you tickle me

I want you.
I want you at 6 am when drool covers your pillow.
I want you at 11 am when you’re barely awake and eat breakfast.
I want you at noon when the sun is bright and you’re telling me jokes.
I want you at 2 pm when you’re tickling me even though you know I hate it.
I want you at 5 pm when you get me to try new things for dinner.
I want you at 8 pm when you’re trying to keep me awake and playing the game.
I want your weirdness and to be there when you’re upset.
I want to love on you when you need me to.
Imperfections, flaws and all.
I just want all of you. ~
—  it’s always been you

Sam might have a detailed knowledge of innumerable supernatural creatures, but the wealthy remain an impenetrable mystery (12x05)

Please Daddy

Wake up, let’s make pancakes
please, daddy?

Will you cuddle me and brush my hair
please, daddy?

Will you tickle me with your beard again
please, daddy?

Lift me up with your strong arms
please, daddy?

Hold me tightly close to your chest
please daddy

Kiss me softly and stroke my hair
please daddy

May I wrap my legs around your waist
please, daddy?

Bite me harder and call me babygirl
please daddy

Spank me, choke me, fuck me harder,
please, daddy?

I’ll be a good girl, I promise

  • ~~
  • *Rosamund's christening*
  • Molly: *worried* They made us godparents. Do you know what that means?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone*
  • Molly: If John and Mary die, we're Rosie's legal guardians! *panicking* I don't know how to care for a baby, Sherlock!
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *bites her lip* I mean, books can only tell you so much! *groans* we'll have to teach her everything. She'll want to know about can handle the drugs talk as long as you tell her it's bad.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *wide-eyed* She'd want to know how they died. What if it was gruesome? Do we sugar-coat it? I mean, they were her parents.
  • Sherlock: *blinks* Molly-
  • Molly: *shakes her head* What if they went to a forest and got lost and fell in a wood chipper? Or mauled by bears? We can't tell her that. And we can't-
  • Sherlock: *amused* Molly. John and Mary aren't actually dead.
  • Molly: *smiles awkwardly* You think I'm overreacting.
  • Sherlock: *looks back at his phone* Yes, I do.
  • Molly: *sighs* I know, I'm sorry. That was's just...I want them to know they made the right decision.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Of course they did. They're not idiots *puts his phone away* and if it's practice you need, look no further *smiles*
  • Molly: *chuckles* Yeeeeeeah, I think if I started considering our meetings as babysitting, I'd be in a lot of trouble *playfully pokes him*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Not Rosamund. Our baby.
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Plenty of time to think about it *walks of, smirking* do hurry, Molly, there's a cab waiting.
  • Molly: *slowly follows him*
this alone is enough

AN: Merry Christmas @ming85, for I am your secret santa!! Here’s some post-reveal Adrinette and Ladynoir with all the emotional vulnerability and witty banter and fluffy endings that I could muster. I used a few of your stunning works of art as inspiration :D I hope you enjoy this! @mlsecretsanta

(P.S:  When presented to a man, a white camellia is thought to bring luck!)

( AO3 )

Wakefulness comes not in a slow and gentle gradation, but in a sudden intake of breath, leaving awareness blindly catching up from the depths of the subconscious and trailing like an afterthought.

A smothered gasp catches in Adrien’s throat as he opens his eyes to greet the dark. It takes him a few dizzying moments to ground himself.

His head rolls over. His phone tells him it’s 2:14, but he already instinctively knows that. He’s woken up at odd hours for almost a decade, long enough to establish the habit of waking up during the witching hours in preparation for a fight no matter how tired he may be.

Somewhere near the top of his head, Plagg’s snores tickle through his hair. No deviation from Plagg’s breathing pattern indicates that anything might be wrong, but Adrien knows that nothing short of an apocalypse or the crinkle of a camembert wrapper will wake the kwami up. It’s easy enough to tune out the snores; this, too, is age-old habit.

Filtering through the large windows of the apartment is an undercurrent of cars rumbling, wind whistling, lights humming. A city breathing as it peacefully slumbers on through the dead hours of the nights.

“Adrien?” By his side, a blanketed lump rolls over and shifts until eyelashes flutter against his bare arm as Marinette peers up at him. “‘s’matter?”

