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“…I think that’s the misconception right there in your question, really, that somehow all this technology would somehow erode any humanity. …And especially with the beast, where he is not a beast. You know, to quote the beast, he’s not a beast, he’s a man who’s been cursed and turned into a beast. And there is still that humanity shining out through the eyes. It’s certainly the cornerstone of the Jean Cocteau version. You know, these very human, soulful eyes – Jean Marais’ eyes staring out mournfully. It felt incredibly futuristic every time I would go into this facility, and then to sort of step onto an 18th century French set and fuse those two things.” 

 Dan Stevens x

The minute Michonne and Rick locked eyes for the very first time at the prison we saw an instant connection. As their friendship grew they slowly fell in love without realizing it. Witnessing their journey together has been a beautiful thing to see. They are true soulmates and I can’t imagine either one of them with a different mate. That’s why i hate all these stupid Michonne is going to die theories. There are so many You Tube videos and comments singling Michonne out as the victim more than any of the other characters. Maybe because she is with Rick people automatically think it’s going to be Michonne. I find that theory way too predictable. I guess removing myself from this negativity is the best thing to do for now. I hope all the Richonne shippers are staying positive because this is a difficult time. We have to deal with this nonsense for 5 more months.

I agree but stay positive is exactly what we’re going to do.  Michonne is not going to die and the haters just need to shut up about it.  I’m hoping they’ll soon get bored and leave well enough alone.  Thanks for the submission.

Also, for those who think Michonne will be the one to intimately meet Lucille:

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