said.” He mumbled as he dropped down beside you. He didn’t hesitate as he pulled off his own jacket and draped it over you.

“Dean I can’t-” You tried to protest but you were too weak to fight him off.

“Please sweetheart.” He settled down next to you, his arms coming down around your shoulders to stop you shivering. “Can’t have you freezing to death.”

“Thank you.” You smiled slightly, leaning into him. Considering he was in the same room as you, he was surprisingly warm.

“Anytime.” He grinned back at you before kissing your forehead. You weren’t sure how long you were trapped in there for, Dean had kept you distracted with talk of what you’ll do once you got out. You couldn’t help but laugh as he took your hand in his, rubbing to stop your fingers from turning blue before blowing hot air over them.

You said nothing as he slowly kissed each of your knuckles, the warmth of his lips ghosting over your skin. Your eyes locked for a brief moment before you found yourself leaning it.

“You two look cozy.” Sam smirked as burst through the door, the two of you jumping back in surprise.

“About god damn time!” Dean mumbled as he stood up, pulling you with him, the moment disappearing.

Imagine Sam finally catching you and Dean kissing

Sam smirked as he leaned against the doorframe to your bedroom. Folding his arms, he cleared his throat and he watched you jump from Dean’s lap.

That was your first mistake, leaving your door open.

“You two look cozy,” Sam toyed as he wrinkled his nose. You couldn’t help but blush as your gaze flicked back to Dean, who just laid there beside you on your bed, smirking. “I guess the secret is out.” The younger Winchester humorlessly chuckled. Sam was always the overprotective friend, especially since the mishap with the werewolf in Atlanta. And being two years younger didn’t help, either.

“Look, Sam, we just wanted to see where it went. You know, so things didn’t get sticky.” You leaned over the side of the bed and sighed. “We have been taking it slow Sam, I swear. I know you don’t believe that, especially with Dean, but it’s true.”

“Hey!” Dean shouted from beside you.

“No offense Dean, but you aren’t known for taking your time with women.” You raised an eyebrow at your boyfriend before shifting your eyes back to Sam. “It’s working, Sam. We are working. So far, anyway. And I’m—I’m happy.”

Sam nodded and smiled again. “That’s what matters.” Nodding, you returned the smile.

Dean huffed beside you as he glared at his brother. “Can we get back to your movie now?” The older Winchester sat up and leaned against your backboard. “I was really enjoying it.”

“The movie? Or the make out session?” Sam snapped as he turned for the door.

“Both,” Dean answered smugly.

Your eyes widened at his answer as you turned towards him and playfully punched his shoulder. “Ass.”

Torn Up (Part Eleven)

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Look who’s back, back again

Katie’s back, tell a friend

Hey y’all, guess what I finally fucking finished? Its been a tough two weeks, guys, let me tell you. And I had to drive 20 minutes to the closest coffee shop to get wifi to post this. But that’s no excuse, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing. So, sit back , relax, and enjoy! (The next part should be up… before I leave for college Tuesday). I also don’t remember which gifs of Willy I’ve used so far… so forgive me if there are duplicates

Warnings: Cursing, dirty jokes


The next day, Mitch and Auston came into Espresso Yourself as boisterous as ever. I wondered if Auston and Willy had made up.

“Y/N, you will not believe what happened at practice today,” Mitch said in a low voice as Auston walked off to use the restroom.

“Practice? But it’s only September, and hockey is a winter sport,” I asked, but then immediately brought my hand up to rub my face as I remembered. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the fact that y’all are professional athletes,” I joked.

“This is serious, Y/N,” for the second time ever I knew that he was. “At practice today Auston and Willy got into a fight. An all-out brawl. Coach had to have them separated, like Willy isn’t Auston’s wing anymore. Matts is only in a good mood because he thinks he won, but really it could’ve gone either way.”

“Shit,” I whispered. “What do we do about it? What do I do?”

“There’s nothing to do. Business as usual,” he paused, “Just don’t lead Auston on.”

I was confused; lead Auston on? Had I been doing such a thing? “I’m not-”

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Playing with Fire || Part 1 || Neymar Jr Imagine

Note: First part of a new Neymar series! This one will be a bit sinful as requested by the nonnie. This one is still safe but after this one things will be heating up. This one is like a big intro to the series and some background stuff. I hope my sinful nonnie likes it even if it will start a bit slow for the build up. Remember to let me know what you all think of it!

“Come on, you can sleep when we come back. I promise we won’t stay until late” Dani says as he stands outside your door.

Dani, Gil, Gabriel de Jesus, Gabigol, Rafaella and Neymar have showed up at your house at 9pm after a day of work to go out to some club. You weren’t much of a club person, you only went with them because they were your friends.

“You should’ve called” you tell Dani who rolls his eyes.

“That one over there needs some distraction so we have to do it” he says and points behind him at Neymar’s car, where he was sitting scrolling through his phone.

“Why?” You ask as you tilt your head to take a look at him, useless move really because it was dark.

“You didn’t hear?” Gabriel asks and you shake your head.

“I’ve been working all day. I haven’t heard a thing and he hasn’t told me anything. Plus, I’ve been busy all these weeks with work so I haven’t really followed anything. What’s up?”

“They broke up. Again.” Your eyes widen.

“No way. Why now?”

“He won’t tell us exactly why. We just know he had plans of asking her to marry him but we don’t know if he did it” Gabi says and shrugs.

Personally, you weren’t too keen on the idea of Neymar and Bruna together again for several reasons. One just doesn’t go back to their ex after what happened in the first try, she seemed to show up when he becomes important, and you had a crush on your friend’s brother so it hit you bad when Neymar told you he was back to dating Bruna.

“Oh.” You say after getting lost in your train of thoughts.

“So you coming? Do it for him” Rafaella says and grins, you know very well why.

“Give me 10 minutes” you say in a sigh and they cheer.

The ride to the club was filled with conversations, but they didn’t start with Ney as usual. He laughed and talked, yeah, but not like he would usually.

“I’m sorry about Bruna” you say as you look at him from besides you. He was deleting the last pictures left on his phone of her.

“It’s fine I guess” he says and you frown.

“You deserve better. I told you that. This is just another sign of it” you say, straightforward but whatever.

“I thought she was the one. It’s the second time so I thought…”

“You got it wrong, but it’s okay.” You shrug and look around the club, spotting your friends dancing.

