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An excerpt from Nikolai Tsiskaridze’s book, where he talks about Maria Alexandrova. I’ve been meaning to translate this for some time… Good luck not crying at the last paragraph.

“Masha Alexandrova was my conscious choice. I first noticed her when I was a freshman and she was still a junior at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Back then, everyone admired another girl in her class, but I liked Masha more for some reason. She was so little and so awkward, but very charming!

We first danced together in “Les Sylphides ”, when Masha was a freshman. That same year, we prepared a classical pas de deux to Adan’s music. During Masha’s final year at the academy, I partnered her in “Grand pas Classique” and “The Nutcracker” suite.

Since we had danced together so much, we did not need a lot of rehearsal time. That is why the academy’s director, Sofia Golovkina, was fine with me going on tour in the lead-up to Masha’s graduation performances, knowing that I would return on the day of the show.

I landed in Moscow and headed straight to the theatre, ahead of time, to run over some elements. On arrival, I was greeted by a strange sight: Masha was standing still in the middle of the stage. This was during the intermission. She just stood there, frozen on the spot. I walked over and started talking to her, but she didn’t react. I told her: “Masha, are you crazy? We go on in a minute, snap out of it!” At that moment one of the coaches pulled me aside and said: “Kolya, her father just died”. I had been in a similar situation myself*. We only had a few moments left, and I had to do something. I took her aside and, as a last resort, started yelling at her to try and break the state of shock. It worked. As soon as we returned to the safety of the wings after finishing our performance, I held her close, kissed her, and she broke down in my arms.”

*Nikolai’s mother died soon after he joined the Bolshoi. 

My Shot (Daveed Diggs x Reader) (Part 1)

My Shot (Daveed Diggs X Reader)

Description: The reader is an aspiring author who’s manuscript has been denied for the fifth time. She goes to the same coffee shop every morning and meets with childhood friend Lin and Daveed tags along.

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any worth mention unless you’re against strong language.

Key: (Y/N): your name; (Y/L/N): your last name; (Y/N/N): your nickname

A/N: This will definitely have more than one part.


You sat in the coffee shop waiting for your editor and brother, Jonah. You sipped you latte quietly, scrolling through your manuscript for the umpthteenth time. Across the cafe your friend Lin sat with his obnoxiously handsome friend and costar waiting to join you after you finish your meeting.

You straighten up quickly, sitting your cup down and closing your laptop. Your leg shakes with the anticipation of whether or not your book has a chance of being published now. /The fifth time is the charm. It has to be./

“Well?” You begin chewing you lip, wringing your hands together as your brother gives you a sad smile.

“(Y/N/N), I’m sorry… it’s still a no. The publishers don’t want a historical fiction book. There’s no market for it-”

“That’s ridiculous!” You surged forward almost out of your chair. You only slump down when you realize you’ve brought unwanted attention to yourself. Someone has got to buy into this, you can’t tell me that absolutely no one wants to read a book about the founding fathers!“

“Look, (Y/N), I made a deal with the publishers. I told them about that other book you’ve been working on - the one about the twins. They seem really interested,” as he spoke your eyes widened. “They want it in a month or they’re done with you.”

“Jo, that’s no where near being finished! I’ve just barely gotten the last chapter done!”

“You’ve been sitting on this book for months. It’s been done /for months/. Sis, I’ve been putting myself out there for you. Okay? I can’t keep doing this.” He stands up looking down on you, “You have an option here, you can say yes and get the damn book finished or you can go back to being a high school teacher. Your choice.”

You sit there, crossing your arms in defiance. Contemplating your decision. Did you really want to go back to teaching? Of course, you went to school for it and you loved it. You loved your kids. But, after your first book - a children’s book on the founding fathers - was a success, you wanted to try writing a novel. And that’s where your heart stayed. Writing was your passion. And you knew your answer.

“I’ll have it done, Jonah.”

“Good. Now, I’ll see you Monday at mom and dad’s place, right?” You nodded shoving his hand away from your hair. Looking to your lap, you exhaled and shut your eyes frowning out the world for the moment.

The scraping of the chairs on the floor got your attention and you looked up at the hopeful eyes of your best friend. “How’d it go?”

“I have month to get the book I don’t want published yet, ready to be published…”

“They don’t want anything to do with your Founding Father’s book? But your children’s book did so well!”

“There’s apparently ‘no market’ for it. Which is bullshit! There’s always a market for everything.” Your eyes drifted to the man who had followed Lin over, “I’m sorry. I’m being really rude. My name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“No worries, beautiful. The name’s Daveed Diggs.” Your eyebrow raises in question to Daveed at his attempt to begin flirting and you shake it off.

“Daveed is starring in Hamilton with me. He’s playing the part of Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson.” You nod your head impressed at the two roles the man has taken on, completely in tune with the look that Lin jut gave you and Daveed. “You know, I had been hoping you’d come on as someone’s understudy. Preferably mine…”

“Lin, I would but I’m stuck with the book. I have to edit it and everything-”

“I can edit it! C'mon, you deserve a break to follow your other dream. You know, the one we would talk about as kids.”

“So many big decisions in one day!” You sigh. “Jesus Christ, Lin. Fine.”


Chapter 2

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Chapter’s: 1 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10

Where she went Masterlist

Chibs was the first to stand up and walk over to me before wrapping his arms around me.

“Lassie, we’ve missed you so much, how have you been?” Chibs questioned as I smiled at him before answering his question.

“I’ve missed you guys so much as well and I’ve been good. I stayed in New York for most of my time before coming back home.” I said as we pulled away from each other.

“You’re going to have to tell me all about New York, once you’re all settled in,” Chibs said as I smiled and nodded my head as Bobby and Piney came up and embraced me into a hug as well.

“I sure will,” I said as I pulled away from Bobby as Piney walked up to me next.

“We sure missed you kid,” Piney said as I began to hug the older man.

“I missed you too, Piney,” I said as he pulled away with a smile on his face. I felt Jax’s arm retake it’s placed on my shoulders as he pulled me into his side before beginning to walk towards the dorms with me on his side.

“I-is that John’s original bike?” I questioned as I walked towards the 1946 Harley-Davidson that was put on display. I stood in awe of the beautiful bike as Jax came to stand beside me.

“Yeah, it is. Isn’t she beautiful?” Jax questioned as I nodded my head. “C’mon, we’ve got some settling in and catching up to do,” Jax said as he walked towards his dorm with my suitcase in one of his hands and his keys in the other. I followed him into his dorm to see that it hadn’t changed all that much. Jax still had the American Flag hanging above his bed, he had his two dressers on opposite sides of the room, and his bed looked like it hadn’t been made in days. I smiled to myself as Jax turned towards me with a big smile and wide arms.

“Welcome home.” I chuckled as I walked over to his bed and took a seat.

“It’s just as I remembered,” I said as Jax plopped next to me. “Now, tell me where John is,” I said as I looked at Jax with wondering eyes as he avoided my eye contact.

“A year after you left… Dad was going on a run and… His brakes gave away on his bike and he lost control and… Well… He crashed into semi-truck.” I felt my heart shattered as Jax spoke. If I never had of left this might have never have died.

“W-what?” I stuttered out after a few minutes of complete silence. “W-why didn’t any one t-tell me?” I stuttered out again as Jax sighed.

“We tried to but when you left you never told anyone where you were going or anything,” Jax said as I felt tears brimming the rims of my eyes.

“I never should have left…” I said as I let a few stray tears fall down my face. “It’s all my fault…” I said as I put my head in my hands.

“Hey, hey, it’s not your fault,” Jax said as he pulled me into his chest. “It was bound to happen (Y/N). Whether his brakes gave out or he got shot on that run. John knew what he signed up for and he was ready to fall at any moment. Don’t ever think or try to blame yourself for his death.” I nodded as Jax held me close as I let a few sobs come out.

Soon enough, I felt myself begin to calm down as I pulled myself from Jax’s side. Jax turned to me and raised his hand to my cheek so he could wipe away a few straw tears that were left.

“Are you good?” Jax questioned gently with caution afraid that I might burst into tears again. I nodded my head as she sent me a sympathetic smile. “Listen, I hate to run but I need to get everything set up for your welcome home party.” I nodded my head as he began to stand while I did the same.

“It’s okay, I think I’m going to shower. It’s been a long trip.” I said as Jax nodded before pulling me into a hug.

“Things will turn up for the better soon enough, I promise,” Jax said as he turned and headed for the door before opening and closing it behind him as I sighed.
I stood up and began to shed some of my layers of my clothes as a knock came to the door.

