you two are absolute idiots

I just want Haikyuu to go ALL THE WAY.

I want to see the first-years become third-years.

Yamaguchi, the pinch server, their ultimate secret weapon.

Tsukishima, the leading blocker who is basically unstoppable and can block any ball.

Hinata, still the ultimate decoy, but more. He is truly the second little giant, with many attacks up his sleeve that he can perform WITHOUT Kageyama.

And Kageyama, the captain and setter, no longer the ‘king of the court’, but their greatest strength. He supports everyone. He has strong, controlled serves, just like Oikawa.

Karasuno will be so strong. They will be strong competitors in every volleyball tournament they attend. They will have regular matches with their rivals, Nekoma, who they gloriously defeated in front of the entire country on tv.

And you can bet Sugawara, Sawamura and Asahi were watching and cheering.

I just WANT to see Karasuno at their full potential. I NEED to see Hinata strong on his own. I MUST SEE MY VOLLEYBALL LOSERS DEVELOP THAT FAR!

mildware  asked:

Erlica or Dinfoyle or Jarrich / 33 & 42 & 43

Combining 42 and 43 into one:

“YOU DID WHAT???” Monica yells into her phone. Richard, sitting across from her, flinches a little.

On the other end of the line, Erlich runs his hand through his hair. “I swear it was an accident. Most of the time I’m good at laundry! I just…fucked up this time.”

“And by fucked up you mean you completely destroyed two of my favorite work blouses. Erlich, you absolute fucking idiot, how have you managed to get through life without learning to read a laundry label?” 

Richard stifles a snort behind his hand and Monica glares at him.


“Please don’t do this.” Jared follows Richard out of the living room, into his bedroom. “Richard, we can still fix this. Don’t give up now.”

“I have to, Jared,” Richard answers, not looking at him. “Because even if we fix this, I’ll just fuck everything up again later. I can’t do this. I’m not cut out for this. I should just quit and pack up and go home to Tulsa and tell my dad he was right.”

“Richard,” Jared says, softly, almost pleadingly. “Richard, don’t leave.” Don’t leave me. He feels disgustingly selfish for saying those words, but maybe it will be enough to make Richard stay.

“I’m sorry, Jared.” Richard still isn’t looking at him. “You’ll be happier without me.”

Office Christmas Party (Steve x Reader) (Part 2/2)

A/N: I’m so tired. I hope you enjoy the last part! Here’s the link to part one! (x)

prompt: Steve and Reader are co-planners for the annual company Christmas party, just one problem, they completely HATE each other.

word count: 1506

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“So, I guess, call me?” you muttered as you shoved a piece of paper with your cell phone number scrawled on it into Steve’s hands as he chuckled in reply, neatly folding it up and tucking it away in his coat pocket. The act made your blood boil in anger, as your frustration at your boss’ actions made you grumpy and annoyed.

“Totally not how I imagined getting your number,” he joked, shivering into his jacket subtly as the winter winds picked up. Many of your co-workers had left but the two of you decided to talk over coffee after Perry dismissed you. By talking over coffee, you meant the two of you passively aggressively texting your desk mates over the current situation and getting more frustrated when all they send back is four laughing emojis. Finally, you called it quits, deciding the coffee date was nothing more than a waste of time.

“I’m serious, Steve. You need to call me,” you glared, making him promise you silently as you attempted to intimidate him with you gaze. You could see he tried hard not to laugh as the corner of his lips twitched in reaction, the little hairs of his beard quivering as well.

In the end, he couldn’t help it as he busted in laughter, sticking his hands in his coat pocket as he bent down. “I’m sorry. It’s just, you’re just pretty cute when you’re trying to scary. I’ll call you (Y/N). Do you want me to call a cab for you?”

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Harry Styles (Telling His Family)

Seeing Anne was always something you looked forward to. She was like a second mother for you and never would you take her kindness for granted.

