you think that’s just a coincidence?

The Spider Tattoo (Peter Parker x Reader) Soulmate AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You hate the idea of soulmate tattoo’s, probably because there’s a giant fricking spider on your hip that moves, as most soulmate tattoos do. But see, most soulmate tattoos aren’t huge fucking spiders, so you have the right to be freaked out.

Warnings: Lots of swearing. More than usual. Oops. Requested by @crowleys-poppet-queen-of-asgard

Word Count: 1,072

Soulmates were stupid. Worst idea ever. Who the hell even thought of them? From what you learned in health class, every person has a tattoo appear on their skin when they find what they love best, and that tattoo is on that exact place on their soulmate’s body, meaning somewhere in the world there was a person with an tiny typewriter right behind their ear.

“So why the fuck do I have a giant ass spider on my hip?” You scream at no one in particular, eyeing the ugly thing through your mirror. You pull your sweatshirt down again, covering the spider. The only good part about it was that it resembled Spiderman’s symbol, one of your favorite heroes. On the con side though, whenever a soulmate was feeling strong emotions, their tattoo would move. So once or twice a day, the giant ass spider would move. You cringe at the thought.

You grab your backpack and angrily shove your books into your backpack, muttering rapidly in a mocking voice. “Soulmates are a beautiful thing, they said.”

The backpack was slung over your shoulder as you stomped out the door. “You’ll love getting your tattoo, they said.

“Well they can go fuck themselves!” You scream into the empty house, slamming the door behind you.

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None Of This Makes Sense - The Tenuous Reality Of The Markiplier Cinematic Universe (and maybe whats in the box)(big spoilers)

So i tried to make this post last night and then tumblr made a fucky-wucky all over itself and my post was lost as sacrifice to the hellsite. So I’m writing it again and saving it this time. This is gonna get really long, but I think I’m onto something here. @markiplier you aint gotta say shit but i hope you see this.

So I was watching the Wilford MOTHERLOVING Warfstache Full Breakdown last night, and Mark started saying some things about the Markiplier Cinematic Universe(MCU) that got the gears turning in my brain. He laid down some “rules” of this universe that I think are SO important to understanding Heist and the Box.

“The Viewer, in this universe… is a character. That’s something that cannot be… forgotten in anything that I do for these.”

The Viewer isn’t just a viewer, they’re a CHARACTER. These are distinctly different concepts. A viewer typically exists OUTSIDE the world of the medium. A CHARACTER, however, exists squarely within the medium, and I don’t think Mark means this like Oh Its First Person And You Make Choices And They Talk To You I think this expands to mean that the WAY we experience the videos is the way the other characters are experiencing what happens. Look at the Scientist video: 

“Haven’t you two noticed time being funny lately?”

“You haven’t noticed things going unnaturally fast? Things happening out of order for one another? Strange coincidences? Bizarre memories of things you haven’t even done yet?”

Everything she mentions, we the viewer didn’t notice on our own because, to us, that’s just the way videos are. There’s time skips, edits, we have the ability to hop between videos. Without all this, videos would be unwatchable. The main thing here is that these qualities are not only experienced by us, but by all characters. We also see this in Wilford MOTHERLOVING Warfstache when the tazer transitions happen. Wilford notices a transition happened, but is so used to these weird events that he rolls with it. Noticing the edits and the confines of the story is what leads Abe to crack.

“[In SOMA] the main character thought he was human, in his mind. Reality SHAPED itself to be that thought, but on closer observation it turns out he was a machine when he looked in that mirror… What’s the truth and what’s the lie? That concept is very interesting to me.”

“Reality is not gelling, but his brain is making up why it makes sense.”

Mark likes the idea of characters battling with their perception of reality, and what reality IS. Mark says, in his explaination videos again and again, if it doesn’t happen on screen then it didn’t happen. I don’t think he’s just talking about death of the author here. I think, in his videos, this is the reality. I think this is very literal for the MCU. There is no appearence of the Detective between WKM and WMLW, and so there are no events that ACTUALLY happened.

“Its as if he was told what he needed to know, but not what it was that he knew. He knows the concept of what he needed to do, but if pressed for the details of it, it all falls apart.”

So why does this matter for Heist? Well, all of the MCU are strictly confined to whats on the screen. The expanse of the story is what is directly in front of us. We go bed in the back of the Jeep, and seconds later we wake up to Mark in an apron making us a camp breakfast. We ASSUME things happened in between, our brains roll with it and chuckle at the joke but we don’t question where any of this came from because its the nature of the medium. In the universe of the videos, though, NOTHING happened between those edits. We are told what must’ve happened, but the reality of it is there was NO time in between. 

I think this starts to tell us what’s REALLY in the box, and I’ll go even further to posit that we’re told/shown whats in the box in 3 endings. Ending 6, Ending 16, and Ending 31. 

In Ending 6, the Scientist identifies the box as the source of all the “anomalies” which are really just edits and the nature of the medium. Upon destroying it, we are shown, briefly, the entire map of A Heist With Markiplier, before showing up before the heist begins. Mark has no idea why we’re here, and instead of continuing into the heist again like in other time travel endings, he prompts us to go into A Date With Markiplier. Credits Roll. The Box was destroyed and the story never happens.

In Ending 16, we meet Wilford, the man himself, and he starts asking us how our adventure has been, across all the videos and endings. Wil is FULLY aware of the medium at this point, and how you play into it. He then says

“And if you need more time to think of your answer, feel free to pause time. I think your magic box is useful for something like that.”

and then the Youtube video pauses. This is more than a fun jape of “oh haha this is on a computer on the internet” cuz I don’t think Wil is referring in such knowledgeable terms about our computer/phone/tablet. I think he’s specifically referring to The Box. The Box gives us control, The Box lets us hit pause, and rewatch things, and watch multiple endings.

