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So for those asking about kitchen scales for measuring using weight rather than cups, this is the brand I have:

I’ve had mine for almost a decade at this point and it’s still the best one I’ve ever owned, so if you’re looking at the $30 price tag and thinking it’s steep, from how much I use them on a near daily basis for the last 7+ years, I can tell you they are worth investing in as they’re damn sturdy. 

I’m not sure about other brands, but I’ve always used Salter, except for that one time when I had to literally use one of these at work:

Because that was how we retained our historically authentic trademark. Those were a pain in the ass.

My mother actually has a set of those that belonged to her mother, and they’re a damn sight shinier. I’m still figuring out how to get them over to the US with me when the time comes for me to inherit them.


(A/N): I decided to go with a different sort of approach, just to help some people relate to this more I guess?

Request: I’m watching political animals and wondered if you could write a fic about bucky finding the reader unconscious from a suicide attempt in a car (like TJ in the show)? Just an inspiration you don’t have to follow the show :)

Warning: cutting, blood, suicidal reader, it’s angsty you guys

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   Bucky had always known (Y/N) struggled with many things; depression, anxiety, OCD, self esteem issues, and more than enough suicidal thinking to drive one mad but he thought that they were doing fine, he thought their medication had been working; little did he know that it was only making them worse, only making them want to take their life more.  

   It had been a sunshiney afternoon when Bucky sensed it, he sensed something was wrong with (Y/N) (he had a knack for detecting stuff like that). They were in the shower at the moment and they had specifically asked Bucky to never, ever walk in on them during their showers but he just couldn’t ignore this feeling. 

   With a soft sigh Bucky placed the tv remote down and made his way into his bedroom- a bedroom he had once shared with (Y/N). But recently they had needed their space and they took up to sleeping in a room across the hall. It was strange not having a body pressed right up against his during the night, all he had now was a vast ocean if empty sheets- but that didnt matter now, what mattered were Bucky’s gut feelings about (Y/N). 

   He gingerly knocked on the bathroom door but when there came no reply other than the gushing shower Bucky did get a little worried and that’s when he heard it, the soft sob of (Y/N), a broken, painful little noise that made Bucky’s chest ache. Whatever was going on in there was more important than (Y/N) telling him to stay out, something was wrong and he wasn’t going to stand around and wait to find out. Without a moments hesitation Bucky opened the door only to be hit with the copious amounts of steam from the shower.

    “Fucking worthless,” (Y/N)’s voice cracks as they berate themselves, something Bucky was used to hearing at this point. “Piece of shit- everyone would be better off without you,” There’s a sudden sob from their lips and Bucky all but lunges for the shower curtain, ripping it back as his nerves finally take control. Bucky’s heart plummets as he takes in the scene, blood coated the bottom of the shower, (Y/N)’s wrist was pooling blood, and clasped between their fingers was a small knife, a knife they had to have stolen from Bucky’s bedside table.

    Immediately Bucky reaches for the knife, hoping to get it away from (Y/N) before they hurt themselves more.

    “No!” (Y/N) yells as they clutch the knife tightly. “Don’t come near me!”

    “(Y/N)-” Bucky reached out for them again but this time they didn’t recoil instead they took the knife and set to furiously cutting their wrists, leaving puddles of blood to hit the shower walls, floor, and anything between. “(Y/N)! Stop!” Bucky yelled as he grabbed them, trying to wrestle the knife from their grasp without hurting them further. “(Y/N)! Drop it!” Bucky hugged their arms at their sides with one arm while the other desperately reached for the blood soaked knife. (Y/N) sobbed against him, futilely trying to get away. 

   "Let me die, let me die, why won’t you le me die?“ (Y/N) was nearly screaming now as they attempted to break out of Bucky’s grasp. "God, just let me fucking die!” (Y/N)’s voice was so Loud and full of so much pain Bucky nearly started to cry but he had to keep it together, he had to keep it together for (Y/N). 

