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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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@xatsushis asked: rukia kuchiki or arima kishou

shepard: grunt? is that you??
grunt: oh please no not matching armour
grunt: MUM STOP your embarrassing me in front of my friends!

when you gotta make an arrest but you don’t have your cuffs on you, don’t worry, wifey’s got you covered.

I started thinking about caring!Gabe as a joke but now I just want to draw a bunch of pictures of him patching up the people in his life send help

somewhere 👀🔍❓ lost in the clouded ☁️☁️ annals of history 📜📕📝📰 lies a place📍🌎 that few have seen 🚷👀 — a mysterious❓🔮 place called the
where long-forgotten stories 📖⁉️😂 are revealed 😮❗️☕️ to those who travel 🏃through the wood 🌲🌳🍂🍃🌾🍁

Philip Hamilton Imagine: Happy Together

User: multiple users

Prompt(s): “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing two different shoes.” and “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

 A sharp knock on your door awoke you from your slumber, and you groggily made your way to the front door, not caring if you looked like an absolute mess. The knocking stopped and started again. Each knock was louder than the last. Your lips formed a snarl, “Coming!” The knocking stopped, and you opened the door to a sad man on your doorstep.

 “Hey (Y/N),” gloomily said the man. His tight curls surrounded his face and he blew away a curl that was hanging in front of his emerald eyes. The snarl on your face had disappeared as soon as you saw the hurting man, and it was replaced with a sympathetic frown.

 “Hey Philip.” You held out your hand for the man to take, and you helped him hoist himself up. He muttered a soft thanks and followed you inside. “You alright?” You asked, not sure if you’re ready for his answer.

 Philip sat on the couch and wrapped the closest blanket around his body. He shrugged and curled up into a tight ball with his knees to his chest. The sight was quite depressing, but you found yourself fighting back a smile. “Why do you ask?” He finally replied after getting comfortable.

 You smirk slightly and point to the two different shoes on Philip’s feet. “You’re wearing two different shoes,” your eyes widen slightly, “on my couch!” Philip gulped and quickly kicked off the shoes. “No, I’m not,” he responds childishly. This causes you to smile and you fall beside him onto the couch.

 “Seriously, are you alright?” He nodded and laid his head on your lap. “Yeah,” he responded, “just a little sad today. That’s all.” You run your fingers through his tangled hair, and scrunch your nose up when you see him wince. “Sorry.” He simply shrugged and closed his eyes.

 “Why are you sad today?” You ask, curiosity flooding your mind. The oldest son of Alexander Hamilton almost purred while you ran your fingers through his hair.

 “I’ve made the stupid mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” His eyes fluttered open, and the green orbs stared up at you. Your heart fluttered inside your chest and your fingers traced the shape of his plump lips.

 “Don’t worry, I did the same thing.” You shoot him a sad smile and he returns one back. “Should we be sad together?” You laughed slightly. Philip sat up and examined your face. You leaned back a bit, aware of how close the two of you are, and he simply leaned in towards you.

 Philip crashed his lips onto yours, without consulting you first, but you didn’t mind at all. The taste of him was absolute, pure bliss. It was as if you were taking ecstasy. You wanted more, and you needed more. Your body pressed against his, and a small moan escaped from Philip.

 The two of you eventually separated, and you heavily panted after the heated action. The crackling in the fireplace was the only sound that could be heard while Philip and you stared into eachothers eyes.

You were blushing like a madman, and Philip rested his large hand on your right cheek. He chuckled at how wild you looked. You were a flustered mess, and you tried to fix yourself as much as you could. Philip stopped you and placed his free hand over your left one while you placed your small hand over the hand on your cheek. “I would rather be happy together.”


chu learns how to gif: bo/tamsin in 3x12

if yall gays ruin riverdale for me im gonna scream. the show is on the cw, it already has a confirmed, canon openly gay character(kevin), it’s more diverse than all the pale ass “diverse” shows that everyone loves because they have more than one(read:2) black character and maybe an asian guy or latina girl like do u know how race bent this thing is from comics plus including what diversity was already there. ALL THREE of the pussycats are black. Valerie was the first black lead character in archie comics history and ALSO archie andrew’s first main black love interest and now BOTH OF THE OTHER PUSSYCATS ARE BLACK TOO. they race bent dilton and reggie and cast an actual plus size girl to play big ethel. veronica is latina and archie is being played by a poc. honestly when betty and veronica hook up for in season two you are all gonna look so stupid. (also i am a gay myself so)

Baby Problems

‘’Hi! Hope you are doing great! Could you make an imagine where (Y/N) and Draco Malfoy have a baby, But you still studying in Hogwarts, AND you are in Gryffindor and he is in Slytherin? Please, Please,Please!!!!’’ - katrask

‘’Imagine about draco where the reader announce him she’s pregnant’’ - Anonymous.


Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.

Word Count:



 Yes, twice.


 Teen pregnancy.


Requests are open again. Please,

one request per user!

And this is my 1000th post, so yay! :)

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This should have not happened. This should have not. It was wrong, naive and stupid. How could you two have been so stupid? You were young and reckless, especially you. As a Gryffindor, you were brave and afraid for nothing. Almost nothing.

This thing, this little creature inside of you, is what made you afraid. Anxious. The thoughts swarming around your mind delivered you sleepless nights.

At first you didn’t notice, living the life of a normal witch at Hogwarts. Young and pretty, as they called you. Ruling the hallways if you had to, always choosing the side of justice.

But then, your world crashed. You got sick, skin hot as the fire coming from a dragon’s mouth, but you still got that glow around you from well health, which was unusual when you were ill in bed.

Then these bad cramps came, going on for one, maybe two weeks. That’s when thoughts of being pregnant popped up into your head. At first, you didn’t tell anybody, always coming up with the bad excuse of catching a really bad flu.

No one knew, but Madam Pomfrey and Dumbledore. As weird as it may seem, they promised you not to tell anyone as you were standing in front of the decision of keeping it, or considering abortion.

For now, your choice was keeping it. And since your decision has been made, you had to tell him. You had to tell him what was going on with you. That he would be a father. Well, the possible father.

Your hands were currently clamped around the edges of the sink of the girls’ bathroom. Moaning Myrtle was singing a sad song again as you told her to go away when you ran into the bathroom, tears falling down your face. At first she was offended and started to rant about how ignorant some people in the school were, but quickly drifted off as you ignored her and cried the living hell out of your body.

Finally, you felt empty and you couldn’t cry anymore. Your stomach made a noise, which was not the baby, but just the feeling of lack of food. Luckily it was almost dinner time, so you walked out of the bathroom, planning on walking towards the Great Hall.

Yes, you were planning on doing that if no one would bump into you. Which someone did. And you ended up on the floor, groaning as you felt a tingling pain going through your back.

‘Y/N, woah, I’m sorry babe,’ the person said, and you immediately opened your eyes to watch Draco standing up and reaching out for you. You grabbed his hand and slowly got back on your feet, brushing of some dust from your skirt as you also straightened it.

‘Hey,’ you exhaled, wiping away some wetness from under your eyes from the crying, ‘w-what are you doing here?’

‘I could ask you the same thing,’ he snickered, but then his face went all serious. ‘They saw you crying and running into the bathroom. Are you okay?’

‘Who are they?’ you asked him, pressing your lips into a thin line as you frowned, wondering who could’ve seen you.

‘Doesn’t matter now, are you okay?’ he repeated his question again, letting his hand rest on your shoulder and pulling you into his body. The smell of his cologne messed with your mind as you took one good sniff of it. Perhaps it could be the last time you were able to do it, so you took the chance.

‘Draco, I need to talk. To you,’ you whispered, closing your eyes like you were about to sleep, drifting off into some sweet dream. But Draco shook you awake, breaking away from you and raising an eyebrow.

‘Okay? What is it, baby?’ he said with this sweet voice, which made you feel really guilty as this sweet guy would be over the second you told him what was crossing your mind lately. Why you were so ill, why you avoided contact with him as much as possible.

‘Draco, please,’ you said, sighing softly as you tried to find the words you were about to say, ‘promise you won’t… leave me.’

‘Of course not,’ he laughed, a bit awkwardly, ‘w-why would I? Y/N, is it something serious? Is it your parents? Or mine? Did that nasty ex-boyfriend of you do something? Y/N…’

His eyes widened shortly as his eyes lowered to look at your stomach. Of course there was not a single physical sign of it, but the way he looked at your lower area made your tummy do some backflips.

‘Are you pregnant?’

‘Fuck,’ you said, not really knowing how to act. Surprised? Mad? Or just act like nothing was going on?

‘Y/N, a-are you?’ he asked you, eyes still wide as his voice went soft.

Your mouth opened, ready to say something as you felt your eyes getting wet again, sight getting blurry.

