you try laughing on the potty

Random Transformers Prime Bloopers!

Disclaimer: Transformers Prime, and its characters are trademarks of Hasbro and Discovery Family(Formally the Hub). All rights go to them. The bloopers are fan-made by me! Also M.B. is short for Micheal Bay,(Because he was the only director I could think of.) 

1. Optimus: That…was not why….I had you…retrieve the Fork…
Smokescreen: Uhhhhh…
Optimus: (Realizes what he said) DOGGONE-IT! FORGE!!!!!
M.B.: (Laughing) Okay…pfffft haha…C-CUT!!!!

2.  Ratchet: But Optimus, I don’t need my T-Cog, not like…wait what’s his name again?
Optimus: Bumblebee?
Ratchet: That’s it!

3. Jack: Wait, Why isn’t Optimus here?
Arcee: Primes don’t potty..PARTY!!
Jack: 😂😂😂😂😂
Arcee: Wooo…haha…can I try that again…?

4. Starscream: Lord Knockout sir…
Megatron:(Confused) …..
Starscream: D***IT!
Megatron: WOAH Starscream watch your language this is a kids show!

5. Knockout: (looking at his reflection) Look at this handsome devil, Wooo baby I’m rocking this red color, I am HOT!
M.B: Uh Knockout, the camera’s been rolling this whole time…
M.B: All of it….

6. Ratchet: (Transforms into robot mode) “Then tell you what….we….Scrap Wait, that was wrong….
M.B: CUTTTT! Okay from the top!

7.  (TAKE TWO)Ratchet: Then tell me what we can-(Transforms, but hits a large heavy box in the process, and it lands on his foot) Ratchet: 0_0 ”….My foot….“

8. Starscream’s Clone: “My Leige, we have failed you.”
Starscream: “I know.”
Clone: “H-How did you…?”
Starscream: “Just a hunch, and this throbbing pain in my…(Trips down steps) ….side….”
M.B: “Starscream, are you okay over there?”
Starscream:(In tears) “….I..can’t feel my left leg…”

9. Knockout: “Did you tell lord Megatron?”
Starscream: “He was… otherwise engaged….”
Knockout: “That’s your problem Starscream, you’re always letting Megatron step all over you, well now is your time to fess up, and tell him, tell him all about how we-blahbluhblah…I don’t know what I’m doing….”

10. Raph:(After Ratchet show him the Synthetic Energon.) “Awesome it works, Bumblebee!”
Ratchet: “No, no, the Synthergon needs….(realizes what he said and starts laughing)”
Raph: “Bwahahahahahaha!”
Ratchet:(Still laughing) “Forget the synthetic energon, I need a pair of glasses!”

11. (Ratchet comes back through portal to base)
Raphael: “Hey Ratchet look!”(points to monitor)
Computer Moniter: (Gets blue screen of death.)
Both: “S*** NOT AGAIN!!!!”
M.B.:(sarcastically) “The iMacs were too expensive, they said, we’ll use a Windows 8 computer, they’re just as reliable, and they never get the blue screen!!!!”

12.  Wheeljack: (Hits Soundwave and shatters his visor.) “There I go again shattering expectations.”
Soundwave: (Stumbles back and puts hand over face.)
Wheeljack: “Any last words!?”
Wheeljack:“Strong silent type, that’s right.”(braces for attack)
Soundwave: (Turns the other way still holding hand on face)
Wheeljack: “Dude are you alright?”
Soundwave: (Turns back around and reveals he’s bleeding badly.)
Wheeljack: “WE NEED A TOWEL OVER HERE!!!!!!!!”

Story time children

Recently my sister disgruntledpomegranate and I went on a 3 day trip to Ohio with a youth group and on the way there I saw Jimmy Neutron on a port a potty behind a firework stand. I don’t know why it was there but of course I took a picture. We were driving home and one of the leaders suggested we play “headbands” by putting a piece of paper with a word up above our head and trying to figure out what the word was by asking yes or no questions. It was my turn and I was having a little trouble figuring out the word. My sister then yells “where was the last place you saw jimmy neutron?” Without thinking I go “oh! The bathroom!” I FRICKING SAID THAT AND THE WHOLE ENTIRE BUS WAS LAUGHING BECAUSE I SAID THAT I LAST SAW JIMMY FRICKING NEUTRON IN THE BATHROOM. I WAS MORTIFIED BUT WHEN I TRIED TO EXPLAIN THAT THERE WAS A CUTOUT ON THE PORT A POTTY MY DESPERATE CRIES WERE DROWNED BY THE LAUGHTER. When everyone finally calmed down, Sam(the sister) said “but where was that by?” And I go “ohhhh…. Firework.” I sat down and a few minutes later we were about to pass the firework stand so I yell “Look! You’ll see jimmy neutron in a second!” We pass the firework stand with the port a potty and guess what? IT WAS GONE JIMMY FRICKIN NEUTRON WAS GONE JUST GONE. NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. So I showed as many people as I could this picture but most of the bus thinks I’m insane. Thanks a lot Jimmy and Sam.

  • Little Bro: Ky! Will you Babysit my tablet?
  • Me: Sure, buddy.
  • Little Bro: (runs off--comes back and hands me bowl of apple slices) AND MY APPLES. DON'T EAT THEM, THEY'RE MINE.
  • Me: ... kay.
  • Little Bro: Okay--I'm going potty now. I hafta pee so bad.
  • Me: Alright--have fun. (trying not to laugh)
  • Little Bro: DON'T EAT THEM, OKAY.