  Finally Bucky wrestled the knife successfully out of (Y/N)’s grasp and he was able to chuck it into the shower as he picked (Y/N) up, carrying them out of the water and blood stained shower. 

   "Please just let me die,“ (Y/N) sobs as Bucky grabs a towel to wrap around their bleeding wrists. "Friday, call Bruce down here now!” Bucky yelled as he made a tourniquet of sorts out of the towels. Even with his expertise the blood was soaking through towel, turning the white pieces of cloth red. 

   "I’m so sorry Bucky, I’m so sorry-“

    "it’s okay doll,” Bucky soothed as he held their wrists tightly. “It’s okay,” Bucky looked at their wrists as he bit his lip. God- how could he not have noticed that they weren’t okay? Why did he have to let it come to this? This could have been avoidable if only Bucky had- 

   "Bucky, it’s Bruce, is everything okay?“

    "No, no. Bruce we need you in here now,” The door creaked open and not even a minute later Bruce appeared in the bathroom, looking the scene over once before quickly setting to work; He didnt even have to say anything to know what was going on. 

   "Bucky, bring them down to the lab stat,“ Bucky nods as he picks up (Y/N), holding them to his body as though it’d be the last time he could and with the way (Y/N)’s towels were starting to drip blood he was starting to think that maybe it would.

    Bruce had gotten (Y/N)’s level back to normal, they were alive and that’s all Bucky cared about.

    "I’m prescribing you some new meds, the lowest dosage though so we can see how well you react to them,” Bruce muttered as he handed (Y/N) a bottle of medicine. “But that’s not gonna be enough (Y/N)- I think you need to start seeing a counselor-" 


    “(Y/N), you’re seeing a counselor, I’ll call him myself and set up an appointment for you. But we’re also going to have to monitor you 24/7 and by we I mean Bucky. I’m sorry but we can’t trust you to be alone anymore, no sleeping in separate bedrooms anymore, no more missions until you get better, and wherever you go Bucky goes, understand?” (Y/N) nods as they sniffle, wiping at their dripping nose as they stare at the floor intently. “Good,” Bruce smiled gently. “I just want you to know (Y/N),” Bruce placed a gentle hand on their thigh, gripping their knee softly. “We all care about you, every single one of us, anyone you’ve saved, they care too. Not a single person wouldn’t care if you died, I hope you can realize this someday,” And with that and another gentle smile Bruce turned on his heel to walk out of the lab, leaving (Y/N) and Bucky alone.

    “Wanna go get some clothes?” Bucky whispers to (Y/N) who was still sopping wet from their shower. (Y/N) nods softly as they reach their arms out, silently asking for Bucky to pick them up. With a soft smile Bucky complies, holding (Y/N) tightly as he escorted them back up to their floor. They gently nuzzled their face into Bucky’s neck, most likely to get away from reality, to hide away until everything suddenly got better.

    The elevator dings and Bucky walks onto their floor. His eyes immediately train in on the small droplets of blood that had most likely stained the wood at this point. God- he had almost lost (Y/N), his sweet, precious (Y/N). Pain wells within his chest as he stares a a particularly large spot of blood, the image of (Y/N)’s bleeding wrists return to mind and Bucky feels as though he may vomit but he doesn’t- he steels himself and carries on, bound and determined to be the strong one. 

   Bucky carries them to their room, their shared room. He grabs them a sweatshirt and some shorts but when they get dressed they only put on the sweatshirt, his sweatshirt.

    “Can we-” (Y/N) licks ther lips as they stare at their heavily bandaged wrists. “Can we just lay down for now? Maybe listen to some music or something?" 

   "Yeah, of course doll,” Whatever kept (Y/N) protected and happy at this point Bucky would do it, even if it was the most ridiculous and strange thing he had ever heard he sure as hell would still do it. Bucky nods as sits on the bed, (Y/N) following closely at his side. “What do you wanna listen to?”

    “Can we listen to some of the old stuff, the stuff from your time?” Bucky smiles and nods as (Y/N) keeps their eyes glued to their lap, obviously too ashamed to look Bucky in the eyes.

