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Sports Bras and Trench Coats

Request: Could you do one where the reader is the Winchester’s little (half) sister and she stays behind on hunts to do research and what not. But she also does stuff like yoga while her brothers are gone and Cas comes to check on her and she’s still in her yoga clothes so it leads to smutty goodness and both them confessing their feelings or something like that

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Smut, lanugage, oral (female receiving), slight dom!cas, ehh and some orgasm denial, it’s just very smutty okay?

Word Count: 1.9k

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You were stretching, getting ready to do your morning yoga when your phone rang. Every time you were getting ready to do something for yourself your phone rang. Everytime.

“Hey Sammy.” You tried not to sound annoyed.

“Okay, so, this isn’t a werewolf.” he said right away.

“What? How do you know?”

“Hearts aren’t missing, they’re just…placed somewhere else.”

You sighed, knowing you were going to have to do the research for this one, not that you really minded, you just wish that your brothers didn’t need you at the exact moment you were getting ready to do something else.

“Okay, I’ll look it up.”

“Thanks, Y/N, you’re the best.” he told you.

“I know,” you said before hanging up.

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A Father’s Fear

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Pregnancy (no labor), some angst, some fluff, swearing

A/N: This is my entry for @girl-next-door-writes 500 Follower Challenge! The song I chose was “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. I’ve been on a daddy!Sam streak for the past few weeks, so that’ll explain this. This was the gif I received:

Ever since you broke the news to Sam, he’d been petrified.

Sam was going to be a father.

Sam was terrified that his kid would end up just like him. His kid would be in the hunting life with no foreseeable future or way out.

Sam wanted to give his child the life that they deserved. The life that Sam never got the chance to get, but he didn’t know how to give it to them.

Sam wanted to give his kid their own room. He wanted his kid to grow up in a two story farm house with a dog, and go to school and have friends. But he just didn’t know how.

He didn’t want his kid to grow up in the hunting life. Alone. Skipping towns every three days, constantly on the road and never really having a place to call home.

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Two Prompt Tuesday #2

Winning Prompt this Week: “It’s all about the first person you wanna tell good news to.”

Winning Character: Dean. (I think there’s only 3 out of all of my followers who aren’t Dean!Girls, so I may have to start either picking characters myself or eliminating him from the options. Ha.)

Word Count: 3000. 

Warning: Fluff. Cliche. The usual. 

Your name: submit What is this?

You stretched your neck from side to side as you unlocked the door of the bunker and let yourself in. You tromped down the stairs and looked around for anyone; when you didn’t see Sam or Dean, or even Castiel, you looked around for a note.

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Uncle Crowley

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Summary: Reader - Winchester family - Crowley meets the young reader for the first time and becomes an uncle for the “little bit”.

Triggers: MIA parents, presumed death 

Word Count: 4818

Y/N = Your name  


You’d been by yourself drawing in the library for forever as uncle Sammy and uncle Dean were busy working in the basement. Your legs not quite long enough to reach the floor from where you sat, perched on the edge of one of the wooden chairs around the large mahogany table. Leaving you to kick your feet back and forth with a look of extreme concentration painting your young features. A small pink tongue slightly visible in the corner of your mouth as you tried to capture uncle Sammy’s long princess hair with the pink crayon you held, gripped tightly in your small hand.

You had to move in with your uncles after your daddy and mommy had gone to work for a long time. They weren’t back yet, so you had to be a good girl and wait with your uncles. You didn’t really understand where they had gone to work or why they were gone so long. But what you did know was that your mommy and daddy were superheroes. Uncle Dean had said so. He said they had saved a lot of other mommies and daddies just like Superman and Spiderman did. Actually he had said Batman and Wonder Woman, but you liked Superman and Spiderman better. And Wonder Woman was kind of hard to say, so you believed your mommy and daddy were like Superman and Spiderman instead.

Carefully you put your crayon drawing of uncle Sammy on top of the one of uncle Dean and the one of your mommy and daddy with superhero capes. All the drawings were for your mommy and your daddy. They were gifts for being good and saving the world, just like how you always got gifts when you were a good girl. Looking at all your pretty drawings, you smiled proudly at how you had written your name at the top of every page. Just like your daddy had shown you to write it, in biiig pink letters.

Taking another piece of white paper from the pile your uncles had given you; you put it in front of you to draw some more. A small crease formed on your young forehead as you frowned at your crayon collection wondering which crayon to use on uncle Cassie’s big coat until you settled for blue. You didn’t have a brown crayon because brown was boring and stupid. Blue was much prettier and better, and so uncle Cassie’s coat would be blue in your picture.  You loved uncle Cassie’s big coat. He let you borrow it to play superhero or detective when he was over. But it would be even better in blue.

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366 Days - Part Five

Story Summary: Dean Winchester was the love of your life; and you were the love of his life. That’s why he sold his soul to save you, two years ago. By the time you and Sam had learned he’d done this, it was too late. And now with Dean gone, you and Sam were left to make it through without him. As time passes, you and Sam grow closer. But is Dean really gone forever?

A/N: This part is finally nothing but good!!! <3

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Smut, language….fluff!!! Yes, finally some fluff!

Word Count: 1.5k


July 7th 2009 - 365 days after Dean’s death

One year. You never thought you would even make it one day without Dean, let alone a year. But you did it. You were here.