And finally Ending 31. Darkiplier meets us and talks to us. He acknowledges that its likely we’ve seen his monologue more times than he could know about, that Mark likes to spin stories for us. He thinks we’re trapped in the stories just like he is, so he gives us a code that leads us to the bloopers and behind the scenes. He pulls back the curtain for us, as if saying “look, this is all fake”

The Box contains A Heist With Markiplier. The Box IS the Story. THATS why it contains whatever the story needs it to. THATS why destroying it makes the heist never happen. THATS why it “gives” us control and messes with time; because it is literally all the videos, all the events that happen after stealing the box. 

This is absolutely the kind of abstract concept nonsense Mark would pull, and I’m feeling confident about this. If you read all of this, please share your thoughts, i wanna flesh this out as much as possible. I feel this in my brain, but explaining it is like trying to explain the color yellow; I feel ill equipped.


Sooooo does everyone know the leaked video of a Richie scene in the park where Pennywise is taunting Richie by saying “I know your secret, your dirty little secret! Should I tell them all?” (I don’t know how to post the video for show and I don’t know who posted the video so sorry I don’t have it here for you to watch and sorry I don’t have credit :(((() Anyway, that scene is taken place at the park and in the trailer I believe that it is this scene here


Now this flew over my head the first few times seeing the trailer but then I noticed the shape of the balloons that Pennywise is floating down from and thought to myself “That’s a strange shape the balloons are in. Why is it a perfect upside down pyramid and not just a jumble of balloons? Seems kinda specific and intentional maybe???” and then I remembered asking myself the same question in the first IT movie during the scene where Pennywise encounters Eddie for the first time.


Why are they the only ones that have this shape of balloons when they are faced with Pennywise, when everyone else either didn’t have balloons involved at all or if they did have one it was usually only one balloon? So now I’m thinking this was 10000% intentional. It’s connecting Eddie and Richie in some way, but what does it mean you ask???


UPSIDE DOWN TRIANGLES WERE A SYMBOL TO MARK HOMOSEXUALS!!!! (I know its not pink balloons, but that would have been too obvious for them to use sooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Pennywise KNOWS Eddie is gay and that is why the balloons are shaped like that to subtly hint at his sexuality! Now in Chapter Two he targets Richie about his sexuality and he also knows he has feelings for Eddie, because who the fuck else would it be now knowing it must be a male he is attracted to. Pennywise is threatening to tell everyone that he is gay and in love with Eddie, that’s his dirty little secret!

This could all be a coincidence, but this just seems too much to be a coincidence don’t you think?

Also me rn:


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au idea: post alien arc tome realized how stressed she was when she quit the telepathy club, and then at one point she ends up like. accidentally bending a spoon. and she just goes wild.

inukawa, with a tone of voice not unlike one that you would use upon confronting a wild animal: kurata-san i think maybe it was a coincidence

tome, a huge array of various cutlery on the table in front of her, concentrating hard: it wasn’t a fluke damn it if mob and his weird emo little brother can do it i can do it too 

mob: that’s not how it works

tome: *slams her hand on the table* BEND MOTHER FUCKER

spoon: *bends a quarter of an inch*

the entire telepathy club including mob: 


so here’s the tea

Also please don’t attack her, there is no way for us to know the full truth

The NamelessCass girl who had that ‘panic attack’ and Tom helped her

turns out, from logical deduction, she faked the whole thing.

She has done something similar before with zayn


And then when people pointed this out as something that wasn’t just a coincidence, she started blocking them on Twitter.

People have said things like she faked the panic attack to get more attention from Tom and from zayn.

so yeah it’s all circumstantial but it paints her in a bad light, and it had me thinking she faked it

In conclusion, we might’ve been clowned on

Edit: she released this on Twitter


also if you search her name on google, apparently, there are many photos of her meeting celebrities which have cause people to assume she is a celebrity stalker. (Which idk if that’s true because she’s from New York and celebrities typically go there a lot.)

and idk what to believe anymore I really just hate the internet

Whether she faked it or not is unknown at this point, but I’m just kinda glad that she’s doing okay at the end of the day.

I just don’t like that fact that from what I’ve seen, people are saying she took advantage of his emotions for clout. and people are just worried of the fact that if Tom sees this and thinks she lied, he’ll be skeptical the next time someone else had a panic attack. But let’s face it, he has every right to be skeptical

I just wanted people to know so that they could form their own opinions on this instead of having everything one sided I thought y’all deserved the whole story (or at least a bigger part of it)

Dear Jane, first, sorry for being goofy in the priestโ€™s office. I was just nervous, because I was scared about writing something for you, a writer. And Iโ€™ve been thinking about what to say, which got me to thinking how lucky I was to have met you at all andโ€ฆ all the small twists of fate that led me to you in the first place. And how, in a way, our destiny was just a series of detours bringing us back to each otherโ€ฆ again and again. A twist of fate. The night we met, thatโ€™s what it felt like. I wasnโ€™t even supposed to be working. Iโ€™d picked up a shift for my buddy whose kid was playing in a recital. And then I was technically off, but I took a detour and stopped for a burger a few blocks away. And I was heading back to the precinct whenโ€ฆ โ€œWeโ€™ve got a noise complaint on 25th. Any units nearby who can check it out? Yeah, Iโ€™m right there.โ€ If not for that recital and that burger, I might not have ended up on the doorstep of a drunk 21 year-old girl. Thatโ€™s not just a series of coincidences. Itโ€™s destiny. And I never doubted you were mine. And never doubt that all I want, forever and always, is for you to be happy.
—  Michael Cordero (Jane the Virgin Season 3, Episode 20: Chapter Sixty-Four)


is complete trash. that’s it.

i’ve heard some say that it’s to help prevent the curse of the trainees who ranked high but were not able to make it in the final debut line up, like in the past three seasons

while we actually hope that it is true and that it would never happen again… well it did! and it’s completely full of lies. (msnake really be doin devil’s work by playing with the talented trainees)

what’s most disappointing is that:



two extremely talented, hardworking, and humble trainees who were on their merry way to achieving their dreams but unfortunately got robbed by the snake. same vibe, same energy

honestly ik that the netizens love jinhyuk. so i’m just trying to process the idea of how he dropped to rank 14 from rank 3??? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE (he was rank 11 in the final live votings but got pushed to 14 bc of the x system)

looking at it i do know that he already has a strong fanbase especially from how he climbed up the ranking and how high up he was in the last two rankings before the finale. so how is it that he dropped so low?

