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Retail Etiquette

AKA a few ways you, the customer, can help make a retail worker’s life easier.

1. If you don’t want something, put it back where you found it. Not sitting on a shelf nearby. Not halfway across the store. Right where you found it. On the peg/ however it was displayed originally. Please. I know it’s super easy to just drop that thing where you are, especially if you’re across the store, but imagine having to put that one thing back times a hundred. That’s what we have to do. Every day. It’s like the world’s worst scavenger hunt that takes literal hours. All work that is avoided if you take five seconds to put that thing back where you found it.

1.5. Don’t trash the shelves looking for that one perfect package in the back or whatever and leave it. Fix what you mess up, or what your kids mess up.

2. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave trash lying around - cleaning the store and keeping it clean is a monumental task itself without people leaving empty cups on shelves. We have trash cans, use them. Wipe your feet. If you spill something, alert somebody.

3. Do not come in right before close, unless it’s an emergency and you know exactly what you need. In, grab the thing you need, and out before close. If you come into a store 10 minutes or less before close, you’re being (albeit mildly) rude. The staff has closing tasks they need to get done, often before the store actually closes and you’re keeping them from that. If you’re fast, no problem. If you linger and shop around, you’re being rude.

3.5. Do not linger after close. Know when a store closes, and get out when it does. Every minute you stay after close is a minute later the staff actually gets home. You are literally keeping the staff from going home to their family if you stay after close, and it’s deeply rude. Your time is not more important than theirs, especially AFTER the hours they’re obligated to give you their time.

4. If you break something, just tell the staff. They’re not going to make you buy it, it just goes into the ‘store damage’ bin in most places. Don’t try to hide it (world’s worst scavenger hunt part two) or just set it back on the shelf for someone else to find it and complain. Please.

5. Listen to the staff. They know what they’re talking about when they say they don’t have it in the back. They spend almost every day in the store - odds are they know even without looking. Listen to recommendations. Listen to them on policy. They know this stuff, you don’t no matter how long you’ve been a customer. They’re TRAINED, you’re not.

6. Be kind. Be polite. We all have bad days, but if a service worker can be polite and accommodating for 6-8 hours despite that, you can be for ten minutes. Don’t lose your temper if staff messes up. Service workers can only do so much; they’re the bottom of the entire corporate chain, and have literally no authority. Is that two dollars really worth demeaning another human being over?

Re: the Usual Comments:

“But it’s your job to put things back/clean up after me!”

It’s not. It’s deeply strange how people suddenly feel so entitled inside a store. A staff member is there to assist you shopping, not be your nanny. We shouldn’t have to clean up after you. You are not a child - clean up after yourself.

“I’m creating jobs when I -inconvenience store workers in some way-”

No, Cheryl, you’re not making jobs by leaving your empty starbucks cup on my shelf. I would have this job regardless of you making it more difficult, and my company isn’t going to hire more people just because you do. They just expect me to deal with it.

10 Podcasts I Love Described In One Sentance

1. My Favorite Murder - Two hilarious women talk about murder, among (a lot of) other things. (Non-Fiction, weekly ongoing)
2. The Strange Case Of The Starship Isis - What if Firefly, but everyone was queer? (Fiction, ongoing?)
3. Can I Pet Your Dog - A Dog Haver and A Dog Wanter talk about dogs, often to really cool people. (Non-Fiction, Weekly ongoing)
4. The Bright Sessions - Therapy for people with superpowers; what could go wrong? (Fiction, currently in the second season)
5. The Dollop - A dude who did research tells a dude who didn’t about history. (Non-Fiction, weekly)
6. Limetown - The best/creepiest/most amazing podcast about an entire town that disappeared. (Fiction, only 1 season, likely dead, but so well done it is worth a listen)
7. My Brother, My Brother, And Me - Good, good, goof boys give bad, bad, hilarious advice (Non-Fiction, weekly ongoing)(be warned the early stuff can be problematic, but honestly who wasn’t shittier 7 years ago?)
8. Welcome To Night Vale/Alice Isn’t Dead - Beautiful Gay Protagonist talks about the creepy shit that happens to them. (Fiction, WTNV weekly ongoing, AID in its second season)
9. How Did This Get Made - The best Bad Movie Podcast with amazing guests and Jason Mantzoukas who I’m not sure if I love or hate. (Non-Fiction, bi-weekly with minis in between) (It’s love)
10. The Adventure Zone - The most talented DM I have ever heard wrangles three family members while creating some of my fave gay characters. (Fiction-ish, bi-weekly)


pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst

word count: 1,186

description: “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

note: I kind of decided to start this out of the blue. There are days when I want to write, but I don’t necessarily know what, so that’s why I’m starting this. They won’t be everyday or on a schedule, just purely to test out different aus and such. But yeah, hope you guys enjoy!  ♡ 


It had been exactly two hours and twenty-seven minutes of torturous silence.

The only sound that managed to break through was the low hum of the car engine as the landscape turned into miles and miles of endless trees lining both sides of the road. Not even the radio was playing in an attempt to stunt the pained thoughts that you couldn’t seem to stop from cycling through your mind.

One more day. That’s it. That’s all you have left together.

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{PART 1} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You drive to your boss‘s house with the intention of returning his wallet he left at the office. You feel uneasy, seeing his manor for the first time - Jungkook also feels uneasy, but for reasons that you could never begin to imagine.

A/N; This is the first instalment of a request I received that I decided to turn into a series that will contain smut. I’ll release a new chapter every Tuesday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time), I hope you enjoy part 1 ^^

{Part 1} {Part 2}

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Property of Dean Winchester

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SUMMARY: You and Jensen are best friends, you accompany him to Nashville for the convention and drunken hijinks ensue!

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x (bestfriend!)reader

Word Count: 1810

Warnings: Some swearing

A/N: So i have been struggling with writing and what not, and the other day this idea hits me. I am basing it off the information that I saw about NashCon and it just grew to this fic. This would be my first attempt at writing a possible more than friends type fic based on the actual actor. I mean no disrespect to Danneel, we will just consider her happy with someone else for the purpose of this fic. Also a huge shout out to Daddy B aka @bigdaddymongoose, she is my rock and helps me out sooo much with writing!

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“C’mon you two, let’s hit another bar!” Jared laughed, drunk off his ass already.

You giggled, watching your best friend trying to walk unaided. His bow legs making the staggering all the more comical. Finally, he made it to your side, he threw an arm around you, almost knocking the two of you to the ground.

“I think Jay here has had enough,” you snickered.

After the tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery and all the free shots, then the dart throwing game with Jason and the guys and more shots imbibed. Next, Creation Ent wanting to celebrate Jay’s birthday during the Saturday Night Special concert with you guessed it more alcohol involved. Let’s just say when Jay sang Tennessee Whiskey, he was almost three sheets to the wind then. If Jared got his way, this would be the third bar you all hit.

Jensen started shaking his head, “No, I-I think we need more bars,” he grinned. “Me likey, more acl-aco-alc-,” he furrowed his eyebrows like he was concentrating, “drinks.”

You laughed, “I think everybody is done for the night. You two have a panel in the morning, remember?” You smacked Jensen’s hand away from your face as he tried to “boop” your nose. “Stop that!”

Jared just gave you “Sam’s puppy eyes”, “Nope, Pada-gigantor, those will not work on me. I am impervious to “Mr. Awesome,” you jerked a thumb at Jensen, “you don’t stand a chance my tall friend.”

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Kalagang #10

1x12 I Can’t Leave Her

Already final episode? Oh, wow. Well, here we are. Last Kalagang moments of season one. I had fun rewatching all of their scenes as well as analyzing the development of their beautiful relationship. And I can’t wait to write more about Kalagang moments in season two! Hope you guys enjoy season finale post.

Previously on Sense8, Wolfgang and Kala had their first kiss. But even after Kala admitted her feelings towards Wolfgang, he still went to see kill his uncle.

Original post [x] @willgorsksi

And so far, he’s doing fine…I should say, until he finds out – actually Will tells him – Sergei was wearing a bulletproof vest and more of his men show up to kill Wolfgang. There’s no place to run, he’s out of bullets…he begins to think ‘this is it’. Not surprisingly, Wolfgang thinks of only one person. Kala.

Original post [x] @kalagang

He visits her, instead of letting her visit him. I think Wolfgang didn’t want her to see or be in his violent world…even if nothing would actually hurt her. Wolfgang lets out a heavy sigh. He doesn’t want to say what he’s about to say. He is not sure if he could even look into her eyes when he tells her that he’s about to die.

Kala obviously senses his emotion. Fear also takes over her body.

Original post [x] @sensatesgifs

He’s almost panting when he looks at her and says he’s come to say goodbye. I think in that moment, Wolfgang was more scared of not being with Kala anymore than of dying.

The way Tina delivered that line was so on point. Kala is like ‘really? seriously? you couldn’t come up with less reckless plan than THIS? and you still decided to go to your uncle after what I did to stop you? I even let you kiss me!’

Wolfgang: How was I supposed to know he’d be wearing a bulletproof vest? Who wears a bulletproof vest in real life?

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

One of the many things I love about these two is even in the most serious and life-threatening situations, they create this strange mood of romantic comedy. And I’m sure when Wolfgang said that line, most people were thinking ‘dude, you carry a rocket launcher in the back of your car. I mean, who has that in his car in real life?’ Hmm. LOL.