“I’m sorry. You probably expected-”

“I didn’t expect anything” you start. “I don’t expect you to be all fine about it. I do miss your flirting but-” you tease and he chuckles.

So yes, you two had a flirting game that started months before he and Bruna got together the second time. That’s where you fell for him and he fell for someone else. Relatable, right?

“Are you admitting you like it when I flirt with you?”

“Have been hinting it for a while, but thanks for noticing before I died” you joke and he laughs, and you fall for him a little deeper.

“I missed you” he says and gives you a warm smile.

“I missed you too” you say and rest your head against his shoulder. He kisses your temple and holds you close.

“You should go have fun. Go with Gil and save him from whatever he thinks he is doing” he says and you turn to look at Gil and you laugh at his little awkward dancing.

“Join us when you feel ready, okay?”

Neymar nods his head and you head over to Gil. He greets you with a smile and you two start a small random dancing that went from going with the beat to just do whatever. And that’s how it went for the rest of half of the night.

You all take a break at some point and sit at the reserved spot on the club for you. Neymar looked better and was sipping on his drink as he laughed and joked with all of you. That’s when your new favorite song came up, Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello. How convenient were the lyrics for this night.

You stand up and walk over to Neymar and hold your hands out, wiggling your fingers before him.


“Come on.”


“This is my favorite song, stop asking and move.”

“Why?” You glare at him and he chuckles. “I’m kidding” he says and takes your hand and stands up. He is the one to lead you to the dance floor and you grin to yourself, butterflies taking over your stomach as your heart beats in anticipation.

With a small twirl, he brings you close. One hand around your waist and you smile softly at him as the song comes up. You hum and move your hips at the rythm and he follows. His gaze shifts everywhere but to you, lips pressed together as you two move. You mutter the part of “ain’t true” as you look at him trying to get his attention and he looks at you and smiles weakly.

“So put your arms around me tonight, let the music lift you up like you’ve never been so high. Open up your heart to me, let the music lift you up like you’ve never been this free” you sing happily at him and he chuckles and you know you are making some progress.

As the chorus starts, you drop your arms from around his neck and get closer to him and he does the same, a hint of confidence showing in his eyes and body language. You turn around, back facing him and one of his arms snake around your waist, a shiver running down your spine as a result. He has always done this little gesture, but tonight it felt different.

You can feel his breath on the back of your neck and his arms holding you closer to him and you turn around to face him. He is surprised by the movement of course, his eyes are slightly widen and he is looking right into your eyes. You notice his hazel eyes are darker, even if the club was low in light, and he looks at your lips before looking up into your eyes.

You can’t see yourself, but you know your eyes are dark as well and your gaze is soft. Your hips move almost against his, unconsciously, but neither of you move an inch to stop it. He leans forward slightly and so do you but you miss his lips and just press your cheek against his and his face hides on your neck. Hands tighten around your waist and his index finger sneaks under the hem of your shirt and lifts it up before his hand is placed against your bare skin. Did he knew the effect that he had on you?

As the song comes to an end he pulls away slightly and leans forward again and brushes his lips against yours and you melt, but just then the song finishes and the lights turn slightly brighter and you both pull away. Okay so maybe it was just the song that made you think all of this and had you both acting this way…

“Want to get a drink?” He asks and you nod your head. He takes your hand and leads you through the crowd to your reserved spot.

“You two looked cozy over there” Dani says and winks playfully.

“The song was like that. You know, supporting a friend while in the club. Like we are now” you say and Ney let’s go of your hand and moves to get the drinks.

“Friend…sure” Dani says, doing that face where he doesn’t believe a word the other person says and you glare at him.

The rest of the night at the club goes well, Neymar lifted up the spirits and was somewhat acting normal again. At his house, Dani, Gil and Gabigol played video games and Ney joined them not long after. You sat with Rafaella watching them from behind.

“You are good for my brother, you know?” Rafaella says and you look at her curiously. “Yeah, it has been probably days since he has touched that console and look at him now.”

Your head turns to look at the guys and you smile softly as you watch Neymar laugh and stick his tongue out as he plays. “It’s probably the guys, or going out with all of us” you say.

“I don’t think so. He only agreed to go when we said we’d bring you.”

“ ‘Ella “ you groan, it was a nickname you had for her. “He just broke up with Bruna. I don’t think he is looking at me like that, or looking at anyone like that. It’s too recent.”

“We both know that you and Ney have had your thing. Nothing serious but it has been there. Things have not happened between you two because Bruna has been there nagging at him and he was all over her again. Maybe now…”

“We will see…” you say and you look at Ney and then back to Rafaella. “Let’s see…”

Each of the guys leave in their respective cars, Rafaella leaves with Gabi and that leaves you with Neymar.

“Lovely, they pick me up but can’t drop me off” you mutter.

“I don’t mind” Ney says and looks at you. “Although it’s kind of late, you should stay the night” he says and you turn to look at him.


“I-” he rubs the back of his neck. “I can take you home but I don’t really feel like driving right now” he admits.

“Oh” you blink. “It’s okay. I don’t mind if you don’t mind” you say and run a hand through your hair before sliding your hands awkwardly into your front pockets.

“I’ll give you one of my shirts so you can change and everything. I’ll set up the guest room” he says and smiles softly before nodding and making his way down the hallway.

In a couple of minutes he gives you one of his shirts and his sweat pants that could be tighten, hoping they’d fit. You take a quick shower and change before making your way to the living room where Ney sat staring at the TV.

“You are not going to sleep?” You ask softly and you seem to have broken his train of thoughts because he quickly shakes his head and runs a hand through his face. Was he crying?

“No. I’m not tired yet” he says after clearing his throat and you decide to make your way to him. “They fit” he says as he looks at you, trying to smile.

“Yeah” you say and sit besides him, your body facing his. “Ney, if you need to talk, I’m here, okay?” You say as you take in his poofy eyes. It was so rare to see him like this.

“I’m okay, I promise.”

“Ney” you say in a warning tone and he sighs, body shifting in his spot.

“I just thought she was the one. That this was it. The second was the charm but…”

“I know” you say as you look at him. “But you can’t let this put you down. There are more girls that would be happy to be with you” you say and scoot over and rest your head on his shoulder. “You are a wonderful person and you are talented. You are so sweet with girls that there is no way a girl would say no to you. I mean, look at those eyes” you say and reach to poke under his eyes and he chuckles and catches your finger and you giggle.

