you think this is an april fool's joke


The Vamps on why they love Taylor Swift and April Fools’ Day 

Interviewer: What or who inspired you the most when you were growing up?

James McVey: I like Taylor.

Interviewer: I mean Taylor Swift is so important to you, isn’t she?

James McVey: She was for our second album, definitely. I think that 1989 kind of revolutionized the industry at the time, so yea. Wake Up, our second album, was influenced heavily by that album. I genuinely love Taylor. This is not a joke.

Interviewer: Every time I see you, at some point we talk about Taylor Swift.

James McVey: Yea, well, she’s a serious part of my life.


I’ve been slaving away long days and endless nights on this portrait series and today I finally get to debut my hard work. In fact, I am going to open a gallery show this summer containing works like this which I expect you all to attend. For now, though, prints of my crowning achievement are available in my sexy new shop (my old shop couldn’t handle it.) If you don’t buy the entire set I can only assume you don’t appreciate true beauty.

I have decided to end the comic. I figured I should probably post this now before it gets closer to April Fool’s Day and people think it’s a joke! I promise you it’s not; I am no longer able to consistently work on a webcomic.

I had plans for a last hurrah of sorts, but after a series of unfortunate events (thanks, tablet), I felt it would be unfair to you all to put out rushed comics not up to the usual standard, especially for something as important as this.

The archive has been fully updated for the last time (yes, I know it took a while!), the Patreon has been taken down, and the main site will remain open, unless something goes wrong with Tumblr itself. If that’s the case, I give you permission to back up any comics you like ahead of time.

The question box is also closed, but my personal blog will remain active, where I’ll continue to post any future art and one-off comics when I have the time! Nowadays it’s mostly insect photography and other artists’ work, but I do post things myself occasionally!

Thank you again to all the wonderful people who enjoyed this comic, and I’m humbly sorry if this makes you sad. I loved being able to work on it, even if my jokes might have been a tad silly at times! It was a very fun experience, and I don’t regret it in the least!

-1MeenGreenie ✿

Daddy Ashton
Ashton Irwin
Daddy Ashton

okay guys I know a lot of you were pissed at me because of my Daddy Ashton April Fool’s Day audio prank and I know that you more than likely think that this is another cruel joke and you have every right to not trust me. I wouldn’t trust me either but please listen to this. it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire fucking life


Tomorrow, April 1, is the Worst Day On The Internet, aka April Fools’

This day is pretty much the epitome of the “mistake lying for a joke” BS so please be very wary of anything you read.

Also don’t be that asshat who thinks that “HAHA I WAS LYING!!!” is a punchline.

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I'm probably being really stupid but just finished the April fools day dlc and got the normal end I didn't understand it at all, was zen having a dream, was it all just breaking the fourth wall/inside jokes to us from the writers, were the other characters messing with MC and Zen? What's your interpretation? I feel so stupid cause I just don't get it Omg >_<

I don’t think the DLC is meant to be made sense of, so you probably shouldn’t think too much of it (or else you might get a headache, hah) and is just for fun. That being said though, I’ll give my own interpretation after the cut to avoid accidental spoilers. Do note that I talk about the Good End.


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how to: fluent in 2 months (jokes on you, benny the irish polynot):

Prep work

  • get all of your crying out before hand. you need to have cried for at least 24 hours total or u will inevitable break down during the process
  • make sure to hibernate for a good month or so and stock up on coffee. sleep? there’s not time to sleep when you want to be the very best
  • stock up on food. frozen food works best, since it takes little time to prepare. optional: crush up caffeine pills to add to ur frozen pasta
  • native speakers. u need to caputre at least 10 because not all will want to cooperate and they work best if u give them time to sleep. the more, the better. some may die in the process, drink their blood (tip courtesy of a post by @linguistisch)
  • Buy resources. this includes things like knives, rope, to threaten your natives with if they don’t cooperate. also books may help, but who knows: if you need information you always have the natives
  • get some movies in ur native language. at least 60.
  • take over a library in the target language’s native country

