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Can you write a quote about cheating? Im hurt and i don't know how to heal, let go or forgive.

I thought I couldn’t live
without you. Really,
when you found
someone else,
whilst we were still
in progress of
discovering more
in the depths
of each other,
I felt my lungs
as the air
mercilessly escaped my mouth.
after that part of me was stolen,
I realized that
no matter how much it felt
like it was
my soul
that was ripped from my insides,
it was
just an exhale of the bad
that prepared me
for the next
breath of fresh air.

I believe that you are a strong individual who will get through this; you may not drop the ‘moving on’ rope right then and there - you may have to progressively slide your hands from one end of the rope to the other - but you will get there… ‘Progress’; it may take some time, but you will surely get there. And when you do, you’ll be so happy to have someone that is fully committed to you, and you to them - you will be happy and loved. Hold on tight, some rides can be a little bumpy.

~ Love is like dealing with sandpaper. Sometimes we have to endure roughness along the way to shape us into who we’ll be; into who we are…

Big Cass trying to win you back would include...

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↣ Cass would be going stir crazy without you. The thought of living without you is not something he wants to consider

↣ Cass is romantic. Throughout your relationship, he would love to wine and dine you so that’s how he intends to get you back. 

↣ Cass sends you flowers and small gifts. This is just the beginning of Cass’s big master plan 

↣ Along with the flowers and small gifts. Cass begins to write love notes and hiding them in places he knows your going to look 

↣ After several weeks of this. Cass begins to work on the bigger plan in order to get you to take him back. 

↣ Cass gets some help in order to perfect his plan. 

↣ You never see it coming. 

↣ Cass prepares all of your favourite food with wine in the most romantic spot he could find. 

↣ There’s candles and lights with romantic music. The scene looks like something out of a romance novel. 

↣ You sit down and talk about your problems and your taken back by how determined he is to get you back.

↣ If you take him back that’s down to you… 

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a restful home.

advice for college freshmen:

tolkien your essays; hemingway your emails

essays are tangents and rabbit holes and diversions, woven together with lots of unnecessary descriptive words to demonstrate a proficient understanding of a subject you were meant to research in more depth but did not, in place of other pursuits, or could not, because you chose your subject poorly, and so now you must flesh out an arduous ten-page research paper and convince your scrutinizing instructor that you are well-versed in the topic at hand.

emails are blunt. say what you mean. be specific. end it quickly.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Why should i like myself?
If no one else likes me.
shaladin safe space

please reblog this if you’re pro-shaladin, or at least are not anti-shaladin. i need to know that there are more of us out there, shipping and multishipping and seeing shiro happy with his paladins. also i want more shaladin-positive blogs to follow.

this blog is a shaladin safe space.

Every experience, whether you have noticed it or not, has moulded you into the very person that you are today. There is a reason behind each and every one of your opinions and beliefs. Do not underestimate these feelings, for they all have meaning.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Never break a writers heart
If you do She will bend you and break you and turn you into a monster you never  thought you could become
You will live forever tucked between the words on the pages and the scars on her heart
She has written new world’s for you
And you wouldn’t even giver her a pen
When they ask why the flowers she writes keep getting darker she will tell them
She ran out of ink
I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.
—  Buckminster Fuller

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

I could physically feel you losing interest in me. Our 3 a.m. conversations had turned into 3 minute chats. Everything was surface level, and it absolutely broke my heart because I wanted nothing more than to have you back in my life. I felt like screaming at you to just Speak to me, but I knew it was futile. Sometimes no matter how much two people want to make it work, it’s not meant to happen.
—  Losing a Friend Hurts so Much// a Excerpts From a Book I’ll Never Write