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Frenemies//Part 4

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WARNINGS: Shooting.

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After spending the night wrapped in Spencer’s arms, it was hard to think about anything besides him. His warmth, his soft skin, the way he would run his fingers though your hair. His lips, oh his lips. 

“Hey, wonder girl, genius, Mrs. Reid” Morgan said finally catching your attention, snapping you out of your daze. 

“Excuse me?” 

“Well, that last one got your attention, how was it?” Morgan said flashing you his mischievous smile. 

“How was what?” you wanted to pretend as if you didn’t know what he was talking about, but you knew there was only one thing he wanted to know about. 

“How was sleeping with Dr. Reid?” and there it was the million dollar question. 

“Seriously Morgan there is a killer out there and you’re asking how sleeping with Spencer was? Is that all you can think about?” 

It was all you could think about, but he didn’t need to know that, no one needed to know that. Suddenly you realized that Spencer was right. If the team ever found out they would never let you guys live it down. 

But there was nothing going on right? You guys didn’t even have sex. It wasn’t official, was it? Suddenly you came up blank when you tried to answer that question. Just because two people say they like each other, okay love each other that doesn’t automatically make them a couple, or does it? 

As soon as Spencer walked in, you sat up in your chair, and began to look through the files you had already memorized. Morgan noticed your sudden change in behavior but decided to save it for another time. 

“Did you guys get anything?” Morgan asked as the rest of the team made their way into the room.

“Yup, Stephen Meyers, the only connection between our three victims” JJ said placing the photo on the board. 

Finally maybe there will be an end to this case after all, “So where is he?” Morgan asked. “Garcia is looking into that right now.” 

The phone rang drawing everyone to gather around the table, “Tell me something good baby girl” Morgan said playfully.

“Well you definitely top that list my lush chocolate–” 

“Garcia, Stephen Meyers, do we have an address” Hotch caught her before she could finish.

“Yes, Stephen Meyers, I have an address, sending it to you now!” 

Finally there was going to be an end to this case. Everyone split into two cars, you went with Morgan and Emily while Hotch was with JJ and Spencer. 

You followed Morgans lead as he quickly got out of the car reaching for his gun, “Doesn’t seem like anyones home but, let’s find out” and just like that Morgan kicked the door to the ground. This trick never got old, and boy was it useful. 

Morgan went left into the living room, as you turned right into the kitchen, the other followed up stairs. The light brightened the dark room as you quickly surveyed it. “Living rooms clear” you heard Morgan yell. 

Just as you had opened your mouth to answer Morgan you felt a sharp strong piercing page on the left side of your leg. You looked down to see your hand already filled with the blood spilling out of you. 

You fell to your knees as another shot was fired. Then another, and another, until you completely blacked out. 

How BTS would react if their s/o eats a 3 kilo portion of ramen without complaining

Seokjin: would be shocked and proud at the same time.. you were in a restaurant and when you heard that you could eat a meal for free if you manage to eat a 3 kilo bowl of ramen, nothing could hold you back… but when Jin saw that you really did eat all the noodles without saying that you’re full, he was proud af.

JK:” Look hyung, it’s really empty, she ate it all.”

SJ:”I never felt any prouder than I do now.”

just imagine the trophy is the empty bowl and ignore the captions 

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Yoongi: would stare at you the whole time, trying to figure out how you were able to eat that much food. 

‘How is it possible for such a small person to eat that much food?’

Y/N:” Is something wrong?” *innocent face*

Y:”No, nothing, I was just thinking about how cute you look when your face is stuffed with food.”

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Hoseok: would be totally amazed. He wouldn’t know how you were able to do it, but the fact that you ate such a huge bowl of ramen by yourself would fascinate him.

“Hey guys, have you seen it? How my cute girlfriend ate all of this alone? Isn’t she amazing?”

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Namjoon: Lost in his thoughts ‘..but how? She is so small, how can so much food fit in such a small body?’

Y/N:” Namjoon? Is everything okay?”