“Knock, knock,” Opie said as he stuck his head in with his hand covering his eyes with his hand. “Are you decent?” Opie said as a smirk came across his face.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before but yes, I am,” I said with a chuckle. Opie removed his hand as he chuckled.

“True. I was just stopping in to see how you were making out and how everything was coming along.” Opie said as he walked further into the room as he took a seat on the bed.

“Everything’s coming along pretty nicely,” I said I look around for a towel.

“Except, I don’t know where Jax keeps his towels,” I said as Opie chuckled.

“In the bathroom.” I nodded my head as Ope began to stand again.

“Well, I’ll let you get to your shower and I will see you tonight. Sound good?” Opie said as I nodded my head.

“Okay, see you soon,” I said as I went up and wrapped my arms around the giant.

“(Y/N), before I go, can I ask you a question?” Opie questioned as I nodded my head.

“Why do you have streaks of black going down your face? Are you trying to become the newest member of KISS because if you are I think you might need to try a little harder on your make up.” Opie said as I began to chuckle.

“No, I’m not,” I said as I kept giggling. “Jax told me about John,” I said as Opie nodded his head.

“He’s gone but not forgotten.” I nodded in agreement as Opie pulled away from our hug. “Enjoy your shower and I’ll see you after.” He said as he went and opened the door before closing it behind him.

“Why did I ever want to leave this place?” I said to myself as I walked into the bathroom before shutting the door behind me.

                                                Time Skip:

I had just finished drying out my hair as getting ready as a knock came from the door.

“Come in,” I said as I took one last glance in the mirror.

“Woah, don’t you look good? I think this plaid shirt looks better on you than it does on me.” Jax had said as he walked into the room. I had thrown on his oversized plaid shirt, while underneath I wore a simple white tank and some plain black leggings with my white converse on my feet. I giggled at Jax’s comment before speaking up;

“But in all honesty, do I look okay?” I questioned as I fiddled with my hands as Jax looked me up and down.

“You look beautiful, darlin’. Now, your party guests await your arrival.” Jax said as he stuck out his arm for me. I giggled before walking up and taking a hold of his arm and walking out of the dorm while shutting the door behind me. We walk down the hall way, giggling like teenagers with a secret.

“Welcome home (Y/N)!” Everyone shouted when we reached the end of the hall.

“Thank you, everyone! I missed all of you… Well, most of you. There are some faces here that I don’t actually recognize.” I said as a few chuckles were shared around the room. Everyone went back to what they were doing as I walked to the bar.

“Can I get a beer?” I asked the guy behind the bar as he nodded his head with a smile.

“Sure thing, sweets.” He replied as he turned around to get my drink. As he did so I began to size him up. He looked like he was about in his twenty’s, he had short shaggy ginger hair and he was wearing a patch that read ‘PROSPECT’.

“Here you are.” He said as he handed me my beer and I took a sip.

“So, you must be the famous (Y/N) I’ve heard so much about.” He said as he leaned down in front of me. I chuckled before nodding my head.

“I am and you must be that famous prospect I heard nothing about,” I said as he chuckled this time. “What’s your name prospect?” I questioned;

“Kip, Kip Epps but everyone calls me Half-Sack. Except Gemma calls me Eddie.” I nodded my head with a confused look.

“Why do they call you Half-Sack?” I questioned as he chuckled.

“Well, you see I used to be in the army and well…” He began as he began to undo his pants before shoving them down and exposing his half nut to me. “I got half of one of my nuts blown off and I gained the nickname Half-Sack.” I could feel bile rising in my throat as I turned away.

“Jesus Christ! You could’ve just told me that!” I said as he chuckled before hauling his pants up and speaking again.

“Well, where’s the fun in that?” He said as I giggled and nodded my head.

“True,”  I said as I took another sip of my beer.

“Well, well, well, what’s a pretty girl like you sitting at the bar all by herself?” I raised my eyebrows at Half-Sack before turning on my stool to see a 5’9 Puerto Rican guy with a shaved Mohawk and two tattoos on either side of his Mohawk. I took notice that he had a Samcro patch on and that he was also a full patched member.

“Well, a pretty girl like me is sitting at the bar all by herself because she’s enjoying her beer and having a nice conversation with her nice bartender. Now, if you don’t mind I’d like to get back to that.” I said with a fake smile before turning back to Half-Sack.

“You don’t want to talk to him!” I rolled my eyes at Kip before turning around again.

“And why not?” I questioned as the Mohawk guy smirked at me again.

“Because you could be talking to me.” This time I almost spit my beer out laughing as I attempted to speak up;

“And, why would I want to do that?” I said as I noticed from the corner of my eye Jax had begun to watch us. The Mohawk guy had begun lean in closer to me as he spoke.

“Well, not only am I a better conversationalist but I can also be a good lover as well.” I tried to stifle my laughter as I noticed Jax starting to make his way over to us.

“Listen, Hun, I’m sure you’re a terrific conservationist and an even better lover but there’s a problem with this…” I said as Jax came over and stood right behind the kid.

“And, what would that problem be? Because I’m sure we can get through it together.” Before I could respond Jax spoke up for me.

“That would be me.” I watched as the kid almost went white as he turned around to face Jax.

“Oh, Jax… She’s with you?” He said as Jax nodded his head. “Well, then I better get going.” He said as he began to walk fast in the other direction.

“Thank you so much,” I said as Jax smiled before speaking up.

“Anytime darlin’. Listen, follow me I want to show you something.” I nodded my head as I picked up my beer and followed Jax up the ladder.

Once, we reached the roof Jax walked me over to the edge where he had a couple of lawn chairs laid out. I walked behind Jax before taking a seat in one of the lawn chairs as Jax did the same.

“Wow, Jax… The view is breathtaking.” I said as I over looked the city.

“It is, isn’t it? I love coming up here to clear my mind or just to relax.” Jax said as he lit a cigarette and took a puff.

“So, who was that guy who was flirting with me?” I questioned as I leaned back and looked over at Jax.

“His name is Juan Ortiz but we all call him Juice.” I nodded my head as I thought of the weird names the newest members have.

“So, Teller.” Jax looked over at me as I continued. “You’re now VP and when the last time I saw you, you had just stared prospecting. What else have I missed?” I said as Jax chuckled.

“Well, after you left. I finished high school with Tara and then she just got up and left.” I stared at him in shock.

“She left?!”

“Yeah, she wanted me to go with her but I didn’t want to leave the club and she wasn’t a big fan of the club, you remember that?” I nodded as Jax continued his story. “Well, then after she left I started fucking around with different croweaters and then…” I looked at him as I nodded for him to continue. “I got married…” I felt my mouth and my heart drop as Jax chuckled.

“Okay, it’s bad enough I missed John’s funeral and that skank leaving but now I missed my best friend’s wedding. You’ve got to be shitting me?!” Jax continued to chuckle as I heard footsteps in the distances; I turned to see Opie coming over to us with someone trailing behind him.

“I was wondering where you two went,” Opie said once he finally reached our destination. I began to take notice of who was behind him.

“Donna?!” I questioned as she came into my view.

“(Y/N)?!” I jumped from my chair and ran over to my old best friend before wrapping my arms around her.

“Oh my god, I missed you so much!” She said as I laughed into our embrace.

“I missed you too,” I said once we pulled away. “Now, everyone sits! We have a lot of catching up to do.” I said as they all nodded in agreement. Jax stood up and gave his seat to Donna before taking a seat next to Opie on the ledge. “Jax continues your story,” I said as Jax chuckled.

“Alright, alright. I ended up getting her pregnant but she was addicted to crack and I don’t do crack whores so I divorced her about two months ago.” I nodded as a question sparked up into my head.

“What about the baby? Did she lose it or did she have an abortion?” I questioned as Jax begun to answer.

“Well, she’s still pregnant now but when she has the baby, I’ll get full custody.” He said as I nodded my head before turning towards Opie and Donna.

“What about you guys?” I questioned as Donna giggled.

“Well, Ope and I got married.”

“Are you serious?! I missed my other best friends wedding?!” Opie, Jax, and Donna chuckled as Donna spoke again;

“It’s okay, we only had a small ceremony. I didn’t have any bride’s maids or a maid of honor because she wasn’t there.” I smiled as I grabbed her. “And you knew I was pregnant in high school?”


“Well, I had a beautiful baby girl and we named her Ellie and now I’m pregnant again!”

“Oh my god! Congratulations!” I said as I leaned over and pulled her into a hug before doing the same with Ope.

“Well, what about you?” I looked at her confused. “Why did you leave? Where did you go?” I had a feeling this question was going to come up sooner or later. I glanced over at Jax before speaking up.

“Well, I went to New York before I cam back up here,” I said as Donna nodded.

