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“Something he’s done between now and the last tournament has given the guy powers way beyond what’s natural to him. Think about it, no one thought Spopovich had a chance, but somehow he’s flying and firing energy blasts? [So what’s going on?] I have no idea. All I can tell you for sure that he shouldn’t have these powers.”

-          Goku, Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters (Ep. 13)

“I’m not done with you yet, buddy. This is Videl you’re dealing with. Daughter of the man who beat Cell and saved the world. You don’t scare me.”

-          Videl

The Toonami Trending Rundown for April 1-2, 2017. While jokes and fake news are all the rage on this day, it would be an interesting night to say the least. As part of Adult Swim’s April Fools festivities, Rick and Morty fans got a surprise treat in the unscheduled premiere of Season 3, which was originally set to premiere along with the rest of the season later this summer. Unfortunately, due to such festivities, both Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super had to take the week off to make way. While Adult Swim regularly does April Fools events during the night of March 31st as the clock strikes midnight (as we all know back in 2012 with Toonami’s surprise revival), it’s pretty rare to see Adult Swim do an April Fools event on the night of April 1st as well. A bit disappointing for the latter two shows, but hey, that’s April Fools for you.

Despite these surprise predicaments in addition to the buzz of the Final Four dominating the social media scene, the rest of the block went on as usual. Among the highlights, Videl battles against Spopovich, and despite looking like she had the advantage, Spopovich has somehow gained powers that has made him much stronger than what Videl could possibly handle. Meanwhile, JoJo defeats Wamuu in his duel, while Kars uses a substitution trick to defeat Lisa Lisa and take the stone, much to JoJo’s dismay. And we start off Naruto’s Pain’s assault arc as Fukasaku makes it back to the village and informs Naruto and co. that Jiraiya has fallen to the hands of Pain.

In regards to the social media buzz, Toonami and every show would successfully trended in US on Twitter during their respective East Coast airings, in addition to both Tokyo Ghoul and Hunter x Hunter trending during or after their respective East Coast airings. JoJo’s and Shippuden would also see trends later on in the night in addition to a trend of #adultswim during Gundam Unicorn. Hunter x Hunter would also trend on tumblr as well.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest simulcasts from Japan, you might already know that after a 4 year wait, the new season of Attack on Titan is now underway. While normally, we’d have to wait a while for the dub to be ready for a Toonami broadcast, Funimation has been producing plenty of broadcast dubs as of late, and with a franchise as big as AOT, there was no doubt that Funimation would attempt to do one for season 2 as well. During a commercial for the Rick and Morty airing, it was announced that Toonami will indeed be airing the broadcast dub of Season 2. Welcoming news indeed, and in regards to social media buzz, #AttackOnTitanSeason2 would trend on Twitter while Attack On Titan would also trend on tumblr, partly because of the Toonami announcement, and partly because of the buzz of Attack on Titan’s return overall.

While the original premiere date was set for April 29th, Toonami decided on Monday to kick off the new season a week earlier, with a new premiere date set for April 22 at 12:30am Eastern. To make way, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which is 3 episodes away from completing Battle Tendency at this point, will have a doubleheader on April 15th for its final two episodes. Tokyo Ghoul will have the night off then to make way.

And in regards to JoJos, as reported by our colleague CJ Maffris at the JoJo’s panel at Anime Boston and earlier implied by a tweet by Richard Epcar, it was announced that production for the dub on the next season, Stardust Crusaders is currently underway. Unfortunately, as the dub does not look to be ready in time for an immediate release, JoJo’s will be taking a break from Toonami festivities after the 15th. We presently don’t have an ETA on when Season 2 will be ready for broadcast, but with a good showing for Season 1, no doubt JoJo’s will be a favorite to potentially make a return at some point. We’ll keep you posted.

Another show to potentially look out for in the near future is Blue Exorcist, as the series has just completed its run of the Kyoto Saga in Japan over a week ago, and dubbing of the season is underway by the folks at Aniplex, with a dub premiere set for release at Sakura Con during the weekend of April 14. We’ll see what happens ahead.

Long time viewers of Cartoon Network do know that Adult Swim has had a knack for surprises, especially in regards to April Fools. Indeed, Toonami itself was revived by way of an April Fools joke, and it’s hard to believe that that happened 5 years ago to the day. It should be interesting what Toonami has in store for April Fools next year, as the block will air on the night of March 31st. In the meantime, we’ll be back to the regular schedule next week, which will include both Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super continuing at their regularly scheduled times. And of course the countdown to Attack on Titan’s return is just 3 weeks away.

Until next week, congratulations to North Carolina on winning the National Championship and stay gold.

