you threatened their mother

This Dance

Prompt: “Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist,” you pleaded. And after that, there was no going back.

A/N: I saw this prompt on Pinterest and I really wanted to write an angsty but sweet Jughead imagine, so here ya go! (Know that requests will be opening up soon again, but not quite yet. So please don’t send me any requests.)

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: angst. hurt/comfort.

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Your head was pounding, constant voices filled your thoughts and you felt as if you couldn’t think. You couldn’t take this. It was too much, too fast. 

“Listen to your mother, Y/N.” Your mother, Alison Cooper demanded at you. Her voice becoming too loud and too demanding for you too process. This was too much. Where was Betty? Why did you have to be born from her, who spent her whole life trying to break you into submission. You were having a panic attack. This was bad.

It had never been quite this bad before.

“I am trying to!” You screamed despite yourself. Swallowing down the tears, you stared your mother in the eyes. You needed to get out. This was bad. “I can’t do this anymore mom. Please.” You tired pleading, trying to find (even if it was just a sliver) the small part of your mother that did care. That did realize that you were not Betty and you most definitely were not Polly. 

“No, Y/N. I won’t allow you to do this too yourself. You’re much too young to be keeping these secrets from me.” She explained, staring at you with that look that sent shivers down your spine. She was cracking, but in the process she was trying to break you. And you were holding on to whatever little bit of your strength you did have left, before you did break.

“Keep what secrets mom?” You asked, your voice raising as you tried to blink back the tears.

“That boy is a menace, and I will not have you hanging around such a troubled boy.” You sobbed against your hand, your hands shaking and smacking against your face as you felt yourself weakening.

“He isn’t!” You denied.

“He is.” You looked your mother in the eye, you could see it. She thought she was gaining dominance. She thought she was winning. This was bad. Grabbing your bag that was set on your bed, you wiped your eyes, trying to hide the fact that you had been crying pathetically and storming past your mother. You didn’t make it far before she grabbed your arm, halting your movements.

“I’m leaving mom. And I don’t know when i’ll be back.” Your voice came out in a whisper, and you fought against yourself to not just crack then and there.

“You will not.” Your mother shook her head, turning to stare at you with a crazed.

“I am. I don’t know when i’ll be back and truthfully i don’t want to be back. Soon enough mom, you need to learn that I am not Betty and I am not Polly. You can not break me into submission.” You ripped your arm from her grasp, pushing from her as you made your way down the stairs. Your father stood by the kitchen, tears in his eyes and a look that begged you not to leave but all you did was shake your head.

When your hand grabbed the door knob, you felt the patter of heavy footsteps. “It’s in your blood. You can’t escape this. You won’t escape me.” Your mother threatened and you turned, looking at her with no emotion. You said nothing but open the door and walking out, slamming it behind you.

You wondered, your feet taking you wherever they wanted as you sobbed. You didn’t exactly know why you were crying, just that it felt oddly nice. It felt like everything had been trapped within you and crying allowed you to let it all out. It felt nice. You felt relaxed. You barely noticed the fact that it was the middle of the night and you were alone, without a place to stay and only your backpack with you.

But you continued to walk. It felt like forever but probably was only twenty minutes before you feet stopped and looking up you found yourself at the Twilight Drive-In. You smiled, despite the tears that stained your face and the way your body shook in sorrow.

You stood at the gate, staring at the big white screen and laughing. There was a movie playing, which meant he was here.

“Y/N?” Turning, you smiled even wider at the sight of Jughead. His hair was disheveled and you could just faintly see his eyes that glowed in the darkness. 

“Hi, Juggie.” You waved, smiling at him brightly.

His eyes looked concerned, or at least you guessed from what you could see. “Y/N? What are you doing here? In the middle of the night?”

You were suddenly reminded of what had happened only a short while ago and with a sad smile, you looked at the ground, twisting your shoe into the dirt. “Ran away from home.” Was all you said, laughing at your own words. You’d known Jughead forever, and you guessed that was why your feet took you here. Yes you knew of his current home life, he had stayed over at your house many of times… which was why your mother had been so mad.

“Oh, Y/N… did she..?” You nodded, already knowing what he was asking. Jughead walked towards you, stopping just short of touching you with his chest. And with a shaky breath, you looked up at him. 

There was only love in his eyes, which comforted you. He was the only one who loved you for who you were, and that made you love him even more. He never judged you for your mother, he never called you crazy or expected you to be perfect like everyone else seemed to. He only asked you to be you.

You stared into his eyes, shined with wetness as he looked down at you. You heard music start to play in the background, your favourite song and you faintly realized that Jughead had been playing your favourite movie. You looked back over to him smiling, and he opened his mouth to speak but you only shook your head. 

You crossed the short distance between you two, allowing your head to fall against his chest and his hands landed on your hips. "Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist,” you pleaded. And after that, there was no going back.

You felt him faintly nod and though he didn’t like dancing, he took the first steps, moving you backwards as you guys began to slow dance. You rejoiced in the feeling, loving the warmth spread through you. You felt safe. You felt calm. And for a moment you forgot everything about your mom, about Betty, about Polly, about everything and focused on the way Jughead held you with such grace and carefulness.

Faintly, you felt yourself crying again. And when the song was over, you pulled back, looking up at him. “Why me?”

And he didn’t need to ask to know what you were talking about. “Because you saw me when I was invisible.” And that was enough for you. Because he loved you because he knew you weren’t perfect and neither was he.

3 Billion Dollars - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped. 

Genre: Fluffy with a hint of angst in this one

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9}

A/N: This is the first story I’m posting on Tumblr! I hope you like it! I will always take requests if you wanna send me any. Anyways please enjoy! 

PS: This is just part 1 and it maybe kinda slow.

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“What are we going to do?” Your mother whisper quietly to her husband. Her disappointment in your father was clear, as her face framed her emotions, all of them ranging from anger and frustration to anxiety and worry.

“I don’t know, but I’m so sorry.” Your dad said, remorse filling his voice. “I’m sorry. I’ve should’ve found a better way. I could’ve-”

“Are they coming?” Your mother cut him off, igniting a new problem in their minds.

“I don’t know. They didn’t say they would.” Your father said. As if on cue, the doorbell chimed through the house. Little three-year-old you smiled and ran towards the door.

“Mommy, Mommy someone’s here!” You giggled joyfully. As you stood in front of the door waiting for someone to open it. Your mother picked you up and carried you away from the front door.

“Sweetheart, (Y/N), go play in your room please.” You looked at your mother with wide eyes and nodded your head. She carefully set you down and you headed towards your room. Your mother watched as you climbed the steps and went to your room. The sound of the doorbell broke her trance. She looked at the door with panic and fear as she turned the knob. She plastered a smile on her face as the door swung open.

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Really like you

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: “I would like a OneShot in which Spencer is in charge of approaching the reader to find out about UNSUB who is ur mother, you are very shy and you 2 end up falling in love. But the reader discovers that he is from the FBI and feels sad why as someone like him would like her? Spencer on his way back home and ur mother is threatening you as the new victim”

Requested?: Yes, by Anon


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Y/n sat in a chair, comfortable waiting for her food, enjoying the warm sun. She smiled softly as the guy put down her plate and whispered a thank you, barely hearable. She started to eat when a voice made her look up. 