Kala: [What are you doing?] I’m not like Sun, I don’t know how to use my fists, but…that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight.

This is the moment when our little innocent Kala shows her badass side. I love that she took the courage to be in that dangerous and violent environment – places where she wouldn’t dare to go – for Wolfgang. To fight for him.

Original post [x] @stilesbanshee

And Wolfie is definitely turned on by badass-Kala. He’s thinking ‘I thought I knew the reasons of loving her, but nope, this woman is full of surprises and I’m starting to love her more.’

There is no doubt, no fear, no hesitation in her voice. Only the determination to save Wolfgang and love towards him.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered


Original post [x] @alyciadebnamcareys

I just wanted to put this GIF because it’s Wolfgang in the fire. The fire – more like an explosion – which was created by Kala. This image sort of made me think that this fire, symbolizing Kala, has protected Wolfgang. However, we soon find out that fire meant something else to Wolfgang in his past.

Original post [x] @reyskywalkker

Wolfgang reveals to Sergei that it was none other than Wolfgang himself who killed his father, Anton. Wolfgang strangled him to death, but what made Anton Bogdanow completely disappear from the world – from Wolfgang’s life was the fire. So, in a way, fire might have been something Wolfgang hated for it recalls the memories of that day. Maybe not. One thing for sure is that fire is the last memory Wolfgang has about his father.

But we all know that fire means something different to him now. It makes him the warmth of the sun he felt with Kala on the rooftop of Ganesha’s temple, a bonfire she walked around in her wedding, and the light inside of Kala that makes her shine and beautiful…but also reminds him that he is the darkness.

Wolfgang: [Oh, God. Why?] You know why. You always knew. And still, you did nothing. […] You said…your blood is in my blood. So is his.

Original post [x] @sense8gif

Here, we really get to see a monstrous side of Wolfgang. The monster that was created by his own father and himself. Feels no remorse. Heart filled with pain and rage. Only the darkness exists in him.

Wolfgang: My father was a monster. And so are you. And so am I.

Original post [x] @fyeahwolfiekala

When Wolfgang says ‘and so am I’ you can see the sadness has consumed him for a moment. It just shows how much he hates himself for who he is – the exhaustion and despair after God knows how many times he tried to redeem himself.

Original post [x] @sense8sgifs

Sadness immediately turns into anger as Wolfgang pulls the trigger. When Wolfgang shoots Sergei, to me it felt like he was thinking of someone. He was shooting as if the person sitting on that chair was Wolfgang himself.

When Wolfgang killed his father, he hoped this monster inside of him would go away. However, it didn’t happen. Instead, when he grew up Wolfgang realized he became just like his father. He is so desperate to get rid of his monster, but still can’t find a way. And I think that’s another reason why Wolfgang looks so furious because he knows no matter how many times he kills off monsters like Anton, Steiner, and Sergei, it won’t get rid of the monster inside of him. It would only make him more like them.

Wolfgang: That’s why you have to marry Rajan.

Wolfgang thinks she deserves happiness – something he cannot give her, at least that’s what he thinks. He believes he will always be that monster. The darkness that she’s afraid of (Kala said she couldn’t sleep with all the lights off in 1x07). He thinks he doesn’t deserve her.

Another reason why he tells her to marry Rajan is – Wolfgang has never experienced this kind of feeling to anyone until Kala. And as much as it makes him feel alive and different, he is also scared. He’s afraid he might get hurt by this unfamiliar emotion. (Max Riemelt also mentioned this in Facebook live session)

Moreover, after showing his monstrous side, Wolfgang knows for certain that Kala will never be able to look at him the same way as before. So Wolfgang decides to push her away first, because he thinks he won’t be able to stand her rejection.

Original post [x] @ladyofglencairn

But what Wolfgang didn’t know is that Kala’s feelings towards him are stronger and deeper than he imagined. Wolfgang may think she cried because of fear and disappointment; when in fact, Kala was actually crying for him because she felt his pain. If Kala was truly disappointed by Wolfgang’s monstrous side, then she’d have looked away. But Kala never takes her eyes off of him because she still sees something beautiful and good inside of him. She feels his love towards her as well as her love towards him.

Kala: [We have to wake her up] [How?] [I don’t know] I do. Set her down.

(@tidesandtowers​ thanks for pointing out this scene for me!) This is not Kala and Wolfgang’s interaction, but when Will tries to find a way to wake Riley up, Kala appears to help them. Kala seems she was still crying and trying to recover from what happened between Wolfgang and her – more likely the pain she shared with Wolfgang. She talks to Will in a quavering voice. This highlights how much Wolfgang means to her – how much his presence has grown in her heart.

Original post [x] @amanitacaplan

I thought it’d be nice to put the ending scene. Always gives me chills. Besides, even after he pushed her away, Wolfgang appears right next to Kala. What can I say? KALAGANG IS THE ENDGAME!

View | jaehyun

Genre: bodyguard!AU | fluff, angst, mild swearing and a lot of sarcasm.

Member: Jaehyun / reader (3rd person perspective!!!!!)

Word count: 3000+

Note: There will be a part 2!

Summary: “You’re staring.”

“I like the view”

“What, of London?”

“London doesn’t compare to you”

(or the one where she doesn’t need him, but maybe she wants him.)

part: one | two

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh


“You’re being unreasonable. “ Jaehyun says, crossing his arms.

She shrugs, “I disagree.”

He sighs, “Look your Highness-”

“Don’t call me that.” She interrupts, crossing her legs.

“Okay princess.” He drawls sarcastically, “You simply can’t refuse to have a bodyguard without a valid reason.” He sighs.

She cocks her head, raising a eyebrow, “I have a valid reason!” She assures.

“Let’s hear it.” he demands.

“I don’t like your face.” She blurts. He frowns and she crosses her arms to mimic him.

“And you think my face is going to hinder my ability to protect you?” He questions.

“It could!” She assures in a seriousness that almost makes him laugh, “What if you’re looking at your reflection in a store window or your phone screen and someone kidnaps me?” She cries.

“Trust me, they’d bring you back.” He muttered scratching his head.


“I said we’d get you back.” he enunciates, “Our job is to make sure nothing happens to you- for God’s sake I’m a trained professional you can’t just-”

“I don’t need a bodyguard. I don’t even need a guard dog, I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself!” She cries in frustration, running her fingers through her hair.

To silence that follows is a mutual agreement for a break- to regroup, relax, grab a glass of water or a snack before they come back to finish the conversation. He sighs, she kicks her feet like she feels guilty for something and looks down at the table. There’s a pack of cigarettes and a lighter that sit kindly beside an economist magazine and a small receipt like checklist of everything she needs to pack.


Her fingers tap at her upper arm and she looks away to the wall to study the paint. He adjusts his suit, tugging at the collar of his shirt, “You’re stuck with me princess.” He says eventually.

Her neck snaps back to look at him. She wrinkles her nose, “Keep your distance.”


She sitting on a smooth wooden bench in the center of the Louvre. The room is empty, cleared by security for her protection and she’s staring at a painting. Its called ‘The Embarkation for Cythera’ and her chin is resting on her fist. One leg is crossed over the other and she quickly adjust the denim skirt she’s wearing. She’s got a brochure in one hand and headphones in her ears where jazz floods her senses.

Jaehyun is a few meters to her left, watching her closely as she stares curiously at the art. She yanks her headphones out, “What?” She snaps, sighing and turning to look at him.

“I didn’t say anything.” He shrugs.

She rolls her eyes, “You’re staring.”

He shrugs again, “That’s my job.”

She shakes her head, “No, your job is to protect me. You could do that from the control room or from the other side of this room but instead you’re stood as close as you can get without it being suspicious and you’re staring.” she explains.

He licks his lips and points to the painting before her, “This is one of my favourite paintings.”

She raises an eyebrow, “So you were staring at the painting?” She asks, knowing full well he wasn’t.

He nods, walking closer to sit on the bench next to her, “Not everything’s about you princess.”

They sit quietly together, neither too bothered to fill the silence. The absence of crowds who discus meaningless matters makes her feel lonely and isolated but she’s learnt to be with herself. “Why did you take this job?” She pipes up, not quite sure why she’s interested.

He cocks his head to look at the painting and licks his lips, “Patriotic duty.”

She laughs, “You’re funny.”

He turns to look at her, “You don’t believe me?”

She scoffs, “I don’t even think you believe you.”

“Okay.” He says carefully, crossing his arms, “Why do you think I took the job?”

She pauses and watches him carefully. She holds up her hand, “I have two theories.” She states.

He smirks, “I’m all ears.”

“the first-” she starts, her posture changing because she’s in her element, “Is that you were bored. You got sick and tired of foreign business men and all that bureaucracy and you heard the rumours.”

He raises an eyebrow, “What rumours?”

“The ones about me.” She says, pointing to herself. He scoffs but she continues, “You heard about the strange princess who doesn’t buy into this whole royalty thing and you were curious.”

“Curious enough to leave the KCIA and baby sit a brat?” He asks sarcastically.

She clicks her fingers, “Or you were fired. I’m still developing some more theories.” she sighs.

He scoffs a laugh, “Yeah well keep looking.”

She sighs again, turning back to the painting. The silence becomes deafening, an unbearable reminder that she’s always alone and completely segregated from the rest of society. He can see the sadness in her eyes, he saw it the moment he met her when she watched her distant family’s children dancing in the gardens of the palace. He sees it every time she has to attend some event or smile at some strangers her parents introduce her to, even sometimes when she watches students on their way to school, laughing with their friends.

