you think queue know me~

And the sad, tragic truth is that people never change, no matter how much you want them to.
—  D.P

I could do without a tan, 
on my left hand, 
where my fourth finger meets my knuckle. 

For @bioforensics


—  A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. Two is enough. (Matthew Stover)

~hiatus extended to [TBD]~

because not even the smoke from 1000 cigars infused into my lungs or various drugs messing with my head could influence me the way she did, and man, was I addicted.
—  she’s my addiction // D.P
We carried a love deeper than the ocean but I guess the water isn’t for everyone.
—  I really thought we could swim // D.P

         ❛ so you can move fire on your own? fascination is clear in her gaze ; all the while, her careful gaze follows after the boy’s movements. fire’s light illuminate each of his gestures. his movements prove almost hypnotic ( aggressive as they might seem ). perplexed enthusiasm brings a bright, animated smile. how… ? ❜ // @firebcrn liked.

out of dreams;; i already mentioned that university is pretty stressful right now and influencing my time on here, but i’ve also been feeling bad for a long time now. i wanna be here more bc it provides distraction, but sometimes i can’t get myself to do anything at all. again, i’m trying to at least make sure my queue keeps running. just think of this as a heads up that maybe i’ll be really active on here one day and then not actively doing things the next. i’m sorry. 

Everyone’s telling me that I need to let go of you but how do I let go of the one person who made it possible to hold on?
—  D.P

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“So, as far as I see it, you’ve got three options. Either you let me go, you try and fight me, or you try and kiss me. Only two of those options will end with you alive. Choose wisely.

I could be offered the world in exchange for falling in love again but never will I ever take that deal because the pain outweighs the happiness and it just isn’t worth it.
—  D.P

@atomiism ♥’d for the Criminal Canary

“Aw, how cute, a walking talking tin can,” Sara smirked, deftly twirling her twin blades in graceful hands. There was no shortage of weird vigilantes around - with powers or tech alike. But no matter. Very few were ever a match for Sara.

And most weren’t a match for very long.

Her head cocked in faux though, smile more a bearing of teeth than anything genuine. “Think I can put you in a trash compactor and recycle you after I kick your ass?”


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