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BTS Reacts - Skinship & Having A Platonic Crush On You

Min Yoongi: He used to be bothered by your brushes against his skin, unsure of what to think of your forwardness. The closer you got to each other, the less he seemed to mind - now, he almost expects you to initiate physical contact when he sees you. Of course, he’s going to keep acting like your bubbly demeanor doesn’t affect him, but the moment you put your hands on his body, he’d burst into a wide grin, squirming away from you. He doesn’t know when or how it happened, but somewhere along the road, he found himself wanting to be in your presence more. Maybe it’s the skinship, maybe he’s gone mad - maybe it’s the fact that he’s actually found immense happiness in your platonic relationship.

“Yah, pabo! If you keep tickling me, I’m going to actually murder you - unless you take me out to dinner later.”
( Yoongi flinches when you poke his sides once more. ) 

Kim Namjoon: Just before an interview with a web-zine, you’re massaging the knots in Namjoon’s shoulder-blades, easing the tension in his muscles. He doesn’t mind that your hands are down the back of shirt - he’s known you for the longest time, he’s comfortable with you touching him. Even though you’re relatively handsy with him, he holds only a platonic admiration for you, as you do likewise, for him. He finds this change of pace refreshing - there’s no rules saying that two souls meant for each other have to be romantically involved. He’s loving his friendship with you, and he doesn’t care that it’s not sexual at all. When the interviewer asks him a painstakingly commonplace question, he laughs, throwing a glance your way while replying:

“If I had a dollar for every time someone’s asked me that question. No, we’re not dating.”
( You’re always seen together, though? )
“They’re my best friend. Why wouldn’t I want to be with them, every moment that I possibly can?”

Jung Hoseok: It’s not routine of you if you don’t start some sort of bear-hug war or tickle fight with Jung Hoseok. When you see him enter the room, you scramble up to him and tackle his body, running your hands wildly across his stomach. He bounces back in retort, yelling at the top of his lungs. He sees you as a bright ray of sunshine - he adores your energy and passion when it comes to your physical affection toward his being. The electricity in your excitable skinship with Hoseok sparks a fire in him that he craves on a daily basis. If it’s even possible, he wishes he could get married to you out of friendship, so you’d always be around to keep him spirited. When you’re out of the picture, Yoongi asks Hobi if the both of you are more than just friends.

“Huh!? N-No, we’re not like that at all! We’re just… really playful with each other, is that so bad?”

Kim Seokjin: Seokjin loves how open you are with your skinship. He wants to spend all day with you, talking about anything and everything while you caress his upper arm. Your doting touches make him feel safe; his presence appreciated, so he’s eager to open up to you about the worries in his life that he’s learned to hide so well. You’ve pulled him into a world where he can be completely as ease with himself, and he wants to be with you as much as he can because of that. He’s developed a non-romantic infatuation with you, he truly wants to be by your side whenever he can, whether it’s for yours or his emotional support. He’s savoring the strokes of your fingers on his hand, when he gets the urge to address an important issue:

“____________-ah…. I hope you’re not bothered by all these dating rumours about us. I know we’re not lovers, but I can’t let go of you just because people want us apart.”

Jeon Jungkook: You almost zoom past the recording studio without hesitation - but you stop in your tracks as soon as you see one slumbering Jeon Jungkook in front of his laptop. You sneak in, and as soon as you reach him, you tickle the skin under his chin. Kook is fond of you caressing him; he sees it as a sign of warmth from you. Jungkook’s never thought about how lovey-dovey the two of you may seem, because the two of you naturally worked best as inseparable friends, and that’s all he saw in your relationship with him. It is chaste and pure. When he feels lonely and ignored, he knows he can turn to you, his one and only platonic crush. A cheeky smile emerges on his face as he takes your fingers and pulls them away from him.

“Aish, why is it that I can never sleep peacefully with you around!?”

Kim Taehyung: You’re casually scratching the skin beneath the lump in his throat, lining the curve of his neck with your index finger. He is unfazed by your seemingly intimate advances; he knows it’s platonic. Your friendship with him runs so deep, that you’d both be comfortable sleeping in the same bed with nothing but undergarments on, and not feel any awkwardness when doing so. Taehyung personally likes it when you touch him, he’d do the same to you if not for the thousands of eyes on his every move. Because of you, he can’t go a day without seeing you, not having your fingers on his skin. He just wants to be with you all the time, and he has you to blame for it; his partner in crime. Hoseok calls the two of you out on your closeness:

“You two need to cut it out - you’re going to start dating rumours!”
( You stare at each other before Taehyung jokingly speaks, winking at you before suppressing his laughs. )

“Us? Dating? Hey, should we call each other ‘jagi’ now, to mess with people?” 