   "Friday, will you please play the oldies but goodies playlist?“

    "Certainly sir,” the ai chimed and suddenly a soft, almost jazzy melody filled the room. Satisfied with his choice Bucky laid down on the bed, once again (Y/N) following his lead. Immediately they curl up to him, practically as close as humanly possible but Bucky didn’t mind- in fact he rather enjoyed the close proximity. 

   Everything is silent for awhile as the two lay there, merely holding each other tightly, as though their lives depended upon it. But eventually the silence is broken by (Y/N)’s soft, broken voice. 

   "I’m sorry Bucky, I’m so sorry you had to see that,“

   "it’s okay doll, it was nothing I couldn’t handle," 

   "you don’t deserve that, after seeing so much bloodshed you shouldn’t have to see it in your goddamn home-" 

   "Hey, no, don’t think like that. I don’t care about that, what I care about is you being safe and happy and feeling loved, not if I had to walk in on a bit of blood.” (Y/N) falls silent again, most likely as they think through their words but just as quickly as the silence came over them it dissipates once again.

    “I’m so sorry you have to deal with me and all my baggage,”

    “(Y/N), if there’s anyone who should be apologizing it’s me. I’ve got more baggage than anyone in this tower so don’t you dare think for one second that you’re a burden or whatever is going through your head, okay? We’ve both got some problems, I’ll admit that, but I won’t ever regret loving you because of that.” (Y/N) falls silent once again, unshed tears brimming at their eyes, just waiting to spill over.

    No one breaks the silence this time, instead they simply lay there, listening to soft music of days past all the while holding each other like it would be the last time they could only now Bucky knew it wouldn’t be.

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How do you feel about clients who think they are being funny? My boyfriend is one of those guys who is always like "I should get my dental done here, it's much cheaper" or "I'd be scared too if you put a thermometer up my butt" (even though thats not the reason the dog is nervous.) He means well but I can see the screaming behind some of the vet techs eyes sometimes.

“Sure, complementary castration with every procedure sir.”

I do tend to start my consults on a bit of a script, having 30+ unique conversations a week is a challenge I’m just not up to making, but nobody notices other than my nurses who get to hear the start of 30+ conversations a week that are all nearly the same. The other vets do it too.

I don’t mind attempts at harmless humor, but there are a few ‘pet peeves’ that I can’t stand.

  • DOGTOR. If I never see this pun again it will be too soon. I cannot stand it. We treat more than one species damn it! Veterinarian has its origin in the latin veterinae, to deal with cattle and draft animals, i.e. the gears that kept the world moving. Every time I see it I must resist the urge to violently jump of that person and scream knowledge at them.
  • Defa dog. Cefa cat.
  • Jokes about how rich we must be. These hurt when you’re still living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Saying “I don’t like it either” when a pets temperature is taken rectally. I mean, sir and/or madam I just don’t want to know.
  • Dogtor. I just cannot express how much I loathe this pun. It’s not clever, it’s never been clever and it keeps popping up in the veterinarian tag.

But harmless, non-offensive humor? It’s over quickly, I can deal with it.

Not Boring

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Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a request with something such as the reader has always been told she’s the ‘boring’ girl and she’s really insecure about it? But like Dean or Sam likes her any way and reassures her that they like her no matter what?

Pairing: None 

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Some rainy day fun…

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a professor of mine thinks victor hugo would have disliked his novels being turned into musicals because he'd said his poetry shouldn't be set to music; do you think she's right? for some reason i always figured he'd be at least amused (if annoyed les mis is still so relevant to society today)

I think he’d have more Opinions about the most famous adaptation of his novel being in English than anything else, really :P 

Honestly I’d look at how Hugo talked about Ernani, the opera adaptation of Hernani, on this, but I can’t FIND him talking about it; beyond that he mentions it several times as having been playing on the night of NIII’s coup. Which is frustrating.:/  But anyway yeah, there were definitely examples of people adapting Hugo’s work in his lifetime, and I’d be inclined to look at his reactions there. 

