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Call Me Back, Maybe

Okay, so this sucker is actually a collab project between me and @emmandhook. You should totally go check out the gifset Pearl made. She took my measly little idea and not only encouraged me to write it (aka gave me the kick in the pants I needed to write it), she also brought it to life. Seriously, it’s fantastic and if you haven’t seen it, check it out. (Story is also on if that’s your jam.)

Enjoy! And please, go send Pearl some love!

Emma waits for moments when Killian is out and about to listen to the twelve voicemails he left her. She knows this probably makes her the worst girlfriend in the world, but she can’t help it. It’s impossible to forget the way he blushed when he returned her phone and scratched that spot behind his ear as he sheepishly suggested she simply delete the messages.

In all honesty, she was impressed that he kept it down to twelve. He is prone to obsess at time, so that felt like a reasonable number—the  Killian Jones version of double texting—especially considering that twice the number of messages would have been waiting for Killian had their places been switched. His behavior stirred up her curiosity and it stays stirred up until she finally starts listening

“Swan, it’s Killian. Call me.”

The first one is straight forward, the words neutral, but she smiles at the irate edge to his voice. He wanted to say more, that much is evident, but held back.

Only until the next message though.

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Princess Annora

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Summary: The Solo/Skywalker family go on a family vacation to the happiest place on Earth. Overwhelmed with excitement, the littlest cousin Rey has the whole trip planned, including meeting the newest princess at the park. As the time comes to finally take her to meet this elusive character, Kylo is asked to accompany her. Reluctantly he takes his little cousin to see this princess, only to become enchanted himself.

A/N: I couldn’t get this out of my head after @primma-dona brought it up and totally fueled me with ideas and I needed a little something floofy to make me happier, haha, so here’s this! For reference, I made it so Rey is like 8 or so, and cred for the triplet AU goes to @knightsoforgana

Also please note I only gave the princess a name and a vague background story so it’s truly reader insert with whatever you would want to see that character as. Hope you enjoy!

The sun was shining down over the park, glistening against the roof tops of the various shops and the glorious castle. People were bustling through the space, covered in merchandise, ears of all fashions and colors engulfing the park, with smiles accompanying almost all of them. The atmosphere of joy and excitement could be felt in the air that carried the scents of various foods and thousands of voices and laughs.

Among the sea of people, the Solo-Skywalker family emerged before the grand sight of Cinderella’s castle. The smallest of the bunch, Rey, stopped in her steps as she gazed at the structure in all its wonder. Her eyes widened as her jaw slowly fell open, the amazement obvious in her expression. Looking down at her Luke smiled as he crouched down to her height.

“What do you think?”

Rey turned to him with an ecstatic grin, “I love it already!”

Luke patted her on the back as he stood back up, watching Rey charge forward towards the castle with her trio of buns bouncing with every step she took.

“Whoa, whoa, Rey wait for everyone else!”

Rey turned back, throwing her arms in the air dramatically with a somewhat serious expression on her face.

“We’re burning daylight dad!”

Luke shook his head with a sigh as Han approached him, patting him on the back with a smirk.

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Danny Lawrence Positivity Week!!

Day Five » Favourite AU: Werewolf Danny

My blonde-haired, big-brown-eyed 3 year old is helping me make cookies and she just started dancing around the kitchen singing “I’m an itty bitty baker!” and it was super adorable but also gave me a MASSIVE case of feelings about Jack and Bitty as parents because this kid is totally the spirit offspring of Eric R. Bittle.

I just needed to tell someone - because my family will have no idea what I’m talking about - so I’m telling all of you.

I just discovered that snapchat has a bat filter right now. As in it gives you bat ears and a nose with little fangs plus makes your eyes big. I’m totally betting that Cass and Steph found this out too and use it for every snap.

Jason: “Why is Stephanie snapchatting me?” *opens snap* *immediately spits out drink from laughing/shock* “Huh. Well that’s a new one.”

Dick: “Have you been getting a bunch of snapchats from Cass?”
Babs: “Of her as a bat? Yes. Stephanie too. They keep insisting I should do it too so we can ‘all be Batgirls!’ I’m considering it just for the sake of freaking out Bruce…”
Dick: “… Babs, you just gave me the best idea…”

Dick then proceeds to get the whole family plus to send Bruce a snapchat.