“I guess…”

“There will be other girls and you will find the one who will do anything and everything for you…” he smiles and pulls you closer and rests his forehead against your temple and you smile at the closeness. He was so vulnerable right now but you just wanted to move just a little…And you do.

You take in a soft intake of breath and move your head slightly so your foreheads are together. You look at him through your eyelashes and notice his eyes are closed. You shouldn’t be looking at his lips, but you are, and your lips move close to his and brush against them, waiting for a reaction. His hand moves to your leg which was pulled up on the couch when you sat. His thumb running circles around your thigh in a soothing manner.

You lean in and press a very feather like kiss on his lips, almost nothing but enough to know that it was there. Then another one more firm and you move slightly to wait for a reaction, biting your lip softly. For a few seconds, you expected him to pull away or say something that would break the moment, but nothing happened until his hand moved to your cheek and you lean to it, he presses a soft kiss against your lips, parting your own and liplocking.

A beat is skipped at the action and you sigh through your nostrils before moving your lips along with his. Your hand moves to rest on his neck as his rest on your cheek. The two of you kiss for a few seconds and he pulls away, his hand slides down the side of your body feeling your curves until they stop at your waist where he lifts the shirt slightly to sneak his hand to touch your skin.

You look up at him and notice his hazel eyes darkening and something about it made you feel some sort of way that you think twice your next action. Your body shifts and you move to sit on his lap while facing him, your hands resting on his shoulder and his own go quickly up to your waist. Eyes meet for a few seconds before the two of you lean in at the same time for another kiss, one that it’s more passionate yet urgent. Hands go under your shirt, more like his, and rest on your back while yours go around his neck and play with his curls as you kiss.

He let’s out a grunt and you grin softly as you make pressure on his lap. Your teeth catch his lip and tug at it making him grip your waist.

“Ney…” you breath out and he hums before moving to kiss along your neck. Your head tilts backward and he kisses your throat, teeth grazing the skin before biting making you moan quietly. This was escalating quickly and you had to stop it even if you didn’t want to. He was still hurt and he is probably not acting like he really should. You didn’t want this to be a rebound kind of thing because you liked Neymar and if he wasn’t sure of anything right now, you rather stop.

Yet the way his lips moved along your neck was clouding your judgement. Soft lips with a tease of his tongue in every kiss he gave to your neck. The way his hands gripped your hips so they stayed pressed to his shifting one’s, trying to find the perfect position to move against yours…

“Ney, please…” you moan out instead of having it come out in a normal tone and that encourages him to suck on your neck as his hand travels to the front of your shirt and down your stomach, hitching your breath.

“Dime (Tell me)” he whispers in a soft breath against your skin, now moving his shirt away to kiss your shoulders. You move your hips against his involuntarily, because the moment just asked for it and you moan quietly. This felt better than you imagined. It was more than you ever imagined actually. Yet, you had to put a stop at it because this might not be something based on true feelings.

“Stop…” you breath out and stop yourself from moving more. His mouth opens slightly and he drops his head to rest on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry I got carried away…” he mutters, his hand slowly leaving your skin to rest on top of the shirt.

“It’s okay…It’s just…I don’t want to be a rebound…” You admit to him and run a hand through his curls.

“You won’t be…”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I know…”

“You are hurt” you whisper, your lips moving to rest on his temple.

He stays silent and let’s out a small sigh before pulling away. “You know what I mean” he says, “you know there has always been something between us.”

“If you want this something to work, we have to make things the right way even if we are just teasing” you say and he nods his head and both of you smile.

“If that’s how you want it…”

“That’s how it should be…” he nods his head again and leans in to peck your lips.

Things work just fine within your agreement. He seemed happier, that’s for sure. You have decided to not be too cuddly with him in public so it didn’t affect his image of some sort, although of course Neymar didn’t care about that.

In that way of not being cuddly with him, you have found some fun in it when you went out with his friends. You would hug them and lean against them and Ney would get jealous. His expression would turn all serious and screaming possession, since his friends didn’t know about it. For you, this was quite amusing so you continued to do it despite his silent complains. Thing was, he was also doing the same and you tried to keep it down.

“Gil, come on” you say as you hold your hands out to him as you stand before him.

“Y/N, I just sat down” he says chuckling.

“I don’t care. Come on” you grin and he sighs before taking your hand. You look at Neymar and see him frowning and you simply wink before letting Gil lead the way. Definitely, your favorite place was being the club because of the reactions you got from Ney while here.

Your arms were around Gil’s neck and his arms were around your hips. You two laughed and danced for a few songs. He’d spin you around and hold you close to his chest while his lips grazed your ear sending a shiver down your spine and making you lean against him, resting your head on his shoulder closing your eyes.

After the song ended, he went to sit with the others and you follow, Neymar with a serious expression. As you walk towards him, someone catches your arm and you turn around quickly to punch whoever it was but you notice just in time it was your best friend.

“Michael!” You say over the loud music and he winks at you.

“Haven’t seen you in a while. Thought clubs weren’t your thing” he says as he let’s go of your arm and moves a little to the side away from the speakers.

“They aren't” you admit, “but those people over there hang here all the time and they drag me.”

“Is that Neymar? How the hell you know him?”

“His sister. She used to go a lot to the store I started working here and we became good friends.”

“That’s awesome” he says, a grin coming up his lips before looking at you. “Wanna dance this one?”

You look over your shoulder at Neymar and catch him looking at you as he sips on his drink. “Yeah” you say and look at Michael. “Lead the way” you say and stretch your hand to him, which he is quick to take and leads you to the group dancing.

You used to have a crush on him, his curls and his way of being were just adorable. Also those little freckles, but you two lost contact because of work and life so you ignored that feeling. Now you were crushing on Neymar…Who was currently asking a girl to dance that wasn’t in your circle as you looked over your shoulder for his reaction.

So he really wanted to do this…

You dance close to Michael to the rhythm of the song, swaying your hips, and maybe exaggerating a little, in case Neymar was watching. Michael’s hand goes around your waist and holds you close to him, the height difference making him lower down slightly to look down at you. You were going to use this opportunity the best that you could, because you could see Neymar holding the door too close for your liking.

