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CLYDE: OKAY here’s the follow up to my last post.

CLYDE: So yeah, Craig looked devastated, almost like he couldn’t decide what he was more angry about– his clothes or Eric for some reason??? even though Eric had nothing to do with the coffee??????? idk, man.

CLYDE: And like, Craig went all “Oh my god you buttface Tweek, ugh.” only it was more like “Holy shit! What did you do that for?!”

CLYDE: And so of course, Tweek immediately started to freak out for a number of reasons that don’t even really need to be listed.

CLYDE: At this point, everyone who was watching started to walk away because things were getting a little awkward, and they didn’t want to sit around for things to get any worse. I would have, too, but it was too good.

CLYDE: So but yeah, Tweek was like “What did I do that for?! I should be asking you the same question!!! WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!”

CLYDE: Then Craig just said “Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.” but he was obviously still angry.

CLYDE: Eric, just like the last five minutes of this exchange, was dying in the background.

CLYDE: This was the point where I tried taking a close up picture of Craig, which…

CLYDE: Y’know.

CLYDE: And then he threw my phone over the brick fence near by, like an asshole.

CLYDE: Anyways…

CLYDE: Craig started taking off his jacket cause the coffee was gonna soak through. 

CLYDE: Have I mentioned that Craig tucks his shirt into his pants? Because that’s hilarious. He’s like an old man.

CLYDE: So anyways, he started complaining and shit (like an old man) and said something like “Now my clothes are covered in your coffee and spit, dude!” then he took off his jacket and threw it onto the ground.

CLYDE: Then Eric started bursting with laughter even more. I think Kyle was getting angry at him. He looked like he was, anyways.

CLYDE: But then Eric just shouted, and I quote (perfectly, may I say) because it was pretty funny, “This can’t be the first time you’ve been covered in Tweek’s coffee and spit, Craig! Get it!!! Did you– did you get it, Craig? That’s a dick joke! Because– because your dick is probably covered
in spit and coffee, because you see, Tweek–”

CLYDE: He only got that far before Craig started stomping up towards Eric, and I was 100% sure that THIS time he’d beat Eric’s ass, but then Tweek stood in front of them both and said like (watch my perfect quoting again)

CLYDE: “Agggh, calm down! I don’t even understand what’s going on here! I can’t handle this, I dropped the rest of my coffee and now I have nothing to calm me down you two are going nuts what’s wrong I'm going to explode from pressure– oh my god, exploding is bad, I can’t explode, that shit’s dangerous!!–”

CLYDE: Hahahahaha, Tweek’s reasoning for everything is so insane, I love it.

CLYDE: But honestly, I could relate. Cause I was so confused, too. There was so much going on that I didn’t understand…

CLYDE: But yeah, then Craig was trying to calm Tweek down and was all like “Tweek, calm down! You’re not going to explode!”

CLYDE: I wish you guys could hear my voice, because I’m doing voices for these guys right now. People say Craig and I sound a lot a like, but that’s not true. I’m giving him a Macho Man Randy Savage voice.

CLYDE: Okay, so yeah, anyways…

CLYDE: After Craig said that, Tweek was just like “Tell me what’s going on!” but all Craig said in response was “This is all lard-butt’s fault!” and then freaking LAUNCHED himself at Eric. He kept avoiding answering what was going on, which was suspicious.

CLYDE: I was just a bystander, though! I can’t complain. The only question I should have been asking then was if anybody had any popcorn cause hahaha, oh man…

CLYDE: Nobody else was around, actually. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny all left after Kyle started getting mad. And everyone else left right after Tweek spat coffee all over everybody, like I said.

CLYDE: So I guess asking that question, while being extremely hilarious and awesome because I am both of those things, would have probably proved ineffective because nobody would be around to hear it.

CLYDE: Except for Tweek, Eric, and Craig, but asking them was kind of out of the question.

CLYDE: Man, was I hungry, though.


