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Then Sir Arthur looked on the phone, and liked it passing well. Whether liketh you better, said Merlin, the phone or the case? Me liketh better the phone, said Arthur. Ye are more unwise, said Merlin, for the case is worth ten of the phones, for whiles ye have the case upon you, ye shall never lose your keys, be you ever so drunk; therefore keep well the case always with you.

God, like so much of Chidi showing affection for Eleanor is small and completely non-verbal and I just…..i love it so much.

Like the “I believe in you nerd boy” scene? The corner of his mouth kind of quirks up while she’s talking, and once she finishes complimenting him, he does this little almost head roll like he’s almost embarrassed but you can tell he’s just so pleased to have her praising him.

And then the shot goes back to Eleanor and it looks like she’s trying to stop herself from just beaming proudly at him? And it just….kills me. The way they interact with each other really makes it clear how much they shared in the last 800+ reboots, even if they don’t actually remember what happened.


Inktober 2017 - 19 & 20 - Cloud & Deep

High above the clouds, deep beneath the dirt.

“There, there. Here we are.”

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“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” for your apprentice and whoever they kissin.

Trill wakes slowly and painfully, his entire skull a deep and persistent throb that makes it hard to even lift his head. Luckily for him, there is a cool hand slipping behind his neck, into his hair, cradling the back of his head and holding him steady as another hand eases him upright.

“There we are,” drawls a familiar voice, smooth and accented and touched with the faintest edge of concern. “Thought I’d have to rely on old fairy tales and start kissing you awake.”

Trill opens his eyes, squinting against the faint flickering candlelight coming from the bedside table and tries to take stock of his surroundings while still swimming in a muzzy fog. “Wh… Where…?” He jolts, fumbles to push himself upright, but the hand helping him pushing gently against his collarbone to stop him.

“Easy, now, don’t rush yourself.”

Trill looks up and blinks, and Julian’s hazy scarlet form starts to separate into something beyond fuzzy blobs of color and into concrete shapes, long and lean and just a bit gaunt, the bruise-colored circles beneath his eyes looking deeper and almost hollow in the shadows thrown by the puttering candle. “What happened?” Trill murmurs, bringing a hand to his clammy forehead.

“You fainted… straight into my arms,” Julian says, mouth kicking up in a teasing grin just a bit to wobbly to be properly roguish. “You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

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I was walking down the hill (ow) from bus 26 to bus 29. I saw the bus arriving, and I waved with my crutch, to signal that I wanted to get on. The bus stopped five meters downhill from the raised curb, and once I got there, and struggled to get onboard, I told the driver that if one stops by the sign, it’s a lot easier for passengers to get on.

“You could use the exercise,” he said. “It’s good for you.” I stood there, leaning on the crutch he had clearly seen, and he told me that a 40 cm step up would be good for me.

I spent the whole ten minute ride crying. (At least until the two cute and talkative toddlers got on, two stops from home.) When I got off, I told the chauffeur and the other guy in a bus company uniform (mentor? friend? the one who was supposed to have the next shift? who knows) to stop making fun of disabled people, and as I left, I heard their excuses. He didn’t intend it like that, yadda yadda.

ok so the miami still lyric booklet says its goddamn story, but is it really goddamn storey? discuss


You know what picture I love? There’s this great one of the two of you. You’re young - I don’t know how old. You’re both holding beers. Gordon’s got these wild sideburns. You both look like - oh man - like look out world.


IT’S AN OUTRAGE: British wankers up in arms at French plans to make being a wanker have consequences.

Elizabeth Keen: There’s a Fire Inside (♫ LISTEN HERE ♫)

Profiler, FBI agent, former fugitive, mother, daughter, mark, fighter, survivor. This is a general depiction of our lead gal and much of her complicated life experiences, and how she learned to cope and persist in her mission toward discovery, manifested in a variety of musical genres. Liz is determined, bright, independent, resourceful and compassionate. She always tries to see the best in people and protects those she cares about. She feels an instinctive pressure to do what’s right but still struggles to make peace with her complicated and still mysterious past. She’s trying to find her place in the world, discover herself and uncover her origins. Liz has been manipulated, lied to, betrayed, kidnapped, threatened, imprisoned, waterboarded, framed and pained by the overwhelmingly recurrent sense of the unknown but she is she is still alive with so much to live for and taking down bad guys.

1.  Dreams - The Kills (original by Fleetwood Mac)
like a heartbeat drives you mad in the stillness of remembering what you had / and what you lost / and what you had / and what you lost

2. Mercy Street - Fever Ray (original by Peter Gabriel)
let’s take the boat out / wait until darkness comes / in your daddy’s arms again / dreaming of Mercy Street / swear they moved that sign / riding the waves on the sea

3. Fire in the Water - Feist
openly believing / no matter what we find there /come back in through the eyes there / sole and born creation / the lion’s in the house / flowers are up in the air / crashing against the dark

4. You Can’t Outrun Em - Jenny Lewis
I guess two souls will meet again when the universe thinks they should / even if their own bloodlines don’t run as deep as they could / I am living proof that history repeats / I want to know everything / who I am and what it’s for / wanted to get to know you before you were dead

5.  Set your Arms Down - Warpaint
into the night we walk through fire / by candlelight they want to fight me

6. Dear Trouble - Correatown
trouble again / troubled by time / blame yourself if you need to feel guilt / so all of this time I’ve seen you / have I ever seen you at all?

7. Into Dust - Mazzy Star
I could feel myself under your fate / it was you / breathless and tall / I could feel my eyes turning into dust / and two strangers turning into dust

8. Apres Moi - Regina Spektor
I must go on standing / I’m not my own / it’s not my choice / fevrale dostat chernil I plakat / pisat o fevrale navsnryd / poka grohochushaya slyakot / vesnoyu charnoyu gorit

9. Careless Whisper - The Gossip (original by George Michael)
time can never mend / the careless whispers of a good friend / to the heart and mind / ignorance is kind / there’s no comfort in the truth / pain is all you’ll find

10.  A Place Called Home - PJ Harvey
now is the time to follow through / to read the signs / let’s bring it to it’s final end / one day there’ll be a place for us  

11. Devil - Ida Maria
you can tell by the soles on my feet that I’ve traveled far / I know both you and me were born under a bad sign

12. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes - Beck
change your heart / look around you / everybody’s gotta learn sometime

13. Ghost Towns - Radical Face
all my life is wrapped up in today / no past or future here / if I find my name’s no good / I just fall out of line / there’s no comin’ home with a name like mine / all this time I been chasin’ down a lie / and I know it for what it is / but it beats the alternatives / so I’ll take the lie

14. Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight that Surrounds You - Rilo Kiley
pray for those who have gone / from the sunlight that surrounds you

15. Down by the Water - PJ Harvey
she’ll never know just what I found / that blue eyed girl / she said “no more” / I took her hand