You move forward to close the gap between Michael and your lips, having them only brush since you didn’t want Michael to get the wrong idea either. When Michael tries to do the same, you turn around in his grasp and press yourself to him, back against his chest, it was a dancing position you enjoyed lately to be able to take a good look at Neymar’s reaction. Difference between Gil and Michael was, Michael was ghosting his lips over the skin of your neck and your eyes flutter close at the sensation. A mere touch, but enough to have you weaken. Fingers run through his curls and he takes it as an encouragement to kiss your neck.

Now when you look at Neymar, you frown at the scenery. He was with two girls by his side, arms around their waist and he was kissing, ACTUALLY kissing, the one on the right while the one on the left kissed his neck. Your blood seemed to boil through your veins and you had a fire inside of you that only had you wanting to push them away…

You should’ve expected such behavior from him. You did told him that he was hurt and he was trying to get comfort somehow, and that it wouldn’t be just with you like he was so sure of.

Body shifts slightly in the grasp you were in, hand going around Michael’s neck before pulling him down for a kiss. He is caught by surprise, that you were sure of, but he gives in and returns the kiss. Both hands rest on your waist and pull you even closer to him as he tries to deepen the kiss, and you let him because the song was about to be over and he will have to pull away. And he does.


“I’m sorry” you say, trying to look in shock so it didn’t seem so obvious you used him to spark some jealousy on Ney. “The song and all…Don’t get me wrong…”

“It’s fine. I get it” Michael waves off and you nod your head.

“If it helps, you kiss amazing” you laugh and he chuckles.

“Thanks, I guess.”

The night goes on and you spend some more time talking with Michael, trying to ignore Neymar’s presence until he had to get you home. He waved goodbye in a very dismissing way to his friends before you two start walking over to his car. Complete silence.

When you get to his car, he turns you around and backs you up against the passenger side.

“Had fun with that one over there?” He growls as he looks at you.

“Oh, you mean Michael or Gil?” You tilt your head to the side as if thinking. “Answer is yes to both anyway.” You swear you hear a growl coming from his throat.

“ ‘You kiss amazing’ “ he mocks. “Seems like you forgot about something for a moment” he says and tries to lean in but you move to the side.

“You mean your two girls?” You ask and he rests your head on the crook of your neck.

“Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?” He asks, a mischievous chuckle coming from him.

“Yeah” you agree, his lips now moving in one spot on your neck and you have to do everything in your power to not give in. “But I can be more of a bitch” you say and push him away with a smirk.

“You really want to go there?” he asks. “Deverdad quieres jugar asi? (Do you really wanna play like that?)”

“Mhm” you hum and grin. “Are you up for it?”

He chuckles as he looks down before looking at you through his eyelashes, “If you think you can win…”

“Game on, then” you say triumphantly and he comes close to you again.

Fingers move down your waist and down your curves ‘till they reach the side of your thigh. He is looking down before he gives you THAT look again and he leans in quickly to kiss you. Lips move against his, matching his pace and your hands rest on his shoulders before you push him for a second time, this time more gentle.

“Take me home, Ney. I’m tired” you say and turn around, waiting for him to open the door.

You hear him chuckle to himself and open the door for you, “As you wish, princesa” he teases.

This was going to be a very interesting game and challenge and you couldn’t wait for the outcome.

Proof Enough?

As fun as VidCon had been, Jack was incredibly happy to arrive back in London.

Meeting so many fans, talking with other creators, and answering questions on a panel had been amazing, along with exploring Amsterdam with some of his good friends. But nothing could beat coming back home to the one person he really wanted too see.

He and Joe had been texting basically nonstop since Jack left for the weekend, but since last night, the older man had gone mysteriously silent.

Jack didn’t think much of it, and thought perhaps Joe was going to surprise him at the airport, because they had missed each other a lot.

Yet when he stepped off the flight with Oli, there was no one to greet them, except some more excited fans.

After taking pictures and singing autographs, one thing Jack still hadn’t gotten used too, he climbed into a waiting car to head back to his flat. On the way, he decided to give Joe a call, but was met with only voicemail. He quickly wracked his brain to remember if Joe was in meetings or busy today, but Jack couldn’t come up with anything, and so with a quick conversation to the driver, his new destination was set.

He would be the one to surprise Joe instead.

Knocking on the door to his boyfriends flat, Jack let the bag on his shoulder fall to the floor, ready to wrap his arms around the other man.

But when the door swung open, he was met with a confused frown.

“What’re you doing here?” Joe asked, his hand still on the door, his body blocking the entrance into the flat.

“And hello to you too,” Jack smiled, going to step forward, but stopping as Joe took a half step back.

“Look, I’m really busy….and I didn’t think you were swinging by. Thought you’d be too tired.” Except Joe wasn’t looking at him when he spoke, and had yet to offer Jack a single smile.

“Oh, right.” His own smile faded, shuffling on his feet, “Then how about we do dinner tonight?”

“I have a lot to do…”


“Can I just call you when my calendar clears up?” Joe sighed running a hand through his hair, his eyes still focused somewhere just over Jack’s shoulder.

“Uhm, yeah, sure.” The younger man stepped back, bending over to pick up his bag, “Just call me.”

“Perfect. Bye.”

Before Jack could say a single word in reply, the door was shut in his face, leaving him wondering what the hell was going on with his boyfriend.

Over the next week, he waited for a phone call, a text, or even a snap, but there was no word from Joe.

He tried to ask their friends what was going on, but everyone claimed that Joe wasn’t acting any differently, that Jack was probably imagining it.

But he wasn’t, because it was very clear that Joe was ignoring him.

So a week after VidCon, Jack found himself standing outside of the older man’s flat once again, waiting for the door to open.

“Jack,” Joe sighed in greeting, “What are you doing here?”

“I haven’t seen you in over a bloody week, what’s wrong with wanting to see my boyfriend?!”

“So I am your boyfriend, am I?” Joe’s blue eyes flashed angrily, and Jack only grew more confused.

“What the hell does that mean?! Did we break up without me knowing?!”

“You just looked pretty cozy with some other people while in Amsterdam, so I wasn’t entirely sure.”

“Other people?” Jack mumbled to himself, and that was when everything clicked. “You’re jealous.”

“What? No.” Joe shook his head, turning and heading into the flat, leaving Jack to shut the door and follow.