“So which one is your favourite painting?” He asks quietly, trying to give her some kind of human interaction before she locks herself in her hotel room.

She swallows, scratching her head, “I hate art.”

He frowns, “Why are you here?”

She shrugs, looking around the room at the different paintings. “I wanted to feel less alone.” she says quietly.

He rolls his eyes, “Yikes, do you ever stop feeling sorry for yourself?” He asks tiredly.

She glares, “Fuck you.”

He shakes his head, “There are many ways to feel less alone, like hookers.” he suggests.

She tries to stay angry but her lips threaten a smile and she looks down at her hands, “You’re funny.” she states once more, but this time he doesn’t think it’s sarcastic.

He points, “You should smile more.”

She waves him off even though he looks smug because he can see her trying not to grin, “Shut up.”

She’s curled against the window with a book half open in her hands and her legs bent against her body. Jaehyun’s sitting in a leather chair nearby, looking around the room while his fingers tap anxiously against the arm of the seat. He sighs loudly, “How long are we going to be here?” he asks.

“How long is a rope?” she retorts, not testing her eyes from the book.

“Long enough to hang myself with.” He replies.

“Oh, boo-hoo, your life is so miserable.” She says sarcastically, turning a page.

He sighs again, glancing around the room. The building has high ceilings with shelves the reach as high as they can. Books are in piles on coffee table before leather chairs and large windows let in light to show dust over some of them. He pushes some aside with his feet, distantly curious but barely caring enough to sit up properly. He glances at her, “What are you reading?” He asks in an attempt to appease his boredom.

She sighs, “It’s called Man’s Search For Meaning.”

He cocks his head, “Is it a self help book?” He mocks.

She scoffs, “You’re an idiot.”

He rolls his eyes, “You’re mean.” he points out.

“No.” She begins, “I dislike persistent human interaction, something I cannot get away from as long as you continue to be present in my life because your contract says you need to shadow me 24/7” she hisses.

There’s a pause and he points to her, “Mean.” He repeats.

She rolls her eyes.

He watches her read, the light from the window falling on her face like she’s waking up from a dream and her hair is tucked behind her ear. She flicks through the book like she’s hungry for some kind of intellect she can’t find in her everyday world and she bites her lip when she concentrates. “You’re staring again.” She states, not looking up from the pages.

He clicks his tongue, “I like the view.”

She looks up and raises and eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

He points to the window that overlooks le canal saint martin where trees grow along the pavement and provide shade to couples who sit on benches and watch the water flow. “Paris is beautiful.” He states with a smirk.

She rolls her eyes, “It’s famous for that.”

He cocks his head, “So are you.”

She sighs loudly and lays the book down against her lap. “Are you flirting with me?” She asks carefully.

He shrugs, “You’re pretty, we’re in Paris, might as well make the most of a bad situation.” he crosses his arms.

She shakes her head, “Your job is to protect me, not take me out.”

He sighs loudly, a grunt emitting from his throat, “Buzzkill.”

She stares at him a little longer, “You’re so unprofessional, there is no way you can protect me more than I can myself.”

“Wanna bet?” He replies without a beat.

“Do I get to go back to reading if I agree?” she says tiredly, rubbing her eyes.

He nods, “Pinky promise.”

She smirks slightly, “What’s the bet?”

He points to her, “You get a point every time you don’t need me, I get a point every time you do.”

She smiles, “You’re on.”

new york

They’re sitting in a red leather booth by the window. The floor is tiled black and white and there’s a rainbow coloured juke box in a corner where a Beatles song is playing over the speakers. She’s scarfing down a burger and the fluorescent lighting from the diner stings her eyes, it’s a contrast from the darkness outside. Jaehyun sits opposition her with his arms crossed to match the boredom on his face.

she glances at him, “Don’t look so glum.” she giggles with a childlike grin.

“You’re drunk.” he points out.

She giggles again, slurping from her milkshake and crossing a leg over the other. She’s wearing his jacket because she didn’t have one of her own and the velvet dress was too thin to keep any heat in. “You’re a buzzkill.” she retorts.

He purses his lips, “You’re an idiot.”

I’m a princess.” She reminds, wagging her finger back and forth.

He rolls his eyes, “You snuck out and went clubbing.”

She shrugs, “I like the music.” But her lip lifts into a smirk and he knows she’s still sober enough to be herself.

“You can’t ditch your security.” He repeats for what feels like the hundredth time.

She shakes her head, “I think you’ll find that I can, and I did.”

“It’s dangerous.” He enunciates, leaning forward.

She scoffs and waves him off, “The only dangerous thing about tonight is the blister on my foot.”

“Or-” he Interrupts, snatching her milkshake and taking a gulp, “The guy who followed you to the club, the one who nearly slipped something into your drink and the one who tried to hit on you.”

She frowns, “You’re the one who followed me to the club, you’re saying I was in danger of you?”

He pauses, narrowing his eyes, “You knew?” He asks.

She breathes a laugh, “Of course I knew, and what was wrong with the guy who tried to hit on me?” she adds absentmindedly, finally finishing off her burger.

He raises an eyebrow, “Really?” She just stares so he sighs and points to his wrist, “Gang tat on his arm.”

“Oh, a bad boy.” She giggled again, her cheeks flushed from the alcohol.

“A very bad boy.” He reminds.

She smiles like he’s the funniest guy on earth and he tries his best not to stare too long because she really is very beautiful. She picks up the menu again, scanning through the options, glancing at him every few seconds. She hesitates, opens her mouth a few times but doesn’t say anything.

She folds the menu and puts it down, “I have another theory.” She states.

He narrows his eyes, “Alright.” He nods.

She licks her lips and crosses her arms “You’re running away from something.”

He cocks his head and she thinks she’s getting somewhere, “Continue.”

She shrugs, “That’s all I’ve got. Maybe you fucked up, hurt someone or got hurt- I’ve seen the scar on your hip.”

His arms instinctively tighten together and he wrinkles his nose, “You been checking me out?” He smirks, trying to deflect.

She shrugs again, “I like the view.”

“Now princess, are you flirting with me?” he questions, leaning forward in his seat and pressing his forearms into the table.

He’s got this smile on his face like he knows what she’s going to say. She smiles back, like they’re drunk idiots at 4am eating junk food somewhere in the middle of new York. She wipes her lip with her thumb and rest her elbows on the table, her head resting in her hands. They’re close enough that she’s pretty sure he can heart her heart slamming against her rib cage, “You’re beautiful.” She murmurs.

He cocks his head, his hand reaching out and pushing the hair away from her face. He tucks it behind her ear and she sighs, closing her eyes, “You’re drunk.” He says sadly.

She giggles, only making everything crash down around them much faster, “‘Yes I’m drunk, and you’re beautiful. And tomorrow I’ll be sober-’

‘And you’ll still be beautiful.’” he finishes. He sighs, letting his hand drop, “Its late princess, let’s get you home.”

She smiles again when she sees his cheeks flushed red and as he leads her out of the diner, his hand is on the small of her back, trying to keep her steady. He tries his best not to touch her for too long in case he kisses her but he helps her climb into the car and she holds onto his hand a little too tight like she doesn’t want to let go of him.

He smiles.

Her: 1

Jaehyun: 1

She’s panting, sweat dripping down her forehead and her shirt clings to her body. She takes a swig of her water bottle and wipes her cheek, trying to cool herself down. She looks over the cliff, staring down into what seems like the abyss and smiles. She’s trekked all this distance, wading through the dirt and gravel and the grass that scratches her ankles while the sun beat down on her skin.

“I didn’t take you for a hiking person.” Jaehyun huffs out.

She chugs a gulp of water and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, “I wanted to try something new.”

He shakes his head and clicks his tongue, knowing full well she did it to get some space and, and sighs, “Right.”

“Anyway-” She shrugs, stepping over a rock, “This is fun.”

“Oh yeah, 1000° of fun.” he mocks sarcastically, wiping his forehead.

She scoffs, “I didn’t take you for a whiner.” She mutters.

He smirks, “Sexually or just in general?”

“You’re hilarious.” She says breathlessly, placing her hands on her hips as she stands straight, trying to get some air into her lungs. He keeps walking as she looks at the distant view of the city.

“You need to stop princess?” Jaehyun calls from ahead.

She swallows, looking up at him and shakes her head with a grin, “Not a chance.” She assures, jogging to catch up with him.

He’s not in his suit for once. They’re both in workout gear, trainers and T-shirts and sweat all over their bodies but they’re both smiling at each other as they continue to hike up the sandy hill. “I have a question.” he breathes heavily.

She keeps walking, “Okay.”

He takes a gulp of water, “Why are you off gallivanting the world with no specific purpose?”

“I have a purpose.” She points out nonchalantly.

“Care to share?” he asks curiously.

She shrugs, “I want to gallivant the world.”

He nods, “That’s a good argument.” He points out, almost impressed.

But he’s got this tone to his voice that makes her eyes narrow, “But you don’t believe me.” She states, wiping the sweat from her forehead again.

He smirks, “I don’t even think you believe you.”

She shrugs and keeps walking, “Okay, what do you think my purpose for doing all of this is?” she asks tiredly.

He follows after her, still sweating from everywhere, “I have one theory.” He states.

“Only one?” She replies, raising an eyebrow.

He sighs disappointingly, “Yes sorry, only one.”

