you tube drawing

Happy easter!

I was originally going to draw the Grand Slams as well but I simply don’t have the time to do so.


Takane: The real question is WHY IS HARUKA SO TALL?? Do you get taller instead of getting fatter???

Haruka: Eeh? B-but I think that Takane being a liiiiiittle short is cute~~ ehehe~

Takane: I’M NOT SHORT!!!////////////

so I saw this tag game  posted by @shut-up-murphy :) it looks like fun and I considered myself tagged! :)

Rules: Tag 15 people at the end of this challenge!

Five things you’ll find in my bag

  • my purse
  • keys
  • spare hair pins and hair ties
  • pens
  • phone

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  • bed 
  • laptop
  • giant plush pink fluffy unicorn
  • junk
  • floordrobe

Five things I’ve always wanted to do

  • cuddle a tiger
  • visit Sydney and climb the Harbor Bridge (i got plans to do that next year)
  • learn another language
  • go to a concert 
  • travel more

Five things that make me feel happy

  • Choices and this whole fandom
  • my friends and family
  • drawing
  • my cat Grayson
  • drving while listening to music cranked up loud 

Five things I’m currently into

  • the obvious: choices 
  • animation channels on You Tube
  • Drawing 
  • cartoons
  • reading royle bastards

Five things on my to-do list

  • writing a craig and zahra fanfic also a mcxbecca fanfic 
  • drawing a john tull picture
  • designing a tattoo for my mum
  • finish reading royal bastards
  • sleep

i tag some people i wanna get to know a bit better and you haven’t done this and if you want to this: @the-light-of-stars @secretpasswordahead @pixelchoices  @choiced @tcntfsquad @annyvil @pbophelia @quinn-kelly @xo-endlessmayhem-xo @eclecticpizzakryptonite

addemvenn  asked:

Just in case you miss it in the notes: Your #savecarmilla picture got reblogged on the official Carmilla tumblr, carmillaseries. Congratulations! (And also you DEFINITELY can draw real people and they are not derp. You ARE awesome!)

Aaaaah, really??
No but I’m still crying that Natasha and Aaron and Sharon actually liked it on twitter.



and ebhbhb thank you! ;A; I feel always unconfortable when it’s about portraits because I always draw them the way I see them? I’ve never been a realistic artist, I need to put something personal in the stuff I do, and not always other people like it :°D (but for sure, for me, it’s a super esercise!! Draw different shapes of faces is hard)

anonymous asked:

Hello ally i love your art so much 10/10 it is so beautiful, i have a question do you watch any You Tube videos on drawing anatomy tutorials if so can you recommend any that helped you out or any tips on practicing/drawing anatomy i'm having a real hard time drawing heads & hands etc i know not to give up & keep trying but its quite frustrating

OH OH OKAY ahmed aldoori is one of my favourite art youtubers and THIS tutorial was the method that i found most effective for me so you should watch it!! after you’ve mastered that, you can watch THIS to push your boundaries to be more fluid/creative!!

one thing i really take for granted is that I can draw hands now from any angle whatsoever p much. and there was once a time where hands were so hard and confusing that I drew everyone with their hands behind their back.

So when I’m hard on my art I should just remember that because wow, that’s a big thing.