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so, you like shiro's and keith's paralells yes? i dunno if you've seen this but, the one parallel that always hits me is when they strenghten their bond with their lions, shiro when he is fighting zarkon on that mental plane and saying that earning each other's trust is more important than power and then black comes and attacks zarkon, and then with red when keith decides that helping others is what is important leaving the mental shack and red starting to attack the BoM base to get to him(1/2)

oh man yes,, i love their parallels so much!! i think its one of the most compelling things about their dynamic. and i really love it when the lions demonstrate their sentience. we’ve seen stuff like this before in season 1–yellow jumps in front of blue and takes a hit for her in the pilot. lance thanks hunk for this, but hunk is basically just like “ya well,,, i was actually trying to dodge, but it just kinda jumped in–” later in The Gladiator pidge and shiro’s lions come to rescue them on their own, and the paladins’ response is kinda like “oh…i guess they can do that??” so we know all the lions have this ability to act on their own to some degree.

but keith and shiro’s lions seem especially strong willed and active. the way black just “takes off” with shiro even when he’s yelling for her to stop and listen, the way red is willing to destroy marmora’s base just to get to keith. and ya!! there’s like this moment for both keith and shiro when they have this big revelation and their lions react immediately, i love it 

i also love how, even though theyre close with their lions, the lions arent afraid to challenge them or act on their own. and also, speaking of parallels!! you know when i think black’s lesson really sunk in for shiro? this part right here:

and keith, who shiro has setup to be the black paladin, eventually says this:

like, i dont think the similar wording there is accidental. especially since shiro has already learned this lesson with black about not ordering her around, about trusting her and fighting alongside her as an equal. similarly, even though kolivan literally says that no one should allow keith to go, even though allura also looks very against it, shiro still allows it. 

like, he doesnt look happy about it. he grits his teeth and closes his eyes and looks like he needs to take a moment before he accepts it. he clearly doesnt want keith to sign up for something everyone else calls a suicide mission 

But ultimately, he decides to put his faith in keith, to trust that he’ll be able to pull through and respects the fact that keith is going to commit to this whether he wants him to or not. 

basically, i love how shiro trusting black to act on her own and follow her instincts kinda parallels this exchange with keith. and ive said this before but red going to rescue keith on her own also kinda relates to shiro since they both literally start fighting the bom at the same time, and both seem very much ready to fight the entire order just to get to keith. i just,,, i really love the parallels between them and their lions and everything,, 

if you all ever need a good laugh, always remember that eustass kid thinks he has the ability to kill shanks

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Why do you think d and p are considered by everyone to be the biggest YouTubers? Cause, I mean, they are my favorites but they don't have the biggest follower count. But even markiplier saying they were the only ones people cared about, and they're always the show enders or they're used for views on others vlogs. Is it just that their fan base is considered more active that others? Just wondering your input!

i think that they are considered the biggest youtubers because of their following. of course numbers seem impressive but a lot of youtubers don’t really have an extremely active fan base. there aren’t many with active gif makers and artists and just general buzz spanning a bunch of different social media platforms. so it’s just really that make them more unique to other youtubers. all social websites often seem like a numbers game but really you can buy followers on insta and twitter and not have an active following at all you know? i think that’s what makes dan and phil stand out. even though they might not be the “biggest” they sorta are just by the passion and size of the group that care about them and their content. that being said, a lot of their buzz comes from the mystery of their relationship and general bubble they exist in on youtube. so of course they have a very large following of very active people a lot of it does seem to be based off of their dynamic and not their content sometimes. 

Oh god they're coming at me

So I was a first time GM in d&d 3.5 where I had wolves attacking my party of 6* so one of my player’s half elf rogue taunts the wolves going “Come at me!”

The next round with the wolves I jokingly get 2 wolves to attack him, not flanking, I roll 1d20.


I roll another 1d20, to make it fair you see.