She smiles softly, “Let’s hear it.” She orders.

He stops, taking a deep breath and placing his hands on his hips. He pants through his words and she stops next to him. “I think you’re running away from something.”

He waits for a reaction that never comes, she just keeps panting, stays silent and tries to regain her breath. She swallows, hands on her knees and shakes her head, “Aren’t we all?” She responds, standing upright and staring at him. “And that’s not a very original theory, I seem to remember using it myself.” She reminds.

He cocks his head, “And now you’re deflecting.”

She smirks, “Well aren’t you a smart one.” She says sarcastically with no tone of anger in her voice which tells him she’s not upset he’s starting to figure her out, maybe because she doesn’t think he’ll get very far.

“I think you don’t want to be queen, or princess even.” He adds, “I think this is your way of experiencing life outside of that.”

She almost rolls her eyes, “A child could have diagnosed that.” she starts to walk up the hill again, lugging her body up the steep slope.

He raises an eyebrow, “Diagnosed?” He calls after her.

“Yeah” she calls back, “It’s called the grass is always greener on the other side or um… wanting what you can’t have?” but there’s a hint of bitterness to her voice and he knows she’s annoyed.

“And what you want is a normal life.” He states.

She narrows her eyes and stops walking, her hands on her hips. She takes a deep breath and sighs. She hesitates telling him, she’s not the kind to complain but she feels like he needs to understand her. She swallows, “You’ve seen my life; the glitz and glam and everything that goes on behind it. I was never in line for the throne so for a while, I knew what it was like to have none of that. I went to school, I was a bartender i…” She pauses, her eyebrows furrowed like she really needs an honest answer. “I never wanted to be princess, and then suddenly my uncle dies and my mum becomes… I’m thrown into this limelight, I had no choice in that!” She says louder, like she’s getting riled up, “I thought I could get used to it, if I pretend enough it’ll become reality right?” She takes a breath, looking away from him and watching the birds fly over the distant cliffs, “But I know this isn’t where I’m supposed to be.” she mutters.

He cocks his head, “You’re thinking about this the wrong way.” He points out, moving to stand closer to her. “We’re in the 21st century, you can be anything you want. You can be princess and have a job, you can go to school and rule a country. The possibilities are limitless! You could buy your own bar and work for yourself.” He pauses, “People look up to you princess. Show them what you got.”

She smiles softly, feeling uplifted into a new realm of thought. But she doesn’t tell him, only shoves him away with a giggle and takes off running towards the summit of the cliff- “Last one there’s a rotten egg!” she cries behind her.

Jae smiles softly and shakes his head, this girl.

Her: 2

Jaehyun: 1

(She beats him, she thinks that deserves a point no matter what)

part: one | two

Like I Would (Tom)

Requested- 1) an imagine about young Tom Riddle? 2) a tom riddle one where you`re his only friend and he kinda likes you more than just friends?

Song: ZAYN - Like I Would
‘He won’t do you right’

- - -

“You won’t believe what happened in Potions today.”

Tom Riddle, a very charming yet manipulative best friend of yours, replies. “We were in the same classroom, though.” You glare at him. He chuckles ever so gently, “fine, try me.”

“I dropped a whole bottle of unicorn hair into my mixture, but, I was smart enough to get away and find another empty cauldron to start new. I may have told Slughorn that the messed up potion belongs to somebody else,” you state, placing a strand of your hair behind your ear. That habit of yours is something you do quite often, as Tom has noticed over time.

“I do think—” He speaks, but is interrupted by another person’s voice.

“Y/n, here you are.” Your boyfriend, Hyde, greets loudly as if he is cutting Tom off on purpose. He glances at your best friend, “Riddle.”

“Kurstin,” Tom glares at Hyde in return. “Gracing us with your undesired appearance, as always.” Hyde lunges forward, trying to get to Tom, but the later dodges easily. “Trust me, you won’t want me sending you spells.”

“That’s enough, Hyde! Just go. Stop talking to him like that.” You move past the boys and leave. You can hear Hyde calling your name and catching up to you, but you don’t turn around. This happens almost every other day. 

Well, this time, it’s a little different.

“Y/n y/l/n! You stop right there! Right now!” Hyde shouts, making you freeze in your tracks. You know he can be a bit emotional sometimes, but you’re surprised to hear him this mad. He catches up to you and grabs you by the arms. “How dare you walk away from me, you bitch!”

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Love Realization Prompts

Anonymous said:
Any chance you could give a prompt where a couple who have known each other for a long while now is waltzing and the man realizes that he’s fallen in love with the lady he’s dancing with? You’re a fantastic writer by the way. You churn out prompts like no one’s business!

 Anonymous said:
Hey! Could you please write a prompt about how two young teen slowly fall I love and they both notice little parts of each other’s character seep into their life and things they do. I’m sorry it’s poorly worded. I don’t know how to explain it.

jinx4karma said:
Hi! Okay I really love your prompts! You’re really awesome! Can you make me some ones where one of the people first realizes that they’re in love with other. It’s alright if you don’t.

1) They had known each other a lifetime. Everyone expected them to fall in love – young, bright, beautiful. Instead, through some strange mixture of fate and circumstances, or maybe simply the weight of expectation when love is a fragile thing that can’t bear the weight of such things, it never happened. He still felt young when he looked at her though. Graceful and dignified as she had ever been, eyes gleaming with mischief.
“I could have spent my life with you,” he murmured.
Her lips curved. Her eyes softened. “Oh, but you did.” 

2)   The two of us blurred like wet watercolours. I picked up your way of saying things, the cadences of your voice, the way you scrunched your nose when you didn’t know the answer and didn’t want to admit it. I wore your personality like a second skin because every inch of me wanted to be close . You borrowed my jumpers because they smelled like me, and it made you feel you were home like a tortoise carrying its shell. Borrowed my lipstick and caught yourself thinking that it was almost like kissing me. We gave each other a thousand bits of each other because that seemed an easier realization than “have my heart, it’s yours.”

3) “I think I love you.” And I tipped my head back against the cold stone of your grave and laughed, and laughed and laughed because of course I fucking did.

4)  “I think I love you?”
“You didn’t know?”
You did?!”

5) You smiled at me. You smiled at me all the time – quiet smiles when you thought I wasn’t look, big mischievous grins, sly smirks when you knew you had me on something. But that morning, you smiled at me, and I knew.

6) I held you in my arms and realized that I never wanted to let you go.
Isn’t that love?


❛ No matter where I go and what I do, it won’t change a thing. ❜
❛ A floating city… pretty unsettling scenery. ❜
❛ If everything’s a dream, don’t wake me. ❜
❛ I’ve… been thinking, too… about the universe… people… the planet… ❜
❛ It’s gonna counterattack with its laser! ❜
❛ Don’t fight here! You’ll ruin the flowers! ❜
❛ It’s good for absolutely nothing! ❜
❛ I want to know you. The real you. ❜
❛ I think they believe I have what it takes to be in SOLDIER! ❜
❛ Let’s see how compatible _____ and I are! ❜
❛ I won’t let you do it! The future is not only yours! ❜
❛ It’s too dangerous, I can’t get you involved. ❜
❛ I’ll be going now. I’ll come back when it’s all over. ❜
❛ A promise is a promise. ❜
❛ That don’t sound right! ❜
❛ Stop actin’ like a damn kid. ❜
❛ Is it right to go on? ❜
❛ They’re all gone. ❜
❛ Right now, I don’t really know. ❜
❛ Will they … will they ever forgive me? ❜
❛ The hell you so calm about? ❜
❛ But, damn man, that thing gives me the creeps… ❜
❛ We’ll jump from here!! ❜
❛ Well to me it looks like a golden shiny wire of hope. ❜
❛ Anyone who don’t wanna get their face bashed in better get outta the way!! ❜
❛ This whole thing’s stupid. Let’s keep goin’. ❜
❛ If I was alone, this wouldn’t be a thang, but I got a reputation to protect. ❜
❛ That some kinda disease? ❜
❛ I’ve been here since the beginning and I still don’t know what the hell’s goin’ on. ❜
❛ I’m going, going, going, gone! ❜
❛ I know you got problems… ❜
❛ But you gotta understand that there ain’t no gettin’ offa this train. ❜
❛ I’ll go upside your spikey blonde head and bring you back to normal! ❜
❛ Seein’ a place like this, makes you realize how awesome nature is. ❜
❛ If I did have to live here I’d change things around ‘n’ make it better. ❜
❛ What the hell am I sayin’!? ❜
❛ D-d-d-damn! My head hurts! ❜
❛ Words aren’t the only way to tell someone how you feel. ❜
❛ I made it this far, believing in the memories we shared. ❜
❛ This isn’t happening! It’s too cruel! ❜
❛ A memory is something that has to be consciously recalled, right? ❜
❛ People have many things pent up inside of themselves. ❜
❛ This day will never come again, so let me have this moment. ❜
❛ So many things they can never forget. Strange, isn’t it? ❜
❛ It’s only a few more floors anyway! ❜
❛ I’ve got the wrong person. ❜
❛ You’re here… Everyone’s all together. ❜
❛ Together… we can do anything. ❜
❛ We’ve worked this hard already. ❜
❛ As long as I’m with you… ❜
❛ As long as you’re by my side… I won’t give up. ❜
❛ I won’t give up even if I’m scared. ❜
❛ I don’t like two-legged things. ❜
❛ It’s pretty hard standing on two feet. ❜
❛ Would you kindly hurry? The heat is drying my nose. ❜
❛ Right, I’ve got it! ❜
❛ Your lucky color is…blue? ❜
❛ I know I have a stuffed animal body, but I’ll work really hard! ❜

An Artist's Soulmate // Huang Renjun


the prompt: renjun x reader artist/soulmate!au where he just has this one “OC” character that he constantly draws like 24/7 n then he bumps into the reader n realises like woah I’ve somehow been drawing you for years, but doesnt tell them cause its a bit creepy. I’ll leave the rest up to you bc i wanna be surprised!!

words: 1830

category: soulmate!au + fluff

author note: renjun is the softest and i love him so much and his love for art is so endearing. ft. a few awkward 00 liners.

