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Alec’s hands are griping Magnus’ shirt backing him up towards the bedroom, leaning down to kiss him passionately as they go, lips crashing together as he’s pulled against the hard lines of shadowhunter body.

 Magnus is loving this turn of events just days after their first date but can’t help wonder why Alec suddenly seems so forward when something dawns on him. Quickly he breaks the kiss, gasping for breath with a hand on Alec’s chest to try and keep some space between them.

“Alexander…wait a moment please.” Magnus smiles at Alec and takes a small step away, hoping to slow things down a little.

“You do know just because I told you about the 17,000 doesn’t mean I expect to add you to that list right away. I think you and I could have something really special here and that means that I want to treasure every moment with you.

We don’t have to rush this, you only get one first time and you need to be sure you’re ready. And then, when you’re sure we’ll make it special, meaningful. Most of the others I don’t even remember their names, they were just a way to pass the time on lonely nights. A quick bit of fun, you already mean way more than that to me already, you know that right?”

Alec blushes and looks away, unable to hold Magnus’ gaze.

“I…I…I just want to make you happy. I don’t want you to find someone else Magnus, someone who knows how to do this, who can give you a proper relationship with everything that involves. How can I compare to all those other experiences you’ve had when I’ve literally done nothing! ”

Magnus slides his hand from Alec’s chest up to the front of his shoulder and rubs small comforting circles with his thumb until the shadowhunter looks at him again.

“Alexander, you don’t have to compete. You have my full attention and there is no one I want to spend time with more than you. I love just talking to you, I’d love to snuggle with you while we chat, kiss you some more but only if you want it too. It’s ok if we take this slow, just try not to overthink everything. You’re not the only one that feels vulnerable. ”

Alec searches Magnus face trying to figure out why the beautiful, confident man in front of him could possibly feel vulnerable.

“What are you worried about Magnus, you’ve lived forever, had so many experiences. You must know how handsome and wonderful you are, how attractive others find you.” Alec says, no heat behind his words just feeling confused still.

“Well, I try…” Magnus chuckles gesturing at himself, drawing attention to his make up and jewellery before looking a little more serious when he continues. “But there’s things about me you don’t know yet. I’m hoping you’ll get to know them eventually but let’s just say not everyone over the years has been as tolerant of warlocks as you are. Not all experiences are good ones.”

“You know that how I feel has nothing to do with you being a warlock or not. It’s you as a person that I like.” Alec reassures.

Magnus smiles up at Alec before taking a deep breath, his face now reflecting his inner insecurities and doubts, deciding if he really wants to continue with what he’s about to do.

“What’s is it Magnus? ” Alec asks as he notices not only the expression change but also the way Magnus whole body seems to have stiffened slightly.

“I want to show you something Alexander, I think it’ll help. You’ve told me about your insecurities and fears tonight so it’s only right I share a big one of my own. ” he tries to smile at the taller man but it feels week even to himself.

“Only if you’re sure…” Alec repeats back Magnus’ earlier sentiment.

“I’m sure…its just…I’ve lost people who I was interested in before over this, I don’t want to lose you but I don’t want to hide from you. I trust you and it’s important to me that you know exactly what you’re getting into before you decide if you want us to go further.” 

“Er…okay?” Alec says as he watches Magnus closes his eyes, take a deep breath and seems to steady himself for a moment. He takes both of Magnus’ hands in his, interlacing his own fingers with the other mans ringed fingers trying to reassure the man in front of him.

Slowly Magnus’ eyes flutter open and Alec’s breath catches at what he sees. Gone are the deep brown eyes that he’s used to seeing Magnus with, the expressive eyes that always give away what the warlock is feeling and now in their place are honey gold orbs with narrow almond shaped pupils. They seem to sparkle in the light and Alec can’t help but stare. 

Magnus looks away blinking as he puts the glamour back up, sadness reflected on his face as he tries to turn away and Alec immediately realises he’s not said anything yet and had just been examining the warlock marks, his gaze intense and emotionless as he tried to take in every detail. He quickly lifts his hand to cup Magnus’ face in his palm and guides it back towards him.

“You’re beautiful” he whispers, his voice breathy and low “seriously Magnus, I got a little lost looking at them and I’m sorry if that made you doubt my reaction but your eyes are just mesmerising.” Alec leans in to gently place a kiss on Magnus’ lips before pulling back to smile at him.

Magnus lets out the breath he hadn’t even realised he was still holding and smiles up at his boyfriend, his heart squeezes in his chest and he’s pretty sure it’s the last fragments of the walls he’d built crumbling and falling away. 

They stand like that for a few moments, neither one saying anything just looking at each other and smiling. Alec is the first to break the comfortable silence.

“Don’t feel like you ever have to hide from me Magnus, I love your real eyes and I’m honoured you felt ready to show me them. Now can we get back to where this night was originally going. I might have started with all the wrong reasons but I’m sure now. I trust you Magnus and I want to spend the night with you.”

“Alexander, you never cease to amaze me!” Magnus whispers as he reveals his cat eyes again and this time it’s him who reaches up to wrap his hand around the back of Alec’s neck, pulling him down to kiss him deeply as they slowly start walking their way to the bedroom again. 


Magnus stirs early the next morning, the rising sun shining in his eyes where he forgot to close the curtains last night. What catches his eye though is the perfect form laying next to him, the sheet covering Alec’s lower body but his torso is bathed in sunlight and Magnus reaches out to trace the runes across the muscled sholders and back. 

Alec yawns and groans as he slowly wakes up, rolling over to smile at the warlock as long fingers slide from his back, across his ribs to land on his chest as he moves.  

“Morning sweetheart” Magnus whispers as he places a chaste kiss on Alec’s cheek.

“Hi,” Alec breathes “so last night really happened.” A blush spreading on his cheeks. 

“You don’t regret it do you?”

“Of course not Magnus, it was wonderful, you were amazing. I just wish I could have made it as good for you as it was for me” Alec ducks his head, avoiding Magnus’ gaze.

“Darling, you have no idea how good it was for me too. Being your first was an honour but it was my first time too. The first time I got to be with you, a memory I will always treasure. It’s something I hope to repeat often though.” Magnus chuckles and gives Alec a fond look.

Alec just smiles and snuggles close and rests his head on Magnus’ chest.

“I think I like that idea…very much!”

“You know Alexander, I think I had to kiss a lot of toads first but I finally found my prince in you.”

Alec just rolls his eyes at the cheesy comment but suddenly every last doubt he ever had about not being able to compare to everyone in Magnus’ past has gone. They might have got to have a small taste of this magical man but Alec is the one who gets to keep him.

Title: Into Focus
Character: Peter Parker
A/n: I really hope we get to see more of the photographer aspect of Peter’s character in later movies.

“Do you have any idea what you’d want for your birthday?” You asked Peter as the two of you made the usual walk home from school.

Peter shook his head. “I already told you that you really don’t have to get me anything, just make a card or something.”

“Don’t be so lame, of course I’m getting you a present,” You said, lightly elbowing him. “So, come on, help make my job easier.”

Peter made a zipping motion across his lips. “Nope.


“Ned, can you help me out with something?” You asked, balancing your phone between your jaw and shoulder as you scrolled through various shopping sites on your computer.

“Look, if it’s about the English homework, I don’t really get it much either.”

You chucked. “No, I got that done an hour ago. But I need help picking out a gift for Peter.”

“Oh, okay. What do you have down so far?”

You went through your short list of things you had bookmarked, all of which were met with noises of disagreeance.

“Eh, I’m not really liking any of them so far. What else do you have?”

You sighed, leaning foward to rest your head on your arms. “That’s all of it.”

“Well, looks like we have a lot of work to do before Pete’s birthday.”

Your head shot up. “You mean you’re gonna help me?”

“Of course,” Ned said, but after there was short pause. “But in return, you gotta send me the English homework.”



With Peter’s birthday coming closer, you and Ned spent a lot of your free time trying to narrow down your options for a gift. The two of you had been on every shopping site known to man, but so far you only had a few things picked out, none of which that stood out to you.

“I wanna make this special, I finally have money of my own so I’m actually able to get him something nice.”

Ned glanced over his laptop screen to give you a look. “Oh okay, I get it now.”

“Get what?”

Ned’s smile got wider. “You know.”

“I really don’t.”

“You know..,” He said, waggling his eyebrows. “You having a thing for Peter.”

“Oh come on,” You said, going into full denial mode. “Seriously?”

“Eh, you can deny it all you want. But everyone else notices the doe eyes.”

Your eyebrows shot up. “I do not make doe eyes.”

“Maybe, but Peter does.”



“Hey, do you wanna come over and hang out for a bit?” Peter said, showing up at your locker as you started to shove your things into your backpack. “I can order pizza.”

“Ah man, I would. But me and Ned have to do something.” You told him, trying to give him as little detail as possible.

“Oh, that’s okay. I can just tag along instead?”

“No!” You said, much too quickly. “I-I just mean, it’s kind of a me and him thing, y'know?”

Peter didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to tell you that. “Yeah, yeah. It’s fine, don’t even worry about it.”

“You’re a doll,” You told him, giving his shoulder a punch. “But we’ll hang out soon, okay?”

Peter didn’t even have time to reply before you took off down the hall.

That was incredibly weird, even for you.

But he was interested in what the two of you were doing. Most of the time, all of you hung out as a collective group. There was the off occasion when Peter would invite you over, but that was more because Aunt May liked having you over for dinner every now and then.

Peter just wasn’t under the impression that you and Ned were that close.


“So, are you free tonight to come over? Aunt May’s making in dinner and wanted me to ask you.” Peter said, once again at your locker after the school day ended.

Just as you were about to answer, Peter could see walking up from the opposite end of the hallway.

“Sorry, Pete. Ned and I are doing something.”

“Again?” Peter couldn’t help but feel a little irritated at this point. The two of you had been running off almost everyday for the past week, and each time he was left out of the circle. He’d try and work his way into tagging along, but you were dead set on Peter not being where you two went.

“Yeah, but I’ll stop by tomorrow, okay?” You said, giving him a smile before catching up with Ned.

Peter’s brows furrowed together. What were the two of you doing?


You looked proudly down at Peter’s present, you had spent the night trying to figure out how to wrap it in the most neat way possible. You had even gone out to buy some fancy ribbon to place around the whole thing.

It had taken some time, but you and Ned finally came up with the perfect idea for a gift for Peter, and you were quite happy with it.

Carefully placing the present into your bag, you left a small note on the kitchen counter for your parents to read so they knew where you’d gone.

You practically sprinted the whole way to Peter’s apartment complex, coming up to the door and knocking rapidly.

Peter was the one who answered, and you instantly pulled him into a hug. “Happy Birthday!”

You had caught him off guard, half because you actually showed up and the other half because of the sudden hug.

“Thank you,” He said with a laugh, returning it before showing you inside. “I’m surprised you made it.”

“Of course I’d make it, what do you mean?”

“Just like, the whole thing with running off with Ned, like every day for the past week.” Peter explained, trying to say it in the least bitter way possible.

“Oh no,” You said, reaching around to pull his gift from your bag. “He was just helping me pick this out for you.”

Peter slowly took it from you. “You didn’t have to.”

“Yeah, but I did,” You said, practically bouncing from excitement. “Open it!”

Peter laughed, starting to undo all the nice wrapping. “Oh wow,” He said quietly once he could see enough of the box to know what it was.

Peter looked up at with wide eyes. “Oh wow.” He said, flipping open the box and pulled out a camera.

You gave him a broad smile. “Do you like it?” You asked him, setting the box on the sofa while you moved to stand beside him. "It’s not very fancy, but I thought it was perfect to start out with.”

“No, No.” Peter said, carefully flipping it over as he examined it. “It’s perfect.”

“Good, took Ned and I days to decide on what to get you. You’ll get his present later though.”

“How much was it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” You said with a cheeky smile before pulling him to the fire escape. “Come on, let’s try it out!”

It was late into the afternoon, so the sky had already begun to shift into various shades of pink and oranges. “This is a great view, give it a whirl.” You encouraged.

Peter brought up the camera to his eyes, taking a second to get used to the features before the skyline came into focus.

He was just about to press the button when he glanced over at you and saw the pure expression of happiness etched across your face as you had all of your focus on the city.

Peter found himself aiming the picture at you instead, and that was when he took it.

“Did you get it? How does it look?” You asked him, still keeping your gaze outward.

Peter pulled the camera down and smiled at you. “Perfect.”

by Lindsay Smith

I will rule for a thousand years, and none shall defy my reign.

I am the sole queen of these lands. Sole heir to the winter and the forests and the streams, sole arbiter of the echoing city streets of stone. So many would keep me from my throne, my true calling. But I have earned my place. I have shown them all what it means to rule.

It started with my sister. From my first hazy memories I remember her shadow weighing down on me, stifling my every move. “One day one of you must rule,” our father said to us, night after night when we gathered at his feet. “If it must be one of you, then I will be the one to choose.”