Legend: The shows listed are ordered based on their appearance on the schedule. Show trends are listed in bold. The number next to the listed trend represents the highest it trended on the list (not counting the promoted trend), judging only by the images placed in the rundown. For the Twitter tweet counts, the listed number of tweets are also sorely based on the highest number shown based on the images on the rundown.

United States Trends:

  • Toonami/#Toonami [#5]
  • #AttackOnTitanSeason2 (During DBZ Kai and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)[#5]
  • #adultswim (During Gundam Unicorn) [#7]
  • #DBZKai [#7]
  • #SandWhaleAndMe [#8]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [#4]
  • #TokyoGhoul (Also after the West Coast airing) [#5]
  • #HunterXHunter (Also during the West Coast airing) [#5]
  • #GundamUnicorn [#6]
  • #Shippuden [#7]
  • #GhostInTheShell [#6]

Tweet Counts:

  • Toonami [8,958 tweets]
  • #Toonami [4,871 tweets]
  • #DBZKai [1,553 tweets]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [2,373 tweets]
  • #TokyoGhoul [2,730 tweets]
  • #HunterXHunter [1,917 tweets]

Tumblr Trends:

  • #attack on titan
  • #hunter x hunter

Notes and Other Statistics:

Special thanks to @coreymbarnes, @jmb70056, and others I forgot to mention for spotting some of the trends on this list.

Wubba lubba dub dub! Only Toonami on [adult swim] on Cartoon Network.

the-winter-brinna  asked:

Hi there! I'm an animal behavior major and in a few weeks I'm graduating which I'm super excited about. I have a special interest in reptiles and I was just wondering if you had any advice for me as I move forward. You're extremely knowledgeable and I was wondering if there were any specific classes/books/references etc. that you've used because your level of raw knowledge on behavior and captivity needs is mind blowing. Honestly I really hope that someday I can be at your level.

Aww, you’re sweet. My advice? READ EVERYTHING. Even the old literature, the stuff that we know is out of date. Why? Because once upon a time, we thought that for a reason. Understanding reptile behavior has a lot to do with understanding trends in husbandry! For instance, during the Victorian period, it was thought that reptiles were all slow and sluggish. This is largely do to most of the observation of these species being done in zoos, which didn’t provide proper heating or lighting- of course the animals would be sluggish! So it’s important to have a basic grasp of where we’ve been to understand where we’re going.

As far as books go, try to check out as many natural histories as possible. And definitely cross-reference! Look for references to certain species in different disciplines- anthropology, for instance, often mentions animal migrations when talking about a culture’s eating habits. Sometimes what one discipline might not focus on, another will- or at the very least, they might have references in the back. And keep up with journals! If you’ll have continued access to a school library, make use of their interlibrary loan and academic search engines every so often. I make a point of looking for reptile cognition articles a few times a year just to keep up with what’s going on. Some really useful journals I read regularly include: The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Animal Cognition, and whatever vet med journals my school library search turns up. I also read Acta Herpetologica, which is an open access journal published by the Societas Herpetologica Italica- it’s mostly in English! 

Also, talk to as many people as possible. Even if you don’t want to go into animal management at a zoo or aquarium, it still can’t hurt to make friends who might be doing that. Zoo science journals are also great to read in addition to specific herpetology journals because they’ll again focus on different things- and provide valuable insight into how healthy conditions are maintained outside of native conditions, which can tell you a ton about an animal’s feeding preferences and stress conditions.

Good luck! (And if you ever get stuck behind a journal paywall, let me know. I have zero qualms about helping people get info!)

Imagine #1

As you can see, I’m very much bored that I thought of this

Harry Potter

You were in your shared apartment with Harry, spending the Christmas break with him as the both of you decorated the tree

You were playing some music on youtube, putting it on the trending playlist so that the surroundings won’t be that quiet, and so that it would lighten the mood up

Harry climbed down the ladder, helping you down as well when he saw you’re also done. Together, both of you admired the tree in front of you, the music playing on the background fitting the scene perfectly. His arms wrapped around you in a hug

That until, a weird Japanese song started to play.

“What in the name of Merlin is that?!” Harry asked, his other arm falling out from you, his face filled with amusement

You laughed as you watched his expression while you dance to the music, copying the moves “Oh, come on now Potter! Don’t be a kill joy”

Harry then laughed as he keep watching you. When the music was done, he wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top of your head “I married a child”

Ron Weasley

You and Ron were were exploring the muggle world after you finished your 5th year

He was hesitant to go but since you insisted you’re familiar at the place, he finally gave in.

You were in a hotel, reading a book while you let Ron fiddle with your phone, letting him explore ‘internet’

You were getting drowsy, you put the book on the bedside table and glanced at Ron. The drowsiness in you faded when you saw his face, Ron looked at you and showed a video he found

“Bloody hell! What is this?! Is this what music means in this world?!”

