you think you're cheeky

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anonymous asked:

Sam/Bucky "you think you're hilarious."

Bucky just grins at him, that damn cheeky grin, and Sam really wants to be irritated, but he’s just–not.

“We’re breaking up,” he says loftily. “I quit you.”

Bucky grins at him harder. “No, you don’t.”

“I could,” he mutters sullenly.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” Bucky purrs and Sam tries to hide his smile.

anonymous asked:

You're in bed with Harry and you're doing some online shopping,and then you're checking VS site and he starts to get cheeky and you're like: "can you stop to think about this for a minute? Please???? I'm not looking for something sexy at the moment Harry"

PLEASE he’s curled up into your side, kissing your shoulder periodically and looking through the site with you.  Pointing to different lingerie sets and muttering, “Click that one, baby.  Can’t even imagine how fucking sexy that would look on you. Or how much better it would look on my carpet, hmm?”  And he snaps your bra strap or something bye