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MONSTA X - you sit in their lap and grind on them because they won't pay attention to you.

Request:  Can you do a monsta x reaction to you sitting in their lap and grinding on them because they won’t pay attention to you

Shownu: At first, he would be surprised at your action. “What are you doing?” He asked as you sat on his lap. “Oh, nothing, you can keep watching this stupid movie, don’t mind me here.” You said innocently before starting grinding on his lap. He groaned in surprise. But of course, he liked that and put his hands on your waist to help you with the movements. “You know… I didn’t even want to see this movie.”

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Wonho: He was sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating some candy. You tried to talk to him, but he didn’t pay much attention to you. You sat on his lap and he looked at you. “What?” He asked. “Will you pay attention to me?” “I’m watching T… Oh my god!” He said when you started grinding on him. “Why are you like this?” He asked, putting his hands on your waist. “Like what?” “So fucking hot.”

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Minhyuk: He was on his phone, watching some videos and wasn’t giving you any attention. And that, of course, made you angry. But you knew how to solve it. You sat on his lap and he looked at you. "What are you watching there?” You asked, smiling innocently. “Nothing.” “Oh, let me see, please.” You said and grind against him. “Why are you doing this? Fuck.” He took a deep breath. “Because you’re not paying attention to me.” “Do you want attention?” “Yes!” “Okay, I’ll give you attention.” He said and kissed you, grabbing your ass.

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Kihyun: You should be watching a movie, but he was very entertained on the phone to pay attention to you or the movie. “Babyyy…” you said, approaching him. He didn’t answer, he continued looking at the phone screen. You sit on his lap and grind, he immediately let out a long moan. “Woah… Where this come from?” “I want attention.” You said, grinding even more. “Oh, yes, you will have attention now.” He squeezed your ass and pulled you closer to him.

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Hyungwon: "Babe… Come on.“ You said, nudging him. He was playing videogame and didn’t give you any attention since you got there. You snorted and left the room, waiting for him to come after you, but he didn’t. You went back to the bedroom and sat on his lap. "Baby!” You said again, grinding into his lap. He bit his lip and looked at you. “Is my baby in needy?” “Yes! And you’re not paying attention to me.” You pouted, he laughed and kissed you.

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Jooheon: He invited you to spend the night at his house. But instead of being with you, he was too busy reading a book. You had already tried to talk to him, but he told you to wait for him to finish. You were already out of patience, so you jumped on his lap and grind on him slowly. He rolled his eyes and bit his lip, throwing the book on the floor. “You’re going to kill me sometime.” He said and laughed. “That’s not the intention, I just want attention.” “I know, I know. I’m sorry.” He kissed you.

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Changkyun: He was playing some stupid game on his phone. You sat on his lap and grind against him. “Oh, fuck.” He said and dropped the phone. He put both hands on your waist and pressed you against him. You got up and walked away from him. “What the fuck?” He asked. “No. You were not paying attention to me.” “Let’s go into the bedroom and I’ll give you all the attention you deserve.” He said with a smirk.

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Pen Pal

The majority of Elsewhere U. students really interest me. Those who live in a liminal space and refuse to see anything out of the ordinary.

This is my first time writing in second-person POV (it happened on accident) and I hope you like it.


It started dully enough. Someone had written ‘Hello’ in the bathroom (in fancy curly purple script, so extra). Juvenile, but it was the single-stall Everyone bathroom in the second sub-basement of the library, so you were willing to write it off as a bored freshman or something. And maybe you were a little bored yourself. Or lonely. Because you replied. You bought a green Sharpie specifically to respond to the purple word on the light orange paint.
‘Hey. W/ u studying?’

You went to check the little-used bathroom a few days later.
'Humans’ was written in beautiful purple handwriting under your green message.
'Psych major, cool. I’m eng-his double major’
You hoped the janitors wouldn’t clean off or paint over this little conversation. It was a little like having a pen pal. A couple days later you had another reply in purple swirls.

'Would you do something for me?’
The request was weird, but so were college kids; and you could always just not do it, you didn’t know who you were talking with, and were pretty sure you weren’t being followed. Like 75% sure. 70% sure.
'W/ u need?’
'Bells NOT silver candy cream beads appreciation’
It took you a few seconds to understand that the beautiful words written at all angles on the wall were a list. (Seriously? Upside down?) It was a pretty cheap request, aside from 'appreciation’, but most college kids lived off dark humor, so you didn’t pay it much mind. Maybe they were doing a psych-sociology experiment; you didn’t want to screw up their data.

You got some cheap gold-painted aluminum jingle bells, thread, and a package of plastic beads at the craft store. They were the same kind of cheap beads a lot of the art majors wore on necklaces, so you figured that’s what your pen pal wanted. At the grocery store you added a box of unflavored single coffee creamers and a bunch of candy, including caramel with creme centers (you couldn’t tell if 'cream’ and 'candy’ were meant to be combined on the bathroom wall or not). You brought it to the single stall bathroom in the second sub-basement of the library and left the bag in the corner. You threw out the receipts, thought a second, then tore out a piece of paper from your notebook and grabbed your green marker.
'I appreciate you :)’ You wrote, messily folding the paper into a crane, the only origami you know, and leaving it on top. 

You went back to your dorm, finding a small pile of pretty-looking junk on a huge leaf on your pillow. Your roommate wasn’t there. Must be a weird prank or some new internet challenge or something. You sorted through the odds and ends. Pretty rocks, tiny animals carved from wood, marbles, pieces of broken safety glass cracked through with green-blue and so fragile that some crumbled off the sides when you picked them up (you cleaned the miniscule slivers of broken glass off your pillow with some duct tape)… Eventually you found a little purple origami turtle. You opened it to find writing inside. 

'Your assistance is appreciated*’
There was no other asterisk anywhere else on the paper, so it must have been a stylistic choice, not a grammatical one. You put it out of your mind and carefully refolded the turtle and set everything on your desk to deal with later. Maybe you’d give it to an art student, they always seemed to have little trinkets like that. Or trade, the student body really liked trading, or maybe most colleges full of poor college kids were like that.


In the week before midterms you suddenly awoke one night. You almost groaned and rolled over to preserve what sleep you could, but when you grabbed your blanket your hand landed on paper. You squinted at the post-it in the dim light, making out swirly fancy handwriting. Across the room, your roommate was asleep. Whatever. You stuck it to your phone and went back to sleep.