Bruce: *walks out of board meeting and checks phone* “What? Why do I have so many snapchats? What?! Not just the kids?” *notifications say there’s one from each child, Clark, Diana, Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, Wally West, Roy Harper, Conner Kent, Kara Danvers and more who he didn’t even think he had on snapchat* *begins going through them* *EACH AND EVERY ONE is that person with the bat filter and no caption* “STEPHANIE BROWN!!!”

Steph got the blame but Tim ratted Dick out when Bruce asked how his snapchat got hacked and so many people added. Both Dick and Steph had to polish the giant penny for a week because he blames her as the originator. He realizes by this point it was Cass and she is the only one who still sends him then because she’s the only one he thinks actually looks cute in it. 

- Little Red

Connor McDavid- Calm Down

Anonymous said: you’re writing is so good ahh!!!! you should totally do a Connor mcdavid or Dylan strome one:)
Ahh… thank you soo much.. I was very nervous to start writing these images but you guys have shown me so much love… I saw the first two sentences of this image on a writing prompt page that i follow and it gave me the idea for this imagine …. I hope you like it. 

Originally posted by konecny

“Calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Well call me crazy, but as far as I’m concerned, receiving death threats is kind of a big deal, Connor!”

 You had been dating Connor McDavid for six months now.  You guys had been very careful about keeping everything a secret. The idea of going public with your relationship was very daunting to you because some of Connors fans could be… well crazy with a capital C.  Lately things had been getting kinda serious and Connor had been pushing to go public.  

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@avianmoon happy holidays!!! lmao im so sorry about how late it is! i hope you like it - you gave a lot of prompts but i really liked the idea of “platonic m/itsumayo” so here it is! miles would totally take her out to lunch somewhere fancy and she would be her usual self 

thanks again for your patience! also thanks to @aalgbtgiftexchange for their patience, and for arranging this whole event! its been very fun

Achilles Heel

Pairing: Eobard Thawne (Harribard/Eowells) x Reader

Word Count: 7,055 (Oops..)

Request: I had a few people asking for an expansion or a part two for an Eobard Imagine (which I have linked below) and I started playing with the idea… Anyway, this happened. :)

A/N: I surprisingly enjoyed writing this… I didn’t think I would when I first started because you know, I have a love/hate relationship with Eobard because he’s a total psycho but… I really love reading/writing redeeming story arcs about villains and this gave me such a thrill.

Business as usual… Please let me know if you find mistakes so that I may fix them for you :) Feedback is always appreciated/encouraging.

Warnings/Tags: Manipulation and Blackmail, Dysfunctional Relationship, Light Stockholm Syndrome, Eobard is a Dick… Until He’s Not, Eobard Arc Redeemed, Optimistic Reader, Cautious Reader, Gratuitous Fluff, Sweet Talk, Cute Moments, Obnoxious Amounts of Romantic-Tension, Slightly Heated Kisses… If that needs to be a warning.

Song Rec(s): Force of Nature by Bea Miller

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Based on This Imagine

Your name: submit What is this?

Your hair color: submit What is this?

“You tried to tell him… “ Came Eobard’s low growl as he wheeled his chair toward your workspace and slapped a vibrating hand on the desk, causing your eyes to immediately land on the blur of his digits; the whirring sound of his speed filling your ears as he rattled your drink cup, pencils, and computer monitor… His voice was thicker than usual - darker. “You tried to warn Barry, didn’t you?”

With your teeth pinching against the inside of your cheek, you took a deep breath and closed your eyes… You were so stupid. Thawne had been watching you like a hawk for weeks and suddenly you had the bright idea to try and slip Barry a note, detailing everything he needed to know about the man he thought was Harrison Wells… But you barely had the damn thing stuffed in your pocket before Eobard rolled up and phased a hand through your jeans to snatch that condemning piece of paper.

Forcing your eyes open and dropping your stare back to his hand, you saw that very note crumpling beneath his palm as he continued jolting your desk… It didn’t matter if it had been written in code because Eobard Thawne was smarter than anyone in both your time and his and he’d probably been able to decipher most of it within minutes… Which was undoubtedly the reason he was currently rattling your desk with the threat of shaking it right off its legs.