There wasn’t a single day that had passed over the last year that you didn’t miss him. There would forever be a hole in your heart that Dean had once filled. But you thought, maybe just maybe that another may be able to heal it.

You stood in front of the bathroom mirror, watching your hair detangle as you ran your brush through it. There was a knock on the door just before it cracked open, and Sam stuck his head in.

“You almost ready?” Sam asked, smiling at you as you set your brush down so that you could pull your hair back into a ponytail.

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Sam Winchester-The hands of a loved one

Title: The hands of a loved one

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1562

Summary: The reader knows she’s going to die soon since she’s a hunter but she didn’t expect it to be today and by the hands of her boyfriend. 

Today was a new day. A fresh start again. You knew you were going to die one day. You was prepared for it, being a hunter it kinda came along with the job description. 

As much as you prepare for death, you can never understand or expect it. Even if you tell yourself every night that you’re going to die doing this job and you accept it a thousand times in your head, you’ll never be able to grasp it when it actually comes. 

No matter how much you thought about it, you didn’t think that today would be the day you die, and you did not think it would be by the person you love most in the world. Sam Winchester. 

You got out of bed, making the sheets neatly as you padded off into the main room to greet your best friend and boyfriend, waking up and thinking it would be a normal day. 

Sam did the same. Getting out of bed, making his bed, greeting the two of you. If he knew that today would be the day he killed you, he would have never gotten out of bed. 

The brothers popped out to get some food for the bunker. The two of them laughing loudly as you shook your head at their booming voices. You kicked your feet up on the table, reading silently before you heard a bang. 

Again, if you would have known then you would have bolted it. Instead, being a hunter. You walked towards the noise or the end of your life you could say. 

Before you knew it, everything was black. 


Groaning, you winced at the sore pain in your head, only to realise there was no bump there. You frowned, something feeling tingly and off as you fluttered open your tired eyes. 

Your arms tugged to feel for a lump, hands being restricted backwards with a rustling noise. You froze, heart hammering. The first thought was that you had been kidnapped by whoever broke in, ready to be tortured by the supernatural creature. However, you noticed that you were in the Bunkers dungeon. 

A pair of boots thudding against the floor, the pattern seemingly familiar as the door creaked open. Your boyfriends face came into your line of vision.

‘’Oh, Sammy! Thank God!’’You laughed in relief, throwing your head back when he walked towards you. ‘’Someone was in the bu-’’

A sharp slap echoed through out the bunker, your cheek bright red as you went numb. 

‘’Sammy?’’You whimpered, shocked and frightened as to why your boyfriend had just slapped you. His fist collided with your ribs, your stomach sucking in as he winded you. You gasped for air, tears streaking down your face as he assaulted you. 

‘’Don’t call me that’’He hissed, gripping your hair and tilting your head back.

Normally you’d be able to take it, but since this was the person you love hurting you, it was hard not to sob right there. 

‘’Awh, crying already. Wow. You’re even more pathetic than before’’He sneered, his fingers that once ran softly through your locks were now grasping them with a deathly grip, tightening and sending prickles of pain dotting around your skull as he jammed a knife into your thigh. 

A high pitched scream fell through your lips, your body jumping in shock and adrenalin. 

‘’Why are you doing this?’’You sobbed, not caring any more as you watched him pace around you, a look of hatred in his eyes that burnt more than his actions. 

‘’You know why!’’He growled. ‘’I’ll give it to you though, you’re much more better at acting than normal’’He chuckled bitterly. 

‘’Sammy I don-’’You froze, stopping half way as you caught sight of your reflection. 

That wasn’t you. 

You gasped, your eyes taking in form of the demon that had tortured Dean and you to almost near death. This demon had a thing for Sam the minute she laid eyes on him, not in a romantic way of course, she hated him because he was a Winchester and held some other grudge against him so she hurt those he loved. 

Sam swore to get his revenge and took a lot of calming down by you and Dean she was smarter. What better than to get Sam to hurt you himself, it would crush him to know he was the cause of your pain. 

‘’What, giving up already?’’Sam smirked, shaking his head as his beautiful locks cascading around his face. 

‘’No! Sammy, listen to me! It’s me! (Y/n) I-’’

‘’STOP!’’Sam growled, his fist landing a harsh blow on your jawline. ‘’Don’t even go there! Don’t you dare get her involved, she’s more than you’ll ever be!’’Sam spat, his fist plunging into your ribs again. 


Hours of torture passed by. You had given up, your body sunken forwards as he cut and kicked at you, his harsh words planting into your head as blood trickles from your mouth. 

You knew you were going to die, your ribs were broken, your breathing getting harder and harder to do as your vision blurred. 

‘’Sammy’’You whispered weakly, glancing up. You grunted when he cracked another rib, a large amount of blood spewing from your mouth and onto your lap. 

‘’I said stop calling me that’’He growled, the back of his hand contacting your face in a less than nice way. 

‘’It’s me, Sammy’’You tried for the hundredth time. Sam rolled his eyes, his face burning red as he ignored your words yet again.

Sam’s hands slithered up to your shackles, your heart hammering as you grew hope he would listen to your pleas. They popped open, his hands now slithering under your arms as he lifted you but from that you knew he thought you were still the demon since the other Sam had been nothing but gentle towards you and right now he was dragging you from your chair. 

