you two are too adorable

Everytime we get Kara x Mon-el being cute and coupley in Kara’s apartment, I feel like we’re actually seeing Mel x Chris being cute and coupley. They’re all smiley and silly, and they’re both just such good and genuine people. Their chemistry is incredible, and you can plainly see how much they enjoy working together. You couldn’t ask for two better people to exist, and it’s so wonderful that they’ve become friends. I love them.

[A wonderful one-man concert for a special person in my life. My electric piano died after the first melody, so I had to switch to the old grand piano. Apologies for the audio drop~
Yes, I did play this. Yes, it hurt. Yes, I do have a rough-draft of the arrangement. Yes, my arms are sore. Was it worth it? Yes
I posted a similar audio like this a few months ago where I did snippets of each FS song. Here’s me doing the whole sha-bang while my love and violin partner listens in awe silence]

Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare - Viktor, first skate perf. of anime
Eros - Yuuri, passionate katsudon
Agape - Yuri, angelic cat
Theme of King JJ - Jean Jacques, will rule the world
Shall We Skate? - Phichit, The King and Skater
Still Alive - Leo, first YoI song that I did an original for
Tales of a Sleeping Prince - Georgi, *cries*
Raspodie Espagnole - Chris, snazzy
The Inferno - Guanghong, police officer for the win!
Samarkand Overture - Otabek, heart of a warrior
L'homme Arme - Michele, such chivalry
Almavivo - Seung-GIl, rainbow parrot
Terra Incognita - Phichit, Thailand
Minami’s Boogie [beginning] - Minami, chicken nugget!
Banquet 10ED - DaNcInG
Minami’s Boogie [end]
Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent” - Otabek, eyes of a warrior
Piano Concerto in B Minor: Allegro Appassionato - Yuri, my hands hurt
La Parfum de Fleurs - Guanghong, delicate like a cherry blossom
Anastasis - Emil, my favorite song
Intoxicated - Chris, *shakes head in disapproval*
Partizan Hope - Jean Jacques, relaxing song
Serenade for Two - Michele, sounds like a romantic scene on the water
Yuuri on Ice - Yuuri, the song that started my YoI journey
Duetto: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare - Yuuri and Viktor :3

I plan on covering “Welcome to the Madness” very soon!

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“Oh! My peanut! Yeah, she’s my peanut.”

“Peanut! I call him Peanut, too. The thing is, I think it was me that invented it. But he would never admit that!”

A little edit and gift for my friend Alex that requested It ❤ I really like this edit and I love so much these two adorable guys *^* hope you like It too ~

(I chose the line “I’m not giving up yet” because I was thinking about the third place at the Grand Prix Final… NEVER FORGIVE NEVER FORGET.) Credits:

@ Aaron Taylor Johnson (photo icon)
@ Photo by Robert Frank, New York, 1947 (first pic)
@ Dylan Fosket, photo by Jakob Axelman (second pic)
@ Almaty, Kazakhstan (third pic)
@ Harley Davidson SuperLow (fifth pic)

As usual I found all of the pics on Pinterest and only one or two were credited. I tried to find all of the original owners but If you know their names please tell me so I can add them!

ninjin2000  asked:

Hey boo! Can u make a continuation of the little vkook crushing on their babysitter?;D

+ “Today, we are making Valentine cards.” Jimin says holding pink and red papers.

+ Jungkook and Taehyung eyes glow as they sit at the table.

+ “You can make some for your parents, or if you have someone special?”

+ “I’ll make you one Jimin Hyung!” Taehyung smiles as he grabs the pink one. Jungkook frowns as he grabs a red paper.

+ “I’ll make you a better card!” Jungkook declares grabbing the markers. Taehyung glares at him while Jimin giggles.

+ “you two are so adorable. I’ll make you botg one too.” Jimin says grabbing his own paper.

+ Jungkook and Taehyung keep glaring at one another as they decorate their cards passionately.

keltic-moon  asked:

Merrill and Cole would be a cute banter. Maybe with a little Varric.

Cole: Daisy. Kitten. Why do they call you names, Merrill?