“And I left because… Well…” Before I could finish what, I was going to say I saw a familiar car begin to pull up onto Teller-Morrow parking lot. The car came to a stop as the driver began to turn off the car and open the door. By now, everyone else had taken notice of what I was looking at, as they all turned around. I watched as the driver began to get out as my heart dropped once again.

“I left because of her,” I said as Tara stood up from her father’s black cutlass and up towards the roof, where we had all been standing staring down at her.

Tell Dad I’m Sorry

Summary: Dean’s Daughter!Reader. You get mad when your dad won’t let you go on a hunt, and you feel bad about it almost instantly.

Words: 1,095

No Pairing

Warnings: Language (reader swears around her father, if that bothers you?)

Your name: submit What is this?

“You are staying here!” Dean demanded, “We’re not arguing about this.”

“Oh, please,” you rolled your eyes, “Stop being a prick, I’m coming with you.”

“Y/N!” he snapped, “You can’t talk to me like that!”

You folded your arms and tapped your foot, “Uncle Sam wants me to come.”

Dean span on his heel to glare at his brother, “Sam. You can’t just undermine me like that.”

“I didn’t,” he insisted, “Y/N, don’t lie to him.”

You groaned, “I thought you’d be on my side.”

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From The Dark Side Of The Screen (Woozi/Jihoon Imagine)

Summary: After a crappy day, a crappy week, sometimes it’s just nice to hear that’s it’s going to be okay. Especially from someone you know cares. Fluff. 

(AN: based on a request for an “encouraging” Woozi scenario. Turned out waaay more angsty than I anticipated but I hope you still like it. It’s on the shorter side - lol I consider 1200 short. Whatever. And remember if anyone on this blog ever needs a listening ear I’m always here. Please enjoy. -Tanisha<3) 

Another long day filled with serving stupid customers, worrying about school work in the back of your mind, and being slave-driven by a demonic boss. Another day that you just wanted to go home and collapse, but you had a paper due and that couldn’t happen. It was going to be a night filled with Red Bull and textbooks and probably some anxious tears. God, you hated your life right now. Sure, there were people out there who had it worse than you and that thought only served to make you feel worse for already feeling bad for yourself in the first place.

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- First Christmas one shot of the week! - MASTERLIST -

Michael - Ashton - Luke 

A loud squeal and jump on my bed woke me up, immediately I opened my eyes in a fright and saw my room mate with wide eyes full of excitement as she wore her Christmas onesie, one that matched mine exactly. “Wake up wake up!” She continued to jump on my bed next to me, pounding my side until I moved and sat up.

Groaning I move my hair out of my face and just stare at her blankly, “It is 7 in the morning Al,” I point to my window where it is still pitch black outside and back to her. “can’t you let me rest?” Slowly I began to pull my duvet back over myself only to have it quickly ripped off, exposing my onesie in all its glory.

“Nope.” She smiled in response, this one was like a child full of excitement to see what Santa had left, hard to believe she is 20 years old. “Cause its Christmas!” Jumping off of my bed she ran out of the room whilst I sat trying to gather my thoughts and still in disbelief how someone has so much energy at such an hour.

Eventually I got up, well was forced up by Ali a lot sooner than I had hoped. Just as I went to grab the cup of tea she had made she grabbed my hand and ushered us towards the front door. “Wait wait wait.” I stopped in my tracks pulling her arm back and ensuring that I didn’t spill my scolding hot tea over myself. Looking at me with innocence written in her eyes I raise an eyebrow to her, “Why are we going outside, dressed like this.” Motioning to our outfits she shrugs her shoulders continuing without a second thought.

“We’re going to Ashtons’ for Christmas morning, you know, we talked about this last night.” Ali stated as she opened the front door followed by me slipping in front of her and quickly shutting it.

Rubbing my eyes I try and comprehend what is going on in her mind, “You mean you told me when I was half drunk after having Christmas drinking games with you at 11pm?” Smiling brightly she just nods and nudges me out of the way and opens the door. As I lean against the door frame she grabs my arm until I’m just over the barrier between our beloved flat and the ugly hallway.

Ashton is our neighbour who happens to be Ali’s boyfriend, it was great- for her. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good guy, he keeps her happy but it doesn’t mean there are faults; by faults I mean his room mate Calum. Me and Calum just never seemed to click, we often had odd run ins when getting the lift down to the ground floor or when Ali and Ash would have make out sessions on his couch so he’d ask to sit in our flat for all of an hour listening to his own music yet we never really talk.

Now to make matters worse I have to go and spend Christmas morning with them in a bright red onesie covered in Christmas decorations that smells like red wine- I blame Ali. Plus having incredibly bad bed hair after a surprise attack from the adult child and to top it all off, I have morning breath. All being things I never share with anyone, let alone my best friends boyfriend and his estranged room mate.

Ali knocked on the door and held her excitement as she bobbed up and down whilst I stood behind her holding back the urge to loudly yawn. Taking a sip of my tea I was interrupted when a loud shout caused me to spit it back into the mug, “Merry Christmas!” Ashton yelled enthusiastically whilst I violently coughed after my tea going down the wrong pipe and the other half being back in my mug.

Sighing at the poor mug of wasted tea all goes silent as I straighten myself up and see all eyes are on me, even Calum peeping behind Ashton. Luckily for me Ashton is in ‘pajamas’ that consist of joggers and a hoodie that Ali got him for his birthday last year and I could hear the Christmas music echoing through their flat. He messed with the already out of shape gold curls on his head and brightly smiled at Ali, taking her hands and kissing her cheek.

“Merry Christmas Ali.” All of a sudden it was weird seeing the two of them so shy, he held her hands and swung them from side to side slowly before glancing up just above their doorway. “Mistletoe.” He spoke under his breath to her which received a giggle in response.

All I saw was her arms go up around his neck and his around her waist, she stood on her tip toes in those dirty fluffy socks she insisted on wearing as they were ‘festive’ even though they were just green, but you can’t dampen her spirit. The girl sure does love Christmas, and since we both couldn’t make it home then might as well make the best of the situation.

Pulling away from each other they headed on through leaving me to walk in and Calum quietly stood there waiting for me. He too looked as disheveled as I felt and before I could speak up Ali interrupted, “Go on then!” She yelled to us with pure excitement whilst Ashton held her close in a hug, glancing down to her with such admiration. That look, so simple but so meaningful, that was what I wanted.

Calum looked behind him as well then back at me with a perplexed look on his face, Ashton merely laughed before piping up. “Come on, it’s Christmas.” Raising an eyebrow to the both of them they merely groaned before pointing to the mistletoe above the two of us causing my eyes to widen.

Exchanging a worried glance with Calum who then looked up his head starting shaking frantically. “No, no no no no.” I told them and Calum agreed whilst Ali and Ashton just blankly looked at us.

“If you don’t you won’t get presents.” Ashton looked to Calum who then lowered his head in disappointment.

“Or mulled wine.” Ali raised an eyebrow to me and mentally I kicked myself for finishing it off last night.

Turning back to face Calum I muttered under my breath “Just a kiss, only one I mean, it’s Christmas.” Hoping to convince myself as I silently apologised to him. Standing on my tip toes and leaning in his arms held my waist to support me and I found my arms around the back of his neck. “I’m sorry for my morning breath.” I muttering into his lips just before I kissed him and felt him smile into it.

It was, unexpected to say the least. Pulling away I could feel a pink hue cross my cheeks and the butterflies would need shooting in my stomach if they didn’t soon stop fluttering so much. Avoiding eye contact I walked past him and headed into the living room only to be greeted by more festivities than Santa’s grotto itself.

Letting out a soft laugh Ali and Ashton snuggled down together by the tree whilst I took the single sofa and wrapped myself up. Calum walked on in and smiled my way resulting in an immediate blush to form and suddenly I couldn’t look him in the eyes. “I’ll be a minute.” I vaguely heard Ali say as I completely zoned out, then I felt someone grip my wrist and I was dragged out into the hallway by Ali who stood with a confused expression on her face and hands on her hips looking far from intimidating in a onesie.

“What?” Bluntly I asked and then avoided eye contact, opting to focus on those dirty socks instead of her eyes, fearing judgement.

“Oh my god.” She spoke up and then I lifted my head, her much agape and eyes wide I let out a small groan. “You like him don’t you?” Lifting her hand she gripped my arm and the level of excitement shot off of a radar.

Scoffing I shook my head and crossed my arms, “Yeah right.” Joking about I tried to use my defense mechanism but slowly failed, the filter I kept up faded as I lowered my head and hugged Ali tightly. “Why did this have to happen?” Moaning she rubbed my back and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Mistletoe for you gal,” Softly chuckling she held me at arms length, whilst I pouted. “does wonders for love birds.”