- destinee

Originally posted by tybeoji

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anonymous asked:

Hello friend 😄 I don't know if you'd write this, but can I please make a reader x Dr. Strange request where the reader starts her period in the middle of the night and is woken up by the pain. She tries to sneak out to sleep on the couch so she won't wake him, but he senses her pain which wakes him up in a frantic panic looking for the reader cos he thinks she is hurt/being attacked or something. Thanks !

Pairing: Dr. Strange x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: fluff and a small part with language

A/N: hey sweety! hope this is what you were thinking of when sending me the prompt <33 It’s just something fluffy and short!

If you could sue Mother Nature for paying you a visit once a month, you’d do it in an instant.

Why couldn’t she just knock on your door and say “Hello (Y/N), you’re not pregnant, goodbye.”

Instead, she had to make you bleed out of your vagina for 4-7 days, packaged with mood swings and pain.

Sometimes the pain was manegable, but tonight you woke up from it. And waking up from pain is never a good sign.

Stephen was on the other side of the bed, so you got out of it, trying your best not to disturb his sleep and went into the bathroom to make yourself a hot-water bag.

Once that was done, you grabbed your blanket and moved to the couch. You doubted you would get any more sleep tonight. The pain would keep you up all night and you’d move a lot to find a position that didn’t hurt. 

So it was best to just stay on the couch. Stephen needed his sleep.

The pain was getting worse by the second and at one point, you simply gave up trying to fall back asleep.

So you tried to make yourself as comfortable as possible, with the hot-water bag on your stomach and grabbed a book off the coffee table, turning on the light behind you to at least get some reading done. 

You hadn’t done that in ages. A shame, really. You always loved reading.

You only got as far as a few pages, before Stephen started mumbling in his sleep. You turned around to see what was going on and jumped a little when he woke up yelling your name.

“(Y/N)?!” he frantically looked around when he didn’t find you lying next to him, then he got up and was ready to fight whomever was hurting you.


You quickly got up and ran over to him.

“Wait! I’m okay! Stephen!”

You placed your hands on either side of his face, pulling him down to kiss him over and over again, only quick kisses, until he realized that you were here and okay.

“(Y/N). I thought.. I..,” he gulped.

“Yes, I know. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I.. got my period and I was having cramps so I crashed on the couch,” you softly caressed the sides of his face with your thumbs, trying to calm him down. “Go back to bed.”

“Not without you.”

“I won’t be able to sleep and will turn every five seconds because of the pain.”

He thought for a second, then knelt down in front of you.

Your first thought?

‘Holy shit, he’s proposing NOW?!’ 

And then you started to panic.

“Stephen, oh god, please don’t, not now!”

“Wha..- I’m not proposing (Y/N).”


“Oh. Oh, yeah. That’s cool, I didn’t think you were,” you laughed it off, but you wanted to press a pillow against your face and scream as loudly as possible.

But he simply smiled at you and used his magic on your belly.

You watched him with curious eyes.

In a matter of seconds, your cramps were gone. 

No pain anymore. 

None at all, in fact.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? You can do that?”

He got up, a smug grin on his face.

“I’d like to go back to the marriage thing, because if you think I’m ever letting you go now, knowing that you can do that, you’re wrong.”

“I’ll keep it in mind then.”

The two of you made your way back to the bed and you were able to fall asleep with your back pressed against his chest.

Sick Nails M’brthr

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader 

Word Count: 610

Summary: You convince Josh to let you paint his nails

A/N: I feel like I haven’t wrote in forever, so bare it in mind!

Masterlist / Send Me Requests

“Pleaseee Jishwa” you whined dramatically while looking up at Josh in bed, with your best puppy dog eyes. “For the last time y/n, not yet” Josh grumbled sleepily before turning away from you.

You frowned and crossed your arms when he turned away. For the past half an hour, you’ve been trying to get Josh to get out of your shared bunk so you could go paint his nails. Somehow the night before you convinced him to let you paint his nails. He said you could do it in the morning, so here you were, now the morning, waiting for Josh to get out of bed.

You started rubbing Josh’s shoulders while placing a few gentle kisses. “C’mon baby, you promised me” you whispered as you placed a kiss behind his ear. Josh sighed loudly and rolled his eyes “Give me two minutes and I’ll be out”

You squealed happily and kissed his cheek “Thank you baby!” You climb out of your bunk and grab the small box full of all the things you’d need to do Josh’s nails. 

You knew Josh’s two minutes would be more like ten, so you sat at the small table and sipped on a coffee while you waited. No one else was up on the bus apart from you and Josh, it always felt strange when the bus was quiet. 

Once Josh finally dragged his ass out of bed, he made himself a coffee before sitting next to you in the little booth. He laid his left hand out on the table at your request, and you started to file his nails and apply a base coat. 

Josh ran his free hand through his wild yellow locks after yawning “The things I let you do to me huh?” Josh muttered in his raspy morning voice, gosh it was sexy.

“It’s because you love me sleepy boy” you coo as you applied the white polish to his nails. Josh smiled his usual adorable smile, so cute and wide that his eyes disappear into nothing. 

After you applied the polish to all ten nails, you made Josh sit with his hands flat to the table while you waited for them to dry. 

“I like it J, it really suits you” You grinned as you caught Josh admiring your handy work 

“You do?” He beamed up at you happily “Cause I think I like it too!” 

You giggled at how he was acting “I told you, you’d like it, you need to trust me more Joshua”

Once you made it to the hotel an hour or so later, you took a photo of Josh sitting on a chair in your room fr the evening. You wanted to post a photo to Instagram to see the fans reaction of Josh’s nails, but decided to be subtle. 

Not long after posting the photo the comments erupted with everyone freaking out about his nails, you and Josh sat together, reading the comments while giggling.

You saw one comment that you had to do a double take, was it just a fan account with a name with one letter changed from Tyler’s Instagram handle.

‘ Tylerrjoseph: sick nails m’brthr, y/n when can you do mine?’

“Is that actu-” You started to ask Josh as Josh recieved a text from Tyler

‘From Tyler: When can y/n do my nails?’

You and Josh laughed happily as Josh replied to Tyler 

‘ To Tyler: Come to our room fren’.

Over the next three weeks you and Jenna had painted almost all of the crews nails, it was safe to say the fans were going just as crazy for it as everyone on tour was.

Every Me And Every You - Seven

As you entered Spencer’s apartment your chest was filled with nerves again.
Spencer took your overnight bag into his bedroom before asking if you wanted anything to drink.

“I presume alcohol is out of the question?” you remembered his comments from the first time.

“You can have a small glass of wine. I just didn’t want anything clouding your judgement the first time. You need to be in control with this.” He pulled a bottle of white wine out and poured two glasses, handing one to you.

“Which is a strange thing to say considering you’re the one doing the controlling here,” you said, taking a small sip of the cool liquid.

“This is the thing you need to understand. I may be giving the commands but you’re the one that’s actually in control of the situation. If you call a safe word, we stop. If you tell me you’re uncomfortable with doing something, we don’t do it. If you tell me you specifically want to try something, then we can try it. Knowing that you want these things, however much you ‘act’ like you don’t, is what gives me pleasure. Seeing your reactions to what I do or say is what I enjoy. But as soon as you say it’s too much, then we stop. You’re in complete control here.”

“But I’m a complete novice at this. Does it not annoy you having to explain things to me, or that I might not be willing to go as far as your previous partners have? How can it turn you on being with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing?” You took another sip of your drink, seeing his eyebrows furrow and his lips purse in thought.

“Y/N, you might think you don’t know what you’re doing but a lot of this is intuition. Your sarcastic comments in the restaurant about me cutting up your food and me ordering for you? I’m sure you’ve read enough about Dom/sub relationships now to know that things like that are likely to happen. I’d say you were baiting me. Wanting a reaction.”

Thinking back, you realised he was right. If you were playing the good little sub you’d have shut up and not commented. But you’d wanted to see what he’d say or do.

“As for your limitations….. With this, often you don’t know your limits until you test them, hence the need for safe words. And finally, wondering how this can turn me on. Watching you react, seeing you get visibly flustered, the way your lips part softly and that sharp intake of breath you give when you’re shocked by something I’ve said. That gets me ridiculously hard. You weren’t the only one hiding something in that restaurant.”


“Okay, so I’m in control. What if I wanted to actually be the one giving the orders?” You hadn’t thought about this before, but whilst you were on the topic of control you figured you might as well ask.

“I’ve mentioned previously that I prefer acting as the ‘Top’, I assume you’re now familiar with that term?“ He checked.

You were, Tops and bottoms.

“I’ve Topped from the bottom a few times, meaning I….”

