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❝ Trying to catch your heart, is like trying to catch a star.❞

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inspiration for witches

  • witches of the forest and the night - they change into wolves during the day and roam the green forest of trees searching for fellow caged creatures. The set free winged and wise owls under the moon, that illuminates their pearl feathers.
  • witches of the winter and stars - foggy winter evenings become hues of blue filled with starry nights for the witches. they live in old victorian schools surrounded by trees made dead by the harsh cold season. they wear bewitched moonstones around their necks that turn them into deers enchanting the frozen forest…
  • witches of the sea and precious gems - these witches live and breathe the sacred salty air of the shore. they use precious gems to channel their inner soul to undulate crashing waves into the grey sea. they dance and drown beneath the crystal watery surface like silver sea-sirens.
  • witches of burning fire and flames - golden wreathed witches filled with the radiance of bright fire and flames. they use blazing candles to illuminate the darkness in their cathedral of trees. their familiars are foxes as red as the sun and as sly as smoke from their fires. 
drunk peter headcanons

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for the wild ass spiderjizz gals bc our gc was full of sad headcanons and we need to stop being SAD

author’s note : don’t yell at me and say peter is too young 15 year olds get drunk and do a lot of shit they shouldn’t be doing trust me k cool enJOY

  • ok so if u don’t think peter is a lil lightweight u would be wrong sir
  • he becomes about fifty times clumsier than he already is
    • “OWWWWWW”
    • “y/n y/n y/n i hurt my fooooot kiss it better”
    • “peter benjamin parker get your foot out of my face and away from my mouth or so help me gOD”
  • you refuse to drink with him bc peter alone is like watching over an awfully curious child but peter drunk is like trying to keep track of a two year old with the attention span of squirrel
  • so you’re watching over this ridiculous idiot 
  • and he is the clingiest baby ever
    • “ummmm y/n baby baby baby you’re so far away from meeee” cue pouty face and outstretched grabby hands as he reaches for you even though you’re only a little bit away in front of the tv trying to put on a movie
    • “i’m two feet away peter”
    • “oh my gosh you are so drunk my friend”
    • “did you just friend zone me” and then he tears up a little and you spend the next twenty minutes trying to convince him that he’s not just a friend
  • he is completely ridiculous but it’s fine he’s adorable
  • also he is always yelling
  • for no reason
  • he just yells everything when he’s drunk apparently?????
    • “yes peter i know what a cookie looks like you donut”
    • “donut i love doNUTS”
    • “askfgsjfg peter no
    • “PETER YES”
  • then he can’t stop laughing and he laughs for ten minutes and then he gets tired and stretches out across your lap like a sleepy angel/cat
  • he’s a very ramble-y drunk too and he doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time
    • “y/n i’ve got a suuuuuuper big thing i gotta tell you i gotta tell you it like right noooowwwwww okay”
    • “okay peter baby what is it”
    • “i love youuuuuuuuu did you know that i love you because i do me peter loves you y/n and i wanna maybe marry you and have babies with you like reallyyyyyyyy cute ones bUT don’t tell you”
    • “peter what”
    • “don’t tell yourself!!!!” and this nerd says it so matter-of-factly with a smartly placed smirk on his mouth as he stares up at you with big brown doe eyes that all you can do is sigh and shake your head 
    • “okay i won’t tell myself”
    • “peter the yelling”
  • he keeps trying to sing and usually he’s pretty good (that’s a whole different imagine) but he sounds like he’s scalping a cat as he tries to serenade you
  • he curls up against you because clingy an grabs your hands and holds them to his face and randomly claps them against his cheeks it’s weird he’s weird
    • “what are you doing”
    • “i’m singing the friends theme in my head shhhh you’re ruining my vibE babe”
    • “RUDE you’re a mean drunk”
  • but then he gets really kissy and just wants to love on you repeatedly
    • he starts by kissing your hands and your wrists really daintily 
    • and suddenly this former nerd is kissing up your collarbones and really slowly kissing your neck and then he bites you but he’s trying to give you a hickey but it’s not working he’s just biting incessantly 
    • “peter you can be sexy in the morning you’re just acting like damon salvatore at this point”
    • cue his sad face “why won’t you love me back”
    • “you’re drunk and it’s like taking advantage of you so we can do this another night okay?”
    • “uuuuuugggghhhhhh now i’m sad”
  • you roll your eyes and wrap your arms around him anyway and he smiles up at you all lovingly with little crinkles by his eyes and dimples by the corners of his mouth and he’s clearly not sad anymore he’s just needy 
    • “can you - can you pet my hair baby love”
    • “yeah pete of course”
  • and now he’s sleepy but he’s still curled up in your lap like some sort of kitten nd his eyes keep opening and closing but he has a really firm grip on your hand and refuses to let go ever
    • “y/n y/n y/n i love you”
    • “i know peter”
    • “shhhh no you don’t you don’t understand”
    • “peter-”
    • “no no like i really really love you and if i don’t marry you i’m gonna die like die die like deaD 
  • and then he rolls over and puts your hand against his cheek again and passes the fuck out with his mouth still slightly open and he’s lowkey drooling and it’s kinda gross but you can’t move bc there’s a huge boy laying on top of you and??????
  • he’s heavier than he looks?????
  • and the truth is that he’s heavy as fuck and he’s crushing you but you can’t move him bc???/ the cuteness is too much and he was highkey wasted and he needs some sleep
  • he wakes up in the morning with a killer headache and he kinda wants to die because ow his foot hurts and his brain feels like it is pounding against his skull with tiny little Thor hammers
  • but he sees that you’re sleeping and he feels bad bc he’s been splayed out on top of you all night drooling on your knee???
    • “ugh that’s disgusting”
    • “peter i know my face in the morning is scary but-”
    • “oh god why did i yell my head hurts so bad ughgsgk”
  • he takes 3 advil tablets and asks if he did anything stupid last night
  • you tell him no, that he was just pretty adorable to spare him the pain 
  • later on you’ll tell him that he said if he doesn’t get to marry you he’ll die
    • “well they do say that drunks are the most honest people”
    • “i’m peter and i wanna marry you or else i’ll die”
    • “you make me so upset”
    • “why”
    • “shhhhhhhhh”
  • drunk peter is a sweet peter but all peters are good !!!
  • lol
  • goodbyE i miss peter and i’ve never even had him to begin with
Skulls and Roses 💀 🥀 (Part Four)

Jeon Jungkook


The best way to get someone to like you is by getting kicked out of the dorms and having to live together. 

Part One Part Three

Originally posted by mrspreadinglegsjungkook

“I’m not wearing that,” you cross your arms and shake your head for the millionth time.

“It’ll get you more tips!” the manager wiggles the skimpy outfit in front of you and smiles goofily at you, hoping that his enthusiasm and cringey aegyo would somehow make you change your mind.

You scoff in disbelief and cradle your cheek. “Oh really? Does it come with a pole? Cause I’m fucking certain that if I wear that people are going to think I’m a stripper.”

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Mystic Messenger: V’s Common Route Walkthrough (Days 1-4)

V’s Route Days 5-11 | Bad Ends V’s Route Chat/Calls Times | Walkthrough Masterpost 

Read before you start:

  • In order to get into V’s route, you need to play along with Saeran. I’m assuming that if you reveal the truth to the RFA early in the game, you might get a common route bad end.
  • These are the answers I chose. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach each different outcome in the story, you are free to pick different answers.
  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Follow the choices at your own risk.
  • Missed Chats: Cost 15 hgs to unlock.
  • Calling V & Saeran “Ray”: Costs 10 hgs. As of now, these two don’t have calling cards, & are not included in the “all characters” calling cards from the VIP package. 
  • Heart Color Meaning:
    • V: Mint | Unknown/Ray: Magenta | Jumin: Purple | 707: Red | Yoosung: Green | Jaehee: Yellow | Zen: Gray
  • CGS unlocked with this walkthrough: 
    • V: 30/37 | Unknown/Ray: 6/6 | Jumin: 6/6 | 707: ¾ | Yoosung: 1/1 | Jaehee: ¾ | Zen: 5/6

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

**I want to play blindly and see what endings I can achieve on my own. Please DO NOT send me spoilers**

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Imagine... Carl Gallagher

This is my first imagine, please be nice. I’ve never actually posted something like this before so I guess we’ll see how it goes. If you have any requests or ideas I’d love to hear them. Don’t be afraid to message me.

Enjoy 😊

Request: Can you do an imagine where Carl talks to V and Kev about how he feels about the reader when they pick them both up from a party drunk?

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Warnings: drunk confessions, swearing, fluffy little bean.

