you tried batter

Chapter Six. I have no clue when Rafael’s birthday really is, but I feel like he’d be a scorpio so that’s what I’m making him (especially since Raúl himself is and me whoops)

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“Oh, shit!” You whispered the word under your breath, trying not to draw attention to your mistake, even though you were currently alone in the house.

Doing your best to scoop out the excess sugar that had fallen in, you debated just giving up now. You’d never been a great cook, and baking seemed to especially be your kryptonite.

Staring into the batter, you tried to judge it - it still looked okay. You dipped a finger in, swirling the chocolate flavor around your tongue - and it still tasted okay. Deciding it wouldn’t poison him, at least, you poured the batter into a pan and stuck it in the oven.

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