you think i'm reading too much into it


the kind of storytelling that car boys is, the culmination of improvised comedy and storytelling, the game behaving in ways nobody expects, fan interpretations of the games behavior, and coming back around to nick and griffin including fans thoughts when coming up with new sitatuions and jokes to form the story, is amazing. it’s almost like reading cave paintings because the audience is taking something they see but don’t fully understand and making a story out of something someone else created. and nick and griffin have a lot element of control but not all of it. unlike the creators of cave paintings.

car boys is a story with 3 distinct authors: nick and griffin, the itself, and the audience. we wouldn’t have anything without nick and griffin venturing into the game, it would always be just nick and griffin dicking around with cars if the game didn’t glitch in such interesting and wild ways, and the glitches would just be funny and (if a little weird) if the audience didn’t interpret them as being extremely powerful and their own entity.

the shows ending is BUCKWILD but it’s believable because we know the game is also a capable author. nick and griffin were windows into the show for the audince and it’s believable that they got phsyically sucked into it and trapped there forever, because we’ve accepted the game does what it wants, outside of nick’s control.

and this can say a lot about our understaning of the internet and how we engage with it. but, again, none of it was planned and it would just be fan interpretation providing that deeper meaning. and, fans reading too much into the show is what made the finale that huge moment it turned out to be.

what a miracle of a show. i can’t wait to see more stuff like it, since i can’t think of anything that uses a similar kind of storytelling right now.

Random (and maybe pointless) observation - but there’s this moment in 4x03 where a couple walks past Blake and she kinda looks at them and is clearly upset as they pass

It’s almost as if she’s jealous or longing for something/someone. Why I think that’s interesting is because if it was Sun, then why didn’t they have a moment (or she have a moment) when she saw him of like “I missed you” or anything like that? Seeing him was a shock, and it kind of irritated her and that’s why I’m glad that she didn’t see Yang in V4. 

I’ve always felt that holding the it off made her eventual reunion with Yang more important. Sun’s reentry in her life was quick and anti-climactic. He was there and she was like “fine” and there was no angst or drama or feeling. 

This shot though, tells me that there’s clearly someone on Blake’s mind that she’s missing.

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Oi, Cassie! I was reading TotSA and I stopped to think about the Herondale family. We know that Kit is a Shadowhunter. But I was thinking... Is Johnny Rook a Shadowhunter too? I can't remember if this fact was clear in LM. And if the Shadowhunter one was his mom? We don't know much about her. And I don't know if we will explore more about Kit's past in the next books... I'm just a little confused about it. Was Kit's mom just a mundane?

Johnny Rook was I guess what you would call a dormant or latent Shadowhunter. As Shadowhunter blood is dominant, he could have been a Shadowhunter had he ever chosen to be Marked or trained or anything like that but as we know from, for instance, Tessa’s mother, you can spend your whole life not knowing you’re a a Shadowhunter and not being too affected. 

We don’t know anything about Kit’s mom – yet.


When Chloé adopts Ladybug’s moves.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

Pixelator / Numéric


The Evillustrator / Le Dessinateur

The Black Envelope: Forget Me

PART THREE of The Black Envelope series

OTHER PARTS: Sehun | Jongin | | Kyungsoo | Chanyeol | Minseok | Baekhyun | Jongdae | Yixing

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Kim Joonmyeon (Suho of EXO) x Reader

Genre: Angst, the sad kind; Arranged Marriage/Soulmate!AU; a hint of comedy because I can’t write proper angst

Summary: You knew he was the one from the moment you met him. To him, a friend was all you were and would ever be.

Word Count: 2,8K

“(Y/n)! Come on! Your future husband is here!” Your sister called from downstairs. To say that you were nervous would be an understatement.

You had never met Joonmyeon before but you knew that according to the law the two of you were meant to marry each other. That made the situation awkward, to say the least. It meant that there would be the awkward first meeting, first date, first kiss, and wedding. You were sure you wouldn’t be as lucky as your sister who had married the most wonderful woman that completed her.

“Coming!” You called out nevertheless and took a deep breath before opening the door of your room and heading downstairs. You had barely walked down three steps when you heard his voice. It was melodic, he was laughing at something your sister’s fiancee had said. It was at that moment that you changed your mind – you were ready to meet him finally.