“You two are so lucky Kev and I were awake, if Fiona were to pick you guys up she’d have your asses mounted on the wall above her bed.” V sternly said, looking back at the two intoxicated teens in the back seat. V waved her hand in front of her face, “you guys smell like frank after he- you guys smell like frank” she admitted. Y/N hiccuped, she looked up at V through her lashes. Veronica could be quite scary when angry. “What were you guys even thinking? And how did you even get out here? This is a forty minute drive!” Kev said, he looked into the rearview mirror at Carl, he waited for an answer.

Y/N looked to Carl, her head was spinning and she felt like she was moving way to quick to process. “Thought it’d be fun” he said smugly. V huffed. “Pull over” Y/N covered her mouth with her hand as Kev pulled over abruptly. “Don’t you dare puke in my car” Kev looked back as Y\N opened the door and ran to the ditch.

Kev and V turned around to look at Carl, he watched Y/N from out of the open car door. “Even when she’s puking she looks like an angel” he blurted out. V raised her eyebrows, looking to Kev. “Did he just-” “I think so” Kev cut her off. Without thinking, Carl spoke again, “I want her. I want her to be mine.” He stated. Kev and V didn’t say a word. When Y/N got back in the car she rested her head on Carl’s shoulder. She closed her eyes as Carl rested his head atop of hers.

Looking back at them through the rearview mirror Kev smiled. “I always thought they’d be good together” V agreed, “they are like two peas in a pod. She’s good for him, she get him out of trouble.” She said, reaching for Kev’s hand. “They’re good kids” he spoke, looking towards her.

They pulled up in front of the Gallagher’s house, Carl had helped Y/N out of the car and held her close to him as V rolled the window down. “Take care of her Carl, I mean it” she said sternly. “Thank you Veronica.” He said. Y/N pulled on Carl’s shirt. “Can we go to bed now?” She asked. He nodded and helped her up to the door. He waved back to Kev and Veronica before going inside. They stumbled up the stairs, trying to be as quiet as possible without waking anyone up. They got into Carl’s room and he helped her up onto his bed. Carl looked at her and smiled to himself, one day he might actually pluck up the courage to ask her out on a date. One day.

He pulled her shoes off and lay in his bed next to her, pressing his lips to her forehead. “Goodnight baby girl. I love you, I always will” he whispered. “I love you too Carl” she spoke. His eyes went wide, he could have sworn she was asleep.

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I made this little comic for the Expression Challenge, after @pikacheeka asked for Virus A2 and Trip A5. For Herrscher, it’s a bonus, because I was inspired (and because jealous Hershy gives me life… I mean just imagine Welter coming right after and tease him about it, aah).

I hope you like it, even if I made it months after you asked. :’D

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Try Something New (Josh Dun X Reader X Tyler Joseph) Smut

Originally posted by joshdunfuckme

Word Count: 3500+

Warnings: SMUT!, Threesome,

*** This is my first threesome smut ever, so I’m sorry if it sucks. Also it’s my first Twenty One Pilots fic also so I really hope I didn’t fail miserably. Enjoy!***

You sat on the floor of your’s, Josh’s, and Tyler’s apartment, back leaning against the small piece of furniture the TV sat on. Your boyfriend and Tyler and sat opposite you on the floor against the couch. Aside from Josh, Tyler was one of your closest friends and pretty much the reason you two were dating. Like the 14 year olds you all mentally were, you were playing a late-night truth or dare session which had, as usual, gone from innocent questions to much more risque ones. “Tyler, truth or dare?” You asked him, taking a swig of your wine cooler. The boys made of you for drinking them but they were freaking delicious so you didn’t care much.

He thought for a moment, “Truth.” He decided.

“Wimp.” Josh teased.

You were hoping he was going to say dare so it took you a moment before finally asking, “Have you ever had a sex dream with another guy?” You asked. He squeezed his eyes shut and ran his hands over his face groaning. “And you have to tell the truth or you have to drop ice down your underwear. That’s the rules.” You laughed devilishly since that rule was Tyler’s idea in the first place.

“Ok! Ok! Fine!” He shot an awkward look to the side, “It wasn’t really a wet dream but I had a dream about Josh a few weeks ago.” He said ashamed. Both you and Josh practically screamed in laughter. Although none of you were drunk, you were definitely about two drinks down so you were feeling a little tipsy. “But we didn’t actually do it! We were like making out and stuff and I woke up before anything happened! Before I fell asleep that night I got curious and looked up fanfic about us because it’s funny to see what fans think happens and I guess it was just in my head.” He said, his face red with embarrassment.

Josh scooted towards him and leaned his head on his shoulder, “If you wanted me that bad all you had to do was ask.” He joked.

Tyler shoved Josh off playfully, “Shut up. Ok, fine. Y/N, truth or dare?”

Of course he would pick you back. You thought for a moment. You wanted to pick dare but after what you made Tyler admit to, you didn’t trust him not to make you do something awful and embarrassing, “Truth.” You grinned nervously in anticipation of what he was gonna ask.

“Would you ever have a threeway?” He asked.

Again, you had to think about it. The thought had occurred to you and despite knowing a ton of your favorite singers through Josh and Tyler, you’d definitely had your fair share of fangirl threeway fantasies with band members. But would you ever actually go through with it? As a joke threeways always sounded fun but when it came down to it, you usually thought of sex as something personal and romantic and loving between you and Josh, even if it did get a little kinky sometimes (although not much). But you had to admit, the idea of a threeway was pretty fun. “I think so. But I would have to really trust the other two people.” You decided.

Both Josh and Tyler’s mouths were open a little bit, as if they found the idea kinda hot but they quickly covered it up. “Guy-guy-girl or guy-girl-girl?” Tyler asked, raising his eyebrow.

You rolled your eyes, “One truth at a time!” You glanced at the clock on your phone seeing it was 11:39 pm. You sighed, “I actually got to go to bed. I have to be at work at 6:30 tomorrow morning.” You stood up, walking into the kitchen to throw away your empty bottle before walking over to Josh and kissing him on the cheek, “Good night babe.” You looked at Tyler, “Keep your hands off my man while I’m asleep.” You joked. Tyler groaned and Josh laughed at the comment.


Five days had gone by since that night and finally it was Friday. You had Saturday off and didn’t have to worry about going to bed early for work. It was your night to just chill with Josh. Hopefully Tyler would go out with some of his other friends so you and Josh could have some alone time. You loved Tyler but since he was always around, you and Josh hadn’t had sex since they got back from tour about two months ago. At first it sucked not ever having intimate time with him, but you both had gotten used to it. It was just like being teenagers again, always having the drive to do it if you had the chance but ignoring it if you didn’t.

You pulled into your parking space and walked up to your apartment, unlocking the front door and kicking your shoes off as soon as you got in. It was strangely quiet inside which was uncommon. Usually Josh and Tyler would be practicing or talking or something. Their cars were outside so they were definitely here. “Anybody home?” You called out curiously.

You walked down the hall, “Yeah we’re in here.” You heard Josh’s voice echo from your’s and his bedroom. You walked in and saw Josh sitting on your dark blue comforter while Tyler sat in the bright green bean bag chair in the corner. You giggled a little to yourself thinking that you guys just looked like a bunch of teenagers living together, not full grown adults. Unless all adults had bean bag chairs. You set your bag down on the floor next to the door.

“Hey you guys. Are you having a heart-to-heart? Should I come back later?” You asked.

Josh shook his head, “No, no you’re good. Don’t go anywhere.” He smiled. Tyler sat quietly in the bean bag chair, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, leaning his chin on his clasped knuckles. He seemed… quiet… suspiciously quiet. Were they planning on pranking you again, because last time when they put baby powder in your hair dryer was not nearly as amusing as they thought it was. Josh must have seen the suspicious look on your face because he quickly stood up, laughing nervously and biting his lip, “Don’t worry, we’re not pranking you.” He said reading your mind. Tyler chuckled a little.

“Ok, then why are y’all so serious looking. Did someone die?” You asked with a joking tone but slightly worried after you said it.

“No… it’s just… we were thinking, well I was thinking- gosh I don’t know how to say this.” He ran his hand nervously through his pink-orange hair, “Well, you remember how we haven’t done anything in awhile?” He asked, quirking his eyebrow suggestively so you knew he what he was referring to. You nodded, “And well, I happened to have heard from a certain friend of yours that you’ve been wanting to try some new things in the bedroom.” You cursed your friend Y/F/N under your breath for telling Josh. You had always felt kind of awkward about trying new things in the bedroom and suggesting it. You guys were into rough sex, but that was about the extent of what you did. Josh got dominant sometimes but it wasn’t often. But gosh did you love it when he was, which you’d told him but he was always scared of hurting you. “And then the other night you said you’d consider a threesome…” He said trailing off.