“I’m sorry, but is this seat taken? All the others are taken.” A handsome young man stood in front of her table, and when Y/n realized he was talking to her, she almost dropped her spoon. 

“Uhm, no. I don’t think it is.” She whispered, looking around. He looked just as awkward as she felt, and that was a relief for her. A very awkward silence followed. At the very last, he tried to to talk to her. 

“How are you?” She almost chocked on her food. 

“I-I’m fine.” She whispered and gave him a soft smile. She wasn’t fine, but why would she tell him that. “How are you?” Y/n took a bite of her food, hoping to not look too nervous. 

“Oh, I’m good too.” He smiled weakly at her. he wanted to ask about her mother, he wanted to ask her the things he should, but she seemed so fragile. 

“I see you are eating chicken soup, did you know that is very healthy?” He asked. Y/n smiled and shook her head. 

“I knew it had to be good for something.” She spoke, putting down her spoon. The man smiled and leaned with his arms on the table.

“I’m Spencer, by the way.” He held out his hand, which she took with a slight hesitation. 

“I am Y/n.” She smiled.

For some reason, Spencer kept texting her, and even asked if she would want to meet up. Y/n had no idea why he did that. It wasn’t like she was so interesting the first time they had met. But, finding Spencer quite the unique man, She agreed, although afraid she might mess up. 

They met a few times in that week, and even though Y/n did not want to admit it, she was falling for the smart boy. 

“Hello Y/n. I’m glad you asked me to come.” Spencer said when he sat down. 

“Oh, I’m glad you could come. Would you like some coffee, perhaps?” Y/n asked with a wide smile. She was shy, but started to feel more comfortable around him. 

“Yeah, sure.” He leaned back in his chair. Y/n left for the kitchen, a feeling she couldn’t name in the pit of her stomach, as if something would go wrong, as if she would end up getting hurt. 

When Y/n came back in the living area, her faint smile faded. Spencer was gone. There was no sign that he had ever been here. Maybe he was in the bathroom. She sat down the plate and walked through the long hallway. She heard his voice. But his voice was different then when he spoke to her. 

“Hotch, I think I found something.” Y/n sucked in a breath. He wasn’t in the bathroom, he was in her mothers bedroom. “I haven’t talked about her mother that much, but I know her mother had some troubles in the past, and her father died under strange circumstances.” Y/n heard Spencer move. “I think I just found something that might be proof. A diary.” Y/n had heard enough. Her mother did have some trouble with her mental health, yes. But what would she have done. Silently, Y/n walked back to the living area. 

It took Spencer a few minutes to come back. When he saw her, he seemed to be slightly nervous. 

“I used the toilet, hope thats okay.” He sat down. “Thank you for the coffee.” He added. Y/n sat down too, and leaned in over the table. She wanted to tell him she over heard him. 

“Aren’t you going to ask me?” She leaned in further. “About, you know. My mom.” If he felt uncomfortable, he didn’t let it shine through. 

“Why would I ask about your mother?” 

“Because that’s why you are here, right? that’s why you sat with me in the first place, isn’t it?” Y/n sighted and let herself sink in the chair. “Because you are from the police?” She guessed, avoiding his eyes. 

“Y/n, what are you talking about? Of course not-” He started but Y/n cut him off.

“No need to lie. I overheard you.” She crossed her arms, asking herself where this attitude came from. Truth was her heart was beating hard and tears wanted to escape her eyes. But she hoped she was strong. And wrong. 

“Y/n, I’m so sorry. I’m Dr.Spencer Reid, FBI. We think your mother is killing. She is losing her mind. She is a sadist, Y/n. You need to trust me.”

“No, Spencer. You lied to me. I liked you. And now I should just trust you? My mother isn’t even home. And I suggest you leave right now.” A tear left her eye, no matter how hard she fought. Spencer Stood up, just like Y/n had done. 

“I am very sorry, Y/n.” He whispered. 

The door fell close behind him. Tears spilled over, this was why Y/n never trusted anyone and liked just being on herself. Her mother was a sweet, warm person. She could never hurt someone. The backdoor opened and closed. 

“I was wondering when he would leave.” The voice of her mother sounded. Y/n turned around and wiped away her tears. 

“Well, he’s never coming back, mother.” Her mother gave her a sad smile. Y/n noticed a red stain. Her heart skipped a beat. 

“Mother, I think you spilled some sauce on your shirt.” Her mother looked down with her same smile. 

“Oh, I’ll just tidy it up, then.” Her mother walked to the kitchen, and then Y/n ran. It wasn’t sauce. It was blood. She ran upstairs, into the bathroom, the only room with a lock. She locked the door and called Spencer. 

“Spencer.” Y/n sniffed, sitting in the corner of the room. “You were right. Please come back.” She whispered. 

“Y/n! Stay where you are! I’m coming!” She heard a car. “Whatever you do, do not hang up on me, okay?” He said. Worry laced in his voice as she sniffed again. 

“She is coming.” She whispered, crawling even further into the corner when footsteps were close. 

“Oh, Y/n. I thought you might find out my secret. I was hoping it would take you longer. Now I’ll have to kill you.” She laughed, a laugh she had never heard before. Her laugh sounded crazy. “But where are you?” 

Y/n tried to calm her breath, until she saw the doorknob move. 

“So you are in the bathroom.” Her mother snapped. the door moved, a bang. the door didn’t open. A scream left her mouth, and she couldn’t stop the tears. 

“Spencer, please.” She begged. 

“I will be there. Just a few minutes.” 

“Oh boy, she doesn’t have a few minutes.” Another scream left Y/n’s mouth. A knife shot halfway through the door. Her mother would soon be through the door, and when she did, it would only be a maybe a minute before she died. 

The sound of a car on the driveway comforted Y/n slightly, because her mother still wasn’t in the bathroom. But then the door opened. Her mother looked bewildered. With fast passes, she reached her daughter and pulled her up, knife to her throat. Just at that moment, Spencer came to sight, gun ready to shoot. 

“Let her go.” Spencer said firmly. His hands didn’t shake. Y/n knew her life was in both his and her mothers hands. Y/n slightly moved her body, Spencer could shoot her mothers leg, if he only took his eyes of her mothers face. Y/n tried to catch his gaze, her mother not moving. Y/n’s fingers moved, and Spencer noticed. She touched her leg. Spencer understood. He shot. Her mother screamed and let her go. Y/n stumbled away and Spencer pointed his gun again on the woman. 

“Go outside. I have called for back up.” Spencer briefly looked over at Y/n. She was shaking. She nodded and barely able to stand, she stumbled outside. There indeed were cops, they just stopped. 

“Are you okay?” She nodded at the man and whispered “Bathroom.”. 

Y/n sat on the edge of the ambulance even though she said she was fine. Nothing more then a scratch. She waited until she would see Spencer. Even though it was hard to fathom that her mother had killed at least five people, she pushed that away. She never was one to deal properly with her emotions. 

“Spencer.” She breathed out when she saw him. She stood up but didn’t really do anything besides staring. “I’m sorry. I should have trusted you.” She blurted out. Spencer gave her a small smile. 

“I wouldn’t trust someone if they told me my mom was a sadist after lying about who they were.” Spencer scratched the back of his neck. 

“Can I give you a hug?” She asked. Spencer awkwardly opened his arms.

