you thought so too. i've been inside your head girl. you've been looking

a hella long list of random lyric sentence starters (pt. 11)
  • "We were close, never close enough."
  • "I'll come around if you ever want to be in love."
  • "You always had something effortless."
  • "At school you were the biggest deal."
  • "We were young, we were side by side, don't know when we started losing touch."
  • "I know our filthy hands can wash one another’s."
  • "There are roads left in both of our shoes."
  • "If the silence takes you then I hope it takes me, too."
  • "Brown eyes I hold you near."
  • "You’re the only song I want to hear."
  • "I've tried before to tell her of the feelings I have for her in my heart."
  • "Every little thing she does is magic."
  • "Must I always be alone?"
  • "I’m drunk off your kiss."
  • "This is becoming too routine for me."
  • "I did not mean to lead you on."
  • "It's all right to pretend that we still talk."
  • "It’s just for show, isn’t it?""It’s my fault that it fell apart."
  • "You were everything I wanted but I just can't finish what I've started."
  • "I still pick my friends over you."
  • "We're making our own history."
  • "This is the moment where it all began."
  • "Every single hero has to start out looking like me and you."
  • "We can do this if we really want to."
  • "Why mess up a good thing, baby?"
  • "It’s a risk to even fall in love."
  • "This is trouble."
  • "I don’t go out much like I used to."
  • "Why leave when I got you, baby?"
  • "It’s a risk but babe, I need the thrill."
  • "I never said you'd be easy."
  • "It could be lethal, sleeping with a friend."
  • "No heroes, villains, one to blame."
  • "The thrill is gone."
  • "We used to have it all."
  • "It's our time to go, but at least we stole the show."
  • "I'm not calling you a liar, just don't lie to me."
  • "I'm not calling you a ghost, just stop haunting me."
  • "I love you so much, I'm gonna let you kill me."
  • "When you kiss me, I am happy enough to die."
  • "Classy girls don't kiss in bars, you fool."
  • "You and that girl, she your girlfriend?"
  • "Pretty girls don't know the things that I know."
  • "I love this secret language that we're speaking."
  • "Never really thought we would make it."
  • "I don't wanna see the end begin."
  • "I never felt nothing in the world like this before."
  • "You could have stayed but you wouldn't give me a chance."
  • "Why does your pride make you run and hide?"
  • "Are you that afraid of me?"
  • "I will wait for you."
  • "You're still in love with me."
  • "You don't love me at all."
  • "You're a bad-hearted boy-trap, babydoll."
  • "You're so damn hot."
  • "So who's this other guy you've got?"
  • "Once upon a time, we burned bright, now all we ever seem to do is fight."
  • "I could've been a princess, you'd be a king, but no, you let me go."
  • "You really hurt me."
  • "I'm going straight to hell."
  • "You're going down."
  • "God, it hurts so much to be the bearer of bad news."
  • "Don't just dream in your sleep, it's just lazy."
  • "I am going sleepless and you're out of lullabies."
  • "You've got a dark heart, you've got a cold kiss."
  • "You always let me down."
  • "I'm a junky for the way that you please."
  • "I almost told you that I loved you, thank God I didn't because it would've been a lie."
  • "I say the damnedest things when your on top of me."
  • "I'm not the one that you want, I'm not the one that you need."
  • "My love is like a fucking disease."
  • "I'm the hardest mother fucker to please."
  • "They say you never miss it 'til it's gone; well you're gone and I wish I'd done it better."
  • "I miss having you close to me."
  • "I'm sorry, I promise I'll do better."
  • "Can we start again?"
  • "You needed something better."
  • "I want more."
  • "I try my best, but I don't ever change."
  • "Who wouldn't want it when he looks like that?"
  • "If I try my hardest, would you look my way?"
  • "Do you want to show me something new?"
  • "I know I want it far too much."
  • "Are you coming over soon?"
  • "Can I be what you like?"
  • "Don't try to fuck with me."
  • "This is the last time I am gonna put you back together."
  • "I'm sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired."
  • "I can't stand these nights alone."
  • "You light up my cold heart."
  • "A love like this won't last forever."
  • "I'm not the one that you want me to be."
  • "Are we just gonna stay like this forever, floating?"
  • "I know I'm gonna let you down."
  • "I wish I could say what I'm feeling; I'm scared to let these words out."
  • "I can't trust you."
  • "This isn't fun anymore."
  • "Damn, I thought we'd make it."
  • "You never got to heaven but you got real close."
  • "I beg for attention in small doses."
  • "You play those hearts like toys."
  • "I'm the option you shouldn't have chosen."
  • "This is the night you'll regret in the morning."
  • "I always wonder how far we could go."
  • "We could be free."
  • "This is my life and they'll call it a song."
  • "Make myself a king."
  • "There's no one to blame but you."
  • "You need me there, ain't no leaving me behind."
  • "There ain't nothing here for me anymore, but I don't wanna be alone."
  • "I can be a lone wolf with ya."
  • "All the world is gray as though you took the colors with you."
  • "We don't talk anymore like we used to do."
  • "What was all of it for?"
  • "I just heard you found the one you been looking for."
  • "Shoulda known your love was a game."
  • "I just hope you're lying next to somebody who knows how to love you like me."
  • "Call your girlfriend, it's time you had the talk."
  • "Say it's not her fault, but you just met somebody new."
  • "Let her down easy."
  • "You never meant to hurt no one."
  • "I give you something that you never even knew you missed."
  • "Don't you even try and explain how it's so different when we kiss."
  • "Now it's gonna be me and you."
  • "You're not sure that you love me."
  • "Don't worry 'bout this heart of mine."
  • "You're gonna break my heart anyway."
  • "Get it over with and just let me move on."
  • "Don't concern yourself with this mess you've left for me."
  • "You not making up your mind is killing me and wasting time."
  • "I'm sorry, I'm really a mess right now."
  • "I'm trying my best to get it together somehow."
  • "Tell me where love goes when it's gone."
  • "Suddenly someone is no one."
  • "I'm sorry, I let me fall for you."
  • "You're the hand I can't hold."
  • "I don't want you back, I just want to have what you took from me."
  • "I'll come around again, I know it's not the end."
  • "Love leaves a black hole where it dies."
  • "How can I ever love again?"
  • "I see you with her and it crushes me inside."
  • "Guess I should stop thinking about you all the time."
  • "Maybe this is a sign."
  • "Maybe I've been blind to reality."
  • "You seemed so interested."
  • "Was it real or was it all in my head?"
  • "She's so pretty, you two look so great."
  • "It was probably just a silly crush anyway."
  • "I just can't help but think that we could've had something."
  • "Did you ever feel the same?"
  • "I promised I wouldn't do it again."
  • "Taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget."
  • "I hope you find a way to be yourself someday."
  • "Change can be amazing."
  • "I pray for the best for you."
  • "I wish you could be honest with me."
  • "Why’d you fake it?"
  • "Hesitation is killing me, too."
  • "I couldn’t save it."
  • "Friend, why don’t you love me?"
  • "Tell me you want me in your life."
  • "It helps that you feel the same."
  • "We started from a spark."
  • "We got dreams and they start right here."
  • "I cry like a baby when I don't get my way."
  • "I won't apologize when I make a mistake."
  • "Do you want me?"
  • "I got scars on my heart and they won't go away."
  • "Everybody knows I'm a little insane."
  • "I feel you don't even know I'm alive."
  • "I feel you think that I'm out of my mind."
  • "I just want someone to hold."
  • "You're looking at me strange like you want me to change."
  • "I think you're a saint and I think you're an angel."
  • "You give me something to think about that's not the shit in my head."
  • "You're a miracle."
  • "I gotta stay with you."
  • "You're a glimpse of bliss, a little taste of heaven."
  • "I know you're gone now, but I still wait for you."
The Leather Jacket