When you realized what he was suggesting your gave him a strange look, “Wait, so you’re suggesting that we-” you motioned with your finger to all three of you.

Tyler quickly cut in, interrupting, “Only if you want to!” Josh nodded in agreement, “If you don’t feel comfortable then I’ll leave and you and Josh can go at it all you want.” You chuckled a little at what he said. He always had a way of being sincere and smooth and awkward all at the same time.

“Honestly, I’ve been wanting to switch things up in the bedroom too lately. And I read about some stuff that sounded kind of cool that I was thinking we could try and this was sort of one of them. But if you feel uncomfortable with it at all, then just say so.” Josh said looking you the eyes, “But you said if you trusted the other two people, then you might consider it.”

You thought for a moment. Was this actually happening? You had answered yes to a hypothetical situation. But what was hypothetical was somehow now a reality. You glanced at Tyler and then back at Josh, “Are you guys sure you’re alright with this? I mean, Josh. Tyler and I would be screwing. And Ty, would that be too weird for you to see your best friend naked? Or his girlfriend for that matter? I mean I’m ok with this, I just don’t want you guys to screw up your friendship for the sake of experimenting.”

Tyler stood up and stood a few feet away from you, leaning against the wall, “We’ve actually been talking about this since Sunday night after you went to bed.”

“Yeah, we’ve already agreed that there’ll be no jealousy or anything like that. And if it fails, we never have to do it again.” Josh reassured you.

You thought for a second, “Ok. I’m in.” You muttered, biting your lip and looking between the two boys. “But two things first. I’ve never had sex with anyone except Josh.” You admitted shyly, “And I have no idea how the heck a threesome works except for what I’ve read in smutty fanfic.” You chuckled awkwardly at what you just admitted to them.

Josh smirked, sucking his lip between his teeth as he stepped closer to you. One of his hands fell on your hips while the other was gently brought on your neck, pulling you in for a sweet simple kiss. Your eyes fluttered closed and when he pulled away, you were already breathless from his gentleness. “I guess we’ll just see what happens then. If you want to stop at any point just say so.” He tells you. You gaze up at him and nod. His voice was so comforting that you could pretty much agree to anything. “You are on the pill right?” He confirmed. You nodded and bit your lip.

He shot a glance over at Tyler who walked behind you from against the wall. Josh leaned back and kissed you passionately, tongue slipping into your mouth. Tyler’s hands roamed feather light down your sides and over your thighs shooting electricity down your spine. You leaned your head to the side, following Josh’s kiss and Tyler pressed his body closer against your backside, trailing hot open mouthed kisses across your now exposed neck. His hands trailed up your thighs to knead your breasts through the fabric of your low cut black t-shirt. You moaned against Josh’s lips and you felt him smirk through the kiss. Tyler’s teeth raked across the spot that made you moan, biting it lightly before smoothing it over with his tongue.

Already, you were overwhelmed by the sensations. Your core was hot and wet and your heart was racing. Josh’s hands left your neck and trailed down to lift your shirt over your head exposing your dark red bra. Tyler unhooked it and it soon followed your shirt on the ground. You were grateful that Josh was in front of you. Apart from the one guy in high school you flashed because you lost a bet, Josh was the only guy who’s seen your breasts. Josh’s head dipped down, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck, across your collarbone and on your breasts. You leaned back against Tyler’s body, arching your back as he sucked on your neck and Josh nibbled at your nipples.

You almost didn’t notice Tyler’s hands lightly running down your bare stomach and unbuttoning your dark skinny jeans. His hand slipped inside the front and he began rubbing you through your panties. You moaned loudly and Josh stepped away, taking off his grey t-shirt to reveal his body. Your knees were shaking from Tyler’s movement and you were moaning loudly. He wasn’t rubbing hard enough to get you off, but it was definitely enough to warm you up. “So wet already…” He whispered huskily into your ear, turning you on even more.

You knew if you didn’t move soon, your legs would buckle from underneath you. You stepped away from Tyler, chest heaving and turned towards him, placing a hand on each shoulder. You glanced over your shoulder at Josh who nodded at you, silently telling you to keep going. You leaned in and kissed Tyler deeply, parting to slip his shirt over his head. Josh sat on the edge of your bed and you began walking backwards, not breaking the kiss with Tyler until you were near Josh. You got on your knees, unbuckling Josh’s skinny jeans and pulling them down. Behind you, you could hear Tyler doing the same for himself.

Just as you were about to run your hands up Josh’s legs, he shook his head, “Uh-uh. Lay on the bed.” He said. His voice was almost commanding but there was still a bit of uncertainty. It turned you on to no extent. You did as you were told, lying down. Josh began crawling up your legs, kissing down your bare chest sending shivers throughout your body. Eventually he made it to your unbuttoned jeans, “Are you still ok with this happening?” He asked cautiously.

“Yeah.” You breathed. He slid your pants of, underwear leaving with the, until you were naked and exposed. Right away, you felt strange. Tyler was here. You knew you agreed to this but suddenly it was seeming really, really… real. You bent your knees, almost crossing them with how tightly you were squeezing them together. You didn’t exactly mean to do it, it was just sort of instinctual.

Suddenly, Tyler’s lips were on your’s, “Don’t worry.” He whispered, pulling away. It was strangely simple of him to say but it somehow eased your nerves slightly. You felt Josh’s large hands on your thighs, gently opening your legs and leaning between them. His tongue flicked over your clit and you gasped at the feeling. His tongue ran up and down to your entrance before returning to suck on your clit. You were already a writhing mess. Tyler had his mouth occupied on your breasts, licking and kissing and nipping at the already hickey covered flesh.

“Oh my gosh…” You moaned.

Josh leaned back just long enough to groan, “That’s it Y/N, tell me how good we make you feel.”

His teeth gently grazed your clit and your moaned loudly, “Oh god. Just like that Josh.” Tyler’s tongue flicked over your nipple while he gently ran over the other perked bud with his calloused thumb. You ran your hand up Tyler’s back, gripping lightly onto his hair. Your back arched as Josh slid a finger into your hot core.

“So tight.” He groaned, pumping quickly. Tyler captured your lips in a rough kiss. You broke the kiss, sitting up slightly, and Josh stopped his actions with a confused look on his face. You ran your hands through your disheveled hair and crawled over to Josh, missing the feeling of his lips. Tyler was good, no doubt, but you loved Josh. He bit your bottom lip teasingly. Tyler kept his eyes on your butt as you made out with his best friend, removing his erection from his boxers and slowly pumping himself at the sight of your naked body, sitting at the top of the bed. You sat up on your knees, Josh’s lips following you until he was standing and you hooked your fingers in his waistband, pulling his boxers down. His erection sprang free and you broke the kiss, gazing up at him through hooded eyes. His dark eyes were clouded with lust and it made your empty core ache for him. You bit your lip when Josh nodded his head slightly, “Get on all fours.” He demanded, that dominant tone more prominent than before.

Silently, you obeyed, turning to face Tyler’s naked body and being surprised at the size of his length. Josh stood at the foot of the bed and grabbed you roughly by the hips pulling you closer to him. Tyler quit pumping himself and positioned himself on his knees in front of your face. Josh’s soft hands caressed up your sides, cupping your breasts and moving back down to your bum. You savored every feeling the two men gave you.

Reaching up, you grabbed Tyler’s hard member and ran your hand up and down it a few times, his thin body shivering and the contact. Josh ran his fingers through your wet folds. Leaning forward slightly, you took Tyler into your mouth, tongue swirling around his sensitive tip. You hand pumped what you couldn’t fit as you bobbed your head back and forth. Behind you, Josh positioned himself at your entrance and slowly pushed in. You moaned loudly around Tyler’s dick.

“Are you still alright?” Josh asked.

You nodded slightly but he must not have seen because Tyler’s strained voice chuckled a little, “Yeah she’s good.” Josh rocked his hips slowly at first but he soon matched your pace on Tyler. Tyler reached down and grabbed a fistful of your hair. You could see his muscles fighting to keep from moving your head for you, shoving himself deeper. He didn’t want to hurt you after all. Josh gripped tightly onto your hips, sure to leave bruises as he snapped his hips fast. A knot built up in your stomach and your legs were beginning to shake. You took Tyler out of your mouth and slowly licked up the underside of his shaft. His cock twitched in your hand and you knew he was close.

You pumped Tyler faster, trying to focus on how Josh was making you feel and still keep a good pace with Tyler. His grip on your hair tightened and he quickly pulled back, letting go of you. He pumped a few times and released all over your body, panting.