CLYDE: …Where was I…


CLYDE: Craig lunged at Eric!

CLYDE: …Or he tried to, and then Tweek started freaking out and held him back. Eric didn’t look like he was pleased about the fact that Craig was trying to beat him up.

CLYDE: Which is funny because Eric gets beat up a lot, I thought he’d be used to it by now.

CLYDE: But then the most insane thing happened! And by insane, I mean something totally awful and I’m glad I wasn’t involved because… well…

CLYDE: What was happening and what it looked like they were doing probably wasn’t the best thing to have the principal walk up on. 

CLYDE: Did I mention the principal is really tall? Like, taller than our old principle. Man, I miss Principal Victoria. Kind of.

CLYDE: I mean, she beat PC Principal, anyways.

CLYDE: But uh… yeah.

CLYDE: All three of them were shitting their pants in front of him. I think almost literally for Tweek.

CLYDE: And– and then


CLYDE: Okay I actually maybe shouldn’t share that part. Like, all of that just then, Craig and Tweek are already gonna have my ass about it when they find out I told you guys. 

CLYDE: Maybe you should ask Eric. He might even tell you what was actually happening, since he seemed to be the problem. But uh… yeah. To avoid getting my ass whooped even harder than it’s already going to be, I’m going to leave the principal part out. 

CLYDE: …To sum it up, though, the principal said some things, Eric said some things, Craig got in trouble, and then shortly after Craig and Tweek started to beat each other up, and then Tweek got in trouble too.

CLYDE: Man, it was awesome.

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Writing Prompts ---> 23 pleeeeeeease! *--* I was thinking about Prompto which asks you to be his fake girlfriend for a night (for example, he wants to make Noctis jealous because Prompto believes to be in love with him?!). And then he realized to be in love with the reader <3 Sorry for the crazy idea ahahah and for my mystakes, I'm italian ^^" Really love your blog <3

(A/N: Thanks so much for the support! The mods all feel bad about our delays in opening the inbox but the support you all show really means a lot to us!)

“You want me to do what?” - Prompto X Reader

“Be my date tonight.”

“Why?” You ask, looking at anything but the blonde giving you his best puppy eyes. The other guys know about your insane crush on the sunshine boy in front of you, and have even tried to set you guys up on some occasions, but nothing ever went through, mostly because you refuse to be that person.

But here it is, the opportunity of a lifetime. And although you wanted to think maybe he did reciprocate your feelings, something about this seemed…odd. He never really paid much attention to you, and if anything, you thought his crush on Noctis would have driven him to ask him.

“I’m making a last ditch effort to show Noctis what he could have with me! More than we already share as best friends.” Aha. There it is. However, as much as you wanted to go with him, you hated the idea of him trying to use you to get someone else. You suddenly rise from your chair and shove him onto his ass, earning an astonished look from him.


“You’re such an asshole!!!” You cry, tears welling up in your eyes. Heartbroken, you rush out of the hotel room only to crash into Ignis, returning from his business. Giving him a sad look, you run past him, tears rolling down your cheeks.

Prompto remained where he was, concern and confusion on his features. Ignis stepped inside and crossed his arms.

“What did you do to her?”

“I don’t know! I asked her to help me try and make Noctis jealous–” He froze as two blades lodged themselves on either side of him. Scared, he looked up at his imposing friend, the light from the hallway giving him a killer’s vibe.

“You. Did. What.” Ignis stepped up to him, one of his extra knives held under Prompto’s chin so that he couldn’t look away.

“Did you ever stop to think about how that would have affected her? Did you ever stop to realize that maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t be able to do that because she already has someone she likes?”

“How was I supposed to know? She never told me that she liked someone.”

“That’s because the guy she likes is so terribly oblivious that even he never noticed.”

“Well that guy’s a huge wad! She’s nice, pretty, she always hums when she does anything! Any guy would be crazy not to like her!” Ignis, at his wit’s end, took back his knives and stowed them away. “Go and get her back. She left without her phone.”

