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DeckLove turned 1 today

One year and almost 2000 posts later…

A directory without entries would make no sense. A tag system for myself alone would be too much. “Reblog this…” posts without your participation would not spark any conversation.

You make DeckLove come to life, you bring meaning to what it does.

All of you are fantastic and I am overwhelmed by how wonderful you have been with me this year. This community is awesome and I am happy I was able to create the exchange space I wanted to.

I hope you have found a deck you connect with becuse you saw it here. I hope someone has found you through the directory to be their reader. I hope this blog has brought a smile to your face at least once.

I will keep on working to give back to this incredible community. Thank you so much for being there 😊

anonymous asked:

Hey Jess this is kind of personal so you don't have to answer but is there a reason you haven't put ads on your blog this time? I have a semi popular blog and I'm thinking of putting ads but I wanted to know if you made enough to support yourself or was it not worth it? Did you end up buying anything nice with the money you did make? Hope so. I'm very curious about it all :)

Hi anon! It’s okay, I don’t mind answering. I tried to get ads again but my blog is too new and I don’t have enough posts yet. I might do it in the future or search for a different company that is less strict. I wouldn’t say I made enough to support myself, but it was a decent amount. I gave the majority of it to my Dad to help with the bills. I’d say if you have a blog that is getting over 10k views a day then it’s worth looking into. Good luck :) 

Fallout New Vegas without ever healing

Many a True Nerd is probably the most popular Fallout New Vegas runner in the world, and with good reason: he consistently manages to come up with new and weird ways of playing that completely change how the game feels.

This time, you can watch as he tries to beat the game and all of its DLC without ever healing himself a single time. 

As he says in this Kotaku post:

“When you’re maybe 5 gunshot wounds away from death, your thinking suddenly changes - pragmatism overrules everything. You find yourself changing loyalties, assassinating characters you like, and making alliances based purely on how far it helps you survive. Very few games present you with a scenario where cowardice, treachery or collaboration are paths you’re best served by taking. That’s what made no-healing permadeath such a fascinating experiment - I’ve never done a Fallout run where I would have made this combination of choices before.”

UPDATE: He successfully completed the run! Even the horrifically brutal Dead Money DLC was no match for Many a True Nerd.

SCM - The gods and MC went to a theme love hotel (part 2)

Whoever the Anon who request this really make me crack my brain on this topic. I even have to search online to find out what theme are available. I hope it turn out ok for you, Anon.

Part 1 link is as below.

Teorus and you are taking a subway to the popular area for shopping. The subway is full with people, but you can still see a few couples making up at their corner. You tried to look away from them but Teorus is staring at them very intensively. Once at the shopping mall, you won a lucky draw and there is an option to chose between a theme love hotel or a luxury meal. Before you can say anything, Teorus selected the theme love hotel.

“Teorus, do you know what is that?” You asked nervously.

“Nope, but it look interesting. Oh.. It say we can use it immediately. Let ask around and find out where that is.” Teorus brinks happily. Before you can stop him, he already asking someone and subsequently lead you to the hotel.

“Look _____, there are many theme that we can chose. Let chose the Subway theme. I wonder if it look like the subway that we took.” Teorus said excitedly.

True enough, the design and layout is really like the subway. Even the bed is like seat in the subway itself, just more soft and comfort. The walls are picture full of people staring down on the bed. Even though it just a painting, you can’t imagine doing it on the bed with all fake people staring at you.

Suddenly, Teorus wrap around you from behind while you still trying to calm yourself. His hands move all over your body and starts caress all your sensitive parts. His lips is on the nape of you neck, kissing you seductively.

“_____, I been thinking about the couple making up at the subway. I would like to try too but I know you will be too shy. Also I do not want other to see the face you make when I kiss you. Since we are here, I not holding back.” Teorus whispered into your ear.

You mind already went blank with his kisses and you can feel Teorus starts undressing you. He pushes you against the door (wall) just like in the subway and place his hand on your underwear, you open your eyes slightly and find the painting of people staring at you. You pushes him away immediately feeling uneasy about it.

“Haha.. These are only painting. Or do you prefer to be real? I can make it happen?” Teorus smirks.

“No way.” You protest.

With that, you are once again being corner to the door. Teorus undress himself and starts kissing you hard on your lips. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him close to you. The kisses is so passionately that you forgot all your shyness earlier. He lifts you up slightly and you wrap your legs around his waist.