Merrill: It’s not names, it’s nice, Cole. It shows that they care.

Cole: But how do they know what name to give you?

Merrill: I’m not sure. They just pick something they like, I suppose. Then it becomes our special name.

Cole: Hat.

Merrill: What was that?

Cole: Something I like. Am I doing it wrong?

Merrill: Oh! *giggles* No, that’s perfect.  

Overwatch Chatroom: Love

McHanzo x Reader
Scenario: All three of you are on separate missions, but that doesn’t stop all of you from being affectionate to each other.

I have some finished chatfics on my phone but i dont have all the finished requests our old blog had.
I’m so sad what did rj and I do to deserve this
- Forest


Hanzo has started a private chatroom.
Hanzo has invited McCree and Y/n.

Y/n: omg you actually created a chatroom first for once

McCree: Who are you and what have you done to our boyfriend

Hanzo: Ha ha very funny

Y/n: 💕

McCree: Just pulling your leg darling

Y/n: okay but what do you want?

Y/n: omg that sounded mean I’m sorry

Hanzo: No harm done, dearest

Y/n: aaaaa heck

Hanzo: You still get flustered over our nicknames for you.

McCree: Its cute

Hanzo: You know who else is cute?

McCree: Who?

Hanzo: You 💗

Y/n: that’s gay lmao

Y/n: but you’re both handsome 💕

Hanzo: like McCree said, youre cute

Y/n: But Hanzo is more handsome than McCree

McCree: I’m hurt

McCree: Feels like ive been shot in the heart

McCree: Oh no I’m dying from lack of love

Y/n: You’re an idiot but I love you too

Y/n: Hanzo is still more handsome

McCree: 😢

Y/n: I’m joking u nerd youre both equally as handsome

Y/n has sent a photo.

Y/n: I have the cutest boyfriends. Look @ you two clinging to each other as you sleep

Hanzo: when did you take this?

Y/n: last week

Y/n: I couldn’t resist you two were just too adorable not to take a picture of.

McCree: That’s a bit creepy

Y/n: Fight me

McCree: I will.

McCree: I’ll punch you in the face, softly, with my lips.

Y/n: omggg

Hanzo: I’ll back you up, Y/n. I’ll attack him with kisses from behind.

Y/n: !!!!!

Y/n: Okay but when we get back from our missions we have to have a movie night

Y/n: Cuddles are not an option. Their mandatory.

McCree: I have no problem with that.

Hanzo: Neither do I.

Y/n: Heck I have to go now. See you guys in a few days!! I love you both!!

McCree: I have to go to. Love ya guys.

Hanzo: I love you both just as much.

Y/n has left the chatroom.
McCree has left the chatroom.
Hanzo has closed the chatroom.


It’s a small, broken family. But with the three of us, I know we’ll get along just fine. We still have each other.

Wanting to draw younger Hamadas turned into drawing Tadashi heavily struggling after the loss of their parents, since he was old enough to deal with it. He and Cass had to carry the weight on their own for a good while, since Hiro was still too young to understand (and Tadashi just lied, saying “They’re just on vacation, they’ll be back someday”). He vowed to shoulder it for both he and Hiro, so the poor kid wouldn’t have to be troubled by it when he was young. 

Turns out it was Hiro who ended up easing most of the pain though, huh. 



Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 

The Reunion (Kellin Quinn~ Y/N)

Can I ask for a Kellin quinn imagine where you’re at a school reunion with your old mates and teachers at your school (your in a very well known band) and half way though, kellin comes and surprises you and everyone (even some of the teachers) sort of fangirl because ‘your so cute as a couple’ and they thought it was just rumours going around. Then he just messes with you and picks you up and keeps kissing you and just fluff? Thank you very muchkins x

Written By: Gwen

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Takane: The real question is WHY IS HARUKA SO TALL?? Do you get taller instead of getting fatter???

Haruka: Eeh? B-but I think that Takane being a liiiiiittle short is cute~~ ehehe~

Takane: I’M NOT SHORT!!!////////////