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So y'all just gonna hit me with this new Yoongi fic? Listen I don't have the time to get into another fic but here you go anyway smh it's good I guess, the bitter part in me is like smh, but the Yoongi Stan is so so so excited it already looks hella good 👌🏻

Haha, I know what you mean… I don’t have time to write another series, and yet here I am… Writing another one… I told myself I wasn’t going to start anything else until I Disposable was finished, but then I didn’t have time to write for so long that I got out of the habit of it, and when I tried to write the last chapter of Disposable it just wasn’t working… At all… So I’m hoping this new one will help a little. My plan is to get back into the swing of writing and start updating things as soon as I can! I’m also working on a request at the moment that will hopefully be finished soon <3 Thank you for reading it! I hope you continue to enjoy it <3 

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Lol okay, okay, I’ll write you some Scorbus. Calm down! Take a deep breath.

Scorpius was just finishing cleaning the dishes (well dish) from dinner when he heard a knock on his door. He didn’t really have that many visitors, especially not without getting a call first or at least a text. But his phone had been in his pocket and hadn’t gone off once.

He went over to the door and looked through the peep hole. The gorgeous guy from 12B was leaning with his hand against the door, the other one rapping against it. “Hello!” he called out cheerfully.
He was most certainly drunk.

Scorpius sighed and opened the door with his most congenial smile. “Can I help you?” 

“Hey 10C!” the guy said, raising up his beer bottle in a sort of greeting salute. “We haven’t met properly. I’m Albus.”

“Scorpius,” he said tentatively. giving a small smile. “Was that all you wanted?” 

“No!” Albus said quickly. “Nope, see, it’s my birthday.”

“Oh, happy birthday,” Scorpius said, wondering just what the hell his neighbor was doing at his door on his birthday.

“Thank you,” Albus said brightly. “I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party.”

“Well, I’m not exactly dressed for a party,” Scorpius said, looking down at his t-shirt and sweats. “I’m about ready to turn in for the night.”

“Oh come on,” Albus pleaded, reaching out and grabbing Scorpius’ arm. “It’s my twenty-fifth birthday. That’s a quarter of a century! You should celebrate with me! It’s great and you’re going to love everyone and please? You’re so cute and I’m really gay.”

Scorpius sighed and was about to give in when Albus fell forward and promptly passed out in Scorpius’ arms, the beer bottle he’d been holding crashing loudly to the ground. Scorpius was dumbstruck on what to do. He could always carry Albus to the lift and get him back to his flat. But that seemed like a lot of effort. Also, what if they couldn’t hear him knocking over the noise of the party? What would he do then? He’d have to drag Albus all the way back down to his flat.

It was easier just to carrying him inside and deposit him on the sofa. Hopefully no one at the party would be missing Albus too much. Scorpius would hate for them to worry. He carefully went through Albus’ pockets and found his phone. He was relieved that there was no lock screen or he would have been screwed. He found the last person Albus had texted, someone named Rose, and explained as vaguely as he could that Albus was sleeping over at a friend’s house. It sounded like a little kid explaining why he was out late to his parents, but Scorpius couldn’t figure out any other way to word it.

He got Albus a blanket and covered him in it to keep him warm. He then carefully removed Albus’ shoes and placed them on the floor beside him so he could find them easily in the morning. Lastly he put a large bowl by the sofa in case Albus needed to throw up.


In the morning, Scorpius wasn’t surprised to find he woke up before Albus. He put a glass of water and two aspirin on the coffee table to help with the hangover and then padded into the kitchen. As quietly as he could, he got to work making omelettes for the two of them. 

The smell must have roused Albus from his sleep because he sat up and groaned. “Oh god, what happened last night?”

Scorpius plated one of the omelettes and began cracking the eggs for the next one. “You came over to invite me to your birthday party,” he explained.

Albus whipped his head around and stared at Scorpius. “Oh my god, this is so embarrassing. This is why I should never have agreed to let Hugo make jello shots.”

Scorpius smiled as he grated more cheese. “What do you like in your omelette?” 

“Oh, you really don’t have to do that,” Albus told him, attempting to stand up and then immediately sitting back down. He reached out and grabbed the glass of water and pills, popping them into his mouth and then chugging the water.

“Well, considering I didn’t get you a birthday present, breakfast is the least I can do,” Scorpius told him. “So what would you like?” 

“Whatever is fine,” Albus said, waving him off as he finished off the rest of his glass of water. “I didn’t make too much of a twat of myself last night, did I?”

Scorpius laughed and turned to look at Albus for a moment. “Not too bad,” he informed him with a grin. “It probably could have been worse. You told me that you thought I was cute.”

“Oh,” Albus said, running his fingers through his messy hair and only succeeding in making it more messy. “Well that’s not too bad then.”

Scorpius finished up the food and bought both plates over, handing one over to Albus. “So, it was a good birthday then?” 

“Pretty good,” Albus responded, stabbing at his eggs. “I’m sorry for bothering you last night. I mean we don’t even know each other. I bet I was a pain in your arse.”

Scorpius shrugged. “You weren’t here long enough to be a pain in anything,” he responded. “We talked for five minutes and then you fell into my arms. It would have been quite romantic if you hadn’t been pissed.”

Albus blushed, the tips of his ears going red. “I’m really sorry.”

“Well, it’s certainly one way to become acquainted with a person,” Scorpius said dryly, nudging Albus with his elbow. 

“I have impulse control problems when I drink,” Albus admitted grumpily as he ate his omelette. “Case and point.” he gestured to himself and the sofa.

Scorpius bit the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling. “It’s really okay,” he told Albus. “You weren’t a bother.” 

“Thanks,” Albus said, finishing off his food and nearly licking the plate clean. “Fuck, that was delicious. I’m so jealous. All I know how to cook are toast and pasta.”

“I’m pretty sure everyone in the world knows how to make toast and pasta,” Scorpius teased lightly. 

“Hey!” Albus said, his indignant tone ruined as he laughed.

“I’d be happy to show you how to cook some simple things,” Scorpius offered, finishing off his own food and collecting the plates. 

“Really?” Albus asked excitedly. “You mean that?” 

“Sure,” Scorpius said as he put the dishes in the sink and carefully washed them off. It was quite novel to have two dishes to wash instead of just one. “I wouldn’t mind at all.”

Albus looked about ready to burst with happiness. “And you don’t mind that I’m…well…into you?”

Scorpius wiped his hands on the towel and snorted. “No Albus, I don’t mind at all.” 

Albus got to his feet and walked into the kitchen, sliding in close to Scorpius so they were nearly touching. He scratched the side of his face anxiously. “Any chance you might be interested in me too?” 

Scorpius smiled and slid his finger through one of the belt loops on Albus’ jeans. “I think there’s a pretty good chance,” he said with a nod. 

“Think I could get a kiss for my birthday?” Albus asked shyly. 

“Your birthday was yesterday,” Scorpius reminded him teasingly. “Guess you’ll have to wait another year.”

“But Scor,” Albus whined, putting his hands on Scorpius’ hips and lifting him up to sit on the counter and crowding into the space between his legs. “You didn’t get me a birthday present.”

“I made you an omelette,” Scorpius retorted defensively.

“You made me the omelette today, which isn’t my birthday, so it can’t count as my present,” Albus argued. 

“That makes no sense,” Scorpius said, chuckling quietly.

“Where’s a Tardis when you need one?” Albus huffed out in frustration.

Scorpius smiled and wrapped his hand over Albus’ nape, bringing his face closer. “I suppose I can make an exception just this one time,” he murmured, brushing his lips against Al’s. 

“I would appreciate it,” Albus said, closing the gap between them and kissing Scorpius fiercely. 

“Happy birthday,” Scorpius whispered once he broke the kiss to breathe. 

“It’s turned out to be a pretty awesome birthday,” Albus told him, running his fingers through Scor’s hair. 

“It’s not your birthday anymore.”

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” Scorpius reminded him. “You think I’m cute.”

“What about you?” Albus asked, kissing along Scor’s jawline. “Do you think I’m cute?” 

Scorpius tilted his face up to allow Al more access and smiled blissfully. “You know, I just might.” 