You feel his member at your entrance and he penetrate deep inside you. He moves your body up and down rubbing his member inside your womb. You move your kiss to his neck and give him a hickey on it. That increase his urge on you and he carries you over to the bed with his member still inside you. Once both you collapse on the bed, he oscillating his hips roughly on you and each thrust is touching your sensitive parts. Both of you moans each other names non stop and he soon blow his seeds inside you. He flop down on top of you with his member still inside you and look at you passionately.

“This is amazing. We should come here more often.” He grins and start oscillating his hips again.

Today you are on a date with Dui. He mentioned that he has everything plan so you just trust him and goes along. However, he end up bringing you to a theme love hotel. Before you get into the building, you pull him back and trying to explain what is a love hotel mean in human world.

“Yup, I know what it mean. The TV program mention that these come with a theme. Plus, they are having a promotion now. So I book one.” Dui smiles at you.

You totally can’t believe what you heard and before you can response, Dui already drag you inside. The room that Dui chose is with a Classroom theme. The design is just classroom with tables and chair. Although the bed just look like a teacher table. The room even provide with school uniforms for the couple. Dui seems excited and insist that you put it on.

After changing into the school uniform, you walk out of the bathroom while keep holding down your skirt. It is so short that it is showing your panties. Dui already in his school uniform and you can’t help but he look cool on it. He sit on the chair and asks you to come over. He makes you straddling his laps and facing you to him. Then he asks you to wrap your hands around his neck while he place his hands on your butt. The way he order you around sound so aggressively. Is like his Shadow Dui is back.

He starts kissing you. The kisses are light and slowly becoming deeper and deeper. You soon lost your sense and give in to him. You feel his tongue tangle with yours. He move your right hand to the zip of his pants, asking you to taking up his member. You do as his request and you can feel him pull your panty to one side. He penetrate inside you and starts rocking his hips against you. You move your hips to align with his movement and both of you moans non stop.

He unbutton your shirt to remove your bra and starts kissing your breasts while still moving his hips. You grab his hair and arch your back in pleasure. He suddenly lift you up and carried you over to the table. He place you on top while he standing at the side. He pull himself out from you and strips off every singles pieces of clothing from both of you. He spread out your legs and penetrated deeply into you again. He starts oscillating his hips again driving you crazy for him. He shots his seeds deep into your womb before flopping down on you.

“We should try all their themes but for now, let try other position that we can do in the classroom.” Dui smirks at you as he look down at your bright red face.

To celebrate Hue and you finally get together again after separating in heaven, Ichthys gives both of you a hotel voucher stay. You wonder if Ichthys is up to something mischievous again. However, the voucher do look real to you. Hue decide to take his offer and even said that if there is really any trick, he will be able to manage it.

However, you got a shock when you arrive at the hotel. It is a theme love hotel. The theme which Ichthys reserve for both of you is Under the sea theme. Just like it theme, the room is decorate with blue waves and items relating to seas. The room temperature is slightly colder as well. They even provide sexy bikini and swimming brief for the couples to match the theme seas.

“If this is one of the Ichthys’s trick, I definitely like this.” Hue smiles as he steps into the room. You hardly believe what you just heard. Hue actually likes the hotel.

“Since he goes thru all the trouble, let not waste his effort. Let’s put on this swimming costume. Or you prefer me to help you with?” Hue smirks.

“I can help myself.” You replied as you snatch the bikini from Hue.

Reluctantly, you put it on. The moment you step out from the bathroom, you heard some sexy music playing at the background. You look up and saw Hue already has already put on his swimming brief. He is so fitting and sexy. You can’t help but just keep staring where his member is. He too is also staring at your sexy body.

He walks over to you and carried you over to the bed. He places you on the bed and lies on top of you. “The temperature is cold here. Let’s me help warm you up and our body should not separate tonight, so we can be warm until morning.” He whispered only you can hear.

He kisses you on your lips. The kiss slowly become deeper and deeper as passion build between both of you. He moves his hand to untie your bikini and throw it across the room. He then move his hands to your panties to untie it string and pull it off you while your hand rub against his crotch, before slowly slip your hand inside his brief. Still kissing his lips, you move your hand from the shaft to the tip of his member, giving a gentle rub at the tip.

Hue pulls down his brief and moves his kisses to the nape of your neck, then your shoulders and then to your chest. He lick and suck your breast while playing with the nipples on the other. You arch your back in pleasure and move legs to wrap around his waist, telling him that you want him inside you.