Park Jimin:  A boy that’s absolutely taken by you. He’s never had a friend he’s able to relate to as much as you have. You smack his cheeks with both your hands, squeezing them, making his lips pucker like a duck. Normally, he’d get annoyed by your blatant touches, but lately, he relishes it - especially when you flick at his earlobes to tick him off, or when you wring your arm around his strong neck and nuzzle your face into it. People often mistake your friendship for romance, and they’re not exactly wrong - after all, he does love you - everything you do, everything you are, everything you stand for. You’re everything to him; it’s clear as day in his eyes. He realized that when Namjoon had asked him about his relationship with you.

“Me and ____________? We’re just friends - best friends - but there’s no way I can imagine my life without them in it.”

Phew, this one was actually really hard to do! I was stumped for quite awhile, but I hope it turned out okay for you, anon. Enjoy this react! <3

Be Quiet

Summary: Based off of this moment in the manga. Ciel finds Sebastian in the library just like he had asked him to and is forced to hide under his cloak to hide himself from the person who had followed him. He tries to be quiet, but unfortunately, Sebastian seems to remember that Ciel is ridiculously ticklish and of course, takes advantage of the situation.

Author’s note: HAI I’M BACK. Okay, this was both a request from lovely Anon and my own idea that I’ve been wanting to write for a while. So glad I was finally able to finish this~ Even though Ciel and Sebastian are still hard to write l i k e but I still love them uwu

Word count: 1,6k my shortest one yet wooops

Maybe Sebastian had managed to get his hands on some important information but it  was still very out of character for him to ask Ciel to come to the library at exactly 11pm. Of course he wasn’t scared to wander around the halls late at night but if he got lost, it would be pretty bad. After waiting for McMillan to fall asleep, Ciel put on his uniform, reached for a small lamp he kept under his bed and tip-toed out of the dorm.

Unsurprisingly, no one crossed his path. Every now and then, he’d hear a small whistle of the wind or the wood creaking under his heels, but other than that, he was alone. Ciel was sure to look over his shoulder quite frequently to make sure that no one was following him because, oddly enough, he thought he heard distant footsteps but who the hell would be walking around at this hour? Of course it would be stupid to call for someone or mumble some innocent “Hello?” because Ciel was well aware of the fact that he was not allowed to be out of bed.

Glancing around one more time, Ciel did his best to open the doors of the library as quietly as he possibly could and wiggled himself through the small gap he had created for himself.

Sebastian could’ve at least told him where he would be waiting in this gigantic room because Ciel really didn’t feel like checking behind every bookcase. Luckily, it didn’t take him that long to catch a glimpse of Sebastian’s long robe and he stopped walking, relieved.

“Hey, Se— Hmpf!” Ciel had no idea whether it was Sebastian using his powers or that he was just a tad bit underweight, but in less than a mere second he was pressed against the dusty books with his butler’s face very close to his own, his feet hovering an inch or so above the ground. A gloved hand was covering mouth while his  hand, that had been holding the lamp, was pinned against one of the shelves.

However, instead of giving an explanation like Ciel had expected, Sebastian’s glowering eyes merely stared at him in a semi-reassuring way, but the current situation was anything but.


Ciel’s eyes widened and didn’t protest when Sebastian lifted up his cloak and wrapped an arm around Ciel’s waist to pull him under it, taking the lamp and holding it with his free hand. The footsteps became louder and through the thin fabric, Ciel saw Lawrence Bluewer approaching them, also holding a lamp and appearing to be looking for something or, well, someone.

“My. What could it be at this hour?” Sebastian’s smooth voice spoke up and Ciel rolled his eyes, lightly nudging him with his elbow.

Instead of scolding him, Sebastian was acting stupid and it annoyed Ciel. It was rather hot and stuffy underneath that cloak so the last thing he wanted was for Sebastian to make small-talk. The hand on his waist threateningly tightened its grip but instead of silencing him with it, Ciel’s entire body froze and a small gasp went past his lips.

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Keep your arms above your head.

I’ve been a little brat.
You know damn well that I know I have been.
I’m doing it on purpose, silly.
I know it drives you insane.
I know it makes you want to pounce. Why wouldn’t I be a brat?

I see the look in your eye. I pretend I don’t, but I can see that sparkle, that “You’re screwed, little girl” look.