How could we learn to be sisters with such a decree? All I wanted was a friend, someone to look up to, someone to whisper to at night to keep the darkness away. But I learned quickly that that was only the surest path to her scorn. She saw me as weak, as foolish, as younger. I would reach out to her to pull me up and she would shove me right back down. I would show her my weakness and she would pry it open wide, ragged and bloody.

I didn’t realize the significance, at first, of what our father wanted us to become. Didn’t know what it meant to be queen, or why it was something worth fighting for. But as I learned from my sister, I learned to covet it, to hunger for it so fiercely that everything else tasted dried out and dull. She wanted to rule so that all would obey her. I wanted to rule so she could not.

The first time she tried to kill me, it was my nurse who gave it away. She woke me up in the dead of night and bundled me into a closet, told me not to make a noise no matter what followed. Then the guards came, swords drawn, visors lowered. They were only boys infatuated with my sister, but at the time everyone seemed impossibly old to me, unstoppably strong. I feared them, but I believed my nurse invincible too.

They taught me, quickly, how wrong I was.

After that, my father sent me to the country for a spell. Armed guards, a fleet of tutors, and an ailing count who watched over me with a gaze like sharpened knives. Sometimes the threats came in letters that the count would burn before he thought I could read them. Sometimes, It was assassins in the night.

Worst of all, though, were the long silences. The heaviness of her inaction dragging me to the bottom, drowning me. I never knew when the next assault would come for me.

Slowly, finally, I could wait no longer.

I found the woman in the country market, slender fingers grazing over her wares of pewter charms and crystals and bundled flowers. Her skin was smooth, her hair like silk, and when she looked my way, I saw the kiss of winter in her eyes.

“You look troubled,” she said, and the words wrapped around me like a soft breeze. “You look far too troubled for someone your age.”

I looked away then, ashamed to be so young. If I was older, if I was cleverer, I wouldn’t have to be sent away. I could prove myself worthy of the crown. I could beat my sister for good, beat her just enough that she’d never need attack me again. How foolish, that I thought winning once would be enough.

“Come closer.” She swept her hand over her goods. “Perhaps I might ease some of your pain.”

I started to meet with her every time I could sneak away from the count’s estate. It wasn’t often, but her lessons in the ways of magic filled me up with a sustenance I didn’t know I craved. I wanted to be her, to share her easy confidence and capability, to bend the world toward me with a subtle call the way she did. Her poultices cleared away blemishes and made water drinkable, but they also could boil blood, shatter bones, freeze a pond. She let me practice these skills as though they were interchangeable. She let me build on them, stringing them together like beads on a necklace, as I practiced on the woods beyond her hut.

The more power I gained, the more I sought. At long last, I understood the hunger in my sister’s belly. For now, I hungered too.

“You have a keen mind for magic,” she told me, when I worked something particularly cruel on a sparrow we found feasting on her garden. “A cruel mind. But I think a girl like you has to be cruel.”

“My sister is cruel. I just wish to survive.”

“Then I hope I’ve equipped you well,” she said. “Be like the wintervine. Feast on cold, on nothingness. For they have given you nothing. Use it to sprout your ice, your thorns.”

I looked at the wintervine where it flourished in the ice, and I felt its loneliness, its stubbornness, its scorn.

At long last I was of age, and my father sent for me once more. The time to choose was drawing near, but, he confided, in some ways he feared us both. His kingdom needed a decisive leader, yes, a sturdy leader, but compassion, too, he said, was called for. He did not see that he’d been the one to rob us of that. He didn’t see the dark seeds he’d planted in both our minds take hold.

My sister began her attempts anew, but this time, I was ready.

The first men she sent to kill me simply disappeared. They became nothing more than char burned into the cobbles of my bedroom floor. The next, though, I made sure she saw, their flayed corpses piled at the palace gates. Cruelty was my reflex, now, and each test made it stronger still.

“You cannot beat me,” she hissed, over a banquet table while our father entertained. “I deserve this. I will earn this.”

She cut her steak with a furious scrape of knife and fork. The noise grated at my soul. When was the last time she had shown kindness? It had been carved out of her, if it had ever been there at all.

Father wanted to make one of us a queen. He wanted someone compassionate. Maybe compassion was still in me; maybe not.

But it would never be in her.

As she swallowed, the lump of meat grew thorns. I could almost feel it myself as I directed it, as it swelled inside her throat, tore its way through her flesh. She gagged and choked, and I imagined she gagged and choked on all the hatred she’d let fester for years and years.

I wanted the coldness, the loneliness I felt to be visible to everyone. I wanted those thorns.

Frost sprouted from my fingertips and webbed across the banquet table. She scrabbled for a goblet of wine to try to wash the meat down, but everything turned cold. A guard stepped forward—but she deserved no kindness, no comfort. I never felt her embrace, so why should she feel the same? He withered, cold and empty, before he could reach her.

“What is the meaning of this?” my father cried. “Stop this at once!”

But the cold was radiant, alive now, warming me even as it drew warmth away from everything. The dark thorns in my sister’s throat flourished, drinking up the cold, and twined their way across the table to wrap around everyone’s limbs. My breath hung in the air before me as I stood, untouched, unsnared by the darkness and frost.

I had to beat her. I could not let her win.

And if I could feel no warmth, no freedom without her darkness over me, then neither could anyone.

I do not remember what came next, but it did not come for a long time. Icicles hung from the chandeliers; black thorns sprouted from the walls. All was still and glistening and cold. I walked through the hall like a phantom, soundless, for it was how I felt. But I was all that remained of my sister’s hatred. I was her greed given form.

And I will rule for a thousand years. With this cruelty beating inside me, my sister’s words, her greed, her anger—with the coldness she left inside me—I will rule for a thousand more.

Imagine Chris stealing your favorite sweater.

A/N: Fluffer-nutter. That’s a cookie, right? Anyway, point is that this is so fluffy and cute that it’s going to warm your romantic heart and make you smile like a delicious cookie would.

You were searching through your wardrobe for your favorite gray sweater when you heard your laptop ring. You glanced over your shoulder and saw Chris’ FaceTime call and walked over to pick up before returning to the closet. It’d been weeks since you last saw it and you had no idea where you put it. You didn’t even want to wear it, you were just the kind of person who couldn’t let things go until you had a resolution. You blamed your mom for that trait because she was the same; the amount of times she’d turned the house upside down for an item she suddenly thought of but had no use for was insane.

“Morning, ba-” He stopped when he realized he couldn’t see you. “Where are you?” He chuckled and you poked your head out, giving him a wave before returning to your search. “Oh hey,” he smiled. “What are you looking for?” He laughed when he saw something fly out of the closet and land on the floor.

“My gray sweater,” you told him and Chris pressed his lips together, glancing over his shoulder at said sweater which was lying on his hotel room bed. “I don’t know where I put it and I’m trying to find it. It’s weird, it’s been weeks since I last saw it.” You decided to put a pause on the search so you could talk to Chris; you walked over to your laptop and plopped yourself on the bed in front of it. “I think the last time I wore it was at brunch with you before you left for LA, right?”

“Ooo…” His fingers played with his lips as he tried to think. “Um.” He pursed his lips, looking up at the ceiling as he continued to ponder. “I don’t know, I don’t really remember.” Your eyes narrowed at his strange behavior, but you said nothing. “Why do you need it? You’ve got a billion other sweaters in your wardrobe, just wear one of those.”

“I like my gray one.”

“I know,” he smiled, “it’s your favorite.”

It was because it was your favorite that Chris took it. He’d been out in LA for a few weeks now, and soon he’d have to leave for Vancouver to film ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. He didn’t know when he would see you next which was why he took- a few was an understatement- of your favorite items with him when he saw you last. Items included: your gray sweater, your favorite baseball cap, your most used perfume, your red knit scarf, your iPod with your favorite albums, your cat plush cushion, your mini Polaroid photo album, and your copy of your favorite book. He took all that among other things; some you knew about and some you didn’t- like your gray sweater. He probably should’ve told you he was taking it to save you the trouble of looking, but he wasn’t going to now that you’d already search half the house. He thought about it, then decided to shoot you a text later so he didn’t have to face your wrath over FaceTime.

“It’s fine, I’ll find it later.” You said and Chris huffed with relief. “Let’s talk about you, how’s things in LA? You and Mckenna look like you’re having a lot of fun.” You said, then smiled when you saw him smile at the sound of Mckenna’s name; he loved the kid as much as he loved his own niece. “I see you finally decided to show off your amazing tap skills to the world.”

“Yeah,” he couldn’t help his grin, “I just couldn’t say no to the kid.” He chuckled and you did the same, shaking your head. “Just so you know, you are definitely going to be playing bad cop when we have our own kids. I can assure you right now that our little one is going to have me wrapped around his or her finger,” he told you, laughing.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you bit playfully. “And I’m sorry, our little one?” You quizzed and he nodded. “As in singular?” He nodded again and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face, “I thought you’ve always wanted a big family.”

“Yeah, I do,” he nodded, biting back his growing smile. “But I don’t know, I don’t want to scare you away considering I haven’t even put a ring on your finger yet.” You laughed like it was even a possibility you’d run from someone as perfect as Chris. “I know you’re not really a kid person, so- I thought I’d start slow by talking about having just one kid and see what your reaction is. So far,” he winked with a click of his tongue, “so good.”

“I already told you I’d have kids for you, Chris,” you reminded him and he nodded. “Not an unreasonable amount, but I’m more than happy to have a big family with you.” You said and he smiled. “You’re going to be an amazing dad, I can’t deprive you or any child from that. Plus- it’ll be different when the child’s mine,” you said then winced as you added, “I think.”

“It will,” he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t you worry.”

“I won’t, because you haven’t put a ring on my finger yet,” you held up your left hand and wiggled your ring finger at him; he chuckled in response. “I’m still young, but you’re not getting any younger. If you want kids, marry me, because we’re not having a child out of wedlock.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “Relax, okay? I’m working on it.”

“Tick tock, Chris,” you teased, tapping your watch-less wrist.

He dropped his gaze, laughing, which lowered his head enough to give you a view of his bed. Your eyes narrowed when you spotted your sweater lying on his bed. You scoffed, shaking your head in utter disbelief. You were very sure it was your sweater; you could recognize that gray heap anywhere considering it was your favorite gray heap. You crossed your arms over your chest as Chris looked up to meet your gaze. You shook your head at him with pursed lips and he raised an eyebrow at you. It was only when your eyes darted behind him that he realized you’d found out where your favorite gray sweater was.

“I see you found my favorite sweater,” you said and he winced. “Seriously?” You chuckled at his expression. “Are you kidding me? You took that too?” He nodded with pursed lips. “Chris! Why don’t you just pack me in your fucking luggage?”

“Believe me,” he laughed, “I would if I could.” You laughed harder at that because you knew that was one hundred percent true. “I’m sorry, I just- I need your things to make myself feel more at home.” You rolled your eyes. “You know we wouldn’t have this problem if you’d just left some of your things in the LA home, but no- you had to move it all to Boston.”

“You told me to!” You protested, laughing; Chris cracked a smile. “You’re the one who told me to move everything to Boston because you said and I quote, 'Boston’s going to be our home base when we get married. LA’s just a work space, so don’t worry about leaving your things here.’ You said that, did you not?”

“I did,” he answered monotonously.

“And now it’s my fault my things aren’t there?”

“Yes,” he nodded and you scoffed, chuckling. “It’s fine, I’ll just steal whatever I need.” He leaned back in his chair to reach for your sweater and pulled it off the bed in one swift movement, pressing it to his nose as he turned back to you. “Yup, it smells like you. Like if you were standing right in front of me,” he mumbled, breathing the perfume he’d spray on the soft material in.

“You could’ve had the same effect by spraying my perfume around the room, or on one of your own shirts, or your skin. I don’t see why you had to steal my sweater, and my favorite one too.” He just grinned cheekily, making you roll your eyes. “Oh my God,” you chuckled, “you’re such a dork.”

“That’s why you love me,” he kissed the air in front of him.

“Well, I’m glad I took this then.” You got off the bed to pick up Chris’ NASA hat that you’d taken out of his backpack before he left for the airport. He made his jaw drop as he tried not to smile; he’d saw you take it out of his bag and didn’t stop you because he wanted you to have it while he was gone. “Among other things, but hey, I won’t tell you what they are so you can spend weeks looking for said items.” You teased as you tugged the hat off, grinning the same cheeky grin. “Let’s see how you like it, Captain.”

“Well you know me, baby,” he winked. “I love games.”

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Silly bean 😂

You continued to ignore Dean as you worked on your drawing. He was a cool guy who would stop by every now and then for as long as you could remember. Your mom would get excited every time he’d come and you loved having him around.

However, this time things were different. You had overheard your mother talking to your Aunt Julie on the phone about how Dean was coming to visit again. When you first heard her say that you were thrilled, that was until you heard you mom say, “No, Y/N doesn’t know he’s her father and I’m not sure he wants her to know.”

Now at six years old hearing that your father doesn’t want you to know that he’s your dad is basically worse then hearing that Santa isn’t real.

Why didn’t he want you to know?

Did he not wanna be your dad?

He seems to like being around you whenever he comes to visit.