“There s/he is!” Your mother’s voice called out, “Come on down, (Y/n)! Joonmyeon has been waiting for you!”

With another deep breath taken in, you walked down the flight of the stairs and over to the living room where your family was waiting for you. You offered him a shy smile to which he responded with a blinding kind grin. He was more handsome than the photos had let you on.

“Hello! You must be (Y/n), right? I’m glad I finally get to meet you!” Joonmyeon declared and walked over to give you a tight hug, swinging you from side to side as his arms wrapped around you.

This had to be the happiest day of your life.

Kyungsoo frowned, his narrowed eyes following the swift movements of Joonmyeon as the said cafe owner flirted with yet another customer while preparing a cup of hot tea. There was a wide bright smile on Joonmyeon’s face as per usual. You loved his smile and Kyungsoo knew it.

Your friend then sighed and murmured to you, “You still haven’t told him?”

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It’s not “insane” to hypothesise that homosexuality might have been hated before women were. Gender serves both to separate the sexes into a “natural” complementary dichotomy (by magnifying the biological differences between them and creating artificial ones), and to enshrine and justify male supremacy. Gender has both a “male / female = yin / yang” side and a “male / female = dominant / submissive” side. Gay men are oppressed by the first one (because the natural complementary yin / yang aspect posits homosexuality as inferior, less natural, less fitting, making less sense) and privileged by the second one, which posits their sex as superior. Bi/het women are oppressed by the second one (the dominant / submissive side) and privileged by the first one, which posits their sexuality as superior. Lesbians are oppressed by both.

Radfems believe that the two have always been intrinsically linked, that the only purpose of that first aspect is to justify and solidify the second aspect (i.e. the more separate and different the two sexes are, the easier it is to claim that one is superior to the other), or that the first aspect exists only because of the second one (i.e. the artificial differences between the two sexes exist because men avoid doing “women things” because they hate women). In other words, they downplay the aspect that privileges them by defining it as a mere auxiliary to the one that oppresses them. By that logic, anything that reinforces that first aspect only reinforces their oppression, not their privilege. It’s a particularly useful logic when they do or say things that reinforce it.
But, although it’s difficult today to separate the two as they have become so entangled and synergistic - it’s possible that they weren’t originally linked, that the complementary yin / yang aspect was conceived first (as e-h said, in the context of the early hetero creation myths, for example) and that the dominant / submissive aspect was added to it later. It’s possible that the concept of the male / female pairing as natural & superior, vs. male / male or female / female = unnatural & inferior, existed before “male = superior vs. female = inferior”.

After all, you don’t need to believe that men are superior to women in order to believe that heterosexuality is superior to homosexuality. Homophobic radfems keep proving it. Deep down, a lot of bihet radfems believe that homosexuality is less natural than heterosexuality. You see this mentality on tumblr constantly (”how dare you suggest bi/het women stop dating men” vs. “being in a lesbian relationship is a luxury” = how can you expect me to resist the overpowering urges of my deep-rooted natural hetero attraction vs. homosexuality is a shallow bourgeois indulgence) but also in those “feminist utopia” books written by 2nd-wavers in which lesbianism no longer has any reason to exist now that women are liberated from male domination.

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Hi there. I saw your post on how life is at SCAD majoring wise and was curious about what one might do if a school doesn't offer a sequential program. I wanted to go to scad, but due to finances and travel the option was less afforadable than another art school. Would you have any suggestions on what one could do to study sequential art on their own? Books, online course suggestions? (I apologize if this is a lot of questions, I completely understand if I'm asking too much.)

Hey! So having only gone to SCAD I’m no expert, but here’s what I’d do, as someone who is currently trying to get into comics. I’m starting from only an illustration background, so it’s challenging, but I think it’s very doable!

First of all, any traditional drawing skills classes you can take in or out of school would be great. Figure drawing, perspective drawing, construction drawing, and so on. Basically building up the skills to be able to draw most things out of your head and have them look reasonably convincing.

