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Bloody and Bruised

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Requested?: Yes, it was!

Prompt: “Oh sorry I got so excited I didn’t think to read the tags.. I’m a ditz sometimes. Number 7 or 11 with Lafayette x reader then. Sorry! (11. I found you bloody and bruised in a strange alleyway, so far from home.)” (P.S. you’re not a ditz my friend)

Words: 1.6k+

A/N: so I was given a sentence for a drabble and this happened, haha. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it but @secretschuylersister convinced me to post this so enjoy! 

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You stepped out the back of the club for some fresh air. Being a bartender was hell when it was a Friday night and everyone in the city wanted to come to the “hottest club in the tri-state area”. You install a few blacklights and suddenly everyone is amazed that their white shirt glows in the dark. You rolled your eyes, pushing the loud, drunk customers to the back of your mind as you stretched. You froze when you heard a groan to your left. However, when you turned your head, nobody was there. You shrugged it off, leaning on the brick wall behind you when another groan came from the same direction.

“Help…me…” a voice croaked out.

You walked down the alley, pausing when you found a man laying in the middle of a pile of full trash bags.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” You asked before you could think about it.

Of course he isn’t okay, in the dim lighting of the alley you could see blood, a lot of it, staining the white shirt the man wore. His body language screamed fatigue and his voice was shaky and weak.

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Impossibility [Prince Sidon/Reader][Request]

Title: Impossibility
Pairing: Prince Sidon/Reader [you]
Summary: Through the words of a medic, it is revealed that you are with child. And yet, your joy is numbed by the “how” in all of this.
Note: the reader-character in this is more or less implied biologically female, however, in typical style, i did not specify pronouns.

a/n: before you jump into this all weirded out, it was fun to write, don’t look into it. take it for what it is and if you enjoyed it, i implore that you leave feedback!

this was a response to a request. if you have any, please feel free to leave me one.

“How is this possible?”

“You’re asking me?”

There was an edge to your voice as you turned a sharp glance towards your lover, watching him reel back at the slightest. Often times when your anger would fester and ooze like a sore, you found yourself drowning in regret and profusely apologizing to him, yet you couldn’t be bothered to do so this time.

Whether it was by the blessing of Hylia or a sort of unnatural occurrence, a child to be born between a hylian and a zora was enough for anyone to do a double-take and wonder whether their ears were clogged. It was unmistakable, beyond a shadow of a doubt, and irrefutably proven that you were with a child–as paraphrased from the medic who attended to you following multiple bouts of nausea and vomiting. Although, it wasn’t until Sidon caught sight of you clasping the railing to steady yourself subsequent to a rush of lightheadedness that you had found yourself in the medic’s care.

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Once More, With Feeling: Part Two

Summary: You’re essentially Buffy Summers, a young girl fighting vampires and other supernatural beings. You’re dragged out to a club on your night off by your friend, Margaret, when you run into two vampires.

Warnings: Vampire!Bucky, vampire kink, angst, torture

A/N: You guys requested a part two so here you go! I hope you like it :)

(~ my own shitty edit ~)

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Wakandan Adventures (1/13)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1299

Summary: Bucky and Reader’s small adventures in Wakanda and how their relationship develops.  

Warnings: fluff, Bucky gets to smile loads in this series! 

A/N: Hello hello! so this series was supposed to be up at least two weeks ago, I thought I had it queued up for you guys, but apparently tumblr does not like me at all!. Any way, this series kinda starts out where reader and Bucky already know one another, and through the series you will get to know how they came to meet, not to worry. It will be around 12-13 parts and I hope to update everyday if you like. Hope you enjoy!.

Tags: @flightofthefantasies  @ipaintmelodies @gondorgirl01  @bucky-on-a-bike  @jarnesbrnes @pickledmoon @moody-fangirl  @ladybrett9 @supernatural-harrypotter7 @i-saved-me 

“Do you want to cover up the star with something else? I have a brilliant idea if you do,” you asked while examining and preparing Bucky for surgery. A smile was playing on your lips as you awaited his response.

“And what is that brilliant idea?” his voice laced with playfulness, knowing he was in for something.

“My face!-” you pointed a finger towards yourself “-then you will always be reminded of believing in yourself” you laughed at your own joke and Bucky chuckled, his eyes gleaming with joy.

“Doll, if your face was to go near my body it would definitely not be on my shoulder, ” he said flirtatiously, raising a brow, not being able to hide the big smile on his lips.

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Civil, please (Mark x FemReader) short fluff

Originally posted by notsosepticeye

(( gif not mine - beaut ))

(A/n): Olivia said she was stressed, so this story is for her

Summary: Mark knows that you’re sad. He just knows. So he helps. The Markiplier way.

Warnings: don’t read in a situation where smiling at the screen would be weird


I mean, the day was alright. Not the absolute worst, but hey- could have gone better. You weren’t depressed or anything, but then again, you couldn’t blankly tell. You felt pretty dullish. Tired. And compressed.

Walking into a seemingly vacant house helped a little bit. Getting out of the outside and into the inside felt like finally getting a breath after being unwillingly submerged into water. Better yet, it looked like no one was home.

Not Amy, or Kathryn, nor Ethan and not Tyler. I guess, not even Mark.

“Heck me…” you mumbled as you tossed away your bag, scraped off your shoes, and placed them away. There, you noticed, another pair of shoes; Mark’s. It appears he was home.

As if on cue, in he tumbled; arms up and yelling.

“Afternoon (Y/n)~!” he cheered, looking you straight in the face “How was that day of yours?”

You appreciated his enthusiasm.

“Alright.” you answered with a drawn smile.


Quickly depicted by truth, Mark’s words hung loose in the air between you two.

You should have been taken aback, but the slight fatigue cut your reaction time. You looked at the male, directly in his eyes. He was worried.

“It really was- alright.” you confirmed again, looking down lazily “I just need like a nap… or three.”

Mark sighed funnily. Taking a quaint step forward, he was able to engulf you in a kind hug.

“Mark,” you coughed, feeling heavy “why.”

“(Y/n).” Mark taunted, placing his chin upon your head.

Your arms felt a sudden want to resist his hold. Your knees, all at once, felt weaker. Consumed by an aloof sensation.

“You can collapse if you need to, (Y/n). I’ll catch you.”

The brunette’s offer was sweet. You weren’t having it.

“I’m not going to collapse, you idiot.” you defended, your arms suddenly working to pull the male away from you “Be civil.”

Mark wasn’t having it.