I dealt him a fair amount of damage, I think about 15-18 hp and left him bloodied.

To which he said “Oh god, they’re coming at me!”

Luckily the party was able to help him but ever since then whenever something bad happens to someone it’s always “Oh god, they’re coming at me!”

*it used to be a different set of 6 but one person decided to be a vampire when we had a vampire hunter in the party it didn’t end well.

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Please do share your stoned Gangsey headcanons, if you have any! It could also be part of the Gangsey or just one character, I'm really curious now


Gansey: himself but about 90% more so. He always gets significantly higher than he meant to. He’ll probably shed actual tears at some point as he thinks about how much he loves his friends. Just wants to hold hands. He says “I love you” to Adam Parrish once every 20 minutes. Sometimes he’ll just stand up and wander off and then they rest of the gang finds him like an hour later working on a very strange building or craft project. If anyone asked him if he wanted to makeout he’d be incredibly down for that. Almost always ends up losing his glasses. Always buys food for everyone (one time he got chick fil a for himself and Ronan and then Adam came over later and Gansey felt so bad for not preemptively buying Adam a chicken sandwich he took everyone else for ice cream). Voted most likely to go on a tangent and forget he’s holding the bong.

Adam: Pro Stoner™. He can take massive hits without coughing or anything and it’s very impressive. Has the ability to make anything a smoking apparatus and has 0 qualms about smoking out of a coke can or an apple. Rolls the tightest joints. It’s hard to tell between regular Adam and stoned Adam unless you know what to watch for. He really likes getting baked because he can just not think for a while. Doesn’t have any strong desire for physical affection but enjoys it when other people play with his hair or hold his hands etc. also 100% down for makeouts. More outwardly bold and impulsive than he is sober. STONED SCRYING. He gets THE WORST munchies known to man. Really into shotgunning.

Ronan: Giggly as shit, finds most things hysterical, especially Gansey. Do not sit next to him unless you want to get cuddled, he gets super physically affectionate. Once started crying real tears because there are dogs that aren’t adopted. Has smoked joints rolled from bible pages and felt immensely guilty about it. He chainsmokes joints like cigarettes and gets too high. King of hot boxing cars. He’s always the guy that turns on a nature documentary. Most likely to make dope edibles.

Noah: Stoner Classic™. Doritos, Mountain Dew, CoD. Used to own like 12 bongs, all of which were shitty. The creative high, he likes writing and painting. Gets really into textures and touching and how things feel on his hands. 100% will come and sit in your lap. He will not stop talking until someone reminds him to take a hit. Most likely to dab, most likely to have a weed blog and weed socks.

Blue: she’s kind of over weed? Like she grew up with it around her constantly at home so she just doesn’t really care. She’ll smoke if other people are but she never really is the one to suggest it. Begrudgingly knows the best dried herbs to mix tiger different highs. Knows how to make the best edibles because Maura makes THE ABSOLUTE BEST edibles and Persephone grew the best custom strains. Most likely to take her shirt off for being uncomfortable, always gets really flushed and hot when high. Insists on doing other people’s makeup when high, and will more often than not end up painting all of the boys’ nails. Usually ends up wandering off with Gansey on his craft interludes. Cuddle piles with Noah, uses her hookups at Nino’s for free pizza.

Henry: 100% owns a stupid $600 vape. Smokes exclusively fancy designer strains. Weed Snob™ but he’ll smoke literally anything. Always down to blaze, and wanted nothing more to get Adam Parrish high and then couldn’t keep up with him. Impulsively buys glass. Has a stoner YouTube playlist of dumbass videos and baker wave. Will get really excited about cool clouds. Stoner Selfie King, has a weed blog and a weed instagram. Takes videos of himself dabbing and doing vape tricks. Most likely to order $290 worth of Taco Bell in the drive thru.

Silly you.