Now that you were totally focused on Josh’s movements, you noticed his movements becoming erratic. You knew he was close. His breathing was labored pants. Knowing that he wasn’t going to last much longer, he pulled out and climbed on top of the bed on his knees. He roughly grabbed your ankle and brought it over his shoulder before slamming back into you. He hit that spot deep inside you that made you scream out, “FUCK!” Your eyes screwed tight. Both and Tyler and Josh let out a small laugh at your profanities. It was rare when you cussed. “Oh shit right there.” You begged and Josh obeyed. Your whole body was on fire, every nerve burning with lust.

Tyler stood up and walked to the side of the bed, leaning over. With one hand, he spread your folds apart, exposing your clit. With the other, he rubbed fast harsh circles over your sensitive bud. That combined with Josh continuously pounding your g-spot had you screaming and moaning, “Fuck… me… Uh… Josh… Shit … Yeah… Oh god Tyler!” You moaned. Your entire being was on fire and how you hadn’t cum yet was beyond you because you felt yourself teetering on the edge.

“I’m so close babe.” Josh groaned. You reached down and held his hand tightly.

Suddenly, you felt your walls tighten uncontrollably as wave after wave of euphoria washed over you. “Fuck! Josh!” You moaned (or rather screamed), toes curling and legs bending as you orgasmed. The boys worked you through your orgasm, Tyler rubbing your clit and Josh slowing his hips. Your walls clenching around his length sent him over the edge. He pulled out leaning over your body and resting his head on the bed next to you. The two of you were panting uncontrollable messes. That was by far the most powerful orgasm you’d ever had, still feeling the effects after your breath calmed down.

“Holy shit, Y/N. You fucking squirted that was so hot.” Tyler commented and Josh chuckled into the mattress. You turned bright red, covering your face with your hands. You’d never squirted before.

“I have never heard you cuss that much. You’re freaking filthy. But sexy.” Josh laughed, propping himself up on his elbows to look at you.

“That was freaking amazing.” You panted, sitting up. You swung your legs over the side of the bed and set your feet down to walk to the bathroom but as soon as you put weight on your legs, your knees buckled slightly. Your core already ached. It had been a long time since you’d been screwed so hard you could barely walk and you honestly loved it.

You heard a snort behind you. “Are you alright?” Josh asked. You turned around stabilizing yourself.

You put up a hand and laughed a little, “I’m good. It’s just… been a while.” You said. You returned from the bathroom with a towel and cleaned up your guys’ mess. The three of you got dressed and met back up in the living room, sitting on the couch.

You were the last one to get into the living room. Josh and Tyler insisted to take a shower since Tyler kinda came all over you. They sat there with expectant looks on their faces, “So… was it awful?” Josh asked nervously.

You shook your head, “You heard me earlier. That was amazing. Did you guys enjoy yourselves?”

“A little awkward but not bad.” Tyler confessed. All three of you laughed and nodded in agreement.

“But thanks guys. Really. I never actually thought that dirty little fantasy was gonna come true. And I’m glad it was with you Tyler.” You said, sitting next to Josh who put his arm around you, letting you burrow yourself into his side.

Cole Sprouse| “You’re short!”

Count of words: 378

Warnings: Short 

A/N: Austin is the name I gave to the brother….

Requested: yes




Anonymous :Cold sprouse please!!!

You were currently half asleep on your couch , having a marathon of your favorite movie series; Harry Potter. Your boyfriend of 3 years was now out with the boys for his birthday. He and his Twin desided it would be cool to have a guys’ night out and have some drinks. Cole had promised you that he wouldn’t drink much , but you didn’t really mind when he was drunk.He was sassy and fun.

It was now 3am and you were in deep sleep until you heard a knock on your door. At first you got scared but then you heard two familiar voices outside. It was Austin and a, defenitely, drunk Cole. “Oh thank God!” Austin said while walking in. “What happened to you two?” you asked consern and sleeply. “You boyfriend dearest got drunk. So I had to carry his drunk ass to here. His brother was also to drunk to get home so he is still in my car.” he said as you gave a glance behind your brother and your boyfriend to see Dylan waving at you drunkily. You said and small thank you and Austin gave you a little hug before leaving.

“Hey! Don’t touch my girlfriend!” Cole shouted to Austin while he and you laughed. “Cole , he’s my brother he can do that!” you said while still laughing as your big brother left the apartment. “Come here baby girl.” Cole said in a seductive voice you giggled at him but went closer. After all you had to carry his drunken ass to your room. “Can we fuck?” he said and you laughed. “NO!” you screamed laughing. “Now get your ass up and lets get ready to sleep” you said. “NO!” he screamed mimicking you. “I’m not tired. I wanna fuck you.” he said and you laughed. “I said get your ass up and let’s get ready to sleep.” you said in a bossy tone. “Geez! You’re bossy..” he paused. “And short!” he said giving you a small laugh. “Well , not all of us are giraffes like you baby. Now let’s get you ready for bed!” you said and gave him a small peck as he smiled slowly moving his hands to your butt. “Hands up here love!” you said and laughed.

Sexual Tension I

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive


Characters: Jungkook/reader(female)

Words: 1.2k

Warnings: Swearing and a little suggestive

I | II 

A/n: 1,2,10,50, jungkook x y/n (boyxgirl) enemies to lovers, fuckboy!au Oh for the request I just sent about fuckboy!au jungkook could it be fluff? Thanks!

1. “you look…whoa”

2. “is that my shirt?”

10. “you look cute when you’re angry” 

50. “you weren’t saying that last night”

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Aozora Clubbing Heart part 1

Plot: Mari and Kanan invite everyone to go out clubbing, which hasn’t happened since Kanan and Mari got them all kicked out of and banned from a club for drunk and disorderly conduct. It’s going to be a very wild night.

Pairings: KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko (Sorry Dia)

SFW with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching]

Summary: Everyone is thirsty and not just for alcohol

5k words

A/N: This fic is spliced between EVERYONE’S POV’s. Everybody is aged up and you can technically consider this a College AU. I try not to favor anyone, but some segments are longer than others due to content and me having a good time writing it hahaha.

Ruby isn’t sure why Dia insists on tagging along. These kinds of events are usually beneath her, and she’s already promised not to drink. As the youngest, she’s used to being the DD and Ruby doesn’t particularly care for drinking anyways.

“It’s not fair for you to have to babysit seven unruly drunks,” Dia affirms, but Ruby knows her sister well enough to pick up on when she secretly wants to do something. Dia visibly shudders. “And besides, the last time we were all together you saw things you should never have to see.” This was also true.

“Mari and Kanan apologized already. They even promised that the club we’re going to doesn’t allow table-dancing.”

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Seven minutes in heaven with BTS

You and BTS would be at a party and you would be drunk playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with BTS


Kim seokjin: TBH I feel like Jin wouldn’t want to do anything, being the responsible man he his, he would probably just sit there and tell you dad jokes. You would probably try to make a move on his but he would stop you because one, you were drunk, two, h didn’t want you to do anything you would regret in the morning.

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You walked downstairs for some snacks when you see both Jim and Sebastian in a drinking game of some sort.

[Y/N]: what are you two doing?

SM: Getting drunk.

[Y/N]: What for?

JM: So we don’t get in an argument. We usually talk it out tomorrow morning when we’re hungover. 

[Y/N]: But why are you doing it in my house?

SM: We actually came to ask for your opinion on things, but we saw your liquor cabinet and couldn’t resist.

JM: I’m going to the guest bedroom now. See you tomorrow morning, tiger.

GOT7 Scenario - They see their child for the first time after a one night stand

Masterlist here 

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He would have gotten drunk recklessly whilst hanging out with Yugyeom. I think that he would be more of an angry drunk, probably because he was sick of the managers treating him like a small child. He saw you from across the bar and immediately made his way to you. You would have been in an angry drunk state as well, so after the small talk, the both of you were going at it in the bathroom stall. You never saw him again after the nigh, but you had become pregnant and gave birth to a boy called Min Jun. He was around 6 years old and the two of you were having a day out when you would see BamBam again. He was across the street shooting and saw you and locked eyes with you before staring at your child that looked a lot like him. He widened his eyes before shaking his head down, upset with himself.

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I can imagine this being a silly mistake. He and you would have known each other, not that well, but well enough to be invited to the same parties and dinners. The both of you would be drunk as hell at one party and dancing messily on the dancefloor. Once a slow song came on, the both of you would become very close and touchy with each other, which eventually left with the two of you in the car together. Once it was done, the two of you went back inside and completely ignored the fact that you had slept with each other. Later on, you soon found out that you were pregnant. You decided to not tell Jackson in fear of running his career and took time off when the bump was being to be noticeable. Once you had given birth to Amanda, you went back to work and raised her in secret, not letting anyone from the company know. However, one day you had to stop by the office to pick something up on the way home from picking Amanda up from her day care. When you returned to the car, you noticed Jackson staring angrily at your car, specifically at Amanda. He turned to you whilst mumbling “Why the fuck did you not tell me?”

