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Long Distance Won’t Work

➺ request: can you please do a bts text where you are a long distance relationship couple and you see him with another woman on a news and decide to ignore him for maaaaany days because you’re jealous? 💓

➺ note: here you go love, I hope you don’t mind that I’m gonna change it up a bit. Hopefully you still like it :) I’ll have a part two up, if anyone wants it —Admin Jay

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Me play undertale and discover something not everybody knows

Thanks to my friend ineke aka @waterdragonangel to tell me how the do a screenshot without using my cell phone to take photo. I use more computer than cell phone to go to internet.

I’m gonna show you a couple of screenshot from Undertale and discover something that not everybody know.

screenshot number 1 Jerry return.

If you ditch jerry during the battle. he will come back after two turn.

screenshot number 2 Unisicle

If you undecorated Gyftrot  , spare and some space on your item. Unisicle will appear in it.

screenshot number 3 bird head ??

If you look closer to Snowdin word. the “ O ” look like a bird head

screenshot number 4 how monster was made?

What is this mean?

screenshot number 5 ???

lol is it taking about the Christmas lights or the door?

screenshot number 6 waiting but nobody came

No matter how long you wait. No Undyne or guards came. I wonder how long Papyrus is waiting for them?

screenshot number 7  the door of papyrus room

Papyrus you silly skeleton it’s your room. of course you allowed.

that will be all for today.

baronessblixen  asked:

Mulder and Scully watch a scary movie, one of them is scared but won't admit it. OR a Halloween party and one (or both) is wearing a silly costume. Bonus: Skinner is there. BUT FLUFF! 😁

Ok this is definitely fluff! And yes my Skinner love is for sure showing😁 Thanks for the prompt I hope you like it!

@fictober @today-in-fic 

  “I can’t believe neither of you have seen this movie.”  Skinner stares at you incredulously as he takes a sip of beer.

  “Something tells me we’ve already lived it so I guess we never thought to watch it.”  Mulder offers his answer with a sly smile.

  You two have been having these movie nights with Skinner once every couple weeks for the last six months.  It started out unplanned, Skinner coming over one night for dinner after you two had been officially forgiven by the F.B.I.   There was an easiness in the dynamic you three shared.  He’d been there from the beginning,  been a part of every battle wound both physical and emotional.  He was you and Murder’s oldest friend, only friend really.  Skinner was a person that could never reside in the past tense, he belonged with you two on whatever adventures you were going to have.  Even if latley that meant beer and movies.  You were happy to have a taste of normalacy, quite contented.

  “What is it we’re watching again?”  You ask as you plop down between the two men on the couch nuzzling into Mulder.

  “The Conjuring. ”  Skinner answers wearing a shit eating grin.

  “Honestly I don’t know which one of you is worse.”  You chuckle as you take a long swing of your beer.  "Ok then start it up!“  

  You’d never admit it to Mulder or Skinner, but you’re genuinely loving the movie.  What you might be loving a little more is the fact that Mulder is scared!  He is doing his damndest to hide it but every time something spooky happens, his arm squeezes a little tighter around your waist, his fingers gripping your hips with a surprising amount of urgency.

  “I’m gonna grab another beer, you guys want one?”

  “Uh huh.”  They mutter in unison eyes glued to the TV.

  You collect the beers and start to head back to the living room when you stop a few feet shy.  Mulder and Skinner are slowly inching closer to one another on the couch as the movie grows more intense.  Something happens on screen making both men jump and scream like little girls!  You walk over to them desperately trying to hide your amusement when you notice Mulder and Skinner are holding hands.  There’s no containing yourself as you erupt into fits of hysterical laughter.  They realize that they are in fact clutching each other, and make an attempt to very nonchalantly break apart.

  “I can sit on the chair if you want, let you two be alone.”  You manage to squeak out.

  “That sounds great thanks.”  Skinner deadpans as he takes a sip of his beer.

  “Yeah Scully leave us.”  Mulder snickers as he puts his arm around Skinner.

  “You know I’ve had dreams like this,” you say as you wedge yourself between the two men, “But I was always in the middle.”

  “Yeah you were in the middle in mine as well.”  Skinner tries to say it with a straight face but fails, laughter booms out of his chest as he slides back to the other end of the couch.

theartsyskeleton  asked:

Skyward Sword Zelink and Botw Revalink and Sidlink

wow you deadass got my main ships lol don’t worry guys i have more

SS Zelink:

  • power couple
  • you’d think that the hardened knight/warrior and enemy of all evil would be the one willing to kick ass at any second but nope its zelda and link is totally fine with that
  • despite that the two are the cutest things alive and when theyre together everyone melts 
  • every morning link goes out and makes zelda a bouquet so she can wake up to pretty flowers
  • he also tried to make them matching scarves but failed. it was the thought that counted.
  • she loves to run her fingers through his hair bc its so soft
  • zelda constantly shows Link off. she just loves him so much and wants everyone to know it
  • they were matching outfits smh
  • when “Hyrule” is established and homes are built on the Surface and Zelda is named ruler/queen/princess Link insists on carrying her around on his shoulders because shes now royalty
  • link is too shy to do anything too extreme PDA wise. the most he can go for is a kiss on the cheek but when they’re alone catch that boy showering his gf in kisses and cuddles!!!


  • catch revali complaining about link taking him on mini-adventures around hyrule but always loving them
  • revali loves to braid link’s hair and even puts one (1) feather in the braid
  • link is the most encouraging boyfriend ever and goes to watch revali when he trains and claps super loudly (he’d cheer but being a mute he can’t)
  • revali lets link wear his scarf 
  • link always makes revalis favorite meal (creamy seafood stew and copious simmered fruit)
  • links smile when hes cooking food melts revali’s heart
  • catch revali using his wing as protection against the rain for link
  • #boyfriends that judge together stay together
  • every time revali gets the honor of seeing link kick some monster ass his love for the hylian boy grows 10000%
  • revali is so grossly in love with link but he’ll never admit he’s that in love with him
  • neither one of them can properly show their affection/feelings for one another so they resort to defeating something and taking something off that defeated thing to show that they love one another
  • the two arent very comfortable with PDA but there are times where they sneakily hold hands or give each other a lil kiss


  • they!!! love !!! to dance !!! in the moonlight !!!
  • sidon always makes sure link starts his days off with a billion compliments 
  • link loves to bring sidon precious gems
  • link loves physical affection and sidon loves giving it to him
  • at one point link started calling king dorephan dad to embarrass Sidon but now it just stuck
  • on one of their adventures together link learned that sidon could push over and destroy a rampaging guardian and you can bet your ass this boy had heart eyes for this giant zora
  • link is the big spoon
  • they have matching neck pieces 
  • sidon made a public announcement to all the zora people that he cherishes and loves link
  • underwater kisses!!!!
  • every time Link travels to another village (like Hateno or Kakariko) or the castle for Official Business Sidon will back a big old bag for him filled with fairy tonic and weapons
  • link loves to show off how strong he is to sidon
  • sidon loves to get link the prettiest pearls
  • they are never ending support systems for one another

yall i have never met Taylor. i live like thousands of miles away from her. i’m not confident enough or interesting enough to post videos or selfies or life stories to help her get to know me. she only did a concert in my country once. i don’t have the money nor the time to travel around the world to meet her. she did notice me a couple of times two years ago but then life happened and i didn’t have much time anymore to be here all day. hell, i’m not even sure she knows my name, but let me tell you something. as you grow older, it’s incredibly hard to remain hopeful or have any dream in that matter. it’s hard to believe in anything because people let you down constantly. this, this whole thing about Taylor acknowledging my existence, it’s pretty silly for someone like me, for sure. but trust me, even the tiniest hope can and will keep you going. So don’t give up, because Taylor is doing everything in her power to meet you and she hasn’t given up yet so why should you?