Secondly, read comics! You’ll have a much easier time learning to make comics if you’ve read lots of them and generally understand how they work. Make sure to read both webcomics and “classic” print comics, and try ones from different places! American comics are very different from Japanese comics, which themselves are very different from Belgian or French comics.

Lastly, here’s a list of books I’ve bought for classes and for myself, that I’ve found helpful

  • Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud - What it says on the tin. This goes over a lot of the structure of comics as it’s understood, and covers a lot of central concepts we’ve all experienced in reading comics but probably never thought about. If nothing else it’s a fun read!
  • Making Comics - Scott McCloud - Similar to the first one, but covers more angles of the art of actually MAKING comics. Reading this always gets me pumped to draw
  • The Five C’s of Cinematography - Joseph V. Mascelli (can probably get this one for free as a PDF. I got it for like $6 on Amazon) - Admittedly haven’t read this yet but it’s required reading for a class I have next quarter and comes strongly recommended. I assume it covers a lot of the fundamentals of framing a shot, timing action, and so on that apply to comics as well as film.
  • Rapid Viz - Kurt Hanks (same as above. Can probably get it for free. I got it used for real cheap) - Great intro to perspective and construction drawing! Also has a lot of exercises in it that are worth doing if you’re a beginner to constructing forms on the page. If you have no idea how to draw a gun or a car or a building, this has stuff in it that you’re gonna want.
  • Color and Light - James Gurney - Got this for myself because my color needs work. This focuses more on traditional painting, but has a ton of great info about how light works and how it translates to painting. This is a great supplement to a color theory class, and has beautiful artwork in it as well! James Gurney also has a website and youtube channel with videos that I’ve found useful or inspiring in the past.
  • Creative Illustration - Andrew Loomis - Loomis is often pretty dated, but this book covers some veeerrrryyyy important fundamentals on composition. Stuff I still struggle with a lot. Also, once again, this whole thing is available for free as a PDF!
  • Just a whole bunch of art books. Never enough art books. Here’s my shelf. Note: not enough art books.

    (Edit: The best art book I own is The Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Highly recommend this one even if you’re not into the game. It has some gorgeous art, but more importantly some nice iterations in the design process and a lot of good commentary about design decisions. This is everything I want from an art book. The game rocks too. Can’t wait for the new one!)

“I want this to be a letter to myself on my bad days. when it feels numb, when you are drowning in the sadness, when it feels like you can’t go on anymore. Remember all you have overcome and all you have to live for. all you want to accomplish.the lives you want to change. remember leusner, maddie, and your sister. the 3 people who will always be family. remember all the nights you thought about ending it, and remember all the mornings you woke up. even when you didn’t think you could. remember that whats coming is better than what has passed. remember that you are stronger than this feeling. you have beaten depression everyday for 6 years because you are alive. even if you are not yet living. you are here and that is worth something. hang on to that. hang on to your good days. and if it ever becomes too much it is not failure to ask for help. remember to stay alive for the little boy in the backseat. you are alive, stay that way.”

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Yamaguchi in a sunhat or/and Tsukki reading a book at the beach.

This was such a nice idea! Sunhat Yams is a very cute Yams yes! Maybe I will color it on a later time. 

And I just had to add this too. 

Thank you so much for sending this to me! 
(I had to use a ref for the sunhat, google is your friend) 