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I think that you and JB would have been extremely close. As in you both had feelings for each other but neither one of you would admit. I can see that t would probably be late at night, whilst you were helping him write lyrics for a new song for GOT7’s comeback. You were both tired and leaning on each other and then JB would have taken this chance to give you a quick kiss. That quick kiss turned into something much more and soon enough, you were both discarding clothes. A few days later, it was not awkward between the two of you but there was definitely some tension. You soon left Korea to go to London to do some business. In London, you discovered that you were pregnant had given birth to a young girl called Yemi. Yemi was about 5 months when you returned back to Korea and a few weeks later, you decided to let JB know. You invited him over and e happily agreed. However, when he soon saw your child, his smile went and was in a very foul mood. “What the hell do you want me to do?

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I feel as if it would be quite rare to see a one-night stand with Jinyoung because I see him (in my own personal point of view) as the most responsible member of GOT7. However, if It was to happen, I feel like it would be purely by accident. I think that the two of you most likely will be having drunk sex after a company dinner, but the condom broke. You then went to America to do some work over there in preparing for the USA tour and it would be there you discovered you pregnant. You would come back to Korea in time to  give birth to a baby boy called Daichi. You immediately called Jinyoung because you did have respect for him and he did have the right to know. Once he came over, you both sat down in the kitchen and you nervously explained everything that had happened before actually showing him Daichi. He just looked and listened intensively before running his hands through her mumbling “wow”

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I can imagine this being a neutral thing between you and him, like he would simply come up to you and simply asks if you would like to get with him. There would have always been some sexual tension between the two of you but nothing serious enough to get into a proper relationship. Therefore, you did sleep with him and that should have been the end of it. But oh no it was not. Whilst you were back in school, you had realised you were pregnant. You struggled through and managed to give birth to a girl called Adalene. You did struggle to raise her whilst studying for your exams but you did eventually graduate and then moved into a two-bedroom flat for the two of you. Adalene was about 5 now and you were cooking dinner when you suddenly got a call from Yugyeom saying he would like to meet up with you. You reluctantly agreeed and invited him to dinner. You had put Adalene to bed after giving her dinner a bit earlier and waited for him to arrive. Once he did arrived, the two of you sat down and chatted for a bit before you decided to tell him. You led him into a pink bedroom that contained your sleeping daughter whilst whispering”She’s yours, you know”.  Yugyeom just sat down in a chair with his mouth covered while looking at her. “Fuck, I just wished you told me earlier Y/N”

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Mark would have to have been extremely drunk for him to sleep with you for no actual reason. I feel like it would happen when they had gotten a very high award and they decided to all go out for drinks to celebrate. You would just be a normal member that was helping with promotions or something like that, it just so happened the two of you got extremely drunk whilst near each other and one thing led to another. The next day, he had disappeared and left you a small note apologising and stating it was a mistake. You sighed and got on with your life. A week after, you mum/dad/guardian had gotten ill so you decided to go look after her/him. But around the same time, you had discovered that you had become pregnant. Your guardian/mum/dad decided that it would be best for you to have the pregnancy at your family home to make it as easy as possible, so you decided to stay there for the entire length of your pregnancy and had given birth to a healthy girl called Jae Eun. Your family advised that you should tell Mark as soon as possible, so you went over to the company building and asked him to come over. He reluctantly agreed and came over the next evening. There you sat him down, with Jae Eun in the room and calmly explained. Once you were finished, Mark had his face covered to prevent his tears from coming out. “I’m so sorry Y/N, for making you do this by yourself, i’m so sorry”

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He would have had a massive crush on you before, so when he was drunk, he would have been ALL OVER YOU. You were drunk but not as drunk as he was, but still gave in eventually and you both had a wonderful night. The morning after, he would still be sleeping but you had soon realised that the neither of you had used some sort of protection before hand. You carefully removed yourself from bed and immediately got changed and left. You did not come to work for a few days after the shock of realising that you might be pregnant was conformed via a pregnancy test. You decided to confront the manager and he was extremely upset. He had ordered you to leave your job position effective immediately and banned all contact with Youngjae. You were in a depressive slump for the first two months of your pregnancy, but with the help of family and close friends, you were soon able to get out of that slump and give birth to a healthy boy called Manu. It had been three years since you would had given birth and you were finally stable and had a small home for the two of you. However, one day the doorbell rung and you were surprised to see Youngjae. Before you could process everything, he stormed through and entered the living room and saw Manu sitting there, now staring at him, but was watching television. You tried to speak but was quickly cut off when he coldly said “I don’t care what our manager thinks, if he was my son, I should have every fucking right to know”

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I almost fucked my boss

This has been something that has been on my mind for months and I felt like this is the ideal place to share it….

tldr; me and my boss kinda made out and touched eachother and had a pizza together whilst being so fucking drunk

I went to an out of work event with some people from my work, a big ass fuck off engagement party at this REALLY FUCKING COOL AND CHEAP BARR YESSSS of a former co-worker…. My manager was there too.

When I first arrived at the venue nobody else from work was there apart from him - we get onso I just sat down beside him and we got some shots at the bar before everyone else came. I think four to five other people were meant to come, but, only two came and it’s these two girls who are like, best friends, and who I don’t really work with. They sit with us but go away. So, me and my boss continue to drink and chat a lot of shit. I think this is the right part to state there is a ten year age gap between us but we do get on really well because we have like, almost identical interests/views/whatever. The drinking continues until me NOT HIM ends up fucking slapping his ass and telling him I think it’s fine - God knows what demon posessed me to do this but I am quite touchy/feeling when I’m drunk and normally go out with close friends where this would be fine BUT he tells me he likes mine too and… I’m like hahahahahaha lol cos (1) this guy is my boss and (2) this guy is my ‘hot cool boss’ I tell all my friends about. I don’t fucking know my memory is blurry… we dance with out co-workers for a bit. Drink more. And. I guess we go outside? We sit under this tree and I put music on my phone and like I’m SO DRUNK at this point and he’s SO DRUNK we both can hardly string together a sentence and all I fucking rememeber… God knows how we got onto it but like I’m kissing him and it’s the funniest thing ever and I’m just laughing in his face telling him it’s great but also hahahahahah this is SO SO SO FUNNY. And I think he kinda finds it funny too and fuck idk what happens, I guess we go and find out coworkers and its hard not to say anything but he sits down at the bar and I dance with them for a while and then we carry on like everythings normal BUT then WE GO OUTSIDE AGAIN and he’s like 'touch my butt’ and I’m like 'HAHAH YES OKAY HAHAHA’ and I do it??? 

AND BY THIS POINT I’VE HAD 20+ DRINKS AND I RAN OUTTA CASH AND HE RAN OUTTA CASH and I’m like 'well I’ll go n get an uber home if ya wanna stand with me as I wait’ and he’s like 'NO YOUR NOT GOING IN AN UBER BY YOURSELF I AM YOUR BOSS AND I WILL GET YOU HOME !!!! ;) ;) ;)’ and we fucking stagger for about a mile and make out and fucking touch eachother all over before like we end up on the floor and it’s a Sat night so we just look like drunk idiots and we finally get in a taxi back to mine and he comes inside and ….we both freak out I guess? and I put on a record n we order a fucking Dominoes and then he gets a cab home.

When I woke up in the morning HALF OF THIS INFO WAS REMOVED FROM MY BRAIN and I remember it like 'hahah lol i touched my boss’ butt and told him he was hot and then we got drunk and tried walking back to mine and ordered a pizza’ but if you’ve ever BEEN THAT DRUNK you know… when the memories start coming back and it takes like three days? And I’m worried about what coworkers saw but I come out and ask them and they’re like 'you two were so drunk we couldnt even speak to yous’ and I’m like phew and then I realised I’ve not spoke to my boss in this time apart from le meme tagging and I have to fucking message him don’t I before I work with him???

And we both agree we were fucked and we should keep it on the DL.


how are things now you ask? absolutely fucking fine and normal 

m just needed to share sorry about the grammar getting worse and worse it basically feels like the way I did that night

Get Like:Calum Hood Imagine

This wasn’t requested, I just got really bored on the two hour drive to my aunt's house. This was based on a song by one of my favourite female artist because her album’s fuckin lit, so I might pick a few more to write about. Hope yall like it. Oh, and y/n/n stands for your nickname if you needed to know.