He threw you onto the floor, your body cracking horribly as you laid still. Sam kneeled beside you, raising the knife above his head as he watched you. 

‘’I want you to see me end you’’He whispered, his hand grabbing a ball of your hair in a tight grip. 

‘’I love you’’You whispered, your eyelids fluttering closed. 


Dean walked through the bunker, head phones on as he avoided hearing the noise of the demon screaming. He carried on walking, whistling to himself before he felt a crunch under his foot. 

He froze, moving his foot as he pondered in confusement. Your necklace that Sam gave you for your birthday. Dean panicked, his heart stopping. You never took that off, it meant too much to you. 

He gently picked it up, thinking slowly as he tried to grasp the information that was too blurred for him to process. 

The demon…

The hex they found…

The shapeshifting curse….


Dean belted for it, running as fast as his feet could take him. So that’s why you weren’t around, Dean had pinned it down to you being somewhere around this damn bunker. 

‘’SAMMY! OPEN! SAMMY STOP!’’Dean screamed, hammering his fists on the door until they were black and blue. 

‘’What Dean!’’Sam huffed, panting as he opened the door, covered in blood. 

‘’Did yo-’’Dean stopped halfway, watching as you laid on the floor, seconds away from dying. 

‘’I was about too’’Sam glared, walking back over. 

‘’NO SAMMY DON-’’Dean yelled, hand darting out but it was too late. Sam had jammed the knife into your chest. Your body jerkin upwards, as blood spewed down from your mouth and onto your clothes. Your eye widened in shock before you slumped backwards, still and silent. 

The brother stood there, Dean too shocked to say anything and Sam too relieved. 

Slowly, the demon’s face started to glisten. Dean began to silently cry, Sam frowning in confusement. The demons black eyes changed into your beautiful eyes that Sam adored, her estranged face morphing into yours. 

You but covered in blood and bruises. 

Sam’s face went pale, his mouth stuttering open and shut as he looked back and fourth to Dean. Everything suddenly clicked. Your words, the hex they found, everything. 

‘’No, no, no, no (y/n). Baby’’Sam sobbed, sinking down to his knee’s as he pulled you into his lap. ‘’(Y/n). C’mon, baby. Look at me’’he cried, patting your cheek. He glanced at the knife, yanking it out and throwing it away. 

‘’I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I should’ve listened to you’’He whimpered, pushing your lifeless body close to his as your arm hung low, eyes staring at nothing. ‘’I’m sorry! I love you so much, I’m so sorry’’He repeated, rocking you as he sobbed. 

‘’Sammy’’Dean whispered, crying himself as he braced a hand on Sam’s shoulder. 

‘’NOO!’’Sam screamed, jerkin away from Dean and shuffling into the corner with you tightly in his arms. ‘’She’s not dead Dean. W-We can bring her back, can’t we, p-please Dean, we have to do something’’Sam begged, voice shaking. 

‘’Sammy’’Dean repeated with a sympathetic voice as he mourned his best friend. Sam just shook his head, whimpering as he clutched onto you like a child who refused to part from their broken teddy bear. 

‘’She’s gone, Sam’’Dean whispered, looking down. 

‘’She c-can’t be. I killed her! I did this too her, Dean. I loved her’’

Episode Two: The Climax

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Once Ian opened the door he immediately regretted it, he saw Sammy and another dude he’s never seen before, and automatically guessed it was the husband. He pushed back Payton as he knew stuff would get messy. Once Ian got of off the porch he was immediately pulled and shoved by the unnamed man. 

Ian: “What’s going on? Why are you banging on my door like a mad man, who even are you?”

Shane: “All you need to know is that i’m Sammy’s husband. You know Sammy right? The one you tried to kiss!”

Sammy: “Shane! Stop! Get off of him, I told you what happened, it was both our faults we both had drinks!”

Ian: “Wait, what? I didn’t have a drink … it was all you had drinks and you tried to kiss me! Don’t lie!”

Shane, angered by Ian’s word’s decided talking wasn’t going to satisfy him one bit and decided to throw a punch. At the exact moment everything seemed to slow down. When Shane threw the punch, Sammy was already trying to pull Shane away as he knew his husband, and he knew he was going to throw the punch. As that was happening, Payton had snuck out the back door and made her way to the front just at the right moment to see Shane punch her dad.

Payton: “Dad!”

Sammy: “Shane that’s enough! His daughter is not even twelve feet away, what if that was Lily!”

Shane: “It wouldn’t be Lily because Lily, has two amazing dad’s that would never cheat!”

Ian: “For the last time, he came at me, I don’t drink in public, and I can handle my alcohol! Sammy, tell. him. The. Truth!”

To be continued…


rip any respect manami had for kyousuke

rip my hands

When Did We Get a Kid? Part 5

Originally posted by happysamdaily

Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 861
Author: Brittiny
When Did We Get a Kid? masterlist

You were currently laying on the living room floor, tired. Sam was currently putting Connor to bed, Dean was sitting on the couch with Wendy, and chatting about some movie they had seen. Your eyes were closed, so it probably looked like you were sleeping. Sam came in and smirked. For a giant, he was was light on his feet. He moved so that he was standing over you and grinned at Dean who rolled his eyes. You jumped and screamed when his fingers went after your ribs. He sat on you, pinning you in place as he tickled you. “Stop!” You laughed, trying to squirm out from under him. “Damn it, Sammy!” You tried pushing him off of you. “You’re gonna wake up the kid!”