You read the post-it the next morning.
‘*I can help’

“What does that mean?” You asked your roommate, slightly accusingly. He frowned at the note.
“You should probably leave this alone.” He tells you seriously.
“Then why did it you stick it to me last night?”
“What? No I didn’t. My handwriting looks nothing like that.” He had a point. 
“Are you having a friend write the notes? Is a friend of yours messing with me by way of you?”
“No, I have no idea what that’s about. But if I were you, I’d steer clear of it. And make sure you have iron, salt, and cream on you.” Pippin was a theatre major, so he may be lying, but if he wasn’t lying his superstitions were true to his nature. The only group that could rival theatre majors for superstitions were D&D players.

You frowned at the post-it, debating what to do. You decided to stick it to the backside of the dorm door, adding your own post-it below in your green marker.
‘Help how?’ You didn’t think your roommate was the plagiarizing type, hopefully he only meant studying together because of how english, history, and theatre all came together.

You checked the back of the door after lunch to find a new post-it.
‘If you want to find out, come to the pool party tonight. I’ll find you.’
You debated. You knew you needed to study for midterms, but what if your roommate could help? What if he was trying (in a really weird roundabout way) to take your mind off midterms and get you to relax? You decided to go.

The pool party was more fun than you thought it’d be. You jumped in the deep end and swam around there early in the evening, before you could get drunk. They were playing good music, had more than just cheap beer in the coolers. You were genuinely having a good time.
“Hey.” A smiling girl in a bikini put her arm around your shoulders. “You’re Green Marker, right?”
“You’re Purple Marker?” You asked. She nodded. “How do you know Pippin?”
“I know all the theatre majors in passing. And I know anyone down that deep in the library could use a hand come test time. What do you say?”
“You’d help me study? Without plagiarizing?”
“You’d have to provide me with something, too. Fair’s fair.”
“What would you want?”
“What are you willing to offer?”
“More candy?” You tried.
“To help you ace your midterms?”
“Okay, um…”

You tried to think. People were always saying to never wager something you couldn’t bear to lose. What was something valuable enough to get studying help, but that you could bear to lose? You glanced around and realized you’d been slowly walking away from the party, into the darkness.
“I’ll give you…” She wanted appreciation. “I’ll give you my friendship. How’s that?”
“Wonderful.” She sighed, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight.


BTS - gf candy kissing them.

Request:  I don’t know if this is where reactions requests are sent, hopefully. Can you please do bts and nct127 reaction to gf candy-kissing them 🙈 thank you in advance


You always liked candy-kissing but you never did with Jin. You had a candy in your mouth and Jin was asking for a kiss. Why not?
When your tongues touched, you passed the candy to his mouth. Making him laugh. “Are you really doing this?” He asked. “Sorry, I will not do it anymore.” “NO, let’s do this forever.”


You came near to him and stared at him. “What?” He asked. “Come here, kiss me.” He laughed and don’t say anything. He kissed you and started laughing at what you did. “So sweet, ew!” He said after you kissed. “You love it when I candy kiss you.”


He’s all smiling and shy about it. Usually, he’s the one who do it. But when you came to him and kissed him with a candy, he became super shy. But of course, he loved it and kiss you more and more.


“This is a such teenager thing!” He says laughing after the kiss. “Oh, stop! You love it.” “Well, I’m kissing you, so of course I like it.” “YOU are a thirsty teenager, Namjoon!” “I am.”


“Oh my God, what is this?” He said with his tongue out. “A candy.” “How did he come here?” “Jimin, are you stupid or what?” “OOOOH! You candy kiss me.” “Stupid.”


Tae loves to kiss you, 24/7. You just tried candy kiss him. Because he was going to start a makeout session and he wouldn’t even realize that had a candy in the kiss.


“Babe! Kiss me.” He pulled you by the waist and kissed your lips. You had a candy in your mouth, but so had he. “What, you were going to candy kiss me?” You asked. “Yes, and so did you!” “Bitch, do you want candy kiss a candy kisser?”

Hmm, look, english is not my native language. So I don’t know if that’s the real meaning of “candy kissing,” but I hope it is. If it is not, please tell me!

requests are open, feel free to ask.

I don’t know about you, but I really wish that Candy went with Amber and be like “Ok listen, I know that Priya and (bf) are blackmailing you with that stupid box. But, even though I hate you, and you should feel ashamed for a lot of things, seriously a LOT, that letters are not one of them, because they are just the prove that you know what you want and you’re trying to achive your dreams unlike the rest of us that don’t even know what we want for tomorrow’s breakfast. So all I’m saying is that you’re a bitch, but you’re brave just for even trying that modeling thing… Ok byeeeee”

Halloween Treats

Summary: Roman breaks the news to his wife (the reader) that he won’t be home to go trick or treating with her and JoJo. But Roman ends up surprising them and coming home Halloween day, cute adorableness ensues.

Requested by: Anon.