I don’t like when I catch them out the corner of their
Of their eyes, look all hypnotized

Your eyes darted around the room, trying to not make eye contact with any man looking your way. You knew you looked good tonight, hell, most nights like these you did, but you didn’t like the extra attention that came with it. It seemed as they were hypnotised by the way your outfit showed just enough leg and the right amount of cleavage. You felt all of the stares coming from every which way as you walked in search of one specific person. You eyed the room once again, looking for someone you recognized, and smiled when you noticed Luke and his girlfriend at the bar.

“Hey, Y/N!” Luke shouted as you walked towards the two. He gave you a quick hug before Arzaylea did the same.

“Got all dressed up for Calum, eh Y/N?” She smirked and sent you a wink. You couldn’t help but to roll your eyes at the girl, but didn’t deny her assumption.

“Have you two seen him?”

Luke downed a tequila shot, scrunching his face up before answering,“He’s over there with Ashton somehwere.”

“Wanna have a few shots with us, Y/N?” Arzaylea asked as athe bartender brought over a new round.

“Free shots? Of course.” You laughed as you picked one up.

You and Arzaylea clinked the small glasses together before downing them, deciding not to go with a chaser. Four more shots later you were already tipsy and so was she. Unlike the four rockstars, you two weren’t heavy on drinking, so it didn’t take much to get drunk.

“I’m gonna find Calum!” You shouted over the music.

“Yeah! Go get some dick, Y/N/N!”

“Arz!” You laughed, punching her on the shoulder.

You strutted off into the crowd  in search of Calum and after shoving past multiple people and grabby hands your finally spotted him. He was sitting on the red couch in the corner, casually sipping his beer and scrolling through his phone while some blonde chatted him up. If you weren’t mistaken it seemed that he wasn’t interested in having a conversation with her.

I don’t mind when I catch you stare me all the way down
To my thighs makes me realize

“Hey, Calum.” You grinned as you walked towards the Maori boy.

He looked up from his phone, his eyes trailing your body before they met with your Y/E/C ones. You took a seat on the left of him and gave the girl a smirk, causing her to roll her eyes and walk away.

“You look so good.” He groaned and you laughed at the almost pained expression on his face.

Calum leaned over to press a kiss to your lips, you deciding to tease him a bit by biting his. He let out a sigh before pulling away, eyeing you again and then shifting uncomfortably.

“Why must you tease me?”

“I dunno, it’s entertaining."you shrugged.

You and Calum talked for a while, having to yell a bit due to the music being turned up louder than necessary. You tried to contain your smile as you noticed he kept eyeing your freshly shaven legs or the small bit of cleavage you were showing. Calum even stared at your lips while you talked, lust clouding his eyes. You were trying to listen to him talk about some kid throwing up all over one of his friends before you got there, unconsciously folding your legs and drawing circles on your thigh. Calum stopped mid sentence and allowed his eyes to travel to the shadow between your legs.

"That skirt is a little short don’t you think?” He questioned as he licked his lips, his gaze never faltering.

“Not really.”

“If you bent over just the tiniest bit I’d be able to see your panties.”

“Well…” you trailed with a laugh,“maybe it is a little short, but it’s cute.”

“Very cute."he smiled, his hand gripping your knee.

That I’m shy and just a little awkward
But you bring it out of me, out of me

"Cal, stop staring.” You giggled awkwardly, playing with the hem of your short skirt.

“You’re so fucking hot.”

“Calum.” You whined, hating when he praised you like this because it made you feel like you were going to throw up a dozen butterflies.

You felt your face heat up as he continued to stare at you like you were the last meal on earth.

“No, seriously. This damn skirt is killing me.” He laughed as he tugged it a bit.“ I have so many thoughts running through my head.”

“Oh lord.” You sighed, now knowing you were in for it. Once Calum got worked up, there was no stopping him. He was going to get you turned on just as much as he was before he eventually took you.

Calum pulled you into his lap, allowing you to feel his hard on, and began to press kisses onto your neck. You sighed as you felt the wetness pool into your panties while he lightly began to massage your inner thigh.

“Just want to bend you over something and take you from behind. Fuck you nice and hard with this little skirt pulled up around your waist.”

You groaned inwardly as he began to tell you all of the things he wanted to do to you. You weren’t much of outspoken person when it came to sex. Usually when you ended up having sex Calum initiated it, and that’s quite often with his high sex drive. Calum always knew what to say, what to do to get you in the mood. He brought out the “kinky freak” in you as Arzaylea liked to put it.

We get loud, don’t think anyone can make me make a sound
Know that make you proud

“Louder, baby. Let them know who’s making you feel this good.” Calum groaned out.

You continued to moan loudly with no shame as Calum pounded into you.He somehow found a unlocked game room and decided that he was going to do just what he described. So here you were, bent over a pool table with your skirt pulled up around your waist as he fucked you into oblivion.

“Fuck, Calum.”

“That’s it,Y/N, say my name. What’s my name?”

“Calum."You moaned, a little yelp leaving your lips as he smacked your ass.

"Wrong name, sweetheart. What’s my name?”

“Daddy.” You almost shouted as he repeatedly hit the right spot deep inside of you.

Before meeting Calum, you never really enjoyed saying calling your partner daddy, let alone was this vocal during sex. You just couldn’t help yourself with him. He lived for your moans, tried everything in his power to get you to not hold back so he could hear them. You were starting to think that they aided to his pleasure, honestly, because the louder you moaned, the harder he’d have to try to fight off a smile.

“That’s my girl.” He grinned proudly, placing kisses onto your shoulder as he brought you upright and pulled out of you.

“I want you to ride me, babygirl.”

You couldn’t help but to grin as you led him to the small couch in the corner.

I confess, after we get done we always leave a mess
Don’t wanna get dressed

“Holy shit.” Calum laughed breathily as you rested your head onto his shoulder.

“You never cease to amaze me with mind blowing sex.” You giggled as he tried to capture your breath, you core still throbbing from your previous orgasm.

“What can I say? I’ve got good dick.”

“Shut up, you idiot.” You shook your head at him, moving strands of hair that were stuck to your face.

“Jake is going to be upset that we knocked his stuff off of the table.”

“Correction, you knocked his stuff off of the table.”

“Yeah, but I fucked you on it, therefore you’re just as guilty as me.” He pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“I didn’t tell you to fuck me on his table.”

“You didn’t complain either.”

“I hate you.”

“You don’t.” Calum laughed, pressing a kiss to your sweaty forehead.

“I don’t wanna get dressed. Can’t we just walk back downstairs naked?” You sighed and Calum snorted.

“I wish.”

‘Cause you’re the only one that I get like,you’re the only one that I get like,
Get like this for

Can’t nobody else make me feel like, you’re the only one that I feel like
Feel like this for

“Yanno, you’re the only one who can get me like this.”

“Oh really?” Calum laughed.

“Yeah.” You nodded your head.“I’m not a really sexual person and honestly before you I thought I could go without it, but you really bring it out of me.”

“Well, I’m glad to be the only one who can fuck you right.” He winked and you snorted.

“It’s not even just that, though, Cal. You’re the only guy that can make me feel butterflies from just smiling at me or make me feel like I’m the most special girl in the world simply because you call me to take me out. You’re the only guy that can make me feel one hundred percent confident in myself and like I’m beautiful just the way I am.”

Calum only looked down at you adoringly as you somewhat expressed your feelings to him.

“You’re the only guy that can get me to feel like I’m actually in love.”

All you, all yours, it’s yours, it’s yours
All you, all yours, I’m sure, it’s yours

“You love me?” He questioned with a slight smile, his eyes sparkling with joy. Your cheeks heated up as you nodded timidly, childishly drawing hearts onto his chest.

“I think I’ve loved you for a while.” You bit your lip as you looked up at him.“But yanno, me being the awkward turtle I am didn’t want to admit it first.”

“I love you too.” He laughed as he pulled you in for a kiss, tangling his hand into your hair.“I love you so much it hurts.”

“So…"you trailed not knowing where this leaves you two."We’re not exactly together.”

“Well, I would like to think that us confessing our love for each other is the same as agreeing to be in a relationship.”

“Oh,"you laughed awkwardly,”yeah, right.”

"You’re mine, right?” He questioned,”It’s just me and you till the end?”

You smiled and placed a loving kiss to his pink, swollen lips, then one over his heart.

“Of course, Cal. This is all you, I’m all yours.”

“Make Me” Dean x Reader

Words: 1,377

Dean x Reader

Summary: A case lands you and Dean at a college party. 

Warnings: Driving after drinking (don’t drink and drive, kids!), implied smut

Originally posted by zoegetsabout

“A college party? Are you kidding me?” You groaned as Dean smirked at you.

“Hey, you’re acting like I have control over this. It just happened to work out in my favor.” He laughs, winking. “College chicks are hot. They’re so… Energetic.”

“Okay, too much information.” You waved him off.

