you two are disgustingly adorable

sg & jm: [talking]

jk: [walks up behind jimin and back hugs him] thanks hyung [walks away]

sg: what was that for?

jm: i don’t know, he said back hugging me gives him an energy boost or something

sg: you two are disgustingly adorable

The Earp Sisters

Hi Guys,

So I noticed that nobody was really doing fill in fics for Wynonna Earp and Wayhaught yet so I thought that I would give it a whirl. If you like it and want me to keep writing them please let me know. Also if you have ideas for a fic that you want me to write just ask! Thanks and on to the fic!

To be honest, when Wynonna found out about her sister and the new cop in town dating it took her a little by surprise.

I mean according to Waverly and Nicole they were about as subtle as a brick to the face before coming out to her, but Wynonna was known for being a little bit oblivious at times. 

Okay, A LOT a bit oblivious.

And truth be told, that bothered her even more. An older sister should be able to sense that her family member is hooking up with some random broad. And Wynonna had also always thought that she had awesome gaydar, but apparently she had been wrong about that too because there was a time that she was sure that Waverly and Champ were going to move to Buenos Aires to produce little geniuses and little meat heads in turn. 

And because of this ignorance, Wynonna was caught a little off guard to say the least. I mean finding out at gun point didn’t exactly make it an easy transition either.

Wynonna liked Nicole. A lot actually. She was smart and brave and charming. She said all the right things at the right time. And the fact that she thought her ass was “top shelf” was just icing on the cake.

But Wynonna is nothing if not protective of her baby sister. And after that whole Champ fiasco, Wynonna wasn’t exactly sure of Waverly’s judgement when it came to partners. Not like she was in any position to judge though because…well… you know.

So she was cautious. Well cautious by Wynonna standards anyway. It was a topic that she, miraculously was able to avoid at any opportunity, and truth be told, Waverly didn’t seem that keen to approach it either.

There was an unspoken agreement between the sisters to almost leave each other alone when it came to the other’s love life and that was A OK to Wynonna.

But over the first few months of the budding relationship, they began to grow apart. Wynonna began to pull away into a depression about Willa and an increased vigor about ending the Earp curse, while Waverly started putting any spare time that she had outside of Black Badge straight into her relationship.

That was, until the night the gang got pulled into signing a blood oath to Black Badge.

Waverly slowly and softly knocked on her sister’s door with red eyes and tears streaming down her face. 

“What’s wrong babygirl?” Wynonna said with concern filling her voice. 

“It’s Nicole. I think…I think I’m losing her.” Waverly stated blankly. 

Even though tears were streaming down her face, her voice was steady. Not peppy Waverly-like at all.

Wynonna walked over to her sister and put her arms around her almost awkwardly. It had been a while since the two had even hugged each other. But as the moments passed by, the embrace became soft, warm, and to Waverly…most welcome.

“So do I need to kill a cop tonight because I was really hoping to get a soak in the tub?” Wynonna asks with humor in her voice, but the slightest hint of seriousness. 

“No, I don’t think that’s quite needed.” Waverly responds with a laugh.

“Because I’ll do it. I mean I could even get Doc to help me bury the body…Dolls could probably be good when it comes to covering it up too. Come to think of it nobody would even…”

“Wynonna!” Waverly interrupts her sister when she can see that she may be taking this a little far.

“Wyn I don’t even know if I’m imagining it or not. Killing is not an option.” She says through tears, but she’s smiling now and Wynonna’s heart lifts.

“Well tell me what’s wrong than Waves.” 

“I don’t know it’s kind of stupid I’m probably just overreacting.” Waverly says with insecurity dripping off of every word. 

“As much as I know how you love to overreact, God I remember the missing stuffed rabbit fiasco of ‘99, you seem pretty upset about this. Let me help. Or fuck everything up like usual, but you know…details.”

Waverly actually laughs this time and Wynonna can’t help but mentally give herself a high five and a promise of a shot of Whiskey later.

“She…she turned away from me…After what happened today…She actually didn’t even look at me…When I tried to kiss her. She just seemed so distant. I think she’s getting tired of me Wyn and I’m scared.” Waverly confesses in a small voice.

“Well than let her go. Release her back into the hell hole that I hear lesbian dating pools can be.” Wynonna says.