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The Last Shadow Puppets covers

So @typhoidaesthetic  gave me a good idea to make a post  with videos of all of the covers The Last Shadow Puppets have done for the Everything You’ve Come To Expect tour. Here you go! (all links include video from youtube)

  1. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (The Beatles cover) 
  2. Is This What You Wanted (Leonard Cohen cover)
  3. Totally Wired (The Fall cover)
  4. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover)
  5. This Is Your Life (Glaxo Babies cover) + here Alex is playing keys
  6. Les cactus (Jacques Dutronc cover) 
  7. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (The Smiths cover) With Johnny Marr
  8. Ghost Rider (Suicide cover)
  9. Nitroglycerin (The Gories cover)

And as a bonus - covers from The Age Of The Understatement era

  1. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (The Beatles cover) 
  2. In the Heat of the Morning (David Bowie cover) 
  3. Memories (Leonard Cohen cover)
  4. Paris Summer (Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood cover) with Alison Mosshart
  5. My Little Red Book (Manfred Mann cover)
  6. Wondrous Place (Billy Fury cover)  with Jack White
  7. and we all remember the Rihanna cover of course  

Big thanks to people who recorded all these videos! 

Which twin are you? Pt. 2!

Before you read this, I just want to credit @weasley-imagines for making the first part, and I got permission to make and post the second part, so here you go! I was scrolling through @weasley-imagines blog and saw that MANY of the anons and users were asking for a second part. This gave me the idea to create the second part, me being a fanfic writer too. (totally shameless advertising HUEZ) So enjoy!!

Which Twin Are You? Pt. 2

“George?!” I exclaim, stepping away from him. 

“Guys, listen, I-I can explain…” He stutters nervously. 

“Do it then, explain yourself!” Fred comes up behind me and places his hands on my waist territorially. George takes a deep breath, and opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. “Well? What do you have to say for yourself?!” Fred shouts, George’s hesitation aggravating him. 

“Fine! I love her too, okay? I’ve had feelings for her for the longest time, but you got to her first…” George says, not daring to look at my shocked face. 

“Well, it doesn’t give you an excuse to act like me and KISS her! What the bloody hell were you thinking?!” Fred’s face is red with anger, his hands clenching and unclenching by his sides. George looks away shamefully, staring at the fireplace. Fred looks like he’s going to say something else, but I cut in. 

“Guys, I’m really, REALLY sorry, but if this keeps going on, I can’t be with either of you. As much as this hurts me, I won’t talk to any of you until you sort this out and come up with a solution for this situation,” a few tears begin to stream down my face, and the boys move forward towards me. I quickly step back and shake my head. “I can’t, I’m sorry,” I run out of the portrait hole, swiping at the hot tears stinging my eyes. 


Every minute without the twins makes me so depressed, even Hermione, who’s nose is always in a book, notices. “What happened?” She asks as we make our way to Potions class. The thought of them makes my eyes water, and I shake my head, biting my bottom lip. “Nothing, just a small fight,” I reply, keeping my head down. Hermione nods, but eyes me cautiously. We get to class, and I can’t focus at all. My potion turns a bright yellow instead of a royal purple, something that usually doesn’t happen, considering that Potions is my best subject. Professor Snape walks past and raises an eyebrow at me, making me flush with embarrassment. Hermione throws a couple of ingredients into my cauldron to fix my potion when Snape walks away to pick on Ron. I smile gratefully at her when it turns out right in the end, but there’s a certain sadness to this smile. She pulls me to the side of the corridor when class ends, grabbing my shoulders tightly. 

“What happened?! You’re usually so cheerful and happy, and now you’re like this! This isn’t good for you, the school is beginning to notice.” She says, staring into my eyes. I keep quiet, breaking the eye contact to look at the floor. 

“It’s Fred, isn’t it?” She asks softly. “You’ve been walking to classes alone for the past few days, but usually Fred would walk with you.”

The mention of his name another time opens the floodgates, and I start to cry loudly, nodding at her observations. “I’m sorry I’ve been so bitchy to everyone lately, it’s just that the twins have been fighting and it’s so painful to see them like that, so I told them that I wouldn’t speak to them until they solve the problem. I just feel so lonely without them, and when I do see them, they’re not together like they used to be.” I sob, my legs giving way, causing me to fall to the floor. Hermione crouches down in front of me, looking at me sympathetically. 