Now quite easily, he stood looming over you. Mark held you in a warm, comforting and safe embrace. He just wanted you to be happy, you know? No friend of his needed to be sad if he has anything to say about it.

“Okay.” you mumbled into his firm shoulder.

“Okay…” finally, your legs did give way. But your position remained unfazed.

“Thank you, Mark.” you chuckled, tying lead arms around the male’s waist.

“Don’t mention it.” he smiled.


(A/n): I had to rewrite this three times because my computer hates me with a passion

but anyway- take this as a PSA to not be stressed or sad :’) be happy

Fascination V

Fascination Master List [5/?]

A hysterical bubble of laughter peels from your lips, your trembling hands finally slipping and the dagger hits the ground. The clang against the flooring is loud, echoing in the space and everyone is staring at you. But you can’t stop the hysteria, the feeling is so foreign and unusual in your chest you don’t know what else to do other than laugh.

“This isn’t,” You struggle for the words, struggle to get them past the laughter that keeps slipping out. A pained laughter that expresses a lot of things to others but remains foreign to you, their pained looks only making the gut sinking feeling worse. “This is a joke, if I’m connected to Lucifer why am I hearing about this now? I wasn’t born yesterday but I sure as hell wasn’t around before he fell.”

It didn’t make sense, you didn’t want it to make sense.

The pained expression was on God’s face again and there was a spark of rage that burned angry tears against your eyes because you knew he was about to say more. Now, now you didn’t want to know what he had to say.

“If you returned to heaven, your soul would heal and you would continue to suffer because of my mistake, because of the connection. I didn’t.. I didn’t want that for you, so I.. You’re an exception, you.. There is no afterlife for you, when you die your soul is reincarnated into another body. It keeps you from hell, from purgatory and from heaven, which with your connection, would be no different than hell.”

You could barely breathe at the news, how many lifetimes had you lived? How many times have you died, been reborn on this forsaken world, learned about God and prayed each night that whenever you died you’d be taken to heaven? That you were sorry to God because of how indifferent you felt to his creations, to everything and he was the cause of it all?

Something wet trails down your face and your hand reaches up to wipe it away, and then at the salty taste on your lips as another makes its way down you realize you’re crying. Were you hurt? Why were you reacting like this, why couldn’t you feel?

“[Name]-” Chuck takes a step toward you, a pained expression of a parent having told their child awful news and wishing to consolidate them. But you react much differently than he plans, your body seizes with anger and you take a step back, away from him.

“No, nonono-”

“[Name], I’m sorry I did this because I thought- I thought it was the best.”

No,” The anger is there, not because of you, but because of that connection you are able to reach into the angel behind you and tap into his ability to feel. The anger is roared to life in your veins and you take another step back, bumping into the fallen angel who tilts his head down to watch the interaction between the two of you. “You don’t get to apologize. I prayed-” You started, voice cracking and you knew your body was in anguish, people had described the physical pain from it. It had to be that. “I prayed every single night to you, hoping that tomorrow would go okay, that you would forgive me for my apathy toward everything you had created. Toward you. But-but it was you all along, you are the reason I was-am like this.”

“[Name], please.” His voice is soft, the hurt look on his face. He hadn’t wanted this for you, hadn’t wanted it to turn out like this - it was his mistake and he couldn’t fix it without hurting or even destroying you. How could anyone ask him to kill one of his own children?

“If there’s no afterlife for me then what’s the point?” You bite out, the anger is there taken from Lucifer and your hands are threading through your hair. Pulling down at the strands to feel pain anywhere but the throbbing in your chest. “What am I even trying for? I don’t get to go to heaven. My choices are hell, which is no different, and Purgatory? How are those options any different than what I’ve been doing? How is any of that- any of this fair? I get to relive this shitty fucking existence while everyone I know gets to move on?! So what, when they die I’m just- fucking- reborn back into this fucking endless cycle?!”

You throw your hand gesturing toward the Winchester brothers who are shocked silent, unable to come to your defense, unable to say anything.

“My options are here, hell, purgatory or simply not existing. Great, thanks.”

The impressed whistle behind you has you taking a startled step away from the devil, turning to face across from the Winchesters with God on your right and Lucifer on your left. Rubbing furiously at the tears that continue to unwillingly drip from your eyes even though you can’t feel anything but a painful ache with no reason.

“Wow,” Lucifer finally says, voice dripping with satisfaction and amusement that makes the expression on Chuck’s face hard, frustrated, and upset. “Way to screw this up big time. Were you ever planning to tell her, let her remember? Or just keep her in the dark because she’s your failed creation.”

Your breath catches in your throat at the accusation.

Failed creation.

“Can you feel that anger?” He is smiling at God, “She’s getting that from me, I have to say, I feel kind of proud. Though I have to wonder, exactly what kind of connection did you give us that you can’t rid of it?” Lucifer turns on his heel to face you, and God’s vessel looks horrified.


The devil points his finger at you and it’s like an explosion inside your body. Agonizing and exhilarating at the same time. Fire burning through your veins, and you realize just how helpless people really are, how dangerous angels were - how they didn’t decimate everything down to the ground simply because God didn’t want them to.

The scream rips past your throat, the fire burning against your very core, hands clutching over your chest as you stumble back a step with knees buckling together. The pain focuses, centers against your back and you feel the skin peeling. Blood dripping down and with a powerful and hot gust of air you collapse to your knees. The anger that had been thrumming through your veins extinguished, in the wake of the power the large ruined wings of Lucifer’s burned into the ground behind you. Scattered burn marks of feathers all around you, similar to the way angels left their mark on the ground when they died.

But these were Lucifer’s, you knew by the way the burn marks on the ground were mangled, shredded and dozens if not thousands of feathers scattered about. His torn and broken wings were yours too.

God’s fallen favorite and failed creation.

The warmth of blood still drips down your back, shuddering and shivering at the sensation. Your downcast gaze pulled away by the appearance of a hand, a familiar one with peeling burn marks across his skin and you slowly lift your head to look up at him.

“It hurts, doesn’t it? To have the one you loved and worshipped toss you away, believe me,” Lucifer’s dark gaze turns to land on God who remained still, bitter and hurt expression. “I would know.”

He kneels down, there’s a shuffle of movement behind him from the brothers that is abruptly stopped. By Castiel or God himself, he doesn’t even bother to check, his hand still out stretched to you.

“Stuck in an endless cycle, not allowed into the kingdom of heaven or hell. How many lives have you lived, endured, and forgotten only to endure again?”