I finally stretch just a liiiiiittle too far, revealing my tummy and underarms, and the inner monster is released.

You pounce.

I scream.

You know just as well as I do that this is what I hoped for all along. To release the big, bad Ler in you. Your mouth curls up into a sadistic smile.

“We’re going to play a game, little girl.”

My eyes are wide and my face is flushing red.

“You’re going to listen really close, understand? I’m going to destroy you, and the entire time, you have to keep your arms above your head. No bondage. No restraints. Just keep them up. If you don’t, you’ll get it a thousand times worse. Understood?”

The inner monster really has been released. This is a game that will destroy someone as sensitive as me.

I can’t keep my arms up. It’s involuntary. I’ll squeal at the first touch and throw them down. You know this is well as I do.

You’ll give me another chance, just because you love to tease me so horribly.

“Aww is someone ticklish??”

This will destroy me.

Because not only will I get the first little pokes and prods as I pretend to be tough, but the second I lose cognitive control from the butterflies in my tummy and the joyous, uncontrolled laughter falling from my lips, those arms will be down, feebly trying to protect myself.

And that’s when the punishment begins. The flurry of scribbles and squeezes and pokes and prods. This is when I’ll beg and plead, at first for you to stop, but then, when I am thoroughly broken from fingers and feathers and brushes attacking every square inch of my body, all I’ll be able to say is one simple word.


That’s the point of this game. You know it. I know it.

It’s not to see who can win or lose, because we both know I’m about to be wrecked.

No, it’s about that point, where I can’t get enough. Where I can’t control smiling and giggling, even when you aren’t touching me. Where I crave for more. Where my walls are completely broken down, and you can see me. The real me. No acting. Just pure, blissful laughter.

And that moment starts with a simple, blush-inducing sentence.

“Keep your arms above your head.”

(Okay this is my first writing ever so if it’s horrible I’m so sorry. Tell me what you think???)


Niffler: HEY, KID!!!! You saw nothing, ok. *Shoves gold in pouch with other shiny things*

Newt: REALLY!?!?!?! Seriously, you got to be kidding me!!! 

Niffler: Well, smell ya later. *Tries to flee*

Newt: NO!! Not this time you little thief. *Grabs him by the stomach*

Niffler: NOOOO!!!!!!!! Come big guy let me go, please. *tries to break free*

Newt: Again, I said no. Now lets see what you have in that pouch. *Grabs him by the feet and shakes him upside down* *Bunch of shiny things are getting out* That is a lot right there Niffler. 

Jacob: ‘What the hell is going on here. Why am I here, again. I hope no one goes down the here.’ 

Niffler: You better not tickle me, Newt or you’ll be sorry. 

Newt: I’ll take my chances, Nif *tickles Niffler*

Niffler: NO!! STOP IT!!!!! *Laughs* *tries to break free* STOP IT NOW!!!! *Laughs harder* *Expensive jewelry falls down to the pile beneath them* NOT MY PRECIOUS JEWELRY!!!!!!!

Poker & Punishments

This is a Nanbaka fanfic - The characters and the anime/manga doesn’t belong to me.

Soo another Nanbaka fanfic from moi. Hopy you all like it ^-^

The fanfic is based on this prompt but I changed it a little bit, hope you don’t mind :D
This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling


“Do you really think the girls will like you better when you pull the emo-card? Because they will like me more anyway but maybe tryout a kind smile. Girls like smiles. And Money, girls loves when you have mone-”

“Go away Uno.”

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Things I love about you. Your lips, your smile, your laugh, your cuteness, when you hold me, your kisses, your hugs, your eyes, when you tickle me, and falling asleep with you.
All-Nighters (Victuuri)

Author’s Note: Ohooo~ For my wonderful friend @ticklyfandoms who requested Victuuri with 22: “It’s freezing in here.” And I agree, little spoon Victor is way too cute aaah~ So, like I told you while we were talking about him, that is what I included! I hope you enjoy this, dear! ♡♡

Description: It’s a very cold night in Hasetsu and poor Victor isn’t getting enough warmth from the blankets. As a way to fix this, he seeks out Yuuri to cuddle with him. Though, while they are cuddling, Yuuri caresses Victor a little too gently and draws quite the reaction from him!

Word Count: 1,129

   Victor tightened his grip on the thick blankets that he had lazily slung over his shoulders as he reached out and knocked on the door to Yuuri’s bedroom. He had decided that he would stay in Hasetsu with Yuuri and his family for the holiday season, but he hadn’t expected it to be so cold there.