“You don’t understand…I love her.” Waverly says in almost a whisper.

Wynonna freezes. It’s not the first time that she has heard these words come out of her sister’s lips about the officer, but before she had chalked it up to adrenaline and fear. She hadn’t realized how deep her sister’s affection for the cop really were.

“Have you told her that?” Wynonna says lightly.

“Pffffft have you told Doc or Dolls that?” Waverly throws back

“Fair point, but we’re talking about you.” Wynonna responds with a grin.

“No, but I don’t know if I should. I’m new at all of this Wyn. I’ve never dated a girl before. I don’t know what’s considered too soon or too clingy and I don’t want to make things worse.”

“Well…Maybe that’s why she’s pulling away. Because she thinks that you don’t want her.” Wynonna states trying to choose her words carefully.

“I mean you two are totally disgustingly adorable together, but if she feels that you’re not truly in it, maybe she doesn’t want to get her heart broken. Maybe she’s afraid of scaring you off by saying it first.” Wynonna continues.

“Those…are actually some good points.” Waverly comments in disbelief.

“I know shocking. My hard hitting knowledge about human emotion usually only comes out in moments of pure intoxication, but I guess tonight I got lucky.” Wynonna says with a grin.

Waverly giggles and hugs her sister again.

“Get out of here kid. Go see your woman. Tell her how you feel.”

Waverly gets up to leave, but lingers by the door.

“Wyn, even though I’m with Nicole, you need to know that you always come first to me. No matter what. You’re the most important person in my life.” Waverly says with a small smile.

“Yeah same here Waves. Now go.”

Waverly runs out of the room and down the stairs.

“JUST DON’T FUCK ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER AGAIN PLEASE! PEOPLE EAT THERE YA KNOW!” Wynonna yells after her sister in an afterthought as she smiles to herself. 

She knows they’re gonna be okay.

You Were Too Hot

“No, Joe! Put me down!” Y/N laughs as Joe wraps his arms around her from behind, lifting her up and walking towards the water.

“Not a chance, love!” He only tightens his grip as she struggles, still laughing as the waves lap at their feet.

“Please, don’t.” She turns her head to look at him, seeing her reflection in his sunglasses.

“Too late.” He replies, a cheeky grin on his face as he swings around, both of them falling into the warm water.

Pushing her now wet out of her face, Y/N glares at her boyfriend as he emerges from the water as well.

“You are so mean!” She splashes water towards him, earning a loud laugh from Joe.

“You were too hot, had to cool you off.” He tells her, splashing her back.

“Gods, that was so cheesy!” Jack calls from the shore.

“It kind of was.” Y/N shrugs, reaching over to steal Joe’s sunglasses, placing them over her own eyes.

“You liked it!” Joe’s voice follows her as she makes her way back to the shore.

“No one liked it, mate.” Conor shakes his head from his spot on the towels.

“So you’re telling me,” Joe stops in front of him, shaking out his hair, “That you wouldn’t say the same thing if you had a girlfriend?”

“Oi! I was trying to sleep!” Oli glares up at Joe, brushing off the water drops that had landed on his skin.

“And you’re blocking my sun.” Conor adds.

“You two are boring.” Joe rolls his eyes, but shuffles out of the way, standing behind Y/N. He wraps his arms around her loosely, resting his chin on her shoulder.

“I you throw me in again…” She starts.

“Don’t worry. I won’t. Right now.”

“Wonderful.” She mutters, but relaxes into his embrace.

“Can I have my sunglasses back?” He asks, squinting at the bright sun.


“Honestly, they look better on her.” Jack laughs.

“Oh, cheers. You were the one who encouraged me to get them!” Joe glares over at him.

“Really?” Y/N asks, “Thanks Jack! I love these!”

“No problem.” Jack grins over at her.

“This isn’t fair.” Joe grumbles, turning his face into her skin. She lets out a small laugh, lifting a hand to run it through his hair.

“You’ll survive. Did you want to play volleyball or something, babe?”


“Then what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“So helpful.”

“Don’t make me throw you back into the water.”

“Don’t even think about it.” Y/N says, before letting out a small squeal as Joe tightens his grip a bit, as if to carry her back to the water. “Joe!”