NJ:”Huh? Yeah everything’s fine… don’t worry, eat your food.”

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Jimin: He would be gone for a minute, he had to go to the restroom and when he came back, your bowl was suddenly completely empty. He wouldn’t believe that you ate all of this alone, but when you swore on your pets live that you ate it all he would believe you.

“Oh god, Y/N… you had to use magic to fit all this food inside of you… no one can eat this much food in one meal.”

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Taehyung: doesn’t care how you managed to eat this crazy amount of food as long as you’re happy, he wouldn’t care at all.

“Hey Y/N, are you full now? Do you want another portion?”

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Jungkook: wouldn’t understand why everyone is so shocked. He would probably manage to eat the bowl of ramen by himself too so he wouldn’t get why everyone is freaking out.

“Why are they so shocked… she’s my girlfriend… of course she can eat all of this, what did you expect?”

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Mon-El is literally trying to be a better person. A lot of people are not looking over his mistakes in the past and not giving him a chance at all. Sure, they need to be acknowledged, but when a character is trying to be better than they were you shouldn’t criticise them to this extent. Mon-El wasn’t aware those things were even bad when he was on Daxam. He went along with what his parents believed in. That’s typical for anyone to do. If you were in his position would you want to tell everyone you were the prince? I don’t think so. In the show he told his parents that what their life was like back on Daxam made him ill. He doesn’t like how things were on Daxam. He used to own slaves, but he doesn’t think it was right now that he’s on Earth and has had a chance to think for himself. Abusive? I have never once in the show seen Mon-El be abusive. Lying? He lied about being the prince. That means you’re a terrible person? Who here hasn’t lied? I’m sure that’s no one. Plus, if you can acknowledge Kai Parker, a character from TVD that Chris Wood also played who murdered his own family, as being likable at all then liking Mon-El should be no problem.

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Since you guys are usually sending asks my way (Thank you <3), i wanted to take my turn to ask the questions. So let’s play a little game.

I’d like to ask you stuff involving these 4 guys, every now and then. Hypothetical situations and what would you do (or just random questions). You guys can answer by reblogging and adding gifs or use the reply button. That’s up to you ;)

I will start with this one because i sent it months ago to my closest Tumblr friends and their replies were hilarious.


*Forget that they’re famous for a second*

You’re on your first date with Tom/Chris/Sebastian/Jared (You choose), and as soon as he sees you, he says:

“Please don’t feel bad but i think you could’ve dressed better for our date”.

What would you do?

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It's sad how sakura always had to be the driving point in their relationship.Even after The coh no longer affected sasuke he still dident want her.She had to chase him in order to travel with him,why dident she give up?She practically is their relationship without her obsessive love sasuke never would have looked at her.And think about,she's the only female around him for a long period of time and the only female he's close to,of course he'd fall in love with his only option.

*Sigh*, where to begin…

Firstly Anon, after he was saved from his hatred, he had a lot of things that he felt like he needed to do before entering any kind of relationship. It’s as he said, he could now finally see the world with clarity again, so why do you think he would just suddenly start “wanting” Sakura? He needed to get accustomed to the reality of things first, and redeem himself from his past transgressions.

Secondly, just because she chased him doesn’t mean it was done without his consent. Sakura wouldn’t have been able to find him if Sasuke didn’t know about it, he could have literally been anywhere in the world.

Thirdly, her being “the only female around him” is utter nonsense. He was around Karin for extended periods of time too, and it was during his travels (when Sakura wasn’t with him) that he demonstrated that he prioritised her above the village, as he ignored the latter’s pleas for help, but went back when Sakura was concerned. So no Anon, Sasuke had options.

One of the more suspenseful and stressful things about this new season, I think, is that in the original show whenever Jack started losing clothing it always kinda felt like things were getting serious. Like he was going to win the more badass he looked.

