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Part 1 

Houston we have a baby problem

I am so happy that daddy Wednesday is now a thing. Here is the first of little drabbles that I will write from suggestions and ask that are sent to @bucky-plums-barnes. Thank you love for believing in me and pushing me to write these. And a massive thanks for letting me take these asks and make them into stories. 

Side note, when proof reading isn’t your bestfriend. 

-cough-, -cough-, “Chris honey, would you be able to make me lemon green tea”.

“Anything for you, my love and I’m so sorry for getting you sick”

“Hey it’s ok, one we thought you weren’t contagious anymore, and two I can never say no your your snuggles”. “You are my cuddly NASA bear”. “And side not those NASA jumpers are so god damn comfy, whoever designed and made those needs a raise”.

After Chris makes you your tea and the two of you snuggle on the couch watching some recorded shows from nights before, your one year old son starts to get restless and clearly wants to wake up for the day.

Chris starts to get up, when you snuggle further into him. “Honey, don’t leave, you are so warm and comfy”

“Baby, I would love to, but one I have to get Mark out of his crib before he starts having a fit, he needs breakfast and two I need to go to work”.

“Can’t you just call in sick today, please for me.”

“Again I would love to, but I already took sick leave when I was sick and I am teaching today, so I can’t disappoint them.” “They all love me.”

“Sure they do Chris. Have they told you this or did you just make this up from thin air”

“Hey don’t be mean”. “I am going to get our son out and ready for the day. You just sit here and stay pretty”

“Hey there little man, did you sleep well”

Mark was the spitting image of his father. The day he came into your lives was one of the most magical day’s ever and Chris was one the surface of Mars, so thats saying something. Chris dresses Mark for the day (and of course its space themed) and packs his day bag, as he is going to work with him. While getting ready for work, Chris places one of his NASA jumpers into the dryer, so it’s nice and warm for you.

Walking back into the living room, Chris spots you curled up on the couch, watching the latest episode of Arrow. “God Stephen Amell is one handsome man”

“Ouch! love, what about me.”

“Haha, hey you are my gorgeous love bug”

“Mama, mama”. Mark starts to make grabbie hands for you and you just can’t resist. He is your little boy and the light of your life. But before you could get your hands on him, you start to have a cough attack. Chris sets down Mark to rub soothing circles on your back.

“I am taking Mark to work today. You need time to get some rest and I don’t want you to worry about Mark. I would prefer you to get better. There is some chicken soup in the fridge, all it need is some heating up. I stocked up the cupboards with some of your favourite snacks and I have left one of my jumpers in the dryer, so it’s nice and warm for you”.

“How did I get so lucky. I love you so much. Well I hope you have an lovely day at work and Mark be good to your daddy.”

Mark was sleeping soundly in his stroller, while Chris was running his class. Mark’s namesake decided to join the class, as he couldn’t pass a chance to be with his godson. Halfway through the class, Mark starts to cry, big Mark starts to rock little man back and forth, but he was having none of it. He just wants his dad. 

“Hey little man, can you be a good boy for daddy, please” With no sign of stopping anytime soon, Chris was left with one option. Taking the harness strap out of the stroller, Chris straps his son to his chest and starts to hop around the classroom. Within a couple of minutes Marks starts to calm down and falls back to sleep. Chris continues the class like nothing ever happen. Watney without Chris spotting him, pulls out his phone and takes a couple of snapshots and sends it to you.  

You couldn’t contain the smile that broke out on your face. This was the cutest thing ever and Stephen Amell has graced us with his presence today. Ha, let’s not tell that to Chris. Underneath the photo, Watney leaves the caption, “God my godson is the cutest thing, must get it from me, ha”.

Mark and Chris come back from work at around 5 o’clock. Chris feeds Mark his dinner and bathes him before reading one of his books and while he falls asleep. He turns on his solar system turner, before making his way to your shared room. “How was your day baby”

“It was alright, went and had a bath and then spent the rest of the day watching the TV. How was your’s, I saw what happen in class today. Let just say you make an adorable daddy.”

You show Chris the photo that Mark sent you, which also has become your phone screen background. Chris places his hand around your shoulders and you snuggle into his side. “You know I’m the luckiest girl in the world, I have two wonderful, gorgeous, handsome boys. You too just make me so happy”

“Oh, now I’m better than Stephen, baby.”

“Ha, you know I love you more honey”.