ik that the x system was made for the trainee who got the most accumulated votes throughout the entire season. but it seems like it didn’t work that way. so my opinion on this is that kim mingyu should’ve been the x trainee (not that i don’t like eunsang, i do, but everything just seems planned here)

if we were to solely base this on votes, mingyu should’ve been the x trainee considering that he was consistently in the top 5 except for that one time he dropped to 10


so how is he not the x? well, i love mingyu (he is so humble and works hard on improving everytime) but wbk that he may or may not be able to debut because he still lacks a lot in most things. that is exactly the reason why ment dropped him - he’s still awkward on stage, but hey, he’s so determined on improving! i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him

my point is that if this was all about the netizens vote it would’ve been different and most importantly i want to emphasize that:


majority of the people love him and have him as a part of their top 11. so why? well, the answer is msnke did jinhyuk dirty. they robbed him of that opportunity to have a spot in the debut line

we can’t trust mnet.

and we surely cannot trust/rely on this x system especially if the show is rigged. they obviously planned on who to drop and give a place in the top 11. they have a way of getting things into order making it seem like these were really made to happen but the truth is they already have it planned.

they already planned the members for what they wanted the group to have/happen. hell, they wanted yohan to get center so bad that they’ve done all the things to make wooseok look bad just to bring him down (i mean i love yh but im just stating the obvious)

they really have it all planned. i mean come on, rank 14? for the debuted trainees? they’re always ranked 14? i really don’t think that’s a coincidence

it’s so disappointing that this show let the opportunity of a genuine and talented gem to debut just go straight down the drain. even mc lee dongwook looked flat out upset smh


do you see this mnet?? pure dissatisfaction not just from the audience and other trainees, but also from the mentors and mc. bc they know better than to let talent go to waste


this is exactly the face i was dreading to see for the past few days. i was hoping it would not come true but it did and i really am upset and devastated. he deserves so much more than rank 14. he deserves to be up there with wooseok. he deserves so much more for carrying the burden of helping his team out, for not putting the spotlight on himself all the time and for always giving his members a chance of their own to shine when given the chance.

nevertheless congratulations to the final top 11!! im sure they would become a successful group and i look forward to their debut and future activities. FIGHTING X1!!

it breaks my heart so much. it really does. but it’s okay, jinhyuk, you did well and you’ve done great. you were a highlight in this show and contributed a lot in it more than you think. i hope that through this, you can finally bring up10tion to the top.

i will continue supporting you through up10tion (YALL BETTER STAN UP10TION YOU COWARDS) or in any other endeavors. let’s support wooseok in his activities with x1, too. you are and will always be my first pick, lee jinhyuk.


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Sweeter than Sweet (35)

Pairings: Jimin x reader, Yoongi x reader, Namjoon x reader, Taehyung x reader + others as the story progresses

Warnings: Angst

Word count: 4.3K

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Over the next couple of days things don’t improve with Yoongi show no signs improvement whatsoever.  You see neither hide nor hair from him, and though you take the walk down to his room for your piano lesson as usual every evening, Yoongi’s door remains firmly shut where once it’d always stood slightly ajar; a cautious invitation to come inside that has since been revoked.   

It hurts every single time and becomes no easier to bare.  On the third night you don’t even bother to knock, not wanting to face the rejection you feel when he never comes to answer your call.  

Jimin keeps asking you what’s wrong.  He can see that you’re upset, that you’re tiptoeing along the edge of bursting into tears for most hours of the day, but you don’t want to talk to him about this.  You’re not sure he’d understand; as far as he’s concerned Yoongi’s just like the rest of them.  He’ll probably just get mad that Yoongi feels like he has any right to get jealous -  it’s not him you belong to, after all.  

When Namjoon walks into the living room at the beginning of the fourth night and announces that he wants the group to report to the gym for training and hand-to-hand combat practice, you’re almost relieved.  Your eyes have kept on drifting over to Yoongi’s usual spot all evening, and every time you see he’s not there your chest has tightened painfully.  It’ll do you good to get out of the room and spend some time in one completely lacking in any memories of the two of you together.  

Jimin plants a kiss on your temple before rising from the sofa, and out of the corner of your eye you’re aware of Namjoon loitering in the doorway with his arms folded, watching the two of you.  

“You coming along?  I’m just gonna go change,” he tells you, the mild concern he’s been wearing on his face for the last few days still all too apparent.  

“Yeah, sure,” you smile half-heartedly, “I’ll meet you in there.”  Jimin flashes you a soft smile and then turns to leave.  “Jiminie, bring me a sweater back with you?”  He nods and then leaves the room, having to brush past Namjoon on his way out due to the taller vampire purposefully not stepping aside.  

Is it just the weather that’s left you feeling so cold lately?  You doubt it.  It does seem to have coincided with recent events all too conveniently to be just down to the slow encroach of winter.  

Honestly, you could’ve never guessed that Yoongi’s absence would make you feel like this.  You knew you cared for him, of course, it’s always felt different with him than it has with the others.  And yes, you had spent a lot of time with each other since you’d moved in - almost every day, in fact, now you think about it - but you’d never expected to feel this gaping hole in your heart where Yoongi once was.  Perhaps, now you’re willing to admit it, your feelings for him are much stronger than you’d originally thought.

Jimin’s the only one who can seem to lift your mood; his unfaltering devotion and love for you never failing to soothe you when he holds you in his arms.  Realising how deeply you feel for Yoongi hasn’t weakened your love for Jimin at all, as much as that confuses you.  In fact, it only makes you appreciate him more.  When you’re with Jimin you’re almost able to forget the way you’re aching for Yoongi, simply because when the older vampire’s soft face or gummy smile pops into your head it makes you feel too guilty to keep thinking of him for long.  Alone, he’s practically the only thought that runs through your mind.  