“Wait so you know who she likes?” Prompto asked, standing up and tucking his own phone into his pocket.

“Of course I do.”

“Well? Who is it?”

“Look in a mirror.”

Oh. OH. Oh no… His face pale, he ran out to try and find her, his heart beating in his ears.

After searching and asking around, he finally found you inside the Crow’s Nest, eyes puffy as you continued to glare at your black coffee. You didn’t really like it black but you didn’t want to order anything else for the time being. He slipped into the booth with you, and you refused to look up at him.

“Hey, so… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize if you don’t really mean it.”

“No, I’m serious. I’m sorry I asked you do that, and I’m sorry I never noticed that you had a crush on me.”

“I’m going to murder Ignis for telling you.”

“Don’t. I just… I’m kinda oblivious, I’m not very smart, I’m not as strong as the others, I’m just really surprised that you like me.”

“What are you talking about!? Who wouldn’t like you? You’re funny, you’re kind, your hair does the cutest cowlick thing when you wake up, you’re always smiling–” You turn red, shutting your mouth before you spill your entire heart out to him when he obviously didn’t reciprocate. His cheeks were also red, hiding his freckles from view.

“I um… Thanks.” He took a steadying breath and looked up, locking eyes with you.

“I do like Noctis. But I also really like you. More than him.” Your heart stopped.


“I-I know! But when Ignis told me, something in me slammed into my heart, and now I’m really confused as to how I feel towards you and Noctis but I do know that I like you a whole lot, more than I thought, and I want to try and reciprocate your feelings because honestly I don’t like the idea of you dating someone else, it’s very–” His voice was cut as you leaned over the table and captured his lips in a kiss. Slowly he returned it, and after another moment, you both pull back, cheeks flushed and each fidgeting in your own way.

“I-I um.”

“I wouldn’t say no to an actual date. But not to make Noctis jealous.” You reply, tucking your hair behind your ear. Nodding dumbly, Prompto stuck his legs out from the booth.

“C-Cool. Awesome, yeah. No sweat. Cool. Awesome. Cool. Yeah totally.”

You didn’t think kissing him like that would fry his brain.

It was still really cute though.

- Mod Tissa

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hiii all your environment paintings really inspire me to create my own!!! can you please tell me how to start practicing, how to use a reference, any tips? your style is really really beautiful

Hello! :) First of all, thank you very much for your kind words!! These really mean a lot to me!

Now I don’t consider myself an expert (not by any stretch) and my drawings are 80% instinct, 20% sheer panic anyway (//sweats) so, I’ll tell you how I do things, take away what you can, keep whatever you want. :)


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WHOAA THE BOX IS OPEN! I'm in a mood for fluffy established destiel oneshots with alpha Castiel and his mate Dean. Preggo Dean would be an awesome addition! Love you guys <3

The Box was open and then it wasn’t again. Right at the second I saw this ask I thought that what a nice question for me you’ve send to us. Nice and easy. Until it turned out it wasn’t. Who would’ve known there were so few established Omega verse fics with Alpha Cas and (pregnant) Omega Dean. I also thought you’d want some pretty short one-shots and that was the part in which it all turned out bad. Seriously, I only had a few of these already and I think those few were the best ones. I also skipped all the Verses (if the part that fit wasn’t the number one and I’m telling you, most of them weren’t) and only took one-shots into this list. Hope some of these are what you were looking for.