You were confused and too scared to talk to your mom about it because she had lectured you just the other day about eavesdropping on other peoples conversations.

Dean had been there for a few hours and you had yet to say a word to him. You no longer knew how to behave around him. He had been trying all afternoon to get you to play with him, to talk to him, to let him be part of your day, but you had shut him out.

Now he was sitting across from you while you drew while he tried to get your attention with the army men he had gotten you a few months ago. He kept making shooting noises and it looked like a lot of fun, but you didn’t wanna play with him if he didn’t wanna be your dad.

Letting out a sigh Dean looked at you and asked, “Okay kiddo, what’s going on? Usually when I’m here we play all day and now you’re just ignoring me.”

You continued to ignore him and kept on coloring, “Y/N.” Dean whined in a playful voice that he used on you whenever you asked him to watch the same movie too many times. “Sweetheart, come on, you know you can talk to me if something is buggin’ you.” Dean told you in a soft, yet serious tone.

Setting down your crayon you took a deep breath and looked Dean in the eyes and in a very serious tone you asked,

“Why don’t you want me to know you’re my daddy?”

TITLE: Quiet Confessions

‘Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.’

[gif is not mine] this is from my ao3!! requests are open. let me know what you think

“What are you doing?” Loki asked her noticing she was on the steps outside of his house in the pouring rain.

She turned and smiled at him, “Waiting for you.”


She shrugged and turned back around, “It’s a pretty day, don’t you think?” She held out her hand, feeling the water wet her hand.

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up, “It is. But not when you’re about to get sick. Honestly.” He shook his head at her, feeling she was getting colder by the second he rushed her to his house. “What are you thinking? You could get hypothermia.” He grabbed a towel and gave it to her.

He heard her laugh, while fixing her up some tea. “I swear to god you’re insane. One day you’re going to kill yourself while doing something silly.” He plopped the tea bag in her mug and waited for the water to boil. He turned around and saw her watching him. “What?” He touched his face, thinking there was something there. “Do I have something on my face?”

She shook her head, a small cough coming from her mouth. She gave him back his towel and told her to keep a hold of it. “Thank you.” She said as she brought the mug to her lips. He nodded in acknowledgement.

“Now, care to tell me why you’re here?”

She coughed again, harshly and longer this time. He cringed as he saw her struggling to breath, “See you’re already getting sick.” He tried to lighten the mood.

“I was just around the neighbourhood and I wanted to see you.”

“So…you didn’t knock? You just sat there?”

“I knew you’d come out sooner or later.” She smiled.

Loki looked at her peculiarly, she seemed off…somehow. Well, it was her and she did a lot of random things, that’s what he loved about her. Loki sighed her name, “We haven’t spoke in half a year. What are you really doing here?”

Her smile dropped and looked at him, no emotion on her face whatsoever. “Do you still have the envelope I gave you, Loki?”

‘Envelope? Huh?….Oh right, yeah.’ He nodded and moved towards his room, getting it. She stopped him with her hand, “I don’t want you to get it Loki. I was just wondering if you still had it.”

“Of course, I’d still have it, you told me to keep it, to only open it when something big and devastating happened. I still think you’re barmy.” He rolled his eyes as he returned back to his spot. “Why do you ask?”

“Hmm?” She looked at him, she was thinking about the future before. It hurt her head when she thought for a long time. It also hurt her when she was doing things that acquired large energy, such as walking, but she wouldn’t tell him that. “Sorry, I was daydreaming.”

“You do that a lot, you know? One of the weirdest things about you.” She smiled at him while he scowled at her.

She loved him, he hoped he knew. Sure he wasn’t the nicest person on the planet, but what would you get from a God?

“Do you remember what we talked about before?”

“When before?”

“You know, that day at the Rainbow Bridge? When you took me to Asgard and we talked about the future, while laying down and looked at the stars?”

He remembered that day clearly, etched into his mind. He sighed happily as he recalled that day.

Loki took her to Asgard, to meet the rest of his family, well they wanted to meet her. Wanting to see the girl that captured his heart…even though she didn’t know anything about that. That would be kept as a secret for a long time. Loki remembered as they finished their feast and they walked aimlessly down the Rainbow Bridge, stopping around halfway to sit down.

She looked like she belonged there, her personality suited it. He remembered there was a breeze which made her dress sway a bit, and her hair flowing in the night sky. If he had a chance to paint any picture, that would be it. That was one of the most defined moment of his life, he thought. Here was a girl who has stuck by him, through thick and thin and he couldn’t even tell her that he loved her. Three little words.

Loki remembered sitting down and talking about the future and the what ifs. He remembered her telling him that she wants a huge family one day, living somewhere, maybe Asgard or a small Scottish cottage. Somewhere peaceful and quiet. He wanted to be that guy when she told him.

“Judging by your smile, I’m saying you remember?” She interrupted his memories as she gave him a faint sheepish smile.

“Bits and pieces.” He bit out. He saw her smile drop a bit and he felt like A-grade ass. “Can’t help it, I’m getting old.” She laughed out loud for this one, and he couldn’t help but smile as well.

“I remember telling you about my future, I really hope that one day that happens, you know? With the right guy, hopefully soon.” She whispered her confession. She put her mug in the sink and looked at the clock. “I have to go back to the hos- home. I’ll see you later Loki.” She coughed again and gave him a smile.

“I’ll see you later as well, treat your cold.” She waved at him and coughed again. He frowned, she seemed to be having a coughing fit. Thinking nothing of it, he closed the door and sighed.

Loki felt like ripping the nine realms apart. There was something burning inside his chest, he wished he could rip it out and just toss it. He belted out a scream while thrashing his room. There was a light knock on the door. “Brother?”

Loki didn’t bother responding as he flipped his table upside down. “This is not fair! Why? Why brother?  WHY?” He yelled at Thor as he ducked a vase.

“Loki, calm down.”

“Calm down? You want me to calm down? Do you know how preposterous you sound right now?” Thor furrowed his brows as he took steps towards his brother.

“I apologise, but I am very sorry about your loss. Did you know anything?”

Loki shook his head as he dropped down to his knees, “She visited me once, she looked fragile and weak, she also had a coughing fit. I did not think anything of it, I thought it was just the flu. Gods, I’m so foolish!”

Thor felt the room crack under Loki’s magic. “Hush, Loki. She would have not wanted this.”

He placed a comforting hand on Loki’s shoulder, “I am foolish brother, I did not even tell her my true feelings.”

Thor knelt down in front of his weeping brother, “I am sure, she knew Loki. And I am sure that she returned those feelings for you. I recall that she gave you something before?”

Loki’s eyes widened, filled with tears he ransacked his room until he found the letter from her. “Leave Thor, please.” Thor did not need to be told twice. He walked to the door a single glance back at his brother, he shook his head and closed the door.

Loki sat down on the bed, sighing he flipped the enveloped. There it was his name in her tilted handwriting, the letter felt thick and heavy. He carefully opened the enveloped and brought out the letter.  There were several things in there, there was at least five photographs.

He looked at them each, one was him, her and the Avengers, he recalled the man in the iron suit had wanted a group photo, and he insisted annoyingly that Loki be a part of it. Another was him trying to figure out how to cook, the third her and him in the park with Darcy, Jane and Thor. The fourth was just him and her, him being in a Midgardian suit attire. And the last…the last took his breath away. It was a photo of him and her on that night sitting on the Rainbow Bridge. ‘How?’ He thought.

He put the letter and the other photographs by his side and looked at the picture. It seemed magical and staged, but it was not. He could see himself staring at her lovingly from a far and her staring right back at him. ‘Who took this photo?’ It was perfect.

He closed his eyes and put the photo close to his chest. “Oh…oh, my love.” He gently put it beside him and grabbed the letter and began reading it.


Hello you. You’re probably wondering why I gave you a letter right? Or not, since you’re used to well me being me.

I’m writing this letter because, well today I just found out I had cancer. I don’t know if you know anything about it, but incase if you don’t. Well, it’s a Midgardian disease, there’s no known cure for it, I’m pretty sure. I don’t know if they have it in Asgard…

Now, you’re thinking that why wouldn’t I tell you? Well, it’s simple, really. I wanted to be with you. I wanted you to be happy and not have this thing over your head. I wanted you to be YOU while being with me. But then, the treatments and such got into the way of that. I know we haven’t spoken in around 5 months and now I’m just giving you a letter out of the blue, but I needed this. I needed to write you this.

These will be my last words Loki. My last words for you.

You don’t know how much you mean to me. You are my everything, my stars, my moon, my life. Do you remember that day when we sat on the Rainbow Bridge? That was the day I wanted to tell you everything. Everything that I felt for you, wanted from you.

When I told you I wanted to live somewhere quiet and have a big family, I wanted that. With YOU. There was no one else that can make me feel the way you did. When I was around you I felt like I was on fire, I was being re-born. You made me feel like me. You made me feel complete.

I wish I could have that future with you, I goddamn wished I didn’t have this! I wish that we could have Midgardian, half Jotunn babies. Wow, that would have been a sight? Can you imagine dropping them off to preschool? Or when I gave birth to them?

I have never regretted anything.

The only thing I regretted was not telling you in person that I love you.

I goddamn love you so much. More than I thought could be possible.

Those are my last words for you my Loki. Please be happy. Anyway, I won’t be really gone, I’ll be watching over you…gods that sounded weird.

I love you.

Loki carefully folded the letter back, tears in his eyes he grabbed the items and marched towards the Bifrost.

Once he reached it, he hastily wiped his eyes. “Heimdall, I am sure you know why I am here.”

Heimdall nodded, “I am very sorry for your loss. I just wanted to let you know she loved you greatly, and that it was you she was thinking about when she passed.”

Loki felt his heart clench and nodded solemnly to Heimdall who let him go onto the Bifrost. “I’m trusting you know where I want to go?”

He felt the rush of the Bifrost as he was taken to his destination. Loki landed on the ground with a thud and looked up at the landscape before him.

It was a little cottage, on a cliff, over looking the Scottish sea. This was the place that he secretly bought for her. He walked to the door and opened it. He breathed in and smelt the wood. He walked around the small cottage, going outside via the garden.

He looked up at the night stars. “The only thing I regretted was not telling you that I love you. And now it is too late.

“You see this cottage, I bought for you, when you told me you wanted somewhere quiet and peaceful, I bought this for you. You don’t know how much hassle I had to go through buying this for you.” He laughed and the stars twinkled. “I miss you.” He whispered. He felt a gust of wind hitting him.

“I miss you too.” Was what he could faintly hear from the wind. He looked up hopeful and watched the night stars twinkling. He smiled and walked back inside.

This is where he would live, this is where he would stay, until the day she comes back to him, taking him to a better life.

This idea came to me as soon as I saw this GIF @sgarrett49 . Thanks for sending it to me!

Mama’s Master List

Double Dare

“There’s no way you can get him to do something like that,” Sam told me.

“You wanna bet?” I replied.

“A hundred dollars says you can’t,” he returned.

“You got yourself a bet buddy boy,” I said laughing. “But you can’t interfere on how I do it.”

“Ok. It’s a deal.”

Later on that evening…

“OK Sam  It’s your turn. Truth or dare,” Dean said.

“Truth because I don’t trust you,” Sam said laughing.

I joined in laughing because Sam was smart to not trust his brother. Dean had already had me doing two extremely crazy dares.

“Ok, what’s your most secret sexual desire?” Dean asked him.

“Well hell. Maybe I should have taken the dare,” he said as he took another long drink from his glass. “Deepest sexual desire? I don’t know that I have one but it might be cool to let a woman tie me up and I just lay there.”

“Wow dude,” Dean replied. “That may have been a little TMI.”

“What the fuck Dean? That was your question.”

That got us all laughing again. As soon as we had ourselves back under control, we continued playing. Finally I thought the time was right.

“Ok Dean. It’s your turn and it’s on me this time,” I told him.

“Give me your best shot sweetheart.”

“Truth or dare?”

“From you? I am going with dare. Let’s see what you got.”

“Tomorrow, when all the hunters get here for the meeting, you have to join us in a wife beater, flip flops, maybe a pair of cutoff shorts, and … you have to walk in carrying Fluffy!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Nope. You asked for dare and that’s the dare. Take it or give up.”

“I never give up. I’ll do it.”

I looked over at Sam and smirked. This was going to be the easiest hundred dollars I ever made!

The next day…

Everyone was gathered around in the war room. A few people had already been asking where Dean was. Sam and I both told them all that he would be there soon. Sam and I were in a corner and he was telling me he didn’t think his brother would follow through.

To both of our surprise, Dean walked in just as I had dared him. The laughter and comments floating around the room were hilarious. To make it even better, Dean had carried the dare even a little further. His cutoffs were so short and the front pockets were just hanging out there. He had a pair of shades on and it looked like he was sipping some kind of iced coffee!

I was dying with laughter. I watched through the tears streaming down my face as he just sauntered into the middle of the room, sucking through his straw. I  glanced around for Sam and found him literally on the ground, gripping his stomach, laughing so hard.