“You ready baby?” You asked JoJo as you moved around your kitchen table, heaving her heavy pumpkin onto the table in front of her. Your step daughter hummed and nodded, excited to carve a pumpkin and seeing her dad. You laughed at her bubbly attitude and took a seat next to her with your own, smaller pumpkin in front of you. You leaned forward and pressed the FaceTime button on the iPad in front of the two of you, selecting Roman’s name before waiting for your husband to pick up. JoJo bounced up and down in her seat and yelled out a happy “Hi daddy!” Once Roman appeared on the screen you and JoJo waved wildly making Roman smile and wave back. “Hey baby, how are you and mommy?” You waited for your daughter to answer with a smile on your face. “We’re good!” “Tell daddy how much we miss him.” You prompted her, sending Roman a secret cheeky wink at the nickname, your husband smirking back at you. “We miss you!” Roman and you chuckled at her loud words. “Well I miss you both so much. Should we start carving our pumpkins?” Roman had his own pumpkin ready to go, his words making JoJo nod eagerly and urge you to cut open the top of hers. “Hurry mommy.” You huffed at JoJo’s words, grunting as you forced the large knife through the pumpkin. You stuck your tongue out at Roman when he started to laugh at your struggles, muttering about how your daughter had to pick the biggest pumpkin in the patch. You blew the stray pieces of hair that had fallen into your face out of the way after you pulled the chunk of pumpkin out and handed JoJo a spoon to scoop out the insides. You made mindless smalltalk with your husband and daughter as you cut into your pumpkin and scooped out the insides of your own pumpkin. “Mommy, I’m ready to draw.” JoJo announced after a good 20 minutes of flinging pumpkin guts around. “Okay baby, just be careful.” You uncapped the black marker and put it into her dainty hand, grinning as you listened to her describe her idea to her dad. You drew a simple face on your own pumpkin before beginning to carve out the eyes of yours, freezing when JoJo grabbed your arm gently. “I’m ready.” You sighed and gently set down the knife before looking at her complicated design, eyes widening at all the small details. “JoJo, don’t give mommy a hard time.” Roman smiled gently at the two of you, his words making you chuckle and JoJo pout slightly before hugging you tightly. “I’m sorry mommy.” She melted your heart with everything she did and you gently hugged her back. “Don’t be sorry baby. Daddy’s just being dramatic.” You gently pulled out of her grip and started to slowly carve out the start of her design. JoJo soon got bored and jumped off her chair calling for Dakota, laughing when the husky ran around the corner eager to play. “JoJo, go play in the living room. There’s knives in here, I don’t want you getting hurt.” Your little girl listened and ran out of the room with an excited dog running after her. “Hey baby…” Roman started, his tone making you pause and look at the screen. He had dropped the smile that covered his face earlier and he had stopped carving out pieces of his pumpkin. “Yeah? Is something wrong? Are you hurt?” Your mind took over and the words spilled from your mouth like vomit. “No baby, I’m fine. It’s just…I’m not gonna be able to make it home to take JoJo trick or treating with you.” His words made you freeze, listening to make sure JoJo hadn’t heard her fathers words. You sighed in relief when you could still only hear her loud giggles and barks from Dakota. “Roman, she’s gonna be crushed.” You sighed and dropped the knife onto the table and ran your fingers through your hair. “I know, but she’ll be okay.” You groaned and tugged at the roots of your hair. “You’re not the one that has to tell her.” You gave Roman a sad and disappointed look making his frown grow bigger as you pushed Cooper, your german shepherd away from the pumpkin guts on the ground. “You know I’d do anything to be there Y/N, it’s just not possible.” Roman sighed out as you crouched down to pick up the mess your daughter had made. “I know Ro. Listen, I’ve got to clean…I’ll call you later.” You tossed the mess onto the tablecloth you had put down for this specific reason before throwing Roman a soft smile. “Okay, I love you.” You sent you a sad smile before you said your I love you’s back and hung up. Leaving the mess in the kitchen you headed to the living room, taking Cooper with you so that he couldn’t get his curious nose in the gunk. “Hey JoJo, can you come sit for a second? Mommy has to tell you something.” Your daughter nodded and ran towards you, throwing herself into your lap. The dogs jumped onto the couch beside you two as you held your daughter close, trying to prepare yourself her sad reaction. “You know daddy loves you so much right?” You started off slow, your words making her light up and nod. “Don’t worry, he loves you too mommy.” Her innocence made you smile sadly at her. “I know baby. But you also know how important daddy’s job is right?” She nodded quickly, curious doe eyes locked on you. “Well… because of that, daddy can’t make it back for trick or treating.” You dropped the bomb and your heart shattered when you saw her eyes darken in sadness. Her shoulders hunched over and she looked down at her hands, leaning into you more. “But we can still go out just the two of us and get lots of candy.” You tried to get her to look at you and get a smile onto her face but instead she hugged you tight and hid into your shoulders. “I don’t wanna go trick or treating without daddy.” Her words were laced with tears that you could feel through your thin shirt, her sadness making you want to cry yourself. “Shh, okay. If that’s what you want.” You soothed her, in no mood to push her to do something she didn’t want too. “Let’s go finish Apple?” You asked, using the ironic name she had given her pumpkin. You felt her nod against you and you stood up, carrying her back to her original spot.

You had spent the days leading up to Halloween trying to cheer JoJo up and convince her that the two of you could have fun trick or treating without Roman. But every time you managed to pull a laugh or smile out of her she seemed to remember her fathers absence and immediately frown again. Watching her favourite halloween movies didn’t work, taking Dakota and Cooper for a walk to see the Halloween decorations didn’t work, and neither did making candy apples and baking Halloween treats. “JoJo baby, wake up. It’s Halloween.” You gently shook your daughter awake, her large smile fading slightly when she realized her dad wasn’t beside you. “You wanna wear your costume all day?” You asked with a gentle smile, hers growing bigger when you suggested that. She nodded and hopped out of her bed and pulled you towards her closet where the little red riding hood costume hung, letting you help her put it on properly.