Dinner for Two

A pregnancy announcment fic for Feysand. Fluff incoming.

Rhysand was brooding.

Feyre had blocked him from her mind, her emotions, for weeks. She spent the last couple of weeks visiting Lucien and Elain in the Day Court, and he missed his mate. But he couldn’t help wonder if he had done something wrong.

Cassian got him to fly up to the House of Wind for a day of training. Sadly, even getting beat to shit by his brother didn’t help get Feyre off his mind.

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captainharoldsstyles  asked:

9 and 84. You got this girl!

Let’s hope it’s not total shit!
9. “For fuck’s sake, can you just shut up?”
84. “I feel like I’ve been split in two.”

A migraine wasn’t even enough to describe the pain ripping into Y/N’s skull as of right now. It felt like someone was bulldozing through her frontal lobe and she’d do anything to stop it. Anything except kill a dog, or toss her tea in the trash. That’s just inhumane. The pain present in her head had been making itself very well-known for the past couple of days, but today was the worst of it.

“Y/N! I finished it!” Shawn cheered barging into the room.
For fuck’s sake, can you just shut up?” She screamed, of course, not helping the situation anymore.

Shawn stopped in his excited tracks, confusion etching onto his face. “What’s the matter?” Y/N couldn’t even bother to respond, just holding her head against the pillows as tears threatened to spill from her eyes.

Shawn watched her face scrunched in discomfort, slowly pressing into the mattress and resting her head in his lap. His fingers massaged her scalp, a sigh falling past her lips as his fingers ran over the roots of her hair. He gazed down, studying the serenity washing over her features. “Headache again?” He asked, earning a nod from her.

I feel like I’ve been split in two.” Y/N groaned, tugging the covers over her body. She hadn’t tried sleeping to ease the pain, but how could she really rest with a never ending throbbing in her head?

“What are you so stressed about? You only get ‘em this bad when you’re overanalyzing.” Shawn asked, wrapping her in his arms. Her body relaxed, letting him take care of her for once.
“Mom’s lights are gonna be off for a whole week since her check doesn’t come until next Monday and I don’t have the money to pay it or else—“
“No they won’t.” He states, pulling Y/N’s tense body in closer. She looks up at him like he’s gone absolutely fucking mental.

“I paid it for her yesterday.”
“Shawn!” She hollers, groaning as her temple throbs.
“What? Just because you think I don’t pay attention doesn’t mean I actually don’t.” He hums, pressing Y/N against the mattress. “Your mother blessed me with you. The least I can do is pay a bill or two when she needs it.”

Ok guys real talk
This concerns a very small number of the 2000+ lovely followers that Cookie has, but anon won’t tell us who they are so this is a public message.


and this:

and these:

Are not, in any way, shape, or form, polite requests. If you can’t tell why, lemme break it down for you.

It takes Cookie a couple hours to do a single person simple sketch. This sets the base for their commission prices, and also is why requests should only be one or two characters. Maximum. Cuz otherwise, they have to devote frankly too much time to doing a single project without being paid.

Cookie is an artist and has valuable time. They spent many years honing this skill and have put a lot of effort into it. They are making a game for free, in addition to going to school and dealing with stress at home (much like a lot of us). They cannot devote as much time as they would like to doing requests, to making art for free. They would LOVE to, but that’s just not the world we live in. SO when they have a couple free hours, they go to a doc I maintain, that has a list of all the requests that are actually doable, and they do some free art for you guys.

These requests, with 11 characters or more, or many incarnations of the same character, are not feasible. They’re just not. That being said, if you really really want the art, feel free to commission Cookie. I’ll even link their commission prices.

Now they can afford to spend time doing your request(s), and you get awesome art. Win/win.

And if it’s not good enough to pay for, why are you asking for it anyways?

ALL of this being said, thank you so much to the many people who ask questions, request characters, give compliments or critiques, share theories (I in particular really enjoy reading those, they’re fun and y’all are smart lil cookies), and generally just interact with this blog! You guys are awesome, and make Cookie’s life fun.

This post is mostly just explaining why Cookie can’t do some requests, and also asking those people who send in ridiculous ones to reconsider maybe commissioning them. Pay your artists guys, they need to eat too.

In no way stop sending requests, but please respect that they may take a while, Cookie can decide not to do any for whatever reason, and ridiculous ones (more than one or two characters) have a significant chance of never being done or being done very far in the future. It stresses Cookie out to get them and be unable to do them, so please respect that they don’t want to get the ask.


Dutch Gothic

-        There’s a couple riding by on a bicycle. One rackety bicycle, two people, preferably also a 20-pound-heavy grocery bag on each handle and a small dog. They are in perfect balance and harmony and no one ends up in the hospital with head injuries.

-        There are multi-story parking lots for bicycles that are bigger than the average car park. For some reason, they are still filled to the brim every single day despite there being enough space for almost 15.000 bikes.

-        Children are waiting at the exits of supermarkets. They’ve got bags strapped to their shoulders and their lines ready in their head. “Do you have football cards?” They ask every poor soul who happens to exit. Their eyes are hungry. They will get their football cards. They will get their football cards even if it becomes the death of them.

-        You double-lock your bike just to be sure. The next morning it’s gone anyway.

-        “Oh, you’re from Holland?” A foreigner asks you. “How much weed do you smoke?” You and almost everyone you know smoke no weed yet you’re always asked this.

-        You had English language classes in high school. You learned nothing from them. You speak English anyway.

-        You had French language classes in high school. You learned nothing from them. You speak only the most basic French phrases.

-        Once per year, the streets in the big cities are devoid of almost all traffic. A bright orange hue flows through every street, every corner. People dance, people sell their old shit, people get piss-drunk. The streets are overflowing with people in orange. It’s total anarchy. The next morning everything is clean and normal again.

-        A foreign friend asks you if learning Dutch would be a fun idea. You get war flashbacks from every single time you failed a Dutch grammar test despite it being your native language.

What do you want to read next?

Once again I’m going to ask you guy’s to help me decide what to write next. I’m doing this because I have several ideas and I want to know what you guys would want to read. Below is a short description of two series’ and all you have to do is send me an ask and tell me wich one you want to read. I’ll keep the voting open for a couple of days.

I’m finishing up the rest of my requests from my celebration, and as soon as they are done, I’ll start writing the series.

