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My Hero

Pairing: John Laurens (modern AU) x reader

Summary: Your best friend, Hercules Mulligan, is supposed to be taking you to an important ballet audition that you’ve been preparing for for months. When Herc is ill on the day of the audition, who will step in and save the day?

Warnings: Probably swearing because it’s me, overly adorable John Laurens

A/N: I don’t know if John Laurens ever had a little sister but I’ve given him one, she’s 6 years old and her name’s Katie. Yup. Just casually altering history for the purpose of fanfiction. Also I tried to keep the reader’s gender neutral :)

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This is such a mess omg forgive me
This is such a mess omg forgive me

I spent so long on this to get it kinda right?? Im sorry for all of this wow this is so bad, also sorry for me like giggling the entire time??? I laugh to ignore me from the fact that I wanted to die while making this. Anyway! I was tagged by @limechangkyun and @wonhosbub thank you lovelies so much!!

Sorry again for this wowowow, I’ve been told I talk fast and I like mumble and slur my words a bit, also my S’s are so sharp, and I probably sounded like a nasty goblin laughing to itself omg ok bye

  1. name + username
  2. who is your bias and why?
  3. do you have a bias wrecker?
  4. how did you become a fan and when?
  5. favourite album/song/era?
  6. favorite vocalist/rapper/dancer?
  7. favorite pairing?
  8. no mercy vs right now vs Monsta x ray?
  9. have you seen them in person? if yes, share your experience!
  10. tag your friends!

Im tagging @warmwonho @ukihyunnie @93shin @wonhoestattoos @dearesthoney and anyone else who wants to do this tag lolol

Far Far Away - Part 1

Ok so this is an AU set in modern times where Rae lives with Vicki and Amy. She met this guy who she calls F on an app called Small World, but she’s never met him in person. Hmm who could F be?And more will be revealed in later parts. 

It’s super vague but then again I never know what to write in descriptions of my fics. Anyway…. For those of you that were tagged in the last one, unless you told me you wanted to be in my forever tag, I did not add you to the tag list of this one. If anyone would like to be added to that list (or removed) just let me know!!

I hope you like it!! Thanks for reading :D

Part 1:

She stared down at the screen unsure of what to type back. What could you say to that? She wasn’t cool or suave, so basically anything she said would be shit.

The message seemed to glow brighter as time passed, somehow judging her for how long it was taking her to think of something to say in response.

F: So when will I finally get to see you in person?

She couldn’t type the truth. She couldn’t tell him that she knew once he met her or saw how unattractive she was he would never want to talk to her again. And even if she did meet him, she felt like part of the reason she was so brave and able to say half of what she said to him was because she was so anonymous with him. He was a blank slate, no assumptions based on appearances, nothing like that.

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