“Is everything ok with Yoongi-hyung?”  Hobi breaks you out of your reverie with a start; you’d barely noticed he was walking beside you on your way to the gym, so caught up were you in your own thoughts.  He’s already appropriately dressed in a colourful t-shirt and loose sweatpants, ready to fight or work out or whatever it is that Namjoon wants them to do.

“What makes you think I should know?” you reply a little more curtly than usual.  You don’t mean to snap, but Hoseok’s question just serves to remind you of how far removed from you Yoongi has become.  

You hear a faint, breathy laugh come from behind you, and instinctively you know the culprit behind it is Namjoon.  He’s following the two of you to the gym, lagging behind but still close enough to overhear your conversation.   Choosing to ignore his presence you turn your head to look at Hobi as you walk, cringing inside when you see his chastised expression.

“I figured you two were close, that’s all.”  Of course he knows you’re close; it wasn’t so many days ago that the others were able to smell him all over you.  “He’s spent more time with us since you’ve been here than he has done in years.”  


“Yeah.  You’ve definitely helped bring him out of whatever funk he was in before.”  Hearing that should only make you happy but right now, surely, but in these circumstances it only makes you feel like crying, cursing yourself for how badly you’ve fucked things up.  Maybe you did help him before, but now it seems like he’s right back to where he was before you arrived.  

It’s at that moment that you happen to pass by Yoongi’s closed door, and instantly there’s a painful lump in your throat and tears prickling in your eyes.  

“I don’t know if he’s alright,” you admit quietly, looking down at your feet for a moment to collect yourself.  You need to confide in someone about this, even if it’s not in all the gory details.  If you keep holding it all in you’re worried you might just explode.  “We’ve kind of… fallen out.”

“Oh?”  Hobi’s eyebrows rise in surprise and when you flash him a feeble smile he places a consoling hand on your shoulder as you walk, squeezing you gently.  

“It’s not something I can really talk about too much.”

“Well you know where I am if you ever change your mind,” he tells you kindly, letting his hand drop from your shoulder as you arrive outside the gym and holding the door open for you to enter with a chivalrous smile.  You know he’ll spend the rest of the evening trying to cheer you up now; it’s just part of his sweet, sunshine nature that you’ve come to adore.  He really will make Sam happy if she gives him the chance, you just know it.  

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Everyone that I’ve met that doesn’t like Megamind usually doesn’t like it because they believe it’s a rip off on Despicable Me. I’ve even seen critics say that’s the main reason they don’t like the movie. Well, stupid fucking high pedestal critics, why don’t you do some research because both movies started production at like THE SAME FUCKING TIME. And Illumination wasn’t around then to pose any sort of competition. As much as I loathe Despicable Me, I do think that it’s just a coincidence that both movies ended up with similar plots. Megamind is personally a far better film either way. Dreamworks actually fucking worked their asses off with this movie, unlike other movies like fucking Boss Baby. 

Some people asked me recently how I’m enjoying my prescription glasses I ordered online from zenni, and to answer that question, after a few weeks of wearing the first pair, I bought a cheaper second pair just in case I wreck the first pair, and by happy coincidence they match my favorite lipstick, so that’s excellent.

For $15, the frames do feel cheap, more like kiddy sun glasses. My other pair which were $30 ($60 total cause I opted for a more expensive lens tint which I do think is worth it if you work a lot at screens like I do and suffer migraines) are definitely better made, but for $15, the lenses are excellent, they fit well and honestly I have no complaints and my credit card is happy. I’m happy. And I could still buy another ten pairs of glasses before I even come close to what my optician wants to charge me for me lenses alone, nevermind the frames.

So yea, if you’re on the fence like I was before, give them a go. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I fully plan on getting a pair of their sunglasses when I can. It’s nice, being able to see and not having to break the bank go do it.

Oh geez

So I just realized something about Howl’s Moving Castle.

It wasn’t just vanity that made Howl freak out about his hair. It was possibly also psychological abuse from his mentor Madam Sulliman.


We can see this most profoundly during her scene when she is surrounded by her pages. Look familar? Yeah she’s surrounded by mini Howl’s. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think they all have the same hair by her design. She’s so obsessed with perfection that she makes them dye their hair to meet her standards. Pretty harsh lady.


In earlier scenes you can see that Howl trims his hair into the exact same hairstyle and this is the point when he acts the most pleased with his appearance. He’s probably been conditioned to think that is what a successful wizard looks like. So when Sophie messes with it she’s unpacking all that baggage he has of being a failure and a screw up.


It’s only after Sophie stands up for him that I think he’s really able to let that go and just be himself with his natural hair. Overall it’s a nice visual detail that really ties the narrative together. An excellent example of visual backstory.


Himbos of Part 5


  • He just looks like he doesn’t know what an owl is, honestly. Like he knows it’s an animal, but if you asked him to explain it he would just get mad
  • It’s the confidence he has that makes us think he’s smart. He’s confident, and he’s dressed in those fancy clothes. He tricked us all
  • The type of himbo that doesn’t know he isn’t smart, and he’s somehow tricked all of his friends into thinking he’s smart. The only people who know he’s a dumbass are the people who he speaks to briefly on the street


  • The best type of himbo. You think he’s smart and sexy and refined until he opens his mouth. He doesn’t need brain cells because he’s so pretty, it’s okay
  • He got his tooth knocked out and didn’t think to ask Giorno to replace it once he knew that he could do that. He’s just walking around with one less tooth
  • Again, it’s the confidence that gets us with him. He’s smart in certain ways (he’s good at fighting) but you just know he doesn’t know what a caterpillar is


  • A classic himbo. He knows he’s a himbo, we know he’s a himbo. It’s not a secret to anyone. I don’t even need to elaborate here
  • The thing that sets him apart from the others is that he’s fully capable of having a coherent thought, he just isn’t invested in it. Too much work. Why do you need to think when you can wear Gucci slides and have a fat ass


  • He’s a himbo and he’s mean about it. If you try to make him have a thought he will beat your ass. That’s why he got so mad at Giorno when he wanted to stay behind and help Fugo
  • He’s here to look pretty and punch people for Bruno, it’s just a coincidence that his stand is sort of useful
  • “If Giorno is half Japanese, why is he white?”

this has no name for the moment bc i’m a) lazy b) bad at titles c) @l0vegl0wsinthedark whom this is for is 2 milliseconds from falling asleep and she deserves this fluffy little thing to cheer her up a lil bit before that happens !!!! ily my angel !!! 💞💖✨

rating: pg
word count: ~1500

Most scars, like the ones on Draco’s chest, fade eventually to white. Harry’s is different, though — its lines are thin and imprecise and faintly pink against his dark skin, starting at his hairline and branching out into hectic patterns that take up half his forehead like a bolt of lightning. 

