you two are perfect let me give you cuddles

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Ive seen lots of thigs about the mc being tall but what if she was, really, really short. Like 145 or 150 or around that? ^^

Author’s note: fun fact- I’m 5′7 :) what about you guys??


  • He thinks your tininess is ADORARBLE
  • He lend you some t-shirts just because of how big they are on you
  • He pinched your cheek once as a joke and you almost bit him
  • He’s never doing that again


  • he loves having to get stuff down for you when you can’t reach
  • he also thinks it’s so funny when you try to take a selfie of you two and you can barely stretch your arm out long enough to fit him in it
  • “Babe, let me hold the camera. NO I’m not saying that because you have short arms!! I just… yeah I’m saying it because of your arms.”


  • you’re the perfect height for her bc she doesn’t have to stand on her tippy toes to kiss you
  • also couch cuddling is a breeze
  • like you two fit together like it was meant to be which it is


  • He loves hugging you
  • More specifically, he loves that he can pretty much engulf you in his arms
  • Like seriously he gives you hugs from behind all the time
  • Although when he’s mad at you or you’re being stubborn
  • He’d just pick you up


  • I hope you’re ready to be an arm rest
  • Because that is now your relationship status with him
  • Seven and his arm rest
  •  but he also loves being the big spoon and loves you
I think that cuddling is so intimate. No kissing, no sex, none of that. Just straight cuddling. It’s the way how two people manage to find a perfect fit for one another. It’s just you two laying there while the world goes about with its life. Everything stops. Life stops. Two hearts synchronizes their beats into one. It’s simple, yet so profound at the same time; so don’t just give that moment away to anyone. Make sure it’s someone you want to sync your heart with. Make sure that they are worth the moment, and the memories.
—  I don’t just cuddle with just anyone, but I’d cuddle with you any day.
EXO Reactions: When they have to share their bed with their crush.



Junmyeon would become one red-cheeked boy at the thought that you had to sleep with him, but he would keep his emotions in so you wouldn’t be awkward around him. He would make sure you are safely tucked with no threat of any cold coming near you, before falling asleep next to you.

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Baekhyun would try to dissolve the awkward cloud around you with his usual jokes. He would talk ad talk until you begged him to shut up, so you could sleep. But before that he would lose no chance to ask for cuddles.

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We’ve seen it. Chanyeol is the epitome of awkward around girls. He would be so nervous but happy at the same time to be sleeping next to you. Every single thing you or he did, would end up with him bursting into giggles with no stop.

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Oh, Kyungsoo. Poor Kyungsoo. When he realized that you had nowhere to sleep but next to him, everything stopped around him. He couldn’t even look at you. He just slid in bed next to you without a word and turned around so he wouldn’t have to face you. It would be up to you to drag him into a small conversation.

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Shy Jongin would secretly love it, that you had to sleep with him. It was a perfect opportunity to finally be so close to you. He would start talking and maybe you’d be so interested in what you two had to say in the darkness of night, that you’d forget about sleep completely. Baby Nini is another member of cuddle-loving-club so who knows….

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Good luck sleeping with this baby. You can say goodbye to any warmth at night, because be sure - Oh Sehun won’t let you have blankets. It would go to the point when you just had to wake him up.

“Sehun. Sehun!” You’d have to shake him. “I’m freezing here give me some of the blankets.”

“How can you be saying that to the maknae?! I’m cold too.” he mumbled.

“But I’m even younger…”

“Okay, okay you can come in.” he sad and dragged you with him under the warmth of blankets his hot body



First of all, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NAMJOON REQUESTS! I do apologize if it’s quite late~ All of the following are loosely based on what I perceive of him, lyrics he’s written in songs, subtle things I’ve caught/noticed on some of their shows/interviews/posts. It may or may not be true, but it’s simply what I think of him. 

This one is a VERY long post… but hope you guys enjoy reading~

Kim Namjoon. The devoted, passionate lover.

(fanart by: dlazaru)

There’s something I feel strongly about Namjoon. He’s not an easy person to love. I don’t see him falling head over heels in love quickly too, I don’t think he likes being exposed emotionally. However, I also think he is the type to really love someone deeply and passionately when he finally does fall for someone. 