“I know what that means,” you interrupted him. It meant he’d give instructions to a sub on how to ‘punish’ him. He’d receive the pain but still technically be the Dominant one as he’d be instructing them on what to do.

“Don’t interrupt me again Y/N, or I’ll add another strike,” he said cooly, taking a drink.


“I’m sorry,” you mumbled.

“No you’re not. But anyway, in the relationships I’ve had I’ve generally been the Dominant one, I’ve tried it the other way and whilst it didn’t turn me completely off, it wasn’t as big a thrill. That could just be the partners I was with though. If it’s something you genuinely want to try with me at some point then I’ll give it another go.”

“That’s good to know.”

“Anymore questions?”

“Not for the moment.”

“Good. Now come and sit on my couch with me Y/N. There’s a film on I’d like to watch.”

“Oh! I thought we were….. ”

“All in good time.”

He walked over to his couch and sat in the middle, meaning wherever you sat, you’d be directly next to him. You followed him and sat down. Spencer switched his TV on using the remote, turning it to one of the movie channels where you could see that Mulholland Drive had not long started. You’d seen it before, a few times and you knew Reid had too, you’d had a conversation about it a few months ago.

“Comfortable? Good. Now I don’t want to hear a peep out of you for this whole film okay?”

You nodded, knowing this was a command.

You waited.

Twenty minutes in you felt a hand on your thigh, Spencer’s soft fingertips stroking the exposed skin. You dragged your bottom lip between your teeth and glanced at him. His gaze was fixed intently on the screen.

His hand crept higher and higher, pushing the fabric of your dress up as he went until he was caressing the very tops of your thighs.

Your eyes had closed and you were concentrating on keeping your breathing quiet, but it was incredibly hard. What he was doing felt so good, sending shivers through you.

“Part your legs Y/N,” Spencer instructed, a hoarseness to his voice.

You did as you were told, your legs falling open.

Spencer shifted his hand so that it was lightly gripping the top of your inside thigh, his hand in such a way that his pinkie finger was pressed against your folds.

You breathed in deeply.

“Try to keep the noise down Y/N. You’re a very heavy breather sometimes and I’m trying to watch this. And open your eyes. You’ll miss the movie.”

You did as he wished, opening your eyes and staring at the screen, not actually taking in anything that was happening.

His hand remained still for the next fifteen minutes and you tried to regain control of your breathing again.

A finger twitched and you flinched, almost letting out a gasp but stopping yourself. He’d brushed against your clit.


You started counting in your head, needing something to focus on.

Seven minutes and twenty seven seconds later, he did it again. Your hands clenched up and you pressed your mouth tightly shut.

Fourteen minutes passed before he moved again and this time it was his whole hand that moved, adjusting himself so he was now cupping you. The temptation to grind against his hand was almost killing you.

“Do you have any idea idea how wet you are Y/N?” Spencer turned to look at you.

You were acutely aware that you were very probably coating his hand right now. You nodded, needing to respond but remembering you weren’t meant to speak.

“Good girl.” He smiled approvingly. Had that been a test to see whether you’d speak?

Six minutes and thirty nine seconds went by until he started circling your clit with his forefinger, your eyes falling shut again and your lips parting.


Fucking fuck.

The tiniest gasp escaped your chest as he pressed on your sensitive bundle of nerves moving it from left to right repeatedly.

He didn’t say anything about the noise you’d made, continuing his movements.

The next gasp was louder, you couldn’t stop it.

“Do I have to gag you, Y/N? Anymore noise and I’ll add another strike.”

Jesus. You shook your head in case he was watching for an answer.

Think about something else, anything other than what he was doing.

You couldn’t. His fingers were rubbing faster and harder. You opened your eyes and glanced down at him, noticing a bulge had formed, the fabric of his pants now tighter against one leg. Good. At least this was affecting him too.

You were doing well, your breathing was heavier but you’d managed to stop the gasps, your mouth opening wide and you grimacing instead as your orgasm started to build. You could do this, it was just like when you’d needed to get off in college and your room mate had been asleep in a bed two feet away from you.

Until he ran his finger down your slit and entered you.


Oh crap.

“Stand up Y/N.” Spencer’s hand retreated entirely, him wiping it on his trousers.

Your cheeks burned red as you stood.

“Walk around to arm of the couch and bend over it.”

You did as he instructed, your legs feeling shaky as you walked. You bent over, resting your arms against the cushions.

Spencer still hadn’t moved. You started your count again wondering how long he’d make you wait.

Only five minutes this time.

He stood up and adjusted his pants before walking around behind you.

“Raise your dress.”

Oh crap. Oh God.

You lifted the hem of your dress, exposing yourself to him.

Spencer ran his hands up your legs, pushing them slightly further apart.

When he reached the top, he dragged his fingers slowly from front to back trailing them all the way between your cheeks until he reached to base of your spine. You could feel the moisture he’d dragged with him, drying cooly on your skin.

Palming a cheek softly, he spoke.

“Four times. Three for the restaurant and one for the noise.”

You nodded, your hands digging into the cushions in anticipation.

His hand left your cheek and two seconds later you felt a rush of air before it reconnected. Hard.

Your knees buckled slightly but you forced yourself to stay still, heat rushing to your bottom and your skin stinging.

“That’s one.”

Twenty seconds later and he slapped you again. This one harder, the noise echoing in your ears. He’d struck the same cheek and the sting now intensified.

“FUCK!” you gasped out, your eyes widening at the pain.

The pain you could stop any second. But you knew you weren’t going to.

“That’s two.”

Then next one came quicker, on your other buttock. Your thighs being thrown against the armrest with the force. You grunted.

Your breathing was now heavier than ever and as you steadied your legs, you could feel that the dampness between them had increased.

“That’s three.” Spencer’s own breathing had grown shallow and he rested his hand momentarily against your burning skin.

Feeling it retreat once more, you braced yourself.

You cried out at the last slap, it seeming harder than the rest and you slumped, your chest and face resting on the couch cushions, your ass still raised.

Your weren’t sure if you were allowed to move, but you weren’t sure if you even could. Your legs felt like jelly.

You heard rustling behind you and moments later you felt bare skin and something hard pressed against your stinging behind as Spencer’s hand reached around to your front and pulled you away from the arm rest slightly.

Now able to access you, he started rubbing your clit again, grinding his erection against your sore buttocks.

You were gasping in pleasure in no time at all, the sensation of him working your clit overcoming the burning you felt.

His other hand pushed your legs apart and he slowly entered you.

“Fuck, your so tight Y/N,” he groaned as he filled you.

He began to thrust gently at first, and then harder and faster, one hand gripping tightly onto your hip bone as he deftly massaged your throbbing nut with the other.

His skin hitting against your butt as he drove in at out of you was adding to the sting but the pleasure you were feeling from his fingers and cock were enough to make you not care.

You were close, so very close. He pulled out of your nearly all of the way and pushed back inside quickly, hitting your sweet spot inside.

And that was it. Your walls tightened, gripping him as you came, Spencer’s fingers not stopping until you were whimpering and trembling underneath him. A few thrusts later and you felt him empty himself inside of you, moans catching in his throat as his fingers dug into your hip.

He fell forward, his weight on your back as he caught his breath.

“Fucking hell Y/N,” he groaned softly.

You didn’t respond, you were lost for words, feeling light headed and dazed.

He pulled out of you and you heard him drag his trousers back up before walking away.

He returned a few moments later and you felt a washcloth between your legs, cleaning up his mess that had started to trickle out of you and down your legs.

He flicked off his TV and rested his hands on your hips.

“Can you stand up for me?” his voice now warm and soft.

You inched backwards and into an upright position, your legs still feeling like they might give way.

“Put your arms around my neck.”

You did as instructed, feeling him bend and catch you under the backs of your knees with him arm, scooping you up and carrying you effortlessly into his bed room.

He set you down next to his bed and tugged at the bottom of your dress, you raising your arms so he could remove it.

“I assume you sleep with your bra off normally?“ Spencer asked and you nodded. He unclasped it and slid it off your arms.

“Pj’s in your bag?”

You nodded again and watched him open your night bag, seeing a huge purple t-shirt that you placed at the top so it was easily accessible. He passed it to you and you pulled it on as he rolled the covers on his bed back.

“Lie on your front okay.”

You climbed on and adjusted his pillows so you could lie down comfortably.

Spencer left the room and when he returned his had a bowl of water and some pieces of cloth is his hand.

Sitting on the edge of the bed next to you, he soaked the cloth before ringing it out and then placing it on your butt.

The coolness of the damp fabric felt like heaven against your hot skin.

Your hair had fallen forward over your face and Spencer reached over, tenderly stroking it back.

“Y/N, you’ve not said anything since we stopped. I’m starting to worry.”

“Sorry… I just… I’m a little overwhelmed by all the feelings I’ve just felt.”

“Understandable.” He kept stroking your hair, concern clouding his face.

“Spence, I’m fine. I’m surprised, but I’m fine.”

“Surprised by what, if you don’t mind me asking.”

You took a breath.

“By how much I enjoyed it.”


"It hurt. But I would have taken more.”

“I wouldn’t have given you more. Not tonight. I smacked you harder than I was originally intending to. I was in two minds whether to actually fuck you or not afterwards, you looked so red. But you were still so wet and beautiful, I had to.”

“I’m glad you did. That was….. Quite frankly the best sex I’ve had.”