There’s a lump in your throat and Dean and Sam are yelling at you, but their voices are drowned out in the distance compared to the devil’s.

“But it’s different this time around,” He says softly, “You have me, no matter how many times you’re reborn, you will always have that connection with me. That anchor.”

If it was a lie, and you knew it probably was, oh how sweet sounding it was. For the thousands of lifetimes you’ve lived, died, and relived again - alone in each and every one. You would finally have someone who no matter how many times you were reincarnated would always remember you.

“Will you forget me?” Your voice is nothing but a desperate whisper and time seems to slow down. You can see the Winchester’s ripping themselves from what’s holding them back as they make a rush toward you. You can see their lips move, your name on their tongue as they shout for you but you drag your gaze back to the devil who’s smiling so sweetly. Despite the slit in his eyes, like the snake he’s depicted to be.

“I will never forget you.”

It’s all it takes, your hand is in his and the room is so hot and the broken feathers are burning against everything- burning against you and devouring you whole until the two of you are gone, leaving nothing but the burned imprints of fallen feathers in your wake.


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Loud Voice (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang So)

Type: Fluff Angst

Request: You’re the only person that does scarlet heart imagines, i’m glad they’re back. Could i request a wang so one where you two are arguing and wang so yells really loud which scares you and your child who woke up from the noise?

So helped you down off the horse as you clutched the small body of your child close to you. The five month old was wide awake as he clutched to your top looking around at his new surroundings. “Take Jintae in” he whispered as he looked you in the eyes “you don’t need to get violent. We talked about this” you tell him as he shook his head “take him in now” he ordered, he used the HUSBAND tone instead of the lover tone he normally did. “Yes alright” you spoke as Jintae let out a whine “feed him before we speak to the king” he continued as you nodded heading away.


“Why do you try so hard?” you ask him as he attempted to please his mother and the rest of his family, isolated him. Thought he was so scary and inhuman for being the way he was but he was made that way. You knew it well, the “monster” you married was nothing more than your sweet Wang So, sure he had violent tendencies but who didn’t? So was your husband and you hated seeing him so sad. “You would not understand what it is like to be the hated child” he told you. You two sat outside your room to let Jintae sleep without your voices in the room. “I was the throw away of my family So” you tell him “I was the weakest member thanks to my parts they sent me off to a man they didn’t even know a thing about all because I was the only one without the princely parts between my legs. I was the tool for marriage unlike my brothers. I was used” you told him. “That is not the same. They tossed me away because I look like this” he spoke pointing to his mask. “Looking like the man I married? I told you that does not make you-” “YOUR WORDS HAVE NO MEANING TO ME” he yelled as your body collided with the wall behind you from the boom of his voice.

His eyes had a crazy look in them as you shrink back in fear. “YOU WERE FORCED TO LOVE ME JUST AS YOU SAID FOR A DEAL” he continues as your eyes began to water at his words. At first it was true but you got to know the man behind the mask. “So it’s not like that” you whispered. The sweet man who nearly cried when he held his infant boy five months ago for the first time. Your shaky hand reached out for him as you two heard cries of your small son as So’s overly booming voice came out. His eyes softened as he glanced at the door beside you. He didn’t realize how loud or close you two had gotten to the door. You quickly rushed into the room to calm your little one.


You covered Jintae in a warm furry blanket as you two stood outside. You let out a breath as Jintae smiled watching your breath come out. You giggled as you did it this time before a sound came out of your mouth. Someone cleared their throat as you froze in your spot. You turned lightly to see another male there. You clutched your son close as you bowed “I am sorry prince for my actions” you spoke as you looked up at Wang Yo who was giving you a large smirk. “You’re the one married to the fourth prince, the wolf dog. Pity” he told as you tilted your head in confusion “is that what you people call him. He is Wang So. Fourth prince and your brother” you told him as he stepped forward.

His hand lightly touched the cheek of your son as Jintae held his blanket tight. “My wife and child have no need for your ‘pity’” So’s voice filled your ears. “I am the target of your hatred leave them out” So continued as he moved you two behind him. “Your wife needs the pity. She’s a beautiful woman and you’re an ugly man” Yo teases as So’s arms soon had your son in them as you grabbed ahold of Yo’s face giving him a smirk.

“Only ugly thing here is your personality. Lap Dog. Go sit on your mother’s lap, like the little doggie you are. Stay out of my business or I will destroy all you are” you coo as your other hand smacked him square in the forehead. “Get out of my face” you finish as So smiled. His hand went around you as he pulled you two away from Yo.

You sat down on a bench as So smirked lightly patting Jintae’s little back through the blanket. “I am sorry about waking him up ealier. You wouldn’t have had to deal with Yo-” he told you “the rest of them, are they like him?” you asked as he shook his head no. “Good I’ll only destroy him then” you finish lightening the mood up for you two. “He seems to be fine as well. A new hand touched him today. Not one that I like but he does need to interact with more than just us. Or he may be an awkward king one dat” you spoke as you touched Jintae’s head “king?” So asked as you nod “I know my prince will be king one day” you whisper as you leaned over pressing a small kiss to his lips. He stared at you for a moment before he talked “your words. If they play out. I will be there to clean you up” he tells as you chuckle. “The best way to destroy a man” you stary as you look at him. “Is mentally. Then they bring themself to the physical destruction” you tell him as you stroked his cheek. “At least that’s what my mother told me” you finish as you two give one another a soft laugh.

Your head laid down onto his shoulder as he bundled his son more tightly to ensure the precious boy didn’t get sick from the slightly chilly air that you and him could handle but your son could not, he watched Taejin’s tiny eyes drift shut as he looked up at his father trying to fight it off “sleep little one you need it” he spoke calmly bonding with his son who groaned but let his eyes close. “ it is weird I think Taejin understood my orders-” he turned his head slightly to see that you were drifting off too. “No you get up” he spoke as you whine like a child. “I can’t carry you both in” he told as he helped you up. “Let’s lay down. All of us. He can even lay with us” he tells as he pulls you back up towards the palace to get your into bed for the night.

Ships don’t sink if they have wind in their sails
But if the wind fails is there hope for me 
(I guess your love, was only as safe..)

