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Ardent Love (M)

Summary: It is that time of the year when your husband disappears behind his office doors, stacks of papers piled high on his desk, and fails to return home until the wee hours of the morning-if he returns at all. As the days pass by and his side of the bed grows colder, you decide that if he is too busy to come home, you’ll just have to go to him. 
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Smut, romance || Husband/CEO! Yoongi
Word Count: 3,900+
Warnings: office (desk) sex, riding, oral, etc.
For Prompt #2: “Shh, let’s just see how quiet you can be” which was requested by @baepsaewhalien and an anon|| This was meant to just be a drabble…
Other Drabbles

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The door falls shut with a gentle clink, the noise resounding in the small office space and you blink back the nerves and excitement as Yoongi peers up at you from where he is seated behind his large, oak desk, glasses falling gradually down the bridge of his nose. He says nothing at your presence, simply cocks a brow in muted amusement and motions for you to take a seat on the leather couch that is nestled in the small corner of his work space. You follow his instructions silently, heels clicking along the tiled floor as you move over to take a spot on the plush cushions, hands coming to rest on your lap. There is a familiar itch that comes with these meetings, a pleasant buzz of eagerness that lingers just below the surface of your limbs.

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And the sad, tragic truth is that people never change, no matter how much you want them to.
—  D.P

—  A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. Two is enough. (Matthew Stover)

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I Can Do It Myself- Frederik Andersen

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Ok so I like how this turned out even if there’s not a lot of Freddie interaction in this one. Sorry. But there’s more Freddie coming up in my queue! So yay! Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Pls pls pls do more Freddie. Do you mind doing one where the reader is Marner’s older sister and her and Freddie hit it off and date. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH, YOU DESERVE THE WORLD!!


              “He’s hot” you commented.

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because not even the smoke from 1000 cigars infused into my lungs or various drugs messing with my head could influence me the way she did, and man, was I addicted.
—  she’s my addiction // D.P

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Those cross-stitch pieces are amazing! Especially the peacock - I kind of want one to put on my wall. How do you find the patience to finish them, and do you ever just get thoroughly bored with it and have to put it down?

I’ll sometimes put them down for nine months, lol. I mean most take hundreds of hours, and I’ll put in maybe, I don’t know, about 5-10 hours per week on an active week. But there are definitely long periods of time where it’s like, ‘eh I don’t feel like cross-stitch.’ Especially because it’s a fast way for me to get RSIs in my wrists (repetitive strain injuries).

I’m very protective of my wrists, because obviously I put them through a lot in order to type as much as I do (29,000~ words per month for consecutive months, and in years previous, 50,000~ words per month for consecutive years is not gentle on the hands/wrists). Between playing piano, art, typing and cross-stitch, I really need to make sure I stop doing any activity that causes chronic pain / numbness / tingling to start up, and cross-stitch does it the fastest, so sometimes I have to take forced breaks, too.

I want to get a lot of the pieces framed actually. It’s pretty common to frame pieces like that and then have them in the family or similar. They frame up really well. :) But cost is pretty much the reason why all mine live in a cabinet right now.

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Sara had noticed the shift in Mick’s behavior relatively quickly. Contrary to what others may think, he was a complicated man - Sara is just adept at reading people. She had seen the shift when he returned from being Chronos; he was different then…like he was different now. So when Mick - and Gideon - had made the announcement that Mick was acting captain until they found Rip, Sara remained silent. 

There was a reason for this. There had to be.

So she approaches, standing just off to the side, waiting for Mick to call out to her. Not because she NEEDS permission…but because she figures playing on Mick’s terms will make things easier for him.

“To help,” Sara assures him softly, moving closer to lean against the table beside him. “You look swamped. What do you need, Hothead?”

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hellooo. can you do one for the prompt thing (only if you're still doing it) with the "But, I said I love you" prompt and can you do it heartbreaking bc why not. And with Bucky. please? thank you! ps: i love your writing so much

“But, I said I love you”


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Bucky cradled you in his arms, choking back tears as he watched the life drain from your face. Your hand clutched your wound, blood seeping through your fingers.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen (Y/N),” Bucky sobbed, pulling you closer to him, “I was supposed to die first.”

“Bucky,” You choked out, blood dribbling down your chin, “This is apart of the job. People come, and people go. And today, I’m leaving.”

Bucky’s tears dripped down his face and fell onto your skin.

“But, I said I love you,” Bucky whispered, “We were supposed to be together forever.”

“”And I love you Bucky,” You calmly responded, “But you have to let me go.”

“No,” He harshly breathed, “No, you’re not dying, not today.”

“Do me favor?” You gently whispered, “Live a long and happy life, okay?” 

You left the conversation at that, and let the darkness take over. It was a beautiful ending really, dying in the arms of your only love, your last sight the serene vision of Bucky’s eyes.

Bucky sobbed as he held your limp body, the tears blurring his vision. He let out a string of profanities, cursing the people who brought this upon you. It took everything in Steve and Sam to get him back to the quinjet, his grip on you unrelenting.

Steve did his best to mend Bucky, but nothing could ever fix the hole in his heart that you left.

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          In the pitch darkness all Daryl could hear was his own racing heart, the heavy thudding pounding behind his eardrums. It was the only moment of silent he’d gotten since being drug away from his family in the line up, that alone give him reason to expect the worst for them.
Yet still the fear and grief was met with a heavy mask of confusion, as the man who had pulled Daryl away, had also shared his face. Nearly if not completely mirroring the archers own features, followed by a shared name of Dixon. That had been the only information given, as the bat wielding beast barked his orders, demeaned for one Dixon to place the other under custody. 

With his back pressed roughly into the wall behind him, Daryl stared into the darkness. Breath leaving his lungs and through his nose, the shaking puffs of air carried more emotion than he’d like. Only to flinch violently when the door flung open, letting in white lights that spilled past the heavy silhouette. Hand raised to shield his eyes, if only to let them adjust to the newly given brightness as his new guest entered the room.