What your Yu-Gi-Oh DM OTP says about you
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Angstshipping:</b> as the name implies, you like to suffer<p/><b>Apprenticeshipping:</b> keeps their cards together in a Keychain or smthn<p/><b>Ardentshipping:</b> team edward<p/><b>Arrogantshipping:</b> probably likes getting stepped on<p/><b>Azureshipping:</b> likes to write 'fix kaiba-kun' stories<p/><b>Blueshipping:</b> projects self onto kisara<p/><b>Buddyshipping:</b> you're my one and bronly<p/><b>Corruptshipping:</b> likes chains<p/><b>Devotionshipping:</b> probably dislikes Mai<p/><b>Domashipping:</b> I respect you<p/><b>Euroshipping:</b> you've probably got a think for crackships<p/><b>Heartshipping:</b> noble people who protect those who are overlooked<p/><b>Peachshipping:</b> nice taste I approve<p/><b>Polarshipping:</b> is a good person who likely enjoys leather<p/><b>Prideshipping:</b> over analyzes everything and is a slave to character development<p/><b>Protectshipping:</b> someone you can watch Disney movies with<p/><b>Puppyshipping:</b> I'm honestly not sure<p/><b>Puzzleshipping:</b> has probably shipped it since their first yaoi phase and reads too much into the use of 'aibou'<p/><b>Replayshipping:</b> is secretly a girl scout<p/><b> Revolutionshipping:</b> desperately clings onto hope that yami feels the same about anzu<p/><b>Rivalshipping:</b> total sucker for traditional uke/seme dynamics let's be real<p/><b>Sparkleshipping:</b> I like the way you think<p/><b>Tendershipping:</b> really likes the SAW movies<p/><b>Thiefshipping:</b> probably has a shrine or two<p/><b>Trustshipping:</b> has two kids<p/><b>Vaseshipping:</b> a truly carefree spirit<p/><b>Wishshipping:</b> a true defender of justice but probably couldn't hurt a fly tbh<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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How do you make time to read so much AND be online in your free time?! I have so much I wish to read, but life and obligations and unexpected appointments keep getting in my way. There are days when, in my only bit of free time, I am just too exhausted to read. Do you have any advice on how to juggle these things?

I’ve been thinking how to answer this because the answer is wrapped up in a lot of shame and defensiveness though I know that wasn’t anybody’s intent. 

I have a mental illness that involves things I generally don’t talk about with people such as paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, mixed with a mood disorder that adds its own complications. Due to this I’m unable to work, socialize with people outside a few, participate in what most people think of as daily living. I’m not a shut-in though I would be if it weren’t for some exceptional people in my life. 

I’ve been dealing with mental illness in some way since i was about eleven but I used to work, got my degree, ran an at-one-point large online support group & resource for those who engage(d) in self-destructive behaviors, advocated for and participated in studies involving self-destructive behaviors, media stuff like interviews for articles, wrote content that I put online, all of which also involved being sysadmin and programming, 

I shut down the support group/website in Fall 2016 after having run it since my teens and turned my attention to this blog, some other related social media projects, and reading lit, side interests that kept growing larger and that I wasn’t burned out on.

Sorry for writing so much but I have extra time for reading for the above reasons, It’s not something I do entirely for pleasure but neither is it to just fill up time. I rarely look at my dash or just browse for pleasure because of the guilt.

So I can’t answer your questions because from the sound of it we live in entirely different worlds. Again, sorry for writing all this.

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after that kidnaping post I feel like I need some family comedy in my life. idk I could totally see keith being the person that could read smut with a straight face(as long as it's not directed towards him it's all cool). So one day keith is editing this sex scene and writing constructive criticism for the author and shiro reads it over his shoulder and is scandalize(your reading that at the family table?!) and keith just shrugs and says: how do you think I found out i'm ace?

I am laughing so hard because this is just hilarious! LMAO THANK YOU. This is a great prompt and I hope not to disappoint XD

[The Voltron Family] The three kids were in the kitchen trying to bake cookies with Hunk leading them considering he was 11 now and Lance was 10 and Pidge was 9. Keith was in the breakfast table, monitoring them making sure not to make too much mess on a Saturday morning—all while working on a new author he was handling. It was a bit different from his usual ones, which were young adult novels, but Keith was open to new things—this manuscript being aimed at 18 and above. 

Basically it had smut. The manuscript was thick, and currently he was reading the sex scene and he couldn’t help but criticize it. Not only the writing, but the way the sex was happening between two guys. Keith kept knitting his eyebrows in frustration as he scribbled using his red pen on the sides for notes.

Better think this one through. I don’t believe it could stretch that much. Take this from me, I know. 

This is just honestly too unsanitary. Revise. 

I’m not kink shaming but, this is absolutely impossible to do. Revise or think of another kink. 

Hunk: Daddy Keith, how many cups of sugar again?
Keith: *looks up* Just one cup, baby. *smiles*

Keith went back to reading with a straight face while his kids laughed at how Lance couldn’t get to crack an egg right. 