“Fine.” He laughed, getting up.

“My ribs hurt now, you jerk.” You sighed, catching your breath.

Wendy looked between the two of you. “Are you sure that you’re not a thing?” She asked.

Sitting up, you shook your head at her. “Nope.” You looked at the clock. It was only seven. You hung your head, already beat from the day. “You three have fun. I’m hoping in the shower and then reading until I pass out. I have a feeling that Connor will be waking me up early.”

“Why you?” Sam asked, helping you up.

Seriously? He barely left my side all day. You weren’t the one he asked to play with him at the park. You weren’t the one who he asked to refill his milk at dinner.” It was like the kid was glued to you. With that, you said your goodnights and headed to the bathroom.

Sam sat in one of the chairs and got comfortable. “So, you guys want to watch a movie? Go out to a bar or something?” He offered, knowing that there was a bar with a pool table that Dean would like.

Dean shrugged. “You think that you should take off to a bar with Y/N in the shower, and Connor sleeping?”

“Her showers are quick, Dean.”

Wendy smiled. “Come on, let’s get a couple drinks.” She stood up and motioned for the boys to follow.

Sam got up and walked over to the bathroom door, knocking. Cracking it so you could hear, he closed his eyes. “Taking Dean and Wendy out to the bar down the street. I won’t be out late.”

You peeked around the shower curtain at him. “You still sharing my room?” You asked.

“Yeah, unless Connor joins you.” He laughed. “Alright, night!” He shut the door and joined Dean and Wendy outside the apartment.

Knowing that you were now the only adult in the house, you hurried your shower along and got out. After drying off, you stole one of Sam’s shirts and grabbed a pair of your boxers for bed. You’d been reading for ten minutes when you heard little feet. Looking up, you smiled when Connor peeked in. “What’s up, hun?”

“Can you sing me a song?”

You slipped out of bed and picked him up. Carrying him back to Sam’s room, you tucked him in and smiled. “What would you like me to sing?”

He thought for a moment. “ABCs. And can you lay down with me? Sometimes my mommy does that.”

“I think I can do that.” Now you understood why he crawled onto the couch with you, and not in bed with Sammy. He moved over to give you room, so you laid on your side and watched him close his eyes. You sang softly, running your fingers through his hair. You covered your mouth, yawning, as he started to drift off. You could tell he was asleep by his breathing, but you decided to stay with him a few minutes longer.

You tip-toed out of Sam’s room and into your own. Knowing you probably didn’t have a lot of time, you shut off your light and crawled into bed. It didn’t take you long to fall asleep.

Sam, Dean, and Wendy stumbled into the apartment around midnight, laughing. Not even caring, Sam pulled off his shirt as he walked down the hall. Followed by his shoes.

“Dude, that’s Y/N’s bedroom.” Dean pointed out.

“Yeah, I’m crashing in there while we have Connor.” He shrugged, tripping as he tried to get out of his jeans. Dean raised an eyebrow, but really didn’t care enough to push it. Sam crawled into bed next to you and pulled you to him by your waist. Your back was to his chest, so he buried his face into your hair.

The next morning, you were confused. Blinking, you realized that you were laying on Sam’s chest, and his arm was around you. Out of the corner of your eye you spotted Connor sleeping between your legs and Sam’s. If you moved, it would wake both of them up. However, you didn’t want Sam waking up to find you so close to him. Groaning, you laid your head back down and closed your eyes.

Only, Sam hadn’t been asleep. He’d thought the same thing you had. A small smile played on his lips as he felt your breathing even out once more.

Three's a Crowd

Summary: During a witch hunt Y/N gets a potion poured all over her. All of a sudden a cooler sexier version of her appears. Both Dean and Y/N panic, unsure of what to do. This version of her claims to be Lust and the only way to break the spell is to have sex. 

 Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader, Reader’s Lust 

 Warnings: NSFW, smut, it’s all smut, guided sex session? Threesome like themes? 

 Word Count: 2,835

 Based on this prompt:  K first of all, I’m a huge fan of Shocking Sensations and love your stuff and would TOTALLY give you a prompt… let me know if it makes sense: can you write a story that’s Dean/Reader/Reader wherein reader magically gets duplicated into two identical doubles, and both of her team up to seduce Dean and have a MFF threesome? Hope that’s a type of smut that’s interesting enough to write lol- Anonymous 

 A/N: This was strange to write I’ve never done M/F/F but I found a way to make it work! I hope y'all enjoy feed back is always welcomed. ❤️

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Goodbye ~S.W.~

“Please baby.” Sammy says puppy eyes and all.

He’s been begging me to come to some party that Gilinsky was having. Him and Madison just bought a house and they wanted to break it in. I didn’t want to go because since it’s her house she’s gonna be there. Sammy knows I don’t like Madison. She just rubs me the wrong way.

“Sammy no. You go. Have fun. Text me and I’ll come get you. But right now I’m not going.” I say annoyed.

“Y/N. Please we can stay for only half then come home and watch Netflix and cuddle please baby.” He says. “I’ll do anything”

“Fine. You go ahead I’ll be there in a couple hours since I have to get ready. I’ll drive so I can take you home later. But when we do get home your giving me a back massage. ” I say turning off the tv. I walk towards our room and Sammy runs up, kisses me and tells me to text him when I’m on the way. I get in the shower and start to get ready.