  The door almost immediately opened to reveal Yuuri with bed hair and half-shut eyes.  “Victor… What time is it? Shouldn’t you be asleep..?”

  “It’s about one in the morning, I think. I’m sorry for waking you, I just… I got a little cold in there,” he replied, rubbing the back of his neck. “Can I stay in here with you for the rest of the night?”

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You’ve built it up as a fear now, multifaceted. The fear of ridicule and rejection being the most predominant.

How can you even tell your closest friends? What the hell would they think of you? Weird, is your main thought right? How can someone at your age love to be tickled? Ugh. The more you think about it the more it actually makes you feel like a weirdo.

You repress your kink and hide it away. Lock it far away. That dirty little secret. The longer it’s hidden though, the more you make yourself believe it’s wrong.

Ok let’s break this down. Tickling is a thing. It happens ALL the time. It’s all around you, in films, on TV and in books. People tickle people to either make them laugh, distract them or embarrass them.
Is that’s what’s holding you back from telling your friends? The embarrassment? No, it’s more than that isn’t it. You’ve attached shame to it.

Think of all the kinks out there that give people pleasure and then think of tickling. How far up the scale of ‘weird’ is it really? You’re not dressing up in full rubber gear, you don’t need to be surrounded by kinky apparatus or need a partner to be dressed as an animal or something crazy.
If you really think about it, it’s pretty low on the scale right? It’s just someone touching you a certain way, and it doesn’t even have to be naked or sexual.

So why have you built it up to be so bad in your mind? Is a real friend going to tell you it’s disgusting? Is a real friend going to tell you to be ashamed of yourself? Who’s going to reject you because you like your feet tickled or if a finger in your belly button pleases you?

It’s a harmless kink, nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not saying broadcast it, but I am saying don’t repress it and let it lose its magic. Confide in a friend, tell your partner. You won’t get tickles if nobody knows!

Be proud of who you are, maybe, just maybe, you may get a friend to invite you round for Tickles And Chill…

Jason just sighed when Percy unceremoniously shoved one of the earbuds into his ear. “Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, Grace.”

“Really, Percy?”

But then, considering that it was Percy, Jason just smiled and played along to the many antics that made up his endearing bro.

yvieisqueer mentioned in their tags somewhere along the lines of ‘bros sharing earbuds’ and here are some inking and rushed colouring :3

Mr. Valentine’s in charge (sfw)

Hello, everyone! 

So Ginny ( @otomiya-tickles ) and I decided to make a little collab for Valentine’s day featuring  our Mystic Messenger boys: Jumin Han and Zen. I hope you guys enjoy this. As always, i loved to collaborate with Ginny again ♥ Thank you so much, dear!! I love you ♥♥

Summary: Zen’s a romantic dork and Jumin is flustered. 

Words: 2,419 (under the cute because reasons)

Jumin let out a long sigh, breathing in the fresh air and relieved to finally step outside after a busy working day. He nodded at Jaehee as a goodbye and strode towards his car, taking out his phone to see what was up with his oh so lovely Valentine’s plans with his lover.


“So did you make the reservations for that restaurant you like?”

He sat down in his car and was about to murmur the directions to his driver when Zen replied.


“No, come home ;)”

Jumin wasn’t sure what to think of that, but alright. He wasn’t really up for having a mushy Valentine’s dinner at an overcrowded restaurant anyway. Smiling, he replied to Zen’s text and told his driver to just drive him home.

Even with his always relaxing demeanor, he couldn’t stop feeling a bit giddy inside, after all, this was the first Valentine’s day he gets to spend with Zen. Actually, this is the first Valentine’s day he gets to spend with anyone. Smoothing down his tie, (and trying to calm down the fluttering feeling on his chest), he crossed his legs and let out another long sigh, impatience growing inside him, the way back home never felt so long.

After endless minutes of waiting, Driver Kim finally parked outside the building. Jumin got out of the car and with long steps made his way to the elevator and up to the penthouse. He stood outside of the door for two minutes straight, his heart was beating slightly faster than normal and he felt his hands shaking softly.

Zen was doing strange things to him. How do you even celebrate Valentine’s day? Eating commoner food? Chocolate? Maybe cuddling on the sofa? Those are things they usually do when Jumin has a day off from work, so what’s so new and good about this day out of the others? Most importantly, why is he so excited to see what’s behind this door?