“No worries, love.” Joe relaxes his grip, kissing her cheek. “I’ll let you dry off first.”

Jack groans and rolls his eyes, standing as he grabs the football they had brought with them.

“Stop being so bloody adorable. It’s sickening.”

“Jealous?” Joe questions, raising an eyebrow at the other man.

“You have a hot girlfriend, we’re at the beach, and said hot girlfriend is wearing a bikini.” Jack deadpans. “Of course I’m jealous!”

“I knew there was a reason I liked Jack.” Y/N giggles, “He always knows the right things to say.”

“And I’m single.” He replies, winking over at her.

“She’s not.” Joe growls, “And we’ve talked about you flirting with my girlfriend!”

“I’m not flirting!”

“You’re always flirting!”

“That’s only partially true!”

“Jack, you’re always flirting.” Conor tells him, Oli humming in agreement.

“Don’t worry, Joe always gets jealous.” Y/N shrugs.

“No I don’t!” Joe protests.

“You literally just got jealous because Jack called me hot.”

“That wasn’t jealousy.”

“Then what was it?”

“He called you hot. How else would you like me to react?”

“So it was jealousy.” She smirks smugly at him, and he opens and closes his mouth, failing to correct her. “Thought so.”

“Jack’s right though,” Oli comments, “You two are disgustingly adorable.”

“Damn right we are.” She grins, turning her head to kiss Joe fully on the lips, earning groans from the Maynard brothers.

“Can we go play football now?” Jack tosses the ball up, catching it as it falls back down.

“Sounds good to me.” Joe nods, finally separating from Y/N. “Ready to have your ass kicked?”

“You mean, ready to have your ass kicked?” Jack smirks as the two boys move away from where their little group is gathered. Their banter continuing even as they begin to kick the ball back and forth.

Y/N stretches out on a towel beside Conor, who turns his head to raise an eyebrow at her.

“What.” She asks, closing her eyes against the sunlight coming through Joe’s sunglasses.

“It’s just weird seeing Joe be all cute and adorable.”

“It’s because we’re on a beach, away from prying eyes. He’s like this all the time when we’re alone.”

“Really?” Oli lifts his head, looking over at her.

“He’s even more adorable. He just keeps it hidden.” Y/N laughs, lifting the sunglasses to wink at the two boys.

“Oh, this is great information. Cheers, Y/N!” Oli grins, settling back down.

“He’s never going to live this down now.” Conor agrees.

“Don’t tease him too much, you two.” She tells them.

“No promises!” Conor laughs, Oli and her soon joining in.


When rereading your stories inspires you…kind of a part 2 for Movie Night Tease

Warning: Smut

“You are sitting right here!” Jack reached out quickly, his fingers wrapping around Joe’s wrist before he tugged the smaller man down against him. Joe let out a small oomph as his body connected with Jack, who was quick to wrap his arms around Joe’s waist and nuzzle his face into his shoulder.

“Alright,” Joe laughed, shifting so he sat comfortably between his boyfriend’s legs, his back against Jack’s chest. “Guess I’m sitting here.”

“Some times you two are just disgustingly adorable.” Conor wrinkled his nose at his statement, “And that’s odd to say because that’s my little brother.”

“Get over it.” Jack mumbled, his face still pressed against Joe’s shoulder.

“He’s just jealous!” Josh chuckled. “You’re getting more action than him.”

“Okay, now we’ve moved to full on weird.” Conor shook his head, “I mean, I’m happy for the both of you, but you’re still my bro, and you’re still one of my best mates. I don’t need to hear about your action.”

“I don’t think anyone needs to hear that.” Joe said, his cheeks growing warm as the boys all laughed.

“Awe, come on, babe.” Jack trailed his lips up Joe’s neck, nibbling on his ear lobe. “I’m sure they’d love to hear all about what we do…”

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Namjoon Imagine

| Prologue Text | Chapter 1 |

Genre: Romance/Angst
Word Count: 1128

Part 1: Chapter 2

  Three consecutive beeps startle me awake. My bloodshot eyes crack open, only to find that the sun still hasn’t risen. Even the early bird has yet to sing its song.

  Three more beeps blare throughout the room. “Turn that shit off.” Namjoon grumbles angrily, shifting in his sleep. He releases me and turns so he is on his stomach, his arms and legs sprawled over the king sized mattress.