I thought your love was safe as promise you made
 ( the promise you made…)

Now I am drowning in your shallow sea; I swim
(you are the storm, the wind and the waves, you break me in two and toss me away)
You are the waves that toss me in.
(I fell apart when I fell for you)

How can I float above the water that fills my lungs?
(you are the water filing my lungs, killing me softly without a word)
Killing me softly without a word.
(Without a word)

- Emery,  “In Shallow Seas We Sail”


Could you do a Loki story, where they are married and the reader wants a baby but Loki isn’t sure if now would be a good time (he does want a baby but hes worried he wont be a good father) Love your writing!           

Thank you so much!  I can most certainly do this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Panting and sweating as Loki’s body drops beside yours, your smile beams towards the heavens as you roll over and snuggle into his warm body.

“That was incredible,” you breathe.

“That it was,” Loki murmurs as he leans up and kisses the top of your head.

You hadn’t yet told Loki that your serum had run out from the Healers.  When you woke up this morning and took the last few drops into your system, you found yourself hesitant to visit them for a check-up in order to obtain more serum that would help prevent a pregnancy with Loki.

And you found yourself nervous to tell him.

“Your mind is whirling, my love,” Loki murmurs.

“I just…”

As you feel Loki shift and lean up, your eyes connect with his heavily as he leans his arm over you and plants it beside your head.

“Don’t make me dig it out,” he warns.

“I ran out of my serum this morning,” you breathe as you watch his reaction closely.

“Oh, my love.  Do not worry.  It is formulated to keep on working for the next week, in case there is a lull in the process of receiving more,” Loki smiles.

He was attempting to reassure you.

But you found yourself all the more disappointed.

And he noticed.

“You want a child,” he lulls.

“I believe we would be great parents,” you say, grasping the bed linen as you lean up and keep his stare.  “You, especially.”

His scoff made your heart break.

“My biological father tossed me away and the father that raised me never had plans for me to become great,” Loki spits.

“But that has no bearing on what you will be as a father,” you urge him.

You could see his mind working.  You could see him weighing his options, running through scenarios, and countering his own arguments.  You could tell he was worried, you just weren’t sure why.

“Talk to me,” you breathe as your free hand reaches out to rub his arm.

But when he pulled away from you and turned his back, tears well in your eyes as he sighs and places his head in his hands.

“We cannot have a child,” he says.

“But Loki-”

“I said…” he begins again, “we cannot.  Have.  A child.”

And you sobbed yourself to sleep while listening to your husband pace the floor of your bedroom.

For the next week, Loki avoided you.  He never slipped into bed until you were asleep, and his meals were taken just a tick after yours.  You never went to see the Healers for more of your tailored serum, and you found yourself more alone than ever before.

So you sought the beautiful peace of the gardens in your time of upheaval.

Why would Loki do this to you?  From day one, it was always noted that you wanted children.  Throws of children.  Enough children to fill the rooms of many hallways that cascaded around the palace center.

Loki knew this, knowing he didn’t want children.

And he wedded you anyway.

How could he do this to you?

Sniffling as your shoulders cave and your body folds in on itself, you begin to lightly cry underneath the shade of a fruit tree as you hear someone approach.

“Is this seat taken?”


“No,” you breathe as you quickly try to clean yourself up.

Feeling him sit down beside you was the closest you had been to your husband in over a week.  Awake at the same time, and present at the same time.

And that revelation broke your aching heart all the more.

“You know that I will not be a good father, Y/N,” Loki says lowly.

“That is just your insecurity talking, Loki,” you shoot back as you turn your red and puffy face towards him.

“I have no such things,” he defends.

“Says the prince who flexes in the mirror and grumbles as to how Thor can carry more muscle than you,” you smirk.

“That is beside the point,” Loki grumbles.

“It is exactly the point,” you say as you reach out and take his hand.

And for the first time in over a week, your eyes connect with those of your husband’s.

“You believe that, because you did not have a decent father growing up, that those tactics of raising a child have rubbed off on you,” you begin.

Loki watched you intently as his eyes studied your face.

“But what you don’t understand is that it gave you valuable lessons.  Lessons and knowledge of how to not be a father.”

There was a flicker of a grin, and it made your heart stir with joy.

“And those, in my eyes, are just as important as the good lessons implanted by fathers.”

“Is that what you think?” Loki lulls as a light smile crosses his cheeks.

“It’s what I know,” you say cheekily, mocking his accent as you quirk an eyebrow in the air.

And then you took his hand and placed it slowly on your stomach.

“Besides,” you begin as Loki’s eyes dart shockingly to your stomach, “that ‘one week period’ is not as accurate as one thinks.”

And as his eyes slowly pan up to yours, his free arm reaches around and pulls you close, his lips clinging to yours desperately as he searches for the budding life making a home within your body.

He was going to be a father.

And he was going to use the knowledge he had learned to be the best.

The Lying Detective - Sherlock x reader one shot

Originally posted by cumberbatchlives

AN: I was originally planning on posting my first imagine tomorrow, it was going to be a one shot I wrote quite a while ago but this episode had killed me several times and then killed me again so here a little something I cooked up in my head.

Summary: You left Sherlock after his excessive intake of drugs and constant pushing you away so John convinces tells Sherlock to get you back.

Word Count: 1,029

Warnings: None, fluff (well as much fluff as Sherlock can give)

John realised that the reason why Sherlock hadn’t hooked up with Irene Adler was because of you. 

Sure, the dominatrix and the detective were once interested in one another, that’s putting it lightly, but then again Irene Adler was before you. 

John was shocked that Sherlock could actually maintain a real relationship after the stunt he pulled with Mary’s maid of honour and his lack of shutting his arrogant gob but alas there you were. You did have fights and Sherlock did push you right to the edge but in the end you were utterly infatuated with the man. He, although he’d never admit it, was also highly taken with you. 

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Prompt: Congrats on the milestone! I’m SO happy for you, that’s amazing, love! May I please get #4 with either Bones or Chapel? Thank you!!! for the lovely @outside-the-government

Warnings: none

Pairing: I mean you could read it as the buddings of romance. But mostly just friendship

A/N: first time writing Christine. Also, I’m back bitches! School is done and I’m going to get these done for ya’ll!! This is a shorter drabble but I’m pretty happy with it.

Word count: 325

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Turn Around *Derek Luh Smut*

Request @samxbea​: can it be like he’s on tour for so long and then he shows up for surprise and they have some fun… If you know what I mean haha. I want it to be cute through the text messages but smut when he gets home you know?

This is probably the worst smut ever written

Blurb Requests: Closed
Imagine Requests: Closed
Text, IG & Twitter AU Requests: Open


You slowly turn around in your bed and find Derek standing in the doorway of your bedroom.