“Who the hell are you jealous of, though? I only hung out with like three people. Oli, who you know I don’t think of that way. Niomi, but she’s got a boyfriend. And….” Jack trailed off, “And Andrea.”

Because he was watching Joe, he saw the way the older man tensed up at the name.

“You’re jealous of me hanging out with Andrea?” Jack couldn’t help but laugh, which only resulted in his boyfriend glaring over at him.

“I’m not bloody jealous!”

“You’re adorable,” The younger man shook his head, stepping closer to Joe. “Babe, you have nothing to be jealous of.”

“Which is why I’m not.” Joe replied tersely, his arms crossed tightly even as Jack wrapped his own around him.

“What do you want me to do to prove to you that you don’t have to be jealous? That I’m only yours?”

“Stop saying I’m jealous!” Joe huffed, trying to step out of Jack’s arms, but that only caused Jack to wrap them tighter around him.

“Not until you admit it.”

“You two just looked so bloody cozy! What was I supposed to think?!” Joe finally burst out, his eyes glaring over Jack’s shoulder.

“Joe,” The younger man shifted his head so their eyes met, “You and I were texting basically the entire time. Most of which was me telling you how much I missed you. And how excited I was to come home. Andrea and I are only friends. Nothing more.”

“I know that,” Joe mumbled, his arms relaxing and moving around Jack, “I just…I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Jack smiled, “But that doesn’t meant you have to get jealous.”

“Sorry if you flirt with everyone,” Joe rolled his eyes.

“I was not flirting with her!”

“Sure you weren’t,” He smirked, reaching up to kiss Jack, “Hi.”


“Have any ideas on how you’re going to prove that you only have eyes for me?” Joe teased.

“Hmm,” Jack hummed in response, “I have a few.”

Later that night, when Joe was scrolling through Twitter, he came across Jack’s plan.

@Jack_Maynard23: Apparently I have to prove that I only have eyes for one person. I won’t say names, because we aren’t out yet. But this is me proving it.

@Jack_Maynard23: Babe, I love you. And only you. Even when we’re miles and miles apart, you’re the one always on my mind. Remember that.

@Jack_Maynard23: Even if you are really cute when you get jealous ;)

“Is that proof enough?” Jack asked as he climbed into bed beside Joe, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend to pull him closer.

“More than enough,” Joe smiled, tossing his phone to the side to turn in Jack’s arms, kissing him slowly. They had lost time to make up for.

Do You Have To Do That? (7/?)

Pairing: The Avenger Team x Reader // Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: None so far

A/N: I have decided to re-write this for those of you who had started it, I’m going to start over I’m keep the first part and possibly a good portion of the second. But I am going to take it in a different direction. If you want to be tagged let me know, I’ll glad you add you.

(Sorry this has taken me so long with writing this!! I hit a major writer block with it till last night. I’m about to start part 6 for this today)

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Parts 1-5

“Have a fun night?” Nat leans against the frame of your doorway, smirking at you. You freeze, your heart jumped into your throat, you swallow going back to tying your sneaker, standing up you brush your hands down your work out leggings.

“I have no idea what you are talking about?” You keep your face completely expressionless as you tighten your ponytail adjusting your sports bra once more.

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anonymous asked:

Thank you! So what I was thinking is that Nicole- chris' ex- comes back into the picture and makes it clear she wants him back. She insults Mc and makes mc doubt herself and chris and makes her insecure and she keeps pushing chris away. Chris finds out from Abbie (who overheard) and confronts Nicole and makes sure she knows he only wants mc. He and mc have a heart-to-heart and snuggle for the rest of the night!

Thank you, Dear Nonny, for this prompt! I took it in a slightly different direction than you had laid out. It also got to be WAY longer than I initially intended which explains my delay in writing it. I hope you enjoy this  little bit of Christmas in June.

All I Want for Christmas Is You

It’s Christmas Eve and Maggie feels like dancing in her seat as she drives through the cold clear night. Soon, she’s going to be in Maine and she and Chris are going to spend the holidays together for the very first time. She’s spent the the hours-long drive listening to Christmas music and imaging snuggling with Chris in front of the Christmas tree, exchanging Christmas gifts, and kissing him at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Chris had headed up to Maine right after his last final. The plan had been for Maggie to ride with him, but at the last minute she had needed to stay at Hartfeld to meet with her publisher. The Freshman was going to be published in just a couple months and there were edits to go over and Lorraine, her new literary agent, had demanded they get them done before the New Year. When her parents had heard that she was sticking around Hartfeld, they’d asked her to come home and spend the weekend before Christmas as family. With all that, she had ended up having to wait until Christmas Eve to head up to Maine.

As she gets closer to Cherryfield, Maggie taps the bluetooth on her steering wheel. “Call Chris,” she commands and the phone rings a few times and then Chris answers.

“Maggie!” he shouts over a din of music and people, “Are you almost here?”

“Yup! Just a few exits away. Where are you? It’s so loud!”

“Oh, hang on a sec. I’ll go outside.”

After a few moments, Chris comes back on the line, “Is that better?”

“Yeah, much better. I can’t wait to see you, Chris. I’m so excited about this week.”

“I can’t wait to see you either, babe! Listen, I’m at a pub near my house. It’s called O’Leary’s. Come and meet me here. I’m out with some friends from high school and I’d love to introduce you.”

“That sounds awesome. I’ll be there soon.”

They hang up and Maggie asks Siri to give her directions to O’Leary’s. Thirty minutes later, she pulls into the parking lot of a rather unassuming building with neon green sign declaring it as O’Leary’s: Cherryfield’s Place for Friends and Fun.

Maggie gets out of her car and shivers at the bitingly cold air. She can’t wait to get to Chris and let him thaw her out with his warm embrace. Smiling at the thought, she walks up to the pub, pulls open the heavy door, and steps into the cacophony of music and laughter. The pub is dark and cozy and almost every table is full. Maggie gets the sense that O’Leary’s on Christmas Eve is some sort of tradition for this town. She stands in the doorway, scanning across the room for Chris. After a moment, she spots him standing near the pool table.

Maggie is about to run over to him, maybe jump on his back and surprise him, when she sees a slender hand snake up from Chris’s chest and onto his shoulder. Maggie freezes. She watches as the feminine hand’s fingertips glide down Chris’s arm. When the two of them shift slightly, Maggie sees an absolutely beautiful woman standing in front of Chris. She has long, silky auburn hair curling around her shoulders. Her figure is voluptuous, clad in a tight black sweater and a pair of figure-hugging jeans. Maggie startles when she realizes it’s Chris’s ex, Nicole.