"I have bad news" part 2

A little over 3 years ago I gave birth to Justin and I’s first child, Eleanor. She’s so perfect; she has brown hair, hazel eyes and the most perfect smile. She’s our little perfect princess.
Lately my doctor had been having me in for a lot of scrutinises. And today was one of them,
“Why does your doctor keep calling you in for these examinations?” Justin asked as he wrapped his arms around my from behind as I was getting ready.
“I don’t know Justin? But I think today is the last one” I told him as I finished my mascara.
“I hope so, because Eleanor and I are getting worried” he said, then he pecked my cheek and let go off me.
I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a pair of black jeans, a simply black top with a laced cardigan over it. My makeup was natural and my hair was just up in a ponytail. I walked downstairs and grabbed a granola bar before walking out to the hall to get on my shoes and my jacket. I was about to open the front door, when Eleanor called.
“MOMMY!” she yelled as she ran over to me, I smiled and picked her up.
“Hey princess” I told her as I smiled,
“Mommy, do you have to go?” she asked as she looked at me with her big brown eyes.
“I do baby, but when I get home we’re going to have so much fun!” I told her as I rubbed my nose against hers.
“Okay, I love you mommy” she smiled,
“I love you too, sweetie” I told her, and then I pecked her lips and sat her down.
“Bye Mommy” she yelled as I opened the door, Justin picked her up and blew me a kiss, I blew one back and then closed the door.

I parked my car outside the hospital and then walked inside. I announced my arrival and then sat down. My phone went off, so I took it out of my bag and unlocked it. Justin has sent me a SnapChat, so I went into the app and opened the snap. It was a picture of him and Eleanor eating breakfast as they were pouting, “We need you here!” the snap said, I smiled and then took a seflie,
“I wanna come home!” I wrote on it and then sent it to him.
“Y/F/N” Doctor Ann said as she looked around the room. I stood up and walked over to her, she gently smiled and we shook hands.
“Hey Y/N” she said as she guided me into the room.
“Hey Ann” I smiled; I sat down in one of the chairs and then looked at her.
“So Y/N, I have some bad news for you” Ann said as she looked at me. Immediately a big knot formed in my stomach.
“We’ve been calling you in for the examinations because we had an idea about you having breast cancer” she continued, my eyes widened and I covered my mouth.
“And sadly, we were right” she said, instantly I started crying.
“And because we noticed it this late, there’s nothing we can do” she continued,
“So, I’m going to die?” I asked her as I let out big sobs.
“I’m afraid so Y/N, I’m so sorry!” she said, I shook my head and then stood up.
“Do you know how long I have back?” I asked her as I found my car keys in my pocket.
“No, it’ll just happen someday” she said as she stood up, more tears slipped out and I walked out of the room. I exited the hospital and walked over to my car. I got in and immediately started bawling my eyes out. How could this happen? I mean, yes I felt the knot in my breast before, but I didn’t think it was something serious.
My crying slowed down and I turned on the engine and drove home.
As I arrived home, I dried my tears away and got out of the car.
I opened the front door and took off my jacket and my shoes before walking into the living room, where Justin and Eleanor was sitting. Luckily Eleanor was sleeping, so she wouldn’t notice me crying.
Justin looked up and started smiling, but when he noticed me crying, he stood up and made sure to place Eleanor gently on the couch again.
“Baby, what happened?” he asked as he embraced me in a hug.
“I have bad news” I told him as more tears ran down my cheeks.
“What is it?” Justin asked me as he continued to hug me.
“I just got diagnosed with breast cancer” I told him as my sobs got louder. Justin pulled out of the hug and started crying.
“Are you serious?” he asked as he dried the tears away.
“Yeah” I told him as I sat down on the floor.
“But, aren’t there anything they can do about?” he asked as he sat down beside me.
“No, they noticed too late, they can’t do anything, I’m going to die!” I told him, I placed my head on his chest and squeezed him.
“But, how long do you have back?” he asked as sobs left his mouth.
“No one knows, it’ll just happen one day!” I told him, apparently my sobs were too loud, because they woke up Eleanor.
“Mommy? Daddy? What’s happening?” she asked as she rubbed her eyes.
“Should we tell her?” Justin asked me, I nodded my head, she deserved to know, just not the true version.
“Yeah, but not the true version” I told him, Justin nodded my head and then stood up, he helped me up and then we sat down on the couch with Eleanor in between us.
“Sweetie, someday mommy won’t be here anymore! But it will be for the better, because she won’t feel the pain anymore” I told her as I wrapped my arms around her.
“Why mommy?” she asked as she started crying.
“Because it’s for the better baby! And I want you to remember that mommy loves you and she will always be with you, she will always be in here” I told her as I pointed at her heart.
“And when mommy won’t be here anymore, I don’t want you to be sad, I want you to live your life and remember that no matter how hard things get, I will be here, you just can’t see me” I told her.

*Justin’s POV *
A few months later, Y/N died, here at home surrounded by her loved ones. I was now alone with our three years old daughter, who didn’t understand what was happening.
I couldn’t bare living in our house anymore. So I moved into a smaller flat, where there still were enough rooms for Eleanor to get her own room, for me to get my own room and a living room, a kitchen and 2 bathrooms.
After I had woken up and got dressed, I walked into Eleanor’s room and woke her up.
“Good morning princess” I told her as I smiled down at her. She looked so much like Y/N, she was beautiful, and she was my little princess.
“Morning daddy” she told me as she smiled, she removed the covers from her body and then stood up in the bed and hugged me.
“Did you sleep okay baby?” I asked her as we continued to hug, she nodded her head and then I stood up.
“Wanna go visit Mommy’s cemetery plot today?” I asked her as I walked out to the bathroom and got her ready.
“Yeah” she said as she smiled, I smiled too and then pulled on some grey tights on her legs, an army-green dress with a grey cardigan over. Then I found a pair of army-green converse, and then she was finished.
“Thank you daddy!” she said, and then she kissed my cheek and ran downstairs. I got up and followed her downstairs. I found us some captain-crunch and then after we ate, we left to go buy some of Y/N’s favourite flowers.
“Eleanor, do you remember mommy’s favourite flowers?” I asked Eleanor as we stood in the flower shop.
“Roses!” she smiled and then ran over to the roses. I nodded my head and then found the 5 most beautiful roses.

After we had paid, we left to go to the cemetery. It was a beautiful day, it was warm and the sky was blue.
We finally found Y/N’s cemetery plot, I bended down and placed the roses in front of her stone.
“Hey mommy” Eleanor smiled, “I miss you, but I remember you telling me not to be sad, so I’m not” she continued, I looked up at her and a tear ran down my cheek.
“Daddy and I moved and I got a really beautiful room, Daddy even let me help him decorate it,” she said as she sat down in the grass.
She found something in her pocket in her jacket.
“I made this drawing to you mommy, it’s you, me and daddy” she explained as she laid the drawing on the plot.
“When did you draw this baby?” I asked her as I placed her on my lap.
“I draw it when I was at grandma’s house” she smiled, I nodded my head, then I stood up and placed a kiss on Y/N’s stone, Eleanor did the same thing,
“I love you Y/N” I told her, then I placed a small box beside her stone. I had bought her an engagement ring right before she died, but I never got the chance to give it to her, so I forgot about it and now that I found it while we were moving, I decided to bring it and give it to her, here.
“What is that daddy?” Eleanor asked as we turned around to leave.
“That was a ring for mommy” I told her and then we left.


Pairing: You/Kim Jongin

Other Characters: Lee Taemin, Leeteuk, mention of Kim Junmyeon

Word Count: 12,144 words

Genre: Romance, Smut

AU: Theater/19th Century London and Modern Era

Rating: M

Synopsis: The grand opening of the new theater in town has brought about the elite citizens and the presence of the mayor for politics and public relations. In the midst of the smoke, alcohol, and concealed identities, one of the mayor’s sons is more than what you have bargained for tonight.

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“Why does Feyre have a bruise on her neck from you?” he asked with no small amount of amusement.

“I bit her,” Tamlin said, not pausing as he cut his steak. “We ran into each other in the hall after the Rite.”

I straightened in my chair.

“She seems to have a death wish,” he went on, cutting his meat. The claws stayed retracted but pushed against the skin above his knuckles. My throat closed up. Oh, he was mad— furious at my foolishness for leaving my room— but somehow managed to keep his anger on a tight, tight leash. “So, if Feyre can’t be bothered to listen to orders, then I can’t be held accountable for the consequences.”

“Accountable?” I sputtered, placing my hands flat on the table. “You cornered me in the hall like a wolf with a rabbit!”

Lucien propped an arm on the table and covered his mouth with his hand, his russet eye bright. “While I might not have been myself, Lucien and I both told you to stay in your room,” Tamlin said, so calmly that I wanted to rip out my hair.

I couldn’t help it. Didn’t even try to fight the red- hot temper that razed my senses. “Faerie pig!” I yelled, and Lucien howled, almost tipping back in his chair. At the sight of Tamlin’s growing smile, I left.