I just gotta say, I’m kinda dissapointed. I was expecting so much for these fics but I only found a few and pretty much all of those were so full of mistakes with grammar and/or punctuation marks that it gave me headache. Like seriously, I needed to take some pain killers. Byt anyway, please, write more of these, authors! And beta-read your stories before publishing, because stupid mistakes like those are so easy to fix. It’s okay to make mistakes when writing online and all but it’s not cool to read a story full of mistakes! – Admin J

Title: Preparing for Heat

Author: thewinchesterlifestyle

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,024 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: You remember me complaining about all the baby Marys? In this one there’s not baby Mary but kid Grace. Awesome! And there’s also Cas having weird kinks. Not sure if that kink is sexy or just weird. In this fic there ain’t pregnancy, but it’s very domestic and they already have a kid so there’ve been pregnant Dean. Or at least we can imagine that.

Summary: Cas paused in the doorway watching Dean cooking. Breathing in the scents of food and home and mate. Everything filling him with calm and happiness as he allowed himself to focus more on Dean. On the green apron their daughter picked out for his mate and how Dean effortlessly moved around the kitchen. His mate is humming under his breath and Cas can feel heat pooling in his belly. Want climbing through his veins.

( Read here )

Title: Take A Chill Pill

Author: Nikolaus_Chaser

Rating: Mature

Words: 4,818 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I didn’t like this one. I’m sorry, I don’t wanna be mean to anyone, but it’s just… Neither Cas or Dean of the fic wasn’t the way I like them. Cas was too protective and asshole Alpha for me to like and Dean… Well, I want my Dean in very bitchy and manly man package, even though he’s an Omega. Not my type in any rates, I’m sorry. But there’s pregnant Omega Dean having domestic relationship with his Alpha Cas, so… Maybe you like it more than I did.

Summary: Possessive Alpha!Cas has a lot to adjust to during his Omega’s first pregnancy. Of course, Dean and Cas can handle anything the universe throws at them, so it all ends well in the end.

( Read here )

Title: It’s a Fight

Author: superchester

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,871 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this fic Cas is just my favorite kind of an Alpha! Love him, love love love love love. It also presents perfectly how me and Admin A would be while pregnant. We would devour mudcake and then sit in front of a mirror crying for being too fat.

Summary: Dean’s pregnant, achy, and depressed. Sometimes.

He’s just going along and everything is okay, great even, and then something triggers it and he just gets really low. Like there’s a weight pressing him down and keeping him there and sometimes he can’t get back up on his own.

( Read here )

Title: The Most Beautiful Things I’d Ever Seen

Author: Casei_Solus

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,691 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This one is actually very angsty, to tell the truth, so if you’re looking something that makes your stomach twist in a good way then I think this isn’t what you’re looking for. However, Cas speaks so nicely to Dean I can’t take it. And there’s also pregnant Dean and many babys and domestic Destiel.

Summary: Dean’s goes into early labor.

( Read here )

Title: Five Times Things Weren’t As They Seem And One Time The Truth Came Out

Author: Super_Secret_Slash_Agent

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,524 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is hilarious! It’s kinda rushed through but I think it hadn’t been the author’s point to create something deep and long. It’s funny and it made me smile. Poor Cas and Dean!

Summary: Dean and Cas are together, everybody knows that, but no body seems to get that Dean is the Omega and Cas is the Alpha, at least, not until it gets shoved in their faces.


Five times Dean was mistaken for an Alpha and one time everyone realized it was Cas.

( Read here )

Title: Baby Bump

Author: littlemistmatchedteacup

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5,986 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this point I don’t think I’ve anything new to say about these fics. Damn it, it’s hard to try to think something new to say when each and everyone of these have the same basic idea. Well, there’s pregnant Dean and I think I’m starting to have unrealistic images about how it is while being pregnant. Destiel is ruining my life!

Summary: Turns out, late-term pregnancy has its perks, especially when you’re mated to 6 feet of hunky, besotted, (and, most importantly, horny) Alpha.

( Read here )

Title: Just the Cowboy Hat

Author: thewinchesterlifestyle

Rating: Mature

Words: 1,082 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I can forgive almost all the punctuation mark and grammar issues because the set-up in this fic (once again I wrote dick instead of fic…) is so awesome. Seriously, I love Cas and Dean and their kids and that son of theirs… Oh GOD! A little kid with those gorgeous blue eyes. Where’s my Alpha Cas and perfect babies?! I honestly would’ve wanted to rate this higher because of the atmosphere and the chemistry the characters were having, but this could’ve used more betaing. I’m a mean, mean person right now.