But this season, they’ve made it very apparent just how vulnerable he is without his armour. The more armour he loses in episode 2, the more on edge I found myself. I don’t often get this way with cartoons, in the original you were always so sure Jack would win but now that he’s so much more vulnerable, outnumbered, alone, and at a breaking point mentally, things are so much more dire now

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It was kind of social status!!! like,,,, "look at all my slaves, I have more money than you I don't even have to work." & Hamilton never freed his slaves either—now, granted, he died long before he was super old. Honestly, they all said they didn't like slavery, yet literally almost all of them owned slaves. The best way for me to make a modern day comparison would be like a pet or,,,, better yet a fancy car. Even Laurens owned slaves, & the fandom likes to think of him as some huge abolitionist

Aha, got it.

I think the only abolitionist I know from the time is John Adams? I surely didn’t know Laurens had slaves too. It made a lot of sense why they would do it though as immoral as it is the whole social system is contructed as if this is justify and it suc  k s

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Aww I was thinking about the AU of the thing where Dean is a god that has faded until Cas comes to help him (what's that AU's official name? I'm sure you mentioned it but I forget ;w;), I saw the post about Dean slowly coming back and not being able to touch or interact or even sense things for so long as he tries to regain his strength, that when he comes back I can see him just wanting to constantly touch and cuddle with and scent Cas. <3

The AU doesn’t have an official name *lol* 

I think Dean probably loves hugs. I hope Cas loves them too because that would be good for Dean’s health *lol* (I’m just making things up now. Though Dean loving hugs seems to be a fact.)

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Also what the bloody hell is the "Twin Theory"???

aight so some people think that Ciel has a twin brother. And the Ciel we know, they call him Our Ciel and the supposed twin is the Real Ciel. Now I guess the theory behind this is the real Ciel is older and therefore the heir to the Phantomhive name, and that while in the cult the real Ciel died, and our Ciel took his place. This would imply that nobody knew about our Ciel or something along those lines. I think that’s some bullshit because what motivation would Ciel’s family have to hide away one of their sons. So perhaps you could say that our Ciel is pretending to be his brother to inherit the name, but I mean that wouldn’t matter because if the real Ciel is already dead he’s the heir. Now you could also say that our Ciel is the real Ciel and his twin brother is dead, but then that brings up the question of why does nobody mention Ciel’s brother why doesn’t Ciel mention Ciel’s brother. Either way my dudes, doesn’t really add up. Although lately things have been indicating that Ciel is hiding something 

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Renora proposal headcanons? :)

Ren proposes by accident. 

After all he’s not sure if she really wants this or not. He doesn’t want to make a big fuzz about if it might make her uncomfortable because she actually doesn’t want to get married. So he asks her if she ever thought about it. Just to test the ground, you know? 

And just like the fall of the Berlin Wall a misunderstanding gets them married because Nora actually thinks he’s proposing right here right now. Because something that unromantic and cautious would be something he’d absolutely pull. 

So they’re accidentally engaged and he doesn’t dare to tell her he actually didn’t plan to propose right now. After all he’s glad. He’s not the person to plan and pull through with some super romantic proposal, it would just make him nervous. 

They pick an engagement ring together afterwards, because yes, of course she wants one. 

So you might notice I’ve deleted a number of posts regarding what’s happening; it has been requested that I keep online Rusty and offline Rusty separate. That had always been his preference, and thinking it over, I think I have to agree too.

So I think that’ll be it for now. I’ll give you some minor updates here and there, but I would like to request that posts containing medical information beyond “he’s in a coma” be deleted, as per the family’s and my’s request. I had thought it was okay to share that, but I honestly should have clarified, and that was a pretty bad oversight on my part. So if you all could help me out there, that would be amazing.

I’ll leave with that he seems to be doing really good, and he’s been very calm. Think it should go real soft.

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Alec walks into Magnus's loft stressed so Magnus gives him a massage

Send me all the Malec prompts

You’d think with Valentine in their custody things would have settled down a bit, but they didn’t. How could they now that both the Mortal Cup and Soul Sword were missing? Valentine, of course, was refusing to be of any help. If only they at least had the Soul Sword; everything would be so much easier.