“Oh Ron…”

Draco Malfoy

Everyone knows Malfoy’s doesn’t really like mudbloods muggles and muggleborns

Now, one Malfoy started to consider muggle rights, thanks to you. Draco’s parents is openly not very supportive of the thought, but Draco had his mind settled about supporting their rights

Draco’s mind has been very curious about the muggle culture that he would beg you to go around a muggle town every free time, begging for you to show him more movies, the list goes on.

Both of you are on his family’s vacation house, he was reading a book you recommended while you were fixing your closet, it was very very messy.

The place has an on going conversation, explaining the “Percy Jackson” story to him every now and then.

It was just that until your phone rang, the ringtone? The trending PPAP song.

You reached for the phone as Draco just gave a disgusted look, he knows about cellphones but that song? He just heard it now and he immediately hates it. His eyes followed the phone as you reached for it

“Y/N, turn it off” He instructed, his eyes with relief when you finallu turned it off “I’ve heard better, yet you settle to something like this?”

“Shut up Malfoy, it’s catchy” and little did you know, he was jamming to it few weeks later

Neville Longbottom

He was walking around the park with you, his hand clutching yours tightly.

You already spent time in the wizarding world and easily knew how things work.

Neville was scared going into the muggle world, but since you are one and sees how sweet you are, he thought it wasn’t really that bad

Now they were on the park she always told him, saying how she loves it that it made him curious, what is special about it?

Now that he’s here, he realized why. It was very calming. A simple fountain and the trees was calming enough

But that ridiculous song that suddenly played made him cover his ears “BLOODY MERLIN! WHAT IS THAT?!??! Y/N, MAKE IT STOP!”

“Longbottom, you slashed the dark lord’s pet horcrux head off. A gigantic snake thing. Don’t react as if a Japanese song would take you out”

Fred and George Weasley 

It was only the Three of you who was bonding around since everyone went to Hogsmeade You, being a muggleborn, decided to introduce them a few things about muggles, and they were very open for that idea 

You being a big fan of cartoons, decided to introduce them this genre. Showing them Adventure time, Amazing world of Gumball, Spongebob and even a few Disney classics 

After that, you let them roam around your house while you make lunch, reminding them every minute to not break or take anything. 

And them asking you something every now and then Especially when they saw the PPAP music video pop out from your phone.

“Uh Y/N, is he speaking parsel tongue?” Fred asked, both of their faces filled with confusion 

“No, he’s speaking English. He just have a different accent because he’s Japanese, a different breed as you call it" 

“It’s weird, but we dig it!” they lied, thinking that if they don’t you might hate them, thinking it’s a respected song in the muggle world

‘’Well, this is a surprise.’’ - Peter Pan x Reader. PT. 1

Part 2

Words: 1368
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes
Pairing: Peter Pan x Female!Reader

Request 1:  Hey, not sure if requests are still open ( kinda hoping they are ) could u do where where the reader is Regina’s younger sister and some how ends up in Neverland where she and Pan fall in love. If you could do that it would be awesome. X - anon

Request 2:  Hey Hun. I’ve been reading a few of your fanfics and if your still taking request? If your still taking them, could you do one where the reader is Regina’s little sister and falls in love with Peter. The reader is quite young and goes with them to save Henry? That would be great thank you x - anon

Warning: Fluff
A/N: I combined two of my requests since they were pretty much the same, and well, this is what I made. I hope you guys enjoy it!….I don’t own the gifs.

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YURI ON ICE MOVIE CONFIRMED!!!! What are your thoughts and what do you think it will be about? The picture that acompanied it makes me think... wedding? Or perhaps a more in depth look at the banquet and dance parties that lead to the point of Yuuri asking Viktor to be his coach!

I’m excited!

But my thoughts are rather sad, because there seems to be a trend in getting anime movies to the states taking FOREVER!!! (like the steins;gate movie was JUST released and it’s been out for years.) 

Some movies have been appearing faster in select cities/theaters. Like the SAO movie made it over pretty fast, and funimation has done ok with movies like Empire of Corpses, Harmony and Your Name. So a part of me is hopeful that they’ll use the momentum behind YOI to at least release a legit sub stateside quickly. (though the dub voices are great)

The only pic I’ve seen so far is the one that looks like the title splash with the back BG and the white text. So I dunno. 

Honestly, whatever we get will be great though

stayoutofitnick  asked:

Also! If egwene was going to die, then the whole her having to take on a seanchan warder thing is essentially meaninglessness. Why?

you know I hadn’t even thought about this but like…yes??? like, it definitely feels like there was a lot of set up for Egwene to live - and done well that kind of “cut off in their prime” thing can be good, but in this case it just felt like…idk, wasteful? 

man the more I think about this the more in frustrates me. if I started an #EgweneLives hashtag ten years late do you think I could get it trending

allsortsoflicorice  asked:

2. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing?3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?11. Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?18. How old were you when you started writing?

2. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing?

I have a few different things I do in different circumstances. The majority of my writing is done with a pen and paper. Right now, my current trend is that I’ll first take a shower. Clear out all the daily junk, and then try to play out dialogue exchanges in my head, or plot points coming up. When I’m done, I’ll crack out the pen and paper, and I’ll usually put on a TV show I’ve watched before (currently alternating between Westworld and Stranger Things) in the background while I focus on writing. It’s just there for background noise, but it’s also something to do when I hit that moment where I’m trying to formulate what to put down next.

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?

This is a surprisingly hard question to answer. I’m known for my snappy dialogue and my action sequences, but I haaaaaaaaaaate writing action. I hate it so much. It’s like pulling nails out. Pure torture for me. The key is to keep it short and concise, and keep the character’s violence in character, because how a character commits violence is a reflection on the character itself. So you have to always look at it from that angle. Focus less on making it look/sound cool, and keep it more true to the character. … That got a little far afield, but it kind of relates to my answer. Back to the question!

I love writing true stories. Not non-fiction stories, true stories. Every story has to be true to its characters. A lot of my main successes, in my head, have worked because I stuck to the truth of the protagonist. Look at A Life in the Day of Reno, for example. Sure, Reno is likeable and hilarious in it, but he’s also a terrible person in it. In A Day in the Life of Tifa, she’s the provider, the giver, and all the classic tropes, but I also wove truth into her – that she was also tired of that role. That, after years of carrying other people’s weight, she was getting tired under the strain, and just once, she needed someone to help her carry the load. (Mind you, she didn’t need “saving” from it, because if I went that far, it would no longer be truth – it’s a balancing act)

18. How old were you when you started writing?

I honestly am not sure. 12? 13? Pretty young. I was knee deep in comic books, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and I thought to myself, “Hey, I can do this.”

I was a pretty stupid kid, apparently.

It started off with parody fics of comic books that I’d exchange with a friend, and they gradually turned serious as I wanted to explore the dramatic side more and more. Eventually, I graduated to outright stealing the formula to a novel and trying to write my own version of it. This naturally failed miserably, but it taught me a lot about the craft. I took a break for a few years, discovered FFVII when I was 16ish (holy shit, that was a long time ago), discovered Frank Verderosa and his fics, remembered that hey, I LIKED writing, kind of, and then got back into it because of him. And the rest, as they say, is history.


you may not agree with the Supreme Court ruling today, but many do. people gained LIFE today. people FOUND STRENGTH today. people RECEIVED HOPE today. people get to marry WHOMEVER THEY LOVE today. that sounds pretty great right? abunch of amazing things for humanity happening today and not once did I mention the word “gay”. it’s not that I believe that being gay is right, but I don’t believe it isn’t right. my outtake on relationships is marry who makes you happy, makes you feel important, and loves you for who you are. if that happens to be a girl or a boy then who cares. im a Christian and that by NO MEANS means that I hate LGBT. my religion says man and woman and that’s what I believe is right, so that makes being LGBT a sin. people sin everyday, no big deal. the BIBLE SAYS that every sin is equal in God’s eyes. so that means murder is as easily forgiven as lying. so lying is EQUAL to being “gay”. being gay isn’t wrong, it makes people happy and there is absolutely no way anyone can possibly tell me that being happy is wrong. there is no reason to hate someone because of ONE life decision. ONE CHOICE does not send you to hell. ONE CHOICE is ONE CHOICE and I LOVE the people standing up for their decision because if it was me, and it was something in my heart that I thought was right I would have done the same thing. don’t hate today, don’t hate others. today is about equality for all, embrace it. love has won.


Everybody stopped. It was just a little trend. But to me, it has evolved to something. I never stopped, I continued… To me it’s sort of like a ‘revenge’, from my personal side. Like “Okay, so you thought I was a fag. Mhm. Look at me now, I’m standing here with full makeup and a dress. What do you say now? People love it, and I get money from it. And what have you done with your life?”.. I strike back against the ones that tried to bring me down when i was little.

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Top 5 Onepiece fanfics?

I am so sorry but I can’t keep this at just 5.  I’m going to cheat.  But they’re not really in order at this point.  Although Memories is my forever top because of plenty of reasons.  It’s not fair for me not to mention some really noteworthy authors.  So I guess that I’ll talk about my favorite fic of theirs and put some honorable mention fics that they’ve done as well.  I’m sorry that there’s a huge Zosan/yaoi trend.  I’m obsessed.  I can make a more non yaoi friendly list in the future if you guys would like.

