you think it's just an original way to make the show cool

So just a tip for any artists/DnD players, lets you make custom figurines with different races, bodies, poses, outfits, weapons, ect. The main purpose of this is to buy your own custom figurines, which is cool itself. Something else that I use it for is using it to make the character that you want to draw, and having a 3d model reference. Its great as an artists reference.

And if youre not an artist, but you want to show people what you think your character would look like, you can make one and send it to people. That way if you cant draw, you can still give people a visual representation.

And if you have the money, and are a big DnD nerd, you could always create your character and have your own physical figurine of your DnD character!

Its super helpful, and fun no matter what kind of interests you have.

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I'd argue that Lego batjokes is promoting abuse too. I am so uncomfortable seeing a kid's film blatantly depict a character that is a rapist as 'cute' and I'm disappointed with people that are saying things like 'as long as I only ship the Lego versions it's ok'. No, romanticizing and making rapists and abusers cute is not ok. At all.

Okay,, as much as i was gonna agree with you and…I don’t think you’re gonna believe this, but the shitty rapist/abusive side of joker was an interpretation of the Joker by a Different Person just like Legoverse Joker. Theyre not written the same way. Joker wasn’t originally written as rapist or as abusive. Alan Moore did that because he thinks hes cool or some shit. And literally the creators of TLBM went thru history and information of Batman, its not like they didn’t know this version of the Joker. I mean, you’re not wrong that kids movies and shows shouldnt paint rapists and abusive characters into a brighter light, but a different writer was the one that wrote him and interpreted him as a rapist. On Joker’s wiki: “As in the comics, the character’s personality and appearance shift; he is campy, ferocious or unstable, depending on the author and the intended audience

Now if you’ll excuse me, I would really like to get back to sleep bc I am very, very tired. Thanks.

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