You saw him grin, typical guy. You weren’t lying though, it had been. The sensations he’d made you feel from the moment you’d sat down on his couch, both physically and mentally, you’d never felt before. It didn’t matter that you’d not actually been screwing for that long. It was the build up, the foreplay. The anticipation.

“For now.”


Spencer smirked. “The best sex you’ve had for now. There’s plenty more we can do. Not tonight though. But have a think about what you’d like to try next time okay.”


“Do you mind terribly if I shower? I’d offer you one but it might be a sore on your bottom right now.”

“I’m fine, I’ll shower tomorrow. Go ahead, I can feel myself falling asleep anyway.”

“Okay. I’ll be back in a bit.”

He left the room and you heard the shower start up.

You must have passed out as you didn’t hear him come back into the bedroom fifteen minutes later.

I submitted this about a week ago without any explanation, just the image. I thought just putting it out there would somewhat cleanse me of how it makes me feel when I look at it, but I keep scrolling back down and seeing so many reblogs and misconceptions of what this message actually meant. So I want to tell the story. 

The boy who sent me this message was my first love. I met him in my science class at school when I was about fourteen. He had chubby cheeks and brown eyes and he smoked weed and hung out at the skatepark late enough every night to worry his mum on purpose. He was friends with about three other boys who used to skateboard every day and blaze all the time and they were all really loud and really rude and they wore them ugly clunky DC trainers (I think only British people will understand the significance lol). I made friends with all of his friends before I met him because, being completely honest I had made a purposeful move to start hanging around with him and his friends because they were ‘cool’…Looking back and looking at how it all impacted my life, he was not ‘cool’ and he is the decision I regret more than anything but at the same time he made me the person I was supposed to be and I am so much stronger for it. 

I was trapped between being confused about who I was and which crowd I wanted to hang with and what direction my life should head in, and then I met him and he made the decision for me. I fell HARD, stupidly hard. I honestly look back and think it was so deep that if he told me to jump I would jump, bark I would bark. It was maaad. 

I started mixing myself up in a load of stupid shit. I was hardly at school and we always used to meet at a hole in the bottom of the huge school park and fight through the brambles and weeds to get to an abandoned mental home and sit down there for hours just laughing and play fighting and smoking. I remember we ran away from our last day before summer break and sat in the graveyard with a homeless man for the whole day, and he was telling up stories bout the hippy days when he was a kid and how he used to live in South London and take refuge in mosques when the police were after him. I could sit and tell stories forever but the point was, I kept running away from home to be with him and I basically lived at his house and we wouldn’t go to school and we used to go camping for days at a time and just get real fucked up. I was so in love that I didn’t care about anything but him, we lived about 10 miles away from each other at one point and he used to walk the journey regularly to come see me. 

This went on for about two years until he started getting into drugs reaaal bad and hanging out more with riskier people than harmless stoners he used to be with. Despite pretending I was so grown up and making lots of decisions when I was with him that a sixteen year old girl wasn’t really old enough to make, I couldn’t quite hack it. He started getting drug therapy after getting taken into the station and strip searched, they found nothing but were suspicious and admitted him to our schools addictions therapy. I was made to go to therapy sessions on his behalf after he became cold towards his therapist and the man basically told me that I was his only hope because his parents were essentially useless (he walked all over them) and his friends were pretty sketchy. I can’t tell you how many times I remember trying to nurse him back to some kind of sanity so I could take him home to his mother. 

Things started taking a turn for the worst and it is so strange because when I think about this period of my life I see it in a bleak grey in my head. It was such a dark time of my life. I want to go back and drag myself out of his house, out of his life. Ever since I was 14 I’d been sleeping with him and he had always been so rough with me and pushed my head into the pillow so I couldn’t breathe and he would slap me until I had burns all over my bum and he hurt my boobs so much they hurt for days. I literally think about being 14 years old and feeling bullied into sex like that and it makes me well up. I was once with my friend and I was watching TV with her and he had barged into her kitchen living area with two friends and started doing coke off the kitchen surface and literally dragged me out the house. It was all getting worse and worse. There was a pill going round my area a while back that really fucked you up and he took too many and I found him asleep in the abandoned mental house after about a day and a half looking for him. He was off his head one night and told me he was about to jump off a bridge near his house and I had to call his mum and send her down there because I was away with my mum at the other side of the country. The list of ridiculous stories continue… I got them coming out my ears honestly 

I still loved him so much and I sacrificed so much to look after him that I was so emotionally drained, I was always ill and weak and tired. He was manipulative and nasty but I didn’t realise until it was too late. He had said so many things to me over three years that I had drilled into my brain. He used to pin me up against walls and punch the wall next to my head until his hand bled. He was so emotionally manipulative that I was so terrified of breaking up with him because I genuinely believed I couldn’t live without him, and I had given up so much to be with him that it seemed like I had to stay by his side. He once cut open my palm in a drug induced rage and then his own and made me promise in a blood oath I would always love him. I still have the scar on my hand and it makes me cry. One day we’d had a massive fight because I told him I was sick of living like that and I wanted him to stop doing that to his life, he was so clever and kind when he wanted to be and I had faith that he could turn everything around. I’d seen the boy who he was before it all and I just hoped to tap into a different version of him.

The next week he had sex with a girl in my year that had always openly disliked me and been nasty to me. I rang him and cried down the phone, I literally just didn’t understand. He said he had 'moved on’ and that he 'loved her’. The only thing I ever received from him after that is the message I’ve submitted, he was high as fuck on some kinda drug and texted me that. Weird. 

Him and his friends tried their hardest to bully me under the orders of his new girlfriend. She turned all the girls I was friends with against me because (we were in a huge girl group of about 15 at the time and me and her really didn’t like each other and the rest of the girls were mutual friends, it wasn’t a real friendship group, they were all fake friends and when I look back it was so bitchy and toxic) But yes she turned them all against me, for the whole summer I had things screamed at me in the street and snapchat videos where the girls would say they were going to kill me and call me so many horrible names. I was sent videos of him and his new girlfriend kissing and hugging. I had a girl that I didn’t know come and try and fight me. It was hell. I watched the person who I loved more than anybody become the nightmare of my everyday. It was fucked up. FUCKED up 

It eventually all simmered down and I made new friends and rebuilt my life. I ended up getting good grades and managed to get into a good sixth form college. He failed every single exam and so did his girlfriend and his friends didn’t do very well at all, they went to a shitty college because they didn’t get into mine. !!!god sent miracle!!!! I do still love him, to be so honest with whoever (if anyone) has read this far. It has been two years and I still think about him everyday. I feel guilt saying that I love him because I know I deserve better and I am not doing myself justice by saying it. It is weird because I feel exactly how he did when he sent me this text two years ago. Life is a strange thing and it doesn’t owe you anything. I love him but I would never want him back. 

I rebuilt my life and I am such a strong soul now and I am so happy and I have such a beautiful life.  He fucked me up for such a long time but now I’m sharing this story because I’m at the light at the end of the tunnel. 

While You Were Gone

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Summary: The reader makes a deal to temporarily go to Hell for a week to save Dean. He doesn’t know what to do with himself while she’s gone and starts writing her letters…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: lanuage

A/N: Written in Dean’s POV….

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BTS when their S/O is insecure about their laugh

Hoseok (J-Hope)
He’s actually in love with love your laugh and would constantly be doing whatever he could to hear it.
“Come on jagi, I’m doing this for you I know you want to laugh.” He’d whine nudging you. “Come on, or else I’m going to have to break into your underwear drawer.”

“Okay! No you are not putting on my underwear!” You’d exclaim and take the chance to look at how ridiculous he looked wearing the girliest dress you owned. Complete with ribbons, lace and pink hearts. You tried to hold back your laughter but the first snort escaped your lips and you caved, curling up on the sofa to break into hysterics. Hoseok’s face would turn so bright and full of love and he’d start to prance about your apartment posing dramatically for you and dancing until your lungs hurt and you begged him to stop.

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Actual adorable bean would light up every time you laughed especially if he made it happen.
“No stop hiding.” He’d whine when you covered your face with a pillow. “Why do you always hide your laugh from me jagi?”

“I don’t like it.” Your muffled voice would return and he’d frown, pulling the pillow away. When you look up at his face, you’d frown too. “Smile Jiminie, I don’t like it when you’re not smiling.”

“And I like your laugh Y/N. please don’t hide it from me.”

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When the two of you were laughing together, the guys would leave knowing you would be going for ages. Between his windshield wiper laugh and your wheezing, the audio in the room could get pretty intense especially as you you both start to laugh at eachothers laugh.

“Stop laughing at me!” You’d whine, still laughing.

“You’re laughing at me too!” He’d argue and for a few seconds, you’d both stop, trying to compose yourself before breaking out into laughter so hard your stomachs hurt and tears spilled from your eyes. “I love your laugh jagi, it goes perfectly with mine!” You couldn’t say anything to that, your weird laughters did strangely enough compliment the other in a way only you two understood. Hearing Jin say such a thing made you feel less hateful towards your laugh.

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This kid is always doing weird stuff and taking the piss out of everything and anyone so it wasn’t surprising that he set you off everytime.
He’d always look straigh over offended for a moment, he always wanted to tease you about your laugh but both knew you were already insecure about it and secretly found it too cute.
His own cheeks would lift as he smiles at your laugh and carries on whatever he was doing, choosing to be even more extra so you’d laugh for longer.