It took me a couple of hours to stop painting little portraits of Tamlin and Lucien with pigs’ features. But as I finished the last one— Two faerie pigs wallowing in their own filth, I would call it— I smiled into the clear, bright light of my private painting room.

The Tamlin I knew had returned.

And it made me… happy.

Neighbors (16/?)

Summary: Kat is an Avenger and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and when S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Winter Soldier in a domesticated life she is sent in to watch over him undercover as his new neighbor.

A/N: Here is part 16. I have the worst case of writer’s block ever. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I wrote this chapter four different times, each completely different from each other. I now have about 2,000 words of useless material on a word document. (I don’t ever erase anything I write. I cut and paste what ever I don’t use on a different document. I like to think of it as my “deleted scenes”.) The problem with me when I get a block is the same as when I am in a reading slump (my worst one was last year, I couldn’t finish a single book in thee months. Self promote time: my booklr is @longbooklist), if I force myself to read or write it begins to feel like homework and makes me hate whatever I am reading, or writing. That being said, I feel like this is some of my worst writing. Sorry. 

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“I should have told you,” Steve told me sitting across from me on the sofa.

“This is why you wanted me to take the mission,” I say hugging my knees to my chest. “You didn’t want me around.”

“I thought it would be better to let him get a feel of the team without you, for now,” he confesses. “To make the transition easier for him.”

“So he is on the team now,” I say more to myself than to Steve.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Steve,” I tell him placing my hand on his knee. “This is what you wanted,” I smile. “You have Bucky back, and he is on the team.”

“But is it what you want,” he asks taking my hand in his.

“I can’t lie and say that it will hurt seeing him, and know that he hates me,” I sigh. “But he is a great addition to the team.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” he frowns.

“No it’s not what I want,” I frown. “I would have wanted our lives to have never crossed, but it’s too late for that. I can’t promise that this won’t be hard, but I will try to be professional. He is my co-worker and nothing more.”

“Are you sure you can do this,” he asked concerned.

“I learned my lesson,” I tell him. “I know what happens if I let my feelings get in the way of my job.”

It had been a week since James officially joined the team. I hadn’t talked to him much.

The last conversation I had with him was when Nat helped me break into the room he was being kept in when he was being evaluated.

I was walking to the training room when I ran into him. He looked down at me, but before I could say anything he turned around and started walking in the opposite direction.

“James wait,” I say running after him.

He didn’t stop until he was in front of the elevator and pressed a button.

“James we have to talk about this eventually,” I tell him grabbing his arm and turning him to face me.

“There is nothing for us to talk about,” he mutters frowning down at me and pulling free from my grip as the elevator doors open.

“Yes there is,” I say as he steps inside the elevator. I follow him in. Before he can step off I stand in front of the doors as they close and reach over to press the emergency stop button.

“You can’t ignore me forever,” I tell him crossing my arms in front of me. “Like it or not we have to work together. We are Avengers.”

“What do you want me to say,” he yells throwing his hands up. “Did you not understand what I told you last time?”

“I get it,” I yell. “You’re mad at me for what I did.”

“Mad doesn’t even begin to describe what I fell about what you did,” he growls. “I trusted you. I told you everything, and you lied to me.”

“I’m sorry,” I tell him.

“What did you expect would happen,” he asks. “Did you really think that there wouldn’t be consequences to what you did?”

“That’s the thing,” I tell him. “I wasn’t thinking. For the first time in my life I was happy, I was with some one who made me happy, and I didn’t let myself think about the consequences because then I would have to face them.”

“Well you are facing them now,” he mutters.

“Please forgive me,” I plead. “It’s still me. That was the only lie I ever told you. Everything I told you was true.”

“Except it’s not that simple Kat,” he frowns. “I don’t know if can ever trust you again.”

“Do you hate me,” I whisper.

“Yes,” he mutters reaching behind me and pressing the button to open the doors and walking away.

Be professional. I told myself I was going to be professional.

I stood up straight and wiped away the stray tear with the back of my hand before leaving the elevator and walking to the training room.  

He was right.
I knew there would be consequences for my actions, but I chose to ignore them until now. I would have been ignorant if I ever thought that what I did wouldn’t have ended badly in one-way or another.

Once I am in the training room I walk straight to the back into the shooting range.

Going for the punching bags would do me no good. It would only result in bruised knuckles. I look at the selection of weapons on the wall and reach for the pistol.

I set six clips in front of me and took aim at the target.

I emptied them all hitting the center of the target every time.

It wasn’t enough. There was still a rage in me that needed a way out.

I walked back to the wall and pulled out a belt of daggers and laid it out in front of a new target. I picked one up and twirled it in my hand a few times before throwing it at the target.

I did the same with the rest, all of them hitting their target.

“You have it bad,” a voice behind me startled me.

“How long have you been standing there,” I turn around to see Clint leaning against the wall behind me.

“Longer than you’d like,” he smiles.

“You’re judging me,” I glare at him.

“Can you blame me,” he crossing his arms in front of him. “Now as much as I like that you are taking your anger out with inanimate objects, it think it is time you actually talked to some one about what you are going through.”

“I don’t think you can help me with this,” I sigh moving to grab another weapon.

“I think I can,” he sighs.

“Then do enlighten me,” I exclaim dramatically pulling a bow and quiver from the wall.

“Well first of all,” he sighs, pushing himself off the wall. “The bow and arrow is my thing.”

I frown at him and instead reach over for a rifle.

“Secondly, I don’t think going though our entire arsenal is the best way to get rid of your frustration.”

“Then what do you suggest,” I frown.

“What you need are real moving targets,” he smirks pulling something from behind him and handing it to me.

I look at the object in my hand confused. The bright colors threw me off, but the thing in my hands looked very much like a gun.

“What am I suppose to do with this,” I frown looking back up at Clint.

I am answered with a foam dart hitting me in the face.

Clint is looking at me with a smirk, but the dart hadn’t come from him. Nat is standing next to him holding a gun similar to mine aiming it at me.

“You are so dead,” I say though my teeth.

“You have to catch us first,” she laughs before sprinting away with Clint behind her.

I load the Nerf gun in my hand and chase after them.

They turn into the living area and jump behind one of the couches before taking aim at me as I run after them.

Before they can get a good advantage on me I dive behind the bar as the darts nearly miss me.

Blue Nerf darts go flying through the air as we all fire.

“Come on Kat, all that target practice and you can’t even get one of us,” Nat taunts from behind the flipped coffee table.

I look down at my gun. I only had one dart left. I had to make it count.

I had my back pressed to the side of the bar when I saw a shadow moving behind me. Taking a deep breath I loaded the last of my darts and jumped up shooting at the shadow.

My smirk of assumed victory turns into one of panic when I see who was in front of me.

Standing in front of me with a small red circle on his forehead was a frowning Steve.

I open my mouth to apologize, but a small chuckle leaves my lips. The longer I look at Steve frowning in front of me my chuckles turn into full laughter.

A smile plays on Steve’s lips and soon the entire room is laughing at the situation.

I throw myself on the couch clutching my stomach from the laughter.

“I told you I could help,” Clint smirks.

“Thank you,” I say once I have caught my breath. “I really needed that.”

“You’re welcome,” Nat says sitting on the couch next to me. “Now I have three more darts left, what do you say we go look for Tony and put them to good use.”

“I’m right behind you,” I laugh and we take off in search for the billionaire.

Part 17

Life Long Love - Draco Malfoy

Sorry if there are any mistakes. I didn’t go back through and read my work.

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1343


You and Draco had been friends for as long as you can remember. Your parents had met during their days at Hogwarts. They were all in Slytherin together and had become fast friends. They had stayed friends and continued to be friends long after their Hogwarts days were over.

This friendship continued and got passed on to you and Draco when you were born. You had spent your whole life around Draco and his family. You can’t remember summers that weren’t spent at Malfoy Manor or at your family’s manor. Draco and you had been extremely close, until your first year at Hogwarts.

Draco knew he was going to be sorted into Slytherin, his whole family had been, it was his destiny. Your family had expected you to be sorted into Slytherin as well. That wasn’t the case, however. During the sorting ceremony, when Professor McGonagall called out your name, you went up and sat down fully expecting to be placed into Slytherin without a second thought.

When the sorting hat announced that you were now a Hufflepuff, you were shocked. You looked over at Draco and saw the smile leave his face. You couldn’t do anything about it now. You retreated to the Hufflepuff table and decided to talk to Draco later.

Needless to say, Draco was disappointed that the pair of you were not in the same house.

“Draco, being in different houses won’t ruin our friendship. We’ve known each other our whole lives.”