Keith: Make sure to wash your hands, Lance. And Pidge, pick up that wooden spoon and wash it if you’re going to use it again. *goes back to reading*

Shiro joined them in the kitchen all fresh and clean after his workout. He saw Keith sitting on the stool by the breakfast table, reading while looking so bored but he’d bend down to write a thing or two. The kids spotted him and signaled them to hush it as he walked over behind Keith to wrap his arms around Keith’s tummy and resting his chin on Keith’s shoulder.

Shiro: Good morning, red bean. *kisses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: *hums in acknowledgement* *nuzzles his cheek on Shiro’s* *continues to concentrate reading* 
Shiro: *smiles* *hugs Keith tighter*

Shiro’s eyes wandered on the manuscript Keith was reading and it started out great and then suddenly he read the sex scenes and he detached himself from Keith, looking absolutely scandalized.

Shiro: *taps Keith* *whispers* YOU’RE READING THAT IN THE FAMILY TABLE?!!! *looks at the kids pointedly* WITH THE KIDS IN THE KITCHEN?! 
Keith: *turns around to look at Shiro* *raises eyebrow* You say that as if I’m reading smut to the kids out loud.
Shiro: *blushes* But Keith! That’s so… *whispers* obscene.
Keith: It is. *sighs*
Shiro: How can you read that with such a straight face?!
Keith: *snorts* How’d you think I found out I’m ace? 
Shiro: *gapes* You read por—
Keith: *chuckles* I tried things to see if something’s wrong with me, babe. This… *points at the manuscript* just doesn’t affect me. Or anything sexual for that matter to be honest. Then I accepted myself, I just don’t, yknow?
Shiro: *smiles* And that’s fine, Keith. *hugs* I love you just the way you are.
Keith: *smiles* You cheese ball. *turns back to the paper* Also, this is honestly frustrating. Check this out. This guy thinks he could stretch like a friggin gymnast! No one can be that flexible without proper training and—
Shiro: *rests his chin on Keith’s shoulder* Hmmmm *reads* Oh my god. That’s gross. *points at a scene* How are people this— that is unsafe.
Keith: That’s what I said. *sighs* Mind helping me? You’re more… yanno.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* More what, Keith? I’m more what? *smirks*
Keith: This is your area of expertise, not mine. I only have you as my se—
Shiro: *covers Keith’s mouth* *whispers* DON’T SAY THAT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS!!! You’re so scandalous! I’ll help you, okay? Just don’t traumatize our children at the tender age of 11. *looks at Hunk*
Hunk: *looks back at them curiously* Yes?
Shiro: You’re doing great, sweetheart! *takes a seat beside Keith* *looks at his husband* Okay, now which part do you need— *notices Keith staring at him* What now?
Keith: You’re so wonderful, you know that? *smiles fondly* 
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Now who’s the cheese ball here? *bumps Keith* Now lemme see that. *takes the manuscript* 

[PART 02]

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I've been following you for a while and I'm in love with your art!! Both in Sophia and Frederick and in fanart! It's so colorful and magical☄ If it's not too much trouble do you think you could doodle Gerome (and/or Lucina!) from fea? They're my favorite 2nd gens💗 Either way thank you for reading this, love you❤

Thanksss for all the love❤ The Mask buddies for you! hope you like it :) 

Linn (PaperFresh shipchild)

Okay so, I creatrd her a long time ago but this last week I’ve been further developing (GT) her details and all of that! So… here you have her!


I didn’t have enought time for doing a digital version but here you have the colors

Basic information

Name: Linn 

Age: 12 

Height: 1.56

Birthday: May 14

Favorite color: Pink


 This is kinda hard to explain, since she’s just able to feel anger and nekoph- I mean happiness her personality will depend of this two feelings. If she likes something she will be happy, if she doesn’t she will be angry; she tries to control her anger tho, because is not normal that someone gets angry for almost everything, right? xD

Also, when someone is crying or something she´s like:

Is she a parasite like Fresh?

Yup, totally

(old drawing again)

Isn’t she cute? xD

Then, what would happend if the parasite laeve the body?

 Easy, since the skeleton body is made of ink, it will just start melting

Like that.

