you think they would've learned by now

dear her interactive,

i’m graduating from college in a few days-magna cum laude with a b.a. in european history and a minor in french-and i feel like you’re to thank for that. 

i vividly remember first playing treasure in the royal tower at the tender age of twelve and immediately becoming fascinated with the story line about marie antoinette and the french revolution. my historical education up until that point had been simplistic and uninteresting, and i never really thought about the topic beyond what i learned in school. this game, however, sparked a deep curiosity in me. i wanted to know more about what happened, who was involved, why they did what they did. i began to see history as i still view it today-that “mighty dramos enacted upon the theatre of times,” the ‘characters’ all playing their roles to perfection. i paid more attention in history classes, read nonfiction books for fun, devoured period dramas.

the spring semester of my freshman year in college i declared european history as my major and haven’t looked back since. i worked hard, met some absolutely awesome people, learned things that completely amazed me. not for one second have i ever regretted this choice.

and i owe it all to you, a childhood hero, and a quirky professor who ate chicken wings and idolized marie antoinette.


a grateful budding historian

anonymous asked:

This isn't actually a question, but I just read your cancer story and I just wanna say I'm sorry for what you've had to go through, but I also think you're a very strong and courageous person. I mean if I ever had to go through anything like that, I don't think i would've handled it as well as you did and still are... I'm happy everything is well now though. You're a very strong girl and I'm very proud of you even though I don't personally know you!

this made me smile thank you :) i’ve learned to handle it well, I promise that is not how it’s always been.