“How did you…?” as far you knew Derek wasn’t suppose be back for another 2 weeks. “I lied cuz I know how much you love surprises” Derek tells you, he’s such a dick you hate surprises.

“You’re so good to me” you say and sit up “Are you just gonna stand there or…?” you ask now that you were getting over the shock you were starting to feel…excited. 

“Why don’t you go back to doin’ what you was doin’ before I got here and I’ll just stand here and enjoy the view” Derek winks at you “Seriously its been two months and all you wanna do is stare at my ass?” you complain.

“Oh y/n, I wanna do so much more then stare at your ass” he admits “Okay so why are you still over there?” you whined but only because you know he hates when you do.

Then finally Derek was standing in front of you “You know how I feel about whinny bitches” he tells you pushing you so you fall back onto your pillow “Must’ve slipped my mind there for a second” you say trying to be as innocent as possible “I’m sure it did”

You spread your legs apart allowing him to crawl in between them.

“You missed havin’ me here, didn’t you?” He asks you and you know by here he means between your legs, hell yeah you missed having him there.

“Nope not really” you mess with him “Oh really? I guess I’ma have to make you rethink that” he finally kisses you, since it’s been so long you were practically just turned on by his presence.

“I guess you will…daddy” you say raising your hips a little to rub against him “…you little hoe”  He kisses you again, and you continue to rub up against him, feeling him thru the thin fabric of your leggings.

Derek sits up and pulls at your shirt “Off” he tells you while pulling his own shirt off tossing it to the floor and you do the same, revealing that you weren’t wearing a bra “You sure no one told you I was comin’ home today?” “Oh please if I would’ve known you were coming I would’ve already been naked, now if you’re just gonna stare I’ll do the rest myself” you confess.

You bring your hand to the top of your leggings only to have him grab it quickly and hold it over your head, then doing the same with the other one “Don’t touch anything, not me or yourself, I won’t hesitate to tie you to this bed”

It’s true he’s done it before, Derek saw 50 Shades of Grey then asked you if you wanted to make “50 Shades of Luh” and who were you to say no to sex.

You laugh “Whatever you say”

“Damn right it’s whatever I say…” he kisses you one last time before moving down to your neck “Mmmm…ow” he bit you a little to hard he loves to mark his territory as he puts it.

“like you ain’t like some pain with your pleasure” he laughs and continues leaving marks biting but not as hard, you were getting impatient now so you reached for one of his hands.

“You just don’t listen…Okay getting impatient I see” you had taken his hand and placed it on your exposed and neglected chest.

You say nothing, instead you let out a quiet moan as he finally shows your boobs some attention, mouth working on your nipple  while squeezing the other. Before you even realize what you’re doing, you’re hand was all caught up in his hair and then your wrists were being restrained and he was looking down at you, you roll your eyes “Listen get the fuck outta here with those rules it’s been two months I’ll touch you if I want too”

“Fine but…we go twice its about you first, then you can sit on my dick” you shrug “Sounds like a plan now will you take my fuckin pants off?”

He laughs then kisses you “As you wish princess” he then moves back down your body.

Finally your leggings are gone and you’re now sitting up leaning back on your hands, you always prefer to watch, again you get impatient and since you were so use to doing this your fingers make contact with your clit.

“No” your hand was tossed away “I swear if you don’t put something in me already I’ll find someone else who will” you tease you would never.

“Like who?” He laughs and looks up at you and you then purposely say “Pierre…mmm fuck, finally” you moan, you now have two of his fingers moving quickly inside you.

“You think grandpa can go as long as me?” You shrug at his question “Guess I’ll have find out one day” you tease “Yeah over my dead body, this…this pussy is mine baby” he replaces his fingers with his mouth, focusing mostly on your clit cuz he knows you love that.

“Shit…” you moan, he’s way too good at this.

“God…don’t stop” you bite down on your lip and let your head fall back “Fuck” you look back down at him and he stops, pushes you back again, crawling back up you.

“Ain’t nobody else ever gonna make you feel like I do” clearly  you pissed him off and you loved it “Why are you still wearing pants…” You ask ignoring Derek’s comment.

Seconds later

“Is this…what my little whore  wants?” He’s teasing you with just the tip you weren’t looking at him but you could practically hear the smirk on his face “Fuckin yes”

“Yes what?”

“Stop teasing  and just fuck me already” you whine “Stop whining” he tells you, he so annoying.

You managed to switch your positions even though Derek is like 2x bigger than you, in more ways than one ;)

“You’re taking to long, Pierre would never treat me this way” you tease only to wind up back on your back, and without warning he’s inside you.

“The only dick your pussy wants is the one that’s in it right now” he tells you before kissing you and beginning to move.

“You keep looking at me like that I’ll fuckin explode right now” he groans and you continue to stare up at him thru your eyelashes and bite down harder on your lip.

“Fuck y/n…even after all the times I destroyed this pussy you’re still tight as fuck” he tells you moving quickly in and out of your opening “fuck…feels so good” you moan “I know, I missed you so much” he kisses you, you both moan.

You pull away “…don’t stop” you say quietly since you couldn’t seem to find your voice at the moment “God damn you feel amazing”

“Please” you feel yourself getting close to your end “what y/n? Please what?” face now buried in your shoulder

“Make me…god damnit” he reaches down to play with your clit again.

“Are you gonna cum for daddy?”

“Yes!” Your voice is back

“Do it, oh fuck” he groans as you tighten around him

“hmmm, so…fuck, yes” Before you even finish you feel yourself release all over him, he doesn’t stop until he does the same seconds later.

Moments later he’s now next to you.

You turn onto your side and stare at Derek and all you say is “Hey” he looks at you “Bitch, get your fuckin ass over here, fuckin Pierre I’m gonna kill you” you laugh as he pulls you toward him.

“Oh please, you know I was joking”

“That was still so fucked up and mean” he pouts, “Stop being a big baby, I’ll make it up to you tonight” you reassure him “Why tonight?” “Because I told you, making up for lost time doesn’t mean we have to do it by having sex for days, we’re dating not fuck buddies”

“Fine, fine I guess we could leave the house today”

You shrug and get out of bed “I wonder if Pierre wants to go shopping” he groans “I hate you” “Why are you lying? Pierre would never do that” he sits up fast “Y/n…” “Okay, okay I’ll stop but seriously get dressed, we’re going to get my nails done” you tell him then turn and walk into your bathroom.