*at party*

It may or may not have taken me longer to get ready because I was dancing to the music that was playing. Oops. I walk in and see all the boys having a good time.

“Hey Gilinsky. Congrats on the house. I’m proud of you.” I say giving him a hug and smiling at Madison but she didn’t return it. I try to be nice to her but it really doesn’t work.

“Have you seen Sammy. I tried texting him but he hasn’t answered.” I said as Madison walked off.

“Um no. Last time I saw him was in the kitchen.” He says looking around to see where Madison went to.

“I’m actually really happy for you and Madison.” I say looking at him. Me and G used to be close but lately it’s been hard due to Madison.

“I know and I’m sorry you and Madison don’t get along. I really wish you did.” He says hugging me and kissing my forehead.

I’m really glad that I have friends like the jacks. Without them who knows where the hell id be.

Now to find Sammy.

Sam’s POV

Fuck this. I was pouring me a drink when I saw Y/N and Gilinsky talking. Why wasn’t she looking for me. Did she not care. I know this is his party but when Madison walked off she should’ve done the same. Then he kissed her, so what it was only on the forehead but it was still a kiss. She didn’t try to stop him. Did she want it. We’re her and Jack a thing. They were. I could tell by the way she looked at him. I chugged down my drink and went straight to the basement. I saw Madison down there and I sat next to her. I lit up a blunt and exhaled looking at her.

“Our dates are shit.” I say chuckling.

“Um. My boyfriend is amazing. I don’t know about Y/N but Jack is awesome.” She say rolling eyes and crossing her arms.

“Is that what you think. Because I just saw your awesome, amazing boyfriend with Y/N and they looked pretty cozy with eachother.” I say grabbing a bottle of whatever from the table.

“No way. Are they like sneaking?” She asks god she’s so stupid. But she is extremely hot.

“I think so.” I say. “I jut really wanna forget it all.” I say sighing. Madison moves her hand to my chest.

“I think I can help with that.”


I walk downstairs after grabbing a coke. I stand in the doorway looking for Sammy. Then I saw him. With Madison.

He was talking to her and the she put her greedy hands on his chest. Walking them up to his neck like some cliche hooker she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. Hell. No. He didn’t even stop her. They were just steady making out in the couch.

I walk up to them and stand in front of them. Then Sammy gives me the hand and tells me to hold on. Hold on. He’s gonna want to hold on to his fuckin dick because I’m about to rip it off.

“Un-fucking-believable. Really Sam. Fuck you” at the sound of my voice he broke away from Madison while she was still pathetically hanging on to him. He called my name a few times too bad I was already gone. He was a liar, a fucking liar. I already knew, the makeup I spent an hour on was halfway down my face. I was basically hyperventilating while walking through the huge ass house.

I passed Gilinsky and he grabbed my arm to stop me.

“Y/N what happened?” He said looking at me.

“Your girlfriend and my now ex boyfriend. That’s what happened. I walked into the room and they were just steady making out. They didn’t even stop until I said something. I thought he loved me Jack.” I say crying into his chest. I couldn’t believe any of this. Me and Sammy had been together forever and he threw it all away. Why? Why would he do that?

Gilinsky was beyond pissed. I looked up at him while still in his chest. He dragged me around the house looking for Sammy.

“What the fuck man. You kissed my girlfriend?” Then he turned to Madison. “You kissed her boyfriend. What the hell is wrong with you. We loved you both of you and you cheat on us with eachother. That’s all kinds of fucked up. Do you know how it feels to find your best friend crying because her boyfriend was cheating on her with her bestfriends girlfriend. Congrats cause now you’re both single.” He drags be back up to his room. I hear Madison and Sammy calling for both of us. I sit on the bed and listen to the begging of them from outside the locked door. I watch as Jack throws all of Madison’s stuff into a suitcase.

“Jack. You can’t kick her out. This is her house too.” I say trying to calm him down. I don’t like Madison but I don’t know if she has a place to go yet.

“No. This is my house. I paid for it. It’s in my name. Her name isn’t on shit. She doesn’t pay bills, never has. She can stay at her friends house. Or she can stay with Sammy while you stay here because you’re not going back with him anytime soon.” He says zipping her suitcase. He opens the door and gives it to her.

“I’ll walk you out he says.” He nods at me and tells me he’ll be right back. Sammy walks over to the bed and sits down. I stare at him waitin for him to explain. He just looks at me.

“Why Samuel?” I ask. He cocks his head to the side.

“Why? Why? You have the nerve to ask me why. Why were you all over Jack. Do you like him now. Is he better than me.” He says standing up and pacing.

“All over Jack? I wasn’t the one making out with my friends girlfriend. I hugged him and he kissed my forehead. He is basically my brother. He is all I had before you. But what you did there is no excuse.” I say spitting and getting close to him.

“Oh fuck. I fucked up. I fucked up so bad.” He says putting his head in his hands. “I-I thought you and Gilinsky were ya know. And so I told Madison and she said she could help me forget it all and at the time I was pissed at you and thought you didn’t want me. God I’m sorry. Please baby I love you so much.” He say begging pulling on my hips.