During the two month period

  • do not pick february. the loss of two days will ruin you. unless it’s leap year in which case you can sacrifice a native speaker on leap day to bless your language learning in march (i.e. no january/february pair!!! ever!!! do u hear!??!?)
  • remember the coffee? you can’t sleep. ever. you only eat to stop the hallucinations. they will teach you bad grammar: been there, done that
  • remember your native language and other target languages? no? well good, cuz u need to forget all of them for this to work. if u don’t ur screwed. 
  • remember those movies? watch 1 a day. they should be two hours each, forgot to mention that - that makes 4 hours
  • talk to the natives in the target languages at least 6 hours per day.
  • those books? read them. 8 hours a day.
  • remember the food? eat it during the movies
  • for the other 6 hours left in your day? here are some fun activities:
  1. fend off the cops
  2. practice more
  3. threaten the natives
  4. drink their blood, haven’t included this yet
  5. but at ALL COSTS
  6. absolutely DO NOT
  7. stop PRACTICING
  8. u fending of the cops? well if we remember earlier u took over a library in the target language’s country. u r living here. the cops r telling u to put ur hands up in ur target language. it still counts as practice

sorry that’s all for now, if this is popular maybe I’ll make a part 2 

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seeing that you like snk are you hyped for s2 or do think that its an april fools seeing that its released on april 1??? PLEASE GOD HAVE MERCY AND LET IT ACTUALLY COME OUT!!

I’M SUUUPER HYPED FOR SEASON 2! Although I don’t think I’d be that active in the snk fandom. I used to be! Like 3 years ago when snk first came out… And the fandom had to endure my… terrible art back then ahahah rip :’D

And if it is an April’s fools joke, it won’t be the first time snk did that… But seeing how we have a trailer and everything, I highly doubt it

  • Jimin: hey Y/N
  • You: yes?
  • Jimin: listen uh... you're a great person and it's been fun but I don't think it's working out for us. I don't have feelings for you anymore, I'm sorry
  • You: *see calendar behind him April 1st*
  • You:
  • You: oh, okay then
  • Jimin: wait what
  • You: *leave*

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I think I'm going to ask out my friend when we hang out on April 1st, if they end up rejecting me I can laugh it off as an April fools joke and keep things cool and stay friends with no awkwardness, I don't know if it's a good idea though- Jimmy

That’s a god damn brilliant idea.

The only problem I see is, what if they like you, but think it’s a joke from the get go, and reject you?

Just Breathe’s update is next week Saturday. This is not an April Fool’s joke, because I don’t like those things. I’m just filling in blanks on some parts that say stuff like 

[Additional sentence for beat.] “Lucky you,” Lapis mutters.

Because yes, I do write ‘Add stuff here’ and ‘Check before posting’ notes to my work. I think after this chapter we’ll have one last additional chapter for this series/AU. It’s not as flat-out kissy-poo romantic as I’d like, but it’s what the characters called for and I hope you guys get something out of reading it.

TTH is next on the queue, no date for posting yet. All the stuff that’s been eating up my weekends has finally subsided.

Regarding April Fool’s Day

It’s *possible* that I will repost a couple of things that I think are witty or clever and obviously a joke. However, I promise no screamers, no gore, no sexual images, and nobody getting hurt, and I will tag “april fool’s” so you can block it if you need to.

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Hey, I just wanted that I showed my nonbinary sibling 'The Flesh That Mates' (I don't know how it came up we talk about some weird arse shit) and they loved it; then I told them you had written 'The Vorehole' and they lost it and told me to tell you that you're awesome and to keep up the good work.

D’aww that’s awesome. I remember the good times of when Clef posted The Flesh That Mates and we all wondered if he posted it with the April Fools Day contest to make us think it was a joke or he posted it then to mask it as a joke but really it was serious. We’ll never know.