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Ok so I got a prompt for both SouMako and SouGisa for Glad You Came and this idea just popped into my head and I can’t make it go away and I hope you guys don’t mind but I did the thing and I am not sorry.

“I’m glad you could both make it here for this,” Nagisa says as he clasps his hand together and paces in front of the couch.  Sousuke glances to Makoto for an explanation but the other teen just shrugs and gives Sousuke a confused smile. 

Sousuke hadn’t been sure what to make of the text on his phone that morning.  It had been almost a year since he had graduated and while he appreciated the distraction from his father he wasn’t entirely sure what to do about a slightly cryptic text from Nagisa.  He didn’t even remember for sure when the blond’s number had gotten entered into his phone and the fact that it didn’t even faze him any was probably a sign that he possibly needed new friends.  But he had still shown up at the address in the text, surprised to see Makoto standing on the doorstep as well. 

“It seems that I have stumbled upon a little secret of yours and I intend to exploit it fully." 

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Summer Lovin'- Nash Grier Fanfic ( Part 2 )

’ hotel room ‘ 

It was 12 am in the morning here in Chicago and you and Y/B/N checked in and took the lift and walked to your room.

“ Hey Y/N”

“ Hey Hayes, you staying here? where’s your room?”

“ yeah, room 607 you?”

“ room 608” and gave him a smile and you just waved goodbye and walked into your room.

The next day you just got up and went in for a quick shower before going down for breakfast you chose a crop top with highwaisted short paired with white converses. You wore light make up and your hair was out naturally.

and Y/B/N wore

You guys took the lift downstairs to the lobb to grab some breakfast when 2 guys gestured for you to come. Both you and Y/B/N followed the getsure from Nash and Hayes to their table,

“ Hey Nash, Hayes the blue teddy bear” you greeted, you and Hayes made nicknames for each other on the plane

“ Hey Y/Nickname, come and eat with us”

“ We don’t want to intrude your breaky with your magcon friends”

Nash spoke “ you won’t, we love to spend time with our fans”

“ Okay, if you say so Nash”

“ Hey Guys, this is Y/N and Y/B/N”

“ Hey” the boys screamed

you guys stayed there for a while then you both left them to have fun for the rest of the day and you guys went to the mall.

That night you got a twitter dm from Nash,

“ meet me at the hotels pool - Nash x ”

you dm’d him back saying,

“ Sure Nashy the blue eyed monster, why? x”

and Nash replied almost imiedietly

“ just because princess Y/N xx”

“ hahaha been promoted ’ xx’ I can beat that xxxxxxoooooo kisses and hugs. see you soon Nashy”

“ your a funny bunny Y/N xxoo :) ”

you changed into your sweats with a bikini under it,

you hurried your small petite body down to the pool, when you saw Nash he stood up and gave you a small smile and you returned that small smile,

“ Hey Princess Y/N”

“ Slay Me Prince Nash”

“ Well okay then” giving you a smirk

“ Slow down Nash, so what do you want?”


“ Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that”

“ It’s ok, I need to tell you something”

“ tell me after a swim, please” giving Nash puppy dog eyes

“ Okay fine”

you guys swam for atleast an hour, you guys got out of the party and sat on the poolside chairs,

“so nash, what do you want to tell me?”

“ I just wanted to tell you…” he giving you a small smile and grabbing your hands and intwined your fingers with his

“ what? tell me what?”

“ tell you that I really like you since the first day we met at the airport, your bubbly and joking personality, your beautiful eyes, your perfect imperfections,your laugh, everything and I know I just ruined this friendship but I had to it was killing me and thats why I gave you that glare in the plane when you were talking with my brother and yeah”

“ aww nash, lets cuddle”

and you two cuddled on the chair when your phone rang,


“ babe, where are you? your not in the hotel room when I came out of the bathroom, I thought you were getting food so I didn’t worry!!” Y/B/N screamed through the phone with a bit of worry in her voice

“ I’m with Nash, I’m coming now” and you grabbed your things

“ bye nash” and you ran for the lift

“ bye mrs grier, wait no she didn’t say she liked me back"