Closing the door harder than he meant, Alec walked into Magnus’s loft and went straight for the scotch he kept next to the couch. He didn’t even bother to grab a glass, just took a large swallow straight from the bottle. It burned his throat as it went down, but a good kind of burn. The kind that makes your chest feel warm.

“Everything okay?” Magnus asked gently as he came up from behind Alec. It wasn’t the first time he came over after work; but it wasn’t like Alec to just drink like that either.

“Yeah,” he sat down with a groan, rubbing his forehead, “Just sick of dealing with Valentine.” That man loved to talk about his plans, his ideas, and everything else about himself. Except who was working with him and who had the cup and sword. It almost made Alec wish Jace had killed him instead of arresting him, but he knew that wasn’t an option.

Magnus a took seat next to him; close enough for Alec to feel the warmth radiating off his body. Just having Magnus sitting here next to him was enough to make Alec’s day ten times better. So he grabbed Alec’s hand and started to massage it, it felt he was melting into the couch. Alec hummed happily as he leaned his head to rest against Magnus’s shoulder, slouching slightly to do so.

“Better?” Magnus whispered, trying not to make Alec’s headache worse.

“Much.” Alec wanted to smile, he tried, but just didn’t have to energy to. So he squeezed Magnus’s hand with has much strength as he could muster, hoping Magnus understood how grateful he was. How much Alec loved him. Magnus brought Alec’s hand up to his mouth and kissed it with all the tenderness in the world. He didn’t need to say anything for Magnus to know what he meant. He loved him too.

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How would the UT/US skelebros + US undyne and UF sans react if their s/o was in a band (somewhere along the lines of Pierce the veil if you know them) and how would they handle their s/o being away from them so much because they're almost constantly on tour


  • He’s very proud and impressed.
  • Always bragging about you to his friends and coworkers (I like to think he’d do this regardless with any of his partners. He’s a total schmooze)
  • But he does miss you a little.
  • Ok a lot.
  • But he has things to keep him busy now unlike when they were underground. He has a job and a house to look after while you’re away.
  • He’ll be fine.
  • Expect lots of hugs when you get back though.


  • This boy is your number one fan
  • He will be at every single concert he can, but he also has a job to take care of now at the monster/human school Toriel established aboveground.
  • Ans when you have to be apart he takes to intensive puzzle solving and hanging out with Undyne to keep himself busy with you not around.
  • When you get back he asks you about everything!! He wants to know every single detail.
  • Also very proud. He loves you so much! He can’t believe how lucky he his.


  • He thinks it’s super cool!! And he’s so proud of you.
  • Buuut…he misses you.
  • ALOT
  • The bed is really cold without you there he realizes. And he’s so busy with his job shadowing Asgore that he barely has time to go see you.
  • He will attack you with cuddles and kisses when you get back. So much affection.
  • He’ll get a week off sometime during one of your state tours to come along and watch all of those shows. He thinks you’re amazing.


  • He always finds a way to stop by a couple of your shows.
  • Resorts to holding a pillow at night to calm his nerves when you’re gone sometimes. Usually he just holds onto you tightly when his nightmares start up again.
  • He misses the security  but he is still super supportive and happy for you. he just wishes he could get to see you more often.
  • But if this is what you love then he’ll find a way to get past all the inconveniences. No big deal.


  • Super starstruck.
  • This is just like that one anime she obsessed over for a week…
  • Probably the most supportive. Always encouraging you to go out there and kick some butt.
  • She concerns herself with your safety more than anything when you’re gone. What if something happens and she’s not there to help?
  • Definitely sets aside a day or two to come to one of your shows.