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can we pretend that we’re in love.

in which y/n made a huge mistake and jack’s right, she can never feel loved by aneurin if she doesn’t let him. and she wants to let him. thank you to the lovely people inputting ideas but ultimately letting me decide @dunkirkkbabes , @wardley10 & thanks to @harriebb for reading and leaving amazing commentary on how I killed them. I hope I do it again.

she was dusting off her counter when she heard the T.V. “We have the boys of Dunkirk here with us now, boys welcome.” she was staying with her cousin when she went home and hearing the much anticipated interview made her heart jump into her throat.

“Turn it up.” her cousin snorted but followed, murmuring “for someone who doesn’t love someone, you sure wanna catch every word of this interview.” she ignored that but listened as the interviewer asked “Now you’re weeks away from the premiere, how excited are you?” she watched as there was a chorus of ‘very’s’ and ‘so much’, which how many times could the interviewers ask the same question and expect a different answer?

“now let’s talk a little about the co-star that isn’t here. miss y/n y/l was the only younger female on set, she was your guys age, was there any sparks between any of you?” both your cousin and you furrowed your brows. how unprofessional was this woman?

that got coughs from most of the boys and Aneurin to remain impassive until Jack joked “Alright i’ll fess up, the girly was head over heels in love with me. had to turn her down though. said I don’t wanna settle down right now, she was heartbroken.” the woman laughed along with the boys, Aneurin’s face relaxed, pressumbly happy now that the pressure was taken off the question. her cousin gasped as the woman asked “so is that why she was seen leaving early?”


fucking crickets from all around the world. them in England and y/n and her cousin in the states. “Someone say something..” her cousin whispered impatiently and they watched as Jack licked his lips before saying “She had a bit o’ filming to do in states. wasn’t for any particular reason though. the media always tries to make it somethin’ it’s not.”

thank God for Jack. but that only made y/n feel worse. she broke his best friends heart and now he’s helping take the rap?

“now she was seen quite out a lot with you Aneurin, was there anything going on there or was it all innocent? cause you two looked quite content and cozy.” both y/n and her cousin’s mouth dropped open at the boldness and y/n laid back on the couch “For fucks sakkkkeeeeee.” whisper yelling and kicking at her cousin she yelled “Turn it off!”

“no! you wanted me to turn it up so suck it the fuck up and listen.” covering her ears she heard a muffled answer and her cousin hit her ankle “did you hear him?” she sighed pitifully “was trying not to.” she smiled and rewound it and y/n held her breath as he said as gently as he could “ya know y/n is a good person through and through.

she’s amazing and lovely and an all around sunshine. I mean the guys and I probably couldn’t have survived five months without her bumbling smile or her laugh. I think it was a good thing having a woman around. keep us in line.”

he finished with a bit of a smirk and the woman smiled “was she the boss of all you?” Jack laughed and Aneurin smiled “she was, she’s the boss and the mum and best friend at all time.” she nodded and y/n smiled. even after everything they’d been through. what she did, he still answered in the most polite way that wouldn’t cause any media outlets to stick their noses further where they didn’t belong.

“so what’re you gonna do now?” her cousin asked, causing y/n to look at her with pursed lips and a furrow in her brow “Bout?” “Oh come on you have to call him! No! don’t call him! make it dramatic! you’ve got money! fly us to him and confess your love to him and make out with him in the bloody airport!” her cousin giggled as y/n turned red. always so easily red at the most offhand comments about sexual things, which was strange for someone who was just getting done being friends with benefits with her co-star.

“y/c I told you i’m just gonna see him at the premiere and when I do i’ll be nice and polite and hope this whole thing just blows over.” her cousin furrowed her eyebrows at that “you really don’t get it do you? sure you can ignore it and just hope it goes away, but why would you want to? you might think he’ll wait forever but he won’t. he wants you here and right now and if you’re not willing to give him that then he’ll find it somewhere else.”

opening her mouth to retort her cousin said loudly “AND don’t give me any of that crap that you don’t want to be with him, and you hope he can find someone who can give him that, because I know you. and I know you want to be the one who receives all the love from him and give all the love back to him. and I know you’re scared but you’ve got to get over that. because you know where all that fear about love and relationships is gonna get you? alone. do you want that?”

pausing at that y/n felt slapped in the face. she knew her cousin didn’t mean it as harshly as it came out but this was the second time someone had pointed out her flaws and shoved them in her face. “It’s not like I meant to.” y/n whimpered, her face crumpling with a hot sob.

her cousin sighed at that and nodded “I know.” hugging y/n tightly she rubbed her back as she broke down in hot sobs. she knew her well. knew that she clammed up at even the slightest bit of intimate gestures given to her or shared with her.

always had. she was afraid in a lot of ways of falling for someone, afraid they’d treat her badly. afraid that every single guy was the same. but she had talked for months before about Aneurin and about how good of a guy he was, how cute he was, how much his accent made her stomach flip and her heart jitter.

she knew her cousin loved this man. a man she hadn’t even met, but she was happy for her and was quite serious about her getting on a plane and confessing everything to him. maybe just not now, not with her mascara running down her face and after getting snot all over. wiping y/n face with the ends of her sweater her cousin smiled brightly

“you’re hopeless.” giggling she smiled as that brought out a giggle of y/n and her cousin smiled rubbing her arms “alright so how bout you clean your face and we go find your man?” y/n cleared her throat and frowned at that “but even if I wanted how would I even find him? it’s useless. and even then I wouldn’t even know what to say, he hates me y/c! he probably wants nothing to do with me and i’ll just make a fool out of myself.”

frowning at that her cousin rubbed her hair back and whispered “you know he’d be crazy to see you, he said you were a good person. he practically fell out of his seat when they mentioned you, that doesn’t scream someone who hates someone does it.” it wasn’t a question. it was a statement and y/n looked up at her.

“he’s just being polite. he knows it’d be horrible for us and for the movie, for us and our mess to get in the way of it all.” looking at her unconvinced she asked “y/c..what I am to do?” her cousin sighed and swallowed before standing up “alright cmon.” Pulling y/n up she said “that’s bullshit.”