Your heart melted as you looked at JoJo in her small red cape, eyes happy and smiling wide for the first time in a while. “So what do you wanna do?” You asked as the two of you headed to the kitchen. “Eat candy, watch movies, and stay up past my bedtime!” The young girl cried out with a giggle as she skipped around you. “How about we have breakfast before we eat candy?” You paused at the fridge and looked to JoJo. “Daddy usually lets me have candy for breakfast on Halloween.” Her eyes were wide and she put a pout on her face, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to resist her. Sighing and cursing Roman’s tradition under your breath you pulled out some candy from the cupboards, mentally preparing yourself for a hyper child. “Alright let’s go then missy.” You lead JoJo to the couch and let her hold the candy bowl as you put in the first movie before plopping down beside her. As the day progressed you and JoJo only got up to change the movie, get more candy, use the washroom, or answer the door for trick or treaters. At some point during The Nightmare Before Christmas you two had started talking about how men (or boys in JoJo’s case) were unreliable and annoying at times. You didn’t even hear the front door creep open or bags hit your hardwood floors, too distracted by the movie and the conversation you and JoJo were having. “I love your daddy, but sometimes he frustrates me.” You sighed and stuffed more candy into your mouth as you adjusted your slouched form into the crease of the couch that had formed. “There’s this boy named Kyle in my class, and he’s cute but he can be dumb sometimes. And he likes to pull girls hair.” JoJo sighed at the thought of the young boy in her class. “Mmm,” You started with a hum before swallowing the sugary sweet in your mouth. “You don’t want that. Boys that pull hair are not good people.” You turned your head lazily towards your step daughter. JoJo turned her head towards you as well and sent you a goofy look, you sticking your tongue out at her in return. She covered her mouth with her hand and giggled into her palm once she got a look at your tongue. “What are you laughing at?” You chuckled, not noticing the other person that had been standing in the doorway to the living room for a few minutes. “Your tongue is blue mom.” JoJo spluttered out making you pick up your phone and look at your tongue in the camera app. “Darn those blue raspberry ring pops.” You sighed and tossed your phone down. “Darn boys too.” JoJo smiled making you gasp jokingly and look at her. Before you could say anything a deep voice broke through the air. “That’s not very nice.” You gasped loudly as did JoJo, the two of you too shocked to realize who the voice belonged too. You quickly moved your feet off the coffee table and shielded JoJo with your body, your motherly instincts taking control. You could hear JoJo whimpering slightly from underneath you and you tried to sooth her as you shut your eyes tightly. “And blue raspberry anything is your weakness babe.” Your eyes shot open and you quickly turned your head, recognizing the voice and smiling in relief when you saw Roman standing in the doorway. A second later JoJo was squirming out from underneath you, realizing it was her dad and not some intruder. You smiled happily as you watched JoJo run to Roman and let him scoop her up into a tight bear hug. “Come on mama.” Roman winked at you and held JoJo with one arm while his other was out to the side, waiting for you to run into his embrace. Rolling your eyes at the silly nickname you shot up and quickly rushed into your husbands warm hug. You hid your face in his chest and smile when you felt his hand start to run through your hair gently as he held you and JoJo tightly. “As much as I love you being here…what are you doing here?” You looked into his warm eyes and bit on your lower lip. “Yeah, mommy said you wouldn’t be home for trick or treating.” JoJo added onto your question. “Well I told mommy that I wouldn’t be home for trick or treating. But I realized how important this was to you and decided I couldn’t leave my two best girls hanging.” His words made you smile widely and lean up to give him a sweet kiss that was cut short by JoJo squealing and clapping happily. “Yay! You two get into your costumes and then we’ll go out!” JoJo urged both you and Roman to get into your costumes as she watched the families walking around to each house in the dusk. “Okay okay we’re going.” Roman chuckled and set her down gently, giving you a proper hug once JoJo was on her feet again. “I love you.” You heard Roman whisper into your hair as he squeezed you tighter. “I love you too.” You sighed into his chest and rubbed tiny circles onto his back with your thumbs. “Hurry.” JoJo started to tug you away from Roman as she drew out the urgent word. “Alright JoJo, daddy’ll stay down here with you to answer the door while I get changed.” You blew your little family a kiss before running up the stairs. You quickly stripped before pulling on your dark grey top, faux fur vest, dark grey leggings that had more of the fake hair glued down the sides thanks to your craftiness. You quickly grabbed your fur covered knock off UGG’s and wolf ears and ran down the stairs, grinning when you saw JoJo and Roman giving a group of kids some candy. “Okay your turn big man.” You walked past Roman and gently swatted his bottom with your hand as you did. Roman simply chuckled at your excited antics before casually heading up the stairs. You and JoJo handing out candy to a few groups of kids before Roman appeared again, his outfit making you and JoJo freeze. “What is that?” You asked and gestured to your husbands black hoodie and jeans ensemble that was topped off with his own pair of wolf ears. “Are you insane?” You whispered with a disgusted look your face as JoJo spoke over you “Daddy, no one’s gonna think you’re a wolf! And mommy put so much effort into your costume…Go put it on!” You fought the smile that threatened to fight it’s way onto your face at your daughters words. “Oh c’mon on JoJo.” Roman whined and tried to get his way out of the costume, looking at you for help. He sighed in defeat when you and his daughter simply crossed your arms across your chests and jutted out your hips. Roman wanted to smile at how much JoJo had taken after you in the time he had been away as he admired how identical your poses and facial expressions were at that moment. “Roman.” You began to pout and JoJo quickly caught on. “Daddy you promised.” The young girl started pouting as well, her puppy dog eyes locking onto her dad. Roman grumbled to himself before throwing his arms up in defeat and heading back upstairs, mumbling about the stuff he does for his girls. Once he was out of view you and JoJo started giggling and high-fiving each other. JoJo and you waited eagerly for Roman’s return and when he appeared in the fur covered costume you both smiled widely. “Yay!” JoJo bounced up and down as she clapped eagerly. “Just one last thing.” You grinned and approached your husband slowly. You gently pulled out the hair tie that was holding his man bun in before messing up his long curls so that they were wild and messy before placing the ears back on his head. “Much more…wild.” You winked at him making him growl teasingly at you. “Don’t get too excited yet babe, there’s still lots of candy to be gathered before you get something sweet.” You muttered to him, more than aware that JoJo was in the room. “Okay let’s go.” JoJo pulled at yours and Roman’s hands, heading towards the front door. You stumbled for a second before regaining your balance and grabbing your house keys when you passed the small table in the front hall. You quickly locked the door before turning back to your awaiting family. As you started to walk and begin the long journey that JoJo would drag you on you grabbed Roman’s hand in your own. He intertwined your fingers with his as the two of you watched JoJo skipping slightly ahead of you, waving at the kids she recognized. Roman continuously whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you walked from house to house, his simple compliments meaning the world to you. Eventually JoJo decided to stop skipping ahead and made her way between you and Roman. As you walked you and Roman each had one of JoJo’s hands in your own, swinging her back and forth in the air every once in a while. Whenever the three of you approached a house and an adult would answer they would fondly smile at your costumes and say how cute JoJo was. “Okay, I think this is the last one JoJo.” Roman declared the end of your adventure when he looked around the dark street and only saw a few wandering kids with parents or teenagers. “Okay.” JoJo sighed a bit disappointed but continued to head towards the last house on the block. You breath hitched when you felt Roman’s large hand brush against the curve of your ass. “We’re not home and she’s not in bed yet Roman.” You scolded and took his hand in yours again to stop its wandering. “You mean I still have to wait through her sugar high and crash?” Your husband pouted and dropped his head onto your shoulder, the wold ears on his head tickling your face. “She’s been eating candy all day, the crash should happen as soon as she steps inside the house.” You smirked and gave Roman’s butt another cheeky smack before running to catch up with JoJo, laughing when you heard Roman gasp and run after you. You both caught up to JoJo just as she stepped onto the house’s front porch. She giggled at the two of you and rung the doorbell, waiting impatiently for someone to answer the door. “Trick or treat.” Your daughter declared and held open her already full bag with a wide grin. The two bored teenage girls that opened the door gave JoJo a small smile before one of them picked up the bowl of candy. As they let JoJo rummage around the half empty bowl they looked up at you and Roman, their smiles immediately widening. “Oh my god.” One gushed and looked between the three of you. “You guys are so cute.” The other one giggled, the attention making you blush slightly. “Thanks girls.” Roman chuckled slightly. “Here, take the rest of it. I doubt anyone else is going to show up.” The first girl opted to carefully dump all the bowls contents into JoJo’s bag, much to her delight. “Thanks girls, what do you say JoJo?” You thanked the teenagers and prompted JoJo to do the same. She threw out a quick thank you before pulling you and Roman away from the porch, blabbering about how much candy she just got. The slight blush on your face got more pigmented as you heard the teenagers gushing about how you were “Goals.” 