“Don’t fucking touch me. You could have talked to me, instead of making assumptions. Asshole. Get the fuck out. I’m so done. You assume I was cheating on you. You know I would never do that in a million years. Ever. Get the hell out. Go home or something. I’ll get my stuff another day.“ He walks out the door and slams it. I lay on the bed but feel sick remembering this is where Jack and Madison were supposed to be laying. I hear yelling and another door slam. I hear jacks door open and I know it’s G. He lays down and pulls me close. I cry, more like sob I to his side. He just rubs my arms. I don’t even remember falling asleep.

I woke up to see I was by myself. I walked into the bathroom and washed my face off. I borrowed sweatpants and a shirt from jacks drawers hoping he wouldn’t mind too much.

I walked downstairs to see everyone in the kitchen. Johnson’s the first one to notice me.

“Hey girly.” He says obviously trying to lighten the mood. I chuckle and sit at the counter. Nate hands me a bowl of cereal he just made.

“How ya feeling?” He asks. I let out a dry laugh. That’s a stupid question.

“I feel like shit.” I say as I bit my lip. I ate a few bites of my food and then put my head down. “I need my stuff from his place” I mutter. It’s hard to say that it’s just his place now but, I don’t care. He hurt me.

“we’ll go get it in a minute.” Derek says. I don’t want them to but I know I can’t go over there. I just sigh and nod. But I knew this was for the best.

*1 year later*

I was walking through the mall with the jacks when I saw Sam. He was with some girl. Good for him. He’s moving on. As for me well…. After the boys brought my stuff to jacks. We all decided that me and Johnson would move in with Gilinsky. He didn’t need all that space by himself and it would be like a sleepover every night. For the first couple months Sam begged for me while Madison begged for Jack. Eventually it stopped. I got better. I pierced my nose, got a few tattoos and became happy again. I never found another guy because I was having trust issues. And I think a part of me still wants Sammy but what he did was unforgivable.

But I thank god everyday for the friends I have. Without them who knows what I would be.

As I saw Sammy talking with that girl I realized I needed to move on too. Not just with guys but in my life. This was the end and I knew I had to say goodbye.

ww1tch-deactivating-deactivated  asked:

Hello again! When I asked for my dirty talk Sam/Benny thing, I hadn't realized you only (kinda) shipped it romantically! Do you think you could change it to sam/benny and flirting? I want you to be comfortable!

Alright…. for this, I’m going to go with an AU that Benny let Sam take him out of purgatory in the end of Taxi Driver and he’s been staying at the bunker because he just doesn’t fit in anywhere else.

Also, it’s kinda one sided flirting and fluff because I like seeing Sam all flustered.


“You’re outta food. I’m gonna go makin’ groceries.” Benny said after giving a light knock and leaning in the doorway to Sam’s bedroom. 

“Making… you’re what?” Sam put his book down, looking at Benny with confusion.

“Groceries… food. You needin’ anything specific?”

Sam shook his head and laughed slightly. Benny’s cajun phrasing sometimes caught him off guard.

“Um no… not really. Benny, you don’t eat.”

“But you do. You can either tell me what you want or you can bring your sweet sugar britches with and get down at the store with me.” Benny laughed roughly, his voice low and sandpapery.

Sam didn’t know if the the use of ‘sugar britches’ was another part of Benny’s mannerisms or if it was meant for Sam, but it made his face burn anyway.

“Um… yeah. Just let me get my jacket.” Sam fumbled awkwardly, cursing under his breath when he stubbed a toe on the corner of his bed on the way out of the room.


Sam could smell something good. Something sweet. It was coming from the kitchen, but Dean was sitting right next to him at the table in the war room.

“What is that?” Sam sniffed the air. Dean looked up from the map he was staring at, his pencil stopping in mid tap. He shook his head and shrugged.

“Beignets.” Benny entered the room with a plate in each hand and a bounce to his step. He set a plate full of powder covered square doughnuts in front of Dean and circled around the table to Sam.

“And for you, lagniappe.” He set the plate down. Sam had doughnuts and a little mug of creamy looking coffee on the plate.

“Hey, I didn’t get any coffee…” Dean frowned.

“You ain’t as pretty.”

Sam coughed and tried to hide the blush on his cheeks by sipping at the coffee which had a faint chicory flavor.


“You know I’ve takin’ a shine to you, right?” Benny was standing over the stove top. His back was to Sam, but he’d heard him enter the kitchen and he’d known Sam was standing there watching him for about five minutes now. People often forget he can hear that blood pumping.

“I…” Sam rubbed the back of his neck. Benny grinned as he heard the increased pulse rate. He loved being the one that could fluster the boy all up.

“What are you making?” Sam settled on asking as he approached the large vampire and leaned over to smell the food.

“Shrimp etouffee and maque chou.”

“Dean’s nesting tendencies have nothing on you.”

“Coo-wee! Lil’ Cher finally givin’ up something nice for the old vampire,” Benny chuckled.

“Yeah well…” Whatever else Sam might have said was gone as he lost himself under Benny’s adoring and amused gaze again.


“Lil’ Cher!” Sam looked up, having now gotten used to Benny’s nickname for him. “Your brother’s goin’ outta town tonight. Somethin’ about yoga and a girl named Nancy.”

“Oh…” Sam closed his eyes and shook his head to get rid of the mental pictures that popped up. When he opened them again, he gasped lightly to see Benny standing mere inches from him.