He penetrate deep inside you and starts oscillating his hips roughly on you. You feel his member thrusting back and fore inside you, hitting all your sensitive area. You moans for his name and he increase his speed. You tighter your legs around his waist and wrap your arms his body tightly, refusing to let him go. You dig your nails to his back as he continue his movement in faster pace, sending you into high ecstasy. He soon blow his seed deep inside you before flopping down beside you. He hug you close to him and runs his finger across your naked skin.

“This thing in human world is interesting. We should come back and enjoy ourselves more often. You seem to be more open here which I like it.” Hue tease and give you another passionate kiss before rolling you on top of him.


Tried my hand at editing a lil bit bc I love this picture

hi everyone!! so i came up with the idea to make this masterpost of edit tags relating to marvel. this is for people to know what tags they can track, and how to tag their edits/gifs so they’ll be seen. basically so that everyone who blogs about marvel is on the same page.

this is definitely an incomplete list!!!!!!! i know that there are many more tags that people use, but i tried to include the ones that are used the most. if you know of any popular ones that aren’t here, or if you think there are any corrections, please message me and i’ll make the changes to this post. let me know if you have any other questions/suggestions as well, and i will try to keep it up to date and as a reference for everyone. i’ll reblog it to let you guys know if/when it is updated :)

updated: january 08, 2016

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The Ben J. Pierce Post

Ben (benjpierce​) has been making videos for just over three years is truly one of the most talented, underrated youtubers out there. if you haven’t already, I HIGHLY suggest you check him out and fall in love with him and his content. here’s a little guide I put together to get you started-

YouTube , 2nd




Little game video

Little game on iTunes

Most popular videos; x,  x,  x,  x,

Personal favorites; x,  x,  x,

Cute fan blogs; x,  x,  x, 

25 reasons to support Ben

(seriously guys subscribe to ben) (this has been a PSA) (thanks)


More proof that extraordinarycomics reposted one of my gif sets and cropped out my watermark in order to make it look like they were the original creator.

You can see from the screencaps that their set was posted last month, whereas mine was originally posted eleven months ago. I even opened both gifs up in Photoshop and saw that they match completely, from the frames to the timing. It is without a doubt my gif set, and they shamelessly stole it and tried to pass it off as their own to boost popularity for their own blog, instead of just simply reblogging it or even trying to make their own gifs. 

Some of you may think I am overreacting, but I have had my gifs reposted and edited so many times (this isn’t the first time someone has cropped out my watermark–I’ve even had people replace mine with their own) that I don’t make them as much as I used to because I know it will only be a matter of time before someone steals them. So yeah, I’m pretty mad, and I’m going to continue calling this out EVERY TIME I SEE IT. 

The DC fandom needs to support its content creators, not steal from them. 


SOUNDCLOUD (free download): (x)

Good day, everyone, and welcome to a new Hat Films remix! First off, THANK YOU ever so much for 1000 subs! It means a lot. :) Anyway, it’s been entirely too long since I posted one of these, but I wanted you all to know that I still intend to keep making them, whatever the pace may be. So here’s the latest offering, “Welcome to Shitsville,” in which Smiffy, mayor of Shitsville, tries to convince anyone in earshot to come visit his shitty, shitty town.

Artwork by AmyTheArtist depicts Mayor Smiffy and his town of Shitsville rendered in the style of a certain popular Facebook game. Take note of the tightly-squeezed hovels constructed entirely of solid waste, and observe furthermore the truly abysmal traffic conditions. But hey, it’s not that bad–when you get used to it!

Feel free to leave suggestions for remix #10. I’d like to do something really special for that one. :D

Original audio from these episodes:

1. GTA 5 Online - THUMPERS BUMP! (x)

(near the beginning)

2. Cities Skylines  After Dark - Multi-City Mayhem! [Live Archive 29th Sep 2015]
(starting at about 21:30)

PSA to Deus Ex fans on tumblr

Hello, everyone. I don’t like that I need to do this, and I’m not proud of it either, but something needs to be addressed. There seems to be a big thief in this community and it needs to stop. 

The user in question, deusex-mankinddivided, has been taking and re-posting everything from edits to gifs for awhile now. Some of these things are even from very popular users. Please check and make sure that none of you or someone you know’s content is posted there. If it is, please fill out an abuse form. All in all, I urge people to unfollow/block this user to protect your content and support the original posters. The intent on stealing other user’s edits is constant and deliberate.

To be fair, I (and I’m sure others) have tried to contact this user about the problem, but messages have been disabled for probably this reason. This is why it needs to go public. So please, block them and keep your stuff safe.

 Thanks to everyone for listening and taking this into consideration.

Also, watermarks are helpful. Make sure you add them to your content. It makes your edits easier to point out if stolen. *