  • Grumbly grumpy pants.
  • Sure! It’s pretty sick that you’re in a band and everything! But he never thought it would be so hard having you gone so often.
  • Probably ditches work super often to pop over and see you.
  • He can’t stay away gah he’s so clingy.
  • But it’s just because he loves you and he wants to be smothering you with his awkward affection at all times (even though he never outrightly says it)

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Harry snapchatting himself in the morning while drinking a coffee. He's got the time filter on and it says 6:02 am. "My daughter has this habit that she sleeps all day long to have enough energy at night so that she can make a hundred percent sure nobody's accidentally falling asleep" and then he writes under it "#teamnosleep". Or then he snaps himself at night at like 2 am and says "that moment when your daughter's farts smell worse than your best friends. Greetings to Lou at this point" haha!.

You know what the worst part about this is?

His voice. 

It’d be so raspy cause it’s either the middle of the night or the very early morning. 

He’d have sleepy eyes that are a little puffy, his hair would be *so* unkempt, and he’d probably be unshaven.

No necklaces in sight.

No rings. 

A little frown as he thinks for a minute cause this is his life now (and he loves every minute of it). 


introducing turvi’s girlfriend dallas! turvi has aged, had a birthday and everything i didnt snap pics of his birthday party SORRY but he has been in that household with his parents and siblings for too long so adulting has come his way!! now he’s moved into an apartment w/ dallas. i have a few of the households up in gallery btw if you would like them! i think that’s what i’m going to do with the misc kids, if you had a favorite they will be uploaded as adults in their separate families if ya wanna play with them.

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I love how they made Robin someone who would appeal to Zelena, and Regina's dark side. I think it would be great to see Robin push both of the sisters to be their worst evilest self. And if he did get killed, it would give them a reason to take it out on everyone else. What do you think? (oh you were right on the money when you said that Marian was the positive influence on Robin Hood. Without her he is his worst self)

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this Robin? If I’ve been keeping that to myself, I’m gonna tell you right now—I love, love, LOVE this Robin! :-D This is what makes an interesting character! Lol! God, he had some of the best lines throughout this episode! This one was my fave:

Robin: “I came here for a fresh start! You know, people to rob, places to drink, women to meet. But, you see, I’m not gonna get any of that, not with your sister threatening to reform me at every step.”

OH, I love that line! I love how he made reformation and going straight a dirty word and deed. Because, legit, Robin of Locksley wasn’t one for royalty (Maid Marian notwithstanding). He robbed from the rich and gave to himself and his men (and whoever hung out with them in the woods). He HATED the Sheriff of Nottingham and/or Prince John (depending on your version of Robin Hood). On this show, they had Robin Hood canoodling with the fucking Evil Queen! Like, no! The real Robin Hood wouldn’t have done that! The real Robin Hood would’ve tried his darnest to screw her over. Canoodling with the Queen would’ve been the equivalent of sleeping with Prince John. This Robin Hood is more like the real character of Robin Hood than the other Robin Hood ever was!

And this Robin Hood is a helluva lot more interesting.

So, basically, what I said about Robin Hood AT THE BEGINNING OF 6B looks like it’s hitting the nail right on the head. And I even like the fact that he doesn’t give two shits about the babies. He’s like, “She’s all yours!” And Zelena’s like, “Oh.” I’m gonna GIF her green fireballs and her changing moods, because they were simply awesome and hilarious, and Bex played them perfectly! Lol!

Robin Hood being here is starting to bring out the holes in Regina’s whole reformation/redemption storyline. See…practically the only reason that Regina has reformed herself is because of Robin Hood. She thinks that the dude is supposed to be her happiness. He’s supposed to be her happy ending. That’s what she thinks, so she’s done what she’s always done before—she’s bent over backwards to try to attain that Happy Ending. She “changed” in order to get him. But did Regina really change who she was as a character? Or did she just adjust her attitude in order to get something she wanted?

