you two are still clumsy idiots

Per usual, it’s all Stiles’ fault.

But, as his dad kindly pointed out, who would think that a kettle would end up turning someone into a cat? What kind of witch curses a fucking kettle?

If Stiles could speak, he would have yelled out ‘a crazy one!’, but as it is he only hisses and sinks his claws – ugh – into the surprisingly comfy sofa cushion, pointedly avoiding the glare Derek throws his way.

“I’m sorry!” The crazy witch says for the tenth time. “I wanted to make water boil quicker, but I think I must have read the wrong spell.”

‘You think?’ Stiles hisses, but is completely ignored.

Scott collapses on the couch next to him, drops a hand over the fluffy fur that now covers his head and scratches it softly.

Later, Stiles will be angry with himself for giving in and purring, but for now it just feels too damn good to care.

“So what do we do?” Scott says. “How do we reverse it?”

Crazy witch gives them a guilty smile and Derek groans. “You don’t know?”

“I’m sorry!” She exclaims again. “I’m going to call my mom tomorrow morning, I swear!”

“Tomorrow?” Scott groans, holding Stiles’ back so he won’t jump on the woman and claw her eyes out. “Easy, kitty, she’s – ouch! He bit me!”

Stiles jumps out of Scott’s hold, huffing. Kitty, ugh.

“What are we gonna do with him until then?” Derek asks, arms crossed over his chest.

That’s what annoyed must smell like, Stiles figures as he gets close to Derek. It’s nice, being able to smell him, but that must be only because Derek just took a shower, even though Derek sweaty and dirty is something Stiles is weirdly attracted to, he probably won’t smell as good like that.

Although, he sniffs Derek’s leg, barely stops himself from rubbing his entire face over it, Derek must smell good in any way. For Stiles, at least.

The loft is silent, suspiciously so, and when Stiles glances up, he notices they are all staring at him, Scott and the witch both with amused looks on their faces.

As Stiles runs to hide under a chair, he wonders if cats are able to blush.

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bozhana123  asked:

Can you write a HC with the RFA+saeran and V going on a rollerskating date with Mc(and it was her idea to try).Sorry if this is against any of your rules or not submitted on the right place, first time I ever message you ^-^

Yup, sounds good! Also PS my computer is so slow and it’s so annoying! Gah!


  • Wasn’t sure what to think about it
  • “MC, why do you want to do this?”
  • You told him to hush and just put his skates on
  • He was so freaked out when he started
  • “MC I need to perform later! I can’t mess up my face!”
  • You just laughed and skated over to him
  • “Come on.” You said, smilingly, pulling him up from his bent knees
  • He leaned on you, putting all his weight onto you, but you just wrapped his arm around yours
  • “You can do it!” You said, and Zen slowly nodded, trusting you as he always does
  • After about half an hour he finally gets the hang of it, and now that he gets it he thinks he’s in love
  • Not as great a feeling as riding on a motorcycle, but still close, it’s so amazingly fun
  • Pulling you along like an excited child and you can’t help but laugh in happiness
  • Overall it was a great date


  • “Um, Mc, a-are you sure?”
  • “Yes Yoosung, you’ll love it!”
  • He does not
  • At first
  • When you get too the rink he’s happy that it’s not too loud, and not at all crowded
  • But the minute he face plants on the rink floor he feels done
  • “MC I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” He cried out, and you skated over, kneeling down besides him
  • “Do you want to go Yoosung?” You ask sympathetically, and he nods
  • You carry him to the bench, and he takes off the skates
  • You tell him you’re going to take a few last laps and he nods, feeling slightly guilty
  • He sees you speeding around, the wind whipping through you hair, and for a minute he thought you were flying, your feet off the ground, like an ethereal airy
  • He’d never seen something more beautiful in his life
  • So when you skated over to him, done, and you saw a dopey smile on his face he just walked over to you and hugged you
  • He loved you so much


  • She really didn’t like the idea of this
  • It was too accident-prone, not for her thank you very much
  • But you had pleaded so much that she eventually caved in
  • “Alright MC.” She’d sighed, smiling slightly at your whoop of happiness
  • “Thank you so much!” You had said, kissing her on the cheek
  • She’d blushed, smiling even wider, and was in a great mood
  • That was until she put on the skates
  • She was so clumsy, constantly bumping into the walls, you trailing behind her
  • “MC, can you help me?!”
  • You’d laughed and skated over
  • “Okay, let me help you/”
  • After a few more minutes she finally got it, and you two skated together for almost an hour
  • Afterwards she asked if you wanted to get something
  • You smiled at the prospect
  • It was a good ending