Hartbig fanfic, based off of what Grace said in her ‘MY FAVOURITE THINGS’ video:)
First shot at fanfic, hope it isn’t too awful:’) SFW, 1,300ish words;)

Feedback would be awesome and much appreciated!


The evening air was crisp and cold on Graces porch, but watching the sun going down over LA was mesmerising and relaxing to Grace, and the gin and tonic in her hand was helping to keep her warm. Hannah sat in the sun lounger next to Grace, but she didn’t seem to be enjoying the sunset quite as much. She sat with her knees pulled up to her chin, cradling her drink in her hands which were tucked away behind her legs. Grace noticed she was shivering slightly and couldn’t help but laugh at how cute the girl looked in this state.

‘What’s so funny?’ Hannah asked, looking up at Grace from behind her knees.

'Nothing,’ Grace replied, still giggling slightly, 'it’s just you look so adorable curled up like that.’

Hannah smiled, ‘Well it’s cold out here. And you seem very interested in just staring out into the distance so I’m just cocooning to keep warm,’ she giggled.

'I’m not just staring out into the distance,’ Grace started defensively, 'I’m admiring the sunset, it’s relaxing and-’

'FREEZING!’ Hannah half shouted as Grace began to laugh hysterically.

'Well no-one forced you to wear a sleeveless top half-way through February! Who goes out in just a vest and doesn’t bother bringing a jacket?’

'Sleeve me alone!’ Hannah jokingly whined, resulting in another fit of giggles from Grace.

'Hannah, you’ve used that pun too many times, it’s awful!’

'Reusing a great pun is perfectly harmless!’

'I think you mean armless.’

And it was Hannah’s turn to double over, clutching her sides with laughter.

'I’ve been spending far too much time with you and Mamrie,’ Grace sighed, with a smirk on her face.

'We’re such good influences,’ Hannah managed to gasp after her laughing subsided, still wiping tears from her eyes.

Grace held up her ring finger to Hannah with a smug smile plastered across her face.

'I am worth the middle finger!’ Hannah gasped in mock horror.