Most scars, like Draco’s, are raised but smooth to the touch. Harry’s is different in this way as well — its jagged lines are a little bit rough against the pads of Draco’s fingers, distinct in their shape. Appropriate, perhaps. It’s where he was once touched by a curse that should have killed him.

Draco’s fascination is something of which he is very much aware, but has never been able to put into words. Not ones that make sense, anyway. All he knows is that to him, like to the rest of the world, Harry’s scar has taken on a legendary sort of significance, and it gives Draco the chills just to look at it, and to know what it is. What it means.

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Was Della in the Right or Wrong?

Thought I’d give my own opinion about what I thought from the end of yesterday’s episode. 


Della was in the right for punishing Louie; she just went about it the wrong way and that’s totally not her fault. Let’s see what Della did, shall we?

  1. First, she said he was grounded. -Ok, fair. 
  2. Then she said no schemes and treasures. -Totally fair.
  3. Where she dropped the ball is when she killed Louie Inc.

You can see how Louie’s face completely changes into devastation when she merely mentions it.


Louie’s business is his only drive to work hard for something. He’s not typically a driven kid. Unlike Huey and Dewey, he doesn’t have a lot of passions and often tries to take the easy way out for fear of failure. Now he has this company he created for himself that gives him the confidence, joy, and goals he doesn’t get from adventures, and his mom just permanently banned it. 

Della doesn’t know that Louie did try the hard and honest way (metaphorically speaking). He developed Harp B Gone and earned the money himself but lost it because of poor judgment. He won the goody bags from Doofus’ house but Goldie ripped him off. 


I mean look where Della is during this entire episode. You really think that’s a coincidence? No, it’s so she never truly sees how much Louie Inc. means to him.

Everything he’s done has backfired. Now he’s fed up and tired, and he just wants a simple, easy way to get the money - ergo the Time Tub. And Louie still had to plan and research to even know how to work the machine.

Della only sees this part. 


She even says “Not this time,” implying she thinks Louie gets off scot-free with this stuff all the time, but he doesn’t. Here, he clearly learned from his mistake; he apologized and righted everything in the end. But she wanted to be the parent and make a statement. Obviously, Della’s only going to make it temporary, but Louie doesn’t understand this. He doesn’t know her.

Della doesn’t understand Louie. She’s been trying but clearly, he’s been distancing himself from her. This is why she’s been shown with the other three kids but not Louie. She let him pick the pace to not overstep her bounds but they still haven’t ever connected.


They say that when you’re a new parent coming into a child’s life - like a step-parent - and the kid hasn’t opened up to you yet, have another adult or authority figure with you when you discipline them for the first time so you don’t look like the bad guy. Obviously, in this scenario, there weren’t many options. Donald’s gone and if Beakly or Scrooge stepped in, it would undermine her power. But this still went badly.

Now, whenever Louie thinks of her, he won’t think of his loving mom coming back into his life, he’ll think of being hurt by the same woman who abandoned him. Again, I must stress this is NOT Della’s fault but this is the situation. 

There were multiple things Della SHOULD have done instead.

1. Bring Louie someplace private to discipline him:

Louie is a sensitive kid; he takes everything really hard. Publicly shaming him by scolding him in front of everyone is not good for his self-esteem. Huey, Dewey, and Webby would’ve just brushed it off, but not him. Different kids need different disciplinary methods. Della chose the wrong one.

2. Take a second to calm down before she talked to him: 

Either before or after he said that rude comment, she should have sent him to his room and told him she’d decide his punishment later. This is what most parents typically do so the punishment fits the crime and isn’t too brash. But Della is too caught up in the heat of the moment and doesn’t have enough experience parenting.

3. Talk to Louie about what he did: 

Louie is not one of those bad kids who just acts naughty for the sake of it. There’s always a reason for his motivations. Some kids are impossible to talk to and you just have to give them punishment right on the spot. Dewey is one. But for Louie, he hides his problems. So you need to talk him down and get to the underlying issue before you can take proper action.

And speaking of motivations, what are Louie’s for getting rich. He grew up in a poor family, living in several homes before they finally got the houseboat. 


His uncle was constantly between jobs. And as we saw in “Whatever Happened to Donald Duck,” Donald’s been in debt for a while and accumulated a lot of bills. 

Obviously, Louie’s well aware of this. His desire to be rich is to compensate with a difficult upbringing. But Della doesn’t know this. She thinks the triplets have been living with their rich uncle all their lives. To her, Louie is just being selfish and greedy.

But honestly, no matter what she did, something like this was bound to happen either way. Louie has clearly been holding in negative feelings towards his mom and hasn’t had a proper outlet to talk about them. This all had to come out eventually; it’s just sad it had to come out like this…

99¢ dreams › lee minho

↳ in which minho doesn’t believe in magic, but that doesn’t stop you from trying 
↳ fluff


At the center of town, a woman no younger than ninety ran the 99¢ Dreams shop, employing no one but herself. I heard she opened the store as a twenty-year-old woman when the town was still young. Rumor had it she could show anyone a glimpse of their future for a meager 99¢, but they were not permitted to ask for a second, and once the dream occurred, it would happen the exact same way in real life. A person would blink the same way. The leaves would tremble the same way. The price to pay for the inevitable came at such a low cost, and I had been intrigued as many years as my memory recalled.

Minho, as he stated himself, did not have the patience for fads. “It’s a scam,” he tsked with each mention of the store en route to our preferred café. “Aren’t you going to grow out of your fascination someday?”