Grabbing her purse she said “we’re going to get him back and we’re doing it now.”

Y/n smiled at that and nodded before they grabbed their things and headed out on a mission.

“Have they answered?” Her cousin asked as they boarded the plane “no. But I have another idea.”

Scrolling through her phone she found Twitter and opened it quickly typing

’@yourtwittername: ay! Anyone know the whereabouts of my dunkirk boys? Have a question I wanna ask one of em.

She smiled as the replies came through with photographic evidence and she smiled “they’re at the pub where we always used to go to.” Y/c smiled at that “you’ve got your ways, let’s just hope they manage to stay there.”

Seemingly like hours later her and her cousin bounded off the plane, through the airport lobby and out the doors, her cousin standing on the curb whistling, throwing up her hand, and hailed a cab.

She had lived in New York.

Jumping in the cab y/c smiled as the cabbie asked “where to ladies?” Looking up from her phone y/n yelled “twenty two second street hurry!” And they were heading through France.

They were two blocks over when she spotted the gang of men she recognized so well and she yelled “STOP!” Hitting his breaks they jerked forward and y/n opened the door, in traffic and got out, her cousin behind her.

 Looking over at her cousin she smiled as y/n yelled over all the traffic and street noise “ANEURIN!”

It was really a movie moment in all the best cliché ways. Jack was the first to see her and had opened his mouth before all the boys turned and Jack said something apparently to make Aneurin turn, because he turned and looked over, confusion crossing his face before he looked mildly surprised and then, guarded.

she couldn’t blame him, he put his heart out on the line for her to smash it with her hands. but she wasn’t going to give up, she didn’t come this far to go away without talking to him.

seeing that he hit Jack and was starting to walk again, y/n grabbed her cousin’s hand and whispered “C’mon!” rushing through the very busy traffic street in France there was blaring horns and lots of cursing in French and y/n and her cousin apologized, both of them red but heading towards the boys.

Jack chased after Aneurin who was feet ahead and the rest of the boys watched in awe as they dodged in and out of traffic.

she had ran past the boys with murmurs of “hello boys.” before running with her cousin to Aneurin and Jack. “Wait! Aneurin please wait!” finally on his heels she grabbed his arm “please wait! I wanna talk to you please!”

being stung as he rebuffed her and said “Think we’ve done enough talkin’ yeah?” she wasn’t one to give up though, at least not now, not when she had that much energy running through her. so she kept running alongside him, ignoring the onlookers and girls with their cameras out and instead grabbed his arm and managed to yell “Aneurin please just stop and talk to me! please just stop!” she stumbled as he came to a halt and whipped around asking “what!? what is it!?”

she looked at her cousin who was standing anxiously with Jack and nodded before turning to Aneurin and looking down stumbled out an apology “I just wanted to say i’m sorry.. i’m so so sorry that I left you like that and that I completely lied to you, because the truth is I do love you. I love you with every single part of me and it scares me more than ever because I didn’t want to fall in love with you, or anyone for that matter.

I’ve always been the quiet one and I guess I just thought you’d be like everyone else, even thought that’s stupid because I knew you. I know you now, you’re the furthest thing from being like everyone else.

you’re so perfectly you and it scares me because I just love you so much and I understand you’re upset, rightfully so. but I couldn’t  just ignore this anymore and I couldn’t just let you go like I’ve let everyone else I cared about leave my life. and i’m sorry I pushed you away and told you we weren’t ever anything because that’s not true, we both were something to each other, even if I didn’t want to admit it at the time.

and i’m so sorry for standing there ripping your heart out and lying to you. I should’ve never done that.” taking a deep breath she managed to look up and biting her lip she said “So i’m here and i’m not running anymore. i’m not wanting to. because I know you’ll keep me safe and I know you won’t treat me like everyone else has.

and because I know I love you and you love me. and I understand if you’re mad and you need time but I just needed to tell you. and even if this trip was for nothing, it wasn’t because now you know and that’s good enough for me.”

she waited, looking anxiously up at him as he looked at her then off in the distance, seemingly thinking and she nodded. thinking it was just like every time where she pushed someone too far away and they actually left without a second thought. It was sad, but it wouldn’t be the first. She just wished for once this time was different. but she only could blame herself. she pushed people away when she felt things too deeply.

Feeling a hand on her arm, she gasped in shock as he pulled her back to him, and turning to look at him he cupped her face and smashed his lips to hers with such a fierceness to it she felt her hands come to his chest, pulling him closer by the shirt.

they were there in the middle of France, kissing on the street in pure public, with audible gasps around them, phones recording their every move, when they were so used to hiding affection behind closed hotel doors and behind words like ‘friends.’ the boys were whooting and whistling and letting out loud “oooooooo yeahhhhh’s” that made her smile against his lips, his curving up the same.

he pulled away for breath and she pressed her lips to his again quick before kissing his chin and she smiled as he looked down at her with a smile “you ran through traffic for me. in the middle of France. flying all the way here from the states. just to confess your feelings. for me. do you know how bloody insane you are?” she bit her lip at that with a smile “It’s what you do for someone you love right?”

he nodded against her head, she didn’t know a whole lot about love and relationships and how to maintain them but he was willing to teach her. “and i’m glad you did. cause I was about one day away from calling you myself and boarding a flight to get to you.” she laughed at that before he whispered “I am completely in love with you, you know that?”

she smiled and curled her fingers in his shirt “well i’m glad, cause I am completely in love with you, all that mushy stuff.” he smiled and kissed her once again, deeply and pulled away with a whisper “so the cat’s out of the bag then? we’re in love?” she grinned and nodded, grabbing his hand and burying her face in his neck, finally feeling she was home.

The Conquests of Norman Reedus: Kylin [Finale]

Paring: Norman Reedus x OFC, Past JDM x OFC
Warnings: Language, Strip Club references, Younger woman/older man, SMUT (18+ ONLY PLEASE)
A/N: Set in the same AU as Anytime, Sweetheart okay? Okay. It’s not detrimental but keep it in mind for the future.
As usual in all my RPFs  no kids or spouses will be mentioned. 

tags: @srj1990@aquivercactus@reigningqueenofwords@reedusteinrambles@youandyourstupidrope@addiction-survivor25@daddy-kink-confirmed@dragongirl420 @make-everything-beautiful2

throwing in my A-S tags too because it’s kinda important to that series:  @jml509 @jesbakescookies @daddy-kink-confirmed@aquivercactus  @xagateophobiax @sorenmarie87@missghoul18@jdmfanfiction @jeffreydeanneganstrash @through-thesilver-lining@beffyblueeyes @docharleythegeekqueen

Originally posted by taylornesmom

“Uh, where the fuck are you?” I huffed over the phone as I stared at his best friend’s face standing in the middle of the airport.