“I’m really sorry about that. But this kind of thing requires the both of them to talk to each other. You have to wait until they put their differences aside and sort it out, you can’t force friendships to happen or continue, despite how close they are,” she says. I nod, and Hermione offers me a hand to pull me up. I accept it and grab her hand, allowing her to help me stand up. I carelessly wipe the tears away from my face, and walk back to the common room with her. When we walk through the portrait hole, I cover my mouth at the sight of the banner strung across the common room saying, ‘we love you!' 

“Surprise!” I hear yelling from behind us and we turn around. It’s Fred and George, holding a present in each of their hands. 

“What’s this about?” I ask, feeling much happier seeing the two together. “We’re really sorry about last week, it took us really long to get over the fight, but we thought about it and we-" 

”-decided to ask you if you would be okay to have BOTH of us as-“


”-boyfriends?“ Fred finishes their question and I smile joyously at this. I look at Hermione and she shrugs, grinning happily. She nods towards them looking at me nervously, and I nod excitedly. 

"Yes! I WILL be your girlfriend!” I laugh and run to hug the both of them tightly, giggling at the thought of going around the school with the both of them as my boyfriends. They drop the presents in their hands and hug me back just as tightly, sighing with relief. I reluctantly pull away from them, wiping away the tears of joy welling up in my eyes. 

“I really love you two!” I kiss each of them on the lips softly, and before I know it, I’m being carried bridal style by George to their room, placing enchantments and wards on the door to prevent anyone from entering the room. 

All I can say is that, that night was the best night of my life. 

  • John: I need a volunteer to go back in time and stop a robot assassin from killing my mom before I'm born
  • Kyle: I volunteer
  • John: 'Kay
  • Kyle: After everything you've told me about your mom I am totally ready for this
  • John: Cool
  • Kyle: I mean I know you are aware of my weird crush on her which you have always been suspiciously chill about
  • John: Yup
  • Kyle: And in fact have helped facilitate through many detailed conversations and that photo you gave me
  • John: True
  • Kyle: And you just told me you know about the future from your mom, basically, which is funny because I'm from the future and I'm going to meet your mom
  • John: Yeah
  • Kyle: And also you basically said that you have no idea what happens beyond this point in time, which is funny again, because this is the point in time I'm leaving from
  • John: Mmhmm
  • Kyle: To meet your mom
  • John: Yup
  • Kyle: Who is hot like burning
  • John: You've mentioned
  • Kyle: Living in the 1980's is going to be weird though
  • John: Probably not for long
  • Kyle: It'll be hard watching your mom hook up with your mysterious hero soldier father of whom there is no record and who died before the war
  • John: I don't think that's gonna be a huge issue
  • Kyle: Although I guess it would be weird if your mom and I actually hooked up!
  • John: ...
  • Kyle: ...
  • John: ...
  • Kyle: ...Holy shit
  • John: I can explain
  • Kyle: John! Am I...
  • John: Here it comes.
  • Kyle: ...your step-dad?!
  • John: ...
  • Kyle: ???
  • John: ...I can honestly say no.
  • Kyle: Aw, darn. Oh well. 1984 here I come!

“What did you have in mind?” Jesse asked.

Flowers.” Harrison answered before pinching his brow… “I guess.”

“That would have worked before you made her mad.” She huffed. “You were a total pain earlier.”

“That’s what I do.” Harrison said with a shrug. “She’ll get over it… Eventually.”

“She just wanted to get to know you, dad. You didn’t have to get defensive…” She scolded, shaking her head.

“So, now what?”

Jesse gave him a bright smile as if something brilliant suddenly came to mind. “No… Wait, I have the best idea. Come with me.”

Quickly grabbing her father’s arm, she pulled him out of the cortex and down the hall.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” She said with a smirk, still tugging him along. “We’re going to need candles and…” She bit her lip and glanced up. “You’re probably not going to like it.”


(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

Request: Can you do one where Jesse helps her dad impress you?

4:45 am // l.d.

A/N: this wasnt requested, it was just a cute idea i got. ive been so inative, its mainly bc i was sick, but its also bc ive ben binge watching greys anatomy!!! im on season 3 rn, if anyone wants to talk to me about it they are totally free!!!!!!