Hi! I have been so busy lately, I hardly ever posted anything that wasn’t on queue. I finally have some time today and hopefully; I can get through some more requests. As per usual, this is a gentle reminder that: yes, requests are open until stated otherwise and I will get to your requests as soon as I can. This was inspired by a comic strip that I found when I was looking up recipes for potato egg salad (I want to make some for dinner!) and it just became like this. Hope you enjoy it! 

Sometimes the two of you argue about the silliest things. When you think about it, it always manages to make you blush in embarrassment and laugh at how most of the arguments started. Out of all the stupidest things Jason and you argue about, it had to be that one time when you were sun-tanning at the back of your house, eating boiled eggs – you were craving for some boiled eggs that week – and making sure your Alaskan Malamute – Hood, very original name from Jason – is getting the exercise he needs. You had been about to sit up when one of your boiled eggs rolled off of your plate and fell on top the chair before falling to the ground.

You gasp, setting as the now empty plate on to your table and is about to reach for the fallen egg – you reckon if you wash it, it will still be alright – when Hood races towards you and gobbled up the egg right before you. He barks happily and puts two of his front paws on your thighs, reaching forward to lick your face before rushing off to run around again.

Jason walks out of the house to see you looking extremely annoyed and sad at the same time so he approaches you. “What’s got your panties in a twist?” He asks, sitting down beside you.

You turn to face your boyfriend. “Hood just stole my egg.”

Jason raises one of his eyebrows, looking at you for further explanation. “What?”

You repeat your previous answer. “My egg fell off my plate to the chair and on to the ground!” You explain and Jason nods his head. “Hood took it right before I could even reach it and now it’s gone!” Your voice is starting to raise in volume now and Jason looks at you as if you had another head coming out of your shoulders.

“So? It’s just an egg, babe. Hood eats anything and everything he feels like.” Jason glances at Hood who is currently rolling around on the grass. No matter how many times the both of you tried to manage Hood’s diet, he somehow manages to destroy what effort the both of you have put in.

“It’s not just an egg, Jay! I wanted to eat that egg!” You exclaim, starting to get annoyed about how nonchalant your boyfriend of four years is being and Jason turns to look back at you again. “Why can’t you be considerate to my feelings, Jay? I really wanted to eat the egg!” You cross your arms, narrowing your eyes at Jason.

Jason is slightly taken aback by your expression. “Babe, it’s just an egg – why are you getting so worked up about this?” Sometimes he really wonders what goes on in your head. “If it means so much to you, I’ll boil one egg for you, okay?” He stands up, shaking his head. “It’s just an egg, Y/N. Come on.” He picks up your plate and holds on to your arm before tugging you back inside the house.

You pout and sat by the counter, watching Jason move about the kitchen. He poured water in to a pot and waited for it to boil before placing the egg inside. As the minutes tick by, you are slowly starting to realize just how much of a jerk you had been and honestly, you should not really be surprised by Hood stealing your food – you know Jason feeds him chicken and baby carrots topped with peanut butter, every now and then – he does it all the time. Like one time, the two of you got him a new bed and guess who didn’t sleep on his new bed at all? That’s right, Hood. But that’s another story for another day.

When the egg is boiled, Jason even went as far as peeling it open for you. He sliced the egg in half before drizzling them with some warm olive oil and sprinkled it with flavored sea salt and fresh-ground black pepper. He brings the plate over to you and places it in front of you.

You blink a couple of times at his sweet gestures. “I’m an idiot.” You tell him as you reach for the plate.

Jason rolls his eyes before chuckling affectionately. “Yeah, well, I’m the idiot that’s dating the idiot.” He tells you cheekily, causing you to laugh.

See, sometimes the arguments the two of you have – though half of the time, it is you who tend to blow things out of proportions – are just the silliest but you know, you will never trade it for anything else in the world.