 “I’m sorry about lying to you.” He said hugging her tightly. “But I really do like you.”

“You do?” Y/n pulled away and smiled up at him. “But why? I am just average. You are a FBI agent.” She whispered. 

“You are everything except average.” Spencer said. “And I would like to take you out. On a real date. you know, once you have dealt with all this, of course.” He added as they parted from their hug. 

“I would actually like that.” Y/n answered flustered. “I really like you.” She whispered, partly hoping he wouldn’t hear that. He did not respond, but the small smile on his flustered face showed her he had heard it. And he liked her too. 

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up 

Ariella stood at the door of her home, she thought at most, the bag was going to contain a piece of silver or two, at most, and a few bronzes, but it was all silver, she looked at them all, there was at least ten, but to her shame, she could not count any higher. She only knew to ten by fluke from listening to people. How could she ever explain that to her father and mother how he ever came to possess them. She thought of how he had acted in front of Fandral, she was embarrassed, certain the young high-born would never want to see her again because of his behaviour.

“Where are you?” She turned around and closed the door, both of her parents glaring at her. “Get your head out of the clouds girl.”

“Sorry, mother.” She looked to the floor.

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  • simon: You look like CRAP
  • simon in Iron Sisters: *closes eyes for an almost kiss, completely confused when it doesn't happen*
  • [...]
  • raphael to elaine: simon is safe with me
  • simon: You threatened my mother
  • raphael: YEA WELL
  • [...]
  • also simon: can you fix my mom 'cause she saw some bad shit
  • elaine: can you fix my simon
  • also raphael: [internal monologue: what the fucking fuck] it'll have consequences but yes
Deception- Suho

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You sat on your couch clinching the remote a little too tightly. Your eyes burned holes into the screen. This was the third time you had rewind the scene and watched it again.

Suho grabbed the girl and brought her into a loving kiss. There was so much emotion in it and it pissed you off, not because he kissed her but because he didn’t tell you that was going to happen.

Sighing you left the scene on pause and went to make something to eat.

About 20 minutes into cooking you heard the door open and Suho yell, “Baby, Im home!” 

You rolled your eyes and washed the carrots harder muttering curse words under your breath. 

“Baby, Im home! Go back to work and kiss that girl.” You whisper-mocked him. 

“Did you say something, jagi?” He asked from the door way leading into the kitchen. 

You put on a smile and turned to face him, “Of course not, darling.” You said and turned to collect all the things you need to start cutting up the food.

“Okay, well I’m gonna go wash up and i’ll be down to help you.” He said rolling up the sleeves of his sweater. 

“There’s no need. I’d let you know if I needed help.” You said sarcastically. 

You placed the veges down so you can start to cut them.  

“Is something wrong, sweetie?” Suho asked, clearly worried. 

You looked at him and tried your best to bite your tongue, “Yes. Everything is fine.”

He cocked his head and looked at you, you shook your head and gave him the “what” look.

“Okay well, give me a kiss before a go up to shower.” He said, walking towards you to lean over the table that separated you two. 

You moved your head to the side so he caught your cheek instead of your lips. 

You ignored his stare that was so close to your face and continued cutting up the food.

Suho decided to ignore it and not push the subject. He kissed you on your forehead and headed up the stairs, but before he did he saw the TV. 

“Fuck.” He muttered under his breath, realizing that he forgot to tell you about the kissing scene. 

He leaned over the banister to see what your were doing, he was going to make it up to you. 


You sat cursing Suho as you chopped up all the ingredients for your meal. You got too carried away and starting chopping way too fast.

“Ow! Fucking fuck!” You screamed, dropping the knife on the table and running to the sink. 

You heard Suho run down the stairs yelling, “Jagiya are you okay?!” 

You held your finger under the running water as you felt Suho come up behind you and look over your shoulder.

“Aish, jagiya! This is why you can’t cook when you’re upset. Look at you, silly girl.” He said trying to see the damage. 

You jerked your hand away from him, “No.” You said.

Suho sighed and went in front of you, “Y/n let me see your hand.” He demanded.

You looked at him, he was in nothing but his boxers, your mouth slightly hung open at the bare chest of your boyfriend and he used this moment to throw a towel over your finger and apply pressure. 

“Mother fuck!” You screamed, tears threatening to spill from the pain.

Suho brought you closer to him, “Jagiya, I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you about that kissing scene.” He said.

You looked to the sink and tried to ignore him but he brought you closer to his chest and placed his fingers under your chin, turning your head and tilting it upwards.

“You’re the only one I want to kiss.” He whispered looking down at you. 

You pouted and tried to move away from him.

He sighed and picked you up effortlessly, setting you top of the counter. 

“Suho!” You screamed in shock.

He only chuckled and got closer to you, “Now your trapped.” He said, getting dangerously close to your lips. 


He cut you off and kissed you. It was one of those… I need you kisses, those “ I love you more than anything” kisses.

The kind of kisses that take your breath away.

Once he pulled away he looked in your eyes and said, “Now lets fix you up, babygirl, yeah?”

You smiled at him and nodded, “Yeah.”

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25yo reader inviting 76/mccree/hanzo to meet her parents (little fics if possible )

Soldier 76

You gently straightened his hair, Jack giving you his lopsided smile. You pressed a kiss to his forehead at the way he nervously fidgeted in front of you. Giving him a smile in return you held his cheeks.

“You’re going to do great,” you said and he hoped that was true.

The two of you got out of the car, Soldier 76 fretting and grooming as you both made your way to the door. You opened the door while knocking, giving a loud cry of greeting for your parents. They returned it, your mother pulling you into a hug while your dad looked at your boyfriend.

You looked between the two sizing each other up, both around the same age. Jack held out his hand for your dad to take, which he did hesitantly.

“Nice to meet you, sir,” the handshake was firm as Jack looked your father in the eyes.

“Likewise,” you could have cried with relief at that, that your father approved.


McCree was the only relaxed form in the room, leaning back in contrast to your parent’s firm posture. That familiar smokey smell radiated from him, comforting you and absolutely enraging your parents. Not only was he ten years older, he seemed to be a ruffian, a real gunslinger.

“So what is it that you do?” your mother asked and you froze, not really wanting to tell her that he was a vigilante. 

“I do contract work,” he said, not technically lying.

“So unemployed,” your father said judgingly and you cringed.

“Sure,” there was a dangerous glint in McCree’s eye, realising that he was being mugged, “We’ll go with that.”

Your father bristled under the threatening gaze of your boyfriend, your mother giving you the eye. You grew angry at their judgemental looks, standing up abruptly at the shock of your parents and the approval of McCree.

“Let’s get out of here and get some pizza,” you said and you boyfriend also leapt up.

He swept you into his arm, quickly running out of the house as you parents gave shocked gasped behind the pair of you. You pulling out your phone to buy some pizza.


He didn’t know what to do with himself, as your new age parents drifted around him. You held back a laugh as your mother peered at his palm, telling him about what she saw in his lines.

He gave you a look to free him but you just leant against the doorway, giving him a thumb up. You dealt with this the last twenty-five years of your life so it was nice to see someone else suffer it.

Your father was talking about how love was such a blessing, no matter the difference in age. Hanzo had no idea how to deal with this, they seemed to be in a trance.