“And…. Lil’ Cher…. I think tonight I’ll take care of you… if you’ll let me.” A large hand tucked a lock of Sam’s hair back behind his ear. He swallowed and looked down, hiding his eyes as the hair fell forward again.

A moment passed in silence, save for the beating of Sam’s heart. Then he looked up at Benny with a grin and, surprising the vampire, pulled him in for a kiss before he spoke.

“Laissez les bon temps rouler." 

Defiance - Finale (Sam x reader)

Finale Summary: Sam waits for you to wake up from surgery.

A/N: I am so sorry this is so late! And this story is now, finally, on my Masterlist

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

Word count: 1131

It’d been hours since Sam had last seen you. But in a way he was grateful.
He didn’t want to watch as you struggled to breathe while your blood bubbled up your throat and dripped down your chin. Alone, the image of you suffocating on your own blood was enough to make his stomach churn.

Dean sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair as Sam paced on the linoleum floor in front of him.

   “Sam, will you just relax?”

   “No, Dean,” Sam continued to pace, eyes flicking up every once in a while. Dean sat in the chair sipping stale coffee until Sam checked his watch three times in the same minute

   “Dude, cut it out, you’re giving me whiplash,“ Dean ran a hand over his face for the millionth time and stretched his neck out, hearing a satisfying crack.

   “…you and I both know she’s had a lot worse.” 

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“Get her out of here, she doesn’t need to see this.”

Request from anon: Can u do imagine where Sammy gets in a fight ? 🙏🏼❤️


“Y/N?” Swazz picks up the phone. “Hey, do you guys want to come over?” I asked. “Your boyfriend isn’t going to be there?” I heard Nate scold. “No, he’s going to be out late tonight. Come on, i miss my best friends…” I said in a sad voice. “You were the one that ditched us.” I heard someone whisper to themselves. “Who said that?!” “We’ll be there in 30.” G said hanging up. 

When they finally arrived, I attacked them with hugs. Nate first, Swazz second, then J then G. Sam kind of brushed me off. He gave the weakest hug. But I guess I understand why. My boyfriend doesn’t like me having other guy friends. I still do, just on the low. So he made me drop all of them, even these guys, my best friends, my brothers. When I told them, they were all pissed but Sammy was pissed the most. He was my first friend here in LA. He showed me around LA. He was there for me every day, every night. He did everything for me when I asked. He was there when I got my heart broken from an exboyfriend. He was there when I was pissed my car was in a hit and run. He was there for me. And I can’t thank him enough, but I fucked up by choosing a boyfriend over my best friends. But, I-I just couldn’t. I was scared.. 

“So, how’s you and boyfriend?” J asked sitting on the couch, looking at the walls. “Wow, your walls are so plain now.” “Yeah, he, uh, he likes plain walls. So we compromised and I took some things down. But we are, uhm, we are good. Not the perfect couple but we are still… Good… Boyfriend and I…” I smiled at them. They hate all the guys I date. You know they like them when they call him by his name. But if they don’t, they just nickname him, boyfriend, like he’s just another guy. “How are you guys? How’s traveling? And your music!” They all started telling stories and talking about the future. 

After 3 hours of J, G, Swazz, and Nate talked about their stuff, I looked at a quiet Sammy. “You’ve been quiet.” He just shrugs his shoulders. “He’s still a little mad..” “Sammy, look,” “No! How could you EVER just drop us like that?? Then call like nothing happened. What the fuck Y/N? I thought we were best friends.. FAMILY! I always have to ask all the girls to see how you are doing because you’re ‘not allowed’ to talk to us. So what the fuck are we doing here?” He gave me a dirty look. “I-” Just then the door slams open and my heart drops. 

“Get down get down!” I push each of them to the floor and make them crawl behind the couch. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry..” I whisper to them. “Hi… honey..” I walk towards him with fear written all over my body. “How was boys night out?” I asked shaky. “Why the fuck did I hear other voices in here?!” “Th-there’s no one else in here but me! I, uh, I was just watching some tv.” “Stop lying! Who’s here?!” He yells out, making me jump. “I’m gonna find ya! Tell me who is here you slut!” “N-no one. I swear.” I fear of his angry voice. “I FUCKING SMELL SOMEONE HERE! WHO. IS. HERE. TELL. ME.” He grabs my throat, “WHO,” he starts pushing me backwards, “IS,” he holds my body against the wall by my neck, “HERE.” He says 1 inch away from my face. I see the vein in his neck and forehead pop out while his face turns red.

I shut my eyes, trying to get out of his grip, not being able to breathe. “No-” I choke, “Ones,” I try pulling his hand off, but he’s not budging, “Here.” He turns his head, looking around to see if he could stop anyone. My eyes wander to the couch hoping they weren’t visible. He finally releases my neck and I gasp for breaths. I start thinking to myself, I just need to get him to the bedroom and in the bathroom and I’ll sneak them out without him knowing, my thoughts got interrupted when I felt an impact on my face, knocking me to the ground. I start to sprawl on the floor, as he started walking towards me, not wanting to get hit again. “Stop please I’m sorry. Please, don’t hit me please..” I beg him, tears forming in my eyes. He grabs me by my ankles and pulls me to him as I try to scratch the floor. “NOO!” I yelp in utter fear. He turns me on my back, my eyes shut tight, and I feel on my cheeks, the back and front of his hand slapping me back and forth back and forth. I try to push him off of me but my body weight compared to his, I was no match. He would switch off slapping me to stomping on my stomach.

