you two can both fall off a cliff

Eight Appreciation Post

His first words are “Chill, chill, chill.”

Curly dark hair

Green/brown eyes

Full lips and eyebrows

Husky but kind voice

Skinny but muscular

“If you want to get all Loric on me, you can call me Number Eight.”

<i> if you want to get all Loric on me <i>

Shapeshifting, teleportation, can walk on water, telekinesis—easily one of the best set of Legacies

Extremely kind

Strong enough to push down the Stonehenge

Swift and smooth, saved himself from falling down a cliff without skipping a beat

Brave, suffered two lethal wounds both of which Marina had trouble to heal


Will sacrifice himself for those he loves

Survived by himself for years in the mountains, trained himself

Loves animals

Innocent, harmless jokes (unlike Nine)

Very warm, apparently

Actual Leaked Ending of Life is Strange


[Jefferson and Nathan hold Max at gunpoint, forcing her towards the cliff edge]

JEFFERSON: You had some talent, Max! Too bad you used your eyes for prying instead of photography.


JEFFERSON: Shut up, Nathan.


JEFFERSON: And now it’s time for you to join your blue-haired friend…

[Before he can move further, a vast cloud of brilliant blue butterflies sweeps in from the sea and coalesces into the familiar form of Chloe Price]

JEFFERSON: You! But… y-you’re dead!

CHLOE: Rachel says hi, scumbags.

[Jefferson and Nathan both open fire, but Chloe keeps splitting into the butterfly cloud, and the bullets fly straight through it even as she backs the pair towards the edge]

CHLOE: It’s a long way down, boys. Maybe you should take the…



[her arms become fountains of butterflies that blast the two men off the cliff]


[they fall all the way to the rocks below. And then explode, or something]

MAX: C-Chloe?! I thought I’d lost you…

CHLOE: You think you’re the only one with superpowers, you nerd?

[she sweeps Max off her feet and kisses her passionately as fireworks explode in the background and confetti falls from… somewhere, I dunno]