You carefully stepped around all the candy wrappers on the ground as you followed Roman up the stairs to tuck a knocked out JoJo in. You pulled back her blanket and watched with affectionate eyes as Roman gently set JoJo onto her bed. After you pulled the blanket over her sleeping form you both kissed her forehead gently before silently creeping out of the room. When you headed to the stairs Roman quickly grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his chest. “I’m glad you made it home. JoJo missed you. I missed you.” You admitted with a tiny smile as you felt Roman’s rough hands circle your hips. “I missed you both too. You know what I missed about you most?” His hushed words sent shivers down your spine and the devious smirk on his face made you flush. “Hmm…could it be the naughty things we get up to late at night?” You ran a single finger down his firm chest and watched as his eyes darkened and his jaw clenched. “That was number two. I missed your beautiful smile and all the support it brings me the most.” Roman’s words made you smile widely and press a loving kiss to his soft lips while you cupped his jaw in your hands. “But now that I’ve seen number one multiple times, I’m missing number two a whole lot more.” Roman mumbled into your mouth and hurriedly lifted you up and moved quickly to your bedroom as your legs wound tightly around his waist. “Here we go.” You giggled into the hot kiss he had you locked into as he shut the bedroom door behind the two of you.

Not That Kind of Relationship Drabble

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1,604 

Producing your best pout, you looked up at Steve, who was dangling your bag of candy in front of him. Though the bag did not have your name on it, you had silently claimed it as your own. When you arrived to the kitchen, however, you were surprised to see that Steve had already taken it out from the secret area in the pantry.

“Say it!” Steve joked, and you tried to snatch the candy from him. However, his reflexes were much sharper than your own. You groaned and asked politely for him to give you the candy.

“I can’t give it to you until you say I’m your favorite Avenger.” Steve smiled again, and you grumbled. The man was very stubborn when he wanted to be.

“Fine. You’re my favorite Avenger.” Smile now plastered onto Steve’s face, he handed you the candy. You thanked him, and tore into the bag. Steve took a seat beside you and ruffled your hair.

The two of you had a brother and sister type of relationship. Steve immediately welcomed you into the Tower with arms open. You were among the youngest of the Avengers, Wanda the closest in age to you. But Steve saw your potential, and thus, never gave up on you as you learned to control your powers.

Steve smiled at you as you continued to pile candy into your mouth. Although he had Sharon, he couldn’t deny how beautiful you were. He knew however, that his best friend was head over heels for you, even if he would never admit it.

At that moment, Steve was interrupted from his thoughts by Bucky walking into the kitchen. Steve watched as your face went from its resting state into a full blown smile. He couldn’t help but think if Bucky saw the way your face lit up around him, then he would confess his feelings for you – without hesitation.

“Hey Bucky! Want some candy?” You asked, smiling at him. Bucky looked at you and couldn’t help but laugh at the way you hoarded the candy from Steve.

“Sure doll,” Bucky said, holding out his hand for you to give him a couple pieces. You gave him one and then smiled at him. Bucky playfully begged you for more, but you shook your head at him.

“You gotta work for it,” you winked at him. Before you could even protest, Bucky scooped you up into his arms. Giggling, your hands reached around his neck instinctively. Bucky’s chest moved up and down, laughing as well. He opened his mouth and you popped a couple more pieces into it.

He let you down slowly, and you excused yourself to Steve and Bucky. You needed to get ready for your workout with Natasha in the next fifteen minutes. As you walked away, Steve smiled to Bucky, and pat his shoulder.

“You need to tell her Buck,” he said, looking into his friend’s eyes. Bucky gave him a sad smile back and expressed that the two of you only had a brother/sister type of relationship. Steve rolled his eyes in response.

“No. I have a brother and sister relationship with Y/N. A relationship that involves me taking her candy, and teasing her. What you two have is beyond that. She likes you, Buck.” Bucky became quiet and excused himself. This earned a scowl from Steve, as he now sat alone. His best friend could be extremely dense when he wanted to be.

Natasha worked you hard. She saw the way you began to harness your powers, but there was still a lot you needed to learn before you were ready to go on a mission. Constantly pushing you, Natasha was hard on you only because she saw what you were capable of. By the end of your workout, you were covered in sweat. You ditched your t-shirt, and you were now only wearing a sports bra and a pair of athletic shorts.

The two of you made your way back up to the living room, your room on the same level. Natasha gave you a high five for a good work out, and told you to go shower. Making your way back to your room, you let the shower run for a couple minutes, heating up. Stepping into the shower, you let out a sigh. The warm water ran down your back, soothing your soon to be sore muscles.

Bucky made his way to your room and seeing that the door was open, let himself in. He heard the sound of running water, and presumed that you were in the shower. He took a seat on your bed, and waited until you came out.

Stepping out of the shower, you realized that all your towels were in the dirty clothes. No problem, you thought to yourself, opening the door that connected the bathroom to your room. As soon as you did so, you saw that Bucky was sitting on the bed.

“Shit!” You yelled. Bucky’s eyes became the size of saucers, his mouth hanging open. Shutting the door as quickly as you could, you couldn’t help but laugh. On the other side of the door, Bucky chuckled as well.