Summary: Cas and Dean take their kids out trick or treating. The kids might be tired but their parents aren’t.

Dean stood several steps into their bedroom wearing nothing but the cowboy hat and a cocky smirk. It took seconds before Cas was crossing the room and pulling him into a kiss. Tongue pushing past Dean’s lips and exploring his mouth. “I love your costume.” it was grinned against Dean’s lips as he pressed close. “A great improvement from earlier.”

( Read here )

Title: A Gift From Dean

Author: Ryvchan

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,489 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I can’t take the poem Dean writes on top of the box. That’s me trying to be romantic lol. And Cas of the fic is like all the men while being sick. Sick men are worst than a bunch of sick kids, that’s the truth. So, in this fic there ain’t pregnancy or babies but one over-sized baby (aka sick man). And just like that I made this fic to fit on your ask!

Summary: Cas is sick with the flu for the first time and Dean thinks about the happy memories of Cas.

( Read here )

Title: Down the Aisle

Author: thewinchesterlifestyle

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,657 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: The reason why I want ABO to be real. I want this relationship. I could live in a world like that. With an Alpha like that. Yes. I want that. I want my own ABO world where I can be the perfect Omega and have my perfect Alpha and no, I’m not starting to sound sad at all. Or pathetic. Oh, and the fic: no babies but a wedding aka pre-babies, right?

Summary: He just wants Cas. Just wants this whole thing to be done and over with because he’s been Cas’s since the Alpha first laid eyes on him years ago when they were children. Dean had known that if he was ever going to have a mate, belong to an Alpha, it was going to be Cas. Cas who treated him like an equal, who stood too close to him and who baked him pie for his birthday. Cas who had gotten down on one knee. Stared up at him with those blue eyes and asked softly, “Will you marry me?” voice full of emotion and love.

( Read here )

Title: You and Me, Plus One

Author: Soulhearts

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,544 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Yay, no punctuation mark problems or any huge mistakes with grammar! I’m so happy! This is also the first part of Baby Love Series so it ain’t the only thing you’ve to read from this author.

Summary: Omega Dean is mated to Alpha Castiel and both are expecting their first-born. Except Dean’s fed up with all the little bits of advice people keep giving him and he’s done having everyone poking their noses in his life.

( Read here )

Oh, and please remember our Omega Dean tag in HERE and also our pregnant Dean tag in HERE. There’s always time for some ABO fun, isn’t there? Just browse those for more fics.

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Hey! I love your blog and the writing tips and encouragement you put on my dashboard every day! I'm an aspiring author and was wondering your opinion on a) traditional versus indie publishing and b) how to find/choose an editor? I have two drafts complete and in editing (by me), and I'm approaching a place where I want to share my work, but it's very difficult to figure out how to actually do that... Thanks!

Hello, dear Anon!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying my silliness writerly posts~ It’s seriously my favorite thing to hear, since I have a lot of fun making them :D

Now, let’s look at your questions:

Traditional VS Indie

This is a question I get all the time (I’m actually going to do a talk on this very subject two weeks from now at my local college— funny how things like this line up!). Now, I have to be honest with you, if you’re looking for me to tell you which is the best of the two— you won’t be seeing that here. Both ways have ups and downs, and have difficulties of their own.

This is gonna be a very long reply, so I’m tossing the answer under the READ MORE, sorry mobile users— you’re going to get a wall of text :x

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Albums Severus is all very well and good, but consider the following: "Charles Rubeus Potter, you were named after your uncle Charlie and my friend Hagrid, one of the only adults besides your Nana Weasley who ever gave a shit about me. They're both badasses and never tried to kill me. I'm so glad your mother didn't let me name you Albus."