1. Memories by stark_black.  I think that it’s safe to say that this is the Zosan bible.  Proper initiation into the fandom would be to read this.  Saying that it’s life-changing is a little much but it did for me.  I cried reading this fanfic, I laughed, I felt and I thought about how I myself would handle that situation.  And there’s one line that I will always remember.  ”A pretty smart asshole once said to me, ‘love isn’t worth it if it isn’t hard’”  Just read everything she’s ever done.  It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life.

Honorable Mentions: The Nature of Things, Loved in Return, The Roronoa FruitSecrets

2. Through Children’s Eyes by factorielle.  This would by my favorite fic where a number of the straw hats are turned into kiddies.  Mostly because of those male bonding moments between Zoro and Sanji that occur all throughout the fic.  And she captures Sanji’s character so well.  Those little nuances are perfection.

Honorable Mention: Down the Line

3. A Dance for Two by reiki-piratical.  This was one of my third or fourth Kid/Law pieces that I’ve ever read and it has probably lodged itself into my heart as my favorite.  She’s got a thing for making Law completely dirt poor and then Kid comes along with more money than a person could ever need.  She captures their characterizations really well.  Another author you just need to read everything from.  This is the author for all of those Kid/Law fans out there.  Along with Marco/Ace.

Honorable Mentions: Caprice, Forbidden FruitsFelony’s Insatiable Hunger, Squirreling Up the Room

4. Love Me Dead by undanewneon.  So let’s talk.  Our Straw Hats as a rock band, Sanji is the lead singer, Zoro the lead guitarist, Luffy on the drums, and so much more.  What more could you ask for?  A very realistic love story happens between Sanji and Zoro along with a fantastic depiction of relationship abuse and how it doesn’t just go away with words.  Fantastical writer.  Please read everything that she’s ever written.

Honorable Mentions: Blacksmith, Property of Sanji, 500, Comfort Food, Food is For Sharing

5. Enlighten Me by Aevium.  It’s not a finished fic but it’s one of my all-time favorites.  Sanji and Zoro have a thing where angsty fics work so well with them.  They’re complex characters and she captures that so well within this.  Perhaps it’s because I can connect to her Sanji so well that I love this fic but it’s also because of all the emotions I’ve found in myself that I never thought even existed.  I really can’t count the amount of times that I’ve found myself having to reread lines because they’re so meaningful and they touch the heart.  She’s really grown as a writer and I would recommend her work.  

Honorable Mentions: Engraved, Don’t Stare, Dark Dusk Dawn

6. Like Steel For Chocolate by maldoror_gw.  I discovered this fic somewhere along the road of my Zosan obsession and it’s one that seems to always stick around in my mind when people ask about favs.  This author’s stuff is awesome.

Honorable Mentions: Cold DishHamon, Do Over, Forty If We’re Lucky (Who would have known that you could rip my heart out, step on it and then ship it back to me with 297 words?)

7. Alongside All the Way by sabershadowkat. Lovely characterization, sex and straw hat antics.  It’s been a while since I’ve read this fic but after doing a quick reread I knew that I had to add it to the list.

Honorable Mentions: More Important Than Dreams, Not Just About You, Playing Mermaid, Rules of Love

8. Offence Mechanism by salmon_pink.  This was a sex pollen story and a lovely one at that.  That sex was beautiful.

Honorable Mentions: Burned, Shredded, Yule

9. Every single thing that scuttlebuttinc has ever written.  Their fics are dirty, awesomely characterized and they would certainly be categorized as my guilty pleasures.  Apparently all of their fics are gone from their livejournal so this is the post where people are compiling what they have saved.

10. Worth by doctor_cyance. I’m rereading this right now and I’m completely overwhelmed by how well written it is.  I’ll just summarize the first chapter of it for you guys.  Kid buys Law for a large sum of money at an auction.  The two have a little chat, Law is in fact not a virgin and they have enviable sex.

Honorable Mentions: Delirium, A Remedial Education

11. The Wedding Night by cuethe_pulse.  Yet another fic where my heart was fucking ripped out of my body, run over by an 18-wheeler, thrown into the ocean and then given back to me as my dying body takes it’s last breaths.  This is intended to be a compliment because stories that move me to that extent are the best stories.  I tend to avoid deathfics like the plague but I love cuethe_pulse’s work so I had to check it out.  It felt so real which is what got to me.  Read the author’s works because they are very well done.

Honorable Mentions: This Plant Means You Kiss Menever judge a book by its pink couch and mermaid paintingExclusiveLove Smells

12. Full Disclosure by pennysparkle (bunansa). It’s an interesting concept.  Sanji has a secret that he has no intention of revealing to us and I’m extremely curious to find out what it is.  I’m personally a huge fan of AU stories and she nails it with this one.  I knew that I was forgetting something extremely important on the list yesterday.