But do not worry, the parasite Linn just have to dive into a big puddle of ink and oure beautiful skeleton girl will be back

As long as the parasite is not injured, she will be fine (GT)

Does she have hobbies?

 Of course! For example, she likes a lot to draw, but is a secret, nobody know that, and if someone see her drawing she’ll be like

(based on real experiences ;-;(?)

 She also enjoys rollerblading (GT)

(old drawing again… ugh)

But she’s not pretty well at it so she falls sometimes(?)

Relationships with her family

With her parents

(No drawing here, sorry)

 She gets along pretty well with PaperJam and Fresh, obey them in everything and reraly gets mad with them, well, sometimes she gets angry with Fresh because she doesn’t understand what he says xD But she likes him anyway.

With the other PaperFresh kids

 Doesn’t really know other kid of this ship, she has never gone to another timelines and in hers one doens’t have any sibling so… But, I’m sure that she will act total indiferent to them.

What about her uncle Gradient?

 Has never talk to him for a long while so… she doesn’t care about him

And her cousin Code 01001101?



And with Error and Ink?

 Pj doesn’t want them to see her, but they already did a few times but she doesn’t like them too much.

Her right eye is weird(?

Yeah kinda, her right eye is constlanly shining

So she covers it with her hair because is really annoying(?


Her as a kid xD

And her as s chibi(?


Okay, I think that’s all for her, anyway, if you have any question about her just ask me! 

I… really hope that you like her as much as me.

Thanks for reading!

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When Victor talking to Yuuri about him being a mob boss, and Yuuri said he would arrest him. I'm kinda just like: ???? Victor what did you expect??? But it's very Victor-like to do that. Every time I read your story, I'm just like: UPDATE FASTER. But also remember that your a human too. Who also has things to do and a life too. So then I end up reading fanfics and DJs in the end :) But honestly, your work is great, keeps me sane.

I know, it’s really just…like…VICTOR, WHAT DID YOU THINK HE WOULD SAY??? XD
It is true though, that, Victor’s the type to try his luck I suppose XD
And, I’m very happy that you look forward to updates so much ;w;
Yeah, life kinda gets in the way ^^;;
Summer has arrived, so, should be a little easier ^^;;;

Okay hear me out: the critical role cast has some issues when it comes to lgbt+ representation & interacting with fans.

I know it’s easy to look at fans being upset over Marisha’s comments about Keyleth’s sexuality & think fans are “demanding”, “asking too much”, “intruding on a private game”. These are all accusations I’ve seen in the last 24 hours. It’s important to remember that this has all come up because Marisha was joking about f/f attraction on the stream. She has Keyleth say she wanted to see Vex’s breasts and it spiraled from there. 

Fans are reacting to this because Keyleth being bi/questioning/etc will remove the sting of this conversation. 

Confirming a character as exploring something other than heterosexuality (however badly it’s done) is still better than using other sexualities as a punchline. 

And the critical role cast does this. It does this a lot. Here are a few from the top of my head:

  • the purposeful misgendering of raishan (mainly by sam)
  • grog’s ‘boyfriend’  Kerrek
  •  scanlan’s many, many jokes about sex with men*
  • laura’s whole ‘haha maybe vex will get a gf ;) jk she’s been in love with percy this whole time’
  •  hell, vax’s romance with gilmore started off as liam trying to flirt the price of goods down. to his credit he committed to it for a while, but then he followed the bisexual trope of finding the ‘right’ person of a different sex and choosing them instead.

*sam had been joking about scanlan and men for months before finally discussing the topic seriously on twitter. even then he just said “not 100% heterosexual”. it’s progress, but there’s still a way to go

“but emma, they have good intentions! you have to be patient and respectful of the cast!” my dudes i dont have to respect someone who treats the representation of my community like a novelty shirt they can wear for a day and take off later. i know they’re trying, i know they’re learning, but they still need to apologize when they make a mistake. no one is asking for blood, folks. 