You look up towards Chris and start to lending in to kiss him. Before you could attach your lips to his, he moves slightly and kiss your forehead instead.

“Sorry baby, your sick”

You pout and give him the best puppy dog eyes ever. “Fine, come here baby”

Chris and you share a breath taking kiss. Well it’s easy too, as you are currently sick. You snuggle further into Chris and you fall asleep in a instance.

Chris couldn’t ask for a better family.


For anon. I hope you like it!

You walked around the Kingsman tailor shop as Roxy and Eggsy entered. The pair was giggling, causing you to frown slightly. Realizing you were, you shook your head and forced a smile. It became genuine when your boyfriend called out to you.

“There’s my love.”

He grabbed your free hand and pecked your temple. You lowered your gaze bashfully.

“How can I help you two?” you asked quietly.
“Is room 2 open?” Roxy asked.
You nodded. “In fact, no one’s here at the moment.”

The woman brushed past you and toward the dressing room. Eggsy quickly followed her. You bit your lip anxiously. You knew the pair was getting ready for another mission. This only caused you to worry for Eggsy. You distracted yourself from these thoughts with menial tasks.

Sometime later, you felt a poke at your sides. You yelped while turning around. You grinned at Eggsy. He winked happily.

“So, what’s the mission?” you asked, “Something big seeing how Lancelot is here as well, eh?”

You may not be a Kingsman, but you knew more than the normal citizen. You worked for their tailor shop, so you were bound to pick up a few things.

He nodded stiffly. “Yeah. Merlin needs us to go undercover as a couple.”
“A…couple?” you asked anxiously.

You swallowed thickly as your mind spun with thoughts. You knew Roxy was beautiful; it was difficult not to see it. She was smart and athletic as well. You also knew that Eggsy and Roxy were close. If you were being honest with yourself, you wondered why Eggsy had chosen you over her. It only made sense for the pair to act as a married couple.

“You alright, love?” he whispered with concern.

You glanced into his worried gaze. Knowing it was too late to mask your feelings, you let out a long sigh. You glanced over his shoulder to see Roxy was still in the room. You turned back to your boyfriend.

“I…She’d be a better suit for you,” you heard yourself mutter.
“What do you mean?”
You began to ramble nervously, “Well, you guys are so close, and she’s intelligent. Athletic. Gorgeous too. You two would make a great couple, which is why, I guess, Merlin picked the both of you for the task. I know I’m not exactly good enough, so you should-”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” he interrupted, “Not good enough? For me?”

You felt your cheeks heat up as your words caught up with your brain. You wanted to run from the store-hide under a rock that was barricaded by everything imaginable. Eggsy gripped your shoulders firmly.

“Y/N, you’re much too good for me,” he replied before chuckling, “If anything, I’m not good enough for you.”
“But…you’re gonna be a married couple-”
“Just while we’re on this mission,” he corrected, “Trust me. There’s nothing going on between me and Rox.”

He kissed your forehead before pulling you into his strong embrace. You wrapped your arms around him tightly. You buried your face into his chest. He pecked your cheek.

“You’re way too good for me,” he finished, “Never forget that, Y/N.”

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97 w/ Kenny Omega

97. “You broke my fucking heart.”
Prompt from this list 
(This ones a long one..)


It had been 3 years since you’d last seen Kenny. 3 years since he decided that the two of you just weren’t working anymore. You haven’t seen or heard from him since the day he decided to call of your engagement and exit your life. You didn’t end on good terms, you were absolutely torn apart. 

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Handsome Devils

Hey @supernatural-jackles, Happy 21st Birthday!  I hope the story below happens to you when you go out tonight! :)

You were flushed and giddy from your pre-gaming at home when you walked into the bar, your friends dragging you out for your 21st birthday.  As soon as you were through the door, you were dragged to the nearest bartender and one of your friends practically yelled…

“Card this bitch, it’s her birthday!”

The bartender chuckled, but turned to you, looking you up and down.  “Can I see some ID, ma’am?” he asked, smiling at you.

You held out your drivers license, watching as he looked at your birthday and nodded.  “Happy birthday, girlie,” he said as he handed it back to you.  “What’ll it be?”

You let your friends order for you, instructing the bartender to keep ‘em coming.  They found a table, staking their claim by putting their purses and jackets down before heading out to dance.  You stayed behind for a minute, catching your breath and starting to nurse the drink they got you.

It burned on the way down, but you were tipsy enough to let that slide, the feeling of the alcohol coursing through your body.