The Beauty in the Beast

Characters: demon!Dean, Reader


When your father dies bloody in a hunt, you do all you can to bring him back. Hurt, grieving, and desperate, you seek out the king of hell, hoping against all hope he will help you. To your surprise, it’s not Crowley you meet, it’s the infamous Dean Winchester. You’ve only heard tales about the Winchester brothers, but this is not the green eyed hunter you once heard of. The candy green eyes other huntress’ has told you about has turned black, his expression cold, and his heart rid of compassion. Dean is ready to deal, but will you accept his offer? Will you discover the truth about how he became Crowley’s right hand? Will you be able to save yourself?

A/N: I’m gonna base this loosely off of the story about Beauty and the Beast and it’s gonna be angsty (wow.. surprise).

Is Love Enough?

Characters: Jensen Ackles x Reader


In 2009 you landed your first big job as a makeup artist for a movie called My Bloody Valentine. At the time, you were 21 and fairly new to the job. This was a great opportunity for you, a stepping stone, your way into the movie business. This was when you met Jensen Ackles. He was smart, witty, kind, incredibly handsome, and for some reason he had his eye on you. By the time the movie had wrapped, the two of you were dating, falling in love. Jensen was 10 years older than you, but when you are so madly in love, age is just a number after all. 8 years later, the two of you are engaged, sharing a home in Austin, Texas, still very much in love. You had taken a leap from working in makeup to acting, and are now ready to move to LA and start working as a lead on a new show. With the support of your loving fiance, you pack your bags and head to LA. Will the distance between you strain your relationship? Will your new busy schedule tear the two of you apart? Or is the love you two share enough?

A/N: Again, this will be mostly angsty!

Tagging my forevers and my Dean/Jensen lists:

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Clair De Lune - [1]

Fandoms: Peaky Blinders
Summary: It was always clear to the people of small heath that the Bowman’s held as much authority as the Shelby’s. You would never find one without the other, causing trouble left, right and center. That’s, why it didn’t, faze anyone when Tommy started to court Esmeralda. Becoming one of the most fear power couples in Birmingham.
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x OC - Esmeralda Bowman
Warnings: Loss of life, Death of a child, physical assault, early labor, mild angst and triggering subjects.

                             Chapter 1: Esmeralda Bowman

Esmeralda Evangeline Tiana Bowman was born at 12:01 am. November 5th, 1895 at the royal institution for critically ill children, England Birmingham; Two months premature. The youngest child of Lawrence and Raymond Bowman. in their ever-growing family of seven. Esmeralda’s mother had been rushed off to the hospital the previous day, after being horrifically attacked in retaliation to one of the peaky blinders many heists. regrettably, it wasn’t an uncommon thing for Lawrence and the boys to get caught up in their father’s business. However, they knew their fathers loves them dearly and does everything in his power to keep them safe, and they wouldn’t change it for the world.

Lamentable this assault had been more vicious and violent, leaving the heavily pregnant mother of three, soon to be five, fighting off her life in some abandoned back ally to the garrison. Her cry went unheard for what felt like hours, the water that came from between her legs soon turned to crimson blood. she just lay there unable to mover until Harry; the pub owners eldest son stumbled upon her in his drunken state. Lawrence felt as though, she had finally started to hallucinate due to the blood loss, gladly being proved wrong when she felt the warmth of his body as he picked her up, an almost scorching feeling compared to her frozen body. Harry managed to carry her out of the ally, past the garrison and all the way down to watery lane, a seemingly impossible task. To a young woman house, Miss Elizabeth Gray is more commonly known to the residence of Small Heath as Aunt Polly. It was common knowledge that the two of them were close had been since primary school. One never left the others side, thick as thieves the two of them where. So that meant if Polly wasn’t with Lawrence now, the only other place she would be is with her nephews. Harry had to kick at the bottom of the door a few times, due to his hands being preoccupied with the almost lifeless body or Mrs. Bowman. The door was eventually opened by a very tired looking seven-year-old Arthur. “A- au- Aunt Polly, Mum”. Fear evident in his voice as he shouted back into the kitchen, the two women quickly rushing to his side. Fearing that they were in danger of some sort. 

“It’s Mrs. Bowman”.

“Ma'am. I know it’s hard but you’re going to have to push”. Lawrence just lay there completely defeated. She had no hope left in her. Her body hurt from head to toe, well she assumed it did, she had lost feeling in her leg about two hours into the labor. “Or I’m afraid neither of them will make it”. A look of complete terror crossed her face, she had just been told the one thing no mother wants to hear. Some of the few words in the world that’ll make anyone crack.

“No. No, I need Raymond here”. Her eyes started to sting with tears. The nurse moved to try and wipe them away. In an effort to comfort the distressed woman as best she could. “I can do this without him”, the memory of losing her first and second born, flashing through her head. Jack had originally been one of three, a beautiful set of blond-haired triplets but due to complications with being pregnant so young, she sadly lost the children. That was the main reason why there was a five-year gap between her children, and even then, she still had some complications. “Not after last time”. She breathed out barely about a whisper. She violently shook her head as tears streamed down her face. The pain in her stomach and chest began hurting, even more, the wounds she had received earlier making everything worse. The salt from her tears causing the ones on her face to sting and burn.

“I’m afraid that we haven’t been able to contact him”, a young nurse observing into the corner closest to Aunt Polly said regretfully, her entire body trembling. It was clear that the young girl had never seen anything so horrific before in her short experience. Polly gave the girl a small smile as she nodded to excuse the nurse, she quickly ran into the next room, you could hear as she threw up. It truly was a horrific site. “It going to be okay, sweetheart”. An older nurse spoke up as she cleaned the deep wound on her arm. “you’ve done your job and kept them safe, now it’s our turn”. Her words somewhat help to calm her frantic state her breathing slowed as she looked up to the nurse.

Lawrence began to calm down. Letting the nurse treat her, her eyes closed her eyes and she tried to forget what was happening to her and move to a happy place. “Wait, so he’s still in London?” Polly nodded her head as she helped one of the nurse to clean up her face. “Where are the boys? Poll where are my boys?” She cried out as she tried to sit up. Forcing the nurses out of the way as she tried to get out of the hospital bed. The nurses around her began to panic and gently push back onto the bed with Polly help.

Polly ran her hand over Lawrence’s brown hair trying to sooth some of her pain and clam her. The scene before her had Polly breaking down in tears, her best friend was shattering like a porcelain doll and she couldn’t do anything to help her. “They are sat outside. Arthur and Jack are looking after the younger ones. Now you need to push”. It took everything in her to push, the action causing the injuries to her body to flare up angrily. Yet she did it again and again. Until she collapsed back onto the bed, the pain becoming too much.

“Yes, come on. One more ma'am”. She grabbed onto Polly’s arm in a death grip, she grit her teeth and put all her energy into the push. Her vision going black as she lost consciousness. But not before hearing her baby girl cry out for her.