“I know, other people don’t know that though. Y/N, we can just meet up to study. Did you really think I would ditch you because you’re in a different house? You know, both Slytherin and Hufflepuff are extremely loyal?”

“Of course. Merlin’s beard, what do you think mum and dad will say? They were positive I’d be in Slytherin, like they were.”

“I’m sure they’ll understand. Now we might want to get to class.”


Your parents hadn’t been too happy to hear that you were in Hufflepuff rather than Slytherin, but they soon came to terms with it.

As time went on, you started to make other friends besides Draco. You would still study and hang around Draco as much as you could. There were times when you felt he was trying to push you away, though.

You knew that the Malfoy family believed that purebloods were superior to everyone else. Your parents had always agreed with them. You couldn’t see how they believed that. Your best friend, besides Draco, happened to be Muggle-Born.

You also knew that the Malfoy’s had ties to Voldemort, what you didn’t know was that Draco was being dragged into it all.

By the time your sixth year at Hogwarts had come around, Draco was starting to avoid you more and more as the year went on. This bugged you. You missed the Draco that had suddenly disappeared.

You had decided to try and talk to him. You needed to know what was wrong and why he was being so distant.

You looked for Draco for what felt like hours and couldn’t find him. You looked in the library and everywhere else you could think of before finally checking the astronomy tower.

You made your way up the stairs of the astronomy tower. Draco must have heard you walking up the stairs because he had turned around when you reached the top.

“Oh, Y/N,” He said turning back around and looking out at the landscape.

“Draco,” You replied, walking over to him and looking out at the landscape as well.

When Draco didn’t say anything, you continued to speak.

“Draco, what’s going on?” You asked, turning towards him.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean, Y/N?” Draco replied, still not facing you.

“Don’t do that. You know exactly what I mean. You’ve been avoiding me. You aren’t even looking at me right now.”

“I don’t really think it concerns you, Y/N.”

“I really think it does concern me,” You were starting to get angry now.

“No, Y/N, it really doesn’t concern you because you don’t need to be brought into all of this. You’ll be safer if you don’t know anything about it,” Draco replied finally turning to you, but still not quite looking you in the eyes.

“Draco, we’ve known each other our whole lives. You can tell me anything. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Y/N, I can’t tell you this. You wouldn’t look at me the same.”

“What do you mean? Draco, what could be so horrible that it would change the way I view you?”

You wanted to reach out to Draco and pull him into a hug. You wanted to figure out a way to let him know that nothing could change the way you viewed him; nothing could change what you felt for him.

“Nevermind, Y/N. It’s not important.”

There he goes again, pushing you away.

“No, Draco, it does matter. Anything that has you this distressed matters. Please, let me try and help you. It kills me to see you like this.”

“There’s no way you can help. If I tell you, it’ll just put you in danger. I can’t put you in danger, I…” Draco was keeping more than one thing from you.

“You what? Finish what you were going to say, Draco.”

“I care too much about you. If I was to put you in danger and then you were to get hurt, or worse, killed. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I love you too much to do that,” Draco didn’t even realize the last words that came out of his mouth before it was too late.

“You… you love me?” You didn’t know what else to say. The man who you had known practically your whole life just told you he loved you.

“Fuck, Y/N, of course I love you! How could someone NOT love you? You’re amazing and smart and beautiful. Of course I fell in love with you. I’ve know you my whole life.”

Draco was pacing now, running his hands through his hair and pulling at it and messing it up from its one perfect state.

All you could do was watch Draco as he paced around the astronomy tower. You couldn’t help but stare at Draco. You were about to say something when you caught a glimpse of something on Draco’s left arm.


No answer. He didn’t even stop pacing.


Still no answer.



Draco stopped pacing and turned to you with wide eyes.

“What’s that? On your left arm?” You asked making your way over to him.

“Oh, it’s um, it’s nothing.”

You continued to make your way over to Draco. When your chest was almost touching his, you stopped and looked him in the eyes.

“Draco, show me your left arm. Please.”

“It’s nothing, Y/N. PLease don’t worry about it.”

Draco couldn’t even look you in the eyes. You needed to know what was wrong and knowing what was on his arm might answer that question for you.

Without warning, you grabbed Draco’s arm and pulled his sleeve down. You were not expecting to find the Dark Mark on his arm. Of course, you knew DRaco’s parents were Death Eaters, but you never knew that Draco would become one as well.

“Draco. Why?” was all you could say. All you wanted to do right was cry.

“I had to. I had to join him. If not, he would have killed my parents. H-he would have killed you. He w-would have killed me. I-I had to. I’m so sorry, Y/N. I had no choice. I had to.”

Draco couldn’t keep his tears at bay anymore. He sobbed out the last part of his sentence. You couldn’t think of anything else to do except pull Draco to you and hold him as tight as you could.

After a few minutes, Draco’s sobs turned into sniffles. You placed a kiss on Draco’s forehead.

“Draco, I love you too,” You said after a long silence.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

Warning: Angst

Summary: Chris and Sammie talk about the decision she has to make regarding her job. Chris pays a visit to her work.

Word Count:3503

Author’s Note: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for being such a great beta and to @heather-lynn for her awesome suggestions!

After Chris had walked out from their dinner a month ago, Sammie had tried to go about her normal routine. She went to work with a smile on her face. She went to yoga three times a week now, and even started attending therapy on a regular basis. Going back to therapy was really not her choice. Kellie had threatened to call her parents and tell them if she didn’t start getting some help.

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Fanfic - Giving Her the Best - 1/1

Prompt: Barry goes to a floral shop to buy flowers to ask Iris out on a date. Spoilers for Season 3 Episode 3.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 877

AN: Based on this headcanon I wrote yesterday :)

It was another slow Wednesday afternoon at the floral shop.

Cheryl the only one working today was bored out of her mind. The middle of the week was never a busy time for people to buy flowers. There were only so many arrangements to make before she had nothing left to do. She was seriously contemplating taking apart the rose display just to pass the time when the bell at the door chimed as someone walked in.

She looked up to a rather tall and lanky man enter the store. He looked a little young and skinny for her taste but his thick auburn hair and disarming smile gave him a boyish handsomeness.

And maybe her eyes were tired from the boring day because she swore she could see him literally vibrating.

“Hi there,” He made a beeline over to her when he spotted her. “I want to order some flowers.”

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How that scene should’ve gone

Charlie closed her laptop.

“What did Dean mean?” she asked Sam.

He raised his eyebrows, asking for clarification.

“When he said you changed your mind.“

Sam nodded slowly and closed his laptop, like he was gathering his thoughts.

“So, remember how I was doing those trials, uh, I guess coming up on two years ago now?”

“Oh. Yeah. Geez, I’d kinda forgotten about that. Close the gates of Hell forever, right?”

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Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 15

Photo not mine (Did edit a bit)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,838

Luke’s P.O.V

I felt it; the water filling up my lungs cutting off my air way. My eyes snapped open though everywhere I looked was blurry and blue. For a second I thought it was a wave of dizziness coursing through me from the hit I took when I blacked out but as my air way cut off more and more I realized that I was under water.

I felt my body begin to panic, not sure of what to do first and not ready to die. My legs automatically began pushing myself up off the smooth surface of what felt like a pool floor only to be dragged down again. I searched for whatever was keeping me anchored until my eyes landed on a large cinder block that had a rope tied around it and my ankle. I  tried once again, pushing myself to the surface now knowing that I had extra weight to carry, but the block wouldn’t budge.

Kneeling down, I began trying to untie the knots around both my ankle and the slab of cement but it was as if whoever tied them went to scouts and completed all their knot badges.

I searched the pool for anything sharp enough to cut it but there was nothing around me. My hands moved to my hair in frustration knowing that there was no other choice but to stay here and quietly die. I let my hands trace over my face and down my neck, halting once I felt my shark tooth necklace that I always wore beneath my shirts.

Ripping it off my neck, I leaned back over the rope and began sawing away at it. At this point I didn’t know if all this work would even pay off. I began hacking at the rope and pulling with my arms allowing it  to give away.

Finally I began to feel the rope start to lack around my ankle telling me that I was near freedom. With one last pull I was able to rip it apart from my ankle and began my journey to the top. I was lucky that the pool wasn’t that deep as I finally surfaced and began coughing up water.

My eyes did a quick scan of the area realizing I was still in the park though it looked to be around mid night. I somehow managed to find the strength to pull myself out of water sucking in all the air I could get.

“Didn’t think you’d make it there for a second, mate.” A thick Irish accent said from above me. My eyes traveled up the pant leg of the person who stood in front of me until I got to his face. He reminded me of Jai only instead of having pits of black for eyes his were like a grey sea before a storm hit. His dark hair was also styled differently, shaved short on the sides with it quiffed in the center. But his sun kissed skin was exactly like Jai’s.