“Hey, birthday girl,” a low voice said next to you.  “My name is Mr. Right, I hear you’re looking for me?”

You turned to see a tall man with dirty blonde hair grinning at you, green eyes twinkling.  His face looked almost serious, but you burst out into laughter.  “Nice to meet you, Mr. Right.  Thanks for saving me all the time I would have spent looking for you…”

He chuckled, but you felt a tap on your shoulder and you turned.  A taller man with long brown hair gave you a soft smile.  “Did you have Lucky Charms this morning, because you look magically delicious…” he said, but seconds later he burst out laughing.  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, that was too much.”

You giggled, looking between the two gorgeous men in front of you.  “I appreciate the lines, gents, thanks so much.”

“Hey, anything to make a birthday girl smile.  Now why don’t you let us buy you a drink, make sure your night goes well?” the first man said, and you nodded.  You had a feeling that with these handsome devils at your attention, your night would be amazing.

Happy birthday from @just-another-busy-fangirl

Hinoka x Orochi C-S Support

Here’s Orochi being shipped with Hoshido’s eligible princess. I’m sure these two have quite a history together in canon, and it was fun to interprate how their dynamic would play out.

And I will be the first to admit that most of the A-Support is padding because I couldn’t come up with more than 5 lines of dialogue otherwise. But hopefully, unlike a certain anime, it’s at least entertaining filler

Find it –> here

Hope you enjoy! <3

Sweet Dreams (a Jack Maynard imagine)

Another late night idea. Another somewhat decent creation from my imagination.

Inspired by his “can’t sleep” Snap Stories. 

“Babe… babe… baby… Y/N.”

You groaned, slightly turning over to face the source of your disturbed slumber.

It happened sometimes. Recently, more often than usual. Your boyfriend, Jack, had been having difficulty sleeping and, as his girlfriend and bed buddy, it was your responsibility to make sure he got at least four hours of rest. Well, at least you took it on yourself to make sure he was well-rested.

“Y/N, are you still awake?” Jack asked, his breath tickling your nose.

“Mmmm,” You mumbled in response, your hand instinctively moving to brush whatever was irritating your nose away. You didn’t realize Jack was that close to your face until your fingers brushed against the metal of his nose ring and down to his lips.

“Love, I can’t sleep,” He whined, draping his arm over you and resting his chin on your chest. “Stay up with me or help me get drowsy, please?”

“…can I just punch you and knock you out?” You mumbled. The back-to-back restless nights were starting to take their toll on you, as well.

“Would you really hurt this handsome face?” Jack asked back.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any creature fics or bonding fics? I love your blog!

Hi Anon. :) Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear you enjoy it here.  <33

I do have a few creature fics and bonding fic, and sometimes they collide. I hope some of these are new to you and you enjoy them.


The Weight of Eternity by venis_envy (NC-17, 20,8K, creature: Veela)
Summary: Desperate for survival, Draco takes what he needs from others while avoiding the one he’s meant to be with. His newfound compassion will not allow him to trap the one he loves, even if it means his own life is the price paid for Harry’s freedom of choice.
My notes: This is basically the reason why started reading Veela stories. It’s gorgeous, so much pining, longing, and delicious sex. This story has a remix, actually, told from Harry’s pov: Time to Eternity by @wellhalesbells (NC-17, 16,8), and it’s also fantastic.

Burning of the Ground by traintracks (NC-17, 10,3K, creature: Werewolf)
Summary: “Strap him down,” someone said, and Harry felt the rage thicken inside him – the viscous fear.
My notes: There’s knotting and rough sex, potential dub-con (at beginning) and one of the hottest things I’ve ever read.

The Ugly Ducklying by ICMezzo (NC-17, 16,4K, creature: Veela)
Summary: Draco is all atwitter when he wakes up on his birthday with a few unexpected feathers. Suspecting foul play, he enlists Harry to help him get rid of his unfortunate birden—er, burden.
My notes: This is a hilarious story, in which Draco, well, he’s an ugly Veela and he’s always calling Harry for help. :D

Blue Sunny Day by @firethesound (NC-17, 26,1K, creature: Vampire)
Summary: Years ago, Harry Potter disappeared from the Wizarding World. When Draco spots him at a club in Muggle London, well, he just can’t resist the opportunity that presents itself.
My notes: It was hard picking a single story from @firethesound, because she’s written other brilliant creature!fic (such as The Light More Beautiful OMG ) & bonding!fics (Tiwce as Much as an Earthquake <3) but at the end, I went for the one I read first by her and introduced me to her writing, which made me fall in love with it. :) But do read these two that I linked you, they are gorgeous, too!

