you try tweening 9 frames and see where it gets you okay

the blue coat and cerruti 1881 (not a flash fire) | epilogue

pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: fluff, smut, angst
word count: 4.7k (one hell of an epilogue)

     → everything will pass. and we’ll meet again. i know, you’ll turn your head as you begin to twinge, a stabbing ache erupting in your heart. you’ll hide your tears and pass me by. nobody will know, but i will know and you will know. 

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The days had become those of the drowsy kind where you’re only half awake and the dates always seem to blend together until one day you go It’s December already? 

You were only truly awake at night and you hated every second of it, thoughts of Yoongi and the life you could’ve had roaming through the wires of your brain until you finally fell asleep, returning to the daily routine of monotonous happenings in the morning. You were fine, the type of fine you could almost hear in Ross’ voice, the type of fine every tween screams out before locking themselves up in their room and skipping dinner. Perhaps it was fine. He treated you alright, had a steady job and you were hazily working yourself up at the firm, still catching yourself in looking out the window, hoping that perhaps you’d see Yoongi walking. Everytime you looked at your arm, you saw his imprint. Sometimes you’d swear you still heard his voice.

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