“I’m going to come back,” Bucky said and you heard the door close. You opened the bathroom door slowly this time, making sure he was gone. Once you did, you lay on your bed, allowing yourself to air dry before you put your clothes back on.

Bucky left your room and couldn’t help the heat that was rising to his cheeks. He hoped no one saw where he was coming from, or the color his face was at the moment. He tried to walk back to his room, but Steve stopped him.

“Bucky, what’s wrong?” Steve asked, noticing Bucky’s discomfort. Bucky tried to brush it off and pretend like nothing had happened. However, Steve noticed how red Bucky’s face was. Steve continued to press him until Bucky recounted what had happened when he went to confess his feelings for you.

Steve’s face immediately shifted from one of worry to one of amusement. He couldn’t stop laughing. The more he thought about how unbelievably awkward Bucky felt, the harder Steve laughed. Bucky looked at Steve with a stern impression, though that only made tears form in Steve’s eyes.

“Buck, you can still get a woman out of their clothes,” Steve chortled, wiping away his tears. Bucky walked away and back to his room. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought to come back later. He shook his head and lay on his bed, thinking about the events that just transpired.

After you finished dressing, you decided to go look for Bucky. Though things were awkward for you two, deep down, you hoped he liked what he saw. You shook your head of your dark thoughts, and reached for your door handle. That’s when you saw that Bucky was about to knock. You smiled at him, and ushered him into your room. You took a seat on your bed, and patted to the spot beside you.

“What were you in my room about earlier?” You asked, trying to sound nonchalant. Bucky couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you looked. He took your hands in his, and shifted so that he was facing you.

“I don’t know how to say this. But Steve told me I should talk to you.” Immediately, your mind went to the worst possible conclusion. Bucky probably knew about your feelings for him, and felt awkward. Which made you feel even worse about the scene that happened earlier.

“It’s okay, Bucky,” you began.

“I get it if my feelings make you uncomfortable,” “It’s just that I like you a lot,” the two of your voices overlapped one another, but you heard Bucky’s admission. Looking up at him, you saw the confusion in his face.

“You like me?” You asked, looking up at Bucky with wide eyes. In response, Bucky pulled you closer to him. You could feel his warm breath on your lips. You ghosted your lips over his, and he begged you to do something – anything. The tension between the two of you was too much for him. Putting your lips onto his, he began to kiss you with such fervor. There was no hesitation in deepening the kiss. Bucky picked you up with one arm and moved you to the head of the bed. His body on top of yours now, the two of you moved in sync with one another, never wanting to stop.

Dragging Bucky’s lip between your teeth, the two of you came up for air. Smiling at one another, you were sure that there would be more instances like these to come. You started to laugh, and Bucky pleaded to tell him what you thought was so funny.

“We’re going to have to figure out a way to tell Steve.” You smiled at him. If making out was going to become a habit between you two, you figured it was better for Steve to know now rather than later.

“Hey Y/N, can I—“Steve walked into your room without thinking twice about it. However, when he saw his best friend on top of you, he was cut off. Steve’s face turned the color of Natasha’s hair before he screamed “OH MY GOD!” Closing the door behind him, the two of you laughing at his reaction.  

“I have a feeling that’s no longer going to be a problem.” Bucky gave you a cocky smile and you rolled your eyes in response. You made a mental note to yourself to start locking your door from now on. 

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Some girls of my candy love because they are too beautiful u know


Request: “I’m afraid to fall in love.”

Not my gif. enjoy!(:

Their relationship hasn’t been like Harry had thought it would. He would think that they’d both be in love and lots of gifts for each other at random times and all the cliche things you could think of that couples would do.

But with Y/N, it’s hard to have that type of relationship.

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So I kinda accidentally spurred a witch hunt for @wanderingcas the other day because of her taste in candy and I promised to make it up to her. I’m sorry, Sam. Please accept this fluff as an olive branch.

Dean has walked in on Cas doing a lot of weird things. 

Hanging dishes to dry, vacuuming his sheets, cursing at the bread ties, squirting toothpaste directly into his mouth.

Cas was a weird guy with a lot of weird habits, but Dean just rolled with it.

 But eating candy corn is where he draws the line.

“Cas, what the hell are you doing?”

The ex-angel’s head perks up from where he’s curiously leaning over a bowl of old Halloween candy, something orange and white-tipped in his hands.

He lips turn down in a guilty pout. “I thought you said it was okay to eat anything in the candy bowl except for the Snickers.”

Dean hurries to take the offensive triangle of sugar from Cas’s fingers before the man actually puts it in his mouth. “Yeah, Cas, but I didn’t mean you should eat the fucking candy corn.”

“What’s wrong with the candy corn?”Cas asks, eyeing the stolen piece Dean is now holding at arm’s length as if it might self-destruct. 

“It’s gross!”

“Oh, well, I found it quite tasty.”

Dean’s nose screws up and he barely resists gagging. “Oh, Cas, no! Candy corn is literally the lowest tier of candy in the candy hierarchy. No one actually eats this shit.”

Cas does his trademark head tilt. “Then why do they make it?”

“I look like Willie Wonka to you?” Dean scoffs. “I can’t believe you see a huge bowl of candy and you go for the fucking candy corn.”

“I apologize, Dean.”

Dean just shakes his head, figuring they’ll both be better off if they forget this little incident ever happened. “What else have you tried?”

“I’m afraid the candy corn was the first and only candy experience so far.”

“You’ve never had candy before?” Cas gives a little head shake and Dean is immediately lowering himself to the couch. “Oh, dude, you’re missing out. Okay, you gotta try some better stuff. First, the Smarties.”

Dean pulls a roll from the bowl and turns the ends to release a few pills. 

Cas squints at them when Dean drops them in his palm. “Just put them in and chew,” Dean instructs. 

Cas obeys and Dean watches closely as Cas begins to nibble, eyes closing against the sour assault to his tastebuds and Dean can’t help chuckling. 

“Those are not pleasant,” Cas decides when he finishes.

“Okay, so sour is out. Let’s just move straight to the good stuff. Chocolate.” Dean wriggles his brows and begins to open a full-sized Twix. “Okay so this is like a little cookie covered in caramel and chocolate.”