Honorable Mention: let’s get rich and give everybody nice sweatersThat’s Just My Battle ScarI’d Rather Dance With YouConvenience Store BluesSweet Talk

that thirty second clip of louis talking about project no control literally redeemed the entire night for me. he’s so proud of us, and you can tell he really is overwhelmed by this. i mean, he said “it’s a long story,” so i bet he’s talked to people about it for an extended period of time to explain our entire thought process and the impact that we’ve had and how he’s been following along and how many radio stations he’s heard it on and how long we’ve been trending on the charts and how we’ve done all of that without the help of a pr team or management team but just because we are that passionate and that dedicated. he was trying to condense it for the sake of the interview but he really emphasized how incredible he thinks we are, and i really do think he’s completely floored by our support.


Okay fam so with the Forbes article being published and our trends finally calling those bastards out, the network might up their PR game. A lot. I feel it in my guts, and it would be logical, from a professional standpoint. Now, as you might remember, quality sin with some angst on the side are not the only things I do (although I do wish it was the case). I’ve studied PR and marketing for 4 years in college, I am now getting my Master’s in PR and communications and am working in corporate sales and am a PR consultant to several companies. Have been doing that for three years now. No, I’m not bragging (this job actually sucks and is hella stressful btw) – I just want to clarify what I mean with my “professional standpoint” remark. (Btw if you want some verification of me being legit you’re welcome to message me!)

I know we’re all lit and ready, but I also know the network must be getting fed up with us, and they might start on more aggressive counter-tactics, too. I’ve given it some thought, and here’s the list of things they might come up with – notice how I say MIGHT, it is not some insider info, it’s just something that I would’ve done if I were their PR woman. I just want us to be as mentally prepared as possible, because it might get brutal and they might try to break our spirit, so don’t let them. Here are their possible moves:

- Promoted twitter trends. If, for some reason, they are still very adamant about keeping this show on air (which, honestly, as a salesperson, let me tell you – NOT worth the effort, views suck and it already was a niche product so now that customers from the niche are angry, makes much more sense dropping that altogether, but oh well) – they will pay to have the show trending. I’d do that immediately if I were them. If you see the show trending, don’t be disheartened. Please. Just ignore it. They are at the point where trending the show won’t really save them, anyway; the controversy is already known to the industry and to the sponsors and to the viewers. But it might be very discouraging to us to see it trending. Don’t give up.

- Eliza Taylor live-tweeting positive things about the show. Now, Eliza has been incredible about this. She’s been less diplomatic than ADC. She’s been ignoring her show on Twitter. So this Thursday, the network might decide to pull out big guns, fam. Either Eliza or Lindsey might start live-tweeting. The network knows what those two incredible women mean to us, and they might use it to their advantage. Fam, keep in mind that no matter how awesome Lindsey and Eliza are, they are still employed by the show. They have a season 4 to work on with the network. They have contracts. They are getting paid by the network, fam. Don’t fall for it. They already made it perfectly clear just where exactly do they stand on the matter. Again, I’m not saying it will happen for sure, but it MIGHT, and it would be much better to be prepared for that, mentally and emotionally. You see Eliza start live-tweeting – grit your teeth and move on and trend harder. It’s not about them, anyway. Don’t give in.

- Jason’s second apology letter. Of course, to shut us up. Might be released during the episode, might be released after. Also, Jason might be live-tweeting, too. Ignore his ass or respectfully drag him with receipts. If the letter happens, read it very carefully, highlight all the contradictory statements (which will be there for sure, have y’all met JRoth) and expose him. Don’t give in.

- Paid positive review. From a surprising source. Now, I trust Mo, and it probably won’t be her, but they could reach out to a neutral party that has been silent before, and have them write/tweet positive stuff about the show. God knows I didn’t want to attract any attention to it, but I just want us all to be prepared for the worst. Okay. I think I’m gonna regret this. Yes, I’m gonna sound paranoid. But I don’t want your spirit to be broken, I wanna prepare you. Here goes. Stephen King has been occasionally tweeting about the 100. According to his recent tweets, he is about to start watching season 3. He said he enjoyed season 2. His tweet literally says: “Re THE 100: You think, “They’re not really gonna go there, are they?” And then they do. On to Season 3.” Check his twitter, it’s there. It could be nothing, fam, really, it could be; but the way it’s worded? Makes it seem as though he’s setting up for “Oh wow they went there. Reshop, Heda. Fantastic. Groundbreaking. It will make for a great character developmet.” Or some shit like that. Look, I like his work. He was also the one to call the whole Twilight Saga out on its shit. He seems like he has honor. Maybe he really is just enjoying the show. Maybe. But it’s business, fam. Money play a big role in many people’s life. We could be blindsided by this, so don’t let them trick you. Grit your teeth and keep fighting. Don’t give in, don’t give up. One person’s opinion doesn’t matter at this point. We have a right to demand respect.