  • “What is this skating you’re talking about?”
  • “Not ice skating?”
  • Jumin was confused when you brought it up, but you said you loved it so much when you were a child
  • After hearing that his heart sort of melted and he agreed
  • But boy was he surprised when he actually got there
  • “What is this?”
  • “What is my shoe size?”
  • He was asking the most questions you had ever heard
  • But you answered every single one patiently, helping him choose his skates, everything really
  • You were surprised when he ended up being a natural
  • You could tell he was too
  • He didn’t want to stop
  • It took you five hours to get tired and leave


  • “I mean sure MC.”
  • He was surprised you asked about it, usually your idea of a date was food, preferably from a cheap restaurant that sold good pasta, and binge watching something or another
  • Not an actual “go out do something couple-y together” date
  • He was actually pretty good at it, so he gave you a run for your money
  • You two scared away anyone else with your racing at break-neck speed
  • Afterwards it was ice cream and a trip to the movies to see “Ghost in the Shell”
  • It was fun overall
  • But the next ay you were so sore from the eight hours you had spent at the rink
  • You two had stayed in bed and, well, messed around
  • Lolhehehe


  • He’s blind, so it was a sort of exercise
  • “Jihyun are you aure about this, you don’t have to.”
  • “No, I want to do this MC, you always talk about how much fun it is.”
  • “Okay.” You agree
  • He needed help with everything, thank god you booked the small park rink because if not he would’ve killed someone
  • “V, okay, now you’re going to step off the grass and onto the concrete.”
  • “Okay.”
  • You were surprised by how much he trusted you
  • But he really did, more than Rika, more than Jumin, more than Saeyoung, more than anyone
  • He got pretty far, made it halfway through the rink before falling
  • “Whoops!”
  • You had caught him, although tripping and landing on his as well
  • “Sorry V!”
  • “No problem, my angel.”
  • You two blushed and continued the exercise
  • From then on you two had been doing that for at least once a month, most often twice
  • It was an amazing time you two had, and you wanted to relieve it, over and over again


  • It was one of the first things you two did after you had been rescued
  • You were super clumsy, but still thought; why not?
  • Yeah no, you were being an idiot
  • “MC, you’re so clumsy omfg!”
  • You had to deal with his laughter the whole time
  • “Okay, look, I’m going to teach you how to do this properly.”
  • Bracing you against him he had begun with simple skating around and around again and again
  • You kept tripping, but after a while finally managed to do it, blushing hotly the whole time due to the close proximity of you two
  • Saeran, although blushing as well, teased you about ti
  • “Oh, Mc, you’re quite red, are you alright?”
  • “S-shut up.” You’d mumbled
  • But you two kept blushing, even after you had finished and went for ice cream
  • It was a good time, you finally managed to skate a lap without falling down
  • And Saeran had fallen even more in love with you
  • He didn’t know, but it was the same for you

Hope you like it, ugh my computer is so slow!

Send me your requests, requests are open.

Her Age

First fic for McMercy week. The prompt being “ Golden Years of Overwatch/Blackwatch era.” I decided a first meeting would be nice, then it got me to thinking just what Mercy and McCree did before they’d met in Overwatch. Suffice to say, it got interesting when I realized just how different these two would have been from each other when they were young. It came out well, I think.

Anyway, here’s the fic. It’s under the cut. No warnings but mentions of violence.

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Just As Lovely (A Luke Hemmings Imagine)

