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Ben Winston and James have always been part of the solo Harry build up. They've been at it for years. Are you surprised they're emerging into the limelight to show how very involved they are now its time to pull out all the stops to try to propel him to megastardom as planned? Its the implications of it that piss me right off. Harry is just naturally a superstar so he gets a week. 1D t, Louis, Niall and possibly Liam (if he ever gets to release his music) by contrast are just ordinary celebs.

Anon, am I surprised? Absolutely not. I think the desperation of Harry’s team is showing itself loud and clear.

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I've been out all day. Can you pls tell me what happened in this damn fandom today?

- Louis and Elk got papped, they look like they hate each other, she looks awful

- Harry got papped, thousands of pics with stalkers

- Harry got a Jackson, Arlo, and bee tattoo (bee might not be 100% confirmed, but it’s like 98% sure)

- Larry is real 

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Whatever you do, DON'T think about Harry blowing raspberries on Louis' tummy and also sleeping with his face on it cause it's soft and pretty and also giving him lovebites all over it making Louis squirm and giggle

Just Breathe

This is definitely new territory for Louis.  And he likes it.

He wants to take care of Harry.  Wants everything with him.  Rationally, he knows Harry is a big boy (pun fully intended), but he also knows that there is a vulnerability to him, something Louis thinks maybe he’s the only one who has ever been privileged enough to see.  

It’s spellbinding, is what it is.  Because Louis has been traveling through life with one singular plan.  Finish school.  Get a job.  Be successful.  Maybe find someone to share it with, but that’s always been secondary to his success. Until he met Harry.

Harry snuffles next to him, and Louis feels the smile spreading across his face before he can stop it, a fresh wave of protectiveness washing over him.  He snuggles down under the covers further, and lets the softness of Harry’s back against his chest calm him, tug him back into that place of sleepiness — not quite alert, caught between sleep and wakefulness.

For a moment, he lets the memories from last night wash over him.  He remembers sinking inside of Harry and feeling the incredible heat of him surround him in every way.  He can hear Harry’s moans in his head right now, and it makes his tummy flip in a wild tumult of butterflies, ending in a delicious drag deep in his groin.  He remembers wanting to make it so good for his boy, so, so good.  He knows he shook with the need to stave off his own release because he wanted Harry to go first.  Wanted Harry to just let go.  He wanted to be the one to make that happen.  Wanted to see everything, feel everything.

With Harry.

Read the rest here.

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you know what, if HL WERE broken up then I think 100% Harry would be using this album to come out. And I think a lot of people who are pressed about him being in the closet still are like that because they thought that too. If he came out alone it would be that much easier to believe HL broke up and all these nasty things about Louis, but that's not happening and people know the reason it's not happening. :)

Oooh, you think Houies were secretely waiting for him to come out alone during this promo? That’s what they hoped?? To be assured Louis was the one wanitng the closet while Harry was out there ready to move on on his own?

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"I know it's hard to stomach but not all people are going to be superstars." Louis wrote most of 1d songs, asshole. You are crying over his lyrics, his dreams, his "depest love". If louis didn't stand for band, they were still trying to sell this band to kids, you ungrateful stupid

louis was buried in stunts and beards and never given a chance to shine. this started during the x factor. 

from the very beginning it was never a fair playing field and anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron.

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All I can think is that it's not supposed to be this exhausting to be fans of something. It's supposed to be fun? And enjoyable? And I love OT4, but like they shld want me to be excited about their projects, their music, etc. being a fan of something means there's an output for you to be a fan of. And ppl can say it's Dunkirk, but Harry didn't even tweet the trailer?? Idk what's happening there, but ppl need to see his social media is being as mismanaged as Louis'.

It’s not supposed to be this exhausting, and that makes me very very sad because I love these four boys with my entire heart and I think they deserve better, but I also think we deserve better. I’m definitely sticking around, but it’s very disheartening to witness this kind of bullshit day after day. And I agree with your points about Harry’s social media.

