you tried anti.. and failed

So yesterday TO official fb page posted a pic of Cami and Hayley but 95% and most liked comments are all about Caroline and Rebekah.

#The power of TeamBarbie

See Julie!After 15 months of TO backdoor pilot episode the fans don’t care enough about your special snowflakes Bella 2.0 and Caroline 2.0.You wanted to replace Caroline and Bekah with your special snowflakes.You tried and you failed.

Do you know what's the biggest irony?

TO & the CW tried so hard on tuesday to create media buzz, to the point that they leeched put down another show, you can’t be free to use Spotify without being practically harrased by the commercials, and none of that worked, at all, and today they release 3 stills of a probably 30 second klaroline scene, and klaroline trended for almost an hour on twitter, and currently there’s a second KC ww trend.

It couldn’t possibly be more clear as to what the fanfom wants, and just to think about Plec & Co.’s face and bitter hate over it, fills my heart with joy