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‘The Girls Who Run With Wolves’ 

Shawn Imagine for Stella

Shawn Imagine for Stella

You kept on thinking to yourself I’m worthless, ugly and fat, and that’s when the starving and cutting happened.

-3 months later-

You just arrived home back from the hospital, where you fought for your life. You made a promise to the doctors you would try to eat again. You opened your laptop to see multiple messages from your best friend Shawn he’s been away for about 3 months, when he left you just couldn’t face the drama at school, other than Shawn there were multiple messages from the  ‘rip of the plastics’ at your school, they said similar stuff to what they always said. You tried to stop reading them but you just couldn’t it took that one message to set it off.

You ran to the bathroom, open the cupboard pulled the razor out, one by one you cut your wrist, saying all those bad things they called you, tear by tear rolled down your face.

‘Stella? You in there?’ a voice said, in matter of fact a voice you’d never thought you would ever hear again.

But you didn’t have enough strength to answer

Then you slightly saw the door open, there stood you best friend, the both of you looked into each others, before you rushed over to you. 

‘Why Stella?’  He tried to say, while the tears stream down his face

You didn’t say anything, he got you all cleaned up, and carried you to your bed. He laid you down, then you laid next to you, holding you.

‘So are you going to tell me?’ he whispered in your ear

‘Everyone hates me’ you mange to say

‘No they don’t and why would you think that?’ he replied back

‘It’s the things they say to me, the girls at school  calling me worthless, ugly and I shouldn’t  be breathing the same air’ you say

‘What? You’re beautiful don’t listen to them’ he said, while planting a kiss on your forehead

‘Im not it’s the……’

You were cut off by his lips on yours,

When it was over you smiled ‘now that’s my girl, with a beautiful smile, I love you Stella ever since 5th grade when we met, I want to help and protect you and make you feel like the only girl in the world, will you be mine?’  

And of course you said yes, and yes shawn did help you stop self-harming and your finally back to an healthy weight.


Sorry for the imagine being late and hope you like it.

And if anybody reading wants any help or anything just message me