I’m kind of glad Kaneki and Touka are having issues this chapter… Not like some people think that I “hate Touken”…

I was kind of scared Ishida would white slate their relationship and not do anything with the fact Kaneki is always trying to take on the burdens of his loved ones and worrying (Freaking out about Nishiki’s suggestion something was wrong, not talking about the Yoriko letter, worrying about Touka’s well being while overworking himself.) and Touka communicates badly and violently (probably scared their unborn child will die and so wanting to keep it hidden, also Kaneki will take you hitting him but it’s awful especially with his past, that look on his face I don’t know if it was fear or realization but it hit a nerve…),

It’s still not quite confronting my main fear for them but… They have some stuff to do that’s make it or break it but… It’s a start…

I just want to make something clear. 

Me shipping Jonsa has nothing to do with me thinking Dany is heading towards a darker path. 

I like Jonsa whether it’s canon or not. 

I like Dany and the narrative progression of her character, whether she is, in fact, a hero or a fallen one. Personally, I don’t believe she’ll be a ‘villain’ but she’s not the wholesome messiah she thinks she is. 

It is not misogynistic for me to think this about Dany. I’m not doing so to prop up Jonsa. I think this because she’s been heading in this direction for seasons. Aspects of her rule has always bordered on dictatorial. 

Also, personally, I’ve always been very uncomfortable with the whole “messiah” aspect of her rule. It’s very “white saviour” – especially when you consider the fact that basically all of the POC’s on the show are the ones Dany (who is of Valyrian descent; known to be fair with violet/blue eyes) saved. Maybe that’s just me because I literally hate any storyline where the white person saves the natives from this or that. It’s such a bullshit, racist narrative that needs to frankly die.

And so maybe that’s made me biased towards Dany being the hero. I don’t know. I just think it’s incredibly unfair for people to call Jonsa shippers misogynistic for thinking Dany isn’t the all powerful, all good hero that’ll win the day. Because if Dany was male and had the same narrative, I’d still think they were heading down a dark path. 

Actually, what’s incredible about Dany’s story and character is that she is so wonderfully divisive. We are hardly ever given a female character who is so on the precipice of good and bad. 

Anyway, what I’m saying is don’t go throwing around the term ‘misogyny’ like it’s some kind of magic word to hate on anyone who disagrees with your opinion of your fav. 

I think June was maybe meant to test my determination, dedication, and resilience. So many things I have tried, have gone wrong. I have had to start over more days then I have had to just continue habits.

Then it hit me, fitness journey’s aren’t always going to be easy, or pretty, or pleasing. Sometimes they are gross, sweaty, sticky, bloody, & painful.

Sometimes you cruse through dropping lbs and crushing PR’s, sometimes you fail to do the thing, or eat the way, or sometimes you get injured.

When I think about it there isn’t one good thing in my life that I haven’t had to fight tooth and nail for. I have had to restart art 100’s times, change jobs loads of times, move cities loads of times, but every time I fought through the bullshit road blocks in my way I came out the other end, better/happier for it.

I will not let my brain win, I will not let it convince me that I don’t deserve health, cause it sure as hell is trying.

I’ve fallen down 7 times already, this is the part where I stand up 8

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how can i use exo as an inspiration to lose weight?

listen to them while you work out, choose their more upbeat songs like love me right, lucky one, run, hey mama, and coming over! these are perfect for cardio and getting you pumped up and stuff! a good workout playlist is always helpful.

additionally here’s some advice exo members who lost weight/got fit gave:

“If you ask me how I ate [during my diet], listen well everyone, for 3 months, I cut out carbohydrates. I didn’t eat any rice, grains, or cereals. The thing about carbohydrates is, when you stop eating them, about 3 days after you stop, you don’t think about wanting to eat them anymore. They say your resolve falls through in 3 days. If you get through the 3 days, there’s nothing you can’t do.”

ft. his results:

also minseok:

What’s most important is to be active. For those who attend school, you must wake up early in the morning to exercise. The second most important thing is to have perseverance. You absolutely need perseverance. Diligence, effort, and positivity: you can succeed at your diet of you practice these three things.”