Dean stopped in the middle of the group and just kind of looked at everyone. I could see the tiniest of smiles there and I knew he was trying to stop his own laughter.

“What’s so funny?” he asked everyone. “Dudes, come on. It’s hot outside!”

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Celestial Friend Part 3

gif is not mine

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,503

Warnings: angst, Josh (He’s gonna be a constant problem, I’m sure), slight fluff

A/N: Here is Part 3, where I’m sure we won’t see the last of Josh. I hope you guys are enjoying this series as it’s just starting out! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Series Masterlist

It was Friday, which only meant two things: the end of the week, and serving some just desserts.  Josh was a basketball player, but his posse included cheerleaders and football players as well.  You and Gabriel decided that no basketball player could do that damage to your locker.  It had to be a few of the football players.

“Gabriel, we can’t punish the whole team,” you said, shaking your head.  “As much as I want them to have a minor in convenience in their lives, I don’t wanna do that to someone who is innocent.”  You kept your voice low in the library, keeping your eyes locked on to your book.  It was lunch time and you retreated to the library.

The archangel spotted the principal and a few of the football players and Josh, heading towards you.  He could only assume this meant trouble.  He gestured his head at the four men coming your way.  “I have a feeling you’ll change your mind [Y/N],” Gabriel murmured, folding his arms across his chest.

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I’m only uploading this chapter because it’s hella short, so I don’t want people getting their hopes up when it finally updates for this measly little chapter. We’re coming up to the halfway point soon - buckle in now, because the next chapter is going to be a doozy! Anyway, enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Oh my god. Protective guy with anger issues, but WOW.

*deep breath* *loud, prolonged scream of anguish and excitement*

Nononono you can’t just leave us with a cliffhanger, no no, I need the next part,n e e d.

‘The Tower’ (Part 12)

Part 11

Loki’s muscles felt like lead. Everywhere from the roots of his head to the tips of his toes was heavy with fatigue and a voice in his head told him to roll over and go back to sleep.

However, the same voice outside of his head swore at him.

“Get up,” you snapped. “I know the difference between REM and waking up. I see you.” Loki pried one eyelid open and glared fiercely at you. You looked equally as pleased to see him. Judging by how bright the room was, the night had long since passed him by. Loki couldn’t remember the last time he’d slept so deeply…

“What… happened…” He said groggily, sitting up. Somehow he’d made it from the window seat to the bed, where he felt something akin to a pillow behind him. Noticing him struggling, you reached behind his head and pulled out the ‘pillow’: your rolled-up picnic blanket. You’d also draped his blanket and your cloak over him. Overkill, but appreciated.

“Last time I tried to apologise for something that wasn’t my fault, you told me off, so I think I’ll remain pissed at you for now.”

“I suppose I owe you an explanation.”
“It would be nice, yes,” you smiled coldly.  

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Imagine doing the long distance thing with Chris.

You sat on the set of your new movie waiting for your boyfriend to pick up your FaceTime call. You had to cancel your daily Skype session yesterday because the filming had taken longer than expected, therefore clashing with the set time you and Chris had decided on; 10:30AM Boston time. By the time you wrapped, Chris had somewhere to get to and couldn’t make the call. So here you were, making up for lost time seeing as you weren’t due for your next scene for about an hour.

“Bonjour Captain.” You greeted Chris when his face popped up on your screen. “Est-ce que je vous dérange?” You giggled softly at his bedhead and wondered if he only just got out of bed; the shirt he had on should’ve been a giveaway that he’d been up for hours and just didn’t brush his hair; he slept without a shirt most of the time and wouldn’t bother with one until he was ready to seize the day.

“Just because you’re in Paris doesn’t mean I too suddenly understand French.”

“I said,” you chuckled softly, “am I disturbing you? ‘Cause you look like you just rolled out of bed. I know you might be depressed 'cause I’m not around to put a smile on your face but come on, Cap. It’s two thirty where you are,” you teased.

“I’ve been up for hours, thank you very much.” He quipped and you laughed then covered your mouth when you heard a crew member shush you. “Did you just get shushed?” His voice softened into a whisper, afraid he’d cause you to get another shush.

“Yeah, I did,” you chuckled softly. “The things I’m willing to go through for you.”

“Like I haven’t been shushed because of you,” he laughed. “They more than shushed me the last time you visited the set,” he reminded you and you bit the inside of your cheek to stop from bursting into laughter. “By the way, you’re not allow on set while I’m working anymore.”

“Please,” you rolled your eyes. “Kevin loves me, so does Joss and the Russo brothers. As long as they are involved with Marvel, which is now until the end of time, I’m always going to be allowed the set.” You said and he chuckled, nodding in agreement.

“I miss you,” you told him.

“Tell me something new,” he smiled.

You’d been away from him for two months now, and you had another four before you could fly home to him. You were excited to spend time him, definitely. You couldn’t wait to sleep beside him and wake up to him kissing you; you were pining for those late night conversations in the kitchen while the two of you shared a pint of cookie dough ice-cream; you were ready for the morning walks you two would take with Dodger; you were even craving those Sunday afternoons where you’d pretend to enjoy the football game though he knew you hated it.

You were excited, yes, but there was that part of you that was dreading all of that. You knew a week after you returned, it was going to be his turn to leave for his job; the latest Marvel movie, 'Avengers: Infinity War Part 1’, and that was going to be six months of you being in the comfort of your shared home and him calling you from his sets, trailers, and hotel rooms. You were dreading spending time with him because you knew from experience that having even a second with him made it harder for you, just like it was incredibly hard for him when you left two months ago after the two of you had four work-free months together.

Long distance was something you two- after decades of being in the industry and three years of dating- were used to by now but that didn’t mean it was easier. There were days where- even just thinking about it- broke your heart; the loneliness and the isolation. There were nights where you’d call sobbing and he’d just let you cry into the phone until you fell asleep, and vice versa when he had a particularly bad day. There were the missed birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays that both of you would have given anything up to relive but this time, as a couple. Then there were the red carpets and A-Lister events you two have had to walk alone or attend solo because the other were caught up somewhere on the other side of the world; it usually led to exclusive stories claiming it was over and you or Chris had move on with another actor or actress you were seen with at said party or event.

You could still remember the fiasco with the very taken Sebastian Stan after you were seen together at a New York fashion show. His girlfriend, Margarita- a good friend of yours, found it hilarious. The two of you even joked at the double date dinner that perhaps swapping seats would change the headliner to 'Captain America and The Winter Soldier, sharing more than just a shield’; you had all laughed at that.

Long distance was always going to be difficult. Anyone who had ever done it had told you that, but they’d also told you that if the person was the right one- it was going to worth it, and with Chris, it was. Both of you were sure after the first date that the other was the one you could see the rest of your life with, and a promise was made that you’d persevere no matter how hard it got.

“How’s the movie going?” He changed the subject because he knew you’d start tearing up if you two got too in depth about the subject of missing each other. “I’m excited to see it, I can tell you’re going to beautiful already. Look at you,” he teased, “my pants are getting a little tight.”

“You’re an idiot,” you chuckled softly.

“Your idiot,” he reminded you and you smiled. “Anyway, how was the production meeting yesterday? Did you finally get a premiere date? Is it…” He trailed off with a hopeful gleam in his eyes which quickly faltered when you shook your head.

“It’s in the beginning of April so you’re most likely still going to be filming.” You told him with a small smile; you saw his head drop and heard a sigh. “It’s okay, babe. This makes us even then,” you tried to lighten the mood with a joke. “'Cause when your premiere comes around, I’m going to be stuck filming my next movie.”

“I don’t like how you’re in such high demand,” he pouted.

“I don’t like how you’re in such high demand either,” you retorted with a similar pout.

“Maybe we should quit,” he suggest with a small quirk of his lips; he was joking of course, he loved his job as much as you did. “We’ve got enough money to last us if we live simply. We could sell everything and hit the road with a truck and a caravan,” he said and you chuckled; it had been an idea sitting in the back of his mind since he went on Anna’s podcast. “I think it’d be nice to catch a break from Hollywood, don’t you?”

“I think you’d be bored if you didn’t get to put on your Cap costume,” you told him and he chuckled. “Just like I’d be bored if I didn’t get to be someone other than myself. I know you’re sick of long distance, baby. I am too but- we love what we do as much as we love each other. Giving one up to do the other easily when we can do both with a little work is lazy and stupid,” you quipped.

“I know,” he chuckled. “Forget I asked.”

You heard Dodger’s bark and you felt your smile grow.

“I guess he heard your voice,” Chris chuckled and descended to his knees so Dodger could be in the picture. “Look, buddy.” Dodger’s tail wagged excitedly. “Who’s that? Who’s that?” He pointed at the screen and you smiled, giving the puppy a small wave. “It’s Y/N, isn’t it?”

“Hi buddy, hey Dodge.” You cooed into the microphone and he barked. “I’ve missed you too, bud.” Your gaze fell back on your boyfriend who was happily patting his puppy and you felt tears well in your eyes. “I’ve really missed you too.” Both you and Chris heard your voice quiver; he turned to you with narrowed eyes and you cleared your throat. “I’m fine,” you assured him, smiling.

“Are you?” He sent Dodge away and got back onto his feet. “You look like you’re about to break and we can’t have that while you’re still working.” You took a slow, deep breath and turned away from the screen. “You need to stay professional, okay? Y/N, hey. Look at me, sweetheart.”

“I can’t,” you shook your head.

“Then hang up,” he instructed. “Hang up and call me later.”

“No,” your head snapped back to the screen. “I already missed yesterday’s call, I’m not going to cut today’s one short. I still have a while until my next scene so- let’s talk. I’m fine, okay?” You assured him and smiled despite how much you wanted to cry. “What have you been doing? What did you do yesterday?”

“Nothing unusual,” he answered. “I spent the day with the kids at the playground then took them for a little too much ice-cream.” He said then chuckled when you shook your head. “Yeah, I can’t take them for ice-cream by myself anymore.”

“How are the kids?”

“Excited for you to get back,” he told you with a smile. “I know one particular kid who would give anything to have you back right now.” He referred to himself then pressed his lips together when he realized he was doing the opposite of distracting you from missing him. “Sorry,” he winced.

“Don’t be,” you chuckled softly.

“Hey, um-” His gaze darted away from the camera for a moment and you narrowed your eyes at his sudden fidgety movements. “I have to go,” he told you and you felt your frown deepened. “I forgot I had something to catch and um-” He looked back at you and smiled. “I’ll talk to you soon, okay? Real soon, I promise.”


He hung up on you before you could finished and you huffed, a little annoyed with his abrupt goodbye but mostly sad. You let your annoyance and anger fade when you deduced that he probably had a meeting and forgot to budget his time again. You pulled up your Twitter app and tweeted some of your fans while you waited to be called on. You heaved a sigh when you saw the time; 8:36PM. Filming was supposed to last another four hours so you were in for a long, long night. But hey, at least you could sleep in until ten tomorrow morning.
• • • • • • • •
The sun poked through your curtain and you felt the warmth of its rays on your face. You hummed and turned away from the window to face the inside of your fairly empty king size bed. Your eyes fluttered open for a brief second and a blood curling scream escaped your lips when you realized you weren’t as alone as you thought.

“Fuck!” The bearded blue eyed plaid wearing man jerked back and nearly fell off the bed. It took you less than a second to realize it was just Chris, your dork of a boyfriend; you quickly caught his arm and pulled him back in. “Holy shit,” he grabbed his chest where his rapidly beating heart was. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Me?!” You scoffed and laughed at the same time. “You’re the one who broke into my hotel room and climbed into bed with me! I thought I was about to get murdered by some crazy lumberjack.” You said and laughed harder when you saw him pressed his lips tightly, feigning annoyance. “Oh you know I love you in plaid,” you cooed and wrapped an arm around his neck.

“I know,” he chuckled, pulling your body closer to his. “I’ve missed this.” He whispered, holding you tightly against him and pressed his lips to your neck; you giggled as his beard tickled your skin. “This definitely made the nine hours of travel time worth it.”

“You travelled nine hours to come see little old me?” You pulled your head back so you could look him in the eye; he nodded with a wide smile. “How long have you had this planned?” You asked and his smile turned smug.

“Since Monday.” He informed you and you shook your head, slightly amazed he managed to keep it a secret for six days; he could never keep anything from you for more than an hour. “I could tell you were going to break sometime this week and I wanted to be by your side to hold you when it happened. It was hard, babe. I wanted to tell you the second I bought the tickets,” he admitted and you both chuckled.

“Chris, thank you for coming out.” You felt the tears prick your eyes. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You told him and he smiled. “Honestly after you hung up on me yesterday,” you poked his cheek and he chuckled. “I nearly broke, but I didn’t 'cause I remained professional. But I’m glad you’re here now 'cause I was definitely going to have a sob in the bath tonight if you didn’t show up.”

“We can still have the bath,” he suggested flirtatiously and you giggled. “But you’re definitely going to be too preoccupied to have that sob.”

“I love you,” you told him.

“I love you too,” he smiled and kissed you.

*Request: Imagine you are dating Happy & you get jealous easily and happy always has to reassure that he loves you.”