“Jack, I need you to hold your baby sister whilst I help your, mother. Okay”. it clearly wasn’t a question as Polly was practically trying to shove the newborn into the boy’s arms. Her voice was filled with fear and panic, as she did a once over on the younger boys. Her own had blood from the tips for her pale fingers up to her elbows. She was still dressed in yesterday’s clothes, she had forgotten to busy focusing on getting the boys a fresh set and simultaneously looking out of the ambulance. “Jack, I need you to do this”. A few moments of silence where share between the two of them. “Your mom needs you to do this. Please, Jack”. Polly was practically begging the boy before her, her eyes filled with more tears as the others trickled down her cheeks. Before adding another stain to the blood covered dress. “Jack, please sweetheart”. Her voice broke, as she let out a desperate cry. The boys had no idea how serious this was. Polly looked completely defeat, she had lost all hope. She truly believed that her best friend was going to die.

“But I’m only nine, what do I know about a baby”.

“Arthur will help you”. Jack looked down the corridor. The twins Theodore and Damon were sat on the floor with Tommy, rolling a red ball to each other. Laughing away obliviously. Whilst Arthur sat on the provided chairs with 10-month-old john in his arms. “He’s been helping with John as you can see. and he’s younger than you, so I’m sure you can do it”. Jack looked down at the floor, trying to think what was the right thing to do. Of course, he wanted to hold his little sister but what if something happened! mother and father would blame him, when they had Theo and Damon he wasn’t allowed to hold they unsupervised until the where nearly one. Fear was completely consuming his body, the responsibility felt too much for him. But his mother needed him, it was his responsibility to look after the family when his father wasn’t there and his mother really needed him to do this. And father would be so proud of him.

Jack was silent for a few more moments, shifting uncomfortably on the balls of his feet. “Uh, okay”. Polly gasped out a cry of relief, her breathing coming out uneven. He rubbed his sweaty palms on his trousers before for reaching for his new sister. He looked down to see a pair of arms reaching up to try to reach out for some form of comfort. “what’s her name?”

“Esmeralda”. Once making sure that the newborn was safe in his arms, Polly ran back inside to help the midwife. The screams continued to echo in the empty hallway, as the boys sat there in silence. Honesty Jack was too scared to move or talk. The younger ones continued to play in the hallway with the small red ball. They were oblivious to what was happening around them. It was understandable given that he and Arthur were the only two out of the six of them that understood what was currently happening. Tommy and twin knew that she was having babies, but considering they were only four at the time, they had no idea what was happening beyond the doors.

Jack moved back over to the other to continue waiting, except now he had the newest addition to the family snuggling in his arms. “oi, Arthur shift it”, the slightly young lad moved over to the next chair over so his friend could sit down. His eyes instantly shifted to the baby girl in his arms, she was sound asleep, her cheeks red and puffy from all the screaming she had been doing.

“John was never that quiet. Dad said he practically came out screaming”. Aruthr laughed it an attempt to calm his friend down. Jack began to lighten up and laugh too, only to shut up when John began to cry. “Told Ya”. The altercation ended up catching the attention of the younger boys who were previously playing on the floor, in a world of their own. They all huddled around Jack, Tommy in the middle with Theo and Damon on each side with Arthur looking over his shoulder. The girl was mumbling and crying slightly, as she reached out for someone.

“who’s dat?” Damon spoke first, the boy was still struggling to pronounce simple words properly. He poked the baby with his finger cautiously, after raising it was okay the other two joined in. Damon played with her tiny feet, attempting to see if she was ticklish. Theodore was admiring her platinum hair. Whilst Tommy poked her nose, causing her to release a sound which could be described as laughter. Smiles mirrored on each of their faces. “She’s our new sister, isn’t she”?

“Yeah, Theo She is. Aww, look at that she’s got our grin”. Esmeralda started to cry feel overwhelmed with all the huge faces crowding. The screams of the small infant began of worry the small boys, as they continued to get louder. Jack eventually had to give her to Arthur and take John. He tried everything that worked with John, from rubbing her on the back to giving her little kisses on her nose. It was hopeless. Her screams wouldn’t subside. 

“Here let me take her son”. The voice startled all of them, they hadn’t noticed their fathers arrived probably too stress and preoccupied with trying to deal with the screaming baby. Arthur Sir took the baby from his son as the twins father walked down to his wife’s room. He took off his hat before knocking on the white door. Only to disappear into the room a second later. “Well done boys for looking after her”. He moved to sit down next to his eldest, in the short time she had been with him Esmeralda had fallen asleep on his chest. The boys returned to playing on the floor with the ball, whilst the other sat in silence waiting to hear the news.

About an hour or so later Polly came out of the room in tears looking utterly lost. “she lost the baby”, she cried out into her brother’s shoulder. He had been waiting outside the door after he got pins and needles in his legs for sitting down so long. She kept her voice quiet as she continued, “Lawrence is in no condition to look after a baby. So we’re going to take baby Bowman home”. Arthur nodded to his sister before she began walking down to the boys. “Right you lot who wants a sleepover”. The three younger ones jumped up instantly, suddenly hyper with the news of a sleepover. Running after Arthur sir, who was waiting at the door for them. Arthur slowly walking behind them with John curled up in his arms.

“The other baby died. Didn’t he?”

“I’m afraid so Jack. Come on Let’s get you home”. Jack handed Esmeralda back over to Polly before running down the hallway to catch up with the others. She smiled sweetly down at the small child in her arms.

“Hello, Esmeralda. I’m your Aunt Polly”.

Inseparable (Reddie) 5/?

They say you should never date a good friend. Why? Because if your relationship ends badly, you will more than likely lose that good friend. Richie and his best friend Eddie took that risk when they became an official couple. But what happens when sudden change erupts into their relationship? The two who would travel to the ends of the world for each other are put up to the test. Unfortunately, Eddie knew there was no such thing as fairy tales…Right?

Chapters: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (coming soon)

Richie fell back onto his mattress and stared at the ceiling with wide blank eyes. The temperature in his room was chilly. His chest felt tight while his stomach felt knotted. His fingers were like ice and the rest of his body was tense. His mind was like a carousel and he just wanted to get off the sickening ride. The lump in his throat began to physically hurt as tears forced their escape through his eyes. He tried to battle them away with quick blinks but the tears won the war and poured from his eyes.

How could he move? What would happen to his friends? What about Eddie?

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What To Do To Service Dogs #1

Read Their Patches!

This is a long post. If you find reading long posts difficult, there is a TLDR section at the bottom.

Again, I’m aware lists like this start out differently, but here me out. Patches can be a super important part of a service dog team’s ensemble, and they’re pretty beloved in the service dog community, so here’s two reasons why you should always read the patches on a service dog’s vest.

1. They’re expensive!

The service dog community loves their patches! They love interesting designs of all different colors and shapes and different messages. While you’ll often see teams with just a couple patches, it’s not uncommon for service dog teams to have a vest completely covered in them. And they cost money.

In my experience, patches range from $7 to $10. The larger and/or more intricate the patch, the higher the price. Plus, if you’re a handler like me, and prefer exchangeable patches, you’ll have to get them with a velcro backing with costs anywhere from $0.99 to $2. 

Now, obviously, I completely understand I’m paying for the labor of the people who make them, and I’m totally fine with doing so. But, since they do cost money, some appreciation of them is always nice.

2. They’re informative!

Patches can tell you a hell of a lot more than just “service dog.” While some handlers do just have patches that say that, they frequently tell you exactly how to interact with a service dog team, because it can vary from team to team.