  “Sorry.” I whisper sadly, my eyes drooping from lack of sleep. My stiff joints ache as I reach for the off button on my phone. The blaring stops and Namjoon finally relaxes once more.

  I let my gaze wander over to him. The color has returned to his skin, his cheeks glowing a rosy red. He seems so young like this-no harsh crinkles in his forehead from scowling, no permanent frown plastered to his full lips, his muscles completely relaxed. This was the Namjoon I feel head over heels for. When he wakes, he won’t be the same.

  My usual routine begins with taking care of my hygiene, then getting dressed. After my hair is done, and I look decently presentable, I trudge over to the dresser by Namjoon’s side of the bed.

  Resting peacefully on the mahogany wood is the promise ring he gave to me on our three year anniversary. I knew before him that he was the one I wanted a future with. But everything is different now.

  As I turn to walk towards the door, a large hand circles around my wrist. “Jus’ gunna leave before saying anything?” He slurs, eyes still shut tight.

  “Goodbye.” I murmur, not feeling in the mood to put up my usual happy facade. I try to pull my hand away, but his grip tightens.

  “Say you won’t ever leave me.” His voice is gravelly from his tired state. Could I ever bring myself to leave him? Probably not. I love him so much. But this is becoming too much. His grip tightens, to the point where it is almost painful, and he shakes my arm slightly. “Please say it, Jagiya.”

  My heart flutters. “I’ll never leave you.” For a moment, I believe he didn’t hear me. But then his grip loosens and he laces his fingers with my own.

  “Promise me.” He requests, eyes slightly opening, just barely revealing his irises and pupils.

  I slip my bottom lip between my teeth to keep it from wobbling. “I promise you.” His lips pucker ever so slightly, letting me know what he wants. I eagerly lean down and press my thin lips to his. Like a puzzle piece, our lips mold together as if they were meant to be. And maybe they were. Maybe right now just isn’t our time.

  He releases my hand and gently traces his long fingers up my arm, his eyes following. I slowly kneel so I am face to face with him. The languid movements of his fingers nearly lull me to sleep. Chills curl down my spine when his finger pads softly trace up my neck before cupping my cheek.

  A sigh slips past my lips as I lean into the warmth of his palm. His eyes take in every detail of my face. “I love you. Please don’t forget that.”

  The sincerity laced in his words keeps me grounded, shoving the negative thoughts straight out of my conscious. “I won’t, Namjoon. I love you, too.”

  His full, pink lips curl into a soft smile. “See you this afternoon.” I nod my head one last time before connecting our lips.

  “You look like shit.” My friend comments, twirling a section of her long, beautiful hair around her finger.

  With my eyes narrowed and a frown plastered to my face, I glare at her. “Gee, thank you. I didn’t notice.” She simply shrugs before continuing on her assignment.

  The barren library at our university is noiseless, the only sound coming from my friend smacking her gum. All of our classes are over and I’m just waiting for Namjoon to pick me up. “Could you be any more obnoxious?” I snap. She leans close to my ear and smacks the gum louder than before. I’m quick to shove her away and scowl angrily.

  “Oh stop pouting. You’ll get premature wrinkles.” She sighs.

  “She looks like she already has them.” A familiar, comforting voice observes.

  While the statement is an insult, a smile still graces my face. “Hey Taehyung.”

  My best friend loops his arms around my waist from behind and squeezes me tightly. “Hey cutie.” He leans in and blows a raspberry against my cheek, making me pull away and giggle.

  “You two are disgustingly adorable. Could you not?” My friend laughs. “You’re both literally goals.”

  “Oh shut up.” I roll my eyes. Taehyung takes a seat next to me and rests his legs on my lap.

  Just as Tae is about to say something, his eyes wander down to my wrist. “What is that?” He growls, taking my hand. “Are these bruises?”

  “Holy shit..”

  “Guys, stop. It was an accident.” I try to reason, snatching my hand back.

  Tae’s mouth practically hits the floor. “You aren’t really defending him, are you?” He says disappointingly. “This isn’t the first time this has happened either! I bet you’re so tired right now because you were up all night worried sick while he was out doing who the hell knows!”