He walks in seconds later in nothing but underwear “I said no more sex” you say looking at him thru the bathroom mirror “I know, I just realized since I’ve been back I haven’t told you that I love you” you smile and turn around “That’s cute, I love you too, you’re not allowed to leave for at least another 3 months” 

“I’ll make you a deal, you stop fuckin around with me and saying that fuck faces name and I won’t go anywhere unless you’re okay with it” he tells you and you pretend to think about it “Hmm..” “Just say yes” you laugh, and kiss him.

“I think I can do that”

Worry (Lucifer Morningstar x Reader)

A/N: This was written on my phone so if there are any spelling errors, i apologize.)


You felt Lucifer tossing and turning for most of the night, not lying still for more than 2 minutes. It bothered you not because it kept you awake but because you knew something was bothering him. He never opened up to even you about his feelings or problems, he was incredibly stubborn. That’s why you thanked his Father himself that he had outbursts like this.

Turning to face him, you saw sweat stick to his skin, little blotches of it also covering his face. Worry filled you. “Lucifer?”

From the sound of his name, he jumped. When he realized it was you, he turned on his side and tried to fake one of his charming smiles. “Hey there, love. Why ever are you awake? It’s still very early.”

You gave him a worried smile and playfully hit his chest. “Cut the crap. Why can’t you sleep?”

He furrowed his eye brows. “I don’t have the slightest idea of what you mean. I’ve been sleeping just fine.”

Sighing, you scooted closer and placed a hand on his right bicep, rubbing it comfortingly. The sweat that sat in a layer was sticky and warm, but you ignored it. “Luci, you’ve been tossing all night. You pulled away from me after the first hour of sleep and you’re sweating profusely. Please don’t act like this is nothing, I want to help.”

He stared at you before his eyes fell to the side. “My wings were taken, Y/N. As much as I’d love to trust Maze will find them, I have my doubts.” He put his hand on your hip and squeezed, as if trying to comfort himself through the touch. “I need them. If I don’t get them back then I can never go back to Hell, I can never go back to what I truly am. As much as I love being here with you, I’ll…. I will have to go back one day. I need that power.”

You wrapped your arms around his waist and pulled yourself to his chest, burying your face into the sweaty skin. “I’d never ask you to stop being the devil, Lucifer. I know you have to go back to Hell at some point; I’ve come to terms with it.”

Your fingers ran up and down his back, grazing the scars from his wings ever so often. He tensed at the touch but never pushed you away. You tightened your arms. “Maze will find your wings. She’d never fail you and you know it. Just… Stop worrying so much, okay? It hurts me to see you in pain.”

Lucifer wrapped his arms around your body and pulled you even closer. His arms were tight, as if you were a sudden fleeting thought that could disappear.

“I’ll try to quit. However, I may need distractions,” he cheekily replied.

You laughed, looking up at his smirking face. “That’s the Lucifer I know.”

His grin only widened as he leaned down to pull you into a fervent kiss.

Insecurity | Part Two

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2.075

A/N: honestly, my emotions are all over the place. you guys have sent me SO MUCH love in the last 24 hours and I don’t know how I can thank every single one of you. this feedback I’m getting is incredible and my head just won’t accept the thought of people enjoying my writing that much that my phone won’t stop buzzing from all the notifications I’m getting. I’m so thankful and jfc I’m starting to ramble so enjoy the second part! please don’t hate it omg

 Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (The End) | Epilogue

“I think we should take a break”, he mumbled, giving you one last glance before leaving out of your front door.

As soon as the door closed and you heard his car drive away, you crashed down onto the wooden floor. Tears streamed down your face and sobs erupted through your body uncontrollably. Your whole body started shaking and your lungs stung from the lack of air you were getting.

He just left. You opened up to him, telling him about your biggest insecurities and he capped it all off by destroying your self-esteem completely, simply turning around and leaving you there. Like some toy, he never even wanted in the first place.

He had told you minutes before that argument how much he loved you, had caressed your face and body, showing his love to you. But one wrong word from you had turned the loving Jungkook into a cruel monster, you had never seen before.

You were laying on the floor, curling up into a ball and holding your hands close to your chest, sobbing and shaking, not being able to think straight. You loved him with every inch of your body and he had tossed you away.

Slowly, you grabbed your phone from your back pocket and dialed his number. Holding your phone in you shaky hands, you tried to calm yourself down while you were waiting for him to pick up.

After three times only reaching his voicemail, you decided to try it one last time before giving up. It was about to go back to his voicemail when you heard someone pick up. “Hello?”

You frowned. That wasn’t Jungkook’s voice. “Uhm- hi, it’s (Y/N). I-is Jungkook there?”, you asked hesitantly, trying to oppress your sobs.

“Oh hi (Y/N)! It’s Tae”, he giggled and you heard him shuffle. “No, actually he just came home, left his stuff and said he needed to go for a run. Wasn’t he supposed to sleep over at yours tonight?”

Your lips started trembling and you had to bite the inner side of your cheek so you wouldn’t cry in front of Taehyung. Jungkook didn’t even tell his best friend that he had just broken up with you. He had plainly left.

“Uhm no, we had a change of plans”, you whispered and crawled over to your couch. “Thanks for letting me know though”, you immediately hung up, tossed your phone away and screaming into your pillow, letting all your tears flow and sobs shake you. 

Later that night, you had hardly made it into bed, you decided that it was best to distract you with a new show. You had looked through social media, having your laptop on your lap, searching for a new show to watch that you didn’t know yet. On Twitter someone had recommended Bel Ami so you clicked on the first episode and started watching. 

That’s when you saw her. Stunning as always she appeared on the screen. With her angelic, yet sexy voice she made your heart cramp and tears well up in your heart. You quickly shut your laptop down and glanced at your reflection on the dark screen. Your face was puffy and your hair a complete mess. Sitting there in your worn out pajamas didn’t really help your appearance and you clenched your hands to fists after pushing your laptop off the bed.

Self-doubt and hatred was all you were feeling in that moment. Your broken heart pounded hard in your chest, feeling as if knifes dug into it with every beat. Pictures of you and Jungkook flashed back into your mind, followed by imaginary scenes you could see Jungkook and IU in, fitting together perfectly unlike you two.

That night you fell asleep on a completely soaked pillow, laying on your worn out tears, clenching onto the stuffed animal Jungkook had bought you for your first anniversary. He used to take it with him to the dorm whenever you didn’t need it and sleep with it, so you could cuddle with it and have his scent around you while he was gone. It still smelled like him.