And also  there’s the whole thing where prose and poetry were not the same! Like, to him, and to that branch of Romantics in general. So that might have made a difference!

For lack of being able to find anything more specific about his reaction to musicals, I’d look to his speech to Congress of Literary, Industrial and Artistic Property in Paris in 1878.    Where he says 

Create a system of literary property, but at the same time, create the public domain! Let us go further. Let us expand the idea.  The law could give to all publishers the right to publish any book after the death of the author, the only requirement would be to pay the direct heirs a very low fee, which in no case would exceed five or ten percent of the net profit. This simple system, which combines the unquestionable property of the writer with the equally incontestable right of the public domain was suggested by the 1836 commission [on the rights of authors]; and you can find this solution, with all its details, in the minutes of the board, then published by the Ministry of the Interior.

The principle is twofold, do not forget. The book, as a book, belongs to the author, but as a thought, it  belongs – the word is not too extreme – to the human race. All intelligences, all minds, are eligible, all own it. If one of these two rights, the right of the writer and the right of the human mind, were to be sacrificed, it would certainly be the right of the writer, because the public interest is our only concern, and that must take precedence in anything that comes before us.  [Numerous sounds of approval.]But, as I just said, this sacrifice is not necessary.

It seems Hugo, while an advocate of author’s writes, was  also an early advocate of Public Domain as a concept based on people being able to access ideas,  especially after the (literal) death of the author , so that’s probably relevant to adaptations of his work. 

Would he have actively enjoyed the current musical? Friend, I cannot say; art styles and emphasis have changed so much in the intervening century-and-a-half.  Possibly he’d hate it for not being anti-Napoleon III enough. Maybe he’d really love Tiny Cosette. I do not know! But Hugo had SO many opinions from so many directions over the course of his life that I’d be really hesitant to just say “he’d hate it” OR “he’d love this particular thing” –the answer HE gave might well have depended on When You Asked. But there’s some things to look into about it! 

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Sorry to bother you but as other people have also asked stuff like this, I hope you can help me. I´m desperately looking for a fic. It´s about Sherlock being severely sleep deprived after his dad dies and only john is able to soothe him to sleep. Funnily enough this fic has always helped me to sleep too, but some days ago I accidentally deleted my fanfic folder (pls don´t ask how I did that :D) and I really miss it... Lot´s of love, your blog is great!!


Is it this one?

The Tip Over Into The Inevitable by ivyblossom (T, 6,894 w. || Grief, Cuddles, Insomnia, Hurt/Comfort) - When his father dies, Sherlock avoids sleeping. Then discovers he can’t sleep at all. John finds a way to help.

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i'm thinking one of the more amusing parallels will be when they're in the bathroom and yuuri's thinking about the mirror and how viktor probably prefers to look at himself whilst viktor is like 'he's so pretty how is he so pretty this is so unfair' and high pitched shrieking in his mind

haha, I always wondered if people wondered about that mirror bit because it’s one of those moments that seems really random until you can parallel the two scenes from the main fic and the companion fic side by side

Review - 13x17

Hey guys,

This is @jordan202 and from now, I’ll be using this channel for episode reviews. Once again, I am going to try and tackle all the asks you’ve been sending to me about the episode, what I thought of it and where Omelia stands at this very moment.

On a general note, I think this was perhaps one of the most heartbreaking episodes where Omelia is concerned. I think we finally got to see a lot of stuff being put out there, stuff both Owen and Amelia really needed to voice and let out. The issues they laid on the ground are very serious but at the same time, they are fixable. I believe that realization is always the first step to progress and that’s what they did in this episode. Owen and Amelia both realized where each other stand and I think that was the first step towards a better place for the two of them.

One side note I can’t leave out is the amazing portrayal of both characters by KMK and CS. They were simply stunning. World class acting by both, CS especially. If there is a silver lining to all this angst, it’s definitely seeing those two in action.