Taking a deep breath, he wrapped his long fingers around the doorknob and turned it around. He didn’t realize he closed his eyes until he took two steps inside the apartment, opening them slowly until they were wide open. His cheeks got warm and he knew he was blushing out of his mind when he saw a path of rose petals and white aromatic vanilla candles guiding him out of the living room to the left, towards, he supposed, the master room.

He kicked out his shoes and thought about not stepping into the petals, but they were there for some reason, right? He closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. Wasn’t Zen taking this too far?

“Zen?” he called out, walking further as he followed the trail of rose petals with his eyes. He cringed when he heard the sound of romantic piano music. Did he really want to go in there? -he wondered as he neared the end of the petal trail; his bedroom.

Standing in front of the door, he gathered his courage. This was most likely just Zen trolling him. He probably couldn’t be any more ready for what was behind this door. What, a naked Zen with a rose between his teeth, sprawled on top of his bed? Or maybe Zen wrapped up embarrassingly with a red ribbon, to seduce him for a hell of a night? This couldn’t get more embarrassing. And here he was, thinking of cuddling on the sofa. He cleared his throat and stepped into his bedroom.

“Zen, if you even think about-” he gasped loudly when he was grabbed from behind, his vision suddenly disappearing.

“Welcome home,” he heard Zen mumble into his ear, and his breath hitched. Now blindfolded, Jumin was pushed forward in the direction of their bed. The soothing smell of food reached to him, and Jumin felt his stomach growl. What, eat in his bedroom? Nonono.

“This is Mr. Valentine, and today, I’m in charge,” Zen said, pushing Jumin the last bit forwards until his knees touched the bed and he toppled forward on top of it.

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Author’s note: Kuroshitsuji with 15. Let’s make this a competition.”
First Christmas prompt! #fail Oh well, it’s Christmas somewhere, right? Right. Thanks so much for your lovely compliment! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy this little fic!

Summary: When Ciel’s servants fail to make him happy during everyone’s favorite holiday of the year, Sebastian suggests they turn this into a small competition. The first one to make Ciel smile or laugh is the winner and of course, as the perfect butler, Sebastian has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Word count: 2k (woops)

The smell of snow was already penetrating his room and Ciel woke up groggily, already annoyed at the familiar scent, and saw a blurry Sebastian preparing a cup of tea at the foot of his bed. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Ciel sat up straight and let out a small huff when his butler looked up at him, the usual smile permanently plastered on his face.

“Good morning, young master. Did you sleep well?”

“As if you care,” Ciel mumbled and scooted over to the side, letting his feet dangle above the ground as Sebastian walked over to him with his tray.

Fortunately, the strong aroma of the earl grey tea took his mind off the fact that it was snowing outside and he purposely held the steaming cup right under his nose, practically forcing himself to smell nothing but that.


Oh, how he loathed this holiday. The only good thing was the profit he made with his company because people were dumb enough to buy presents for their loved ones. It was honestly the most useless day of the year, along with his birthday. Winter reminded him too much of the loss of his parents and his childhood, which was why he was giving Sebastian even more death stares than usual.

He couldn’t focus on the newspaper, his breakfast or his tea for that matter. He couldn’t even think of any random insults for Sebastian who was graciously ironing his clothes for today.

“You seem a bit tense today, my lord,” Sebastian mumbled as he gently dressed Ciel in a simply, yet fancy suit for the special occasion. “Anything I can do for you to make you feel better?”

As much as he wanted to not go downstairs and celebrate Christmas with the rest of his servants, Ciel didn’t have a choice so he shook his head, shrugged Sebastian’s hand off after he had tied a red tie around his neck and left his room, getting tailed by Sebastian’s quiet yet obvious footsteps.

The minute he got to the main living room, he was met with an explosion of “Merry Christmas, young master!”s, “Hope you like the presents we got you!” and “I did all the decoratin’ myself, sir,” and Ciel couldn’t be more annoyed. Even though they all meant well, he couldn’t help but glare at the gigantic Christmas tree in the farthest corner of the room, decorated with sparkly baubles, angels and everything else they could think of.

Finny started arguing with Bard about the chocolate cake that was in the middle of the large, beautifully decorated table, which somewhat appealed to Ciel because it was something sweet, but it still made his eyebrow twitch.