Okay so I took some liberties with this one

“‘Sharles Rubeush Potter, you were named after your awesome uncle Charlie and my friend Hagrid.  They’re both badashes and never tried to kill me. I’m sho glad Mum didn’t let me name you Albush.’  Thatsh how it shoulda gone.  ‘Stead Jamesh gets named after cool people an’ I get shady fucking Shnape.”

           “Al, please never tell your mother I let you get this drunk,” Charlie pleaded, but with no small amount of amusement.

           “We’re in Roman’ya whatsh she gonna do?”

           “Fair enough,” Charlie agreed easily, though he was fairly certain that Ginny was envisioning a summer internship full of opportunities at the Dragon Reserve, and not raging Dragon Trainer parties with open bars when she agreed to let Al spend his holidays here.  “Let’s get you home now, okay?”

           “’Kay.”  Charlie gave his nephew credit for being such an agreeable drunk.  His inebriated rant had nothing on Bill dueling Charlie for trying to leave before they could sing a Celestina Warbeck duet together.  Or Tonks trying to make out with him while looking like Professor Flitwick.  Or—

           Charlie had some weird drinking stories.

           “An’ y’know Dumbledore was gay,” Albus had returned to his fixation with his namesakes.  “Why did m’dad name me after a gay man?  Doesh he know about me?  He can’t, I’ve never told anyone—shit oh shit is that why he gave me a shitty name?  ‘Cause he knew I’d be a dishappointment?” Al was nearly hyperventilating by this point and had gotten loud enough that the few other people out walking this late were shooting them strange looks.

           “Hey, Al, man, calm down.  Your dad’s never been anything but proud of you, okay?” Charlie said soothingly.

           “Yeah ‘cause he doesn’t know but if he did—“

           “Nope, come on,” Charlie put his hands on Al’s shoulders—when had he gotten taller than Charlie?—and looked him in the eyes, “you’re overreacting.  Breathe. Breathe again.  Now listen.  You could be Voldemort come again, and your dad would still love you.  He’s a bit biased like that.”  That got a half-smile out of Al and he stayed calm for the remainder of the walk to Charlie’s apartment before crashing on the couch. Charlie left him there.


           “Bit of a hangover, kiddo?” Charlie grinned without much sympathy as he scrambled some eggs in the tiny kitchen.

           “Fuck,” Al groaned again.

           “Drink some juice, I have a headache potion you can have as soon as you’ve got some food in your stomach,” Charlie told him. “Was that your first time drinking?”

           “First time drinking that much.”  He caught the glass of juice Charlie Banished in his direction.  “Was I awful?”

           “You don’t remember?”

           “I remember freaking out about—something.” His clipped answer and the way he took a hasty gulp of juice told Charlie Al remembered more than he suggested.

           “Yeah, it started with your name,” Charlie deciding not to call Al out on it, “and then you ended up really upset about your dad not being proud of you, but I couldn’t follow exactly how you went from one to the other.”

           Al avoided his gaze and didn’t reply. Charlie finished the eggs in silence, then took a plate to Al on the couch (eating meals at a table was overrated).

           “Uncle Charlie, can I tell you something?  Er, confidentially?”

           “’Course.  That’s what cool uncles are for.”

           “I thought cool uncles were for letting you get pissed off your ass,” Al smirked.

“Which is leading to the confidential confessions,” Charlie shot right back.

Al half-laughed, but the levity was gone.  He stared at his hands, and Charlie refrained from prompting him to speak.

“I’m gay.”

“Hey, that’s cool,” Charlie said as gently as he could.

“I’m not—it’s not a big deal, I mean I don’t think it’s wrong—just—“ Al threw his gaze around the apartment, agitated.

“You’re just worried about how other people will take it?” Charlie finished.  When Al jerked his head in a nod, Charlie continued, “I remember feeling the same way, but trust me. The people that care about you don’t care about things like this.”