This could have been avoided (or certainly at least reduced) if Marisha hadn’t initially been so evasive on twitter. the unwillingness to confirm anything read as Marisha wanting to continue the trend of joking about lgbt+ representation. it was a dismissal. 

i love Marisha, god knows i defend her until i’m red in the face, but no one gets a universal pass. she’s an adult and she knew she upset people. it wouldn’t have cost her anything to tweet something like “hey i didn’t think about keyleth’s speech last night and i’m sorry that it came across as a cheap joke. i’d like to explore keyleth’s sexuality more & this will take time bc she’s inexperienced. please bear with me as both she and i figure this out”

that’s literally all she needed to do.

the cast struggles when it comes to apologizing to the lgbt+ community. we just need to look at how they handled the situation with j’mon’s misgendering. matt actually used the “dont get mad at your allies” speech, something i know a lot of us (myself included) have heard before. again, mistakes are going to happen. people slip up, we know this, but you still apologize for mistakes. you dont get to say “hm i dont think what i did caused you any harm”. you have to step back and say “oh i upset you? that wasnt my intention and i’m very sorry for that. this is new to me and i hope i will do better in the future”

final thoughts:

-this isn’t a private game anymore. this is a show that many of us pay money to access. that doesn’t give us the right to make demands, but it does give us the right to ask that our sexuality and gender aren’t treated as a joke. it gives us the right to ask a cast member if they were serious when they flirted with the idea of their character not being straight. 

-the problem isn’t that keyleth is questioning. the problem is that the cast has a tendency to joke about these things and then never return to it, as if lgbt+ representation is a tap you can turn on or off. (sam is the only exception i can think of, but again that wasn’t confirmed on screen.) minority groups shouldn’t be treated like this.

-it’s not entitlement to ask that your sexuality isn’t a punchline. it’s not demanding to ask for clarification. it’s not asking too much for an apology. 

if straight actors dont want to seriously consider non-heterosexual orientations, then they dont get to make jokes about sexuality. 

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I was wondering if you could possibly update the teacher/student tag please? Love your blog! And sorry I'm on mobile so I'm not sure when the last time the tag was updated.

nah you’re good it was seven months ago

Magic Bullet by matildajones (1/1 | 10,345 | PG13)

Someone clears their throat loudly and Derek looks up and finds Stiles in the dead centre of the room, his arm raised. Derek finds himself smiling slightly.
“Seriously?” Stiles says. “Don’t you think you’re reading too much into this?”
Derek’s only comfort over the past few years has been a novel written by his favorite author. When he decides to teach it at an entry level university course he doesn’t expect a fiery student to disagree with everything he says…

After School by thingsiwontadmittohavewritten (1/1 | 869 | NC17)

It’s the first day of school after the long summer, his smart mouth once again getting him into trouble

still bored still tired by Acrylicdemon (1/1 | 6,145 | R)

It wasn’t all terrible, Stiles knows. He was so cold, Derek was so warm, everything was fading and he was just so tired. His mom gently took his hand, led him to the abyss, and it was alright. He was safe. Everyone was safe. Nothing is cold, everything is warm and welcome. And when Derek joins him in a matter of blinks, he can only smile. His dad joins them, and he’s happy. He’s never been so wonderfully filled, so loved. Everything is complete, and everything is okay. He leads Derek into Nirvana, and Derek shoots him a loving smile that melts his insides into gold.

He’s content with holding Derek’s hand for an eternity.

(40) (End) Ignis' pick-up poem.

Even though it is not a new realization, Ignis Scientia is aware he may be a bit too uptight and rather cold as a boyfriend to Gladiolus Amicitia.

His feelings are all true, yet he is aware he may not show it as much as he could or should. While Gladiolus does not mind and understands that’s just his way of being, Ignis has not yet stopped thinking about Gladiolus’ sweet poem, and feels a bit in debt: Gladio, in his strange, sometimes childish but always sincere and honest way, loves and appreciates him, and Ignis feels he hasn’t shown himself thankful enough.

Grateful for all those 69 attempts of flirting (…or at least some of them) and a poem, and those wonderful 5 years of relationship so far, and wanting to do something special for Gladio, Ignis has been drabbling down poem ideas in secret.

Decided to have an ultimate weapon after 39 attempts of a pick-up line, having cleaned the poem and memorized it, Ignis has come to be prepared, and awaits for an appropiate moment.

Today the hunter’s being hunted.

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