“So instead of helping me,” I began, starting to get to my feet even though I’d rather just lay there for another 10 minutes until I caught my breath. “You decided to sit back and watch the show.”

“Hey mate, I only just got here when I saw you using whatever you had to break free of whatever was tying you down.” He put his hands up in surrender  telling me that he was innocent. “I’m Kean.” He extended his arm out for me to shake but I ignored it.

“So I’m guessing you aren’t part of Jai’s gang or else you would have had another cinder block ready and pushing me back under.”

“Jai?” His eyebrows shot up. “Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.” I studied him for a moment trying to figure out if we’ve ever met. “When Jai use to live back in Ireland I was his secondhand man in his gang.”

My eyes moved down to the dog chain that was tied around his neck, an exact replica of mine.

“So was I,” I told him and he cracked a smile.

“Was?” He asked.

“I tried over ruling him, tried being the gang leader.” I shrugged. “Almost did it but I couldn’t bring myself to…" Kill him. I finished in my head.

"Well you got further then I ever did.” Kean told me. “He left taking everything with him. People told me that he moved back her to Australia where he was born.” He studied me from head to toe. “And by the looks of it, they’re right.”

I gave him a single nod, eyeing him one last time before turning to go back to my car that was still parked in the parking lot.

“I never caught your name.” Kean called out to me.

I stopped walking turning towards him. “Luke,” I shouted over at him. “You aren’t by chance here looking for a bit of revenge on, Jai, are you?”

Kean began walking towards me with a smirk that was almost as wicked as mine. “And what if I told you I was.”

My smile grew, “Then welcome to the club brother.”


Ella’s P.O.V

 I gasped for air as my eyes shot open taking in my new surroundings. It looked as though I was in a fancy condo complex that only movie stars could afford, from the high end appliances that I could see from the open lay out, to the modern furniture that was placed ever so carefully in the living room.

I tried to move but noticed that both my arms and legs were tied to the chair I was sitting on. I was still in the same casual clothing I was wearing at the amusement park with Luke, my hair still pulled back into a pony tail only it was beginning to come undone. My eyes searched the room once more trying to find any signs of life but there was none that I could find.

“Hello?” I called out into the spacious living area. “Hello?” I called again only a little louder after not hearing a response.

After no one answered me, I knew for certain I was alone. I couldn’t remember anything that happened past from when Luke told me to stay where I was as he went off to talk to Lux.

My head fell against the back of the chair, letting a sigh out in the process. I moved my head to the side trying to get comfortable until I saw the letter opener on the coffee table only a meter away from me. Checking to make sure no one was around to see or hear me, I scratched my chair along the marble floors going as quickly as I could to reach the knife. With it being in arms length, I stretched my hand as far as it would go wrapping my fingers around the base and bringing it down to the arm to begin awkwardly hacking away to the ropes.

It took me nearly ten minutes until the fibers became so loose I was able to swing my hand free. I did the same to my other hand and both my feet though it took less time as I began getting the hang of it.

Doing on last search to make sure no one was there, I got to my feet and made my way to wherever I could find and exit but stopped when the sound of the door opening and closing filled the empty condo.

Without thinking, I ran straight back to the chair hiding the knife behind my back as I sat pretending like I was still tied up.

“Ella,” The familiar voice sent shivers up my back like a cold winter breeze would do. Turning my head I met the dark eyes that belonged to Jai with Lux, Rowan and Tyse standing off to his side. With a single flick of a wrist, he sent all three off to a room that was to my right. “It’s nice to see you’re still here.” He smiled as he made his way towards me.

“Can’t really go anywhere when you’re tied up and stuff.” I muttered to him causing a smile to sprout on his lips. He turned his back to me, giving me the perfect opportunity to strike him with the knife that was hidden behind my back. Moving as quietly as possible, I took the blade in my hand before lunging forward at him only to be swung around and held in a headlock position.

“You surprised me,” Jai whispered in my ear as I gasped for air. “You didn’t strike me as the kind of person to try and escape, I mean I thought death was a cutters best friend.”

Anger boiled inside me at the mention of my cutting causing me to jerk backwards into Jai in any attempts to hurt him but he caught me easily.

“A little tip,” He advised me. “If you want the element of surprise on your side then I’d suggest you at least move the chair back to it’s original position.”

My eyes traveled from where the chair use to be to where it was sitting now after my struggle to reach the letter opener.  

“Your entrance was a little abrupt,” I wheezed out. “But I’ll keep that in mind next time.”

With that, he tossed me to the floor like a rag doll making me cough from the over powering air that was now being absorbed into my lungs. I watched him with daggers in my eyes as he paced back and forth in front of me.

“What do you want with me?” I asked him. “You obviously don’t want to kill me or else you would have already.”

He eyed me suspiciously before letting his smirk return to his face. “Well there you’re wrong,” He shrugged. “I do want to kill you but you see it has to be timed precisely with the right audience watching.”

“You mean Luke." He gave me a vicious smile before nodding, "So what? You’re going to lock me away in a high up tower while a call out for a prince as he tells me to let down my hair?”

A cold laugh erupted from his chest causing my goose bumps to return. “I decided this would be a choice for you,” He began. “Either I could kill you or I could train you to be a part of my gang. You’ll learn how to fight, how to deal, how to wade off unwanted people.” He looked me from head to toe licking his lips subconsciously, “Because being a girl in my world is anything but a paradise, especially when they look like you.” His eyes stopped on my chest making me raise my arms to cover myself though it didn’t do much to ease myself. “Either way,” He continued. “I’ll get to watch Luke suffer because you’ll be torn away from him.”


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A/N: Hey guys! So hopefully you’re still enjoying it! Can’t believe I did two updates today and wrote an imagine… as you can see I have no life AHA :) but if you did enjoy it please give it a like and reblog because it seriously helps me out so much! Thanks guys :) 

Pairing: Scott x reader 

Prompt: When Scott gets down on one knee and asks for you to marry him you grab the box and set it aside making him think you don’t wanna marry him. But really you want to tackle/hug him and not ruin the ring! 

Authors note: this is a cute little imagine. I hope you enjoy! 

 I finished curling the last piece of my hair right as Scott pulled into the driveway. I stood up from my desk and looked at myself in the mirror one last time. Scott and I have been together since junior year. Once we graduated high school I was scared that we would go our separate ways but Scott promised me that would never happen. And that promise has not been broken. It is the day after graduation and Scott told me he wanted to take me out to celebrate. He was always so romantic. He was always really good at making me feel like a princess. I snapped out of my daze when I heard a knock on the door. 

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Promise (Oliver/Felicity; G)

Summary: Two missing scenes from 3x18. Felicity tries to figure out what to say to Ray after he drops the ILY bomb, and Oliver asks her to promise him something.

Ships: Oliver/Felicity, Ray/Felicity, Laurel & Felicity

A/N: So I haven’t been able to get that episode out of my head! Just to be clear, the first part takes place after Ray tells Felicity he loves her and Donna gives her daughter some words of wisdom. The second takes place when Felicity, Roy and John go to the precinct to talk to Oliver.

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Felicity hated hospitals.

It wasn’t for the reasons people normally hate them, either – the smell of antiseptic, the fact that those walls, no matter what colour they were painted, seemed inescapably cold and clinical, or the sound of machines beeping and lives ending. No, what bothered her was all the things she had experienced right there, in Starling General.

She had come here a couple of times to visit Lance when he was recovering from his collapse. (Of course, that was before, when he had been an ally to the Arrow, and not the person calling for his arrest.) The hospital had also been where she’d seen John become a father – it had been where Oliver had kissed her, for the first and last time. Being there only reminded her of the pain of tugging his hands away from where they had framed her face and walking away from him.

And now there was Ray – a man that should have been so good for her, so perfectly matched for her that she could not for the life of her get why his declaration that he loved her had left her so mortified.

Well. Maybe she was lying to herself just a little. Or she was avoiding the truth -  that was, until her mother had spelled it out for her. That would be another memory that would come back to her the next time she was in a hospital: Donna Smoak, telling her she was in love with a man that Donna herself had barely met. That she had to make a choice.

Felicity didn’t know what to do. After imparting that particular nugget of wisdom, Donna had got up, smoothed down her yellow dress and said something about going to the little blondes’ room, and now, Felicity was sitting alone outside the room where Ray was, trying to figure out what the hell was going on in her head.

She had to make a choice. That was what her mother had said. The trouble was, considering one of them was wanted for murder right now, it was highly unlikely that her choice would actually mean anything.

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