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It wasn't a hack? It's nearly impossible to hack from an iPhone and it was up for 38 minutes. The link wasn't a porn link for the 30 minutes but someone redirected it to that tumblr. Therefore it was deleted. He's not a random person, don't you think it would have been deleted immediately after it was tweeted (like when their management would post from their account and delete it RIGHT after because there was a typo or WRONG LINK). 🤔

it was a hack, why would harry post a photo of louis out of the blue when we know harry rarely uses twitter at all. the ambiguous link is a huge red flag why do you think he would post a random link??? it got taken down rather quick, 38 minutes is quick

remember when harry accidentally liked a nsfw tweet in 2014 and it stayed in his likes all night until he woke up the next morning and deleted it, and liked a bunch of pictures of kitties and puppies. that’s what it looks like when harry does something by accident

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Harry selling his public house, both of them were MIA for the majority of Harry's bday, Louis skipped one day of promo and tweeted. They all tweeted. Now we also have OTP4 articles and the narritive 'H&L hate each other' destroyed again. Plus Harry has a new ring and tattoo as a bonus 😊 it's all very 👀👀👀👀

Jan 1st, Danielle
Feb 1 st, all the things you mention
March 1st, ??
April 1st, ??
May 1st, ??

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what can it mean that he's wearing the pin openly??? I scoffed at a post a while back that said they were seeding for Harry coming out, but now I'm a little thrown off?

I don’t think it’s necessarily a seeding for coming out. I just think he can do what he wants a bit more and he doesn’t really care who sees him wearing a rainbow pin. I think he’s just being himself a bit more and positioning himself where he wants 

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You know what's interesting? Yes, I know it's a more radio friendly song, but Pillowtalk outsold JHO, SOTT, and TT combined in first week sales. Wow! And Niall & Harry had full label support while Louis had massive fan support. And Zayn definitely did not have full 1d fandom support, nor the level of promo that Harry & Niall had. So that must have been more casual music fans. It's just interesting to look outside the Harry vs Louis comparisons to see that Zayn actually lapped them all.

I know!!  I was actually talking about this with someone last night. I think it’s a combination of pillowtalk being a total banger, like you said- radio friendly (I remember hearing it randomly when I was on vacation and a friend totally not into anything one direction related being like “ooh who is this? I Like this”), and the first to break away from One Direction giving him that extra bit of press even if his team didn’t fully push it as much as Harry’s team in particular is pushing him.  Maybe while it pissed off fandom, the whole #realmusic thing actually worked?  Same with Zigi- especially with her in the video (and didn’t that drop at the same time or at least pretty close?).  It’s fascinating, right?  

I just can’t wrap my head around the cruelty of having Louis prance around living the biggest lies of his life against his will, and on the other hand seeing Harry being allowed to go to a game with a rainbow pin on, making an album with proper promotional support, and being able to wear and express himself the way he wants to (i’m sure there are limitations, but still - it’s clear he’s allowed a lot more freedom at the moment). 

And it’s not that I don’t support Harry or don’t want him to succeed, because I do and I got up at 5:30 to watch SNL live, I’ve pre-ordered his album on iTunes and ordered the most expensive bundle of music from his own website, but the purposeful and deliberate contrast it provides with Louis’ situation is very painful to see. Because I don’t doubt for a second that it is being done on purpose. Louis is being punished for god knows what, and it makes me so mad because we as fans can’t do anything except stand by idly and support the shit out of him whenever he’s finally allowed to actually make art, rather than pose for some stupid narrative-supporting photo-op with his PR girlfriend. 

You’re blind if Eleanor and Louis look happy together, or think they have chemistry together.

You’re blind if you think Louis’ team has ever done ANYTHING to promote or support his music and career properly or appropriately. You’re blind if you think it’s normal that Steve Aoki and his team are the only ones who’ve pushed the song, who’ve promoted their collaboration and continue to do so - and who’ve openly liked comments condemning Louis’ management. 