“Are you getting ready baby?” Happy asked you on the phone. He was already at the SAMCRO party and you had just got off work so you were trying to get ready then go see your old man. “Yes, I just got out the shower and I’m doing my hair and make up now, but do you know what would help this process go faster?” You asked him while flat ironing your hair. “Let me guess, me off the phone?” He said smiling.”Yes baby!” You said laughing. “Alright I’ll see you in the next hour. Bye.” He said hanging up before you had anytime to yell at him for saying an hour because he knew you took a long time to get ready. You really disliked going to these parties because you were very conservative and the girls at the parties were far from that. They were all sluts and Happy and the rest of the club already had sex with them so that bothered you because if you weren’t there a female would always be pushing up on Happy and that made your blood boil.

“Where are you?” Happy texted your phone as you were about to walk out the door. You replied, “Almost there.” Considering the fact that your house was only 15 minutes away from the club house. He knew damn well that you would take long so he shouldn’t have gotten his panties in a twist. As you pulled into the club house parking lot you could already smell the women, alcohol, and cigarettes from your car. You started walking to the door and once you walked in you were trying to find Happy. “Looking for your old man baby doll?” Gemma asked you. You didn’t notice her but you two weren’t the best of friends, matter of fact you disliked the sight of her but you just kept a smiling face because at the end of the day she was family to your man so you dealt with it. “Yes, you seen em?” You asked with a straight face. “Yeah, some little tart had his attention by the pool table a few minutes ago. She had a nice little ass.” She said smiling. You immediately made your way to where he was.


You couldn’t find Happy any where in the room, you tried to play if off by just standing at the bar and looking around the room but you couldn’t hide your anger anymore. “Hey sis.” Tig said. Out of everyone he was probably the only person besides Happy that you talked to or could even stand since he was very funny and dint stop bothering me until i smiled. “Hey Tiggy, have you seen Hap?” You asked with hopeful eyes. “Uh, yeah.” He said looking around the club house. “He was outside with a few guys.” He said and before he could finish the sentence you were up off the bar stool and made your way to the door. You yelled, “Thanks.” before walking off. once you got outside you saw Happy with a croweater and she was all on him in his face and he had a nice grip on her ass. You were pissed. The woman was laughing and all up in Happy’s face and it soon came to a stop once he noticed you looking at him. He soon had a serious face and made his way towards you. “I’m leaving.” you said walking to your car. “Y\N. We were just talking.” He said grabbing me. “Oh and her ass in your hands was you just talking too?” You said and he didn’t say anything back. “Yeah I didn’t think so.”

You walked to your car and he followed you. “Babe, you’re overreacting.” He said with a smirk on his face. You could tell he was a little bit tipsy, because he was happy before he got drunk because once he was drunk he was mad. “Overreacting? I don’t even like coming to these parties but I come for you and that’s what you do? I’m going home since I make a big deal out of everything. You don’t have to come home, stay here with your sluts and beer.” You said closing your door. Instead of going home you drive to Mayan territory and visited your cousin who was your only family member you talked to. “Lily! Open the door.” You screamed from the front of her house. Her boyfriend Bird opened the door and said, “She’s sleeping Y\N.” The front of the house smelled like weed and beer. “Move Bird.” You pushed him out the way and walked to the master bedroom, passing up Bird’s friends. “Wake up Lily.” You said to her. “Ugh, Y\N? What happened?” She said wiping her eyes. “I think I should leave Happy, he has too many women around him at those parties and I don’t even like going but I go for him and tonight I went and some tramp was all up in his face and her ass was in his hands LIly!” You said hoping to get dramatic feedback. “You woke me up to tell me that your man went to a party and women were around him. When me and you go out guys grab our asses and try to push up on us all the time.” You felt stupid and just laid there.


You stayed the night at Lily’s house and you woke up to 21 missed calls from Happy and text messages starting off good saying, “Babe.” “Where are you?” “I’m sorry.” then they drifted to more angry messages like, “Where the fuck are you?” “What the fuck” “Get your ass home!” You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen. Lily was cooking breakfast and she already ha food waiting for you. “You know I would appreciate if you let your man know where you were at.” You looked at her confused. “Him blowing up your phone and even calling my phone took me by surprise. He is planning something for you tonight so he told me to keep you here, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.” “Please, the last time Happy planned something special for me included going to Gemma’s house with the rest of the club. Happy only cares about that damn club.” You said to Lily. “Well Y\N, let’s go to the mall and do some retail therapy.” Lily said. “That sounds like a bet.” You said to her.

After a day of shopping you dreaded going back to the house, knowing that you had to see Happy and confront all of the problems from the night before. As you pulled up to the house you grabbed your stuff and made you way to the door and once you got to the door you noticed a note tapped to the door saying “I’m sorry.” You smirked but then came back to reality once you smelled smoke coming from inside your house. “You dropped all your bags, opened the door, and then ran into the kitchen where you found Happy using a fire extinguisher and cursing. Once he got the fire out of control you said, “Happy, what the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to burn the house down? You don’t cook!” “I know, I’m sorry I was trying to make a dinner for you but I let the damn thing on high and walked away and came back to a fire. I was trying to do something special for you. I got this fancy ass wine and made you a bath with those balls that you like that make bubbles. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.” He said cleaning up the mess. “You did all that for me?” You said with a smile. “Yeah, I thought you’d be mad I caused a fire. I’m sorry.” “Happy, I love you but let me do the cooking please.” You said laughing because he had looked a complete mess but he tried and that made you very happy. “I’m sorry about the other night, I was just being stupid. It’ll never happen again” He said. “I love you. Now lets take a bath.” 

“Damn..” A deep voice said behind you. You turned around, confused as to why someone would say such a remark as you walked down the hall of your job. You came face to face with one of BigHit’s biggest rappers: Rap Monster—or Namjoon. “Um, hey.” He waved, “You must be (Y/N) of the new girl group, right?” You nod slowly, holding your water bottle closely to your chest. He’s so tall.. “I’m Namjoon.” He stuck his hand out, “I’m the leader of BTS—another group here. I rap, and my stage name is Rap Monster. If you want, either or I’m fine with.”

“I know you, and BTS.” You took his hand and shook it, “How would I not?”

“Aren’t you the leader of your group, too?” He asked.


“Two leaders,” He smiled, letting your hand go. “Maybe our groups should get together sometime?”

“We’re trying to prepare for our debut, so we don’t have much time.”

“How about after you get out of practice we head to the dance room?” He offered.

“I’ll have to ask the girls,” You began walking backwards.

“I’ll be waiting.” He gave a small smile and wave, standing there watching you leave. You quickly walked to your group members, closing the door harshly behind you.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, unnie!” Your maknae pointed out, playing with the second youngest.

“Omo, what happened?” Another asked.

“I saw Rap Monster in the hallway, and he spoke to me..” You pressed your back against the doors.

“Why do you look scared?”

“He’s intimidating..” You pealed yourself away, “He wants to know if we’ll meet him and the rest after practice.”

“Oh, unnie lets go!” The younger members whined.

“We have practice,”

“Only for a little—please?” They pleaded.

“Fine.” You sigh.

//After Practice//

“Go find the boys, I’ll be right there.” You shoo your members away. They go on their way happily, as you stay in the dance room practicing.

“You know your group just left for us, right?” Namjoon said, leaning on the doorframe.

“I have to get this move down.” You mumbled, still trying to dance.

“Take a little break,” He walked to you, “It’ll be worth your while.”

“What kind of girl do you take me for?” You ask, watching him in the mirror.

“A sexy one.” He breathed, snaking his arms around you. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“No.” You try to break away.

“What about me? Do you think I’m sexy, (Y/N)?” His hands trailed all over your body.

The stress of learning the dance was somehow absorbed by his wandering hands, “Maybe when you dance.”

“Only when I dance?” He smirked, hiding his face in the reflection behind your hair. “Why don’t we, then?” His right hand gripped your hip, and you felt his front press against you. “Dancing is romantic, you know?” He whispered in your ear, grinding against you slowly.

“This kind of dancing isn’t, Rap Monster.” You wiggled your finger playfully.

He gave a halfhearted laugh, “You’re calling me by my stage name? I think it’d be much easier just to say Namjoon.”

“Namjoon~” You repeated, “I don’t think this kind of dancing is the kind that’ll be counted as romantic.”

“If not romantic, what is it?” His fingers brushed against the tiny exposed part of your stomach.

“Sensual,” You tangled your fingers in his hair, “Provocative.” You gently tugged, “What’s another synonym for ‘you want to get in my pants’?” You smartly asked.

He chuckled, looking down at his hands playing with the hem of your sweatpants. “Does this count as foreplay?”

“It depends..” You shrugged, “Will you put the feelings to use?”

“Is that a question?” He pressed himself closer to your bum, “Because to me, it isn’t.”

“Try your best to get me heated,” You smirked.

“Your challenge is accepted.” He spun you around to face him. “Where should I start on this masterpiece of a body, hm?” He checked you out. He walked closer to you, sending your back against the mirror. He kissed your cheek lightly, trailing down your jawline, neck, shoulder, then chest. He kissed your clothed breasts, going even farther down. As Namjoon got to your stomach, he lifted up your shirt to expose yourself to him. He left soft lovely kisses on the bare skin, making little sounds as he disconnected. “Cute panties.” He chuckled, pulling down your pants. “Wear some like these everyday, or was today you felt like being a little naughty?”

“Something told me that something good was gonna happen today,” You grabbed his hair.

“I’m glad I bumped into you, then.” He went on his knees, “It would be a shame if they weren’t put to use.”

“What are you gonna do to put them to use?”

“Why don’t we just find out?” He said, rubbing your sensitive spots. “How about a little something for you? I’m a giver, in case you couldn’t tell.” He lifted your leg, carefully holding your calf to slide your ankle out of the elastic bottom. Your left leg was left naked, while he let the right side the way it was. “After this, you won’t get any mercy. You’re just lucky I’m caring,”

“After this?” You laughed, “What makes you so sure they’ll be any times after this?”

“Trust me,” He moved your panties to the side, teasing your entrance with his lanky fingers. “You’ll be begging for more after I’m done with you.”

“Tell me more about what you’ll do to me after this.” You arched your back, feeling the tip of his finger sneak in you.

“Well,” He cleared his throat, “It definitely won’t be anything like this: sweet, kisses, lovey—the complete opposite, actually.” He shoved his complete finger up, “It’ll be rough, dirty, messy, and you’ll be loving every second of it.” He slowly put a second finger in, “God..” He muttered, “I feel like I’m tearing you already. How do you expect to have me in there? I’m way bigger than my finger is, (Y/N).” He leaned in, licking your clit lightly and playfully. “I could get used to this.”

“Hyung!” Jungkook called, opening the door. He gasped, turning around and covering his eyes. “Aish, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

You jumped, making Namjoon’s fingers fall out of you. “Jungkook!” He yelled, covering you up with his body. “Where are your manners? You don’t just walk into a room without knocking,”

“I-I’m sorry..” He looked scarred by now, “I’ll go..”

“Don’t tell anyone.” Namjoon said sternly.

“O-Okay..” He said in a barely audible voice, walking away while shivering.

“Ah,” Namjoon sighed, moving your panties back in place. “I’m really sorry about that.” He lifted the side of the pant leg that was off, “Maybe another time?” He guided your foot in, and pulled up.

“Maybe.” You sighed, tugging your pants fully up.

“Why don’t we use this time to get to know each other, then?” He offered, “Also, we should get to everyone else.” He stood up, “I hope this wasn’t a waste of your time, or a disappointment.”

“It’s fine.” You shook your head.

“I’ll make it up to you,” He put his arm around you, “Promise.” He winked.

“You’ll have to wait then,” You pushed the door open. “I have practice.”

A smile crept on his face as he held the door open for you, “So there will be a next time?”

“I don’t see why not~”

“I guess I’ll just smell my fingers until then..” He raised his eye brow.

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“The worst year with you” Suga story - Part 8

“Thank you” Suga said to you
“For what?” you looked at him
“For trusting me” he looked at you too
You smiled at him and kiss his cheek.
“No need to thank me for that” you said
Suga smiled at you
“Shall we go somewhere?” he asked
“Where? We can’t go back to school that’s for sure” you laugh
“If you want..My place,we order pizza?” he looked at you with his eyebrows raised
“Okay,sure” you smiled

Both of you stand up and start to walk to his apartment.
“Do you wanna talk about that girl?” you bit your lip nervously
“Well,there is not much to say..” Suga puts his hands in his pocktes
“We were together one year,then we broke up and that is where story ends” he looks at you
“Why did you turn out to be a bad guy after that?”
“It makes me stronger” he said taking a breath
“Y/N..You ask too many questions” he looks at you 
“Well sorry..I mean,we’re together,so I thought you’ll be honest with me” you said not looking at him
“Even thought we are..I can’t tell you everything” 
“Okay,that is little bit rude”
“It’s not”
You just sigh and look away.
While you guys were walking together,you didn’t speak to him..It was just the way he was rude moments before..It’s the way he says stuff,and they sound mean.
Suga kept looking at you,then he looks away,then looks at you again.But you never looked at him since he said he’s not gonna say everything to you.It bothered him not to hear you talk to him.