  “Shut up, Tae.” I say weakly, trying to ignore the fact that everything he is saying is true.

  “No! You deserve better-” He is suddenly cut short when his body is being yanked backwards off his chair. A loud gasp falls past my lips as I watch Namjoon grab Taehyung by his collar and lift him off his feet.

  “Why are your dirty feet on my girlfriend?” Namjoon growls dangerously low. Rage and hostility swirl in his irises, nearly giving him a rabid appearance.

  Tae glares up at him, his teeth grit. “She’s my best friend. She doesn’t care. I’d let her do the same.” He gets out. He may act tough, but when he is actually confronted, he isn’t exactly the most intimidating. He is too sweet in my opinion.

  I stand up and immediately go to Namjoon’s side. I rest my hand on his forearm and gaze up at him with pleading eyes. “Please let him go.” I beg. Namjoon could snap at any moment. “Namjoon, please.” I whisper pleadingly, tears threatening to well in my eyes.

  Namjoon looks from me to Tae before scoffing and dropping him. Tae doesn’t expect this, resulting in him landing on his bum. Namjoon’s arm curls around my waist protectively. “Don’t ever touch her again.” He threatens before pulling me with him towards the exit of the library.


Hopefully anyone who read enjoyed! Feedback is always appreciated! Thanks lovies! -M 💙

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All I want for Christmas…

Summary: Tired of seeing Y/N and Dean obliviously flirt, Cas and Sam team up to perform a Christmas miracle.

Written by: Anonymous

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count:  2056

Warnings: Language, blood mention, alcohol, fluffy as hell

A/N: Trying to get back in the swing of things, and apparently fluff is the way to do that.

You set your bottle of beer down on the library table, swallowing down the last of it before looking up to the Winchesters. Both brothers had empty bottles sitting in front of them too.

“Looks like I should go get us some more,” you said, earning a grateful smile from Sam and a grin from Dean. With a sigh, you swung your legs off of Dean’s lap where they’d been settled. “Don’t miss me too much,” you said to Dean, winking as you stood. You grabbed the three bottles before spinning on your heel.

“At least I’ll have a good view.” Dean watched as you walked out of the room, grinning when you laughed. When he looked over at Sam, he was met with a disbelieving shake of the head.

Sam had settled back in his chair, arms resting on either side of his laptop as he abandoned the research for their case. “When are you gonna ask Y/N out?”

Dean scoffed, rolling his eyes and looking down at the open lore book in front of him. “It’s just messing around. We’re close enough friends for that.”

This time, Sam scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest when Dean furrowed his brow. “Yeah, and the way you smiled like an idiot when she laughed doesn’t mean anything,” Sam said, watching Dean flush and squirm under his gaze. “Dude, she’d say yes. Even Cas asked when you two got together, so I’d say it’s obvious that you two like each other.”

Dean was just about to respond when you called out, “Chips or popcorn?”

Your words were muffled but both brothers heard enough to simultaneously yell, “Popcorn!”

When they heard the quiet beeps of the microwave, Dean set his eyes back on his brother with a scowl. “We’re friends, Sam. Friends.” Dean put his forearms on the table and leaned forward, a muscle working in his jaw.

“Bullshit. I’m friends with her and we don’t flirt all the time.”

“Sam, drop it.” Dean slammed the book closed, swinging out of his seat to go put it back and find another. As he had effectively ended the conversation, Sam settled his head in the palm of his hand as he leaned on the table, drumming the fingers of his other hand on the table.

You walked in with your arm around two buckets of popcorn and holding three bottles of beer in your hands, managing to balance it up until the table where you laid out everything. You looked at everything for a moment before making eye-contact with Sam and saying, “I guess it’s time to get back to work.”


What was only supposed to be another two or three hours of research turned into six, and it was only cut short when you and Dean fell asleep. Sam looked at the two of you, recalling the non-stop flirting since you’d met and wondering how both of you could be so oblivious.

Instead of putting your feet on his lap again, you’d grabbed a book and leaned up against Dean. He’d turned just enough to toss one arm around your shoulder, and that’s how the two of you had fallen asleep.

Despite it being disgustingly adorable, Sam also knew you two would be stiff when you woke up.