This doesn’t even have anything to do with Harry and Louis being together or not -  it’s just disrespectful to erase Louis’ musicality and ambition and potential , and to reduce him to this person who all he has to live up to is being in a heterosexual relationship with a fame-hungry unsuccessful lifestyle/fashion blogger that promote sportswear together.

And that is in itself already a lot to have to deal with on a daily basis, but then having to contrast that with his bandmate getting the chance to shine and being recognized for his talent - for who he is - makes it a lot worse. 

Because I want Louis to get that same opportunity too. 

The Case Of the Half-Hearted Tattoo

OK, everyone settle down. 

There’s no conspiracy or cover-up or media manipulation or anything else. It’s just new information about one of Harry’s tattoos. 

Harry has a half-heart tattoo, like one of those “best friends” necklaces. According to an interview released this morning, longtime friend Nathan Followill has the other half:

This answers a very much open question, whether two photos – out of ALL the photos we have of Louis – show a half-heart tattoo. Some have always said yes, others have always said no:

Whether there’s a half-heart on Louis’ chest or not (I don’t see it, myself) there certainly is one on Nathan’s chest. Whether Nathan’s heart matches Harry’s or not (if so, it’s a bit of a hack job) he says it does. 

This is not a problem. It’s just an explanation for one of Harry’s many tattoos. A friendship tattoo that he got with a friend. 

Harry has lots of tattoos for lots of people. His mom. Gemma. The Green Bay Packers. He’s got the word “Pingu” in his armpit to match Ed Sheeran’s Pingu tattoo. 

He also has these:

As little of a problem as this is, Harry and Louis knew that it would be a big problem for us. 

The half-heart idea is beloved Larrie Lore. I define Larrie Lore as any idea we’ve adopted, despite shaky evidence, because we want to, dammit. Most of the time we’re very open about the “I wish to believe this, thus it is fact, fight me” nature of Larrie Lore. We’ll reply to a chunk of utter headcanon with “#Confirmed”, the sort of cheeky hyperbole that is very often misunderstood outside our realm and leads to comments like “OMG y'all stfu y'all dumb af y'all Larries really believe Harry is an ALIEN!" 

We have deep affection for our Larrie Lore. And in some cases, it’s taken as fact. Furthermore, when Larrie Lore is debunked, antis go into an absolute feeding frenzy. It’s savage.

So when Harry and Louis knew the concept of the shared half-heart tattoo would be debunked, they knew that some of us would be sad, and some of us would be shaken, and all of us would be attacked.

So Harry went out of his way to tell us that he is friendly not only with Nathan but with Nathan’s lovely and talented wife, Jessie Baylin, and with their gorgeous child. Translation: “this is not a romance, kids.” 

And Louis went out of his way to tell us — with a warning selfie, no less – that the dagger and the rose are important. That we should stop and really think about this.

Translation:"I didn’t get the dagger for you to be a weak Larrie now.”

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Im not saying this just to be a Larry but everyone thinks that the tat says "Jaci" or something but it could be "Louis" or "Louie" in very fancy font. Compare the earlier pics of the tat to the style of font and you'll see what Im getting at. Louis may have to cover his because its in plain site and obvi to see.

I don’t think he’d get Louis names tattooed 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:some harries told me that harry hates my country (Argentina) but i cant find proof that he does, i think they’re just fooling me

They’re definitely fooling you. Don’t believe this people 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I am sure Louis wears all rainbows possible when he is alone. Curled up into a rainbow blanket, in his “STRONG” socks, with his matching rainbow mug. 💙💚🏳️‍🌈