“Are you mad now?” he takes your arm stopping you
“No” you fake smiled and continue to walk but he grabs your arm again
“Stop doing that” you slap his hand and he moves it away
“Are you mad?” Suga asked being serious
“I am not mad” you lied again
“Fucking lies Y/N” he comes closer to you
“Why are you getting mad out of nowhere?” you asked
“Because you’re not answering my question” he said coldly
“Yeah,I am mad…But I’ll get over it” you sigh
“What? Do I need to apologize now?” he was acting so mean towards you right now
“What is wrong with you suddenly?” you were starting to get nervous
“You’re really overreacting..How can you be stupid at something so stupid?” he raised his voice,you took a step back from him
“I’m overreacting?” you point at yourself
“I just thought because we’re together that we’ll be-” 
“Fucking let go of that “we’re together” shit!” he shouts
“Suga,calm down” you said putting your hands in front of you
“How can you fucking ask me about that girl?!” again he shouted
“I..” you couldn’t find words
“Rap Monster told you everything! How dare you ask me something about that cold hearted bitch!” Suga got really mad because still,he ain’t completely over her..And it hurts him to even hear about her or speak about her.
“Okay,I am sorry-”
“I fucking can’t believe you brought her up!” Suga shouts and turns around from you
“Don’t you ever,but EVER bring her up” he points at you
“I said I am sorry and don’t threat me again!” you shout at him and push him away from you 
Suga shuts up and realises that he has been yelling at you.
You just stared at him and turn around and start to walk back home.Suga didn’t to anything,he didn’t want to stop you from leaving,because he know he overreacted right there.That it wasn’t your fault,it was his.Because he can’t get over the break up even that passed few months now.

You camed home tearing up because the fight didn’t make any sence to you.
You though that he’ll be honest with you and tell you everything,but guess you were wrong.Why does bother him that you asked him about his ex.Suga should already be over her by this time.
He has you now,he should be happy with you and not fight.
“ He is a bad person,you’ll see..And good luck if something happens between you two” you remember what one girl told you the other day
“Oh God” you said to yourself and lay back on your bed

Tomorrow was the most dumb day for you even if it’s Friday.
You woke up feeling not so well,right away trough your head goes Suga and the fight you guys had yesterday..
“I feel like shit” you were talking to Sophie over the phone
For some reason Sophie was the one who could give you advice and always help you out from the rest of the girls.All they care about is getting a guy and just making out with them.
“Why? What happened?” Sophie said
“Suga and I had a fight yesterday…I mean two fights actually” you said putting your makeup on 
“That’s not good…I think you guys should talk” 
“I don’t think I’ll talk to him after yesterday” you said
“Y/N..We both know you will talk to him again” Sophie said and you laugh
“But the way he was so mean”
“That is a part of a bad guy..And you took a shot to be with him in a relatinship,who knows what will happen” 
“I don’t know…Okay,I’ll see you at school,love ya’ “ you said and hang up the phone and go to school

“Suga” Jimin shouted and he stops to walk
“What’s up” Suga turned towards him
“Najmoon’s party tonight” he smiled
“Okay,cool…We still performing a sad song?” 
“Yeah..But not the one he said,we are gonna perform “Hold me tight” because his cousin on the end decided that song” Jimin explains rolling his eyes
“Fine” he said nodding his head

Rest of the boys camed towards Jimin and Suga and all of them sat down on the ground.
“Ahhh they are so hot” Jimin was looking at some girls
“Shut up,you have Bella” Jin pushed him
“Well I do,but I can have few more,right?” Jimin bit his lip smiling
“You’re such an ass” J-Hope laughed
“Ohh now look at those…Suga is your pretty lady there?” Jimin pokes his shoulder

Suga looked at him and then searched for you in the crowd.
He saw you..You were so beautiful to him..The way you were smiling with your friends make him sad,because even after a fight you’re smiling.
Suga doesn’t know will he apologize or not.
“You can’t take your eyes off her” Jungkook joked
“I can’t..She’s hot” Suga looked at him
“Can I talk to you?” Rap Monster puts his hand on his shoulder and Suga nodded and they both stood up and walked together
“Are you guys okay?” he asked
“We were,then she asked me something and I got mad and now we’re not speaking to each other” Suga explains
“And sorry..For yelling at you yesterday” he added looking at Rap Monster
“Nah It’s fine..I mean I should be the one telling sorry because I told her your past” Rap Monster said
“Anyways..Don’t you think you guys should talk?”
“Thing is…I honestly am not over her”
“Over your ex?”
“Suga,It’s been months!” Rap Monster was shocked
“I still have that little feelings in myself for her” Suga said
“That is not okay man” 
“Her and I kind of secretly started texting” Suga was honest
“WHAT?!” Rap Monster shouted
“You..Have a girlfriend..And your girlfriend is Y/N!” he puts his arms on Suga’s shoulders
“I don’t know what am I doing Namjoon..I’m fucked up…On other side I really do like Y/N,I DO! But still I have feelings left for my ex” Suga explains

Sophie was around the corner and she heard them speaking about you and the situation.
When she heard Suga still likes his ex,she was in complete shock..
“Namjoon” she jumps in front of them both
“Come with me please?” she smiled and took his hands in hers
Rap Monster looked at Suga
“I’m sure you won’t mind..Right?” Sophie looks at Suga
“Oh,no…You guys go..I’ll catch up with you later then Namjoon” Suga half smiled and walked away

Sophie smile fades from her face and she held his hand tight and lead him to the empty classroom..
“Hey,hey..What’s wrong?” Rap Monster asked her and closed the door
“What the fuck is Suga doing?” Sophie looked at him
“What is he doing?” Rap Monster pretended like nothing’s wrong
“Don’t you…Lie to mee” Sophie comes closer to him and points at his face
“I am not lying” he laughs
“Don’t you DARE lie to me” Sophie grabs his shirt and pulls his face down because she was shorter than him
“Okay…:” Rap Monster smiled and kissed her cheek
“Suga said something about..That he likes Y/N,but also likes his ex” he explains
“Hmmmm” Sophie walks back and forth
“That is creepy Sophie” Rap Monster laughs
“What is her name?”
“Oh I know her” 
“Well of course you do..She’s popular too” Rap Monster looks at her
“I think..Megan is trying to do something here..Not let Suga be happy with Y/N”
“That is a good thing you said right there”
“I know right!?” Sophie smiled
“Okay..Here is the plan..You need to convince Suga that he likes Y/N and not Megan” she puts her hands on his shoulders
“And..?” Rap Monster looks at her
“That’s it” she smiled
“But you are not gonna do anything?”
“No” Sophie smiled and walked out of the classroom
“Crazy girl” Rap Monster smiled and walked out

Later, on the big break, you were at your locker looking what do you have next.
You realise you have history and right away you remember Suga will be there.
“I can’t believe it” you said to yourself and closed the locker and behind it Taehyung was standing with a smiled on his face.
“You need something?” you tried act like you didn’t got scared by him right now
“You” he smiled and pushes you against the locker and stares at your eyes
“Are you serious?” you asked
“Yes..Isn’t it obvious?” Taehyung laughs looking at you
You tried to push him away from you,but you couldn’t.
“No matter how much you try,you won’t push me away from you” he said
“Seriously,what do you wa-”

You were cut off because Taehyung pressed his lips against yours hard..His hands slipped down on your ass,pulling you closer to his body.
You kissed back,putting your hands on his chest.
His tongue slipped into your mouth and kept kissing you.
In way way you thought this is the one of the worse thigs you have ever did,but on the other side you liked kissing Taehyung even he was yelling at you when he gets mad.

Taehyung actually did all of that because he liked you,a lot.

Luckily no one was at the hall at that moment to see you two making out.
When you pulled away to catch breath,Taehyung smiled.
“Why did you do that?” you asked
“Simple..I like you,you are hot” he smiled biting his lip
“Why did you kiss back?” he added raising his eyebrows
“Oh God!” you close your eyes
“C’mon ain’t a big deal you know..” Taehyung winks
“It is a big deal! I basically cheated on Suga” you said 
“He already cheated on you,so” Taehyung bit his lip again
“He what?” you were in shock
“Cheated.On.You” he looks at you

You didn’t believe what you were hearing.How could Suga do that to you already?

“Y/N,no need to be shocked..” Taehyung got closer putting his hand on your neck
“He’s a bad guy,so am I” he smiled and pulled you in a kiss again
You didn’t kiss back this time,because all in your head right now was Suga and his cheating.
Taehyung pulls away noticing you aren’t okay.He sighs.
“Cheer up!” he tried to make you happy
“I don’t do this shit..Cheering up people,so please cheer up” he added
“How can I cheer up after what he has done to me? Like we just got together” you said looking at Taehyung
“Why did I say that” Taehyung asked himself
“After this amazing make out you worry about that asshole” he looks at you

You didn’t know what to say or what to do.
“Look I know how you will feel better” Taehyung smiled
“How?” you raise your eyebrow
“By kissing me” he smiled
“Y/N that will make you forget about him”

You were nervous,you bit your lip and thought if Suga cheated on you,you can cheat on him too.
You took Taehyung’s hand and took him to girls bathroom and lock the door..
Right away as you turn around you started to kiss him..He pushed you against the door and puts his hands on your waist.
“Ohh I never imagined you like this” Taehyung said to your ear
He moved down to your neck and kissed it softly…You bit your lip as he did that.
Someone started to knock hard on the door.
“OPEN UP!” a girl yelled
“Shit” you said
“Go inside” you point at the toilet
“What? NO!” Taehyung looked at you
“Do it” you said and he went inside
You unlock the door and a girl comes in.
“Why did you lock the door?” she looked at you
“I was having an important call from someone” you smiled
“Geez..Like I can’t believe” she looked at you

After she left Taehyung camed out..Before both of you camed out of girls bathroom,Taehyung kissed you one more time.
“I will come again” he smiled and winked and walked out

You walked outside too and went to try find Sophie,but she was no where to be seen.
“Oh God what did I do” you put your hands on your head

Suga on the other side was with Rap Monster whole time.And Rap Monster was trying his hardest to make him believe that he’s in love with you and not Megan.
“Dude,I cheated on Y/N” Suga said
“I am sure Y/N can understand that you went trough a hard break up” Rap Monster looked at him
“I don’t know man..When I think about it,I know she will find out about this and she will break up with me”
“What if she forgives you?”
“I don’t know” 
“Enough about that,you coming tonight?” Rap Monster asked
“Yeah..I’ll be there” Suga was nodding his head
“But Najmoon” Suga stopped him from entering the school
“If she finds out,and wants to break with me..I know that will be the end of our story” 
Rap Monster nodded his head

“PARTY WOOOO!” Olivia shouted as all five of you were in the car going to the party
“YAY” Bella shouts too
“HEY I AM DRIVING HERE!” Sophie shouted at them
“SO SHUT UP” she added
All of you laugh…You were very nervous about the paty.You don’t know what will happen.
“Y/N CHEER UP FOR LOVE OF GOD!” Emma looked at you
“LET’S PARTY!!” you acted like you’re excited
“YEAAAH” Olivia shouts

You shake your head “No” when you realise with what crazy people you are hanging out with.
When you guys arrived there was already so many people.
“Babe” Rap Monster said and hugged Sophie
“Jimin?” Bella looked at him
“Inside somewhere on the dance floor” he points

You waved at Rap Monster and he smiled
“Come in guys” he lead you inside

Right away you guys took some drinks and went to the dance floor.
You were looking around to see if Suga was anywhere but you couldn’t see him at all.
You crashed inside because you find out he’s been cheating on you,but now you cheated on him too..So both of you got one knives in each other backs.
At least you feel sorry for cheating on him,but you think he actually does not give a fuck at all.Will you break up with him tonight? You’re not so sure yet.

“OKAY!” Rap Monster shouts and music stops 
“So..I decided that we put up some karaoke up in here,soo who wants to sing a little?” he smiled
No one answered
“SHE DOES!” Sophie and Emma shout pointing at you
“Oh no,no,no,no” you said laughing
“COme on up!” 
“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!” everyone was cheering and making you to come up on the stage

Suga was in the corner of the room so he watched everything.This is gonna be the first time he will hear you sing.
“OKAY!” you shout and go up on the stage
“Ummm..” you looked at the huge crowd in front of you
“I need few dancers up in here” you said

J-Hope and Jimin come on up smiling at you.
“Um,I will sing “Take me home” by Cash Cash” you explain and the music starts and people started to cheer,but then they shut up when they heard you starting to sing.
“ I’m falling to pieces
But I need this
Yeah, I need this
You’re my fault
My weakness
When did you turn so cold

You cut me down to the bone
Now you’re dancing
All over my soul
I’m falling to pieces
To pieces, to pieces

But I still stay cause you’re the only thing I know
So won’t you take, oh, won’t you take me home
Take me home, home, home
Take me home, home, home
Take me”

You sang with happiness and everyone started to dance and cheer for you..When you were singing actually you thought about Suga.