Sam scooped up his laptop, going into the kitchen to grab some water and shooting up a prayer for Cas. “Cas, it’d be great if we could work on-“

He hadn’t finished his sentence when Cas appeared beside him, making Sam jump and slosh some water onto the floor. “They’re asleep on each other. Is that common for humans who aren’t in a relationship?” Cas tilted his head, having not noticed how surprised Sam was, and looked on with curious eyes.

Sam cleared his throat. “Depends on how close they are. We’ve gotta find a way to get them together; it’s driving me crazy watching them.”

Cas sighed, pressing his lips together and furrowing his brows. “If a cupid was around, we could ask,” Cas began, pausing and narrowing his eyes. “It is likely that they are ‘meant to be’.” Cas used air quotes around the last part of his sentence, something Sam wasn’t sure where he’d learned.

He shook his head. “I’m pretty sure neither of them would be happy that their minds got messed with. I don’t…” Sam’s sentence trailed off as he looked at the lights you’d insisted they hung all around the bunker. He smiled, looking over to Cas. “I think I’ve got an idea.”


You woke up when you felt Dean shift, his arm tightening around your shoulders. You felt your face flush and a lopsided grin tug your lips when you realized you’d fallen asleep on him. You snuggled back into him, relishing his warmth as you closed your eyes. You turned your head just enough to hear his steady heartbeat, something that only encouraged the smile.

Eventually, his breathing paused for just a moment. Tilting your head back slightly, you caught sight of Dean blearily opening his eyes. “Morning, Sleeping Beauty. I was just about to try a kiss to wake you up.”

The laugh he let out was gruff from sleeping, and he ran his hand down his face. Dean wanted to keep his hand over his cheeks longer, hoping to hide the pink tinting his cheeks. “Wish I would’ve slept longer then,” he said as you slid back fully into your seat and stretched your arms above you.

There was what sounded like a soft bell above the two of you and you both looked up to see mistletoe hanging right above the chairs. You didn’t question how it’d gotten there, too preoccupied with snapping your eyes to Dean and coughing as you shoved yourself up from the chair.

Dean pushed himself up too, his hand coming up so he could rub the back of his neck and he cleared his throat. “Who hung that up?”

You shook your head, disappointment settling in your stomach when you saw him glaring up at the mistletoe. “No idea. Here, I’ll get it down,” you offered, climbing onto a chair and reaching up to grab the plant.

Dean knew it had to be Sam and he was pissed; at the same time, seeing you clutch the plant in your hand and look up at him with a flush staining your cheeks and wide eyes made him regret his previous reaction.

You stood, staring at each other, for way longer than you probably should’ve before you scrambled out of the library to hide in your room.

Cas and Sam watched Dean watch you leave before he put his hands on his head and mumbled incoherent chastisement to himself. They glanced at each other, both frustrated beyond belief.


Sam was angrily impressed at how far you and Dean went to avoid the mistletoe he and Cas were putting up. Usually, you were at least two feet away from Dean, if not across the room. Any time either of you so much as felt an inkling that any mistletoe would appear, you both left the room. It got to the point that if that soft bell sound so much as started to sound, regardless of what was happening, one of you would scramble out of the room.

“At this point, if they got together before New Years I’d be impressed. Before Christmas and it’d be a miracle.” Sam sighed, running a hand through his hair as he looked away from Cas and over to where the two of you were awkwardly talking while sitting apart from each other.

Cas looked even more distraught than Sam. Of course, he was typically more blunt with his feelings, so you two tiptoeing around your mutual attraction was frustrating for him. He saw Dean get up, hearing him ask if there was anything specific he, Sam, or you needed from the store before he grabbed his keys and headed to the garage.

Sam almost choked on the cookie (you’d insisted on baking for the holidays) he’d been eating when Cas walked toward you and asked, “Why won’t you initiate a relationship with Dean?”

You looked like a deer caught in headlights: eyes wide, mouth slightly ajar, and you were mid-flip of a page when you paused your movement.

“It’s not like that Cas. We’re just friends; it’s harmless flirting.” Sam rolled his eyes at the excuse he’d heard from Dean, seeing you swallow hard and avoid eye contact with Cas.

Cas narrowed his eyes. “No. The two of you think about each other often and are clearly attracted to each other.”