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When starting an art blog, were you ever afraid someone would steal your art and claim it as theirs? And then people think that you stole it or something? Sorry if this sounds silly, it's just this was bothering me ever since I've wanted to start posting art online.

I never thought my art would get recognized actually so I never worried about people stealing it ahahha.

Remember that you can always provide with fresh art as proof if people think you stole it. The one who stole your art cannot do that.

What I love about Riz is he embraced everything in that. He’s got his funny moments throughout but you also, I think, really feel for him at the end. This really throws you cause you think; ‘they’re not gonna kill this guy, you can’t, he’s the guy who makes it out.’ If anyone’s going to make it out in these films it’s always that guy in the lead. And when that happens you go 'I don’t know how this is going to end now.
—  Gareth Edwards, Rogue One Special Features

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Hi!!! I'm the living meme thing person!😀 Honestly, I'm just so bad at explaining things omg ;-; I can't even tell you what a living meme is even though I asked for it wtf ._. I can't even explain what's a meme \(°□° )/ I'm so incompetent omg XD I will change the request a bit, so what about them reacting to their girlfriend always making dank horrible jokes and looking at them with at derp face after telling the jokes?😀 (I don't know if that's even english bruh) Thank you~❤

Sorry these were shorter than usual! I couldn’t really come up with a situation for each of them, so think of it as everyday occurrences!

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Wonho - “Hey, Wonho-oppa.” “What.” He looked at you with slight interest. You two were doing whatever couples do in the city of Seoul– visiting boutiques and buying from food stands whenever one came by. You were holding his phone in your hand when suddenly, you placed the screen next to your twisted face, “What do you call a blind dinosaur?” Already knowing where this was going to go, Wonho could only chuckle at your silliness. He never really understood these kinds of things and only went along with your joke. “What?” He smiled when he saw you make finger guns at him. “Doyouthinkhesaurus.” Wonho shook his head, chuckling at your terrible but adorable joke as he placed his arm around your shoulder and dragged you to another boutique. “We’re going to get you a better joke. And some dank memes because you’ve been looking at the wrong ones. I’d tell you a chemistry joke but I’m afraid I’ll get a bad reaction.” At that point, Wonho made the face you wouldn’t believe. 

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Kihyun - Like cliche couples, you two decided to visit a small restaurant downtown where you two could grill meat and talk for a while. Sure he hasn’t been up to much, so why not? While you chose what to order, you patiently waited for Kihyun to finish. As he did, you stared off into space when you unconsciously pursed your lips and widened your eyes. “You okay, Jagiya?” Kihyun scrunched his eyebrows as he looked at you funny. “You’re endearing by the way,” Kihyun added. You let out a playful sigh and told him, “I once had Deja-Moo before, you know, the feeling that you’ve head this bull before.” You let out an alien-like sound and whatever was going through Kihyun’s head, the waiter saw it too. “Oh, come on! That was good!” Your fists lightly hit the table as he snapped out of his thoughts. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve never thought your jokes were this terrible. Terribly punny.” “Really?” “Oh come on!” If he could, he would have flipped the meat tray that arrived soon after.

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Hyungwon - Eating dinner at his apartment, you two were simply enjoying your meal: fried chicken with beer. No one wanted the beer. As Hyungwon was picking away at a nearly-cleaned bone, you cleared your throat, grabbing him attention. “Hyungwon-oppa, I’m reading a book on anti-gravity.” You reached for a piece of chicken in front of you, acting natural. Hyungwon, on the other hand, tilted his head and questioned, “There really is a book on that? Do you like it?” “Yeah, it was impossible to put down!” You slammed your chopsticks onto your plate and made that face where you knew it was a good joke this time. Hands hitting the table and laughter that seems to only belong to yours was a time for Hyungwon to recollect his thoughts. “Wow. I once heard a joke about amnesia, but I forgot how it goes.” And then, it was his time to start laughing uncontrollably. Your face became blank and then to an “are-you-serious” look when you saw him rolling on the ground, smacking his thigh until you threw a piece of your chicken at him.