It had been a month since Jungkook and IU were spending almost every day together for “We Got Married”. Even though you knew you shouldn’t, you had to watch every single episode. 

You hadn’t left the house ever since the show started. You had tried to call Jungkook the week that was left before he started filming but he hadn’t picked up once. The only thing that you had heard from him was a simple text, saying that you should stop contacting him. 

Speaking truthfully that wasn’t even the worst way he could have hurt you. The fact that him and IU were extremely close with each other as soon as the show started, hurt you way more. They kept flirting, randomly touching each other and sharing intimate glances. Everybody loved them, just like you predicted. And they seemed to like each other. Even after filming was over, they would upload pictures together on social media, commenting with heart emojis or sweet quotes. It was too much for you.

One day, Taehyung called out of nowhere, asking how you were doing. 

Putting the TV on silent you still glanced at the screen. “Fine what about you?”, you asked in return, the lie coming off your tongue easier than you thought.

There was a short silence on the other end before you heard him sigh. “(Y/N), what’s going on between you and Jungkook?”

You felt a lump form in your throat and swallowed hard. “Nothing Tae, we’re fine”, you fake chuckled to make him stop worrying. “Why do you keep insisting that something’s up?”

You wanted to know. No, you needed to know if he had told them. If he at least cared enough to tell his own best friends or if you had to do it, at last.

“You’re not fine. Something happened and we all know. I mean, we know that something happened but we don’t know what. Jungkook won’t talk to us about it”, he chuckled first and then huffed. “He told us after the meeting about “We Got Married” that he’d be sleeping over at your place during all filming time. He didn’t want you to feel neglected just because he took part in that show. He said he’d try to stay as untouchable for IU as possible because he’d know you would watch the show and would get hurt seeing him being touchy with her.”

When suddenly your neck started getting wet, you noticed how tears were dripping down your chin. Jungkook had cared. He wanted to be respectful towards you. Why did he change his mind then?

“So now tell me, why did he change his mind, sleeps here at the dorm every night and is all over IU?”, Taehyung asked with concern in his voice. “And you don’t even seem to be bothered?”

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. They needed to know. The boys were also your family. They worried about you just like they worried about their maknae.

“So he didn’t tell you, huh?”, you sighed as your voice started trembling. The show was playing in the background and Jungkook had just pecked IU’s cheeks, making her giggle and lean onto him. 

“Tell us what?”, you heard Hoseok in the background. Everyone had been listening and you hadn’t even noticed. 

“H-he broke up with me”, you whispered. “About a week before the show started.”

You glanced at the TV screen and witnessed them both cuddling up together at a bonfire they had started. Sobs escaped your lips and you quickly covered your mouth.

“He did what? (Y/N) Are you crying?”, you heard Jin exclaim upset. “Gosh, you should have told us! I can’t believe Jungkook didn’t even mention it.”

“We’re coming over, you shouldn’t have to deal with this on your own”, Jimin said in the background. “Did he say why?”

You nodded, unable to respond. The memories were too painful.

“(Y/N)?”, Taehyung asked. “Maybe you misunderstood him…”, even he didn’t sound convinced by his own words. “He loved you so much, I don’t understand.”

“I didn’t misunderstand, Tae”, you sobbed and shook your head. “Apparently I’m not confident enough for him.”

“Okay that’s it, we’re coming over”, you heard Namjoon say before Taehyung hung up and your sobs took over your body.

 You nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent and feeling goosebumps appear all over your body. His eyes were fixated on the screen in front of him but his one hand gently stroke your back, as he placed a soft kiss on your temple. 

“You should get some sleep jagi, it’s already 2am”, he whispered and looked away from his work for a second to glance at you concerned.

“Yah, I’m fine. I’d rather be here with you than alone at home”, you hummed back and wrapped your arms around his torso, making yourself more comfortable on his lap.

He chuckled slightly and lifted your chin up, so he could look into your eyes. “Do you still get nightmares?”, he asked softly, stroking your cheek with his thumb.

You nodded and looked down. “I know I shouldn’t, it’s been months now. But I can already ignore those insecurities during the day”, you started explaining, slight pride audible in your voice. “As soon as I’m alone though, especially during the night, it all comes back. His words dig like knifes into my heart and I can’t stop it.”

His eyes held your gaze and his hands wandered down to your waist. “I don’t understand how such a beautiful girl like you can think so less of herself. Jungkook is an idiot for even thinking that you’re not worth his attention, that you’re not worth being loved like you deserve”, pain flickered in his eyes and you cupped his face with your hands.

“Don’t”, you whispered. “You helped me regaining my strength. You helped me getting out of that hole of misery and self hatred. You helped me getting confident, even though I still have a long journey ahead”, you smirked a little. “You’re a genius but nobody can make one feel like a bomb ass bitch over night. It takes some time.”

He grinned at your words and pecked your lips. “Enough of that butt kissing, it’s alright, you can stay here”, he sheepishly said and reattached your lips, letting his tongue slide into your mouth. His grip tightened around your waist, pulling you closer and making you rub against his crotch. A soft moan escaped his lips and you instantly threw your hands up to mess with his hair, tugging at the ends. 

His hands wandered down to your butt, giving it a tight squeeze, making you moan into his mouth this time. He smirked and you let your hands glide down his chest, down to his jeans, stroking over his clothed crotch. He inhaled a sharp breath, hissing slightly and deepening the kiss.

As your hands were about to unbutton his jeans, one of his hands shot forward and stopped you. “What’s wrong?”, you asked, slightly out of breath from the makeout session.

“I can’t”, he shook his head, an irritated but determined look on his face. “We’ll wait until you’re fully over him (Y/N). I already feel bad enough for betraying Jungkook like that.”

You glanced at him and were speechless. “Betray like what? He was the one who gave me up, you’re not betraying him. You’re taking your chance.”

He rubbed his neck, while playing with your fingers. “I love you (Y/N). I’ve loved you since I first laid my eyes on you. I never told anyone because it was so obvious that you only had eyes for Jungkook. Now that I have my chance with you, I don’t want to mess it up okay? I know that you’re partly over him but I don’t want you to regret anything. We’ll wait until you’re sure that you want to be with me, even though Jungkook is back.”

Your gaze turned soft and you placed both of your hands around his face, making him look at you. “You’re the best thing that could have ever happened to me Yoongi”, sealing those words with a kiss, you wondered how in earth you deserved to be loved by this beautiful men when your feelings were still not fully in control.