After the song everybody was clapping,and Jimin and J-Hope hugged you
“Thanks” you looked at them
“No problem” the winked and left
“I WILL KILL YOU!” you camed to Sophie and Emma
“No you won’t” they smiled
“God I hate you both” you laughed and took a sip of your drink

Suga went trough the crowd and took your hand and you followed him.
You guys went outside in the back.
“You have a beautiful voice” he smiled trying to act like nothing is wrong and he’s just hoping you don’t know about anything
You noticed that he’s acting like nothing is actually wrong.
“Thanks” you smiled back
“Are you okay?” he asked
“Am I okay?” you looked at him
“Yes?” he laughs
“No..You freaking cheated on me” you smiled
“Y/N..No,please” his heart started to beat s fast because he didn’t know what to do
“Why Suga?” you tear up
“I won’t deny anything,because most of it is true..But Y/N don’t let the things get ugly,before they didn’t even get beautiful” Suga looked at your eyes
“I can’t believe it Suga! I fucking hate you” you raise your voice
“Y/N please don’t let things get ugly” Suga said
“You’re saying that to me?!” you were in shock
“I am sorry..Please forgive me..I was wrong!” Suga took your hand in his but you move it and start to cry and just walk away without saying a word.

Suga took a breath and kick a bottle that was on the ground..Jimin camed and told him it was performance time.
“So,my cousin is here and she asked to sing a emotional song..SO here we go” Rap Monster explains

You camed back inside and hugged Sophie hard not wating to let go of her.
“Y/N what happened?” she was repeating that question,but she knew what is wrong
“I can’t believe” you said
“Calm down,calm down..Don’t cry now” Sophie wipes off your tears
“Deep beath” she was calming you down

You calmed down a little and watched Suga and the boys perform a song..
The song was so emotional that made you cry even more.
“Hold me tight,hug me
Can you trst me,can you trust me
Please,please,plesase pull me in and hug me”
Jin sang and then it was Suga’s turn.He found you in the crowd,and kept staring at you..
“ Your cold face tells me everything rather than words
I can see a break up rising over me like a high tide
I know it will soon be our last but I can’t let you go
Don’t talk, don’t leave, just quietly hold me girl”

When he finishd his part Suga looked away,so did you and started to cry..Sophie took you home.


“Did you say I am breaking up with you?” Sophie asked you
“N-no..I just left” you sobbed and took a tissue wiping off your tears
“Oh God” Sophie said
“He’s a fucking asshole” you said
“I hate him” you added
“But I still love him” you said and looked down 


Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Sorry for the still lame gif header, I still haven’t had time to make the damn graphic. Also. thank you all so much for enjoy parts one and two! I’m so excited for this story and I can’t wait to share it all with you :) Updates will be every Friday, enjoy!

Warning: Ben’s such a tease?

Word Count: 4.3K+

It had nearly been four years since you had last seen Ben–the second he moved away was the last time you thought you would ever see him. The promise of keeping contact wasn’t kept, nor were the visits and the never forgetting…or at least on your end. You regretted not keeping contact with him, although you did ask Rey about him quite often, you never really put the effort to even try keeping in touch. And you felt guilty.

But you weren’t the only one to blame, Ben never tried reaching out either; ever since he left your sight after the shared first kiss, Ben couldn’t find it in himself to speak to you as he knew he had fallen in love…even if he was too young to understand the concept. He had only known you for six days but it felt like an eternity, the way you treated him and actually wanted to be his friend only made him fall even harder.

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Imagine being coming out to Sam as panromantic and confessing to having a bit of a crush on him. 

 “So yeah, that’s basically what panromantic means. Does that make sense?" 

"Yeah, that totally makes sense. I knew a few pansexuals and this is pretty much the same thing except specially for romance. I’m glad you told me." 

"Awesome, glad you’re ok with it. Um… there was also something else I kinda wanted to tell you…" 


 "I… like you. Like as in I’m attracted to you. Kinda felt like you should know. If you maybe feel the same, great. If not, then uh, no big deal right? What? Why are you looking at me like that?" 

 "Can I kiss you right now?”

IMAGINE: The Avengers cheering you up during a hard time.

Warning: Low-selfesteem, insecurities?

AN: I dedicate this to myself since I’ve been feeling down lately, but I hope you still enjoy it!

The world didn’t seem to be smiling at you. You had been feeling down: you had a lot of work to do, your collage teacher was an ass to you, and time didn’t run in your favour. You thought that after that horrible week, you’d start the next one stronger. And you were wrong. Your work duplicated, and your self-esteem was now underground thanks to your teacher. That lovely 40 year old man, with an uncomfortable look coming from his eyes and a creepy smile, would take any opportunity to make a dumb joke about your looks, or make fun of your grades.

The Avengers, who were like a family to you, started to noticed about your humor change. They realized how you’d wake up a bit more early, without the need of that, with an emotionless face that basically said ‘I haven’t slept anything’. And your hands would shake a bit meanwhile you put your books in your bag. When coming back to the Stark Tower, you wouldn’t have lunch with them, not even in company. You’d lock yourself in your room, and do all of your work while eating a simple meal. You’d come out three hours later, just to go towards the lab for a couple of hours. Then, getting dressed in your sport clothes, you’d head yourself to the training room, which one was empty at that time of the day. No one would see how hard you punished yourself training inside, but some members of the team would stare awkwardly at you while you’d walk to your room again two hours later, covered in sweat. You would just walk outside to get your dinner, not more than a salad or a sandwich, and you wouldn’t be seen until the next day. Without talking to any of them, without a stop to take a breath, to relax. This wasn’t  you. There was something going on. And they were going to solve it.

It was finally Saturday again, and you could sleep until late without being disturbed. After you got up, you walked into the kitchen, just in a simple grey t-shirt and a pair of black leggings. Bruce was still having breakfast, and he smiled at you once you started to pour some coffe in your mug. It was nice to see someone give you a honest smile after two stressing weeks.

-How are your classes going? - he asked, after exchanging lazy 'Good Mornings’. You froze for a second, you couldn’t really tell him that it was going okay. Cause it wasn’t.

-Uhm, good. Lots of tests and readings and essays… you know, collage stuff. - you answered, apparently not sounding convincing enough.

-But are you doing okay, y/n? You seem a litte… distant lately. - But you looked away, just slightly nodding your head before finishing your coffe, and getting dressed for training.

One you arrived to the room, some of the team members were already there, exercising or practicing on their skills.  You dropped your bad, ready to do some fighting positions. After what seemed like 30 minutes,  someone came up to you. It was Bucky.

-Hey y/n.-he said in a low voice. You turned to look at him, and he had a worried look on his face, even though he was good at hiding it.

-Buck.-you answered, giving him a slight smile which he returned.

-Uhm, do you wanna… talk about anything?-he asked awkwardly, positioning himself in front of you, and joining you in your practice.

-Nothing in particular.-you said giggling.

-And… are you okay?.-he suddenly asked, his face almost touching yours, after stopping one of your punches easily. You started to get suspicious.

-I’m fine, Buck. - you said, with a confused look. - Are you?

-No, I’m worried about you.-he whispered, with a little blush creeping on his cheeks. You had to look away, his presence was now making you nervous.

-Hey guys! -you heard a voice behind Bucky, Captain America’s face appearing.

-Hey Cap.- you greeted, separating yourself from Bucky.

-Cap.-Bucky said with a movement of head.

-y/n, you’re training with us? -Steve asked. You were going to say yes, but you needed to be alone. You really didn’t want to train with two perfectly fit boys in some leggings and a top. You instantly thought that it didn’t look good enough on you.

-Uhm, I think I’m gonna go for a run outside. -you smiled at them, and quickly got your stuff and your bag, coverng your body with it while you left the room and leaving Bucky and Steve confused. They were starting to understand what was your problem.


After you ran around the city, you went back to the Stark tower. You wanted to let your mind travel far away, and do not let your worries bother you for a moment. But it happened to be almost impossible, as if some had been in your head all the time.

And, when you were greeted by a worried Wanda, you understood. That little witch had been reading your mind for some reason.

-I’m sorry…-she said, still worried, after reading your mind again.

-Just…why? Why did you read my mind? -you asked her- You never do that.

-Natasha had told me a few days ago how something was bothering you. Her and Clint were the first ones to notice. You had been distant lately, locking yourself in your room and barely ea…

-Stop.-you finally said. Many bad thoughts about yourself were now going through your mind, blaming yourself for being this dramatic, and making the team lose their time trying to figure out your problems, for being a bother, for being insecure. It was enough to make Wanda feel dizzy, and looked at you as if you were going to dissapear at any moment.

-I… I need a break.-you said, your voice sounded weak. You ran towards your room, passing Clint and Thor, who were sitting comfortable on the living room sofa.

You walked straight into your shower, forgetting about everything. You needed to relax.


There was no need to wear fancy clothes in the lab, so you dressed yourself with some black jeans, a basic pale t-shirt and a jean flannel, and took a bit of food with you so you could have dinner while working on your project. The laboratory was surprisingly empty, so you took as much space as possible, and started reading your science book, writing down the most important facts. Once you finished your meal, you got many different substances, and got ready to work. It took you a lot of time and concentration to make you were mixing the correct substances, and proving the different results.

After an hour or so, the smell of the different substances floating on the air started to make you feel sick. Your vision blurried just at the point when you were pouring a green liquid into a red one, and some drops slipped out of the glass container, and you quickly reacted.

-Shit.- you said. Dropping everything in the metal table, you ran fast towards the sink, opening the tap. You let the cold water hit your skin, and the pain slowly went away. You looked at your hand, and saw the little white burning scar that probably would stay in there for a long long time.

Someone opened the door, and you saw Tony coming in. He looked worried.

-Hey y/n, I need you for a minute…-he said, his eyes traveling through the room, and stopping at the weird mixting.

-Sure. -You said, walking behind him through the hallways and leaving the mess you caused.

He guided you to the common room, where all of the Avengers were gatehered.

-What in the world is go…

-Would you let us speak? -Tony said in a soft voice. You nodded, feeling completely unarmed while everyone was looking at you, standing right in front of them.

-We have noticed your behavior lately, y/n. We are worried. -Steve said.-You can count on us.

-We are family.-Clint said, making everyone nod.

-No matter what’s the bother to you, we’ll help you with everything. You need to know that.-Natasha spoke. She barely expressed any emotion with anyone, yet she had taken care of you as a sister, and you were highly grateful.

-Lady y/n, there’s no one better to help you than us, I’m sure. -Thor smiled.

-We want you to tell us by yourself.-Tony said, with a sympathetic look.

And you did. You told them everything. You told them your insecurities. Your fears. You told them about your teacher, about your low self-esteem, about everything. You breathed heavy and felt your chest up and down, after you were done with your speech. Your head was pounding, you had talked really fast, hoping everything would solve as quickly as possible.

-Hun, you are…perfect. You, you y/n. You don’t need to change anything. Not about your body or your mind. We all love you the way you are. -Bucky was the first one to speak.

-Oh love, you really are wrong. If you could see yourself from our point of view… -Clint continued.

-I just need your techer’s adress and two hours. You’ll never see that fucker again. -Nat interrumped. You smiled, it was impossible not to when you were with her. Her face softened when she heard your laugh.- Everything’s gonna be okay.

-I second Nat’s propose. Even though I could get him fired of his job in less that 2 hours.-Tony said, dropping his arm around your shoulders, not leaving your side as a protective father.

-y/n, you need to understand how important you are to this team. As an agent, as a person, as everything. -Steve said.- We got your back.

-We won’t let you fall. Not again. -you heard Wanda’s voice in your head, and you smiled. You were so grateful.

-¡Group hug!-Tony said, and everyone quickly ran up to you, forming a big ball of human bodies laughing.

-So,¿are we going out tonight?-you heard Clint’s voice from somewhere in the hug.

-¡Mcdonalds! -Wanda said.

-¡Stark’s paying! -Bruce voice said. You coudln’t help but laugh. Moments like this made you happy.

I Fixed Her (Why Would You Break Her? Part 2)

Prompt: The aftermath of Y/N and Dean’s relationship collapsing overnight.

Word Count: 2,850 words

Author’s Notes: I love you guys and enjoy! 


Your name: submit What is this?

The tears couldn’t stop trailing down your reddening cheeks.

Your hands sadly gripped onto the steering wheel of your old car as you forced your eyes on the road.

Memory after memory washed over your mind, as you felt your heart clench multiple times.

The venomous words Dean spat at you, now made you weaker, it defeated you.

You realized Dean didn’t love you anymore, even if he could repeat those words a thousand times.

Your quivering fingers forcefully wiped away at the hot tears before you recognized the familiar dirt path.

Slowly, you made a turn past the broken down cars near the entrance of the old house you called home.

As you gradually reached the house, your eyes narrowed towards the lights on in the kitchen window.

“Dad’s home?,” you whispered to yourself as a smile crept up your lips.

Soon after, the worn down car sputtered before the engine turned off.

