you two actually literally killed me in this scene

Transformers things you may have forgotten about

- Carbombia

- “Give me your face”

- the fact that Brains exists

- Starscream being voiced by Spongebob at one point

- That time Rattrap kicked Waspinator in the dick

- Spider nipples

- “GARBAGE!!!!”

- The fact that Wheelie was voiced by Spongebob at one point

- G1 Orion Pax being an actual fucking DWEEB

- The fact that there is a deleted scene in the G1 movie where Megatron is running around literally killing EVERY SINGLE AUTOBOT that were in the first two seasons

- Elita having the ability to FREEZE TIME

- G1 Wrek-Gar had a girlfriend and her name was literally just “Nancy”

- Those fucking Dr.Smoov videos oh my GOD

- The fact that Elita One, Chromnia, and Arcee were in the second Transformers movie

- Mudflap and Skids

- Cybertronians start off as children in Bayverse??? (although its kinda hard to tell for sure with all the plot holes those movies have)

- Those friggin Unsolved Mysteries videos

- That one time in G1 where Spike was turned into a transformer and had NO CHILL

- When you saw the trailer for Dark of the Moon for the first time you thought Sentinel Prime was Alpha Trion didn’t you?

- That??? Weird pet thing Megatron had in in Dark of the Moon???

- The Oreo commercial


- that time in G1 when Commander Cobra from GI Joe made a cameo

- that time in TFA where Bumblebee got his fucking feet sawed off and was shoved in a locker

- “Push, Punch, Press, Release!”

- That one commercial where Optimus Prime tries to order a whopper

- Orion Pax’s friend Dion


- That fucking scene in G1 where Hound is massaging Spike’s back

- “I’m like a fat ballerina”

- Yeager program

- Not having to sell your house in order to afford a TFA figure

And last but not least:

-Megatron the perv


So late, so sorry! If it helps this is like, the longest thing to ever be.

Previously on Hannibal: we just wanted Will & Hannibal to be together again

This time on Hannibal: I’m beginning to wonder if we don’t know what’s good for us

Season 3, Episode 6: “Dolce”

Hannibal walks through Florence in the early dawn, a bloody wreck. It looks good. The sequence is woven with him cleaning up at home in the Copper Tub of Delicate Situations, dreamy dissolves causing water to stream into alleyways and blood drops to blossom from his shadow, et cetera. It’s bellissimo.

Oh and naturally Hannibal has some sort of stigmata on his palm, because why not, at this point? Go for broke. This would make Bedelia Mary Magdelen while she artistically squeezes loofahs over his head, but then she starts stitching up his wounds and is definitely just Dana Scully again.

“shhh I’m a medical doctor.”

Outside the Palazzo, the authorities are packing what’s left of Pazzi away. “Jack,” Will calls, and hones into view. He’s cut up & bruised all to hell, but Jack just silently shakes his hand while making this face:

“well I see you’ve been having a pleasant time in Lithuania, you unbelievable trauma magnet”

Honestly, you could send Will off on a trip to the grocery store and he would come back with nothing but a limp and a haunted expression, muttering that he forgot dog food.

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anonymous asked:

hi I don't want to start an argument or anything but how was Kylo abusive to Rey? I understand how people have different takes on the scenes including them so if just like to hear your side if you don't mind

First of all I just have to ask this… Are you talking about Rey and Kylo from The Force Awakens? The new Star Wars movie? Because if you’re talking about them, I don’t think we have watched the same movie…

I honestly don’t know how can you have ‘different takes’ on scenes like that, but let’s get into that. I will let you hear MY side. 

That scene where Kylo wants to get information from Rey. He would literally do anything to get that map. That means he doesn’t care if he has to kill her, torture her and etc. He brutally invades her mind. Goes into her deepest memories, fears and uses it against her. HE TORTURES her. She was able to fight back, but that does not mean he didn’t tortured her. He did. 

Now let’s talk about the fight scene… After he killed Han and hurt Finn. He literally wants to KILL HER. KILL HER. I’m going to repeat this one more time: KILL HER. He tried and wanted to kill her. HOW IS THAT NOT ABUSIVE? 

I literally don’t understand how can someone don’t see this. I can’t believe I actually have to explain this to you. 

My answer is a mess, because this whole thing makes me sick. I’m so done with all of scene ignorant fucks shipping these two characters. It’s just disgusting.

anonymous asked:

can we just talk about this for a minute: DErs trended 'Damon knows Elena better than anyone' ARE THEY EVEN WATCHING THE SHOW?! If I'm not mistaken, which I'm almost positive that I am not, Elena came right out and said "you know me stefan, probably better than anyone else" ..wouldn't that mean that STEFAN knows her better?! and also that he was the one who knew that it was katherine (in like season one or two idk) when Damon couldn't, and then again this season. they are literally so dumb.

I honestly don’t get where they pull this information from. Sherlock with brain damage wasn’t even the one to figure it out.. like he literally just said “She wanted you to kill me” Steroline detective agency did all the work on this one.