You mother slapped her cheek as something beeped into the kitchen, the two of them drifting away with vague phrases thrown over their shoulder. You leant on Hanzo’s shoulder, smiling up at him.

“I hope you enjoy quinoa,” you said and he raised your eyebrow.

“I hope you’re joking,” he said and you just kept smiling, walking backwards through the bead curtain.

“Please be joking,” he said, following you and you just shook your head slowly.

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Jon with Bran and Rickon - "You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn." (I'm not going to complain if you can work in the other Starklings there too)

Jon glared at the two small invaders in his bedchamber. “You better have a good reason for waking me at this hour.”

“You gotta come outside!” Rickon proclaimed in what was obviously intended to be a whisper. Unfortunately, the smallest Stark had no understanding of the word ‘quiet’.

“Hush!” Bran hissed. “If you keep shouting, you’ll wake someone.”

“You’ve already done that,” Jon said, yawning and sitting up in his bed to speak with his younger brothers. “It’s still dark. What’s this all about?”

“We’re gonna hear the sun sing!” Rickon shouted gleefully, prompting both Jon and Bran to shush him.

Jon shook his head. “The sun doesn’t sing, Rickon,” he said wearily.

“Yes it does,” Rickon said solemnly, nodding his head emphatically. “Old Nan said so.”

“Old Nan says a lot of things,” Jon grumbled. Old Nan frequently told Rickon there was a monster that crawled through the castle at night to devour little boys who didn’t eat turnips, for instance. That particular tale never persuaded Rickon to eat turnips, but it did give him nightmares, so Jon decided not to mention it.

“Before he kisses the sky!” Rickon insisted. “He sings then!”

Oh, yeah. Jon remembered that story. Old Nan must have told to the boys in the nursery last night because it was raining. The sky rained at night when she was angry at the sun, and the sun would try to soothe her anger by singing to her just before climbing above the earth to kiss her. And if she liked his song, she’d accept his kiss and light up with colors that heralded a clear, bright day. It was a silly little tale, and while a three year old might believe it, Bran was nearly seven. And smarter than most boys of eight or nine. He’d already be out of the nursery in a room of his own if Lady Stark weren’t reluctant to leave Rickon alone. Jon looked to him.

“Bran, surely you know that’s just a cradle tale.”

Bran looked down–half-embarrassed. “That’s what I told Arya,” he said. “When she said she heard it once. The sun singing, I mean. I told her she was lying and she said I was just to scared to sneak out and hear it for myself. And I told her I wasn’t scared so she said well it’s raining tonight so prove it!” 

Bran’s words had come more and more quickly until he finished speaking and looked down. Jon knew Bran didn’t frighten easily. He wasn’t afraid of the dark or being outside the castle at night. Gods knew he wasn’t afraid to climb anything at all. But he was very reluctant break any rules other than Lady Stark’s prohibition on climbing the castle walls simply because he hated disappointing his parents.

“Why involve me in this?” he asked him.

He looked down again. “Because Robb threw a shoe at me for waking him up and told me to go back to bed or he’d get Mother.” Jon laughed at that. Ordinarily, Robb would be up for any adventure, but early morning was definitely not his brother’s best time. Chances are he hadn’t even been fully awake and would have no recollection of assaulting their younger brother with footwear once the sun was truly up.

“But what do you need either of us for?” he asked when his laughter subsided. “You know how to get out of the Keep. And whatever Arya said, I know you’re not afraid. Although, she was lying about the sun and I think you know that. She just wants to see if you’ll go out.”

“Lying is bad!” Rickon contributed. “And the sun sings because Old Nan said so!”

Bran glared at Rickon. “He’s why,” he grumbled. “I waited until he was asleep, but he woke up as I was leaving the nursery. And he wouldn’t shut up. And he said he’d get Mother if I didn’t take him wherever I was going. And I can’t take him outside by myself because … what if he runs off or does something stupid? I can’t pick him up like you can.”

“I’m not stupid!” Rickon insisted. “I wanna hear the sun sing!”

Jon couldn’t help it. He laughed even louder and then said, “Poor Bran. Everyone’s threatening to report you to your mother tonight, aren’t they? All right, I suppose as long as I’m awake now, I might as well take a stroll in the dark.” He turned toward Rickon. “We can go, but only if you let me carry you. My legs are longer and we’ll get there faster.”

Rickon stared at him a moment trying to puzzle out if this was some sort of a trick, but then he nodded. Bran looked at him with an expression of awe and gratitude. Jon just swung his legs over the side of his bed and reached for his breeches and boots.

Held against his chest with his head on his shoulder, Rickon was sound asleep before they ever made it out of the Great Keep, just as Jon had known he would be. He was a solid little boy, and he knew his arms would ache by the time he returned him to the nursery, but better that than having their wild youngest sibling running loose in the courtyard at night.

The air was chilly after the rain, but not too cold, and he sat down on a stone bench that had a back he could lean on to help him support Rickon and motioned for Bran to sit beside him. They sat quietly until the sky began to lighten and the sun just barely peeked over the edge of the horizon. They did begin to hear sounds then, but those were the sounds of the castle waking as a few men began to appear on the grounds.

“I knew she was lying,” Bran said, although Jon could hear the disappointment in his voice. 

“And now you can tell you know that for certain, and I’ll back you on it.”

“What if Rickon tells Mother or Father?” 

“He won’t. We’ll tell him Old Nan’s turnip monster will get him if he does.”

“That’s mean,” Bran said, but he giggled. “It’ll work, though. He’s really scared of the turnip monster.” He was quiet a moment. “Jon? Is it stupid that I really kind of hoped the sun would sing?”

“No, Bran,” Jon said, shifting the sleeping Rickon so he could reach down out and ruffle Bran’s hair. “Do you know how I knew the sun wouldn’t sing? Robb and I sneaked out to listen when we were about eight. We fell asleep on the ground by your mother’s sept and she found us there in the morning. Father thrashed both of us for leaving the Keep at night without permission.”

Bran’s eyes got big. “Really?”

“Really. Now let’s get you two back inside before the same thing happens to you. “

Bran smiled at him and hopped up from the bench. As they walked back to the Keep, he looked up at him. “Jon?” he said.



Jon smiled. “Your welcome, little brother.”

After he left the boys safely tucked back into their beds, their absence undetected, and walked back to his own room, he undressed again and shook out his arms which felt dead after holding Rickon so long. Then he stood at his window and watched as the sky continued to lighten and reveal colors which truly did speak of a glorious day. He then crawled into his bed thinking he may be able to get almost another hour of sleep before someone came looking for him and dozed off thinking their were far worse ways to spend the moments just before dawn than sitting with his little brothers and waiting for the sun to sing.


Allison sneers: Your daughter? Please. Don’t mention your daughter in my presence.

Nico: I can’t help that you feel the way you do about Nicole. But I’m not denying my child any longer.

Allison: I’m so close to slapping all your teeth out of your mouth. So you won’t say that name in my face. I don’t want to hear that child’s name, Nico. It’s like a curse word to me. My blood f*cking boils.

Nico furious: Allison, I respect your pain. I respect your hurt. But don’t get me confused. I won’t let you disrespect my daughter. 

Allison whispers: Nico, don’t you dare threaten me.