im not sure if this helped you or not, but i hope it does if you want to go for a healthy lifestyle and shed some extra weight and whatnot!

whenever i talk to someone about their crush or their significant other, and their eyes light up so bright and their cheeks flush pink and you can feel that warm fuzzy feeling radiating off of them, i always wonder what it would be like to know someone feels that way about you, imagine knowing someone appreciates you so much that they literally glow when they think of you, gosh I need me one like dat

I think the last episode of the Originals was like the worst one ever. I may save only the scene with Klaus whispering to Hope and Hayley comes in.

Because seriously…Klaus is once again away from his daughter? How can she have a normal life, a good life, away from a dad she loves and care for. And they didn’t know If the show was renewed so are you trying to tell me this could have been a series finale???? Seriously?

Seeing Hope calling Klaus in tears….And breaking the always and forever. What about Family above all? You spent 4 years for this, and now yeah sure another sacrifice and…Boom. Broken.

Nope. I loved this show so much, they gave me many things including Klayley but most of all Klope. But this was so bad.  Same thing like the end of s03 what’s the point?

Why Klaus can’t have his daughter in his life for more than 5 seconds? And don’t start again with they’re not good people, they don’t deserve it. No.

Klaus Mikaelson is Hope’s dad. He loves her, He is a better man because of her, and you broke this relationship again. And Again.

I don’t even know what to expect from s05. What’ a pity. I’m sad.

This could have been much much better.

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do you think its okay to play ambiguous characters? like ones that have no specified race (eg podcasts or books), but that members of the fandom might headcanon as certain races?

ooc; personally I think a character being racially ambiguous are almost like a goldmine because you can be any interpretation and it’s always fun and interesting. People usually have their hearts in the right place about it which I think is really great too.

I think it’s also important to remember though that usually characters written or audible are typically “white until proven black.”

For example a lot of people like making fan art of a brown Harry/James Potter - which I think is pretty cool - but let’s not forget that even though Rowling didn’t go out and say that he was white, there’s enough context clues that he’s definitely not. It’s not canon, which is what the real issue is.

Sometimes fandoms have this really grating quality of considering headcanons as like a holy law and it really defeats the purpose of the issue at hand. Ignoring something doesn’t make the problem or truth go away.

A true POC character is when their race was written for them. Not having them written for their race.

I know this kind of went away from your original question but I hope I answered it! Drop a line if I didn’t.

So I have this theory, which my friend reminded me about yesterday.

Sometimes I feel that there is this certain set amount of happiness in the world. Envision a physical manifestation of it. Like a cloud in some ways.

Okay so, have you ever noticed How if you are in a good or great mood even, someone you know or is friends with isn’t. This obviously isn’t a shocking thing but I started thinking about it once and there never seems to be a time where everyone (that you know or hang around) is collectively happy. One person (or more) always has the shorter end of the happy stick. Then on days where those people/friends are happy, maybe you find you yourself aren’t.

What if, and this is just my stupid thoughts and maybe it’s been felt or thought before by others. However, what if there is this set amount of happiness. Like X amount set for Y amount of people. So because of this, none of us are guaranteed happiness each day. What if even unbeknownst to us, we are battling daily for this cloud of happiness and positivity and joy?

And if this were the case, we are in essence, stealing those emotions from our friends and our family and hoarding them for ourselves.

I don’t know. It’s just interesting to think that we could be in this kind of battle of emotions with those around us and that we are either stealing or being stolen from.

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I'm afab, poc, and idk if my natural estrogen is low/testosterone is high or what, but my "peach fuzz" is super thick. I work at a day care, andthis one kid, without really thinking about what they're saying, will always (like more than once a day) tell me, "you have a mustache". even though I identify as transmasculine/transman, I feel super uncomfortable hearing that, like I don't want a mustache. what can I do about this? why do I feel this way? (I'm pre-everything btw) --ESW

You could try shaving it or using hair removal cream to get rid of it? -Matthew

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How do you feel about Levi relating Hanji and his squad to his family in the latest smartpass story? I can't help but feel bitter.