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I.M - “Oppa!” You called out in the apartment. “Nae?” You found him in the kitchen, head buried in the refrigerator. You approached him with your phone in hand, a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the ground. “Do you see this?” You said, trying hold back your laughter. I.M pulled his head back and stared at you, wondering what you were going to say next. A few minutes passed and he didn’t say anything up until, “The Eiffel Tower?” “No!” You laughed and hit his chest. Okay at this point, I’m either blind or she is. I.M thought. “The I Fell Tower.” You stated. “You always do this.” I.M tilted his head back and let out a quiet laugh before ruffling your hair before you quickly fixed it. “Always making terrible jokes for me to listen to and laugh.” He grabbed a water bottle and walked out of the kitchen, saying, “Maybe next time you can top my jokes! There’s a reason why we’re called MONSTA!”

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I love that list you made for anon with anxiety. I don't have anxiety but those are dates I could take myself on. Any self date ideas aside from those?

self dates ❤️

one of my favorite things to do when i lived closer to one was go to a farmers market every now and then. it’s almost better when you go alone? like you can take all the time you want walking by all the different stalls. i would always leave with some sort of souvenir. strawberries. flowers. pastries.

i’ve also gone to a couple of concerts by myself before and it’s so freeing? you can dance and scream and sing as much as you want without thinking about what your friends/date is going to think. it’s fun!

also thrift stores are really fun to go to alone for basically the same reasons as farmers markets. find some really cheap treasures. spend an hour trying on all the clothes you like but wouldn’t normally wear.

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can i ask for hcs about dating james from team rocket? thanks!

Can I date James? Lmao

>He’s like a mom and best friend in one it’s the best thing

>James will always make sure you come before him and Jessie and Meowth know this and think it’s cute but also really weird bc ew feelings

>When he’s out and about and sees something nice he thinks you would like, he’ll try to get it for you. Most times it’s kind of hard because the team rocket salary isn’t that great, so he’ll come back in tears and tell you about how he genuinely wanted it for you but couldn’t

>Please comfort him he means well

>He will try to avoid his family at all costs and make sure you don’t have to deal with his crazy parents, but he wouldn’t mind taking you to meet his grandparents

>His Pokemon love you just as much as he does

>Jessie and Meowth have definitely sat behind you while you’re on a date with James and have been signaling to him if he’s doing good 

>They are the best cheerleaders and only want him to be happy

>He loves to hold your hand and will be extremely cheesy about it

>”Hey, can you hold this for me?” “Yeah?” -he places his hand in yours- 

Joe: “I still can’t believe you two are dating. The more I think about it, the more I shake my head. Like, how…?”
Aleks: “Yeah? Right? To be honest at first I didn’t think it’d work. But, hey, James is amazing, he’s smart, he’s funny, he’s ridiculously attractive and he’s always there when I need him”
Aleks: looks expectantly at James
James: “Oh? Yeah, what he said. Plus, uh, the sex is great, because, eh, he’s got a big dick.”
James: I’m sorry. Aleks said all the things that I wanted to say and I, kind of, y'know, panicked…

it’s 2 am & im feeling mushy so here’s a tiny (read: non-comprehensive) alphabetical list of people i appreciate, inspired by the positivity @catty-words has sprinkled across my dash tonight.

@seahenge: elise, i will always list u first. i adore u. one time u calculated how long it would take to bike to me and i still think about that sometimes

@buffylovesfaith: clementine, we’re only newly friends but you’re such a good. we should talk more. (who knows how to start conversations? not me)

@buffysummere: lucie, you’re hilarious. buffy summers is lucky to have a gf like u. i love your btvs liveblogging & your b&w posts my my dash 10x more classy.

@catty-words: cori, im not sure how u always manage to be sunshine incarnate but like, your presence is such a breath of fresh air. you’re such a warm and beautiful and genuine person. kind of like sunshine. ((did i mention cori is sunshine?))