Nico: It’s not a threat. I don’t threaten when it comes to my blood. You tried to get the mother of my child fired from her job. I don’t give a sh*t about Ivory, she’s a grownup, but that hurts my daughter. If Ivory isn’t okay, then Nicole isn’t okay. That’s why I spent all these weeks tolerating that crazy woman and her manipulation…so I could keep Nicole happy and safe. 

Allison shrugs: I can’t even begin to care.

Nico snaps: Shut up and listen to me. You don’t care because you’re NOT a mother. You’re NOT a parent. You don’t understand what it’s like to see your child suffer. I do. I raised my brothers and sisters. Now I’m raising Nicole. And I will do for her above and beyond what I did for my siblings. Including protecting her from you and your spiteful sh*t.

Allison gasps…his words felt like a physical blow.

Allison sobs: You’re right. I’m not a mother. I don’t know. I’ll never know.

Nico remorseful: Allison-

Allison: Leave me alone, Nico. I really need to be alone.  

On Lotor

….You all anti people know Prince Lotor is going to be a different and complex character and you'all being rather damn violent to a fictional character (and real people for that matter ).

Like, I’ve seen posts where Allura punches him, Lance blasts his head off, Keith cuts him in half, (I’m sure there’s Hunk, Pidge, Coran and Shiro too…).

What’s gonna happen when he turns out to be a tragic character? That he has reasons to why he does what he has too? Or are you simply judging him because of who his father (and mother) is? Or do you feel threatened and upset because “your ship” is in danger because Lotor shows up and may “flirt ” with someone. (Honestly, if you are that worried and you become violent, then your ship has no standing ground if it’s that “weak”.)

Lotor hasn’t even come out yet.

Don’t judge him yet because of his past incornations. (I mean, if we did that, Coran would be Hella sexist, Allura would be White, Pidge a male, Earth would be GONE. )

So Chill on the hate, on the Character, but most importantly, the hate on REAL PEOPLE.

Don’t be the real villain. Don’t kill the fun.

Man of Steel: sentence starters

“Look to the stars.”
“Everybody here is already dead.”
“The last thing I want is for us to be enemies.”
“I will be with you as soon as I can.”
“The world is about to come to an end.”
“I can’t do it. I thought I could, but…”
“Surrender it, and I’ll let you live.”
“He/She is beyond your reach.”
“I will reclaim what you have taken from us.”
“Where the hell’d they find you?”
“How can I help you if you won’t let me in?”
“The world’s too big.”
“I just wanted to help.”
“You have to keep this side of yourself a secret.”
“People are afraid of what they don’t understand.”
“Did God do this to me?”
“I have to believe that you were sent here for a reason.”
“I think I’ll probably just leave when I’m good n’ ready.”
“I can do things that other people can’t.”
“You might’ve hallucinated half of it.”
“I have so many questions.”
“Why didn’t you come with me?”
“I figured if I turned over enough stones, you’d eventually find me.”
“We’ve been doing the best we can. We’ve been making this up as we go along, so maybe our best isn’t good enough anymore.”
“You were worried the truth would come out.”
“I’m worried they’ll take you away from me.”
“You are not alone.”
“Surrender within twenty four hours.”
“The entire world is being threatened.”
“The FBI is here, they’re throwing around words like ‘treason’.”
“Did they hurt you?”
“What’s on your mind?”
“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.”
“You’re scared of me because you can’t control me. You don’t, and you never will.”
“You have no idea how long we’ve been searching for you.”
“This should be cause for celebration, not conflict.”
“I feel strange… weak.”
“A foundation has to be built on something.”
“Not a day goes by where it doesn’t haunt me.”
“If I had to do it again, I would.”
“Can you help us?”
“You think you can threaten my mother?!”
“What have you done to me?”
“If history has proven anything, it is that evolution always wins.”
“A good death is its own reward.”
“You will not win.”
“It’s only stuff; it can be replaced.”
“Haven’t given up lecturing me, have you?”
“You’re talking about genocide.”
“We’re both ghosts. Can’t you see that?”
“I’m tired of this debate.”
“Silencing me won’t change anything.”
“You know, they say it’s all downhill after the first kiss.”
“My soul— that is what you have taken from me.”
“You’re a monster, and I’m going to stop you.”
“There’s only one way this ends— either you die, or I do.”
“Where did you train? On a farm?!”
“If you love these people so much, you can mourn for them.”
“Don’t do this!”
“Are you effin’ stupid?!”
“I’m here to help, but it has to be on my own terms.”
“Guess I’ll just have to trust you.”
“I just think he/she’s kinda hot.”
“He/she always believed you were meant for greater things.”
“I wish he/she could’ve been here to see it finally happen.”
“What’re you going to do when you’re not saving the world?”
“Welcome to the planet.”

Not the Loving Type (SR)


I would like a OneShot in which Spencer is in charge of approaching the reader to find out about UNSUB who is ur mother, you are very shy and you 2 end up falling in love. But the reader discovers that he is from the FBI and feels sad why as someone like him would like her? Spencer on his way back home and ur mother is threatening you as the new victim

Warnings: violence 

his pov:

As an undercover agent as of now, I had to get into the lives of the people of the town. It was a small town and it turns out someone was going around shooting young women, 

“So how long have you been working here?” I asked the very sweet and might I add beautiful woman that worked at the coffee shop. “I’ve lived here all my life but I just recently started working.” She replied softly writing my name on the cup. “Do you like it here?” I asked her trying to get information. She simply nodded her head, “It’s quiet here, but the most recent murders kind of scare me.” She said biting her lip out of fear. The fear on her face was hard to fake so I guessed that she was innocent. “It’s okay, I’m sure the police are doing something about it.” I commented back trying to comfort her. She gave me a smile and nodded, “Hopefully. I like this town, I want to stay.” I nodded and grabbed my coffee headed towards the door when I turned back. “Came I get your number Y/N?” I asked nervously. She smiled and giggled quietly. “Sure Spencer.” She reached out for my phone and started to type in her contact information. “Here you go.” She said excitedly. I blushed and smiled waving her goodbye as I walked out of the door this time.

I returned to the station and checked in with Hotch. “Did you find out anything from the people of this town. “Well I’ve heard that this town is quiet, so it’s not disturbed too often. Who ever is doing this is most likely a member of the community.” I stated. Everybody nodded and looked back at the timeline. 

The next day I went back to the same coffee shop to see Y/N. I walked to her happily until I noticed the bruises on her arms. “What happened?” I asked concerned. She jumped a little and tugged her sleeves lower. “Oh nothing, I fell off my bike.” She said giving me a shy smile. I didn’t believe her, “Are you sure? You can tell me I could help.” I said worried, “No offence Spencer but I don’t think you can help me.” She said frowning. “So it wasn’t from your bike.” I said catching her off guard. She softly nodded her head no and placed my coffee in front of me. “Look Y/N I’m not supposed to do this but here-” I said holding out a piece of paper with an address on it. “Come here and I’ll explain.” I said softly. She tilted her head in confusion and furrowed her brow, “Uh okay?” She said rubbing the back of her neck. “I’ll explain when you get there.” I told her in a soft sweet voice. She nodded and turned to the next costumer as I walked out. 

Did she have a boyfriend? Was she being abused by him? My anger rose and my face became hot. We were there for the murders though, I couldn’t get distracted. 