I remember there have been times all throughout the life of this blog, especially in the beginning, when I would constantly use the same phrase to talk about Regina (or Rumple, or Killian, or Emma, or Snow, etc.), and that phrase came from Adam and Eddy and what they learned from writing for Lost, and that phrase was “Character trumps mythology.” I said that Regina, at her very core, was selfish. Everything was about her, it was about her Happy Ending, when something went wrong and karma caught up with her, the universe was out to get her, she was constantly whining about how others (rightfully) perceived her. Regina is a character obsessed with her Happy Ending in the same vein that the Evil Queen (from the stories) was obsessed with beauty. And that aspect of her personality has never truly changed throughout the series. It’s remained constant from beginning to now. Everything that Regina did, she did to attain her happiness, her Happy Ending (or what she perceives to be her Happy Ending), and that includes “changing” in order to attain it. But do you see the irony of that statement? Regina’s “changing”, but she’s not truly changing. Not really. Her entire shift in demeanor is rooted in her basic personality traits. She once perceived casting the Dark Curse as her Happy Ending, and so she renewed her vendetta against Snow White to attain it. She once perceived Henry as her Happy Ending, so she drank a memory potion to force herself to choose him over herself. She perceived Robin Hood as her Happy Ending and so she “reformed herself” in order to keep him.

Whatever Regina thinks is her Happy Ending, she’ll change herself to keep. This chic is like a chameleon! The more she changes, the more she actually stays the same. It’s…kinda funny, actually. :-P

Anyway! So I said at the beginning of the season that Regina’s whole storyline with Robin Hood (and Zelena and the EQ) this season was akin to the storyline between Jekyll, Hyde and Mary—it’s designed to reveal exactly who the monster is between the three/four characters. Between Jekyll and Hyde, Hyde was perceived as the monster, Jekyll was perceived as the man, and Mary was the mirror—she was the one who reflected the truth beneath the skin. It turned out Jekyll was the monster and Hyde was the man. Now you have a similar situation between Regina, the Evil Queen, Zelena and Robin. The Evil Queen is perceived as the monster, Regina as the good woman, and Zelena is stuck in the middle having to choose between the both of them. And then here comes Robin. In the same vein as Mary, Robin acts as the mirror. His entire personality being different from what Regina originally thought is the functional equivalent of Mary being a passionate vixen who would willingly sleep with Hyde on their first date (rather than wait until marriage, as what was expected of her), the complete opposite of what Jekyll originally thought of her. Mary fell for Hyde the same way that Zelena appeals to Robin Hood. So the only thing left now, in order to hit the perfect trifecta with the Jekyll/Hyde parallels, is for Regina to completely embrace her dark side once again the same way Jekyll transformed into a monster and killed Mary.

And what do you know?! There’s a Regina vs. Evil Queen showdown in the next episode! Fancy that! ;-)

Why do I feel like Humpty Dumpty is about to put herself back together again? Lol!

You know what’d be hilarious? If Regina actually ends up being the one to kill this version of Robin Hood (just like Jekyll killed Mary). That’d be fantastic, actually! :-D

If Page 23 was Regina and Robin’s alternate meeting, perhaps this “Page 23” (the episode title) will be Robin’s alternate death (at Regina’s hands), their alternate ending.

Anyway, the way I see it, Robin’s there to showcase how Regina’s “reformation” is not a true reformation. She’s changed, but not because she wanted to. She did it in order to get something she wanted. It’s like the equivalent of bribing a baby with candy to get them to stop screaming, rather than teaching the baby to behave and the baby learning to do so. It’s a subtle difference in the short run, but it makes a big difference in the long run. Regina’s used Robin as her crutch the whole time he was alive. He was her reason to stay away from the darkness. Now, not only is he gone, but now she’s looking at a doppelgänger of him who embraces that same darkness she was just weaned off of. It’s like…a sober twin and an alcoholic twin. Regina was with the sober twin and quit drinking, and now, all of a sudden, she’s with the alcoholic twin. Dollars to donuts, that bitch is gonna go right back to drinking all over again. If she even remotely wants to keep this Robin, then right back down that dark, dank hole she’s gonna fall. If Regina’s acting this good in the beginning, then she’ll be as evil as fuck by the end of the season. Compare that to Killian’s storyline (they’re foil parallels), where he’s doing all the wrong things now and beating himself up in the beginning, only to do all the right things later and be hailed as a hero by the end of the season.