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your ask about fics where harry fucked up and didn't apologize enough reminded me of something: i feel like lately i've only read fics where harry is "the bad guy". i'm not good at explaining it, but basically, like, where louis is friends with all of the boys first and they protect him and harry is the new guy and when he fucks up everyone is mad at him. so, my question is: do you know any fics where it's the other way around? (idk sometimes i feel like harry is mistreated in some fics)

hi! i think i get what you mean. the thing is (and you should totally check out addy and lexy’s discussion on this) that the fandom perception of harry and louis changes in waves over time. so fics that were published around the time of louis’ closet coming down hard on him as well as eleanor being shoved into the picture (so about 2013-2014) really showed him as the fandom saw him, which was emotionally distant, closed-off, and sometimes mean to harry. 

then there was a switch, probably late 2014 to early 2015-ish, that saw harry becoming the “problem” in the relationship, and that evolution came from the sudden influx of panic about harry sleeping with jeff, xander, or any other guy he stood next to. when it was a woman he was linked to, it was easy to brush off, but these were new rumors and people took them to heart. 

going into 2016, i think the vibe changed once again as louis’ baby drama started unfolding. fandom wanted (and still wants) to reach out and protect louis, but we can’t, so we do it through fics. and harry is still villainized because, according to general fandom thought at the moment, harry is a big movie star guy and not worried about his old bandmates at all. add to that the massive differences in their current images of louis as the ~average guy laddy lad, while harry is sort of Otherworldly and Special and not like anyone else (which he is! but i’d argue that louis is too, even though most people don’t see him that way). those are both general fandom/pop culture world ideas, and the larrie community generally dismisses that sort of stuff, but it can still trickle in. 

that’s way more than you were asking for, haha, but i think it’s a fascinating phenomenon. it’s almost like when you’re in a TV show fandom, and every new season the characters develop and the fics that follow are completely different than the ones from the year before. we react to what we’ve been shown and what we’ve gone through, and that turns up in our fics. 

as far as some fics where louis is the outsider/one who fucks up: 

Larry on reality TV

*hendall photos leak*

louis tomlinson: I don’t know why all these hoes think they can steal my man, so if you’re asking if im stressed the answer is no.

Louis Tomlinson:ok i don’t even care

louis tomlinson: its just sad to know he turned down a whole birthday cake for an underdone pancake on new years eve

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Louis tomlinson: but i don’t care though, not my problem

kendall you can come out now we all know you have a lesbian crush on cara

Louis tomlinson-who told her she could speak? oh you think this is embarassing, you know whats even more embarassing? that you think harry wants to put his big gay dick inside of you, NEWSFLASH property of louis.

harry styles: my husband is mad at me for “cheating on him” but i told him i was going to be kendall’s beard until she had the courage to come out he was okay with it i dont know what happened.

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LOuis Tomlinson; ok but look me in the eye and tell me hendall is realer than larry

Louis tomlinson: you might as well shut your eyes for the rest of your life cause its not

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Harry styles: louis is cute when hes jealous all smol and angry.

louis tomlinson: someone get him out of this episode, today we are not larry im Louis and you’re Harry. i own this bitch i donut remember inviting you into this episode. 


Louis tomlinson: no ass for a week everytime kim says kanye in one episode of KUWTK I’m louis bITch

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Harry styles: I’m sorry.

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Louis tomlinson: haha look who already missing the cake.

Niall to liam: ok its ur turn to listen to harry cry, ill take louis.

Imagine if this just..

Harry: oh my god I think my water just broke.

Louis: harry–


Louis: Harry you know its not possib–

Harry: dont you even say it.

Louis: Harry there is no way you’re going to have a child come out of your dick.

Harry: Well it sure isn’t coming out of my ass.

Zayn: The fuck is going on here?

Louis: Harry thinks I got him pregnant so he thinks his water just broke and he also thinks he’s about to have a kid out of his dick that’s what’s going on zayn.