Yours is the Earth (Hold on, Hold on) by @chickenlivesinpumpkin (NC-17, 127, creature: other)
Summary: When they first meet after the end of the war, Draco doesn’t want anything to do with Harry. But as time goes by, Draco’s growing love may be the only thing that can save them both, because after a serious accident in the Forbidden Forest, Draco’s personality begins to undergo subtle changes. At first, Harry credits this to a new enthusiasm for life. But as the days pass and Draco’s behavior becomes more and more mysterious, Harry begins to suspect that something bigger–and darker–is at work.
My notes: This isn’t a creature fic per se, a creature takes over Draco’s body, leaving only a corner of his conscience leaving Draco without being able to affect the world around him. We learn how Harry and Draco got together, and we see Draco trying to fight the creature within. This is one of those fics that stay with you for a long time afterwards. Mind the warnings! :)


Before the World Was Made by deaftfear (NC-17, 43K)
Summary: Draco has done everything in his power to leave the past behind him. He’s established himself a successful business and built a reputation around the quality of his work and the breadth of his knowledge. But when aurors show up at his shop one afternoon, seeking his expertise on a peculiar item of questionable origins, they completely overthrow the precarious balance in Draco’s life. Trust Potter to bring danger and destruction in his wake, along with a painful reminder of all the things Draco is trying to forget.
My notes: This story is not only filled with UST (so much!), it has gorgeous characterisations of Harry and Draco, and it’s touching and intriguing, ah, it has everything.  

Three Boxes and a Scrapbook by dracogotgame (R, 30,4K)
Summary: One year after being accidentally bonded to each other, Harry and Draco are free to move on with their lives. But perhaps, what they needed was here all along.
My notes: Oh my god, there’s so much pining here. The way Harry feels when Draco—you know, I really don’t want to say much about this fic because if you haven’t read it, you’re going to have the best time discovering. It’s brilliant. :)

Times of Bright by @vaysh11 (NC-17, 13,3K)
Summary: The one year anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts finds Draco Malfoy in a room in the Leaky Cauldron. Incidentally, it’s also the time of a rare star conjunction, which has been triggering a secret lovers’ spell between him and Harry Potter for the last seven years. Only now he’s a Death Eater on the run, whereas Harry’s a honoured guest at the ceremonies celebrating the downfall of the Dark Lord.
My notes: There’s so much magic in this story, it’s intriguing, it’s sexy, it’s intense. There’s something pulling Harry and Draco together, and they are unable to resist, they’re not trying, really. Truly amazing.

The Curse by roedhunt (NC-17, 25,6K)
Summary: Harry Potter stumbles upon Draco Malfoy one night. It’s a night that will change their lives forever.
My notes: Mpreg!Draco, this fic is very sexy – one fingering scene in particular, you’ll see! :D

Remind You What You Did When You Wake by arsenicjade  (NC-17, 22K)
Summary: A damaged-but-not-broken Harry in the clutches of Death Eaters and a caught-up-in-circumstances Draco who’s not actually evil.
My notes: This story is truly gorgeous. Mind you, it comes with warnings of Non-con and character death (not Harry or Draco). In fact, let me link you to my original rec post, because whenever I rec this fic I find repeating myself. I hope you give this story a chance, it’s fantastic.

There are many more stories I’d love to link so, you I’ll leave you with links to my creatures and bonding!fic lists, in case you want some more. :)