- Getting our trend blocked/removed. Least likely and very conspirancy theory, but I know people from PR industry and I’ve worked with people from PR industry who wouldn’t be opposed to this idea. They’ll at least look into it. I don’t know if it’s even feasible, but it might happen (tho chances are very slim), they already know what we’re about to trend and since their name is in it, they might stop simply ignoring us. Don’t worry. They won’t be able to block a fucking billboard, fam. We have a lot of things working in our favor. We have a good chance at winning.

Stay calm, stay level-headed, stay focused.

And trend CallOutTheCW April 14th, 7 pm EDT.

anonymous asked:

In terms of seeding, what else do you think will be done to connect Harry and Louis publicly? (besides linking their names together in articles, since we've had a shitload of that already)

I’m one of the few people who believe that their first public outing will be the last straw. My thought process is the following: when they are out papped, that is pre-arranged, meaning that those pictures are supposed to be published and spread through the media. This will cause a plethora of articles to be written and I guarantee you there will be worldwide twitter trends.

Do you remember lairport? There were about 6-7 articles about them.

But their first public outing will cause a frenzy in the media, people will start talking about them, and honestly, they can keep up the charade for only a couple of days because the media will know when the green light is coming and they WILL talk about Larry Stylinson.

And then their team has to decide what’s the point where delaying it makes no sense:
1) a couple is suffering because they cannot acknowledge their love in public
2) outsiders so very ready
3) fandom - ready or not - decision is up to the team

Remember, in November it took four days to get everyone talking about Harry and Louis. They were THIS close to linking them together before BS 2.0 happened.
-“not that important” articles
- Louis wearing the rainbow Apple logo t-shirt + articles. “Louis Tomlinson came out supporting Tim Cook etc”

2 actions and Harry and Louis were EVERYWHERE. It takes even less now.

I think there’s more than one business reason too, but more than ever ot4 needs a rebranding, all the attention is on them, and they need to use it for good things. Now it’s great time to send some important messages to the fandom. How about stopping with the lies? How about repairing the chemistry within the boys? Repairing is not even a food word: bringing it back, yes because it was never lost, but they shut it down cruelly.

If there really is a new team coming just as we suspect, that team HAS to know what to do to keep them relevant. It’s such a unique case, One Direction WANTS to stay on the map, they WANT to make more music, they have so much to share, they are a gold mine.
Hiding the most beautiful love story that any PR person would be outraged how in the world they are still closeted while they would be cashing in so much if they leveraged it. A CO could magically resolve all their problems right now.

So how much more seeding? I think: None. It’s just a waiting game now, waiting for the time when they get the green light.


Look from yesterday! Wore my new baseball shirt with my turtleneck. It’s still really cold, so thought the combo was appropriate. Really like baseball shirts lately combined with a cap, looking for a red one now for summer. Which is just around the corner.

Trying to get the last things done for today, before I’m heading out to do some errands and preparing for the weekend. Nice to be back to a schedule. Talk to you later. Btw, thanks to my dog I have stain on my new washed jeans. If you are ever going to buy a dog, don’t buy a Shar Pei lmao.

pansytheleia  asked:

ok i hope this doesn't come off as uninformed? But its been some time since I last dabbled into the Les Mis fandom, and it always makes me so happy to hear you "defend" Feuilly in a way, concerning how he's usually portrayed in FF - I would really like to know your view on his personality, because i feel like he usually gets swept aside when everyone talks about les amis its usually just like Enjolras, Combeferre, Jehan (and maybe if you squint an alright not too cliche Courf)