Dean had called you yesterday, asking if you could join him on a hunt. He said that Sammy was too sick to go with him, and it wasn’t one he could do alone. You agreed, not thinking much of it, and this morning he came to your house to pick you up. 

“What kind of case takes us to a party, anyways? You never told me what we were hunting.”

“The frat house it’s in, there’s been sighting of a ghost there. I figured it’s worth checking out.” Dean tells you, motioning you to get in his car.

“I’m confused. What exactly do you need me for, then? I’m pretty sure you can kill one by yourself.”

“A party is the only way we’ll be able to get into the house without anyone asking questions. As much as it pains me to say this, I doubt they’ll let me in if I’m not with someone. I’m…” He trails off. “Anyways, the point is, you’re young. Young enough to look like a sorority girl. And you’re hot. You’ll fit right in with those people. You can get us in.”

You try not to blush at him calling you hot. You refuse to give in to his games and flirtation. Ever since he met you a few years ago, he’s been trying his hardest to get with you. But you know his reputation- he’s a player. And not to mention, he’s ten years older than you. But that doesn’t stop you from being insanely attracted to him.

“Well I guess I should find something to wear.”


“Y/N…” Dean’s jaw drops as you step out of your motel room’s bathroom. “You look nice.” He clears his throat.

“I know.” You say cockily. You had on your black, long-sleeve, skintight dress that landed just below your butt, along with black pumps. You had your y/c/h waved, and you had on the most makeup you’ve worn in ages.

“Yeah, uh,” Dean said awkwardly, scratching his head. “Should we go?” He points to the door. You notice how flushed he looks, and you giggle.

“What?” He asks.

“Nothing at all.”

The car ride there is silent, the hum of the impala filling the air. It’s not a long drive, but it feels like hours with how quiet Dean is being.

As he turns onto another road, you see a big house down the street with Greek letters on front.

“I think we’re here.”

There were people outside mingling, but you could see the real party was inside. It looked insane in there. You hadn’t partied like that since high school.

“Are you ready to go in?” You ask Dean, stepping outside into the warm spring air.

“Born ready, baby. Let’s gank this sucker.” You were so focused on this party that you forgot that you were on a case.

As you two made your way to the front door, a group of girls giggled at Dean, waving and winking at him. You roll your eyes as Dean relished in the attention they were giving him, waving back.

“We’re hunting, remember?” You remind him, not sure why you were so bothered at the fact that girls were flirting with him. You expected it to happen- he was a good looking man.

“Yeah, yeah.” He grumbled. You two reach the front door only to stopped by two guys, looking at you oddly.

“He with you?” They ask you, eyeing Dean.

“He’s my boyfriend, gotta problem with that, boys?” You say sweetly, putting your “sex eyes” on. They look at each other, as if questioning whether or not to let him in.

“Go ahead.” They finally said, opening the door.

The inside was crazy. Loud music playing, drunk people grinding and kissing everywhere. It stunk of cheap beer and liquor, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“I suddenly see why Sam liked college so much. It’s all babes and beer.” Dean said, noticing how many girls were looking at him.

“Let’s just find this thing and get out of here, alright?” You sigh, not liking that you were feeling jealous. As you begin to try and walk through the crowd, you grab a cup of whatever they were serving, drinking it quickly. You knew you’d regret that later, but in the moment it seemed like a good idea.

You two went around every inch of the house, scanning for EMF. Nobody even questioned you two, they were so drunk.

“I can’t find anything. This was a bust.” Dean sighed, putting the scanner away.

“You know, I’m beginning to think that you just used me as a way to fuck some college girls.” You teased, running your finger down his chest. You felt a little drunk; you knew you shouldn’t have drank that drink, being a lightweight.

“Nah.” He looked at you nervously, laughing.

“You know, maybe we should stay a bit. I’m kinda having fun.”

“I thought you were so eager to leave?” He raised his eyebrow at you.

“Let’s have some fun, Winchester.” You whisper in his ear before pulling away from him, laughing. You grab his hand, and lead him back downstairs to where the rest of the people were. You grab two more cups, one for you and one for Dean.

“Woah there, maybe you should slow down. You’ve only had one cup and you’re already wasted.” Dean grabs your hand, stopping you.

“Maybe you should make me.” You wink, moving your hand out of his and taking a big sip. You go out into the crowd of people, beginning to dance to the music. Dean’s eyes go wide as you begin to grind on him, but he doesn’t stop you.

“With the way you’re acting, I’m not sure how long I can control myself.” He admits. You turn around, looking at him dead in the eye.

“Then don’t.”

You lean forward and kiss him, tasting the alcohol in both of your guy’s mouths, although he is significantly more sober than you are. He is taken aback at first, but kisses you back before pulling away.

“Let’s get out of here.”

He walks you back to the impala, his arm supporting you as you two walk, and he helps you get into the front seat.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl with such a low tolerance as you.” He chuckles, starting the car.

“Mhm,” You respond. As he drives, you reach your hand over to his lower region and begin rubbing.

“Y/N…” He says lowly, biting his lip. “As much as I would love for you to do that, now is not the best time. I’m driving.”

The ride to the motel is seems even longer than it was before. Sexual tension fills the air, both of you itching to get to the room.

“Damnit.” He hisses, and pulls the car over to the side of the road. “I can’t wait.”

He leans over to you, kissing you hard. You kiss back with the same amount of roughness, hungry for more. He slips his hands underneath your dress, lifting it up. His hands roam all over your back, hitting every inch of skin, before unhooking your bra. You lift off his shirt, and unzip his jeans.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dean asks, lust filling his eyes.

“I’m sure.”


Breathing hard, you pull your dress back over your head as Dean pulls his jeans back on.

“Baby girl, I gotta say, you were great. Better than I could have ever imagined.”

“You certainly lived up to expectations.” You admit.

“Glad I could satisfy you. Always happy to help. Anytime- and don’t take this as a joke- but anytime you need me… I’m here.” He laughs.

“Hey, Dean?”


“I’m really glad I went on this hunt with you.”

“Me too, Y/N. Me too.”

Celebrity Crush

Description: You and Harry are both famous and it’s revealed that Harry has a crush on you.

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 1894

“You’ll never believe who has a crush on you,” Nick Grimshaw said as he sat across from you in the radio booth.

“Oh, I can’t wait to find out,” you laughed.

You wouldn’t be too surprised to find out. Thousands of people had crushes on you. After being in the music industry for years now and having some small acting parts, you’ve made a mark on the world. So, unless Grimmy said that Barack Obama had a crush on you, you weren’t going to be awfully surprised.

“I’m gonna have you guess. It’s a guy, he’s quite popular, and he is absolutely stunning,” Grimmy gushed. He watched your face, waiting for some sort of reaction.

You widened your eyes, shrugging. “I have no idea, mate,” you laughed. Despite being American, you’ve gotten used to using other slang that was common here in England. “You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

“Hm, he’s got luscious locks, extraordinary eyes, and he’s from England. He was on last week, actually,” Grimmy smirked.

You were still puzzled. “Let me in, Grimmy. No more secrets!” you chuckled.

“The one and only Harry Styles!” he exclaimed.

You gasped, placing a hand over your heart. “No!”

“Yes! He said so himself that he has got a crush on you,” Grimmy pointed at you. “Let’s have a listen,” he said as he started to play the clip.

Sure enough, Harry appeared on the screen in front of you looking attractive as hell. Grimmy wasn’t wrong about him being ‘absolutely stunning’. He was always creating looks that you could never think up nor think you could pull off.

“So, do you have a celebrity crush, and who is it?” Grimmy asked Harry. One thing you loved about Grimmy was his bluntness.

“Ehm,” Harry thought for a few seconds before breaking out into a wide smile. “I’m gonna have to say Y/N. She’s super nice and funny. She’s hilarious, actually. I also like her style and fashion, ya know? So yeah, I’d have teh say Y/N is my celebrity crush.”

You knew your cheeks were slight shade of red, but you didn’t care. “He is honestly so great. That’s really cool of him to say those nice things about me,” you nodded your head. “I may have to hit him up and ask him what’s going on.”

Grimmy nodded. “Yes! Of course, tell me how it goes. Anyway, back to this song you featured on,” he introduced.

You answered the questions and survived the rest of your interview, planning to have drinks with your good friend Grimmy later that week. After the interview, you were brought back to the Harry Styles 'crush’ thing because your twitter was blowing up.

You chuckled at your screen. You wrote out “@Harry_Styles and I will have to meet up soon to discuss a few things” before sending it. The fans would surely go crazy at that.

You went straight to your London flat so you could rest. You knew tomorrow you had another early interview, but other than that, your day was free. Stretching out on your couch, you heard your phone buzz loudly.

“@Y/T/H, when are you free?”