‘I-I mean, yeah?’ you said, almost wanting to slap yourself for saying it so cool and like you didn’t care at all.

Draco let out a cry and looked away, fist in front of his mouth as his eyes blinked a few times.

‘I need to go,’ he said, giving you one last glance before turning around on his heels and he ran. Away from you. Away from his problems. Away from the promise he made to you. To not leave you. Which he did.

He left you.

For now.


Planning on doing a part two soon because I can’t just leave it there, can I?

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Here’s some pointless OC ability reference stuff that I’ve been working on for the last week for both Techtor and Scope. Mostly just for personal use when putting together scripts for comics. :3


Requested By: niniluvcastiel


“Oh, is that how we’re going to play this game, Dean?" 

"Considering who your dad is, I’d say you’re the one who’s playing games.” Sam said tautly, as he stepped in between you and the door.

You exchanged your gaze between the brothers, resisting the urge to grab the dagger hidden in your boot. This conversation wasn’t going as you wanted it to. “Are you two really so stupid as to not accept my help, knowing the connections I have?”

Dean glanced at Sam, then at you. He asked hesitantly, “What kind of help are you offering?”

You smiled wickedly. “Information mostly. It’ll assist with the little pest problem I hear you’re having.”

Sam nodded his head at the door Castiel exited out of. “I think we’re fine with help, thanks.”

You cocked your head slightly. “Your pet won’t offer up the option I am, I assure you.”

Dean gave you a once-over. “Why are you so sure?”

Your smile melted into a smirk. “Because it involves going against my father.”

The look shared between the brothers made your smirk grow. Your dagger seemed to sear your skin, itching to be used. If your plan continued to go swimmingly, you knew soon enough you’d be able to satisfy its craving for Winchester blood.



Gratsu week :
day 2: Heart

Ok this one has an AU-ish side to it so the idea is that once you are in love with someone you can give them your heart and if it turns out they love you too you can make half of your hearts fuse together and then BAM your other half is always there with you . And so at the beginning of the thing Gray is refusing to fuse their hearts together because he is being secure . Everyone have beautiful hearts and Gray’s is so ugly and black and Natsu deserves better 


└ Here’s looking at you two~

anonymous asked:

All I want for Sarumi/Misaru is just that one day after thay've been together for a long time and they've just jokingly bickered about something Yata leans onto Fushimi a bit and mutters "I love you, jackass" because by know he is very much aware that Fushimi needs to be reassured of this shit even if it doesn't show. He's surprised when Fushimi just calmly smiles and says "I know" with all the confidence in the world as he intertwines their fingers together. Because he knows he's loved.

Imagine this is like their nightly ritual for a while too, like post-series they move in together and one night after arguing about something stupid Yata just thoughtlessly blurts out an ‘I love you, jackass.’ Fushimi’s eyes go wide and Yata kinda slaps a hand over his mouth because he didn’t intend to say that out loud but then he figures well, what the hell it’s out now he might as well own it. So Yata awkwardly confesses his feelings and Fushimi kinda clings to him and nods but doesn’t really give him much of a verbal reply. It’s enough though, because Yata knows Fushimi’s not good at this stuff but he’s trying. So then it just starts happening that every evening before they go to bed Yata leans on Fushimi’s shoulder a little and tells him ‘I love you’ (the 'jackass’ part is optional depending on how much of an asshole Fushimi’s been that day). Fushimi usually kinda responds just by squeezing his hand a little tighter or kissing him but Yata’s always a bit nervous because he’s never sure if Fushimi’s really believing him or not. On a couple occasions Fushimi manages a little ’…Me too. About you’ though saying the actual 'love’ word is still really hard for him. Then one evening they’ve spent the whole day just hanging out together and being close and they get home all exhausted and content. Fushimi starts teasing Yata about something and Yata kinda shoves him a bit but he’s laughing and the two of them fall into bed together. Yata reaches for Fushimi’s hand as he mumbles a sleepy little 'I love you, jackass.’ There’s a pause and then Fushimi’s hand tightens just a little around his and Fushimi presses his lips against Yata’s head as he murmurs 'I know. Love you too’ and Yata practically starts to cry because his boyfriend has grown so much. And then of course Fushimi has to ruin the moment by mocking Yata for crying and Yata’s like 'it’s because I’m happy you stupid asshole’ and Fushimi’s all teasing except suddenly his face is wet too and they end up just cuddling and crying and joking with each other all cute and in love.