Sometimes you’ll see patches like this

[image description: rectangular patch that goes on a service dog vest. Edge is red, background is white. Says in large black letters: Service Dog No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact]

Which states in plain terms exactly the handler wants you to do with their dog. If you see this, it’s a clear sign the handler doesn’t want you touching it, talking to it, or making eye contact with it. 

You’ll also see patches like this

[image description: long, rectangular patch that goes on a service dog’s vest. Edge is black, background is white. There are four black symbols circled in red with a line through them. The first is a vertical hand with its palm facing forward, signifying “no touch.” The second is a speech bubble, signifying “no talk.” The third is an eye, signifying “no eye contact.” The fourth is the camera on a phone, signifying “no photos.”]

This patch is sending the message that the handler does not want anyone touching, talking to, making eye contact with, or photographing them or their service dog. It just takes a quick glance to tell!

Not all handlers want no attention on their dogs! If a handler is open to some interaction, you might see patches like this:

[image description: circular patch that goes on a service dog’s vest. Edge is red, background is white, contains red Star of Life with a white rod of Asclepius inside in the middle. In large, black letters, text reads: “Service Dog Ask To Pet”]

Please note that if you don’t see a patch like this on a service dog, I do recommend ignoring them rather than thinking most handlers would welcome this sort of attention. However, if you see this patch on a service dog, you should absolutely feel free to do as it says!

Or even patches like this!

[image description: square patch that goes on a service dog’s vest. Edge is teal, background is black. In large white and teal letters, the text reads: “SERVICE DOG

If my handler is down

1. Do not call 911 unless handler is hurt
2. Do not separate us
3. Give us space]

This awesome patch even tells the general public what to do if the handler is down, for whatever reason. There are so many reasons to read patches!

A few last things before the TLDR: You might see patches that you consider rude. Please don’t voice your opinion on them. Patches are also a way for service handlers to have fun and state opinions people would rather not have them voice. So if you see patches that say things like “Don’t You F*** Dare Touch This Service Dog” or “Butthurt Cream,” know that 1) don’t touch the dog or bother the handler, 2) they’re a really awesome way to express our feelings and 3) they’re on there for a reason.

Not all service dog handlers have the money for patches, not all of them like patches, not all of them have patches. That’s all completely okay! It does not make them less of a legitimate service dog handler, nor does it make them any less part of the community.

Finally, all the patches in this post came from PatienceandLove. I absolutely adore their store, but they’re far from the only one! Etsy is a great place to look for service dog patches.


Make sure you read the patches that are on a service dog’s vest! Not only have the handlers spent a good chunk of money for them, they’re also really fun accessories for us and a big, fun part of the service dog community. We appreciate you (silently) appreciating them.

On top of that, they’re often really informative and will often let you know exactly how to interact with the handler and their service dog. So, read those patches!

Thanks for reading!

[image description: rectangular shaped patch that goes on a service dog’s vest. Edge is black, background is purple. In large, white letters, text reads “Do Not Pet I Don’t Bite But my Handler Does.” Next to the text, there is a small, white vertical hand with its palm facing forward, circled in red and crossed out, signifying “no touch.”]

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The wedding had been beautiful; there wasn’t a dry eye in the church as you and Steve said your handwritten vows to each other. You had looked over at Bucky several times during the ceremony and each time he looked like he would burst from happiness. Everyone in attendance was overjoyed that you and Steve were finally tying the knot. When you two were pronounced as man and wife and shared your first kiss, the entire crowd cheered and whistled.

Everything had gone off so perfectly you could hardly believe it and now you and Steve were on the way to the happiest place on Earth. It had been Steve’s idea, seeing as how he had come to love Disney movies so much.

“I want us to spend our first days as a married couple in some place that’s filled with magic, cause baby you put the magic in my life,” he said sweetly.

After that how could you say no? So, with bags packed and tickets sorted, you two set out for the airport to board your flight to Florida.

The excitement pouring off Steve was palpable and you couldn’t help get excited yourself. You could have gone anywhere really as long as you were with him. Looking down at your hand that was clasped in his, you gazed at your wedding band.

You wondered if he knew that truly the happiest place on Earth was right here next to him. He looked over at you and smiled before pulling you into a kiss.

“We are going to have so much fun,” he said as you two broke apart.

It Happened

Summary: After getting married a couple years ago, you find out that you’re pregnant. And Bucky will be pissed. ….. Maybe?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Just one swear word, super mild daddy angst at the beginning😂, pregnancy, lots and lots of crying.

A/N: Just my second fic, so be understanding if it sucks, y’all. It’s so cute tho.

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Frustration sounds like a soon-to-be dad trying to install a carseat. Bucky has been working with that thing for two hours now and only has it halfway figured out. I know better than to ask him if I can help because he made this his mission, but I’m very tempted to ask anyway. Actually, since we found out that we were expecting Bucky made many things his mission, including installing the carseat into our truck by himself and painting the nursery walls and putting all of the extra baby essentials together with me; he’s accomplished almost every mission now. His nesting senses have been as strong as and at times stronger than mine, and it’s absolutely adorable. Truthfully, I was scared when I learned that I was pregnant. Not scared for myself but scared because of Bucky… I didn’t know how he would react to it; I was afraid that he would be against it and even furious about it. I laugh about it when I think back on it now, but at the time we hadn’t talked seriously about kids—just nonchalantly tossed the idea around every now and then in casual conversation, so I was scared to death leading up to when Bucky found out.

He came home from the complex after a day of training and was in good spirits, and I remember thinking how inconvenient the serum was in the aspect of keeping blood levels at absolute normal, meaning I couldn’t get him insanely drunk and then tell him about the baby. We settled in the living room on the couch for a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air marathon while we ate supper. I was so nervous about the news I was going to have to tell Bucky that I barely ate anything, instead I just absentmindedly picked around at the food on my plate with my fork and took only a few bites of it.

“What’s on your mind, Y/N?” Bucky asked, noticing my odd behavior.

Bucky’s sudden questioning frightened me and I dropped my fork, and the sound of the fork on the glass plate brought me out of my distracted, worried trance. I looked Bucky in the face and tried my best to smile like normal, but he seen right through it. Bucky has always called my bluff more often than I would like him to, but he does it because he knows me better than that.

Something in my fake expression must’ve changed or something because Bucky turned the TV off and set his finished plate down on the coffee table. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he prompted, sounding more concerned, as he turned his whole body towards me and took both of my hands in his. I remember staring into his eyes and feeling tears come into my own eyes as the image of the seven positive pregnancy tests flashed into my mind. Tears rolled down my face as fast as they continued to well in my eyes, and Bucky wiped them away gently before I just let myself fall into his chest and his shirt soaked them up instead. I fought the lump in my throat as long as I could, but I let myself fall apart eventually because despite the news I had yet to tell him, I felt safe in Bucky’s arms. He let me bawl for a solid ten minutes, just holding me, rubbing my back and stroking my hair. I finally calmed myself down enough to lift my head from Bucky’s chest and look at him again, but I wasn’t done crying. He went back to wiping the tears from my face as he stared at me, so confused but so loving.

