you truly deserve it

You don’t know real fear until you are traveling in Dragon Age: Origins and the crossed swords appear before you’ve reached your destination. When was the last time you saved? Please let it not be the one with the spiders. You were a good person, you didn’t deserve this. The Maker truly did turn his back on his children

just because
you’re used to
being sad,
that doesn’t mean
that you’re never
going to search for things
that’ll make you
truly happy.
—  ma.c.a // You Deserve To Be Happy
The thing to remember about Rocknaldo

It wasn’t just about “white males coming in and ruining things”. It was about the fandom as a whole. People who start drama, people who want to make it about themselves and expect the crewniverse to make it about them too, people who harass the crewniverse because they’re unhappy with something, people who harass rebecca because the show isn’t what they want it to be, and even people who complain about certain writing decisions because they don’t think it’s realistic when it’s literally based off of the crewniverse’s (specifically Rebecca’s) personal experiences or there was research put in to make it realistic. Yes Renaldo is a perfect example of the those “cis-white males” but he was also an example of how toxic the fandom can turn. If you love something and truly care about it you’ll give it the respect it deserves as Steven taught us here today.

If your mom compliments you, swing it back to her

“How did I get such a great daughter?”
Because I have such a great mother

“You’re so smart”
Because you gave me the opportunity to grow

“You’re very compassionate”
I learned from the best

“You’re hardworking sweety”
I’ve been watching you, mom

Our mothers deserve all the recognition, because truly, they gave us the abilities to be

The sun
  • Chris: you know my dick has a lot in common with the sun
  • Victor: why? Because nobody likes to look directly at it?
  • Yuuri: because it gives people cancer?
  • Phichit: it rises at the crack of dawn?
  • Michele: it disappears at night?
  • Seung: direct exposure to it often leads to nasty sunburns?
  • Yurio: it needs to stay approximately 92,960,000 miles away from me?
  • Otabek: nobody will ever touch it?
  • Chris: gee thanks you guys! You're all such supportive friends!
  • Victor: we try
  • Everyone: *grunting in agreement*
Anyone who cannot accept you for who you truly are does not deserve to be in your life to begin with. Only surround yourself with those whose love is unconditional.
You know what you deserve? You deserve so much better. So many things have happened to you whether its a bad break up, family issues, friends, whatever it is.. you pulled through. You have made it this far and I’m proud of you. You truly deserve the world and since no one can give you that now, find someone that will, apologize, forgive but don’t forget, find new friends. Ones that make plans with you and free their time to give you attention. You deserve all good things and don’t for a second think you’re not worth it because you remind me of the sun, you hide away but always come back even more beautiful than before.
Attention Followers:

Looking through my blog tonight and I feel like this needs to be said.

Make sure you know you’re a fucking prize. You’re worth effort and time. Not just because you look a certain way this day or that day but because of who you are. Keep your head held high and remember that you’re worth it.

You’re beautiful/handsome even on your worst of days. Fuck the negativity that someone may throw your way. You have every right to be happy and feel like you’re shining.

Show self love. You truly deserve it.

Gillian Anderson has truly made my night. She cares a great deal about other people, so much so that her and Jennifer Nadel literally stayed at the venue longer at the end just to make sure everyone had a signed book. It’s about time people stopped dragging her, because honestly let me tell you something… People like her are rare and we truly don’t deserve her. She’s so kind, loving and beautiful, both inside and out.