I Want You To Stay (Part 1) - Theo Raeken Imagine

So I had an idea about writing this for a while and since i´m finally starting to feel better (I was & still am sick) I decided to write this. I hope it´s good, my writing might be sloppy at this moment but I still hope you enjoy it!
Oh & it´s not a typical happy ending imagine.

Anyways I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Note: A song inspired imagine, not a happy ending | Part 2
Word count: 938
Inspired by: Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko

(not my gif)

🎶All along it was a fever, A cold sweat hot-headed believer. I threw my hands in the air, said, “Show me something,” He said, “If you dare, come a little closer.“🎶 

We were both standing there out in the cold while the pouring rain was draining us and the ice cold wind sending me shivers all over my body. Every inch of my body was wet even through my clothes. My hair was a wet mess, rain drops dripping from my hair, pretty much from every were on my face. Theo was standing in front of me, keeping some kind of distance between us. He was also dripping wet, my eyes focused on the rain drops that were developed at the edge of his nose, ready to fall and hit the ground at any second now.

“Y/N…” He started once again and broke the silence.

My eyes immediately shut closed when he spoke up. His voice pierced through my ear, making my heart beat faster and weak on my knees. Everyone had warned me about Theo Raeken but as stubborn as I am, I did as I wanted to. I was so damn stubborn, I wasn’t going to back down just cause he dared me to, but most importantly I was in love. He made me feel safe and happy, I knew he would never hurt me. Well that’s what I thought. Recently a lot of things have been going on, yeah supernatural things, and Theo, well he´s the enemy. At first he fooled us all, making us think he was one of the good guys and he started to hang with us (the pack) more but eventually the truth came at as he tried to kill one of my best friends.

“Just hear me out…” He continued to whisper as the rain drops were dripping down from his rosy, wet lips.

🎶Round and around and around and around we go. Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know.🎶

He took a small step closer to me but I immediately stopped him by putting my hand up on the air, making a stop motion. 

“Hear you out? Really?! How many times do you want me to ‘hear you out’?” I said to the male figure standing in front of me.

“You’re a liar! All of this was just lies on lies! You played me, you used me! Now your just gonna toss me away!” I shouted, not knowing I had that in me.

“You just kept on hurting my friends, making me believe in YOU and not in them! You’re the fucking devil Theo!” He grabbed me by my arm harshly and pulled me closer to him, making me stop talking.

“I- I know! Don’t you think I know that?! Well I fucking do! But I’d take it all back, for you. I’d do anything for you. I’m sorry, I really am! I’m trying to change, I swear! I would put my life in danger for you. I just want to protect you. I want to keep you safe.” He began as he lets go of my arm and starts walking back and forth.

🎶Not really sure how to feel about it, Something in the way you move. Makes me feel like I can’t live without you, It takes me all the way. I want you to stay.🎶

The tears were streaming down my face, tear drops and rain drops melting into each other.

“I don’t want you to put yourself in danger for me! I just wanted you Theo! You! Was that so damn hard? And putting my friends lives in danger isn’t exactly keeping me safe.” He looked at me hurt. 

But I wasn’t taking it. No, he doesn’t get to get away with doing all of this. Even though I love him with every inch of my body and seeing him hurt kills me inside, I was going to say everything I had thought about saying before I agreed on meeting him here.

“Who’s going to protect me from you? Who’s going to keep me safe from this killer who’s standing right in front of me?” I whispered with shut eyes, not daring to look at Theo.

🎶It’s not much of a life you’re living. It’s not just something you take, it’s given.🎶

“I would never hurt you. You know that. You know me Y/N.” Theo answered with a shaky voice, capable of breaking at any point.

“Hurting my friends is the same as hurting me. And no. I don’t. I thought I knew you but it was just someone you were pretending to be. You’re a stranger.” My eyes were burning as the tears kept on coming.

Theo’s strong, big arms wrapped around my waist and he held me tight against his chest. For a minute I felt warm and safe, I forgot about the cold and the pouring rain. His arms around be felt like they would stay there forever, not wanting to let me go, ever.
I wanted to pull away so badly but his touch paralyzed me, not being able to move. He buried his face on my neck and breathed in my scent.

“Please stay…” He spoke up with a broken voice.

🎶Not really sure how to feel about it, Something in the way you move. Makes me feel like I can’t live without you, Yeah, it takes me all the way. I want you to stay, stay. I want you to stay, oooh.🎶 

I slowly got out of his grip, turned around and walked away. Leaving Theo there, hopelessly alone under the pouring rain.

The Silent One - Part 16

You can find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: You and Negan head back to the Sanctuary and he makes you some Christmas dinner

Ships: Negan x Reader (It’s the kind of slow burn where you’re trying to make a fire out of damp twigs)
Words: 1,304
Warnings: Curses, Daddy kink (Negan and his wives), smut (not much)
Chapter Category: Angst

Negan had finally finished bashing Spencer’s head in with his lethal, crimson stained bat. You could see a smile on his face as he looked at the still twitching body that used to be a selfish man named Spencer. Rosita was shaking, from grief or from rage you weren’t sure, possibly a mixture of both.

“Well, we’ll be going now.” Negan said in a voice with far too much normality to it. “Dwight.” Negan nodded his head toward you and very quickly you felt long fingers grip your upper arm. You let out a hiss of pain and Negan gave Dwight a stern look and you felt the scarred man’s grip loosen ever so slightly.

Dwight dragged you so that you were standing beside Negan who was still smiling. He laced one arm around you and pulled you close to him. You could see Rick standing there, looking as if he had seen a ghost. He was shaking, presumably reliving what had happened to some of his former group members. You felt an ache of sympathy and sorrow for him.

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Nice Guys Finish Last

Can I request for a taehyung fluff/angst? You’re best friends with v and you have a crush on jimin but v likes you? Happy ending pls, thank u!

Nice Guys Finish Last

A/N: Okay so I’ve done quite a lot of best friend V’s…. like a lot (yes three is a lot in my world). So when I asked the other admin of Mystik Jem, why best friend V was requested so much, she told me it’s because V is just so ‘best friend material’. Well that got me thinking, V is best friend material, the nice guy, the lovable cuddly cutie who you couldn’t help fall in love with only after being best friends… so what if he wasn’t? What if he was the non-best-friend-material, bad guy, yet still your best friend, V. And that’s what led to this, a refreshing change from the usual. I think we all need a break from our usual cutie and discover some badass, V. Enjoy!

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