“Now, can you tell me what’s wrong?” he coaxed easily, pushing my hair behind my ears so he could see my face better.

I couldn’t find my voice at first, but after I did find it I couldn’t form a coherent sentence for a minute. Bucky continued to hold me and dry my face while I blubbered something mostly inaudible about the baby, but he did catch the word “sorry” in my weepy mumbling.

“‘Sorry?’” Bucky repeated. “What’re you sorry for? Or…what is it that I should be sorry for?”

I remained silent for another minute or so before accepting the fact that there was no way around the inevitable. In almost an instant after giving in to what I’d been trying to avoid, I got a grip on myself. I wiped my face with the front of my shirt and blew my nose a few times with tissues from the Kleenex box Bucky handed me, and then I took a deep breath. Immediately, after opening my eyes at the end of my deep breath, I felt even more tears form in my eyes, but I wasn’t going to break down and cry like that again. Not at that moment anyway, I decided. Bucky’s calmness usually helps calm me down, but at that time it didn’t help at all as it only put me more on edge.

“Come with me, James,” I said as I took Bucky’s hand and got up off the couch. He followed me from the living room to the laundry room without asking anymore questions until we got to the sink and stopped. There are still some things Bucky doesn’t know or understand about today’s world—phrases, music, objects, etc.—and pregnancy tests were one of those things at the time.

He looked down into the sink cluelessly at what laid in front of him and then just look back at me.

“What’re these? And what’s wrong? You still haven’t answered that question,” Bucky remarked.

“They’re pregnancy tests, James,” I replied dryly, still fighting tears and another lump in my throat. “And they’re positive. All seven of them.” Nothing truly clicked in Bucky’s mind right off the bat, but I watched as reality or something like it washed over him after a moment.

“Positive,” he said, drawing a breath. “That means yes. And these are pregnancy tests. They are positive tests… That’s what all those pink lines and blue plus signs mean, isn’t it?” I nodded my head yes.

“So you’re trying to tell me…that you are pregnant,” stuttered Bucky. “Right?” I nodded my head yes again and let my tears roll for the second time. I fell back against the wall and slid down till my butt hit the floor, legs tucked in to my chest, my head buried behind my knees, and I was sobbing. I was prepared for any reaction that was about to follow the news except for the reaction I actually got.

Without a word, Bucky knelt down and gently unfolded me. He pretty much wrapped my body around his and picked me up off the floor like a parent does with an upset child. Bucky stood me up after holding me for a few seconds and dried my face yet again but this time with one of his clean shirts from the basket of clothes I had sitting on the table next to the sink.

“What’s with all of this?” he inquired. “Why all this crying? Aren’t you happy, Y/N?”

I practically froze mid-sob and looked him in the eyes. “Are you happy?” I questioned hesitantly. And it was then that I seen tears in his eyes too, but they weren’t tears of fear like mine were, as the smile on his face made that very evident.

“Of course I am, doll!” Bucky exclaimed. “A baby! We’re gonna have a baby!”

I hadn’t quite yet been able to process what was going on at that point, so I continued to talk cautiously. “Yes… Are you not mad or anything?”

Bucky’s happy tears streamed down his face as he answered me. “No, I’m not mad or anything. Why would I be mad about this?”

I forced myself to loosen up some in Bucky’s grip because my body was sore from all of that crying and from being tense with worry all day because Bucky was obviously handling it far better than I thought he would.

“We haven’t had a serious talk about having kids yet and you’re busy with work at the complex and for a while you worried about whether or not you could even make babies.”

Bucky hadn’t thought much about that last issue I mentioned because it made him pretty sad, I would find out.

“Well, it looks like I can make babies. I honestly thought I was sterile due to the serum because Natasha is sterile due to her serum, and our serums I thought were the same but they must be different. But that’s the reason why we started doing it without any contraceptives, remember?” I thought back on what Bucky was talking about and did indeed remember that.

“And as far as work goes,” Bucky continued, “I can start taking it easier so that way I’m home more. Most of everything I do there is on my own accord. And for what isn’t on my own accord, I’m sure Tony will be flexible with me to some extent.”

“What about the no talk about having kids part?” I asked.

“I know we never truly talked about having kids at any point other than just pretty much joking about the scenario sometimes, but I did want to have kids,” confessed Bucky. “I never wanted to talk seriously about it anyway because thinking about me not being able to make babies with you made me sad… It frustrated me because I figured you wanted to have a family of our own as much as I did and I was afraid I couldn’t give it to you. I just thought that if it happened, it happened, and if it didn’t, it just didn’t.” He stopped right there and tears of joy continued to fall from his blue eyes. Bucky knelt down in front of me again, but this time it was to lift my shirt and kiss my belly that was still practically flat. “And it’s happened,” he murmured with his face hugged up to my belly and his arms wrapped around my lower back.

“How have you been feeling?” Bucky asked looking up at me. “Because I’ve heard it can be rough.”

“I’ve been feeling really great actually. Pregnancy is different for every woman, and so far I’m only of the lucky few who doesn’t suffer,” I replied honestly. 

“Good! I hope it stays easy for you. Do you know how far along you are?” he questioned further. 

I shifted my gaze from Bucky to my belly as if I actually thought I could guess based on how I looked, but realized I had no clue. “I don’t know for sure, but thinking back… I missed my last cycle a couple of weeks ago and that’s what made me suspicious, but then I also missed the one before that, which I originally wrote off as just an irregular month because I’ve dealt with irregular cycles since I was younger, but I could’ve been pregnant then because we started having unprotected sex three or four months ago. But guessing off of that, I’m not going to be any further along than eleven or twelve weeks. We need to go to the doctor to find out for sure.”

Bucky simply nodded and smiled. He kissed my belly one more time before standing back up and looking into the sink again. “So, how do these work anyway? How do these little sticks know that you’re pregnant?” he asked, reaching to grab one of them.

I caught his hand before he got ahold of one and laughed. “You only wanna touch one end of those things, sweetheart, so careful which end you grab,” I say in between laughs. “I peed on all of the ends that are pointing down and something that has to do with science lets it know if the test is negative or positive. I don’t know how to explain it very well, that’s the best I got. But if you still want to pick one up, grab this end,” I said, pointing at the handle-end of a test.

That blew Bucky’s mind in a cool and disgusting way, which was made evident by his facial expressions as I explained it to him. He picked one up anyway and looked at it closer and smiled, then another, and then one more. Those three satisfied him enough and he left the rest of them alone. “So, did you…did you pee on them here in the laundry room sink or…,” Bucky joked, on the verge of laughter.

“No,” I replied simply, commencing the laughter. “Where I was scared of telling you, I put them in the sink in here so that way you wouldn’t see them in the sink or even the trashcan in our bathroom after you got home from the complex.” Bucky just rolled his eyes and grinned as he pulled me in for a kiss.

“I got it!” thunders Bucky as he enters the house. “The carseat is in the truck and we are ready for this baby!” The proud smile I see on his face as he enters our room is reward enough. “Did you get your hospital bag packed, babe?”