I felt him get yanked off of me as I scoot back fast, opening my eyes to find Sammy and Nate on him. “RUN!” Nate yells to me. I hear my boyfriend scream, “WHO THE FUCK!” As he pushed them off of him. “YOU WHORE!” he starts to come towards me fast but Sam pushes him against the wall. “DON’T. FUCKING. TOUCH. HER.” “Sam,” I said breathless. “What gives you the right to touch her like that?!” Sam grabs him by his shirt and smashing his face against the wall, putting his hands behind his back. “HUH?! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO EVEN LAY A FINGER ON THIS GIRL!” He starts yelling next to his face. “FUCK YOU!” My boyfriend tries fighting Sammy off of him but Sam just pushes him harder against the wall. 

“NEVER. Touch her like that again! Do you hear me?!” “You want her?! Take her! She’s a worthless, ugly, ungrateful, lying, slutty little bitch!” Sam flips him so his back is against the wall and punches his face, knocking him to the floor, blood start coming out his nose.

Get her out of here, she doesn’t need to see this.” He said aggressively. “I SAID GET HER OUT!” He motioned his head to the boys. “Sammy you don’t need to do this!” I tried getting up to push him away, but they grab my arms, dragging me outside as I see my boyfriend take Sammy to the ground till they were out of sight. I tried fighting them off, “No, please you have to stop him before he gets hurt!” I cried, begging them. “WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING THE GUY WHO HURTS YOU?!” “NOT HIM! I’M TALKING ABOUT SAM! I DON’T WANT HIM TO GET HURT!” 

I tried to get up and run back inside but they just held me back. “Let him so this Y/N!” “DANIEL! DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING TOUCH SAMMY!” 5 minutes of struggling to get inside, I hear yelling and grunts coming from the house. “SAMMY!!” I scream in horror. Just then it got silent and you could only hear my sobs. “SAMMY?!” I started panicking. Sammy wobbles out of the house, bloody face, black eye, arms scratched up, lip bleeding, prints on his neck, knuckles all bruised. “SAMMY!” We run to him, and I grab his face, observing every inch of his body. “Oh my god Sammy are you okay? Are you hurt? We need to get you to the hospital!” He just grabs me and hugs me. We heard sirens in the distance, getting closer and closer. We motion the police inside the house to where Daniel was. 

The ambulance came to check on Sammy’s injuries and Daniel’s before arresting him. I was talking to the police as Sammy was getting wrapped up on his arm and stomach, holding an ice pack to his eye. I never left his sight. After I finished talking to the cops, I slowly started walking towards Sam. I sat next to him on the back of the ambulance, 

“Thank you… I know i’ve been a horrible friend lately and you sacrificed your life for me back there. I know what I did was shady, I-I just, I was scared. Of him.. When I first tried leaving, he found me and broke a rib, saying he’ll break more if I don’t get back together with him. And he’s friends with the police so he’d never get caught. I-I didn’t do it because he told me to, I did it to protect you guys. I was afraid he’d hurt you guys badly if we were still friends..” I started playing with my fingers. “I’d do anything to protect you boys, even if it meant me getting hurt..” I look to Sammy on my left and he tries to take off his sling holding his arm. “No, you need to keep that on.” I tried to have him keep it on. But he doesn’t listen and takes it off, giving me one of his bear hugs. 

“You’re still my best friend.” He hugs me tighter. “I’ll always protect you from the bad guys.. I love you.” He whispers into my hair.

Drunk In Love
  1.  Mind doing a Sam x reader one? Sam’s jealous that Dean and the reader seem to flirt a lot, but doesn’t say anything because he wants them both to be happy. But really they’re just friend and they only flirt for fun; the reader’s actually interested in Sam. One night Sam gets drunk and confesses his feelings for the reader, but says he understands why they’d pick Dean over him. Then in the morning the reader admits their feelings and everything ends well. ^-^
  2. Would you mind making a fanfic about Sam being highly jealous and hurt because Y/N and Dean are always flirting and together. And so Sam finally tells Y/N what’s on his mind and how much he cares about her.

A/N: These two requests were quite similar so I hope you don’t mind me putting them together. I hope this is ok!

Characters: Sam X Reader, Dean, brief Cas

Word Count: 1,024

Warnings: Fluffiness and drunkenness 

Sam always had feelings for you but never managed to admit them. When he sees you constantly flirting with Dean, it kills him inside. Little does he know that you feel the same way. 

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“It was for your own good, Sammy.” You tried to reason with him. “No, you lied to me. I trusted you, even after what you did last time; but you always seem to side with Dean. Do you not think I’m strong enough?” He asked.

“Hey, dude, lay off.” Dean tried to stop the fight from happening. “I told her to help me. We were just looking out for you.” Dean said. “By lying to me!” He shouted.

Derek collapses to the floor, every part of him shaking and trembling in fear as bloody, violent images flashed in and out of his mind. Images that had been torturing him for what seemed like years but had really only been a few weeks. And Derek had finally snapped.

Derek glances up as he hears a throaty, raspy laugh bounce off the walls of the motel room. He shakes his head as he scoots away from the figures standing over him, only stopping when his back hit the wall.

“L-Leave me alone! Please! I’m sorry damn it!” Derek begs