you think too little of yourself when you are truely incredible and amazing

Caving In / Jughead Jones

I’m good with living in denial just for a little while…seeing Jughead so upset kind of actually broke my heart. 

Words: 1390

“You can’t make me.”

“I know.”

“This whole thing you’re doing isn’t going to work.”

“I’m not doing anything.”



“I’m not going.”

“So you’ve said.”

“I mean it.”

“I know.”


“Jughead,” you cut him off. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“Good. Because I’m not.”

You couldn’t help but laugh-he was always able to make you laugh, whether it was intentional or not. 

You were currently standing in your bathroom, fixing up the loose bits of hair that had fallen out of place before you changed into your dress. Homecoming had finally arrived and you were actually excited to go. 

You never thought it would be your thing, but after everything that had happened recently-you thought it was a good idea to just spend the night in a pretty dress, having fun with your friends.

Dressing up wasn’t really something you did often, but as you had been getting ready-you found yourself enjoying the experience. 

You promised to meet your friends Betty and Veronica at the dance so you could spend time with Jughead seeing as he wasn’t going to come along with you. A decision that, while was somewhat disappointing, you could completely understand. 

“Would you mind getting my shoes from my room while I get into my dress?” you ask him, offering a smile.

He rolls his eyes, but pushes himself off the doorframe he had been leaning on to fulfil your request. You push the bathroom door shut slightly in order to retrieve the dress that hung on the back. You slip off your bathrobe and carefully step into your dress and pull it up.

Slipping your arms through where they belong, you pull the sleeveless material over your shoulders just as Jughead returns.

The door slowly opens again and Jughead is revealed holding your shoes in one hand as his other covered his eyes. You chuckle and turn so your back was to him. “Could you zip me up?” 

You hear him place your shoes on the floor and move a few steps towards you. He takes his time as he meticulously pulls the zip up.

When the dress was finally secured, you spin around and run your hands over the smooth material. “What do you think?” you grin, glancing down at the navy blue dress. It was rather form fitting, but it wasn’t constricting in the slightest. The material loosened just a few inches above your knees and was floor length. 

“You look…” Jughead seemed lost for words. You didn’t think it was often you wore something so beautiful, generally just sporting jeans and a jumper-a tank top and shorts at the most if the heat was unbearable. So you thought it might be a surprising sight for him. “Incredible.”

You beam at your boyfriend, reaching your arms out to rest on his shoulders as you entwine your fingers behind his head. His own hands immediately find their way to your waist as he takes another step closer. “Really?”


“I was a little worried about the back,” you admit, turning your head to look in the mirror behind you so you could see the sheer lace, sequined back that had concerned you. “Though it’s really grown on me,” you say thoughtfully. “I absolutely love the fact that it makes the straps before it’s connected at the front,” you continue to ramble. “Speaking of, I absolutely love that it’s a jewel neckline-it saved me a lot of time not having to pick out a necklace.”

You turn your head back around to face Jughead, who was looking down at you with a smile. 

“What?” He only shakes his head, leaning in for a kiss which causes you to release a squeal. “No!” you practically shout. “I will not risk ruining my lipstick,” you insist. 

Jughead mumbles something inaudible under his breath, his grip on you tightening as he places a soft kiss against the top of your head. “You should get going,” he whispers, sliding his hands around you to rest on your back. 

You smile at the warmth his hands provided that you could feel through the material of your dress. “I guess,” you reply quietly. “Will I see you again tonight? When the dance is over?”

His eyes dart away from you for only a moment before they lock on yours once more, “If you want.”

“I very much do,” you say eagerly. 

He laughs and nods, “Then you will.” 

Jughead’s expression drops slightly as he lets his gaze wander over you again, “What is it?” you ask with a frown, tightening your hold on him as he had done to you only moments ago.

“It doesn’t matter,” he assures you. “Come on,” he smiles, “you need to hurry and put your shoes on.”

You spot Betty easily in the crowd, wandering around and ensuring everything was just right. “You look beautiful,” you greet from behind, causing her to turn around at your voice.

She scoffs and pulls you into a hug, “Have you seen yourself?” she questions. “You’re giving them all a run for their money.”

“Oh stop,” you snort. 

“Jughead not here?” she asks, linking her arm with yours.

You smile and shake your head, “Not tonight.” Seeing the sympathetic look on her face, you roll your eyes. “It’s fine. This isn’t Jughead’s thing and it’s not usually mine,” you laugh. “I wasn’t going to force him to do something he didn’t want to do. I didn’t expect him to come and I’m totally fine with having you as my date.”

“Ditto,” she grins. “Come on,” she says, tugging you closer to the stage. “Archie and V will be on stage any minute.”

You sang along as your friends were up on stage doing their thing-making you immensely proud. When they finished their performance, the pair made their way straight for you and Betty.

“(Y/N)!” Veronica greets happily, pulling you into a tight embrace. “You came! And might I say, you’re looking drop dead gorgeous tonight.”

“Got to agree there,” Archie comments, taking a moment to hug you too. “Jug not coming tonight?” he asks as he pulls away.

You shake your head, taking a sip of the drink Betty had given you only a few minutes ago. “Nah. You know Juggie,” you giggle. “You two were amazing up there,” you continue, changing the subject so your friends would drop the frowns they all currently wore.

“You were!” Betty agrees, nodding her head. “You both did so-”

“Is that Jughead?” Veronica asks, shock filling her entire body.

You spin around to look where she was pointing, a smile growing as you lock eyes with the beanie clad boy. He smiles bashfully in return and makes his way towards you. 

“You’re here,” you state quietly as he approached, surprised that he’s present and actually wearing a suit.

Jughead nods his head in reply and gives a weak wave in the general direction of Archie and the two girls. “You did great,” he tells his redheaded friend and the raven haired girl. 

“Thanks Jug,” Archie tells him with a grin. “Glad you could make it.”

Betty entwines her hands with Veronica’s and Archie’s before dragging them away in the direction of the drinks, saying something you couldn’t understand over her shoulder to you and Jughead. 

“She was subtle,” you mutter sarcastically, amused with your friend. Jughead wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you into his side. You twist your neck to look up at him, “Why did you come?” you ask him curiously. 

He shrugs, “You’re here. For some reason you wanted to come to this thing,” he sighs, “and I figured I should at least try and stick it out if it was going to make you happy.”

“Jug,” you whisper, bringing a hand to his face, “you didn’t have to.”

“I know, but I wanted to make tonight as special for you as possible. Even if it means a little suffering,” he speaks, taking a look around the room filled with teenagers. 

“You really are something else,” you mumble, moving your face closer to his so you had access to his lips. 

“Your lipstick,” he mumbles, pulling back. 

Moving in his arms so yours could wrap around him, you laugh, “It doesn’t matter,” you say, bringing him closer to kiss him again.