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)
Always so considerate of your feelings, he’d make sure to smile your way everytime you laughed. When you’d see him smiling fondly at you, you always felt more at ease and didn’t try so hard to hide your laughter. Of course around other pepole, you’d try to tone it down but with Namjoon, you no longer held back. He had told you plenty of times that he loved your laugh, it was unique and he could never mistake it for anyone else being happy. Your happiness was his priority and if that meant he listened to your unusual laugh, he’d do so happily. And you never once doubted him.

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Taehyung (V)
Would be absorbed the second you started to laugh. He always found your laugh infectious and couldn’t help but join in no matter what you were laughing at.

“She is literally laughing because you just hurt yourself, Taehyung.” Yoongi points out one day having witnessed the ordeal. “Why do you always laugh with her even when she’s laughing at you?”

“Ah my jagi has the best laugh ever I can’t help but laugh too!” Taehyung beams making you smile, your embarassment from laughing so hard in front of his friends ebbing. “Even if she is laughing at me, it’s still my favourite sound!” Then he’ll proceed to shower you with affection and cute kisses all over your face making the other boys leave in disgust and your boyfriend’s overly affectionate nature.

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Yoongi (Suga)
The first time he ever heard you laugh he looked at you so strangely that you immediately shut up and felt like crawling under a rock and dying. It took him a while to realise that he was the reason you didn’t laugh anymore but the second the realisation hit him, he’d work on getting your laughter out again. He would be subtle, not wanting to straight up say he actually did like your laugh he was just surprised at how you laughed, so it’d take him a while but eventually he’d coax it out of you.

“Ah I’m so embarassed!” You’d complain covering your face with your hands after laughing especially hard at his over the top attempt at aegyo.

“Why?” He was laughing too.

“Because my laugh is so stupid.”

“No it’s not. I like it.” He confesses and you look at him seeing a truthful smile on his face. “Why do you think I try so hard to make you laugh?”

“I thought you just like looking like a fool.” You tease and his face drops. You giggle and run off, a smile lifting his beautiful features as he chases after you.

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Yoongi was such a good bias wrecker that he took over entirely. It’s official, I am whipped for Yoongi. Sorry Tae, you’re second now but you still have a special place in my heart(and bed)

Thanks for the request anon! 

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My little girl gets in these moods where she just needs to be alone. Today she threw a tantrum and just sobbed on the living room floor even though we needed to go grocery shopping and she knew this. She kicked and pinched and bit me but ultimately I picked her up and we left for what was a very moody grocery trip. She was sassy and rude the whole time. Does your little get in funks like this? How do I help her? *I have asked other doms as well*

Well, number one… I don’t have a little.

Two, this sounds to me like it could be one of two things

one being that she is not getting enough attention from you and doesn’t feel like things like grocery shopping trips and adulting type things are what is really giving her that attention that she desires and wants.

Therefore she is acting out in order to be able to get a more intimate experience with you. And yes, I know it sounds strange that she would purposely be bad in order to get the kind of attention that she’s getting… But if she’s not getting what she wants in the first place then you can liken this behavior to something like self harm.

She is committing a negative action in order to get a temporarily for filling feeling.

She has discovered that in being the way that she’s being she actually gets you to touch her, talk to her, and interact with her in a bigger way than what you have been. And even though the attention may be negative, it’s still more than what she feels she’s actually getting otherwise

The flipside to this is that maybe you have done something where she just doesn’t see you in the dominant position anymore… Therefore she is lashing out and testing you to see if you will take back what you once had. That being your dominance that she feels that you once had over her.

It’s always been my opinion that a bratty sub is bratty for a reason and it’s not natural. Those reasons are usually because the daddy is not living up to his part of the role and relationship.

Is she getting enough little time?
have schedules changed and she feels too stressed or overwhelmed with big things?
Are you providing her a time where she can be a little in the way that she likes to be?

If not… this could just simply be frustration boiling over.

I suggest that you schedule what I refer to as the safe hour. At least one hour a week where you both can sit down in a quiet and comfortable environment and just talk about the week and what worked and what didn’t.

This is a time where you are attacking the problem, and not the person… Which sounds simple but when you actually sit down to try and do that you’ll find that your communication and language has to change in a way that actually reflects that statement

We lose so many opportunities when we simply refuse to communicate with each other in a way that is conducive to growth. We let our pride get in the way, especially when we are a daddy, and it ends up just ruining things.

Provide that safe zone for her to be able to talk and speak her mind and let her know that it’s OK to do so. The results that you get may end up cutting down on the tantrums and fits.

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Could you do headcanons about Blinky and Draal being confused by human stuff? Because like my favoritest thing is them being all "what is this 'kissing' and 'baby sitting'? You humans have strange customs. Wait, you mean to tell me humans have a profusion of gaggle-tacks? They use them for their beasts of burden to tread upon? Why, humans, why..." XD sorry I love those two.

I, too, love these confused children. Hope you enjoy!

Blinkous Galadrigal

  • Has a (slightly) better understanding of some things because of his time spent as a faux human, but by no means understands everything. Don’t let him fool you, he would have been a goner if Google and his son were unable to help him. 
  • Why? do humans wear clothes, over clothes, over clothes??? If you’re still cold with two layers on shouldn’t you be buying thicker clothes? Silly human, that’s so wasteful. Comfortable, true, but so wasteful.
  • Certain foods have a specific time of day they’re meant to be eaten? Balderdash. He’ll have pancakes whenever the hell he likes. 
  • What is the function of a rubber duck? 
  • Humans believe everything truly is art. Humans believe nothing, truly, is art. He’s so confused can you make up your mind please-
  •  Humans have no universal language, written or spoken. How did you learn to understand each other?
  • Fiction novels. They’re either wild and epic tales of woe and wonder, or trashy prose about wolf-men without shirts on. art?

Draal The Deadly

  • Thinks that he knows more about human culture than Blinky because he’s watched every DVD he could find in the boxes in the basement. 
  • (He doesn’t.)
  • Microwaves? Isn’t radiation deadly to humans?? It seems so counterproductive to shoot food full of deadly poison before you eat it. 
  • He also maybe gets a bit spooked (just a bit, a tiny bit) by the Lakes’ toaster. Jim has replaced it twice already.
  • Humans are so touchy-feely?? Like no, stop squishing each other and hit somebody already. He’ll come around eventually, but trolls aren’t inherently squishy and he doesn’t quite get it.
  • Cats? Are?? Not Pets??????
  • Okay, cats can be pets, but only in the way that people keep chickens and other livestock as ‘pets.’ 
  • Human TV is so annoying. The people on-screen spend too much time smushing faces when they should be fighting the zombies, aliens, and/or Human #5′s crazy ex-husband. 
  • That’s not to say it wasn’t satisfying. He waited seven seasons for them to start courting each other.
  • He just thinks it felt rushed and unrealistic

Pairing: Flintwood

Prompt: police station 

Can be found: here

The thing with Marcus’s parents was that they cared. The problem was that the amount of care they exhibited was proportional with the way it affected their image and whether that was a direct or indirect ratio was, most often than not, a bitch to figure out.

Marcus prided himself in having done so pretty well this far.

He’d covered a learning deficiency too shameful to be exposed with medals and trophies in sports and with googling most of his math assignments. He’d masked an unwholesome character with violence on the wrong side of the town, where his parents wouldn’t even glance for fear their eyes would burn in their sockets. He’d hidden his lack of attraction to girls with – well, he’d hidden it. He’d done it so they wouldn’t have to care to pretend caring and he thought it should have brought him a different place from – well, here.

“One phone call, son.”

The police station was cold. The chair he sat in was wet, his jacket was long gone and, handcuffed as he was, he was not exactly in a position to work some warmth into his limbs. Everything hurt, from his ribs to his jaw to his head that was unbearably pulsing.

He hadn’t even wanted to take up with Tom Riddle. His father had different ideas, though, and a ridiculous ambition to continue breathing, and Marcus had been the lucky bastard his life hung on. Fucker. And now he was here.

“I – mm – I don’t really have anyone to call,” he said, eyes glued to his shoes.

His father would not even pick up. Riddle – Riddle would just make sure someone with a knife tripped close enough to Marcus to seem an accident.

“You sure?” The old man scratched his ear, bewildered. “What about your parents? A girl? Hell, even your dog walker would do.”

An idea flashed in Marcus’s mind and, though it made his stomach churn, he grabbed it desperately. He didn’t have a dog walker, he didn’t even have a dog but there was someone who liked dogs whose number he just might be able to remember.

“Yeah, ok, I’ll – uh – try that. Yeah.”

The number was so seared in his mind he’d dialled before he caught up with himself and then it was done. One call. No turning back.

The phone rang once, then twice, then a third time – Marcus started wounding the cord around his finger. He answered right after the churning anxiety inside Marcus’s stomach had turned to ash and the fear in his mouth had soured.

“Wood,” the gruff voice said.

Marcus’s entire body jolted. He wanted to smash the phone back in his holder. He wanted to punch someone and cry. Then preferably punch someone again.

“Hi,” he said instead, fingers pressed so tightly against the plastic they whitened. “It’s me.”

“Who are –” A long pause. “Flint?”

Marcus wished he could see Oliver’s face because his voice was – expressionless and blank and doing strange things to his heart. He swallowed hard. Behind him, the policeman cleared his throat diplomatically.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he said before he could lose his courage. “I know we haven’t seen each other in two years but, theoretically speaking, how many blowjobs would you have to be bribed with to pay my bail, Oliver?”