“No.” I lifted my chin in defiance. “People come from all over the world, and they swear by her. There have been plenty of news pieces written about it.”

“People come from all over the world because it’s a scam, but a cheap one. Anyone can afford ninety-nine cents, and some fools out there are bound to have realistic dreams based on pure odds and luck. There’s no science behind what she does. Just naїve customers.” 

“Of course it’s not scientific. It’s magic!” I made exaggerated hand gestures, earning a laugh as Minho slung an arm over my shoulders. 

“If you’re so convinced, why don’t you buy one for yourself?” he pondered. “Afraid of the let-down? Admitting I’m right?”

“Never,” I said. “I wanted to wait until I thought something spectacular might happen soon. They say the dreams come true within three months, and if no major life events are set to happen in that time, you have a normal dream of a normal day. I’ve done my research.”

“Always a good idea to research nonsense, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” I ignored his tone. “That, and nothing in life is written in stone, except these dreams. What if something terrible happens, and then I spend the next few months spiraling towards it with no brakes?”

“In that case, it’s a good thing none of it’s real,” he said. 

“It is real,” I protested, whacking his chest, but it was padded by a thick-knit sweater. “I read an article about a man who dreamt his wife died, and six weeks later, she was killed in a car crash.”

“My condolences, but like I said: sometimes things will happen by pure coincidence. That’s how the woman makes money–she lures you in with a cheap, ninety-nine cent gimmick, and then she asks you to spend real money on old books and essential oils and antiques she probably pulled out of her basement. How do you think she affords to stay in business?”

“Because her magical powers have drawn in customers worldwide, and a dollar racks up over time. Why do you have such a vendetta against a sweet old woman?”

“I don’t have a vendetta.” He rolled his eyes. “I just stopped believing in magic when I was, like, twelve. It worries me that you’re so many years behind.”

“Life loses so much luster when you stop believing in magic.” I sighed wearily for all those who lost their imaginations so young. “That’s why I don’t ever plan to.” 

“How do you plan to keep that belief intact when you pay for a dream and nothing special happens?” 

I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, and although foot traffic was light, Minho looked at me like I was holding up an entire city of people. “Why don’t we settle it now, then? We both pay for a dream, and from there we’ll know who’s right. We just passed it, too, so let’s go.”

He protested as I pulled him by the sleeve. “Come on. I just wanted to grab a coffee. This is going to be a waste of–”

“Waste of what?” I interrupted. “Money? It’s less than a dollar. Energy? You don’t have to do anything except fall asleep, and you already do that every night. We’ll drink coffee after.”

“You’re insufferable,” he said, but we had the same argument on a hundred occasions since we were teenagers. Our bickering had to reach an end eventually. 

“You’ll thank me one day,” I said, dragging him all the way until we stepped underneath the neon red “99¢ Dreams” sign. Through the clear glass doors, we saw no one but the owner, sitting behind a wooden counter with a newspaper in hand. 

The shop smelled of potent oils–eucalyptus and bergamot and lemon–and I blinked the stinging sensation from my eyes. “Excuse me,” I said to the woman, and she glanced up, her face lined with deep-set wrinkles but her eyes still alert and vibrant. “We each wanted a dream. Please.”

Minho stood just over my shoulder, pulling a dollar bill from his pocket, and the owner’s eyes landed on him. “Are you both believers?” she asked as if the doubt wafted off of him. 

“I am. He’s…not,” I bit my inner cheek, holding my breath in anticipation of her reply. 

“I see,” she said. “I’ll warn you, boy, that the pills won’t work if you won’t believe. That’s their one condition.”

He glanced at me, and I knew what he was thinking. Scam. Phony. Gimmick. I heard it all before. “It’s only ninety-nine cents,” he told her. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“You’re right. Not believing in magic is already the worst that could happen,” she answered, snatching the dollars from each of our hands, and in turn she gave us each a penny. I smirked behind one of my hands. “Give me a moment.”

She exited into a closet-sized room just behind her, shutting the door. My attention fell on the newspaper she left. “Look at that.” I elbowed Minho’s ribs. “It has tomorrow’s date.”

“Probably a printing error. Not everything has a magical connotation,” he scoffed. 

“Not everything, but that paper? Definitely magic,” I said, but before I read any of the headlines, the owner stepped back out of her small room. She moved deftly for such an old woman, and for a moment I considered the prospect of immortality. 

“How long have the two of you been a couple?” She folded her newspaper and tucked it into a drawer. 

A blush crept up my neck, and Minho chuckled nervously beside me, stepping to the side to put some distance between us. “We aren’t, uh…” he stumbled over his words. “We aren’t dating. Best friends, but that’s all.”

She looked to me for confirmation, and I nodded. “My apologies. You bicker like a lot of couples that come through here, but back to business.” She held out her hands, and we each extended a palm. In Minho’s hand, she dropped a cloudy-white capsule tinged with blue. In mine, she dropped a vibrant red one, similar to the neon of the sign in front of the store. “Take these tonight with a glass of water before bed. Sweet dreams.”

“Thank you,” we said in unison, Minho merely offering thanks out of necessity. 

I rolled the pill between my fingertips as we left, but he shoved his into the pocket of his shorts. Out of sight, out of mind. “For your sake, I’m withholding my comments until tomorrow. Coffee?”


 I spent my entire day wondering what night would bring. I barely held a coherent conversation over coffee, and although his expression gave away his annoyance, Minho stayed true to his word. We didn’t speak of the pills, but once I returned home, I willed myself to sleep earlier than I would on another given night. The holidays were coming up within the next couple of months. My family scheduled a road trip in January to escape the cold. Would they be in my dream? And what of Minho? The owner warned him, but maybe there was a glimmer of child left in him that never stopped believing in possibility. I hoped his creamy bluish-white pill showed him a more colorful future. As for me, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind. I fell asleep with red behind my eyelids

I woke to snow on the ground outside the window, but the walls were not the same white I had woken up to for years. They were navy, and as I pondered who in my life had navy-painted walls, a heavy arm fell over my waist, pulling me back. 