Always be suspicious of a situation that starts out good at the beginning of the season. Because that situation is likely to flip to something shitty by the end. And vice versa. That’s how Adam and Eddy write.

Anyway…did I answer the question? We don’t have quite all the information yet to see exactly why Regina is going to get involved with the Black Fairy by the end of the season. All I’m fairly positive about is that she does, and that this Robin is the one who pushes her to that end. And that she falls back down to darkness the exact same way she rose out of it—through Robin (and Henry probably also starts treating her similar to how he did in S1 as a reaction to her return to darkness).

Wow, we’re all just in freefall back to S1 standards, aren’t we? Regina’s going evil again, Captain Swan’s having a baby, Henry’s telling it like it is to Regina and messing around with his storybook, there’s a curse that’s gonna be cast, a baby gets given up and grows up alone, a grown-up kid comes back to town to rescue his people from his Evil great-grandmother’s clutches, there’s a wedding and a TLK and the Final Battle finally beginning. Seems like this show is finally getting off the ground! After six years of setup!

About fucking time, if you ask me!

What was this episode called again? Oh, yeah! Ill-Boding Patterns (like the Repeating History patterned theme, which always bodes ill for everyone)?

Thanks so much for the question! I hope you have a great rest-of-the-week! :D

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Ooo That was such a cute ask~ What if you and V were photographers together tho? What would that be like? ^_^


  • a lot of me buying starbucks i already know it
  • i know V’s coffee order by heart but he usually has to text me the size he wants
  • “today’s a venti kind of day”
  • “big spender”
  • probably lots of my lugging around all of his equipment and like, holding the flash for him and shit
  • makes me wake up ridiculously early and i hat e him for it
  • driving to remote ass places to get certain pictures
  • he probably has some lame nickname for me like grasshopper and im just ??? why are you like this,

omg this would actually be a really cute fic now that i think about it. MC studying under the master photographer V, and they grow really close and there are moments when they catch V snapping pics of them and,..,, im EMO NOW,,, dkskds i should write this

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I felt that every character in ATLA had developed, they were always different from how they were from the previous Book, except Aang to me he got no development and he's the only character I can't relate to at all even in the comics he's basically the same he's just now saying sweetie a lot, it's just so bad, what do you think about Aang's development and how would you compare it to other main characters like Zuko for example?

I don’t think Aang had very satisfying character development at all. I think Zuko’s development got messed up too, but he still had more inner growth than Aang. Personally, I thought Zuko and Aang had very good development until the end of Book 2. Up until that point, Aang was the protagonist and Zuko was the antagonist. Generally speaking, Aang was moral and empathetic and Zuko was flawed and conflicted. But by the end of Book 2, things were starting to go in the opposite direction to give the characters more depth.

Aang was going to have to deal with his flaws, and Zuko was overcoming his flaws. But instead of continuing with this direction, Bryke put the brakes on it and backtracked. So, Aang never developed past this point, and Zuko was not able to continue his spiritual development naturally. But Zuko did develop at least. Aang never does.

Zuko had an inner transformation. He was more empathetic and in touch with his spiritual side after Book 2. I think they kind of ruined that aspect of his character in Book 3 to make him more dark, but he at least sill had an arc and left his nation to join the GAang. Aang dealt with some inner turmoil after failing in Ba Sing Se, but this was almost dropped completely after the first episode.

Aang loses the invasion and is upset for a few minutes, but he almost has no reaction in the next episode. Zuko, on the other hand, confronts his father and stands up for his morality. This has a permanent impact on his character. Aang is stagnant, but Zuko still develops.

Zuko was made into a much more flawed character in Book 3, but he has to atone for his actions, even though I found them OOC. Aang never even has to confront his dilemma and he is bailed out by a plot device. He never has to make a hard choice about Ozai. And he never overcomes his possessiveness of Katara. In the end and in the comics, my view is that Bryke made Zuko overly flawed, and Aang overly perfect. But overall, Zuko had way more character development than Aang.