You wake up suddenly to a loud noise followed by a strand of cursed mumbling. Hearing the soft patter of rain against your window, you roll over, half heartedly hoping it was just the storm outside. A few seconds later the sound of someone rustling to put things back in order echoes outside from the other side of your bedroom door. Pitch black darkness filling the room, you pick up your phone beside you and see it read 2:43 AM. You slowly get up to investigate the commotion, hoping it’s not an intruder. You flick on the lights to see a tall, blonde, figure standing in your kitchen, holding a bottle of water.
“Luke?” You sleepily whisper.
“Shh, (Y/N), Go back to bed” Luke half giggles. “I’m so sorry for waking you, babe” He says leading you back into yours and his room in the big apartment.
You stop walking and turn around, pulling him by his waist toward you as he laughs and kisses your forehead.
“Why are you home so early from tour? I thought you guys still had another week?” You breathe out into his chest as he wraps his arms around you.
“Well, I WANTED to surprise you… I had it all planned out too! I was going to wake you up with pancakes and bacon, cuddle into bed with you, and give you kisses until you woke up, but someone’s a little clumsy and trips over his two feet a lot…” He says, beginning to blush a little in embarrassment.
You begin to laugh quietly at the thought of how lucky you got.
“You’re an absolute idiot,” You snap at him “But, you’re also my idiot” You whimper with a sigh, feeling his muscles relax.
You two walk back to bed and he lays down beside you, pulling the covers up to your chins.
“I hope you honestly know that I’ve missed you so much, (Y/N), these past few months have been complete torture.” Luke says to you as you snake your arms around him and bury your face into his neck.
“Tell me about it, I’ve missed you every night…” You whisper back, finally comfortable enough for the first time in months to fall peacefully to sleep.
“No, really, you don’t understand- I- I just- every place we went, every venue, every night, I thought I saw you in that sea of fans somewhere. Every night I had to go on with the show thinking about how many thousands of miles away you were away from me and how many other guys there are out there that can actually be able to hold you daily and- ” He cuts himself short, hurt gradually bleeding into his voice.
You open your eyes, slightly more alert now, and cock your head towards him.
“Baby, you know how much I love you right?” You ask, slowly getting more upset with every word.
“Yeah, babe, I do…” He says, playing with his lip ring and staring ahead.
“And you do trust me, right?” You ask, silence surrounding the space around you two.
“It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t trust… them.” He says sharply, furrowing his eyebrows.
“Well, Luke, you’re-” He cuts you off with a kiss before you can finish your thought.
“I love you too, you’re more than I deserve.” He softly adds before you can say another word.
“I love you too, Lukey, please don’t doubt what we have.” You reply, kissing him back and feeling him start to smile through the kiss.
Falling asleep in his arms to the sound of his heartbeat and him telling you all of his tour antics made you finally feel like you were home again.
“(Y/N)?” Luke mumbled sweetly as you dozed off in his grip.
You felt his chest vibrate as he let out a short laugh.
“Goodnight, baby, I’m so glad to be home.” He said to you, giving you one last kiss before falling asleep as well.

Somebody To You (Calum)

Calum was tired of the people around him, fake people got him exhausted and it seemed like he was never going to make it out of there. Everyday was the same, and even though he loved his job, he still wanted time for himself. He still wanted to keep secrets and he wondered how it would feel to go outside without people noticing him. 

He loved his fans, he totally did. But he needen something else. He was craving for that kind of love that drives you crazy. The kind of love where you give everything and you receive everything. 

However, his eagerness to find that kind of love was often thrown away by the endless broken hearts he always got. Sometimes he even queried if love was for him. If someone would ever be outside for him.

So, like any other night his mind would start divagating, he did the only thing he thought was going to help him forget. He went to a club.

“Mate, don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Luke’s loud voice startling him. 

“Buddy, Luke’s right, I think we should get going” Ashton demanded, not bothering to ask Cal what he thought, he grabbed him by the arm before starting to drag him through the mob right before Calum could even figure out what was going on.

“Dude what the-” Calum inquired before squirming out of the dark-blonde guy. But in his clumsy circumstance, he managed to knock someone and said person falled to the floor.

“Ouch you idiot!” The girl shrieked before trying to put herself back to the ground, but agonizingly failing due to her high heels, falling back on her bum.

“Shit, girl are you okay?” Luke questioned, obviously repressing a laugh. Ashton still keeping his grip hard on Calum’s arm, checked if the girl was actually fine.

“Well no dumbass, I just fall on my ass…Two times!” She sarcastically screamed at Luke, finally looking up to the three guys standing in front of her. But the moment her eyes found Calum’s, everything else seemed nonessential. Besides his drunken state, he was still handsome as hell, but there was something that caught her attention. She had seen people as handsome as him trying to flirt with her before, with that glint of vitality in their eyes. But he just showed sadness in his beautiful brown eyes. It almost made her want to get up and give him a bear hug or show him some kind of affection he seemed eager to receive. “Bu-But I guess I’m fine, thanks.”

“I’m- I’m really sorry I am just… I am really drunk you know?” Calum giggled, dragging his words really slowly.

“Oh, don’t worry. I work here, I’m used to see drunk people.” The girl chuckled before putting a piece of hair behind her ear, clearly flirting with the brown haired boy.