You lay on your parents lounge room floor, facing up to the ceiling. He was above your head or you were above his, depending on your view of your world.
You stretched your arm above your head and trailed your hand along the glossy floorboards to find his own. As soon as you felt the warm and soft texture of his hand you held onto it.
You felt the world spinning down below you with reeling clarity. You could almost see fields and houses that slowly diminished into blobs of iridescent colour mapped out to form some intricate pattern your mind struggled to watch, but still were able to create for you.
Your linked hands were our only support and lifeline. You and him made do with no parachute to relax your fall, the only safety being that you and him could not lose yourselves while you and him were connected to one another.
You attempted to wash away the colour and were left with a warm tinge on your otherwise black mind. You focussed on his breathing and the small vibrations it made through the floor. You focussed on birds you could hear outside your window and the surprisingly warm weather, the man mowing next door. You focussed on the smell of cool coming from the floor below you and the smell of warm spring air from the window, mixed with the cut grass.
You felt for the small movement coming from his hand, and focussed very hard till you felt the small beat of his pulse too. You tried to imagine his slender fingers and how they curled around your own.
You first met at school. Your school was a little different however.
You talked and smiled and laughed at one another’s jokes, just the way that everyone falls in love.
When you first felt his lips against your own and his hands holding you close, you were so overcome that you could feel so much at once. Your eyes didn’t need to see to know that he was perfect.
There were just things that got you about him; when he leaned over to take something while in class you could smell him and you found it strange how comforting it was; the way he would gently rub his thumb against yours as you held hands; the soft way he’d talk to you when you and him were alone. You could always tell when he was smiling by the way his voice changed. You’d spend hours sitting cross legged on his bed talking to each other and holding each other’s hands.
“Gerard?” You asked hesitantly, sad to have broken the calm silence you had been sharing.
“Yes?” He replied from over your head.
“What do I look like?” You asked.
“You already know silly, I’ve told you a hundred times before.” He giggled and you felt it reverberating through the floor, making his hand quiver lightly in yours.
“But I want you too again. I like it.” You said simply.
“Okay fine.” And you felt his hand leave yours. You almost whimpered, but then you could hear a shuffling on the floorboards and you knew he was still there. The noise stopped but you could sense that he was sitting next to you leaning over. He combed a hand through your hair slowly and you almost involuntarily lifted your head to feel his hand more. You heard him giggle and you knew he was smiling again.
“You have beautiful straight (Y/H/C) hair. And two ears.” He moved his hand down one side and traced the outer curve of your ear. “You have lovely skin and it’s slightly pale, well more than mine anyway.” He moved his hands down your jawline and then onto your neck. You heard him move beside you, readjusting his feet. “You have a gorgeous face,” you lent down and rested your head on his chest, “Do I have to keep going? I’d much rather just stay here” you laughed.
You playfully hit him on the arm. “Please?” You asked trying to make your voice as sincere as possible.
“Fiiiine.” He sighed, and then poked your side lovingly. He shuffled down on his knees to your feet. “My my Y/N, you have some pretty gorgeous feet too. Oh look and two perfect legs, imagine that.”
“Shut up.” You said laughing.
“Do you know what I like most about you though, Y/N?”
“No.” You said, lying. He always said this.
You felt him crawl up you so that he was now lying over you, supported by his arms.
“Y/N you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. They’re green too, but they look almost like blue and make me feel kinda wobbly all over.”
“They’re broken though.” You said sadly. “It means I can never see you.”
“You don’t need to see me though, I’m right here.”
You reached a hand up and touched his face, tracing over the contours of his nose, stopping over his fluttering eyelids and eyelashes. Your fingers moved downwards again and you reached his lips, tracing around first his top, then bottom lip carefully. You cupped his face with your shaking hands as he lent down and kissed you.
Outside you could still hear the grass being mowed. Your parents lounge room floor pressed into your back uncomfortably. You were never going to see Gerard but that was okay. He was here and he loved you.
———————————————————–—- You felt an intense burning through your eyes. Blobs of light were undulating around your vision. “Y/N, you can open your eyes you know.” A female voice said beside you.
And you did.
At first you were overwhelmed by the brightness. The colours. Then things came into focus, you were learning so much already from less than ten seconds. Your imagination could never prepare you for this. Seeing a chair, seeing a wall.
Seeing, wait. Seeing your husband.
Your heart leapt as you saw Gerard sat only a few feet away from you. You could see him, every little detail; his hair was dyed red, hazel eyes, the small stubble growing on his chin because he hadn’t shaved today. His grin as he watched your obviously shocked and overjoyed expression.
You stood up and saw your feet, your body below you. Things that you had felt and Gerard had described to me so many times before.
Then you heard a little squeal and looked in the direction of the door. A small brunette girl was standing in the doorway.
“Mommy!” She giggled excitedly and ran towards you. “Can you see me now? Daddy said that when you wake up you’ll be able to see.” You picked her up and held her on your hip.
“Yes I can, and I’ve woken up to the two most beautiful sights in the world.” You said smiling.

Modern!AU: Bard owns a little restaurant just outside town, making delicious food for years but without any recognition as he likes to stay humble and discreet. But then someday Thranduil, well known food critic, happens to enter his place. Boom, food revelation. At first he would come back for the food, and then after a few times, for the kind and talented and gorgeous chef too.