Now you narrowed your eyes and, despite your flaming cheeks and undeniable embarrassment, shoved yourself up. “What, have you been reading our minds?”

Cas shrugged. “When you are in the same room, your thoughts are hard to ignore.”

You let out a strangled, exasperated groan and stormed off, slamming the door of your room behind you.


Two days before Christmas and you were all sitting in the library, patching each other up from a hunt at a fraternity party where you killed Mok Chi, the Mayan God of Death. His worshipers, back when polytheism was prevalent, would make ritual human sacrifices, usually while under the influence of alcohol or psychedelic plants.

What better place to prey on people who were high or drunk than a party on a college campus?

He’d been the devil on their shoulder, so to speak, and had convinced four students to commit murder in the past month. He was harder to kill than originally anticipated.

Sam had a stab wound in his shoulder, Dean had a slice across his forearm along with his bloody knuckles, and you had small cuts from broken glass as well as what were going to turn into bruises in a few days.

“Shit,” Dean hissed out as you disinfected his cut and then his knuckles. When Cas appeared, the three of you heaved sighs of relief. “Damn, your timing’s great. Could you fix us up?”

Cas nodded, pressing his fingers to each of your heads before moving to stand beside Sam. As they started talking quietly, you grabbed a couple wet paper towels and started to clean the dried blood remaining.

“Thanks for tackling that guy off me,” you said.

Dean laughed. “Any time, sweetheart.”

Before either of you could say anything else, that familiar bell sounded throughout the room. You chewed your lip, glancing up at it before turning your gaze on Dean. He was still looking up at the mistletoe.

You took one step over to him, grabbing his flannel and using your other hand to gently turn his head to face you. Barely acknowledging his surprise, you closed the gap between your lips.

There was no hesitation when Dean wrapped one arm around your waist and put the other at the nape of your neck, fingers carding through the hair resting there. You did the same, fingers gently resting in his hair.

Dean was surprisingly gentle and slow with the kiss, plush lips molding to yours with the slightest taste of the whiskey he’d taken a swig of before you’d started to clean his wounds. It felt natural to be kissing you, something he’d imagined too many times to count, and it was also way better than anything he could’ve thought of.

You both gasped in breaths in between kisses, making up for all the times neither of you had made a move in the past weeks. Sam and Cas couldn’t help their victorious grins, giving each other a high-five.

Breaths heavy, you pulled apart and smiled at each other. “Damn,” he said, voice filled with awe as he settled his hand on your lower back.

“That good of a kisser, huh?” The cocky smirk you sent him made Dean laugh and his heart flutter, green eyes alight with happiness and his lips pinker than usual.

“I dunno, I’ll have to test it again,” he murmured, inching closer.

“As many times as you need to, Winchester.” You closed the rest of the distance, silently thanking Cas and Sam over and over and knowing Cas heard you. This was all you’d wanted for Christmas, and you hadn’t known it until you had Dean’s lips against yours while all your senses were enveloped by him.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING, LOVELY! I’m going to take a quick break from studying to write the first one (second one to come soon)! xx Please only read if you’re comfortable with RPF (Real People Fic). I know some people aren’t, which I completely understand–and please know that all of this is a figment of my imagination! I’m not fully happy with this and it gets a little too cheesy in the end… but I think that a fic from me has been long overdue so here it is! xx

Scott moved to take another sip of beer when the world suddenly went dark; a pair of all-too-familiar hands covering his eyes with an accompanying giggle greeting his ears. Feeling a grin steal over his lips, he set the bottle down on the tabletop before bringing his hands up to cover his attacker’s, wondering in a faux serious voice, “Hmm. Wonder who this could be!” before snaking his arms behind him to pinpoint just where it tickled her most.

Even without his vision, his hands knew exactly where to place themselves—finding the curve of her waist as if it were magnetic to his palm… and perhaps it was, to some inexplicable extent, after seventeen years of partnership and friendship… amongst other things that they had refused to explore. Tickling her gently at her sides, it was mere seconds before her hands fell from his face to swat at his arms, her laughter ringing out above the noise of the bar. 

Scotty,” Tessa protested, clutching her sides; laughter still laced within her voice as she teetered unsteadily on her feet. 

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romanogers teachers au?