He took a seat at the head of the table and let Sebastian cut the first slice because it didn’t look like his servants were going to stop bickering any time soon. Mey-Rin was doing her best to stop them by flailing around like a butterfly while Tanaka sat in his usual corner, drinking his tea.

No matter what they did, they couldn’t get Ciel to be excited about Christmas. Every person in that room knew why he was not going to put on a fake smile, or at least pretend he liked the presents they got him, because everything about this holiday reminded him too much of the fire. So instead of listening to them constantly trying to cheer him up with silly stories, dance-moves and more sweet foods, Ciel just sat there, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand, watching them with a blank expression.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he did appreciate their efforts, namely Finny’s because he was trying the hardest by hugging him close and running his rough fingers through his hair while the others simply ran around in circles like lunatics. Sebastian was watching everything quietly, his blood colored eyes containing a neutral glitter while he cleaned the table.

“It’s no use,” Mey-Rin said, totally and utterly defeated as she held her face. “We cannot make the young master happy. And I thought he’d surely enjoy our presents and cake…”

“It’s obviously not his favorite day of the year,” Finny mumbled quietly against the back of his head and pulled away. “Did you at least enjoy the cake, my lord?”

“I did, it was quite tasty,” Ciel replied honestly and cleaned his fingers with his handkerchief, feeling undeniably cold without Finny’s presence. “You did a good job on that.”

They had probably put loads of sugar in it to hide their mistakes because it was a tad bit too sweet, but since he liked sweet things, he didn’t have anything to complain about. Plus, it was fun to see Sebastian’s disapproving look when he said that, obviously not pleased with the fact they made a cake without his surveillance. The latter was what made the white lie worth it because Sebastian was looking between him and the cake with the sourest expression he had ever seen.

However, the irritated expression was soon replaced with a cool one and Sebastian straightened up. “Let’s make this a competition, then. See who can cheer the young master up today. The winner can relax and take it easy for the rest of the day.”

That asshole clearly had a plan and Ciel did not like where this was going. Not one bit.

“Excuse you and your face,” he sneered and dropped his fork.

“But we’ve already tried everything!” Finny exclaimed, tears apparent in his large eyes. “D’you have any other ideas, then, Sebastian-san?”

“I do,” Sebastian smiled and looked down at Ciel with a rather mischievous, demonic look. “What kind of butler would I be if I didn’t even know how to cheer up our beloved young master?”

Okay, Ciel debated with himself for a minute. He could either give in and put a fake smile right now to get this over with or he could bite and see what kind of stupid plan this guy had. Seeing as he did like a challenge, Ciel decided to give them their needed permission with a mere flick of his wrist and watched everyone run around the house, trying their best to find something that would a bring a smile to his face.

Sebastian remained by his side during their frantic search, acting exceedingly patient and content, making Ciel even more annoyed because what was Sebastian’s oh so flawless plan?

Everyone else seemed to suck at making him smile, as usual. Finny had put on this idiotic clown costume and tried to entertain him by throwing some brightly colored balls in the air, Bard wanted to drag him to the kitchen to let him blow things up because “That always cheered me up when I was little!” but Sebastian promptly stopped him from doing so with a rather forced smile and Mey-Rin tried to show off her skills by balancing a couple of plates on her hands, shoulders and head. She failed of course and Sebastian was quick enough to catch all of them before they would hit the ground and shatter into pieces.

After some more failed tries, Bard tried telling a few funny stories about his childhood, along with a few very bad jokes, Finny went to the garden to bring in some flowers and Mey-Rin just kept tripping over her own feet and dropping furniture whenever she came up with a new plan. Tanaka remained silent throughout the day, chuckling every now and then while he watched their pure yet competitive attempts.  

At the end of the day, none of them succeeded and Ciel was left exhausted and bored of their endless, non-entertaining actions. “I’m gonna go to bed.”

He was about to get up but Sebastian, that smug-looking bastard, held out an arm and his smile widened. “Excuse me, sir, but I’m still allowed to give it a try, am I not?”

Ciel sighed and sat back down, folding his arms over his chest. “Right, I almost forgot. Go ahead.”

It was undoubtedly the biggest mistake he had ever made. Sebastian strode over to the back of his chair and placed both of his hands on his shoulders and Ciel felt himself frowning because he had no idea what to expect. Everyone watched in anticipation as Sebastian’s hand gently slipped down his torso, causing Ciel’s body to twitch lightly and right when he was onto him, it was already too late.

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