“Why’re you so far? It’s cold,” he muttered. Minho. I’d recognize that voice in a heartbeat, and although I had no memory of falling asleep next to him, I knew it happened. Yes. We stayed in his apartment more often than mine. The white of my walls was too bright for him when he woke, and it gave him headaches. Why did I know that? 

“You kicked me in your sleep. Again,” I grumbled in retaliation. Again? I tried to recall a first time. That hadn’t yet happened, but at the same time it had. 

“Mind if I make it up to you?” he asked, lifting his head. 

Naturally, I craned my neck back, my fingers finding the short hairs at his nape. I didn’t even have to think about kissing him good morning. By then, we must’ve kissed a hundred times, but each instance escaped me. When had we first kissed? Where? 

“You know how else you could make it up to me?”

He pressed his forehead to mine, the corners of his mouth twisting in mischief. “Hm?”

“By not kicking me in my sleep.” I shoved him away from me, and he fell back against his pillow laughing. I pushed away from him, but he tugged me back into his side with little effort. I curled into him, having learned a while ago–I didn’t know when–how we molded together with ease. 

“You talk in your sleep,” he countered. “It’s only fair that I kick you now and again.”

This, I was certain, I never heard before. “Talking in my sleep?” I mused. “What do I say?”

“You just keep going on and on about how handsome I am,” he sighed, shaking his head. “I can’t fault you for that, but it’d be nice if you did it more often while you’re awake.”

“You’re the most handsome,” I said just to pander to him, “but you’re also a terrible liar.”

“That’s true. I’ll make that up to you, too.” He leaned in to kiss me again, and I considered turning my head away from him just to pick on him, but when his lips tasted like peppermint so early in the morning, I couldn’t refuse. 

We spent the next couple hours in bed, as we often did on weekends. Half the time we kissed and half the time we told ourselves it was time to get out of bed and be productive citizens of the world. Then we decided kissing was productive enough, and we were excellent at the task, so why try anything else? 

“As much as I’d love to stay here all day, my stomach would prefer that I didn’t,” I finally caved. “What do you think about heading into town and getting breakfast for lunch?” 

He stretched his arms above his head, face scrunching in the process as a couple of his bones popped. “My favorite,” he hummed. 

“Breakfast for lunch?”

“No, heading into town with you,” he corrected me. “But breakfast for lunch works, too.” 

“Then let’s go,” I said, all except pushing him off of the bed. I had only a couple of sweaters to choose from, and I slid into jeans I knew I wore the day prior, but the other details of the outfit escaped me. Minho said today was colder than yesterday, insisting that I borrow one of his scarves and a heavier coat. The sleeves extended past my fingertips, but I wore it anyway. 

Our favorite café happened to serve breakfast all day long, and I craved their whipped-cream and cherry topped pancakes. We passed the 99¢ Dream store as usual, its presence in our lives having faded somewhat over time. I didn’t feel the need to mention it to him, a point having been proven a while ago. There was no longer a need for questioning. 

Still, I stated, “I’m going to run that store someday.”

Minho lowered his head to laugh, slipping his hand into mine. “I know you are.”

I couldn’t remember when I decided that, but it made sense to me. The woman wouldn’t be able to keep up with the shop forever, and who better to fill in her shoes? I hadn’t yet discussed the possibility with her, but in my mind clouded in fantasy, she already agreed. 

“Think of all the dreams people haven’t yet had,” I said, peering over my shoulder at the store one last time. Inside, I imagined the owner watching us. Maybe she had her eyes on us for years, anticipating the day my curious head and curiouser heart couldn’t bear waiting any longer. 

“Think of all the coffee I haven’t yet drank,” Minho remarked. I curled closer into his side to escape the still-falling snowflakes. We tended to use the other for warmth, but that had already been true for many years. 


Minho and I agreed to meet in the morning at the fountain in Town Square. I found him sat upon the ledge, leaning back to dip his fingertips into the frigid water. Within a month or so, it would freeze over. In my dream, it already was. 

My footsteps drew his attention, and he smiled at me. “Best friends, but that’s all,” he stuttered the day before. He really was a terrible liar. 

“So?” I inquired, sitting next to him. “Did you uncover a leftover part of your childhood wonder and have a groundbreaking vision of where you’ll be in the next three months?”

“Close,” he said, and my chest swelled with anticipation, leaning in to hear his story. What if we had the same dream, only from different points of view? “I slept like a baby.”

My shoulders slumped. “Nothing, then?” 

He shook his head. “They’re sugar pills. Nothing was ever going to happen. If you’re still convinced, what was your dream?”

I paused, my ears and cheeks turning pink. If he said anything, I’d blame it on the cold, but in reality I kept thinking of his arm around my waist and wondering if his lips tasted like peppermint. “Nothing,” I said aloud. “I slept well, too, but I didn’t dream of anything.”

He looked almost disappointed, like he knew there had never been any hope for him, but he wanted my fantasies to stay intact. “Really?”

I nodded. Someday, I’d tell him the truth. Maybe the day after my dream came true, but he didn’t need to know the future yet. Besides, he would get to live it with me. 

“So…no more believing in magic?” he asked, eyebrows raised. 

“Of course I still believe in magic,” I scoffed. Despite how much he chastised me for believing, he visibly relaxed, cocking his head to one side. “Just because one thing doesn’t work doesn’t discredit magic as a whole. Besides, I can predict the future.”

“You can…predict the future?” Minho hardly expected such a turnaround. Moments ago, he thought he had won. “What’s going to happen then?”

“I’m going to run the store one day,” I said. This was the day I first decided it.

“You’re going to scam people into paying you for sugar pills?” 

“I’m going to keep the spirit of magic alive. There are worse crimes to commit.” 

He clamped his mouth shut, puzzling over my logic. It’d make sense to him eventually, once he realized I did dream and the pills did work, if only one was childish enough to believe it. Or maybe he’d think me crazy our whole lives, but that was his problem more so than mine.