I heard a knock on my door and I quickly got up to answer it. “Hey Y/N.” I said opening the door and smiling. “Uhm hey.” She replied back. “So how can you help me?” She asked straight away walking into my fake apartment. “Okay, I haven’t been completely honest with you but I am a FBI agent. Who ever is doing this to you, I can help stop him.” 

your pov:

FBI? Why would he want to help me? “I don’t understand, You said you were a business man.” I said. “I’m undercover, those murders you’re worried about I’m working those cases.” He said sitting beside me. I didn’t want to tell them about how my mom had hit me. “Isn’t it against the rules?” I asked confused, “Yes it is but you’re worth it.” He said smiling. I scratched my head and stood feeling uncomfortable. “Spencer I don’t want to put your life at risk because of me. All I want is for you to catch the killer.” I said upset. I walked towards his door and opened it. “I promise I’ll catch him.” He said placing his hand on my shoulder. I gave him a grateful smile and I walked out leaving the man I thought was handsome. I couldn’t believe he was an FBI agent though. He was so slim. 

I made my way my house that my mom was currently staying at. “Where the hell have you been?” She asked as I came through the door. “I’ve been out mom.” I told her rolling my eyes. I looked across the room to see the beer bottles thrown. “Mom this is my house. I don’t have to let you stay here.” I said finally standing up to her. “What did you say bitch?” She commented coming closer to me. Her hand came up to my throat and held it tightly as she pushed me against the wall. “I birthed you. You’re the reason that your father left.” She said as I struggled to break free from her grip. She released me and I took a deep breath. I noticed her red eyes, “You know why all those women died?” She asked lowly. I shook my head no crying. “Because they are like you. I killed them because of you. You’re the worst thing that has ever happened to me.” She said coming closer to me. I made a break for the upstairs as I was much faster than a drunk. I let my tears fall on my face as I reached in the back pocket for my phone. I unlocked it quickly and dialed Spencer’s number. I locked the door behind me quickly and pushed my dresser in front of it, “Spencer, it’s my mom. She’s killing all the women. She’s threatening to kill me!” I screamed hysterically into the phone. “Y/N calm down it’s okay. What’s your address?” He asked calmly. I told him my address and waited for him to come. I looked around for a weapon as I heard my mom try to break her way in. A knife came through the door and I screamed. I finally heard the sirens taking a breath. “Please Spencer hurry.” I said to myself.I heard the door getting kicked in as I heard the loud shouts. I cried more getting back into the corner of my room. “Put the knife down!” I heard someone say. “You don’t want to do this, she’s your daughter.” I heard Spencer say. “I’ll do what ever the hell I want to with her!” “I’m not going to ask you again put the knife down.” I heard my mother scream and a gun sound off. I cried and I tried to get up to move the dresser out of the doorway. “Y/N? Are you okay?” I heard Spencer ask through the door. I sniffled as I finally pry the door open seeing my mom lifeless. All the adrenaline in me dropped and I fell to my knees as Spencer caught me. “Woah there, take it easy.” He said gently pulling my head into his chest stroking my hair. “Thank you.” I said sniffling. He pulled me back and kissed my forehead. “It’s okay. She can’t hurt you anymore.”  

Sorry its shit. I wrote this quickly on my parents computer since my charger is broke :’(

Black queen, keep your head up. I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes - okay, a lot of the time - but there are people that see you. There are black men that see you. I see you. You with your sun-kissed skin. You with your coconut oil and cocoa butter. You with your backbone hardened by living in this world with more melanin than it has ever been historically ready for and a mother always threatening to give you somethin’ to cry about if you didn’t stop crying. You with your refusal to back down seen as toxic attitude. You with your beautiful Afro-textured hair that on some days makes you feel mistaken for a zoo animal due to the amount of people that want to touch it. You with a voice like honey and a tongue always ready to drag someone if necessary. You with your hopes and dreams and accomplishments that far surpass what has been expected of you. I see you.
—  I see you. // Maxwell Diawuoh

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Kisses - A Next Generation Preference

James Sirius:

James’ kisses were always playful. He’d kiss you on each cheek first, the the tip of your nose, forehead and chin before finally placing a sweet kiss to your lips. He didn’t mind kissing you in public either; it was his way of showing that you were his and he was yours.

Albus II:

Al was more reserved when it came to public displays of affection. He didn’t mind hand holding but kisses were meant for privacy and when you were alone they were always heated and passionate and rough; never too slow nor too fast but just full of bliss.

Fred II:

Fred loved to give you lingering kisses. He’d never give you just a peck he’d make sure that the kiss lasted, he wanted to hold you close for a moment longer before letting you go and he never wanted your kisses to end even if they really had to. He’d give you these kisses before class started and before you parted ways after lunch, he liked the intimacy of it.


If there was one thing that Hugo loved it was softly biting your bottom lip when you kissed. He loved tugging on it softly and adored the way you would moan in appreciation. He also loved it when he would lick your bottom lip to ask for entrance that you would gladly give.


You grinned as your boyfriend came up to you right after your potions lesson had ended and grinned at you, “Hey babe” He murmured before putting two large hands on your waist and pulling you close to him so that he could attach his lips to yours.


“No. Stop. No.” Lysander said as he took hold of your wrists and moved his head away from you “Just give me a kiss you bum” You said as you puckered up with a small giggle escaping your lips, Lysander smirked, “Catch me if you can!” He shouted and turned around before running away but you quickly caught up with him and tackled him to the ground before placing a kiss on his lips “Caught you”


Louis gave you quick kisses. He’d peck you on the lips quickly before pulling away knowing that you always wanted more but he never obliged until you were alone. Despite his quite cheeky personality Louis was never one for massive PDA and would rather have you all to himself in private which is when he would share with you what his ancestors created.


“Scorpius I swear to Merlin if you don’t shut up right now I will–” You began before your boyfriend cut you off with a smug smirk on his face “You’ll what?” He asked with a mock scared look on his face. “I will owl your mother.” You threatened and Scorpius scoffed but you could see a hint of fear in his eyes “You wouldn’t do that”. You raised your eyebrows threateningly “Wouldn’t I?” You challenged “I can do whatever I’d like and if you can–” Once again you were cut off but this time with his lips instead of his words and lets just say, you forgot all about owling his mother.


You couldn’t believe him, how could he do this? “You cheated Edward!” You shouted and Teddy looked completely ashamed but you could see his eyes flicker with anger at the name “I’m so sorry; I promise I won’t do it again!” You shook your head at him “How can I trust you after this?” You asked sadly and Teddy took your hands in his and you resisted the urge to pull them away “I promise Y/n, I promise that I will never cheat at Gobstones again” You could see the honesty in his eyes and you could feel his regret so you nodded slightly and he kissed you lightly on the lips in relief “But you better not do it again Edward” You murmured and Teddy stiffened “Don’t call me Edward” He said as his hair changed to a vivid red.