It was roughly 4:45 a.m. when you heard a loud knocking on your window.

Knowing who it was you ignored it, snuggling back into your cocoon of blankets, trying hard to fall back asleep. The person at your window continued to knock, making it impossible for you to drift off. Getting irritated you gave in, reluctantly removing yourself from your bed.

Opening the window, you were met with familiar striking blue eyes. He clambered in, eyes lighting up as soon as h saw you. Before passing you to get to your bed, he gave you a light peck on the cheek. Usually, this would be a friendly gesture, something strictly platonic. But, when Liam’s lips came in contact with your cheek it felt as if electricity coursed through your body. You could feel your heartbeat get faster and you realized that if he wasn’t so giddy with joy he would’ve surely noticed it. You willed yourself not to touch the place where his lips touched.

You joined him on your bed, relaxing into your pile of blankets, planning on falling back to sleep. Not until you were interrupted by Liam vigorously shaking your shoulder.

“Arent you going to ask me why I’m so happy?”

He asked you this with such bright eyes that you couldn’t say no. Although, once you asked you wished you never did.

It was about Hayden. Again.

Before, he used to come to your house at these unholy answers to laugh and catch up. Now all he does is talk about Hayden. It was okay at first, you thought it was just a crush (just like the one you had on Liam yourself) until it turned into a full-scale obsession. He talked about her constantly, to no one else but you.

Obviously, it would be okay for him to talk about his crush on Hayden to you, after all, you were best friends. But no, you wanted more than that. You’ve had a crush on Liam for longer than you could remember and you thought you’d actually have a chance until Hayden sauntered into the picture. Of course, you weren’t going to be one of those girls that got extremely jealous of a boy that wasn’t yours, but seriously, your life was turning into a cliché teen movie.

“Y/N, hello… Can you hear me?”

You hadn’t realized Liam had been calling you all this while.

“You haven’t been listening have you?” he asked you.

You answered truthfully, confessing that you hadn’t been giving him your full attention. After promising to listen more he began talking and you also began to drift off, completely ignoring your previous promise.

Your ears perked up when the conversation started to get interesting.

“I think I’m going to ask her out.” He said, proud of himself for coming up with such a good idea. You were glad there was no light or else he would have seen your face drop at his statement.

“What do you think I should do Y/N, that’s why I always come to you, you always have the best advice.” He said this so genuinely that you just wanted to melt. Not wanting to give away your feelings away you gave him the answer he was looking for.

“I think you should ask her, tomorrow.” You said dryly, hoping he would contradict you. He didn’t, of course.

His face lit up when he heard what you said, He then started talking about how he was going to do it and about what he was going to say. It was at this point that you lost it. Putting on your calm and collected façade, you politely shooed him from your house, saying that you weren’t feeling well.

He knew you were lying, your heart skipped a beat, but he decided not to push it. He climbed out your window, muttering a quiet goodbye before leaving to his house.

When he left you wanted to scream. You wanted to scream at him for making him love you and above all you wanted to scream at yourself for developing feelings for a boy you knew you couldn’t have.

anonymous asked:

Holy shit I totally forgot about the outsiders. Do you remember which chapters that was?! Lol already have my ten year old annotated copy open

Haha, right??? I forgot about it until @whumpdump brought it up to me. I gave my copy to my little sister when she was in middle school reading it, so I don’t have it anymore… So I have no idea. I thought it was like the second to last chapter or something like that, though. Honestly that whole book is full of whump and angst so you really can’t go wrong with ANY chapter lol

@bagog gave me a wonderful idea! Since so much of time time was wasted on trolling with the most generic shit you can imagine, I kept tallying the insults. Do trolls get like, a quote book that they just copypasta? I think they do. Anyway, out of 120 total trolls that I kept track of, here are the most common insults I got before I turned anon off. :D

87. food (gyuhao)

requested by @spasticstars!
pure gyuhao fluff
word count: 971
100 themes

a/n: um jeddy I hope you know how much writing this ruined me, my gyuhao feels are at alarming levels because of this ;; I remember you said you loved fluff and honestly what else could I write but fluff for this prompt so I hope you enjoy this because it gave me five new cavities writing it.

this was actually supposed to end differently but it was getting pretty longish and I figured that what I have here works out better than I anticipated.  (you might read this and wonder where the heck did I get the inspiration to write this from the prompt ‘food’ and you would be totally right to be confused, I also have no idea how this happened…..)