@cosimascully: we don’t talk very much, but dana……. know that every time u interact with my posts / i see u on my dash, i do a rl “:’)” face

@perfectlyrose: kelsey, you’re the sweetest. i’ve been following u for literal years and im still convinced of this. thanks for talking to me about the woes of writing and crying about the lack of dw femslash w/ me <33 (oh, and for cheerleading aaron & co. seriously, you’re the best.)

@slutorama: Look, the feeling of missing someone? i dont feel that very often. it’s kinda foreign to me. but i miss u when ur not around, i just…. appreciate ur existence so much ok. ily jess

@wlwbuffy: rosie, one time u mailed me a drawing of my neopet and made my day….. i loved u before that, tho. im Bad at conversation but in my head we r friends

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Is it normal for an intp to not have an opinion on a particular topic (not academic, but various conversational topics) unless they are interested in it? I know it sound ridiculous. I don't know how to explain it well. sigh.

We don’t even always have opinions on the topics that we are interested in. But, yes. We generally reserve our opinions for the most important things in life, and usually when we make statements we stick lots of qualifiers so that everyone knows we’re not making sweeping generalizations.

(I think that’s where the “theoretically” thing that we INTPs say all the time comes from.)

Anyway, it does not sound ridiculous. And when you say various conversational aspects, it makes me think that you’re referring to people talking about people. That’s usually one of the last things we want to have an opinion about. People are often unpredictable and difficult to comprehend, and it’s hard for us to make statements about even those we know the best. Also, I think a lot of INTPs are inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt. We are idealists, after all. Thus, we tend to withhold opinions and give everyone the impression that we’re an awfully wishy-washy bunch.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

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Do you think it might come a time when Kara will have to fight for Mon-el, like he's doing now for her? If yes, for what reason? Because she's always the one who runs when things get difficult

There will probably be some time in these upcoming episodes where Kara will have to fight for Mon-El, especially now that the king and queen have come to Earth and intend to take Mon-El back to Daxam. Kara usually avoids the problems at first (I’m talking about personal problems), but eventually she faces them and fights for what she thinks is right. I don’t think Kara wants Mon-El to leave, nor she’s going to allow the daxamites hurt anyone, so if she has to fight them to protect Mon-El or National City or Earth, she will.



I love, LOVE, to think that if Bendy was different colors, he would have different personalities!

Black- Normal Bendy

Red- Rude af, just terrible, angry for NO REASON, he fi8 u but he never wins, Stay awa y, “cash me ousside how bout dah?”

Blue- nice but always sad. REALLY SHY, Likes to be alone. You want to hug him and give him everything. Seeing him like this makes you wanna cry too.

Purple- WE STAY AWAY FROM THAT ONE. Kinky, romantic, tries to flirt, this boi thirsty, wants to be fukked hard, belongs in tiny demon jail,

Pink- Friendly, prankster, party animal, HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAP-, gr8 party planner, this boi can DAN C E

Green- bookworm, glasses, is smart, he knows muCH, knows when yo ass lyin, lets you cheat off of homework, currently reading novels about doggos on adventures

Orange- Calm, loves to clean and cook, nice, the mother, very motherly, he kisses boo-boos, he make u better, needs a nurse outfit, will take in animals that are hurt, makes u laugh when u need it, beSt wife material

Yellow- fashion designer, finds the joy in small things, thanks EVERYTHING, hippie and hipster combined, art, you can find him next to a window, has a dead rat as a pet, Joey hates this one.

White- Anti Bendy, complete opposite

Rainbow/neon- this boi a trickster, STAY AWAY

((my trickster hc for Bendy is that instead of ink, his body is made out of melting nutella and his treat he wears on his head is a chocolate bar.
For Boris, he is made out of maple syrup and his treat is waffles))

anonymous asked:

Don't you wonder why the two shadiest are the closeted couple? I do. What a mess BTS and we get to see the glimpses of it....

We probably know about 7.5% of what is actually going on, and if this looks messy to us, I am scared thinking what it must actually be going on BTS. And you are definitely right anon, what a coincidence that Harry and Louis’ situations are always the shadiest ones…