Faking It - part 4

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up aplan to  make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 2.7k

A/N: leT ME TELL YOU this was longer than expected, but you guys love this story so much so ya’ll will enjoy it. Smut chapter is next and I’m rolling up my sleeves on it. If you want to be tagged just ask and if I forgot you, (because people are constantly asking to be tagged so I forget a few people) I do apologize

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Originally posted by justall-myfeelings

 The light poured in through the open windows. You squinted at the rays and pulled the duvet over your head. Bucky’s arm was wrapped around your waist. He groaned and buried his head in the pillow. His grip tightened on your hips but quickly loosened. You were about to fall asleep once again when your phone rang. An annoyed moan escaped your lips. You turned and reached over Bucky’s torso to grab your phone. 

“Hullo,” Your voice rough. 

“Y/N did I wake you?” Your Mother asked. 

“No,” You lied, “I was just….making breakfast." 

"I see,” You knew that she was smiling. You could practically hear it through the phone. “Tomorrow is the gala. You know the one that your Father’s company hosts each year. I’d like for you to come. It would be your first time.”

The charity gala happens every year. All of your Father’s coworkers and bosses, get together for some drinking, eating and mingling. There is even an auction. Women and men volunteer to be auctioned off as dates and all the money goes to charity. The idea of being auctioned off makes you think of slavery, but other people think differently because the money goes to charity. Nonetheless, the idea puts a bad taste in your mouth. 

“I don’t know,” You said. “I don’t even have a dress.”

“That’s okay! Your sister and I are going dress shopping today.”  You winced, knowing there was no excuse to get out of this one. “We’ll pick you up at around 2 PM, be ready by then, Erika doesn’t like waiting.”

You gave her the address to the house and hung up. Your shoulders slumped and let your phone fall onto the bed before settling back under the sheets.

“Who was that?” Bucky asked.

“My Mother,” You mumbled. “We have to go to a charity gala tomorrow.”

“Dress code?” He questioned.

“Formal of course,” You said. “You’re gonna need a suit.”

You and Bucky have been to enough formal parties, galas, and other occasions to know the routine. Thanks to Tony, who had probably gone to more galas than you can count. Fortunately, back when you were a teen you weren’t able to go because it’s 18+. Now, you’re over the age restriction which means that your Mother is ecstatic to have her whole family there.

“Is your entire family going?” He asked.

“Nope,” You were relieved. Your Aunts never went, mainly because they all have children that were under 15, so there was no one to care for them.

“Are you going out?”

“Yes,” You sighed. “Mother wants to go dress shopping. Call Tony, maybe he can recommend a tailor or tell you where the nearest Men’s Warehouse is.” You patted his chest and pushed yourself off the bed.

“I’ll be back later, Bucky,” You called and adjusted the strap of your small backpack.

He nodded and pecked your lips, knowing that your sister and Mother were watching. “Tony hired this specialist, they’re gonna get me fitted for a suit.”

“Make sure it’s a black tie,” You added as you walked away from the door.

“Y/N, Bucky is good-looking and rich? You hit the jackpot!” Your sister exclaimed when you entered the car.

“This is Mr. Stark’s home. Not Bucky’s,” You snorted at her comment.

The store you went to, was in Hollywood of course. It was a very expensive store and you certainly weren’t rich. Beautiful gowns were lined up on racks along the walls. A clerk approached the three of you.

“Welcome, ladies, how may I help you today?” She asked.

“We’re looking for evening gowns,” Your mother said.

“Event?” The woman asked.

“Gala,” Erika intervened.

“Right this way.” You followed her further into the store until you reached back section where even more dresses were waiting to be picked. You began a search for your own dress. Very lazily, you eyed each dress you touched. In reality, you didn’t know what you were looking for. You didn’t know what color, what design.

“See anything you like?” Erika asked. You shook your head as she took out a dress and motioned for the clerk to put it in her dressing room.

“Would you ladies like some champagne?” A different clerk asked.

You smiled and gladly took a glass from the tray she held. Erika on the other hand refused. She wrinkled her nose, “I absolutely despise that stuff.”

“You’re no fun,” You mumbled as you threw your head back and guzzled down the strong liquid. The next half hour you walked around the store, with your glass in hand and your mind not there. You didn’t want to be here, but here you sadly were.

When it was your mother’s turn to try on her dresses, you and Erika sat down on the provided couch while she got into her first gown. You had lost count of a number of champagne glasses you had consumed, yet you continued to request a refill.

“So Y/N,” Your sister began. “How’s Bucky in bed?”

You nearly spit out your champagne. Instead, you choked on the liquid and coughed violently. “Did Betty put you up to this?” You eyed her.

She shook her head, “Can’t I ask? It’s not like I didn’t tell you the first time David and I had sex.”

“Yes and I am forever grateful for that valuable information,” You said sarcastically. The last time you had sex, was in a one night stand. You certainly weren’t going to tell her that.

Your mother tried on all four of her dresses. After ten minutes of arguing, all three of you came to a conclusion that dress number 2 was the better choice. Your sister was next. She jumped up excitedly and waltzed into the dressing rooms. You leaned back and ran your finger over the rim of the glass.

“Are you okay Y/N?” Your Mom asked.

You were pulled out of your daze and turned to look at her before giving her a sheepish smile, “I’m great.”

“I love it!” Erika exclaimed as she walked out of the dressing room. “Mom look at the sweetheart neckline!” She squealed and ran her hands over her chest.

“It looks good,” Your mother agreed.

“But,” Erika added. “It doesn’t show my curves and the color is too bright.” Without another word, she disappeared back into the dressing room.

Erika tried on a total of 7 dresses. You offered pointers on which ones looked good and which ones didn’t. Finally, she was brought down to two dressed. A black tight gown with a sweetheart neckline that she adores and a pale pink maxi dress that had a thigh split. After careful consideration, she went with the black dress.

“Your turn, Y/N.” Erika smiled.

“Oh, I didn’t find anything,” You said bluntly.

“We aren’t leaving until you find something,” Your mother threatened.

You turned to the clerk, “Surprise me.”

Minutes late you found yourself in the changing room with three different gowns. The first one was such a terrible combination of red and white, that you didn’t bother to come out of the room. Instead, you slipped into the second dress. A beautiful creme colored dress with a plunging neckline. A thick gold belt rested just below your breasts. The skirt split at the thigh and you had to admit, you looked great. You walked out of the dressing room and stood on the elevated platform in front of the mirror. Your mother and sister seemed to approve.

“That looks amazing,” Erika said.

“You look like a goddess,” Your Mother added.

“My boobs are pushed up to my ears,” You complained and pulled up the neckline. You lifted the skirt and walked off the platform.

“This is the last dress, Miss,” The clerk said as she took out the third dress. You handed her the gown you just had on and slipped into the dark blue one.

It was tight and showed off every single curve you had. The loose mermaid end trailed behind you. The torso was a wrap around. It hugged your neck and showed off a small piece of your stomach in the shape of a triangle. You walked out of the room.

“That is your dress,” Erika said and did a small clap of glee.

“That looks stupendous,” Your mother agreed. “You are taking it.”

You examined yourself in the mirror. You felt beautiful. Like a queen. Like you could conquer an entire country and gladly rule it alone.

“This is my dress,” You repeated and you believed it.

“Doll,” Bucky knocked on the bathroom door. “Are you ready?”

Your heart nearly fell down to your ass. You were ready, yes, you were just really nervous. With a last quick glance in the mirror, you nodded and walked towards the door. Your heels clicking against the marble floor.

