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diego luna appreciation weekdecember 27 (diego + alice braga w/ surprise gael)

people that inspired in my in my journey, diego luna was special, because it was the first film i did abroad and he was such a strong actor in the sense of young, but with so much knowledge because he was an actor since he was a kid. - alice braga, interview magazine


So a lovely person bought me this ATTLG companion book called A Matter of Time and I’m kind of in love with the art (and the book obvs) so I wanted to share some of my favourite (so far) pics. The top two are from Alice’s side, the bottom three are in Tarrant’s. I haven’t gotten to Mirana or Iracebeth’s side yet so maybe more pics to come 

1 - Hatter shooing Alice from his house
2 - In the book, Alice and Tarrant took Time with them in the Chronosphere to stop the Queens (which is different from the movie but listen I love Time so YES)
4 - Hatter made a hat for Alice in the book (would have taken place right after the “it’s you!” hug)
5-  Tarrant and Zanik hugging but look at the onlookers (Alice!) in the back

This book isn’t 100% canon to the movie but I don’t mind the changes. There’s a lot of little detail too… some things I desperately wished were in the movie. Might post a few of those quotes later if anyone would be interested?


(Gif not ours, but the picture and the text is.)

You were in Volterra with Alice and Bella because Edward thought Bella was dead so you guys had to save his sorry ass.
Bella had to run ahead of you and Alice considering Edward could hear your thoughts if you get too close. You and Alice watched from afar as Bella ran to him and hugged him, masking him from the sunlight.
A few minutes after Edward and Bella were inside, Alice carried you as she ran to the castle. She broke the lock after she set you down allowing the both of you to enter. You were frightened by the speed she ran at, it had been the first time that has happened to you and she didn’t give you a warning before hand, but once you did register what was happening, you were in an elevator with the people you assumed were Demetri, Felix, and Jane (Bella, Edward, and Alice as well, but that was a given.)
You had asked Carlisle if he could tell you a story about his past considering he was the oldest person you knew and he told you about the Volturi. He told you who they were and what their gifts were, but you weren’t afraid of them. You stopped being afraid of thing a while ago when you decided it was better to let things happen as they were supposed to.
When everyone exited the elevator, you were greeted by the secretary. She spoke in Italian, a language you don’t speak, so it left you clueless as to what she said. You could tell she was sucking up to the Volturi leaving you to think that she was a human, but wanted to be a vampire. Bella didn’t come to the same realization that you did.
“Is she human?” She asked Edward in a hushed voice.
“Yes.” He responded.
“Does she know?” Bella asked again. Edward gave the same answer that he did last time.
“Then why would… She wants to be.” Bella said, finally understanding what you had long before. You wanted to ask Bella why the hell she was trying to play 20 questions with Edward with 4 vampires and her little sister within earshot of them, but you were honestly used to Bella asking ridiculous questions so you kept your mouth shut and just rolled your eyes.
“And so she will be.” You heard Demetri say.
“Or dessert.” Jane added. She opened up the doors to the throne room and lets just say you weren’t impressed. You had seen far better throne rooms on TV.
“Sister,” You heard someone say, “They send you out to get one and you  bring back 2 and 2 halfs, such a clever girl.” The boy looked a lot like Jane and he did call her sister so you knew this was Alec, the boy who could take away your senses.
“2 halfs make a whole dipshit.” You unintentionally let slip out. You were sassy and sometimes you speak before you think causing things like this to slip out, but you had too much pride to apologize.
“Oh and what makes you better, human?” He snared. In the corner of your eye, you could see the one Carlisle called Marcus reach for the one called Aro’s hand. You were about to reply to the twin in a sarcastic manner when you were interrupted by Aro.
“Alec, that’s no way to talk to your mate.” Aro said. Alec’s jaw dropped and your’s did too, no doubt, but Aro continued speaking, “I suggest you apologize to her.” You didn’t expect Alec to apologize, but he did.
“I’m sorry, m'lady.” Alec muttered. ‘I guess since he apologized, I should too,’ you thought, ‘It’s only fair,’
“I’m sorry too, sometimes things just slip out of my mouth.” You told him sincerely.



Shower Part 1: i am



Theatre Challenge  6/9 Shows

“Every day is just another and another and another/I will hold it all together/We’re the perfect loving family/If they say we’re not then f**k ‘em
The perfect loving family/I will keep the plates all spinning/And the world just keeps on spinning…”

-Next to Normal


Wonderland + Role Reversal