It’s the summer after Mingyu’s seventeenth birthday and the summer before Minghao’s when they first hold hands.  It’s under the safe darkness of a small viewing room at the local cinema and Minghao can’t for the life of him remember the name of the movie they’re watching but he’s glad that it’s an action one with enough explosions and gunfire to cover up the deafening sound of his heart roughly pounding against his rib cage.  Mingyu’s palm is slick with sweat and his fingers with popcorn butter and Minghao thinks he should probably be really disgusted by that, thinks maybe if he wasn’t freaking out (because oh my god Mingyu is holding my hand and what if someone sees), maybe Minghao would slide his hand out of Mingyu’s with grimace, shove a stack of napkins into the older’s lap with some offhanded, snide comment, and go back to watching the movie like nothing had happened.  But Minghao is freaking out, so he does none of those things.  Instead, he lets Mingyu hold his hand and lets himself hold Mingyu’s, looking away from the large movie screen only four times to try to memorize the way the soft light reflecting off the screen cradles the mountains and valleys of Mingyu’s profile.

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I had the best experience riding today! Normally, I don’t do trail rides because I like to really ride, not follow the horse in front of mine. But, it would be rare for me to ever turn down time with horses and one of my favorite people.

Today was a great learning experience. Maybe metaphorical even. I got to ride this beauty, Destiny. As you can see, we were riding drag. Destiny had her own ideas about where we should go and at what pace. I found myself giving her total control of our experience allowing me to rest and actually feel with all my senses.

I don’t have a coat…who needs one in Arizona??? One of the guys at the barn noticed and gave me his right off his back. Throughout the whole experience start to finish, I felt totally protected and cared for in every way. It was such a healing experience for me. I am so grateful for this moment in time. 💚

So, the thought came to me… if I was this protected and cared for in just going riding, why wouldn’t I continue to always get what I need exactly when I need it? It was a great reminder to relax; I don’t need to worry. I will get the guidance I need, and I am getting better at hearing and following that!

i’m so late to the party, but here i finally am! i’m so excited to be rping with you all, you guys have no idea. and thank you so much to everyone who gave me such a warm welcome!! i’ll be sure to reply asap to all of the messages ;; so here’s my mess of a baby tatkret moon, the middle prince of the southern water tribe. you can read up on his bio right here and i’ll be updating this with a profile real soon. in the meantime under the cut is a super rushed tl;dr just in case! if you’d like to plot, just like this up and i’ll slide on over to your ims!!

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Sometimes i think they are a switch!? But other times im with you more than with the idea of top kook, i dont disagree but i dont agree at the same time(?) Because i have seen dominance on tae sometimes over kook, like on the comeback vlive he wanted to write on kooks back so he just tapped his back and kookie didnt even complain he just gave him what he was asking lol tae gives me this kind of feeling sometimes, that he is more dominant and lets not talk about he is totally a kinky shhh

iusrkhkshf yes

I keep this obsession a total secret from my family and people I know in person. The only thing they might have overheard and noticed is that I have been having fun with the word dick and penis over the past months. I feel like such a pervert sometimes lol

These are the kind of ideas Jeffrey Dahmer gave me: a phallic vase(flowers sprouting from a penis), phallic faucets(hence the drawing of the bathroom with dicks of chrome), a penis firecracker, a penis-shaped lighter, a dick doorstopper(you know those things behind your doors that you can thump and makes a lot of noise), a canon of confetti and glitter where the glitter and confetti are all in the nut-sack and then you light it and it shoots right out of the dickhole at great bursting speeds where it looks cosmic and showers everyone, a phallic lava lamp, and penis lights. 

I even came up with these words: dick-thumper, dick-dobber, dick-up truck, penis suckles, dick-puller, dickward, dick-kisser, dicklings, dick-throb, dick-split, dicket fence, dick-spray, dick-string, dick-roping, dick-wrangler, dick-press, dong slap, penisaurus rex(omg).. The list could go on. What the f*ck!

I’m being a total pervert rn and I know it. I wish that dude that ranted about the TCC in that video could see this very post and make a new video lol