Your hand rested on the knob before you slid the doors open. Bucky was standing on the other side, your jaw fell agape. He wore a perfectly fitted tuxedo. His white dressing shirt stretched out against his chest and the black tie hung perfectly tied around his neck. His hair was combed back to keep it out of his face. Overall, Bucky looked handsome.

“That specialist did a good job,” You noted.

“Y/N,” he began. “You look gorgeous.”

You blushed and let your gaze fall to your covered feet. He tilted your chin up using his index finger. His blue eyes met yours and it was a brief moment of intense eye sex.

He cleared his throat, “We should get going.”

You nodded and he took a step back before offering you his arm. A smile pulled at the corner of your lips as your looped your arm through his.

Instead of leading you outside to where your car was parked, Bucky took you to Tony’s car garage. Cars were lined up under the fluorescent lights. Different colors, brand, and design.

“Stark doesn’t have to find out,” Bucky grinned mischievously and walked towards a Camaro.

“But what if he does,” You insisted. “Or what if something happens, I certainly can’t pay off a car like this one.” You motioned to the Lamborghini.

“Nothing bad will happen, Y/N.” He looked at you. “Have a little faith in your man.” He winked and you rolled your eyes before reluctantly sliding into the passenger seat of a black Corvette.

Bucky found the keys and stuck them into the ignition. The engine roared to life. The doors opened and Bucky raced out of the garage. Tires squealing against the concrete as speedometer told the miles per hour.





There was an exhilarating feeling that was rising inside of you. Adrenaline. The need for speed. A wide smile broke onto your face and you laughed. Bucky joined you as he accelerated the speed. This was a side of Bucky you’ve never seen before. He was being cocky. And you liked it.

You arrive at the gala, arm in arm with Bucky. Several people that you barely knew came forwards and struck up a conversation. Telling you about how you’ve grown and how you look like a woman now. Bucky identified himself as your boyfriend and they wished you many happy years.

Your grip tightened on Bucky’s arm when you spotted someone you haven’t seen in years. Adam Clair was your boyfriend for 2 years until he broke your heart and turned to a spunky redhead. It took so long to get over him, now all you felt for him was rage. A blond now clung onto his arm.

“Shit,” You muttered under your breath when he spotted you.

“What is it?” Bucky asked.

“My ex is walking over here,” You looked at him.

“You want me to punch him?” He asked.

“What? No!” You whisper-yelled.


You pulled your best fake smile and straightened up as you looked at him.

“Hi Adam,” Your cheeks throbbed from all the smiling. “How have you been?”

“Busy running a business,” He said smugly. After Adam’s father died, he inherited Clair & Co.

“Sounds exhausting,” You rolled your eyes.

“This is my fiancée, Briana Knight.” Adam introduced the blond.

You were a bit taken aback. You didn’t expect him to be tied down to one girl for so long. Nevertheless, here he was, with a fiancée. She smiled widely and extended her arm for a handshake

“So nice to meet you, Briana,” You stated kindly. Briana shook Bucky’s hand as well. “This is Bucky Barnes, my boyfriend.”

“Barnes?” Adam asked, his gaze drifted to Bucky’s arm. His metal one. Realization flashed across his eyes. “You’re The Bucky Barnes! The Winter Soldier! No wonder you looked so familiar.”

Bucky stiffened beside you. The tension between you tightened as Adam continued to talk.

“Man, always knew you liked a bit of danger in your life Y/N but never imagined you’d date a criminal,” he laughed and you burned with anger. “An assassin.” He burst into laughter.

Briana gave an apologetic frown. Sympathy showing clearly in her hazel eyes.

You stepped towards Adam, but before you could do anything else, Bucky wrapped an arm around yours and pulled you away. Before you could give Adam hell, you were already being dragged away.

“Let it go,” Bucky said.

“I can’t just let him say that stuff!” You huffed.

“Yes you can, I’m already used to it, Y/N.” He paused. “Besides can’t let you attack him, you’ll probably break a few bones. You’re too pretty to be angry right now, doll.”

“Boy, do you have a way with words, Barnes,” You said alluringly.

You found the table that your family was sitting and joined them. Your Father commented that you looked beautiful in the dress and your Mother butted in, saying that she picked it out. Erika sat proudly next to her fiancé, Ashton. Rose, Jay’s wife sat alone, with your brother nowhere to be seen.

The night dragged on, you already ate and the auction was soon to commence. You wanted to leave already, but your Mother just kept on pulling you or Bucky into a different conversation. Your Dad absolutely loved Bucky. He talked about various things with him and the other men.

“It’s time to bring out your wallets ladies and gentlemen because we’re about to begin the auction.” A man on the stage announced.

Many people straightened up and turned their attention to the stage. Some men were smugly talking about how much money they were planning on spending. A few of the ladies were whispering excitedly, talking about which men hopefully would bid on them. You winced at their words.

Bucky placed a hand on your knee. You looked at him, he smiled slyly at you. You were grateful for his continuous encouragement throughout the entire time.

His hand began to slide higher until it rested on your thigh. You sucked in a sharp breath and your stomach caved in. Your heart began to play a game of ‘See How Fast I Can Beat.’ A  heavy exhale escaped your lips. You knew that he knew what he was doing to you. He looked at you from the corner of his eye. Never in your life did you want to kiss him as much as you wanted to right now.

You stood up abruptly and excused yourself from the table. Your cheeks burned as you moved swiftly among the tables. The bathroom was in a secluded area. Before you stepped inside, you leaned against a tall column.

“You okay there, doll?” Bucky asked.

You turned and glared at him. He smiled at the fact that you couldn’t hide the lust that filled your eyes. He stepped closer until your back was pinned up against the column.

His lips captured yours in a heated kiss. Bucky’s hands explored your body until they settled on the curve of your cloth-covered bottom. You tried not to moan when his mouth left yours. He left a trail of hot wet kisses on your neck.

“You’re so beautiful,” He whispered against your skin.

His low voice sent a chill down your spine that only fueled the fire in your core. Your chest heaved violently against his.

“Bucky,” You said breathlessly. “We can’t do this here.”

He pulled back and looked at you, the desire in his eyes was clear. “You want to get out of here?”

“Hell yeah,” You replied as he took your hand. The two of you sneaked away from the gala and into the open air where the valet was already waiting.

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anonymous asked:

Every time I see someone insulting Zack Snyder and questioning (negatively) his love for DC characters, I feel like Clark in Man of Steel: YOU. THINK. YOU. CAN. THREATEN. MY. MOTHER?

Heh. I feel you my mans. Like… I fancy myself a huge fucking superman fan/10. Like he’s second to fucking none… But I don’t think I love him as much as Zack does. Because he fucking GETS it, and so clearly in everything he does - he fucking loves him. I doubted Zack for a minute or two when BvS was announced and TDKR was thrown around a lot… I was like oh fuck come on don’t do that to supes… but here we are.

and that love extends to all other DC characters. From Bats to Lois, to Perry and Alfred… etc etc

He fucking loves that shit

Don’t Forget, I’m Mycroft Holmes

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Mycroft Holmes

Warnings: Mentions of violence

Request: “Sherlock: one-shots: Mycroft with a s / o who tries to flee (to protect him) because she is the ex-wife of the mafia’s godfather son” - Anon

Word Count: 1,349

A/N: First Sherlock one shot, enjoy!

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