Hello Anon, you mean the Smartpass story My First Time Around, right? 

As he doesn’t have any family, he was about to ignore it, but suddenly, familiar faces come to his mind—the new commander, who works hard; those youngsters who consciously bear the sin of being survivors and are preparing for the next battle.

On the one hand, I think Levi has always regarded his friends and comrades as his surrogate family. He’s certainly known Hanji long enough for them to be near as dammit.  On the other hand I can’t help feeling that “those youngsters” don’t really deserve his generosity.  That’s Levi though, for all his tough exterior, he is kind and compassionate to a fault. It’s such an integral part of his character that no matter how life grinds him down, that compassion remains. 

I’m not sure about bitter, but this story does make me feel rather sad and wistful as ultimately it’s about Levi’s nostalgia for his lost friends and comrades, rather than being about his relationship to his current squad.

He doesn’t hope that they will smile harmoniously like the subordinates at that time.

He remembers his old squad so fondly, so vividly, and to me it seems that “those youngsters” just can’t quite compare to them. 

(Thanks to @yusenki for the translations as always.)

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Do you have any advice on how to get over the social guilt aspect of polyamory?? Because I like so many girls but I'm always too scared to date even one because of how I always see people say polyamory is just cheating (which I don't think it is) ://

I’m not sure how to handle it in a general sense because I’ve bargained with my mind to get over social guilt.

 I always worry about how the people I know most well think (family friends etc), so I went through the possible repercussions versus my happiness and just decided that my happiness and my partners’ happiness should come before Anything or Anyone else! Tysm for the ask love, good luck!! xoxo

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Harry with puppies? Noooo my dear, Harry with kittens! I have 3 cats and one of them often had little kittens and I always had to feed them because my cat didn't have enough milk for them. Imagine H helping you with those!

I have always been more a dog person tbh, but OH MY GOD I DO LOVE ME SOME KITTENS.

I always think about Harry slumped back against the sofa, right in the break of dawn, his body covered only in some black Calvin Kleins, tangled up curls on his face.

He has a big crooked smile on his face, as he has the kitten laid on his thighs, playing with her small paws and scratching her soft tummy. He’s giggling, bringing his fingers to her nose, and scolding her, as she starts nibbling his skin.

“No, love. Don’t hurt daddy, tha’s not nice.”

And her little teeth don’t even hurt him, they just feel light scratches, but Harry just loves to see her confused face, trying to understand what he’s saying.


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Do you think people would read a fantasy novel with a fat dark skinned girl as the main character? I'm asking because I'm writing a high fantasy novel a lot of planning is going into this and I don't want it to be for no reason lol

I think so. I know I would. It would be one of the first fantasy novels featuring a fat dark-skinned main character that I know of, which could grant you a lot of access to a more diverse audience. You would have to watch out for the #ffffff people who don’t like to see black people in anything other than slave movies and then you’d have to prepare for the anti-fat brigade that’s always worried about someone else’s health besides their own. But do NOT let that discourage you. Change and diversity in character is GOOD, and the nay-sayers will deal.

Oh my gosh I’m LOVING the progress you’re making on your animation/animatic :D Love watching the live streams too by the way!!! Ugh I cant wait to see this finished. (Thank you so much for sharing the WIPs with me by the way; I feel way too honored than I should be XD)


N'awww, thanks TeFA! And of course I’d share WiPs with you, you’re awesome!! I’m actually thinking of trying to recruit some professional artists/animators who would be willing to help me out on this, but not until I get the first episode done…or at least when this gets enough attention. And do you really enjoy the livestreams?? I always think no one cares about them or watches them, so I tried playing mst3k movies over them. I guess it’s working?? Idek. Well anyway, thanks again!!!