“Alright, let’s say you do take over the store. That’s a few years away, I’m sure, so I have to keep questioning your future-telling abilities until then.” 

“Who says that’s the only thing I can predict?” I asked, and his attention doubled once more. “I know something that’s going to happen in about ten seconds.”

“What’s that?” 

“I’m going to kiss you first.” 

His eyes widened and his mouth struggled to form an intelligent reply, but after about four seconds of making a fool of himself, his expression resettled. “Prove it.” 

I did, and a blocked off part of my dream became clear. We kissed for the first time on a Sunday morning in Town Square by the fountain. I didn’t yet know where or when or how the rest would happen, but this was the beginning of my spiraling towards the inevitable with no brakes, and I couldn’t wait. 

“Still don’t believe in magic?”

He smiled. “I’m starting to. Tell me what I’m thinking.”

“You want to get coffee and pay for my whipped-cream and cherry topped pancakes?”

“What do you know,” he said, taking my hand in his. “You can read minds, too.”

a/n: this,,,is one of my fave things i’ve written :)

as we all know, when cardan mistook taryn for jude, she was wearing the earrings that, quote “They make someone more lovely than they were, painfully lovely.”

we see that, even though cardan was poisoned, he sees jude as that beautiful all the time

but that’s not my minor unnecessary point

this is how cardan describes jude’s beauty:

“Excruciating. Alarming. Distressing.”

so he truly does see jude as this painfully beautiful mortal. i just wanted to say this incase anyone thought it was a coincidence on holly’s writing.

another part that no one has seemed to talked about is when cardan does this:

“Tell us what you think of our lady,” Locke asks Cardan loudly, with a strange smile.

The High King’s expression stiffens, only to smooth out a moment later when he turns toward the Court.”

he actually gets nervous when asked this question. why would he do that? it shouldn’t make him stiffen/nervous if he truly thought low of her. right? telling the court what he thinks of jude must be dangerous, if they knew what he truly thinks about her.

then, “I have too often been troubled by dreams of Jude,” he says, voice carrying. “Her face features prominently in my most frequent nightmare.

yeah so what the fuck are these nightmares and dreams of? he mentioned regular dreams AND a nightmare. so are his normal dreams like some fan fic shit we read? (i mean…) and these dreams are often and have happened frequently. why would she be in his nightmare? we have seen through small parts of the books, that cardan seems to check on jude when she’s been injured. maybe the nightmares he has of her, are her being injured/killed/kidnapped? there is obviously thousands of other dreams of her he could be having with her in it, as dreams are fucking wack and jude could’ve just been going batshit crazy and killing cats. but my sensitive jurdan mind would like to think that his nightmares consist of that, especially what i said about normal dreams.

sorry if you actually read through all of this. it’s basically just me trying to prove to myself that cardan does have feelings and attraction toward jude. because i just WONT let myself believe he has no feelings toward her whatsoever. there’s also definitely more i can bring up, but no one seems to talk about this scene at all.


Look. I’ll get real with you all. I was going to write a long rant about things, but I am now soft and filled with food and loving you all. So instead I will just remind you of a few things in a kinder, gentler way.

The fandom is growing. I know. That’s cool. But that also means more people and more personality clashes. That’s okay. That happens.

You don’t have to like or get alone with everyone. Not even the ones your friend get along with. You can really like A, who likes B and you can loathe B and not get why A likes them. That’s just people. That’s life.

Chances are the people who you think are copying your art, your ideas or your characters are just inspired by them. Or it might just be a coincidence. In the same vein, it’s not cool to go on anon and tell people that their art looks like X’s, it might be a compliment but it comes off as a pass agg dig most of the time. Unless it’s literal tracing…

I have favorites, both Sidesteps and people. I’m human. Live with it. In the real world it’s called being friends with people.

Don’t go on anon calling people out, or calling people out to other people, or in fact, do anything negative on anon. Anon is for praise, if you use it to cut people down or warn them of the evils of others, you’re an ass. Period. 

If you get uncomfortable anons, remember that they are cowards and just delete them. Do it fast enough and you forget they ever were there. Don’t give them validation or voice. If you think they have a point but in a bad way, delete them, and then change your ways.

People will have different views. Nobody is pure. Purity is scary. This is a game about pain and bad decisions, and some people are going to go deeper into that shit than others. That is intended. You can be disturbed by it, but don’t fault them for doing what I enabled them to do.

It is okay to take a break. If you feel angry and overwhelmed, leave for a while. Retribution will not come out this side of the new year, just take some time off and decompress, there’s not going to be new open alpha content in a while so it’s the perfect point.

If you feel the urge to start policing people’s fun, stories, creations and characters because they don’t pass your test for whatever, just don’t. You’ve turned into the bad guy, please stop. This is a global fandom, most people here don’t have English as a first (or even second) language, and our cultures vary wildly. We don’t share the same framework for what is okay and what is not, respect that, and if you want to bring something up, talk about it, don’t just be a dick and assume that they know. And do it off anon, if you’re truly concerned and wants to help, show your face and don’t be a snide ass hiding. That’s not how you change someone’s mind.

Just talk to each other. Don’t be fucking Sidestep, we all know how that worked out.

“Ummm, what did you say this is, like, called again?”

“It’s called a Fluffy Fog.”

“And, like, you had the nice people make it just for me?”

“Of course, a special girl like you needs a special drink.”

“Awwww, you think I’m special!?”

“I do, Sam.”

“Ew. Can I, like, be Sammi instead? It sounds totes cuter than just boring Sam.”

“Sure thing, Sammi. I do think that sounds nicer for you.”

“Like, really?”

“Well, I mean, it sounds like the name of a girl that is fun and sexy.”

“Oh! I, like, totally wanna be fun and sexy!”

“I know you do, sweetie.”

“Hehe, this drink’s kinda funny.”

“What? Why’s that, Sammi?”

“Well, like, you said it’s called a Fluffy Fog and that’s, like, kinda how Sammi’s head feels.”

“Oh, what a coincidence. Maybe we should order you another? Just to see if it’s the drink.”

“That totally sounds like a good idea!”