“You work here? That means I can see you around anytime?” Calum cheerfully asked, eyes sparkling under the club lights. Luke and Ashton offered a glimpse, undoubtedly noticing their friend’s enthusiasm with the new girl, and in their aim to avoid Calum another heartbreak, they tried to pull him away from the stunning girl in front of them.

“Woah that’s shocking but Cal, we really need to get going, tomorrow you’ll have to- ”

“You promise me, that if I come tomorrow, I’ll see you here?” He ignored his friends’ opinions, eager to see that girl again no matter what he had to do.

“I don’t think you will even remember me.” She dejectedly said, knowing already that tomorrow he wouldn’t even recall a girl like her. He was obviously the kind of guy that dated those tall, beautiful girls that dressed in expensive and plush clothes. His face seemed like it had been sculpted by the gods and his tall and muscled body was made to be accompained by someone as hot as him, or as beautiful as him.

“I would never forget someone like you.” Something in his voice made her shiver, feeling like he meant what he said. His eyes piercing hers, making her legs go weak for some unknown reason.

“Fine Mr. Seducer, so how should I look for you?” Trying to compose herself, she did the only think she knew to get out of an uncomfortable situation, like she did while being the bartender, the only difference was that she wasn’t feeling annoyed, she was feeling nervous and was pretty sure she was blushing everytime she spoke.

“Wh- You don’t know what’s my name?” He stutter, still being too drunk to speak properly.

“Why should I?” Confusion was obviously written on the girl’s face, as well as in the other guys’. They weren’t used to find people that didn’t know them. Especially in a club, where most people were battling to dance with them or take pictures of their drunken state. 

“What do you mean? You don’t know who we are?” Luke asked, clearly taken aback by the girl’s response.

“Well, like I said, why should I? Do you come here very often?” Her ignorance starting to show.

“Uh, no. We- It’s nothing, forget it. We’re just another bunch of guys. Nothing with us. It was a pleasure to meet you, but uh, we really need to leave.” Luke quickly said, before grabbing Calum by the other arm, and pulling him away thanks to Ashton’s force. 

“Wa-Wait guys what the- I’m Calum!” He shouted while being dragged away from the only girl that made him feel like a total idiot, even if it was just for a couple minutes. Most people made him feel like he was a god, and that he was right in everything he said and did, just because of who he was.

And she blushed so much, that it was able to see her red cheeks even with no lights on. She touched her cheek before waking up from her daydream and started to work again, convincing herself that was going to be the one and only time she would see that handsome guy.

She was totally wrong. And it was proved the second the tall, tanned and muscled boy entered the club, completely sober and a huge smile plastered on his face, his eyes sparkling while looking around, searching for the girl he had been dreaming of, when his eyes found her, a huge grin extended over his face.

“I know I was pretty drunk las night, but I’m fairy sure you didn’t gave me your name.” Calum smirked at the girl behind the bar.

“Well, I’m pretty sure you could be mistaking me for someone else, so no one really knows the truth.” The girl turned around, mixing some liquids with agility.

“I’m sure I’m not mistaking you. How could I ever forget those eyes?” He pronounced. He was so sure about what he was saying and he was unquestionably handsome that night, even more than the night before.

“Let’s do something. If you remember everything we spoke last night, I’ll give you a free drink. The one you choose.” Eyes shimmering from the excitement on having the guy again.

“Fine. But one thing. I’ll only take the bet if I get to have that drink with you.” He placed his arm on the bar and turned to boastfully look at her, venturing her. 

“And what do I win with that?” She frowned, absolutely hiding the frenzy having him made her. 

“Well, you’ll win to have a date with me.” He winked, absolutely melting everything inside her, forgetting completely how much she hated douchebag-acts. It was different with him anyways.

“Uh, someone’s full of hot air!” Waving her hand up and down, Calum gently grabbed it and looked deeply into her eyes. 

“Not really. But I just really wish I could have a date with you.” Something inside his warm chocolate eyes made her forget her rules of never dating a client. Somethin about him made her forget about everything around her. And she liked it. And so did he.

“Tell me when and where. I’ll be there.”

“You promise?” His broken voice made her think about how many times he had probably been heartbroken. And it reminded her of her many heart breaks. Not imagining there wouldn’t be any other after him.

Okay so this would become Calum’s wife (?) Yes so, I’m actually thinking about their families and stuff, so I’ll try to give u guys the best and that you like it. Love ya! Please, tell me if you like this or if u have any recommendation pleaaase I’d really appreciate it. And if you want me to continue this series!