“You felt—what?” Al was distracted from his own worries by the new information.

“Yeah, I’m ace.  Er, asexual. There’s, um, a spectrum, but for me I just don’t experience sexual or romantic attraction.” Charlie blushed a little at how taken aback Al was.

“Well I definitely experience attraction,” Al responded after a beat, “Specifically to Scorpius Malfoy, and more specifically to his fine ass.”

“Thanks for telling me the specifics, kiddo.  That’s just what I was looking for.”

“Believe me, I could have been way more explicit.”

“Oh, no, I believe you,” Charlie held his hands up in surrender. “My point was just that even my mother had no problem accepting me, and I’m sure you can imagine what a nightmare she was pestering us for grandkids before you lot were born.”

Al nodded thoughtfully, a small smile on his face.

“You really think everyone would be fine with it?”

“The biggest issue anyone’s going to take is going to be Ron, and only then because you dared mention the name ‘Malfoy’.  He won’t give a damn about the gender of the Malfoy.”

That got a genuine laugh out of Al, and Charlie mentally chalked up another point for good handling of delicate situations on his Awesome Uncle board.

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I've heard you take prompts, what about Kara and Mon-El in a karaoke, and Kara singing amazinly and Mon-El bein completely in love with her voice, i mean, have you ever hear Melissa singing? She is awesome (sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian) <3

Here you go! and of course I’ve heard her sing, I watched glee :D lol. That’s why I highly recommend you all go and listen to her cover of chasing pavements. It’s beautiful.

Title: This Is Love

Pairing: Karamel (pre-relationship)

Summary: Alex signs Kara up for karaoke. Mon-El is surprised.

“That’s new”, Kara remarked as she joined her sister, Maggie, Mon-El, Winn, James and J’onn around the circular table in National City’s secret and only alien friendly bar. They had become regulars of the place since Maggie had first brought Alex there when they were working on their first case together. It was the one place that provided drink that could actually make Supergirl drunk and the only place J’onn could take off the mask of Hank Henshaw and relax as his Green Martian self.  

Kara’s comment was in reference to the small platform and karaoke machine that had been set up on one side of the room. Currently there was a red skinned alien with white horns singing a song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. “Since when did this place get a karaoke machine?”

“It’s a recent addition”, Maggie remarked. “They wanted to attract customers after the whole CADMUS poisoning incident that left most of the bar dead. It was a little off putting for some folk for a while”.

Mon-El looked away guilty and Kara immediately knew what he was thinking. “Stop. It was not your fault”.

“I know…I still feel bad about it though”.

“Which makes you a good person”, she smiled at him as the current song came to an end and the red alien moved off the make shift stage.

“Next up on our list we have a Miss Kara Danvers”, the announcer, a four eared humanoid boomed with their naturally loud voice (something that came with its species apparently).

Kara’s head shot up at the shout out of her name. “What? No! I didn’t sign up for this”. She twirled around to look at her friends and sister to see which one was the culprit. “Which one of you did this?”

“Hey it wasn’t me!” Winn immediately defended himself. “I don’t want to get on your bad side”.

“It was me”, Alex confessed without shame. “You’ve seemed kind of tense lately and I thought you could use some fun and to lighten up”.

“And the way to do that is with singing in front of a bunch of strangers?!”

“You can save the world from the threat of an alien invasion but you can’t sing karaoke?!” Alex stared at her. “And I know it’s not because you can’t sing because I’ve heard you”.

Kara’s cheeks tinged pink at her sister’s comment. “I don’t want to do this Alex, its embarrassing”.

“Here drink this” Maggie slid a green liquid filled shot glass across the table to her with a smile. “It’ll help, believe me and who knows? You might even have a blast up there”.

“Looks like someone is a little shy. Come on Kara, we’re all waiting on you”, the announcer shouted again making her cringe.