“Uh, did you not check your texts yesterday, woman?” My boyfriend huffed back, obviously exhausted and irritated.

“No, I didn’t, because I was on a fuckin’ plane for 12 hours flying across the fucking country, Jeffrey.”

“The producer called me into an emergency meeting, girl, I missed my fuckin’ flight. And now they want me to-” He started to explain, but I quickly cut him off.

“So what you’re fucking telling me is your missing my fucking birthday.” I gritted, tears flooding my eyes as rage and heart break filled my chest. 

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Old Wounds - Chapter Five


Jack pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before he knocked on the door of his parents’ suite. Dad was going to be pissed that he had left early without saying goodbye, and Mum would be disappointed in him, which was worse. His entire body ached from sleeping on the sofa. At some point while cuddling Gigi he’d fallen asleep. When he’d woken up she was gone and he’d barely had time to take a quick shower and throw on clean clothes before this brunch appointment with the family. He pushed his worries about Gigi out of his head, took an instant to check buttons and zippers, and then knocked.

A few moments later, Juniper opened the door.

“You’re early,” he said, not hiding the surprise in his voice. He still wasn’t used to Juniper coming to family events, though she’d been around more in the last year than she had for the several previous ones. And he couldn’t remember the last time she had been early to anything.

“You’re late,” she replied, turning away from the door, “but Gemma’s not here yet, so you should escape unscathed.”

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synteis  asked:

Aaron/Alex; modern AU, both of them crazy pet owners :p

Aaron is weaned on old money and a country estate. As such, he gets his baby food on a literal silver spoon and has more dress shoes than sneakers by the time he’s eight. The country part of the equation means he also grows up with three horses, twelve chickens, one rooster, two cats, two dogs, three goats, a parakeet, and one sad goldfish.

When Aaron leaves home, he leaves with his tuition paid in full and an invitation from the dean for lunch. He passes undergrad. He moves on to law school. His grandmother gets him a cat.

His grandparents die.

He drops out of law school.

The cat – well, the cat he keeps. Even though he’s pretty sure the cat would prefer not to stay. Aaron spent too many nights sleeping in the library when she was young, coming back only to tip kibble in the tin and leave again, for them to be much more than tolerated roommates.

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HTTYD FanFiction: Under the Stars (Hiccstrid’s first date)

               Title: Under the Stars

               Requested by: ReptileGirl497

               Summary: Hiccup’s nervous about asking Astrid out on their first ever “date”.

               Genre: Romance (I guess… I’m not really good at it but I’ll try)

               Rating: K

               Time-line: After Blindsided but before Shell Shocked Part 1 (RTTE)

               Hiccup lifted his hand, letting it hover above the door knob uncertainly. Toothless let out a huff of exasperation from his place curled up by the wall of the hut. Hiccup looked at him, and Toothless merely rolled his eyes.

               “Hey, this is big, bud. I’m just… well… nervous.”

               Toothless huffed again, then his eyes brightened before he flopped over onto his back, his body smashing into the building and making a very loud noise.

               “Toothless! Sh-“

“Hiccup? That you?” came Astrid’s voice from inside. Hiccup glared at a smirking Toothless, before turning back to face the door.

“Uh, y-yeah it’s me!” he replied, shifting from one foot to another nervously. The door swung open, revealing Astrid Hofferson. Hiccup did a double take, not expecting her to be out of her armor. Her shoulder guards were gone, as was the skull belt around her waist. She was casually dressed, and for a moment, he wondered if maybe it was too late to ask…

“Uh, sorry, you look… like you’re…” Hiccup stuttered helplessly.

Astrid just smiled and placed a hand on her hip, “You’re here for a reason, now what is it?” She demanded.

Hiccup swallowed, casting Toothless a glance for any kind of help. But the dragon merely shrugged before rolling over, standing up, then stalking over to Stormfly, the two dragons beginning to play tag.

“Um, well…” Hiccup continued to stumble over his words. Finally, he took a deep breath and said carefully, “I was wondering if you wanted to go on a flight with me and Toothless?”

Astrid smiled brightly. “I’d love to!”

Hiccup sighed in relief, confused as to why he’d been nervous before. He should’ve known better. He grabbed her hand boldly and led her over to Toothless, climbing on before turning and holding a hand out to her. She smiled slowly before grabbing it and tossing herself up behind him, her arms going to wrap around his waist and her head resting on his shoulder. He smiled to himself before giving Toothless a little nudge with his foot, urging the dragon into the air. Not that Toothless needed it, Hiccup had explained what he wanted to do before they left.

“Stay here, Stormfly!” Astrid called out to her dragon. Stormfly squawked sadly, before perking up and beginning to preen herself.

Toothless climbed higher into the sky, making Astrid clinger tighter to Hiccup, her arms tightening around his waist. He grinned, rubbing a hand over her clasped hands around his stomach. She yelped and hung on harder.

“Hiccup Haddock, hang onto the saddle because if we crash I will not be happy!” She called out. Hiccup blushed and moved his hand back to the saddle, gripping onto it tightly. He could’ve sworn he saw Toothless smirk and even let out a small chuckle.

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With This Ring

With This Ring

[This is for the request - Can you write something where the reader has to go under cover as a couple with Morgan and Spencer is super jealous, maybe possessive Reid?]

“Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he thought. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache, a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder, and an inferiority complex. Yippee.” 
― J.R. WardDark Lover


“Since everyone’s been relayed their assignments I say we should get to work.”

“Oh, do you need me back in the lair yet? I want to help with Y/N’s makeup.”

You smirked over at Garcia. “In emergencies I have been known to be able to pretty myself up.”

“But you need to take it up a level, you’re going to be out there at night, you have to shine if you want to catch the unsub’s attention.”

Hotch actually smiled at this. “She’s right.”

Garcia slapped your arm before turning to JJ. “And we have to find the perfect dress!”

“What do we need a dress for?

“You’re late, Reid.”

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