“I got it packed and the diaper bag, too,” I answer. “Want me to pack your hospital bag or do you wanna pack it, James?”

“How about you just lay there on our bed and watch while I pack my bag?” he asks, pulling me as close to him as possible and rubbing my now large nine-month belly. “Because it’s likely that I will forget something if I’m unsupervised, so I need you here to make sure that I don’t forget anything.”

“I can do that,” I chime as I take my spot on our bed and try to make myself comfortable, which is next to impossible. I look on as Bucky begins removing clothes from his dresser, taking enough of each article of clothing to equal three outfits that range from thick sweatpants and a hoodie to shorts and a shirt that he’s cut the sleeves off of. Temperatures don’t bother him thanks to the serum, but he dresses like a normal man that doesn’t have super soldier serum pulsing through him because it helps him not feel like a freak.

As he moves about our room swiftly, glancing at me every few seconds with suggestive eyes but an innocent smile, I realize that my eyes are beginning to dart to objects around Bucky that I see when I watch him. The diaper bag stuffed full of everything we will need and a lot of things that we probably won’t use, my hospital bag (which is bigger than Bucky’s bag) zipped up all neat and ready to go, the small co-sleeping bed attached to our bed… 

“James…,” I mutter slowly. The ferocious manner in which Bucky turns away from his bag and rushes to my side made me realize that I sounded a bit too dramatic there without meaning to. “Nothing’s wrong! I’m sorry, love. I was just going to ask you what in the actual hell is happening right now?”

Bucky drops his head and sighs with relief, then he starts to laugh. His crisp smile is soothing. “I’ve asked myself that question today too. It’s all really crazy, I know,” he utters breathily. “There’s a carseat in our truck, there’s a room in our house that’s dedicated to someone who isn’t even here yet and won’t truly use it very much for a little while, there’s a little bed attached to our big bed for a little human that we’re worried about hurting in our sleep, and that right there is a diaper bag full of diapers and clothes and bottles and pacifiers and small towels that you keep calling burp cloths and who knows what else.” Bucky laughs again and takes a deep breath. I don’t think Bucky has ever talked this much at one time.

“And if I know you, your hospital bag right there is loaded with your phone charger, your lemon sorbet flavored chapstick, that deodorant you like because it doesn’t leave white marks on your shirts, the army green headband thing that doubles as a scarf that I got you last month, probably like seven hair ties, three pairs of regular socks plus one pair of thick wool socks, that really cute shirt Wanda gave you as a baby shower gift that you plan on wearing when you have the baby, your good camera, three pairs of my sweatpants because yours are too small on you right now, three of my t-shirts because you can’t fit your own, probably just one of my hoodies because you can’t fit into your own hoodies right now either, your toothbrush and our toothpaste, and your hairbrush. And I know of other things in that bag, but I’m just not going to talk about them. Other things women need for when they have a baby.”

I giggled while Bucky rambled after I lightened up, but now I’m just laughing with him. I’m not entirely sure why all of that was so funny, but both of us are howling and in tears. I haven’t laughed this hard since the baby shower Laura threw for me at the Barton farm during which Bucky opened a basketful of hilarious gag gifts that all of the ladies pulled together for him before he and the rest of the guys all went outside to drink and play horseshoes. My favorite gift in that basket, which wasn’t really one of the true gag gifts, was a t-shirt that had “Man behind the bump” and two thumbs up printed on it. I later found out that that shirt was actually from Clint and Laura put it in the basket for him. Bucky is going to wear that shirt to the birthing center tomorrow.

In the midst of our laughter, Bucky and I catch each other’s eyes and held eye contact. Our laughing fades slowly the longer we gaze, waning from belly laughs to soft chuckles then to nothing. We are still smiling but we are silent, just relishing in one another in the moment. But, of course, the baby wouldn’t miss an opportunity to get some attention too. I grab both of Bucky’s hands as soon as I feel the baby start to move and lay them on my belly over where the baby was moving. There is nothing any purer than Bucky and his unmatched excited happiness when he gets to feel the baby move. The looks on Bucky’s face and the way he rubs and kisses my belly and how he talks to the baby, it all just absolutely melts my heart. I think Bucky may have bump withdrawals after the baby is born, silly as that sounds. Throughout this whole pregnancy, Bucky has told me at least twice a day how gorgeous I am with a baby belly and he hasn’t been able to stay off of it, bless his loving heart. I have thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant mainly because I got to see a side of Bucky that I didn’t even know existed and it is the most beautiful thing.

Our first night as a family of three. And endless thanks to whoever decided to get these huge beds for the birthing center because I wanted to cuddle and sleep with Bucky so bad after not being able to do either of those things for the two nights in a row that I was in labor. Forty-nine hours of unadulterated torture known as labor left me unable to sleep, and the only cuddling we done during those forty-nine hours—which wasn’t even cuddling at all—was when I actually had the baby. He held me strong and steady through it all; he kept me strong and steady through it all. I could not have done it without Bucky, I know I couldn’t have. The only times Bucky left my side was when he had to use the bathroom, that was it, and even for those short amounts of time he hated leaving me. And when the nurses would bring him snacks, he wouldn’t take or eat them in front of me because I was avoiding eating except for when they made me eat a pack of peanut butter crackers. Bucky was my saving grace.

Grant James Barnes. Named after his Uncle Steve and his daddy. It’s crazy to think that he wasn’t here twenty-four hours ago, and now he’s here and sleeping sound in my arms as we sit here and do nothing but gaze at him. All seventeen inches of Grant arrived ‪at 3:09‬ earlier this morning weighing six pounds and eleven ounces and just exactly like his dad. Headful of black hair, electric blue eyes that I bet money will stay blue, a dimpled chin, long skinny fingers, and monster-sized feet for a newborn. Grant’s shoulders are even broad…as a newborn. That’s what gave me the most trouble during his birth. He got stuck at his shoulders and it took me almost too long to push him out past his shoulders. Bucky apologized for giving our son massive shoulders while I was pushing and then laughed it. That was the only time through labor and delivery that I actually thought about elbowing Bucky in the balls but decided against it because, my goodness, I needed that man more than I needed anything and I probably would’ve cried about hurting him later.

“Look what we made,” Bucky whispers before kissing the top of my head. “You done a great job. I couldn’t have done what you did.

I avert my eyes from my son to my husband. “I couldn’t have done any of it without you, James. None of it. Thank you for staying with me and for keeping me going when I wanted to give up.”

Bucky plants a gentle, intimate kiss on my lips and smiles. “I love you, Mrs. Barnes. I love you beyond comprehension. I thought I loved you beyond comprehension yesterday, but watching you go through everything within the past twenty-four hours has made me love you so, so much more. I don’t see how I could love you anymore, but I know I’ll love you more tomorrow more than I love you right now. Even without a rough labor and then giving birth to our son, my love for you grows every day. It always has and it always will.”

I blink rapidly to keep the tears in my eyes from falling but it doesn’t really help. “I’m with you till the end of the line. I will love you through it all. I love you more than you will ever know, James Barnes. And now Grant too. I will love the both of you with more than every fiber of my being till the end of time. Forever and for always.”

