you two are adorbs

Dating Ken would be like
  • This dude where do I begin
  • this cutie, happy-go-lucky main vocal would be so fun to date and be around tbh
  • but don’t forget who has the wicked temper in vixx
  • and I don’t mean Leo
  • but more on his fearsome temper later
  • Please help this poor child
  • introduce him to Got7′s Bambam so he can learn how to dab correctly
  • forever scarred by his cute dabs
  • At first he’ll live up to his on-screen image
  • but it’s obvious that that role is exhausting
  • completely serious Jaehwan is probably a little scary tbh
  • bc it’s so different than what he portrays
  • like, imagine asking this puppy go out on a date with you and him being like, “I literally got two hours of sleep last night can we go tomorrow? I’m so sorry to disappoint you.”
  • oKAY i might cry MOVING ON
  • Somewhat clingy
  • like he likes touching you in general
  • with his hand in ur back back pocket or arm around ur waist or whatever
  • proud that you can stick around with him and wants to show you off to the world
  • LOVES giving & receiving backhugs
  • like, you’re at the stove stirring something
  • And he just walks up behind u and is just like
  • then rests his chin on the top of ur head and ur just like
  • Curse the fact that u are a giant Lee Jaehwan
  • ヾ(^-^)ノ
  • many kisses
  • like imagine waking up in the morning and its sunny and bright and uGH need more sleep too tired nice and warm ughhghhgh—
  • and he’s peppering little kisses all over your face
  • now ur awake cause ITS TIME TO SHOWER HIM IN AFFECTION ^-^
  • and cute selcas
  • like you two try to take an adorbs selca
  • and the maknae line’s photobombing
  • so the selca goes from adorable to hilarious
  • but when u guys fight it’ll be U G L Y
  • like, u’ll probs need counselling from N or something
  • bc Ken is 200% the type to just hold everything in and then explode in ur face when he gets too full
  • literally KT tbh
  • now i see why people say im like him XD
  • anyway
  • LOUD DUETS IN THE CAR ft an unwilling Leo
  • many giggles and just doing stupid things in general
  • like he comes to the dorm so exhausted and weary because Hakyeon yelled at him again bc he screwed up the dance
  • and he’s just not filling chipper today
  • so you glomp him in greeting “I MISSED U JAGIYAAAA”
  • and he just brightens so much because damn he missed you too




Yamamoto~~~ kill me with your cuteness, why don’t you? Kya~

Cr: 青空の下、キミのとなり PV Making


In my mind, this is how the twins will probably greet each other on their birthday. And Alyn, being the tsun that he is, will also try to avoid having an awkward fluffy conversation with his twin bro. Leo will understand. Hahaha i must be insane to be harboring such scenarios…. but I can’t help it. This is my gift to these two adorbs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CRAWFORD TWINS! 😘😘 you may kill me after this. 😂😂😂

[Characters belong to Cybird]


emma hatton & savannah stevenson being adorable in an interview (x)

Remember when Lewis Xephos was a hero and not some sort of Yoglabs clone/behind the scenes mastermind?
When he and Honeydew used to adventure, getting into all sorts of trouble, instead of him freezing his best buddy in ice?
When he just just a adorabru~ little babby spaceman?
I kind of miss that. But I kind of don’t.