You laughed out loud. Way to be blunt. You ended up dming Harry, asking how his day was then giving him your number. Despite meeting two or tree times, the two of you were never really able to get to know each other off camera. You always seemed to see each other at award shows, but nothing else.

About an hour later, Harry texted you. You responded and soon enough, you made plans to have lunch tomorrow after your interview. Biting your lip, you stood up and did a few little jumps. You were having lunch with Harry Styles. He was one of your biggest music icons and he as extremely attractive. Why wouldn’t you be excited?


You sat in the chair across from the interviewer. You woke up late this morning, so you weren’t wearing any makeup and your hair was up in a messy bun. The interviewer’s name left you in your rush this morning.

“So, Y/N, we noticed after yesterday’s interview, you tweeted Harry about meeting up and he actually tweeted back. Do you have any plans with the star?” the interviewer asked.

You scratched your cheek before pretending to think. “I mean, we’ll just have to wait and see. Who knows, ya know?” you chuckled. You didn’t want anyone to know just yet about your lunch plans with Harry. Pictures will probably be out soon enough.

“Have you always been close with Harry or any of the One Direction boys?” she asked.

You raised your eyebrows. “Well, I’ve talked with Niall the most, I think. I’m definitely a fan of One Direction’s music as well as all of their solo stuff. They’re very creative and amazing writers, so I’m a pretty big fan.”

The interviewer nodded her head and continued asking a few questions before ending the interview. You hugged her and took a picture with her before gathering your stuff and leaving. As you were exiting the building, you texted Harry that you were finished with the interview and he could pick you up at your flat.

Harry texted you just as you arrived at your flat that he was on his way. You knew you didn’t have enough time to apply makeup. At least you could fix your hair. After changing into black skinny jeans and a plain shirt, you pushed your hair into a high ponytail.

Before too long, you heard a knock at your door. Giddy with excitement, you nearly jumped to the door. Quickly opening it, you could see Harry was dressed nicely, but nothing that made you look under dressed. His hair was tousled yet it made him look even more attractive.

“You look nice,” you smiled at him. He smiled back and you could see a blush creep up his neck. “Let me just grab my purse and we can go,” you quickly said as you grabbed your purse from the kitchen table.

“Ready to go?” he asked. You nodded, still nervous.


You and Harry talked for a while over your lunch. You had actually gotten to know each other better without constant eyes on both of you. As Harry was walking you back up to your flat, you grinned.

“This was fun. I really enjoyed having lunch with you.”

Harry beamed. “Yeh, I agree. Ehm, speaking of which,” he paused and turned to you. “Niall and a few other friends are going out for drinks tomorrow night. I was wondering if yeh wanted t’ go?” You could see that Harry was nervous and unsure about asking you.

“I’d love to. Haven’t seen Niall in a long time,” you blushed. You and Harry were hanging out again tomorrow! You could barely hide your excitement.

Harry breathed out heavily. “Great! Ehm… see you tomorrow then,” he smiled.

You nodded, giving Harry a quick hug before heading inside.

You secretly watched Harry drive off before doing a little dance while squealing. Harry wanted to actually hang out with you again. Once your little dance was over, you checked your phone, only receiving a text from your friend and some twitter notifications.

You walked throughout the flat, enjoying the time to yourself.


Harry picked you up the next night. You were luckily more prepared by having your makeup and hair done. Harry looked gorgeous as always in his black skinny jeans and a patterned button up shirt that was hardly buttoned. You didn’t mind, though.

The two of you met up with Niall and the other friends who you soon got to meet. As everyone sat down for drinks, people were suddenly interested in you.

“Where are you staying while you’re in London?” one woman asked.

“I have a flat here. So whenever I’m in the U.K., I stay here in London.”

“Oh wow. So do you have family here?”

“No, I just really enjoy London.”

You noticed Harry watching you intently as you answered more questions. You would glance over at him and smile. He would chuckle and take a quick drink from the glass in front of him.

About two hours later, everyone was on the dance floor. Veronica (was her name Veronica? Or was it Violet?) was grinding on some guy she just met and Niall was hollering as he held up his drink. You were twirling around, just dancing to the rhythm. Before too long, Harry maneuvered his way over, locking eyes with you. Both of you were two drunk to really any anything, so you just laughed.

You were both in your own little world. Just the two of you danced together. Soon enough, your lips were attached to his and his hands were around your waist. The world around you seemed so far away and Harry seemed so close. Almost too close.

Once you separated, both of you chuckled a bit, slightly embarrassed. However, within minutes, you were both waving goodbye to your new friends and getting into a cab. You agreed that you were too drunk to drive, so someone would pick it up for Harry.

Both of you were making out in the back seat, listening to the radio and not noticing the cab driver glancing back every once in a while. He coughed slightly when the ride was over and you noticed Harry pull out some cash and hand it to him.

“Thanks, mate,” the cab driver said before driving off.

You walked up the steps to Harry’s house, fixing your hair slightly. Were you really going to have sex with Harry tonight? Suddenly, the nerves were building up again. If it weren’t for the drinks, you were sure you wouldn’t have even come to Harry’s house tonight.

Harry unlocked his house and looked back at you, smiling. You both entered the house and hurried to Harry’s room laughing. Both of your jackets were off in a hurry and you stumbled onto the bed. Harry was kissing your neck sloppily as you moaned slightly. He slowed down and glanced at you.

Suddenly, Harry sat up.

“Hey, ehm, I don’t think we should do this. We’re both a bit tipsy, at least I am, so I don’t want that to get in the way if we do ever… ya know,” Harry admitted. He looked extremely nervous.

You nodded, smiling. “Of course. I’m glad you said something, Harry.”

You both smiled at each other before Harry coughed.

“You’re still welcome to spend the night here. I can take the couch, if you’d like.”

“Oh, no. I might need to borrow some clothes, but I am not kicking you out of your bed,” you sat up straight, letting your feet hit the floor. “Do you just want to sleep in the bed with me?”

Harry pondered this for a moment before nodding, “sure.”

You changed into one of Harry’s shirts and decided against wearing shorts. As Harry also changed, you crawled into his bed, admiring how silky the sheets were. Harry soon followed, smirking at you.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get yeh into my bed another night.”

You laughed, leaning your head back. “You only wish, Styles.”

He chuckled a bit before turning the lamp off. “Good night.”

“Night,” you whispered as you felt your eyelids close and yourself drift off to sleep.

anonymous asked:

Hi, this is probably way out there, but I just recently read the comic "Jughead: the New Hunger. In it Jughead is a werewolf (a long running Jones family curse) and Betty is a werewolf hunter (Coopers having hunted werewolves for generations). In the comic they are just really good friends, but their friendship is tested once they find out each other's secret. I think it'd be interesting to see this concept with them in a romantic dynamic though. Epitome of Romeo and Juliet and forbidden love.

Werewolves of Riverdale

Summary: The people of Riverdale are terrified fearing there is a serial killer on the lose but Betty Cooper knows better. Werewolves have come back to Riverdale. She will do whatever it takes to protect her town, even going head to head with the packs Beta, Jughead Jones. 

Words: 5,690  

Warnings: Violence, swearing, drinking, smoking and mild sexual situations. 

A/N: So I’m not happy with this but I never will be so I’m just gonna post it. I have never read the comic this idea is based on so it’s probably very different. I’m basing a lot this on Wynonna Earp, which is a fucking amazing show and you should all watch it. This is more sci-fi/fantasy/horror based, theres not a lot of romance. I’m also not an expert in werewolf/lycan lore so I’m sorry if there are inaccuracies. I won’t be writing a follow up to this but if anyone else wants to take this idea and run with it go for it.

I edited this myself so there are probably a lot of errors. 

Betty Cooper had a bad reputation.

Her family lineage called for it, for her to be an outcast, a weirdo, a short fuse. A person others did not get along with.

She had spent a lot of her younger years trying to fit in. She tried to say the right things, do the right things, join the right clubs and make the right friends.

When she realized her blonde hair and heart shaped face couldn’t get her a spot on the cheerleading squad, she embraced what made her different.  

She embraced the leather and tattoos. The nightly training in hand to hand combat and the hours of studying lore, fairy tales and wolf anatomy. She learned to love Shadowmoon, the gun that belonged to her great-great-great-great grandmother; the first werewolf hunter in her family.

There had been no need for a hunter in Riverdale for decades. The great war had all but ended the werewolf bloodline and a need for a slayer disappeared. Her mother, who was also her mentor, had never needed to fight a day in her life. There had been nothing but peace for as long as Betty could remember.

But now there were four dead bodies and a serial killer on the loose. The news called him the Riverdale Ripper but Betty knew better.

Werewolves had come back to Riverdale.

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