“That sounds good,” Cas says and takes the bar, taking it right to his lips.

“Cas, no!” Dean says, yanking the candy bar away.

Cas’s eyes widen. “What’s wrong?”

“You can’t just shove the whole damn thing in your mouth. Are you an animal?” He takes the wrapper all the way off and snaps the bars apart. “It comes in two for a reason. Here.”

Cas takes the bar Dean offers, a little more hesitant this time, and lifts it to his mouth to take a small, clean bite.

Dean bites into his own, smiling around the caramel at the way Cas squints as he chews and deliberates. It’s cute.

“I like this one,” Cas says at last.

Dean smirks. “Better than candy corn?”

Cas returns the grin, his a little resigned. “Much.”

They try some more, Cas carefully tasting and judging each piece of chocolate.

Butterfingers are okay.

Almond Joys are abomination.

Reese’s are a gift from God. 

Cas is still gushing about the wonders of peanut butter and chocolate when Dean pulls the telltale red wrapping of a KitKat from the bowl. “This is pretty similar to the Twix, but there’s no caramel and the cookie is crispy or whatever. Pretty good.”

Cas has the sense to break the bars in two this time and he bites off half. His frown deepens this time. “This one is not as good.”

Dean’s head snaps back, face disbelieving. “You don’t like KitKats?” 

Cas chews a little more before handing the rest of his candy bar to Dean. “No,” he finalizes. “It’s boring.”

All Dean can do is shake his head with disapproval. “I don’t know what I ever saw in you.”

The couch shifts as Cas’s shoulders are thrown back. “You saw something in me?”

Blood rushes to Dean’s face and can’t bring himself to look at Cas’s face, which seems closer than it had been a minute ago. Much closer.

“I-it’s not, um, y-you- you should try the, ugh, you need to to try a Snickers.”

Dean grabs for the piece of candy, nearly sending the bowl off the table, and tosses it into Cas’s lap. 

Cas is still for a long moment and Dean can feel his stare but he doesn’t look up, just prays and waits for this to pass. And it will pass — they always do.

He hears the crinkling of the wrapper as Cas rips it open and a few seconds later there’s a softened crunch. It’s the only sound between the two of them for almost a full minute and Dean doesn’t breathe.

“I like this one,” Cas says at last, deep voice startling Dean into a sharp inhale. “This is your favorite, correct?”

Dean gives a nod, not trusting himself with words. 

There’s a pause, Cas waiting for Dean to chime in but he can’t. So Cas continues, “It’s very good, Dean, though I’m not sure it surpasses candy corn.”

Dean looks up then because that is the craziest thing Cas has ever said, and he’s about to tell the man off but he catches Cas’s sly smile and he stops.

“Gotcha,” Cas says with a wink and Dean can’t help the laughter that bubbles from his chest.

“Very funny, Cas,” he says, hiding his soft smile in his lap. He gestures to the bowl. “So… which one is your favorite?”

Cas sighs. “I don’t think I’ve tried it yet.”

“What? Cas, you’ve literally eaten every-”

The movement is quick and completely unexpected and for a second Dean doesn’t understand why his lips can’t move. Then he registers the foreign warmth slipping into his mouth, the heady taste of peanuts and chocolate and a hum that makes his brain short circuit.

Then it’s gone and Dean can only blink, a pair of smiling pink lips coming into focus before his gaze flicks up to pools of blue, looking equal parts excited and scared. 

“That one,” Cas says. “That’s my favorite.”

And maybe it’s the sugar, but suddenly Dean is vibrating with energy, like there’s sunlight in his veins, and he launches forward, tackling Cas on a pile of candy wrappers as he tastes his lips for the second time.

“Mine too.”


Your decision to stop fighting crime gets thrown out the window when Flash faces Captain Cold and needs your help.

A/N:  This part is very meh lol but I liked the last little scene. If you like this please read the rest of the Neuro series on my blog!

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hoot-eggs  asked:

Demencia/Dementia (her name spelled in spanish is a letter off thab in english) with a girl crush headcanons

Lesbian Demencia best Demencia 12/10

- Demencia is not the best at flirting, or relationships, or anything of that sort really.

- She tries.

- You know those candies they have with insects inside them? Yeah, expect a box of those. If you don’t want ‘em she’ll eat ‘em.

- Snuggles!

- Surprise snuggles!

- Surprise piggyback rides! (She’s stronger than she looks)

- Surprise everything!

- May or may not have a shrine to her crush (no one will ever know (doubt they could even find it in the mess of her room (if it did exist) (which it doesn’t)(probably)))

- Demencia picks up her crush a lot. They barely walk anywhere. Piggyback rides all the time.

- Giant hugs!!!

- Demencia likes dancing. She will dance with her crush. She can do pretty much any dance form there is.

Lemme put up some 

Headcanons for when after a godfucking awful day MC feels shitty and just wants to curl up and die and the suitors want to cheer her up

because i had a shitty day 

So here goes:

Alyn - would start cooking a.s.a.g.d.p. because yes the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but let’s be honest about who’s the real cook here. Would whip up your favorite dishes and sweets and make them extra special, like extra whipcream or extra spicy, that kind of thing. Would probably go out of his way to make the dinner setting romantic if he had a chance. Would pamper you and spoonfeed you too. And he’ll endure all your teases without poking you in the forehead. 150% chance he’ll let you be the small spoon for tonight (Alyn would probably be the type to want to be the small spoon so he’s making an exception for you)

Leo - he’d make a fort or put together the beanbags and you’d cuddle in front of your favorite nightlight and he’d distract you with all the stories he has in that head of his. He’d tell you all these over your favorite snacks. You’re going to be the little spoon the entire night. Would drape his arms over you and hug you real tight and whisper in your ear and make sure to tickle you too. Would read to you, if you wanted to. He’d probably do dub overs for the characters. Definitely lets you read his treasured comic books too. Would also share headcanons and talk about fan theories

Louis - he stands there and you just feel better already. Not kidding. THere’s something about Louis’ smiling face that makes you feel better all right but he knows you’ve had a shitty day so he takes you out to your favorite resto and orders for you and he just knows which dishes to pick and pampers you and never lets your glass empty even if you just ordered iced tea or something. Holds your hands and kisses them non-stop the entire evening. He takes you on a scenic walk through the city, treats you to ice cream, probably would even dare go to a seaside fair or something, and buy you cotton candy. Tries to make jokes to make you laugh but he’s so bad at making jokes but you laugh anyway because he’s just too bae. He smiles the Ultimate Smile at finally making you laugh and kisses you.