Zayn: Nevermind. *Puts hands up in
surrender and leaves*

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Hi. I just want to say that I know that I am only a fan. I find it a bit funny that people act like /I/ am the one who thinks I know Louis. In reality, stalkers (your term, not mine. I am not a stalker) are not stupid, as you all think. We just simply accept what we are told because we know it's none of our business either way. Who Louis is dating (whether it be Danielle, Harry, etc) doesn't effect me. So why question? I know I'm not his friend & I LIKE being a fan xx

I also just want to add that One Direction is not my entire life :) In fact, I’m not even in LA at the moment! I’m going to school literally all the way across the country. I go on my update account in my freetime (much like you probably go on this blog..however I go on my update account considerably less so not sure how me having it makes my life revolve around 1D?) I am a fan of lots of other things. 1D isn’t everything. Please learn this and please stop talking about me.

Oh Jordyn, hello there.  You sent these messages late last night and I was going to leave well enough alone, turn the other cheek and ignore you.  But against my better judgement I am responding because you decided to once again be gross on twitter today by saying that older Larries should go spend more time taking care of their children. So here I am breaking my own rules.

I have so many points to make but I think I’m going to just go about this in the order of things you brought up.

1) “I find it a bit funny that people act like /I/ am the one thinks I know Louis.”  

Honey. Please. You go on and on about how Louis knows you and how he recognizes you and how he chooses to talk on the phone to you over taking pictures with other fans, even if you don’t think you know Louis you most certainly want people to think that.  This is all your doing.  Sadly I do think Louis knows you since you stalk him, but it is because he is probably terrified by you, definitely disgusted by you, and without a doubt using you to spread the lies he needs out there.  

2) “In reality, stalkers (your term, not mine.  I am not a stalker) are not stupid as you all think.  We just simply accept what we are told because we know it’s none of our business either way.”

See the thing is stalker isn’t a term I’ve made up, it’s a part of the English language and you fit the definition to a tee.  So lets review.  A stalker is a “person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person” or “a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.”  So yes you are without a doubt by both definitions of the word 100% a stalker, and I will continue to call you as such.  

Ahh the ability to blindly accept what one is told in the face of all evidence to the contrary.  What a problem to have.  The fact that you simply accept what you are told when you have been slapped in the face over and over again with evidence to the contrary only shows me how stupid you actually are.  I would be so incredibly embarrassed if I just accepted what I was told, yet that is the thing you choose to hang your hat on.  

I find it interesting that you chose to bring up that it is none of your business.  Because that is an interesting point coming from you. Please clarify for me where exactly your business begins and where it ends.  Does your business include stealing Louis British Airways account number?  Does your business include then using that information to be able to track his flights and letting your friends and paps know when he will be arriving/departing places?  Does your business include announcing the birth of the child you think he fathered?  Does your business include stealing his friends phone? Does your business include Oliver? Does your business include updating other people on his whereabouts?  Does your business include hiding out to spy on him and following his car around? So please do tell what exactly covers your business.  I’ll wait.

4) “Who Louis is dating (whether it be Danielle, Harry, etc.) doesn’t effect me. So why question?”

If that is true does the same standard apply to Harry?  Because if it does why did you need to talk to Xander to question what his relationship with Harry was?  Was the dick pic you got in return reward enough for you? 

5) “I also just want to add that One Direction is not my entire life :) In fact, I’m not even in LA at the moment! I’m going to school literally all the way across the country. I go on my update account in my freetime (much like you probably go on this blog..however I go on my update account considerably less so not sure how me having it makes my life revolve around 1D?) I am a fan of lots of other things. 1D isn’t everything.”

Good, I am legitimately glad you have other interests.  That is healthy.  How about you don’t passive aggressively judge the amount of time you think I spend though?

6) “Please learn this and please stop talking about me.”

How about we make a deal?  You stop treating Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall like they are zoo animals to be observed. You stop misleading people. You stop stalking people or enabling other people to stalk them. You stop demeaning groups of people. When you do all of those things then I will stop talking about you.  Until then I will continue to make it clear how disgusting your behavior is and how it should in no way be condoned.