However, when you were sitting in her living room waiting for her to bring the tea in, you couldn’t help but feel a strange mixture of emotions. You were excited, you were happy, you were anxious and nervous. You knew that she probably would be over the moon about your engagement, but you couldn’t help but feel a tinge of fear that her reaction would be the opposite.

She walked into the room and subconsciously Harry tightened his grip on your hand, his long fingers hiding the engagement ring.

“Thank you,” you smiled softly, leaning over to grab one of the mugs, bringing it back to you and resting it on your lap carefully.

“No worries at all,” she hummed out happily, sitting on the chair that was diagonal from the couch’s left corner, leaning back with a content hum. “So what brings you two over today?” she chuckled softly, looking over in yours and Harry’s direction.

Harry smiled softly at you and shrugged his shoulders casually. “Not really, just wanted to visit you mum, is there anything wrong with that?” he teased and she rolled her eyes playfully, shaking her head.

“Never said there was love, just checking.”

You smiled to yourself and took a sip of the fruity tea, licking the excess off of your lips when you pulled the cup away.

“Well maybe there’s a little reason we came over today,” you added.

Anne looked at you and smiled widely, sitting up a little bit more. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Harry replied for you, biting down on his bottom lip. “Should I tell her or you?”

“You,” you grinned and kissed his cheek before turning your body to face her.

“Okay, so mum, a couple nights ago…” he started, removing his hand from over your ring. “I proposed to (Y/N) and as you might be able to tell, she said yes…” he bit his lip softly holding up your hand. “We’re getting married mum.”

She looked at you two for a moment, her eyes wide. You had just a moment of fear before the biggest and brightest smile formed on her lips. You relaxed instantly and bit your lip, your very own smile starting to shine through.

“Oh my goodness…” she breathed out, putting her hands over her mouth and you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

She stood up and you followed quickly, having just a second to adjust before her arms were around you, hugging you tightly. You could hear Harry let out a slight chuckle from behind you as he put his arms around both of you, kissing the top of your head.

“Are you excited?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“This is the best news!” Anne exclaimed, pulling back with happy tears brimming her eyes. “I’m so happy for you two!” You smiled like an absolute idiot, kissing her cheek happily and pulling back. “Let me see!”

You help up your hand and let her take it, admiring the ring happily. “Harry it’s stunning…” she murmured out and looked back up at you two. “My baby’s getting married!” she exclaimed and went over to him, engulfing him up in her arms as well.

You stood back and watched, biting your lip with the largest amount of happiness you could imagine.

You were getting married, and your future mother in law was the best you could have ever asked for.

“Ooh, breakfast, sweet!”


“Hmm. Two plates. Two coffees. Two OJs. Two idiots.”


“Seriously, you two are the worst. The absolute worst.”


“Fuck it, I’m going to Denny’s.”



“Did you hear something?”


*intense profound bonding*


If you don’t like Stalia - fine, but don’t come up with stupid excuses (in our tag) like:

1.“Stalia is abusive”
-she hit him the first time they met because she was angry at him plus she wasn’t in her best place at that point (they were in a freaking mental hospital)

2.“Malia ruined Stydia”
-um I’m sorry, but did you miss the first 3 seasons where Lydia didn’t show any romantic feelings for Stiles?!?! 

3.“Stalia is too rushed & unrealistic”
-They had 2 months to know each other AND they are teenagers, what do u expect ? There are many ships in the show that were “rushed” but nobody had a problem  with it, but when it comes to Stalia it’s not normal.

4.“Stiles still loves Lydia and he wouldn’t just move on …”
-He had waited literally half of his life for her at that point, Lydia wasn’t paying any attention to him untill season 2 … she was with other boys while Stiles wasn’t in any relationship… He HAD to move on eventually …like C'MON why Aiden wasn’t a problem, but Malia suddenly is?

5.“Stiles is annoyed by Malia” (I facepalm every time I see this)





Your hate is absolutely unnecessary !
Can’t you just enjoy these two idiots?

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