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I've been panicking about the Mikah route (bc ew? he's 12) but you mentioning that it might be an April Fool's sort of thing is calming me down, lol. April 1st is rather close, so I'm hoping that's what's going down >.<

I was thinking like… 15 TOPS.  I mean I guess it could all be a joke, or it could be a misunderstanding and he’s actually older and those were all jokes about him having a baby face… but no I’ve been fretting myself sick over it and the news isn’t even 12 hours old.

happy april fools day to you and your family and i hope that you will be able to use some of all of my april fools day tips to help you have a really good april fools day for yourself so you can play loads of tricks on your friend or your mum to make them think you are the goblin of fun and remember to shout april fools day as loud as you can after all of the tricks that you play on people so they will know that it is just a joke and things will go back to normal as soon as the light poison has worn off them so good luck with all of your tricks and i hope that you have the best april fools day ever. love from your april fools day friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox

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This thing with helin is weird. Flowerlygirls said someone hit a wounden spot of her and said "if transwomen are predatory then bisexuals are too because of their attraction" and now she feels like a creep and predatory and wrong for everything. I do not know how this will end. A normal person would never go from full radfem to genderist in a few hours. She is also mentally ill so I feel like she is trying to get help?

i don’t wanna go in too personal bc it’s really none of my business but you’re probably right, she’s also started saying ‘woman is a feeling’ which is just, to me, an impossible leap to make? like how can she have gone from blogging about how this isn’t true to just… internalizing it in the space of a few hours? i think this may just be a long-term april fool’s joke tbh. but i love her i just hope it’s actually her speaking and nothing’s been altered here

The fact that the Weasley twins were born on April 1st gives me life
  • <p> <b></b> Like just think about when Molly was going into labour<p/><b>Ministry co-worker:</b> Arthur, your wife just sent a message saying she's going into labour.<p/><b>Arthur:</b> ah, you remembered about that muggle holiday I told you about. Unfortunately, you'll have to try harder than that to fool me!<p/><b>Ministry co-worker:</b> no Arthur this is serious.<p/><b>Ministry co-worker:</b> ...<p/><b>James:</b> *bursts into the room* DID SOMEONE SAY SIRIUS<p/></p>
how to april fool’s responsibly

hey I haven’t seen one of these posts that’s in a non-aggressive and accessible format so I’m making one. here are some things and kinds of jokes it’s not okay to do on april fool’s day.

  • don’t post screamers or jump scares! this is very important!
  • don’t ask people out or break up with people as a joke
  • in general, don’t do anything mean as a joke. I know it’s not always obvious, but take a minute to think about whether someone could feel bad because of what you want to do
  • don’t jokingly come out as gay, trans, etc. these people are not a joke
  • don’t make jokes that might cause people to doubt their perception of reality unless you know they don’t have problems with that sort of thing. linked here is a short guide to different kinds of  “unreality” triggers and how to tag them
  • this is less important, but if someone needs or wants a joke explained, you should explain it. this helps keep things accessible and keeps people from being left out. why wouldn’t you want to share the fun?

I’m sure I missed some things, so feel free to reblog with anything else in a readable and polite format, or inbox me and I’ll add it. please reblog to spread the word if you can!

okay so I started doing one of those “Gamagoori never confesses, Mako goes and gets knocked up by some schlub” eternal sadness comics as a joke for April Fools, but thinking about it beyond the depressing beginning and inevitable “Gamagoori dies of simultaneous organ failure and horrific industrial accident seconds after realizing it might not be too late for love~!” ending that these things need to have, it’s not an entirely unfeasible or out of character scenario, and still ripe for cuteness. Like, you start with how disastrous would it be if one of those Mako hentai comics ended with her getting pregnant, but of course Gama would enthusiastically support failuremom Mako (not even taking into account supplemental backstory stuff, just how many times in series does he get all sparkly eyed for her doing something ostensibly dumb with conviction? like three times!)

 tldr it doesn’t make sense so it makes perfect sense