Hello, Neighbor//Spencer ReidxReader

A/N: LEGIT ONE OF MY FAVS, do enjoy, comment, complain, praise, you know write me stuff. 

Spencer stood by in the mail room giving the two men with a couch a head start up stairs. The apartment across from him had been a revolving door of tenants and another one was moving in today. After a couple of minutes he headed up stairs, pausing when he saw a young woman directing the two men where to place the couch. 

He knew it wasn’t polite to stare, but what he was doing was gawking with his mouth wide open, this girl was gorgeous. She looked up to see Spencer standing across the way, she waved as Spencer walked into his apartment. 

“Good first impression” he thought to him self. 

Spencer was startled when he heard a knock on the door, it was 11 at night, no one had called, he couldn’t think of a single person who would be in front of his door. He looked through the peep hole and immediately opened the door, it was you. 

“Hello, neighbor! My name is Y/N, what’s your name” you said holding you hand out for a handshake, Spencer looked at your hand and then back at you, “I don’t do hand shakes” Spencer spat out. 

“Okay, I’ve never heard of someone names ‘I don’t do handshakes’ but first time for everything” you said smiling. 

Spencer realized what he had just said, “Spencer, my name is Spencer, and I don’t like shaking hands, germs.” 

“Makes sense, well Spencer, would you be a kind neighbor and let me borrow some sugar?” 

“Let you borrow sugar, as in you’re going to return it?” 

“Yeah I’ll return it, sure, I just need coffee, and I can’t have coffee without sugar because I love sugar” you said rambling “Coffee it’s 11 at night and you’re drinking coffee” Spencer said laughing. 

“Living on the wild side over here, it’s been a long day and coffee always makes things better” 

“I agree, I’ll get the sugar” 

Spencer handed you an unopened bag of sugar, “That’s a generous amount of sugar, did you want some coffee, I made enough” you said with a smile on you face. “Sure” Spencer said closing the door behind him. 

“I’m sorry for the mess” 

“Don’t be you just moved in” your apartment was identical to his, you had boxes piled up in the living room, and some in your bedroom. Spencer couldn’t take his eyes off you as you prepared the two cups of coffee. 

“So you drink coffee when you’re stressed” he asked jokingly. 

“Amongst other things said” you said with a mischievous smile. You couldn’t deny how handsome he was, his hazel eyes never looking away from yours. You skipped the small talk and went straight for the question you wanted an answer to most, “Are you single Spencer” you watched his eyes for a response. 

“Yes, I am” he said shyly. “I saw the way the way you we’re looking at me earlier” 

“What?” his cheeks turned red embarrassed that you had noticed. 

“It’s fine, I was looking too there’s nothing to be embarrassed about?” 

“What are you saying” he said confused. 

“I am saying you’re really attractive, and I think you find me attractive” 


“And I think we should be talking a lot less” Your lips met his feverishly, his hands wrapped around your waist, making their way down to your hips and firmly grabbing your ass. You could feel him as he began to take control of you, taking off your shirt and bra, you began unknotting his purple shirt. 

His hands grabbed yours tightly and he held them behind your back, “What’s the rush” he said as he began to kiss your neck. There was no rush, this was exactly what you needed right now. 

You both stubbled to your bed, leaving a trail of Spencer’s clothes behind. His lips never left yours, he stopped for a second, his hands holding on to your underwear “I don’t do this often” 

“Having sex with your new neighbors or sex in general?” 

“Both” he answered honestly. 

Spencer walked into the office looking sleep deprived, “Did the books keep you up last night pretty boy” Morgan said with a grin on his face. 

“No actually, I stayed up late with someone” Spencer said with a goofy smile on his face. “Pretty boy, staying up late with a lady friend, please Reid we all know you read more books and you should’ve” 

Spencer was used to Morgans comments by now but today he felt the need to fight back, “There weren’t any books involved, just my neighbor, and her bed” 

Morgan let out a laugh the words coming from Spencer’s mouth sounded ridiculous. “Stop it Reid, there’s no need to lie man, do you read all you want man” 

“I wasn’t reading I was with Y/N her name is Y/N, she just moved to town” 

“Right, right we’ll go with that” 

Hotch walked in with someone new, new to everyone else but Spencer. His eyes widened as Hotch walked up to him and Morgan. “Morgan, Reid this is Y/N, she’ll be starting with us today, we have a case, wheels up and 20″ he said leaving the three alone. 

Morgan glanced between the two very shocked faces, “Hello, neighbor” you said with a smile on your face. Morgans jaw dropped to the ground, “Is this real life?”

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maluria  asked:

Aunt Asy, how do you get focused on writing? I've been trying to write for a solid couple of months and haven't been able to (it doesn't help that I might be depressed but ehhhhh).

Mental health definitely gets in the way of writing, I’ll tell you that much!

Most often, lack of focus comes from two things:

1. Veiled anxiety about writing and the daunting task of finishing a whole story

When you think about how much work you’ll need to put in to write a polished 4,000, 5,000 or 20,000 word story, starting it or working on it can be really intimidating. Being surrounded by good writers can be intimidating - it can make you think ‘what’s the point? I’m not like them’, etc. There are so many things about creating a story that are really scary.

 Anxiety manifests often as a desire to escape the thing that’s making you anxious. That means, escaping that blank word document. Alt-tabbing to Tumblr. Suddenly really wanting to play games, etc. If you find yourself suddenly wishing you were don’t ANYTHING else, struggling to focus, alt-tabbing…. etc, chances are you’re anxious. Try and confront what you might be anxious about. 

2. Actual, genuine mental illness or other illness

Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cancer, etc, etc: all these things give you brain fog, exhaustion and difficulty focusing. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re sick, you won’t be able to perform as well as someone who isn’t. <3

Re: powering through these things anyway:

I’ve been struggling myself lately for a number of reasons, but I’ve found setting myself a tiny, manageable goal every day helps me build words over time. At the moment, my words per day is 300. That’s, like, 1-3 paragraphs. I can manage that, even if I feel like crap. 

As you get better and don’t struggle with that anymore, maybe go 500, then 1000. I used to very, very easily manage 1000 words a day (often much more). I hope to get back there after a break :)

You only need to take tiny, tiny steps towards your goals to move closer towards them and reach them. Don’t be intimidated by people who are able to churn out thousands and thousands of works with ease - set your own pace. Slow and steady, you’ll get to the end of the race, too :)

anonymous asked:

job interview speedrun: run into the wall at the right angle and you'll clip through straight to the results screen with a max score

I GOT THE HIGH SCORE!!!!!! THEY LIKED ME SO MUCH THEY HIRED ME ON THE SPOT!!!!!!!!! THATS LIKE SO RARE APPARENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bc usually you turn in the application and they call you within a week and they schedule for an upcoming or following weekend, then if they like you you gotta wait within a week for them to schedule for the upcoming or following weekend, and if they liked you after your second interview you gotta wait like a week or two to get know youre on the team. then you gotta wait until training week starts. like, wowza. sometimes it takes up to two months to actually get hired on. i met this cute lady like a couple days ago. my first interview didnt need a second one they just liked me so much i was hired oonNNNNjska dhkaljhsdKJSHKLJHD