  • so. he’s a complete nerd. like, he really is. His Brick description is not so much a list of personality traits as a list of special interests. That, actually, says a lot about his personality. He’s passionate, and enthusiastic, and a giant nerd.
  • kind of awkward too? he’s pretty confident about his knowledge of said interests, but he talks about them - all the time. even when it’s not really related to the subject at hand. He rants whenever someone - willingly or not - gives him the opportunity to. he gets so offended on the behalf of others and injustices and betrayal. every single time. Bless him.
  • He considers his own education as a way to deliver himself. He learned to read and write by himself, and while this would be impressive about anyone, but it’s even more knowing what we do about Feuilly’s background. He probably started working/apprenticeship really young, because the orphanage or wherever he was staying wouldn’t - couldn’t - have kept him on forever. But he still taught himself to read, seeing it as a mean to rise up beyond his circumstances. That’s more than hard work - that’s hope and ambition and dedication and desparation all blended together.
  • and he never loses that? it’s liked to his passion, really - he knows he/the world can be better, and he holds on to that, always strives towards that, even though his life must have been really difficult sometimes.
  • honestly he’s like the opposite of Grantaire in many ways - he has every reason in the world to be bitter and cynical, but he’s not. he’s so passionate (I’ve said it like three times oops) and he’s so. trusting? like. even more than Combeferre, who wasn’t surprised when the generals didn’t come to their aid. Feuilly was genuinely heartbroken over it, like - you’d have totally expected him to know that these higher-ups would have let them down like they’ve let them all down before, and he’s been let down a lot in his life, but he didn’t. whether he’s instinctively trusting or makes himself trust because he refuses to be bitter is a matter of interpretation, but. that’s really something.
  • it’s one of the reasons I picture him as a bit younger than most of the fandom does, really, because 1) being a worker in the 1820s/1830s (or today really) doesn’t at all mean that he has to be older than students, especially if it’s such a big deal that he never got to go to school in the first place, and 2) that idealism and trust and enthusiasm sentimental aspect of his personality just seems different than the sort of laid-back experience of the older members like Bahorel and Bossuet, idk.
  • oh man this is already so long why.
  • I haven’t even gotten to fanon/improvised traits I like to give him.
  • he’s just. a cutie. okay I’ll try to find other posts I’ve written about this before and reblog them.

my gripes about the way Feuilly is portrayed in fandom is usually when two (often related) things happen: his canon personality gets replaced by a bunch of classist cliches, like grumpy, swearing, fighting, macho, rude, close-minded etc, or when he becomes a sort of Bahorel-lite, with fighting, drinking, swearing, loud, and always mentionned as part of ‘BahorelandFeuilly’, never as an individual person (I dislike Bahorel’s characterisation in that too, but he usually is at least a little better? closer to his actual personality? anyway)

besides these two frankly terrible trends, I think, as with every character in this fandom, we have some leeway when it comes to personality traits. We have the descriptions in the book, which are frankly both precise and vague at the same time it’s kind of beautiful, as well as the way they’re played in the musical, different movies/shows/etc. so. my take on characters is not more valid than any other that’s done with, you know, some thoughts and consideration for the material and implications.

badassheda  asked:

(1) I call for a vote of no confidence against these l chat people. And vote for that council to happen. You are right, things do need to change drastically. The thought of jbag of dicks and his pals AS WELL AS elschlongidongidingdong and the blerghs celebrating our failure makes me sick. This cannot happen again. Why did we ever give these people so much importance? After last night it's crystal clear that they are the minority, the trend failed even though others (like me) helped as well.

(2) I am done playing nice with them or the trends, and I hope the people here and on twitter agree. We need to make an example of jasshole and his show and we are running out of time because there are only 5 episodes left, that’s 5 weeks. We cannot compromise anymore because we are compromising the movement. So you have my support because you are trustworthy and you know what you are talking about. Also, thank you for all the time and energy you’ve put into this which I hope you’ll continue to do because we need you. And elizajanesface and Clexa Brasil and you guys have been working with. Thank you.

Agreed. Here’s the thing. There’s now drama because I proposed they get 1 council member, but that wasn’t an irrational, petty decision. There is logic behind it and I’m going to explain it because I’m tired of hearing people talk nonsense to me. 

  1. I proposed an odd number because if we have an even number that is asking for ties and gives room for a lot of indecision. The current proposal is 3-3-3 but that is a recipe for disaster because every side will just stick together and we’ll get nothing done. 
  2. The more people you add to the council the more convoluted it gets. 7 feels like a perfect number. 
  3. Also, as the policy nerd that I am, I actually put thought into breaking this down. This proposal was based on how politics actually work. If I remember correctly, my country has a representative for every 250,000 citizens and here is how the body of the US House Of Representatives is broken down:

Each U.S. state is represented in the House in proportion to its population as measured in the census, but every state is entitled to at least one representative. The most populous state, California, currently has 53 representatives. On the other end of the spectrum, there are seven states with only one representative each (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming). 

Tumblr has tens of thousands of people and so does Twitter. Why should they get the same number of council members as the other “states” when there’s maybe 300 of them? 500 if we’re exaggerating. It makes NO SENSE. They should never hold the same weight as the majority. This is how fair representation works. You get a number of council members based on your population. Simple. It’s not some petty move. It’s blatant logic. 

I say the first thing we do is put the numbers of council members up for a vote. Reblog to spread the word and then reply to this with your thoughts on whether you think 3-3-1 or 3-3-3 is a better idea. I’m tired of not giving people a voice. That’s how they work, but it’s not how we should.