you two are the worst otp ever

soonseoktalkeu asked:

There's three things my mom tells me. "You're the worst Christmas present I've ever received." "You're the best Christmas present I've ever received." "You're the Christmas present I received as a joke."

And thanks hahha, Soonseok is my OTP…Love the vines btw. Have my love. 💓💓💓💕💖💞💕💖💞💗💋💋💋💋💓💕💖💞💋💓💕💖💞💋💓💕💖💞💌

Hahaha aw. My mom’s birthday is two days after mine so I get the whole “birthday present” gag as well lol Thanks for loving the blog and much love to you as well!

-Admin Danny

remusjohnlup1n asked:

mr selfridge (':

otp: grardle… dumardle is perfect too but they fit each other more imo.

favourite canon pairing: other than ^, calfridge.

worst pairing ever: mae/loxley. that abusive dickhead.

guilty pleasure pairing: grardle still ha :)

a pairing you want to see more: definitely george/connie, those two look adorable

that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: i ship everyone sorry

favourite non-romantic pair: mae/harry, or victor/elsa

carmela-soprano asked:

The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie


otp: JohnnyXGinny

favourite canon pairing: See above, but also TonyXCarm 

worst pairing ever: ChrisXAde, I’m so on the fence with it, but in the end I just think it’s one of the worst relationships ever. It’s a ship I get, but it’s also a horrible relationship. 

guilty pleasure pairing: CarmelaXAngie 

a pairing you want to see more: AdrianaXHollywood Amy, I really wish her character had come back and the two women both left Chris (and Amy’s Fiance) and got together and lived happily ever after. 

that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no:” TonyXMelfi 

favorite non-romantic pair: Carmela and Father Phil tbh 

Nurse Jackie:

otp: JackieXEddie! 

favourite canon pairing: see above, but also ZoeyXPrentiss (they were so great together) 

worst pairing ever: JackieXGabe (I really hate Gabe) 

guilty pleasure pairing: JackieXZoey

a pairing you want to see more: JackieXRoman 

that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no:” I don’t really think I have any objections to popular ships

favorite non-romantic pair: Zoey and O’Hara 

anonymous asked:


*Clutches chest* My pleasure

Otp: Hannigram. It’s kinda official already so why fight it

Favourite canon pairing: Hannigram, of course. I’m talking the intellectual, psychological and deeply symbolic pairing of those two assholes that the show actively explores.

Worst pairing ever: all the pairings made sense, so i can’t give a definite answer, but i suppose the pairing i least liked was Will/Margot

Guilty pleasure pairing: Hannigram. The smushy, fluffy, smutty kind in which those two dark idiots have nothing on their minds but love and butts.

A pairing you want to see more: HANNIGRAM AND ALANA/MARGOT (margana? alagot? hahaha escargot maybe i should stop)

that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: brownham. i see lots of it on ao3 but… nah.

favorite non-romantic pair: HANNIGRAM. It’s still platonic or it kindaa was until Secondo, but now I’m really confused and I really don’t know if we’ve entered full-blown Hannigram or not. I’m not comfortable with it being canon just yet, considering how it was never canon in the books, but that’s just me and my stupid aversion to anything that deviates from canon too much (be delicate with our maybe-platonic-maybe-not pairing Bryan!)