“Don’t worry Kara, I won’t laugh at you”, Mon-El promised with an amused look on his face. “No matter how terrible you might sound”.

“Excuse me?!” she looked at him with sudden annoyance, her mood immediately shifting as she sensed she was being challenged. “You think that I can’t sing?”

“Why else would you be too afraid to go up there?”

Kara glared at him and even knowing he was baiting her, she grabbed the shot glass and downed the drink Maggie had given to her. Feeling a sudden confidence boost, she dropped her bag, took off her cardigan and leaving them behind, she stormed onto the stage.  “Well finally! Just tell us what song you are going to sing into the microphone and we’ll start the track for you”.

She waited for the other alien to get off the platform and flickered through all of the songs that she knew in her mind and all of the artists that she liked.  Then she decided. “Hey there everyone, my name is Kara Danvers and I will perform Chasing Pavements by Adele”.

The lights around the stage dimmed and a spotlight shone on her. Her super hearing could pick up on her sister and friends cheering for her and Winn wolf whistling. The music began to play the first few strings of the song and when she felt the moment arrive, she opened her mouth and sang the first line. “I’ve made up my mind. Don’t need to think it over if I’m wrong I am right. Don’t need to look no further. This ain’t lust, I know this is love…but…”

From the audience Mon-El watched as Kara bravely began to sing and felt his mouth drop open in surprise. She could sing, she could really sing. Her voice was soft and smooth like butter and sweet like honey. He felt all of his previous humour drain away as he listened to her sing about whether she should tell someone how she really felt about them. Her eyes searched for his through the darkened room and remained on them through the entire song.

“Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere?” She warbled emotionally. “Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place should I leave it there? Should I give up or should I just keep on chasing even if it leads nowhere?”

“I didn’t know Kara could sing, did you?” Mon-El heard Winn exclaimed to James with surprise who shook his head, also seeming stunned by this revelation.

“You’re sister is awesome”, Maggie remarked to Alex who grinned proudly.

Or should I just keep on chasing pavements? Should I just…chasing…pavements? Ooooooh”.

Kara’s voice grew more powerful as the song reached its climax and gradually went softer as it came to its eventual end.  As soon as the music died, the entire bar burst into applause. When she came back to their table with flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes, the entire group immediately drowned her in praise except for Mon-El who watched her quietly.

“So…did I do okay?” she asked him when the others finally got over the shock of hearing her sing for the first time. Mon-El grinned at her before telling her in all seriousness,

“You’re voice is just another thing that I get to add to the list of stuff that I like about you”.

bgonemydear  asked:

linctavia: "i hired a dog walking company and i’ve never met the person who comes to my apartment but they leave me really cute notes and they give my dog presents and i kind of love them because my dog does and ALSO one of the artists at this gallery opening is hella cute and i want them to paint me like one of their french girls AU"

It’s genuinely alarming to Octavia to realize that, not only does she need a dog walker, but she’s the kind of person who can afford one.

“Why is this weird?” Clarke asks, not looking up from her phone. Clarke is one of the few people who can always be on her phone without making the person she’s talking to feel ignored. Clarke has a bizarre skill set.

“I grew up poor, remember? I didn’t think I was going to–I don’t know. Dog walkers are like–nannies and cleaning ladies and personal chefs. Things rich people have.”

“Yeah, okay,” Clarke says. “I get that.” She grins. “I’m sure you could just get your brother to do it for you, but he probably gets more from his real job.”

“Any time you want to stop trying to get me to invite my brother to stuff so you can flirt with him is fine with me,” Octavia shoots back. “There’s this new thing called using his number to just ask him out you could try.”

“There’s got to be a snappier name for that,” says Clarke. She puts her phone away and pulls a business-card holder out of her bag, flipping through until she finds one and gives it to Octavia. “Here. Dog-walking agency.”

“How do you just have this on you?” Octavia asks. Clarke’s life is so weird.

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