As you pulled out the key from the ignition, your damp fingers reached for the car door.

Once opened, the smell of motor oil and beer filled your nose.

You took in a deep breath, smiling to yourself.

Maybe this change would eventually be for the better.

You eagerly knocked on the door, tightening your grip around the handle of your duffle bag.

Slowly, you bounced on the heels of your foot repeatedly, waiting for your dad to open the door.

A smile tugged at your pink lips tightly, a new glow of feelings vibrating throughout your body.

Seconds later, you heard heavy footsteps approaching the door.

The footsteps became louder before someone grasped onto the doorknob.

You bite your bottom lip in happiness, keeping yourself from screaming in joy.

Once the door swung open, your eyes widened in happiness.

“Daddy?,” you asked as you happily stared at your dad.

Bobby smiled, his facial hair slightly moving.

“Y/N, sweetheart. Long time,” he replied before you rushed towards him, grasping him in a hug.

A hug you were longing for, for a very long time now.

Your fingers tucked away the few strands of hair blocking your view.

A towel was wrapped around your wet body, as you stood in the kitchen and drank a small portion of whiskey.

“What is that? Like your third glass?,” your dad asked as he walked back into the kitchen with a towel stained with motor oil.

You nodded, a smile worn on your tired face.

“So,” your dad began as you poured him a glass. “…what happened with the boys?”

You bit your lip, feeling tears cloud your vision.

Your hands quickly picked up the near empty whiskey bottle as you poured yourself another glass.

“Dean and I…we aren’t together anymore,” you said, staring at your reflection in the whiskey.

The silence lingered in the air for a bit until your dad sighed.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I know how much you loved him,” he softly said.

“Yeah, so am I,” you replied back.

You looked towards at your dad, chewing on your lip as you blinked away the salty tears.

“It’s okay, Daddy. I promise,” you smiled as you handed his whiskey over to him and then quickly fled upstairs into your old room.

Once you entered, you took the time to slowly put on your clothes, removing your towel and reaching for your scented lotion.

You squeezed a generous amount in your hands, lathering your body slowly and carefully.

You thought about Dean’s fingers, the way they would trail down your soft skin during intense moments.

How his tongue always tried to find your sweet spot before his rough lips replaced his tongue.

You felt yourself grow wet, just thinking about Dean.

How in the world were you going to forget about him?

About Sam?

Before another thought flourished in your clouded mind, you quickly tossed on a tank top and shorts.

Soon, you had said goodnight to your dad, tucking your body into your old bed and drifting off to sleep.

Away from the world that slowly started to crumble.

The world you had to live in, without Dean and Sam.

A few months later, you and your dad stood in the office of a police station.

Your dad was Special Agent Willis for today while you were Special Agent Johnson.

The two of you were investigating a series of murders that occurred in the city of Lubbock, Texas.

The murders were gruesome, parents killed while their newborns were missing.

Your dad figured that it would be a simple salt and burn case but the problem was, you recently found a connection with the victims.

All of the victims were targeted in their homes, exactly a mile away from the Lubbock Hospital.

When the two of you went to check out the Lubbock Hospital, Bobby had found that the hospital was long since gone.

It was demolished in 1963, three years after an incident occurred which sums the idea of why the both of you were here.

“Y/N, the cop’s being a jackass and won’t give me the details. Mind if you pull something off?”

You turned to face your dad, running his hand over his gelled hair.

Giving him a questioning look, he explained, saying that the guy was only - get this - “interested in talking to the hot cop over in the pantsuit”

You rolled your eyes, realizing this was another one of those days.

Honestly, you understood that you had the looks but the constant flirting just to seek information was ridiculous.

A sigh escaped your red lips before you patted your dad’s shoulder as your heels clinked towards the cop.

The office was pretty small however as you knocked on the door, you found yourself staring at a large fridge and a cluttered desk.

“Um, hi. Special Agent Johnson. Just need to ask a few questions,” you stated while reaching into your blazer to receive your “badge”.

The cop didn’t bother to utter a single syllable, simplying just laying back in his chair, stirring his cup of coffee.

“What is with you Feds and these murders? We already told you, the crimes are a cold case.”

You let out an annoyed sigh, running your hands through your messy ponytail.

“Listen here, hot shot. The recent murders here are connected to a case in 1960. Unless you have something to hide, I suggest you hand over the files.”

The cop eyed you with an annoyed look, the smile on his lips fading away.

Slowly, he lifted himself off the chair with a loud groan before walking towards his cabinet.

He slowly pulled on the handle of the middle drawer, his pudgy fingers roaming through the files.

“…and, here we go,” he said before pulling out four bulky (and dusty) portfolios.

He handed the files over to you as his cold blue eyes met yours.

“Thank you….Officer Fritz,” you smiled before walking out the door of the cop’s office.

He muttered a “you’re welcome” before plunging back into his creaky chair, now stirring a cold cup of black coffee.

As you walked towards Bobby, you hadn’t realized he was talking to other officers waiting near the front desk.

You simply tapped your dad on the shoulder, ignoring the officers and gleaming with pride telling him you got the files.

Bobby had turned away from the officers, smiling with appreciation.

“Attagirl,” he softly said as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, kissing your forehead.

“Daddy,” you whined jokingly as he gave you the kiss.

“What, your old man can’t kiss you no more ‘cause you’re too much of a woman?,” he said with a laugh.

You rolled your eyes, feeling a smile tug at your lips.

“Anyways, Y/N. The officers I was talking to while you were with that officer told me something.”

Your dad waited for you to reply as you folded your arms and looked at him.

“What? My silence is your cue, Daddy,” you said, remembering Dean’s old expression.

You felt tears but quickly bit your lip, and clearing your throat.

Bobby seemed to notice how sad you became but decided to continue on.

“Alright, so remember during research when we found out an incident occurred in the local hospital? Turns out, it was a murder. Head nurse kills two, mother and father, steals baby to raise as own,” Bobby finished as he held up an aging newspaper.

You read the title, cringing to yourself. “Head Nurse Gone Mad?,” you thought.

“Maybe we can find her or the child she stole, burn the bones in time,” Bonby asked as his eyes wandered around the entire station.

“No, we can’t,” you stated as you pulled out two files. “Head nurse, Jacqueline Trent was cremated in 1988 while her daughter Catherine Trent, the one she stole and never got caught with, died in a car crash in 1990. There was no autopsy because her body burned.”

At this point, both you and your dad were confused.

Who or what was causing these deaths?

Your dad sighed, his fingers running through his hair.

“How about a break? Local place called “Beers and Cheers” is five minutes away,“ you asked your dad as you checked the time.

Bobby nodded, pointing towards the exit.

"Let’s go, then.”

Arriving at the bar, both you and your dad sat in a booth closest to the exit.

You sat near him, observing the files scattered on the table.

Analyzing the information, you didn’t seem to realize a waiter had just asked for your order.

“Excuse me, miss,” a voice said as your eyes searched for it.

It matched a male waiter, green eyes and a blonde quiff looking towards your direction.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” you muttered as you put the files away. “I’ll just have a cheeseburger and light beer, please. Thank you.”

The waiter wrote down your order and then afterwards asked for Bobby’s order.

As Bobby spoke, you heard the bell on top of the door jingle, revealing two Feds.

Your stomach did a double take, processing in the information.

“Daddy?,” you asked as you eyed the Feds who were examining the bar.

The waiter had left soon after, as Bobby turned, his smile disappearing.

“Balls,” Bobby exclaimed as he shared the same expression as you.

Seconds after, you saw the two Feds turn.

The second they looked over to you and Bobby, your heart sank.

Those weren’t official Feds, it was the Winchesters.

You ran a finger through your hair, looking away from them.

You hoped they didn’t notice you, after all, only Bobby talked to the boys after your intense breakup with Dean.

Your plan didn’t work, you thought as you heard footsteps approach your table.

Hearing the footsteps become heavier, two shadows appeared on the floor.

I mean, of course you didn’t want to see them yet.

You didn’t even realize how ecstatic your heart was thumping.

The blood rushed towards your cheeks, your fingers became numb, and all you could focus on was the floor.

Even though it felt like forever, Sam and Dean finally approached your table.

At first, you wanted to run and speed off in your car.

Taking easy steady breaths, your eyes that seemed glued to
the floor looked up.

“Y/N?,” you heard Sam’s voice mutter.

Your eyes met with his and you felt numb, a new feeling that seemed overwhelming for your body.

“Sam,” you whispered as you gained the courage to stand and hug him.

Dean stood behind Sam awkwardly, hoping you two would make eye contact.

But you didn’t and instead, closed your eyes inhaling Sam’s scent.

You missed him so much, wow a few months can change a person.

Sam’s brownish hair was now past his ears and he grew into a giant.

Your head was just near his chest, proving how much of a munchkin you were.

“Y/N, damn. You look amazing,” Sam stated as he pulled back to admire your outfit and your new Y/H/C hair in a ponytail.

“Thank you, Sam,” you muttered as he sat down across from Bobby.

As Sam and Bobby engaged in a conversation, you felt Dean’s eyes pierced on you.

You turned to face him, chewing your bottom lip nervously.

“Y/N,” Dean said with a crack in his voice.

You nodded, your lips forming a thin line.

“Hey, Dean,” you whispered as you walked up to him.

Your arms wrapped around his neck as his head rested in the crook of your neck.

“I missed you so much, baby,” he whispered as he tightened the grip he had on your waist.

“Same here, Dean,” you replied.

“This is so good,” you said as you took in more bites of your cheeseburger.

Dean laughed, agreeing with you.

“This is my third one,” he stated as you held in a chuckle.

Sam and Bobby eyed the two of you who were laughing, drinking beer, and eating cheeseburgers together.

“You know, I haven’t seen Dean this happy ever since Y/N left,” Sam said as he took a sip from his beer.

Bobby nodded as he eyed you wiping off cheese from Dean’s chin.

“Yeah, same with Y/N. She was always drinking and crying the first week after she left. Then she started to kill anything that had black eyes. Sometimes, she would go into
a factory and torture the demons for endless hours” Bobby replied as he cringed.

“She was heartbroken and felt betrayed, you know. I can’t blame her for that. You should have seen Dean, screaming her name and telling her not to go while he was asleep with a beer in his hand.”

Both Sam and Bobby sighed, clinking their beer bottles together.

“Cheers to Y/N and Dean finally back together,” Bobby whispered.

Sam chuckled, then took a long sip from his beer.

“Let’s just hope they stay together,” Sam whispered before he heard both you and Dean cackling.

Dean’s POV

“So, I owe you for three cheeseburgers,” I said while reaching into my pocket for my wallet.

Currently, Y/N and I were standing in the parking lot of the bar waiting for Bobby and Sam to gain information for the case.

Y/N and I waited for them here, wanting time to talk.

Y/N chuckled as she shook her
head, placing her hand on top of mine.

“No, you don’t. It’s on the house,” Y/N said as a smile tugged at her kissable lips.

God, all I wanted to kiss her ever since I saw her today for the first time in months.

Damn, I missed my girl. The girl of my dreams.

Ever since she left me, every night would be the repetition of the worst nightmare.

Y/N telling me she didn’t love me anymore and would leave me for someone else.

And the nightmare ended the same way every time; Y/N screaming “I hate you and I’ll never forgive you,” as she drove away.

I shook myself out of those thoughts as I felt Y/N’s hands grasp mine.

“Hey, what’s wrong, Dean?,” Y/N asked, her Y/E/C eyes filled with worry.

“Nothing, I just…I was thinking about…that night,” I half lied.

Y/N sighed, her eyes shifting towards the concrete ground.

“Oh,” she murmured as I watched her eyes glisten with tears.

We both stood there in silence, not knowing what to say to each other.

What was there to say? I knew Y/N would cut me off if I apologized.

She always hated it when I apologized, I didn’t know why.

“Did you really mean those things you said that night?,” Y/N asked, her soft voice cracking.

I looked up to her, watching the tears slide down her beautiful face.

I shook my head, clenching my jaw.

“I didn’t mean ANYTHING I said. I was just an idiot about it and it cost me you, Y/N. I never wanted to hurt you. I..was just being stupid.”

I didn’t realize tears were also trailing down my face until Y/N’s soft fingers wiped them away.

“I believe you, Dean. I…I just don’t know why you called me Lisa, that’s all. I thought you were over her. I felt like I wasn’t good enough for you and I felt everything just…crash down, you know?”

Of course I understood. What I did wasn’t right.

If Y/N ever called me one of her ex-boyfriends’ name, I would get mad, of course.

“Yeah, I understand, baby. But I want to know is-”

“Yes, Dean. I love you. I’m literally in love with you, you idgit,” she cut off, answering my question.

I was taken back, watching Y/N smile after she looked back at me.

“Great, then, I guess we can…be together again,” I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist.

She giggled once I lifted her up, her legs snaking around my torso.

Her Y/E/C eyes looked down at my gleaming face before her soft lips grasped mine.

And for the first time, in a long time, I truly realized what it meant to fall in love.

With a person who drove you crazy but still wanted you..for you.

And I made a vow, to never break her ever again.