Two Years, Too Long | Bill & Fleur

It took Bill longer than he had anticipated to actually say goodbye to Victoire, but, he was sure that even had he been given the next year, he would still feel a pang in his heart whenever it came time to hand her back over to Fleur, “You be a good girl for Mummy now, okay? You let her get some sleep, make sure that she’s well rested and healthy,” Victoire was virtually unresponsive to her father’s words, and just absent-mindedly stared at him while she was situated in her mother’s arms. Had Victoire been entirely aware of what was happening, it might have been more difficult to say goodbye than it already was. She was too young to really feel the impact of her father’s absence. She might recognize the unusual absence of the man that changed her nappies every morning, but she wouldn’t miss him.

“I’m only a letter or a phone call away. If there’s an emergency, any reason for you to need me back here immediately, I’ll be here right away,” he spoke to Fleur with a smile. He didn’t want her to feel as though she could not depend on him for help while he was away. Even though he had made a commitment to Gringotts, his family always came first. If Fleur needed him in the case of an emergency, he wouldn’t even think to give his superiors notice before dropping everything so he could apparate back home.

“Oh, before I forget,” he reached into the inner pocket of his jacket and pulled out an envelope that was quite plainly addressed to Fleur, “This is for you, but, I don’t want you to read it now. I want you to read it tonight, before you go to bed,” he knew that the moment he left, he would have no control over when she would decide to read his little letter to her. Since Egypt was only an hour ahead of Britain, Bill wanted to go to bed that night, imagining that Fleur was curled up in their bed with his letter as he was about to fall asleep in his own cot, “Je t'aime,” he whispered before pulling her into a hug, Victoire becoming gently sandwiched between her two parents, “I’ll miss my two best girls like crazy,” he gushed after pulling away, reaching to readjust the shoulder strap of his bag, “See you in three weeks,” he promised as he leaned in, pressing his lips rather firmly against her own. He allowed himself to devote several seconds to just meshing his lips with her own, knowing that he wouldn’t get the opportunity to do so again for several more weeks.

“Mm, now, I really have to go,” he muttered against her lips, reluctant to pull away before he made his way towards the front door, “Before we have Vee in her bassinet and your panties at the bottom of the stairs,” he joked as he reached to grab his second piece of luggage that contained his tent and other essentials. He intended to pay a quick visit to Aileen’s, for the sole purpose of getting the opportunity to say goodbye to William. He didn’t expect Fleur to communicate with him while he was away, though he would be pleased if she did. He was not her responsibility in the least. Just because he and Fleur were married and had their little family, didn’t mean that she had the claim responsibility over a child that Bill had fathered outside of their relationship. He decided for himself that he was going to wait until after he and Fleur returned home from their honeymoon to tell the rest of the family about him.

After he was finished with his business in London for the time being, he apparated to Cairo and checked himself in with the Gringotts representatives there before he set up camp in the same vacinity as the other curse-breakers. It seemed as though there was a new team every year, all of them younger kids, who had less experience than Bill. They all seemed to gravitate towards each other to form their little groups, while Bill was perfectly content with just keeping to himself for a little while. Later that same night, as he lay atop the sheets, he couldn’t help but to wonder if Fleur was reading his first letter:


I think this may very well be the first letter of mine that you have read since you found Aileen’s nearly a year ago. I just wanted to say how much I love you and appreciate your support. You were right. These trips are not just for us, they are for me. I know that they are difficult, that they are long, and that they unfairly load onto you the responsibilities of keeping up the house and making sure that our family is taken care of. It is my sincerest hope that, during the days that I am home, my actions make up for that. Doing what you are right now, and accepting William into our little family, I cannot begin to express just how grateful I am for that. How grateful I am to still be loved even after all my mistakes. I cannot promise you that I will be perfect, but I can promise you that I will do my best to make as few mistakes as I possibly can from this point on. I hope that the mistakes that I will make in the future will not hurt you as horrifically as some of my others. I’m going to miss you so much, and my intention is to make up for this past year with the dream honeymoon that we always discussed that we would have one day. Enclosed in this envelope is a copy of my boating permit with the proof of purchase for a private sailboat, our hotel confirmation for Larnaca, Cyprus, and the keys to my mate’s farmhouse in Switzerland. I can’t wait to go on this adventure with you.

Love always,