Both girls broke down into fits of laughter again until finally they both calmed down and the stillness and cold of the air around them returned. They both sat in content silence for a little while, watching their breaths leave their mouths in a cloud of mist as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, the stars beginning to make mesmerising dot-to-dots across the darkening sky. Grace felt at peace again and her mind began to wander, but she was soon brought back to earth when she heard teeth begin to chatter beside her.

'We can go inside if you like, it’s getting pretty cold,’ Grace asked the younger girl, who had goosebumps beginning to appear across her arms.
‘No, it- it’s fine,’ Hannah managed between the chattering of her teeth, ‘I want to w- watch the st- stars come out with you. It’s b- beautiful.’

'Honestly, and you were complaining about me staring out into the distance!’ Grace said in mock exasperation whilst standing up and beginning to make her way to the door of her house. She noticed that Hannah didn’t make any attempt to follow and was still gazing up intently at the stars. Grace couldn’t help but admire the way the stars reflected in Hannah’s bright blue eyes, making it seem as though the stars were not in fact in the sky, but swirling through the ocean.

Grace moved away from the door and over to where Hannah was sitting. She began unzipping her leather jacket when Hannah looked up at her.

'What are you d- doing?’ Hannah asked in confusion, but Grace ignored her and continued to remove her jacket and then held it out towards Hannah.

'What? No, honestly Grace, you’ll get cold, I-I’m fine!’ Hannah mumbled in refusal, but Grace didn’t move and stood, with arm still outstretched, until Hannah eventually gave in to Graces stare and took the Jacket from her.

'Thanks Grace,’ Hannah mumbled in gratitude as she pulled the jacket around herself with a small smile playing on her lips.

'Anything to stop your annoying teeth chattering,’ Grace replied playfully with a wink. Grace was now beginning to feel the cold herself as she leaned against Hannah’s lounger, so she pulled her arms around herself tighter, trying not to let her own teeth start chattering.

Hannah noticed this at once.

'Look who’s cold now,’ Hannah said jokingly, raising her eyebrows.

Grace rolled her eyes as her teeth began to chatter.

'Shut up Han.’

'Trying to play the hero were we, but now who’s the damsel in distress?’ Hannah retorted with a smile, obviously enjoying the turn of events. 'Sit down beside me and we can share it.’

Grace gave Hannah a doubtful look. ‘Hannah, the j-jacket can’t cover the both of us.’

'Just sit down and we can drape it over us, share body heat like penguins or whatever.’

Hannah was watching Grace closely, looking for any sign of discomfort from her suggestion, but Grace showed none. She climbed over the arm of the lounger clumsily, landing half on top of Hannah.

'Sorry,’ Grace groaned as she tried to reposition herself comfortably next to Hannah, but after having been hit in the face three times by various parts of Graces body, Hannah grabbed Grace around her middle and allowed her to lie partially across her, with the back of Graces right shoulder pressed against the front of Hannah’s left. Grace seemed uncertain at first as of where to rest her head, but eventually deemed it most comfortable to lean her head sideways across Hannah’s shoulder with her forehead nuzzled against Hannah’s neck. Hannah’s head fell to the side almost naturally, so that her cheek was pressed against the top of Graces head. Both girls sat quietly like this for some time, simply enjoying the heat each was giving to the other, and the comfort of each others presence. Hannah concentrated on how their breathing was in time, but Graces heart was beating just slightly quicker than her own. She felt Grace shiver beside her and brought the leather jacket up slightly higher and breathed in the scent from it.
At this Grace startled. ‘You okay Han?’

'Yeah, I’m fine, your jacket smells like you just.’

'Oh, sorry about that, they don’t call me Smellbig for nothing you know…’ Grace trailed off, blushing slightly.

'No, not like that, in a good way. It smells like you in a good way, like, it’s comforting.’ Hannah managed, trying not to make things weird.

'Well if it’s so comforting then you can keep it. It makes me look like some sort of weird biker chick,’ Grace laughed.

'But you might miss it, you might decide you like looking like a weird biker chick.’

Grace thought about this for a second before replying, ‘Well, knowing me, if I do change my mind I’ll probably just go and buy a new one from H&M or something.’

Hannah laughed, ‘That does sound like something you’d do.’

Graces eyes began to grow heavy and soon her eyelids blocked the starry night from view. She could feel Hannah’s eyes on her, trying to tell if she’d fallen asleep or not, but she made no move to try and wake her, instead she nuzzled deeper into Grace’s hair and whispered softly.

'I know you’re asleep now, but for what it’s worth I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching the sunset with you. I enjoyed watching the stars come out too. I enjoyed watching you fall asleep. You make me really happy Grace, and although I know you can’t hear me, I love you.’

But somewhere in Grace’s sub-conscious mind, she did hear her. And that part of her agreed with these words, and soon walls that had been built up over months and months were broken down within seconds as her whole being came to the realisation that this feeling she had was real and could be suppressed no longer. And with a final effort before sleep took over she managed to whisper…

'I love you too.’

Feedback is much appreciated so I know whether I’m any good or not and if I should write more!;)