Word count: 815

“Hey did you hear about the new History teacher?”

“You mean the one that’s teaching War and History?”

One of the female staff’s nodded. “I heard he’s quite the looker.”

“Get out!”

“No I’m serious, the one that blue wool knit cardigan and those khakis really do it for him.”

Natasha just rolled her eyes as she continued to eat her salad in the staff lunch room. If there was anything she hated, it was gossip especially when it came to a new staff member.

“Hey Romanoff,” Hill sat across from her. “Hear about the rumors?”

“You mean about or ‘new’ History professor,” the red head scoffed and stabbed her pasta, “probably some guy taking his job back.”

“Oh honey no,” the brunette shook her head, “this guy is legit new. Also I heard he used to be a captain in the army.”

Natasha snorted, “Figures why he would want to teach War and History.”

“Plus he’s really hot,” the red head raised a brow. “What he’s got a nice ass.”



Natasha happily smiled as she watched her dance team do their routine perfectly. She knew that her girls would win first place in the regionals and had a good chance of going into nationals as well. They all stopped as they heard the sounds of books dropping to the ground.

“S-sorry,” her green eyes narrowed down onto an unfamiliar person. She watched him quickly pick up his things and stood up and pushed his glasses back up. “This not the work out room?”

“No professor Rogers,” one of her girls spoke up. “That’s a couple of more doors down on your left.”

Natasha watched as the professor smiled and blushed as he felt her gaze on him. “Thank you Samantha.” He gave a small wave towards the dance coach’s way. “Sorry about that.”

Once he left, all the girls were giggling.

“Samantha who was that?”

The dark haired girl smiled at her coach. “That’s the new history professor, Steve Rogers.”

“Steve, huh?”


“Come in,” Natasha said as she didn’t bother looking up from the English essays she was grading.

“Uh Ms. Romanoff,” she looks up and finds herself staring at Steve, “I uh, came here to apologize for interrupting your practice yesterday.” Steve blushes cutely as he rubs the back of his neck.

“Apology accepted,” Natasha notices he’s not leaving, “is there anything I can help you with?”

“I uh… was wondering if it was okay to take you out to coffee, after school of course.”

“I have another practice today.”

“Oh,” she can’t help but feel guilty as he looks like a kicked puppy.

“How about after 6?”

His eyes light up behind his glasses, “That sounds great, see you at 6 M. Romanoff.”

“Natasha,” he stops and turns around, “Natasha, that’s my name.”

He smiles at her, “Steve, Steve Rogers ma’am.”

Once she reached the staff parking lot she was surprised to see the history professor wear blue jeans, a grey shirt and a black leather jacket. What surprised her most was he was straddling a motorcycle.


Nat nodded and got on the bike as he handed her a helmet. “It’s a good thing I changed into jeans myself, or else I would’ve been wearing my pencil skirt.”

Steve chuckled and drove off as she clung onto him.


“I had a really good sniper on my team, never missed a shot.”

Nat looked at him wide eyed. “Wait, you knew Clint Barton?”

“Yeah, why you know him too?”

She nodded as she put her coffee down. “He was my best friend since middle school up all the way to high school and joined the army after graduation. Clint did tell me he had a captain who was a history fanatic.” Steve blushed. “Guess I know why they called you Captain America.”

“Please don’t,” he buried his face in his hands.

“No, it’s a cute nickname, soldier,” she winked at him.

Steve just groaned in response.

A year later

“Ms. Romanoff,” Steve smiled as she walked into her empty class and handed her a cup of coffee and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. “Or should I say Mrs. Rogers,” he grins as he brushes his thumb against her engagement ring.

Natasha just laughs against his lips. “Easy tiger, we aren’t married.”

Yet,” his eyes sparkle playfully behind his glasses. “Besides you didn’t mind me calling you that last night.”

“I did, didn’t I,” her fingers were stroking his inner thigh. “Might need a reminder.”

“Oh yeah,” he breathed out.

She smirks at him and bits his bottom lip. “Later soldier, we’re at work.”

“Tease,” he pulls away and grins. Steve lets out a yelp as she smacks his ass. “Hill,” he greets as he walks out of the classroom.

“Honestly you two are just disgustingly adorable.”

“I know that.” Natasha grins as she drinks her coffee.