Giles - hot bath with the bubbles and the scents and the wine, and he does a sinfully good massage all the way from your toes up to *cough* your shoulders and all over and he’s just so goddamn good with his hands you melt. He should sideline as a masseuse I s2g. Would pamper you with kisses everywhere and I goddamn well mean everywhere. He’d run his fingers on your back and your hips and it’s just so relaxing like what the hell, you expect it to be sensual and sometimes it is but mostly he’s in mother-mode. Would also make you soup. And probably hum as he tries to make you sleep.

Byron - a scenic drive in the mountains overlooking the city and it’ll be beautiful and quiet and dark and just peaceful and he’d just hug you as you lean against him and listen to you vent and give a few remarks of his own and his voice would be so calm and soothing. He’ll nuzzle against you definitely and his fingers would be intertwined with yours and nonstop brushing of his lips against your fingertips (hey it rhymed). He brings along something he probably cooked on his own (you taught him and he’s been practicing) and of course his telescope and you’d just stargaze the night away. Of course there’ll be something extra too.

Robert - lets you vent non-stop without interruption and makes a mental note to “talk” with whomever made your day shitty the following day and make sure it never happens again. While venting, he’d preen your hair, running his hands over and through it. He’d also probably agree to murder if you suggested it. No one should be allowed to make your day shitty to begin with. Would also think of a solution to your problems and would also help you get back at whomever made your day shitty if it helped. Probably would rain kisses on you until you fell asleep. 

Nico - cuddles you non-stop and cracks his best jokes and brings out all your fave comedy movies or just your fave movies or shows and marathon them and popcorn and just chill and you even don onesies and he sends you the craziest snapchats ever even if you’re just two feet apart. It’ll be a night of smothering. And internet videos. And more cuddling and of course forehead touches and he’ll hug you non-stop and he’ll be super touchy-feely too. You’ll fall asleep because you’re too tired from laughing all night.

Albert - “not entirely sure why you let yourself be bothered by that shitty thing that’s bothering you. it’s all in the state of mind.” is what he’d probably say but he knows you already know that and he can’t stand to see you so mopey and glum so he whips out Benjamin because benjamin is a surebet ticket to happiness. He’d probably literally ask you what you want to do and he’d 10000% go with it. Whatever it is and he’d make sure that you get everything as specifically as you wanted it, no excuses from him. He’s not insensitive, just that he quite literally wants to do whatever it is you want to do to make you feel better. He will even let you wear those couple shirts if you wanted. Would also kiss you a whole lot more since he knows you enjoy being kissed and he’ll blush all the while and be super cute

Sid - whatever insult you throw at whatever shitty thing you hate, he’s gonna agree with you and double it. Would take you out drinking in a pub to let you vent even more and ohboy are both of you ruthless tonight. Would take you skinnydipping to cool off that hothead of yours too and stuff might *cough* happen. He’s gonna be extra gentle though, like not just in the cough stuff, but overall. Holds your hand, carries you if there’s a puddle or something, tucks your hair behind your ear, let’s you have that last shot of vodka even. Piggy-back rides are guaranteed.

Presenting: Scorpius…the rapper. (I’m so sorry - I don’t know what any of this is.)

Doodle inspired in part by the incredible works of @platinasi. 😄Wishing you luck on the upcoming national nursing license exams!! ✨

-Yes, that’s supposed to be the Time-Turner on his chain. Gleams like gold, just the way the Malfoys like it. True, only the adults use this one in Cursed Child, but let’s just ignore that, okay?

-So I like to think Scorpius’s propensity for singing + killer pun game + tendency toward wordiness in general = rapper potential.


-But you can’t deny that the boy who gave us “engorgimpressed” and “it’s time that time-turning became a thing of the past” wouldn’t be able to spit some clever rhymes. Plus he genuinely sings nearly every other line in the play so he’s clearly musically inclined.

-The biggest challenge he faces is choosing a rapper name to use during the one (1) week (albeit the longest week of poor Albus’s life) that he spends fixating on this potential career path. There are simply too many to choose from. I mean…

(Btw, Albus is normal, Scorpius is italics.)

-“Scorpius the Dreadless”

-“Malfoy the Unanxious”

-“Scorpion King”

-“Son of the Dark Lord” “Do you really want more people to call you that?” “I thought maybe I should just embrace it…”

-“Pepper Imp” “Scorpius, no, you can’t call yourself that.” “But there’s a Muggle rapper named after a Muggle candy! Have you ever tried Muggle candy? It’s fan-taaastic!”

-“$corpiu$” “We’re supposed to be English, remember?” “Oh, right…”

-“MC Awkward” (I shit you not, I took a rapper name quiz as Scorpius and this is what it came up with for him.)

-“Floorpius. It’ll make more sense when I’m famous for my breakdancing. I’m playing the long game, Albus.” “Please…no more-pius.” (Credit to @ohscorbus for coining “Floorpius.” Bless you for this gem.✨)

-“” “But you’ve changed it.” “So?” “So it’s technically not your middle name anymore.” “It’s close.” “It won’t make sense now, Scorpius.” “But I’m…so hyper…”

-“Master Malfoy…It’s what our House-elf calls me…”

-“Hyper Ion” “That’s not even clever.”

-“Lil Scorpy” “OKAY, ALBUS! THANK YOU FOR THE SUGGESTION.” “No, no, Scorpius, I was kidding - it was a joke!” “NOPE. I LIKE IT. CALL ME THAT.” “S-scorpius…p-please…I’m begging you…no.”

*12 hours later*

-“Scorpioncé” “Go to sleep, Scorpius.”

-He’s also definitely tried to commit the Twelve Uses of Dragon’s Blood to memory via rap. 

-And on one hand, I think Scorpius probably listens to songs and is entirely oblivious to any and all innuendo present, but on the other hand…engorgimpressed.

satanick more satadick am i right


also the image is p big again sorry iworkonaprettybigcanvasandineverresizeanythingsothisshouldbeexpected